Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 15, 1912 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 15, 1912
Page 3
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( THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, TUESDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 15,1912. TheSeason'sSmartest Coat and Suit Styles Are Now on Exhibition at This Store. Introducing a showing of the newest and best in Tailored Suits and Coats with all the best ideas of the fashion leaders combined into garments of exceptional worth and quality; The new Cutaway Jacket, in length 82 to 36 inches, as the latest dictate of fashion. The skirts are still narrow, but lots of them are pleated. The new fabrics lend them S'.'lves with beautiful grace to the, lines of the new models and the results are delightfully pleasing. The-very moderate prices will please you. Klegant .Millinery at Prices to Please. RICHARDSON'S 113 EAST MADISON t[PERiSONAt MENTION.) Mr. ami Mrs .1 D. \S.iiiiis ui Okla.. who liavf IK'< ii f.iif \i-i;iiiir friends, woui fii:iiuit.- ihi^ :.!;. T- noou. —Get your <anil.v at Miindi.-i iliuj; Storq, M ^fF. K K. Manor rin<'. .Mr;; .-^ancf ' ^ WfUS to Brons .)ii t!iis n.oiiiiUK fur u •«* briea visit with friends —Kami ami fity \^i\ir.> K M C'lin- . nln.idliaiij. M. J. I.i sj. wild !iris bffW nu . biiiiuesi. ri'luriieil i.i liis luni..- iu ("i .f- fevville tills aft t -rnoiiu ; i: I .Voriii.iii of lliimbolilt. Willi lias I : h.T- :iiiii iu t'arlylv on liufiuofs,; iiiiK.! i.citif iliirs afternotin COMING TO lOLA TheNewMetbodSpedah'st HE WII.I. UK Vr THK Kelley Hotel , Tuesday, October mh .\M» WII.I. KK.>r.\I.> ONE DAY ONLYj ({••inarkiililc SiitTi-is of TIIK Tal- ••iifwl l'liy>>ic!:ili ill 111:- Tnat- iiifnt ofClirniiii- l >iM -:i ->cv. Offers His Services Free of Charge. !>r r. s \V.;lf.-. .-li. 1 iaii.-t. .nitlior- izfil !>> f',\ii iliiT-'niit ntiiw- t" treat all (li>form!ii''>i. iifr\oiis :inii' i -tiioiiit ili:u-us»'s of iiii'ii. \viiiii<'n ami>';: off'rs 111 who lal! <>» iliis iiip. ••.v- aiii'iiatioii ami adviri i><•••- I'laki; •-; fharp< \vli ;;ti'Vir i \i .-iii 11;-; i ; • :||«- liii'iliiincs. .Ml ; a.: I ;•<' mni for li'.s valnald.- >>ivi. .. -i, . vviry |)«Tsi'ii inatcd u-i'! ' . :•• Milt (liitaiiK-il (.1 I'u-ir i'n<i.!!f .. ; , prov'r ti> till- k and afl .• • ; i'-;,; at lasl trt-alliH-nis liav' In- .-i d ••. i -i- I 'd that an- rias (il :aiil> • :r >• i- i lain in ti.cir t -tf M-;. Tilt- laicuir is (."a.-iilin-' l. i la: y lunin-r jiall«-iii~ .iiiica:; \;. •riiaV I'-adiiiK .ind n-rvf an'I is ;ui I '.viiiTt iti !r'.i!,i .'at iti 1 hroiiii- dIst'aMS. a:id >•< ^:• •. -r.:-. wondiMftil liav Ix-i-n iii- r -'t; • .. in many r .iMS it i- liard itidi'-! i.- U:-' til'- dividiliK liii'- bflwi -'ii siiili am: i niiraflo. Hisi-ascs of ilif Sttunacli l :iti .^lini-s IJviT. Itlood. SIfin. Ni-vvvs. Il^art. Kid- nt->s. Sidci'ii. or Itladdtr.-Sexual Ids ARMSTRONG SHOES ivXTENT, Ul I.L AM) T.\X Tip and riaiii T.n- I'rfrcd ut $4.00 \\ II .liil.ns.m of ji.diiai!. Ti'X . who a^ liMii li -ii- a!;d in I'arlylc on bus- it- wi:-,: III caaniit.- tiiis afiernoon. .'11.; Mr tt :is :.;.iii.-.:' and Coats n-IineJ i ;.li.-r<-<l Hir.ti.iu iiols-s a speflalty. j KilJa (\iiiyers. S Walnut St. j Coi.-^a.-n -liA li'f; for tnlsa. Olvla.. I :n<)i II en Iiu>iness - i:radi;a:. aM-' I 'iionr 1 ii'rnis r<<ason- V - i-lir. H. I.. llHidriiks. Old Court B^nsr. Calls aiis«rnd day or iiiitlil. Mrs .yC I> Sanders, of Saline, who has bwn hore visiiiht: f i if luis. >Aont to Chanuto this afternoon. I —Private money to ! estate. Address "W; la •an on r.>a! e Register. 'ss "W . rai'e Register, s went to ,Ulian :Us fity Bert Uiucins , this afternoon to attend ihe State Con vention of the A. H T. A. , —Ixiwney's Candy. Miindis has it. .1 1 l\. Siiilr- ef Chanute, wlio lias j :i< ii 'a !iu>ine.-s. leiiirntd home ' a'liTiioon ".!'.> Kate Asi '.e'.- of Kort St-olt. who been !:eie \isitin«: friemis. tt'eiit ;o i!ii:ii!'idtit Ihi.- afteimxin -Miinili:-- t!ie idace for r »rugs. :M;S .Maitie Crmnli and son I.loyd l.a-.e i;one to U< d Dali, la., for a brief •.!.-:; Willi friends -l»r. 0. L. (O.V. Oculist. S i; Williaiufon of Savonbiirsi was in the eiiy this afternoon between trains, while enroute to .Arkansas City CHILI .\M» HOT SODA IT'S ti.KAx, TOO: l-est Sir »iri Vr:' Our and ({unlit t MIrai'tious Morris & Howard WEST .sll»E SUCAUK riioue 470 FriMt Ueliiery eases. IHse;i.<es of <V( lii. p. ti.-ni, Sejaii.a Diah.-i. s (-.,: Wettiiif:-. «;i;iv.'l. I.-.; 1 lie. fiMiiis of t'.inii- Cii: >i: L early st,;:;i \.. ak Atlhc GRAND Adult< - lOc Childrtn • 5c A Few Choice SeaU at - 20c 1 1 Two Reels Best Pictures and " " the Play > "The Wheel o! Fate" 1.- Coal, Gas nnd Wood Ilcateni! Combination Coal and (ias. Hot Blast uud Air Tii:bt!i , ECOXOMT KAXiES Bbrn's Combination Coal and tias , BaJitrc—^tfii- Uest made. . Prices Kipht! TbeU-WisbardHdw. Kitrm Loans Lowest Rates Branch Office of The Memam Mortgage Co. Topeka, Kans. Optional Payments. Any Time. \^'^]^4 ^t m% of Land Value. BEST£«A.\ LV ALLt \ COOTl -"fe SEE lOLrAlfPAND CO. electric Wiring! Done by exiierlenced men. ,' Prices reasonable. .Canfield &«Thompson With tbe U H. WIshard Hdw. Phone S». - Drs. Hull & Hull. Osleojialhs.! Ifdepliones 12(1. I'lUl. ' .1 <>. Xorris. who has been here and in (•a:iyle on tins:nf-;K. returned home til lliiiiibnldt this afternoon. — A liiu- ei!! on the prires of Chinaware at .1. II Riley"s Saturday. Mr lUackwel! of Kansas City arrived here thiii afternoon for a brief bns- ; ir.e-.-; visit w'iiii friends. ' y.r. and .Mrs. H Oliver, who have heen i'.ere visitinir friends, returned to :"--:r i^onie !n Collinsville. Okla . this afte-noen. -Hon Siieiliieid Iniralls. Keiiuldi- ean eaniiiiihte for Lieutenant (Joern- . or arrived in tiie city this afterno«)n and will discuss the iiolitleal situation a: :i!e r, A n. Mall tonight The meet in:.' will fomiiii-nee at S oVlork. The: lie ;;.'ne:-a!ly invited. Uidies es- ' ;'eii:>.!'v invited. T.:e infant son of .Mr. and Mrs. .Arthur Oliver, of Collinsville. Oklii. for-, ".V ro^idi-nts of lola. died at the' '.oii:e .if hi-- liar, nts Sunday morning. The bt dy was shippeii here yester- ; day afternoon and buried in Highland Ceil e 'ei v Fi.neial services were held at the Cnitpd IJrethern church. Rev. ; 1 l: I'rather olKeiatinp. i 1-; .1 Dwyer. who has been liere on ' 1 ii>:iie .-s and vi-itiUE friends, returned u> his h'liiie in Clierryvale this af- •t»-:no'in -Mrs C. S Fowler of Toneka. who h!i< been here visitinsr friends, went to Cli.e-ryvile this afternoon. I<r. Carlton, of Oklahoma City. Ok., Willi has been hiild'nc .services at the T.aHariioBaiitist church, will continue -ervices throuarhout the week. -Mrs ,T. H. llixon. who has been snendin.L' the summer with her son in Hittsbiirs. Kansas, arrived in lola yes- terdav for a visit with her sister. Mrs Dixon left for Kansas City this mom- ins. .Miss Kva ft. Werick of Yates Center wss in the city this morning between trains, while enroute to Des Moines, 'a., whore she will renre.seni the Yates Center Methodist Church Women 's- Home Missionary Society, at their national convention. —The state canvasing board reports th*- official vote on Governor, as cast at the Ausrust iirimary, to be as follows: Arthur Capper. Sl ,3 .'>4; Frank Ryan. ?.i:2U: Geo. rt. Hodges. 29,592; J. B. BiUard. 20.riO.-i: A. M. Jackson. 10.701. The Parsons Daily Sun, after carefully analyzing this vote, says that it means that Capper will run ahead of bis ticket at the November election and win *e elected iby an overwhelming majority.—Advertisement .Mrs. M. A, Abbott, of I.:iHarpe. went to Ottawa this uft«-rnooii for a brief visit with friends. .Mrs. Robert Urownrijig. of W. ida. who has been visiting friends iu Ui Harpe, returned home this afternoon Mrs. K. N. Moiilgoniery. of Or<.'i iy. Kas.. who has b.-en here visiting friends, returned lioine this afternoon. " .Mr. and .Mrs. J. 15. Pratt, of Cherryvale, who have been here on business, wont to Garnett this afternoon. Mrs .\. D. Smith, of Kansas City, who has been here visiting friends, returned home this afternoon. .T. I. Morrison, of I'ittsburg. who has iM-en here on businss, went to i Garnet I this afternoon. .Mr and Mrs. T. A. Weutlierman w-ent to Colony this afternoon for a visit with friends. C. A. Harnsby. of HakersfieUl. Calif., who has been here on business, went to Ottawa this afternoon. ' l-ff-.iclej -i -.i ;>vl e':i-..-;ii 1 lied llle :kill . shiv.ild no! :all .'iceo;dii:g In •:: op> ration-; l,- .Vj.; Gall Stone.- H-.oli.- if CaiMi:- lie M.i.-; Alleriea :o e;i;n ti I.'.a::: i.i: .1 , ih i:e.i- • H:!l'. ri ia e !.:.|- !es^ .•:.ll . i". mi-r.- ••';liie;tl^. 'I' iui.ii> '.: lei I. in lorf.< .iiiioiis; t l:e :': ..| ii) • :ia:. I I'dond- uri'fo';." i'> d.i.ior ;rA.i> with Unife. with liiood ;:t:il wiih all ]i;!iii in the stu'cessful tr. ::ln.eii! of t!;ese i|;ii:- Uevous di-;e;:>;e< Me givi'S S|" ei:il ;itti !(I itiTi to tie •'in of )iilv-- :: li li.-Iuhie lie •ures th>'i!; withmit ..;tij,e; p.,, ;V.ttii; til dehiy fi-om •••.Kik <i:- >•;.• :i :e....- ||> isi s :i ill '.v !;:i,'*h'id cij ].•< i.v a uis- ••r.tiy. eur-> ih.;.. i.i -•:r. ciHi-i \|<-t e:ises ;ire i;;refi in t'li d::vs One treitnieiit is all that is rei|';:i. d If you have kidue'v m- bladder Hot' bit bring a two OUIK e lottle of your urine for analysis. Heartless lias often been cared in sixty days. The doctor fiirnishe.< all his own medicines. .\"o niaitiT what your jiilmeiii ir.ay no matter what otiu rs may have •old yoM i;o ni:iiTer what experience you may have had with other jihysi- ians. it is to your advantage to see hilt' at once l!:ive if forever settled a yoiir tt:ind. IfrVinir ease Is inctir- •iblc. he will give you su.ii advii-e as nay relieve and stay the dise.ase. Do lot ;mt off this duty you owe yourself ir friends or relativ.'S who are siiffer- iig liecai:se of your sickness, as a visit his tin:c may help you i:emei!ilier this free offer Is for one lay only .\!arried ;.:dies sV.eiil.l luing li.eir •|iis''a!:d.'-' and minors co:ii- with tiieir •laients Office :i' Keil. y Hole-, n -Tiir:; :• a. in to .s p. iil .Address Dr. C. .S Wo-f-' sli; Kast FINGER PRINTS MAY COST THEM LIBERTY Grocery Prices Why Pay More? 4 cans .^uear Cnrn •4 pkgs. Seeiled Kai.-ins 4 bars Glycerit;*' Soap .S liars .Siik or Leiiox Soap 7 fSars Willie Soaii ?. Cant! Orienwicb Lye . . 3 l^rge Cans .Milk. . 0 S::iall Miik ... ^ 5 cans Oil Sardines 3 Cans' .Mustard Sardines ; Tall cans Fink Salmon " Packages Roiled Oats _ Laree pkgs Oats... fi lbs. Kuik Oats 6 lbs. Pancake I-'lour . S lbs. .New Kraut . •_'..c •.'5r M:,I. L'."iP «r .S«c •i.'.r 2:ic i.-.c -lOc .2 (lc 2 .'.c Me :{ doz. Sweet or Sour Pickles ior Good Urootiis. eacii ... .i'>r 5 Pounds Sal .Soda ...HJc Highest Pat: Flour »|J»« High Pat. Hour . ? *l.l."» Corn Meal, sack - . .-SOe Graliam Flour sack. . i'tc ]0u liis. Bran *1 ,J(I 100 lbs. Shorts , .*IJ»0 Xorthern Potatoes, bu 80r 100 lbs Solid traUbage . ELLIOTT'* Your Order Delivered for lOe IRONTONS Wit - REZNORS : .e lie- Heaters with a repiita- ti'-a Kvery dollar invested iii these stoves yields lianilsoiiie leiiirns liny the stovi-s giving the iiiaxiiiium lie:it witli the iiiinimuiii gas iL-ili SI . I I auer:; Kansas Cllv .Mo .\atlonal Hank ReferVllct Bull Made Merry Time. Two men injured, several more seek-, log refuge In trees, and a jiaulc' aiuong i>edestrlans. wer« a few of the [ results which attended the rntent es-' (ai'ade of a young and ferocious bull I at Burton on-Trent. England. The J ;'.t;inial escaped from a sale yard. and.' tif;er causing consfornafion by its antics through fceveral busy thorough • fares, ente-ed a recreation ground.' where It proceeded to play b:noc .An, inaialv of the worUbouise \v ;i.- kiiocket I'ov, n. While a man was tryini' to ef . ' :i r< St ue the animal ru.-l-c ! a-ay ;n d'.Ued ilown .i' sei oiei versun While s. veraUbetook them, eiv.s tr I tr. es for s:ifety. one mail sciiipht safe ly behind :i tiVe. and for ten riintife !';:d to i-outinuaI!y circle it ami defi ni- |-!:ii-elf by his belt For tw <i hnii;- .ill etforls to vai'tiiie the aiiltr-.I >r.'!v I d futile, hut the exiieiiienl of fei< !;rri a licid of had the desired r''^ T A. Weatherman, who has beep, in I'onca City. Okla.. and vvest'-m Kan sas on :i two weeks' business visit, re turned home last niglit. COL ROOSEVELT WOUNDED I Continued from page 1) .•\ written proclamation fouf.d in thi j clothing of ;!ie man who did the shoot.; inv nads: , ! •Sentember la. i;tl2 j •September l.n. 1901. 1-30 a. m. Ii: ' a dream 1 saw President McKinley sit j u;) in -• monk'siattire in whom I rec-! oi-niz- d Theodore Roosfvelt. Th" dead ' vr-iid-nt said. 'This is my murderer J av- )iee mv death.' I • p!eiab»'r ^:^ 1912. l::5«i a. in., w| ile writing ri jio* m. someone ta|i:>ed | r..< .11 ihe sliouldT and sajd: "I.e: ] not 'iiunhT'^r t.vke the pnsidentia! ] ch:-,ir .-^veni-erny death." i ••| cu-.I I itlainly «ee Mr. .McKialev's ; features. •Before the .Almighty God. 1 swear til'- rhove writing is nothing but th»truth." I . Anoth'-r no-.e found in the ii:anV ipi ^BBBBBIM^^^^^^^^^^™ "So I'ing ;;s .tap.tncould ri.^e to the! —-S^~!=S=S=2H:!=K~ cr- atcy iHiw .r of the world desjiite ' • he rsrrvivinc ., tradition mor- t^a^ ! at him while the Colonel, was resting two years old. as Genera! at a hotel. It is said the wound is on- I Attractive Bargains for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday j<lj_p Mikado and Serpentine Crepe for (Oin IZ 2II kimonas and wrappers: a yard IZ 2 U 50c Mercerized Table ij^inen. 72 inch, worth 7.5c, .special 50g 7 X« Stephens' Bleacheil wortii 7Xn 2 ti 12',l.c a yard, on .-;ale | 2\f 39c on sale ii-g-e .size Shears, "worth 2oc. Crib Blanket.s, new j^attern^, on .<ale 39g 75c EXTR.A SPECIAL VALUE. Five pieces oG inch Peau de Crepe Black Silk, worth $L2r), special, vard... 75c 7(in i''^^'^-^ C.jlured Chiffon T.-itfeta Silk,' I Jll inches wide, special 75c 69c One lot of l''ancy Silks worth up lo $L2o a yard: special 69c 39c Fancy Mercerizetl l^oplin in new colors. QO|i \v(n-ti. r>()c a yard, for Jgd EXTRA GOOD VALUES IN BLANKETS! Full size California Wool Blanket.= | worth S5.00, offered specially . ^ull size California SO'; Wool OK Blankets, worth $4.50. on sale W JrZu $3.98 $3.25 $3.98 NEW LEATHER B.\(iS. E.xccplionally large Hand Bair \vifh the new patent Si 25 '*'^^"'^^'" ""^^^ 25 Arik for the new patent clasp all leather Hand Bag, ^1 Rfl ^^'^^'^^ regularly $2.-50: noAv on wii vU •'^ide for ...' GINGHAMS: GINGHAMS: In face of the advancing i)rices on all Ginghams we offer for a short time all our Ginghams at the following special prices: All 10c Dress Ginghams at : .8c All 12i^c Dress Ginghams at 10c All 15c Dress Ginghams at 12c All 25c and 35c Dress Ginghams at. 18c "Ilome .lournal" Patterns new November Styles .Voui so nobly d-nionstratwi. it is ihf du'y ."«r the I'liiv-i St;:tei- of .-Vmerica to upheld the third term tradition F.« i ev. ry third lernier be refiarded as a ?r::ir(.r to tiio .American caii,se Let it be ti'.- rivht ::r.'l duty DI every ciiizen to forcil-ly nrnove a third termer .\e \ei 1 -f a 'bird term party emblem •ip:.ear on the official ballot. • I am williiii; to die fi.r my country c.o.l '.Kis called me to iie his instru- ni'Tt so IH-III ni" Gr.d. rSip'ied) "I.V.VOCKNT orii.TV ••|:i (;erii);ii: a .'•tr':i!i.' tower is our God •• Iv slisht. The Colonel went on about < liis business declarine he was not: iiur'. The would-be assassin was cai>- ; ; tured by Henry F. (fochen. Roosevelt's life was probably sav. d • by ihe manu.script olj the sp-ech which i he delivered tonight. The bullet jstriick the manuscriiit which retanb d ; its force ns it passed through , the flish The assassin was prevented i from firing a second shot by .-Vlbert H. . Mar'in. one of Colonel Roosevelt's f-vo ; • t»-<rf-tarie3 Roosevelt had just st'-p- J I pcd into his automobile wh>>n the as: sassin pushed hjs way through the (crowd in the street and fired. Martin How .SlKnitini; Ocpurml. i who was standiuK in the car with the Milwaukee. \Vis.. Oct. H.—Th<'Odore j Colonel. leiped onto the mans should' Roosevelt was shot and slii;htly ers and bore hitn to the ground. - woanded tonight by a man who fired '• The Colonel felt no pain at the time : L the shot was fired and w-as not aware! I he was shot until h«- was on his way ! His attention was] MAJESTIC THEAlltE TONIGHT: PROGRAM -TIIK l'AT< IIKD .SHOK" A picture full of sood comedv that will make you la.iKh from start to finish. "WA.XKTA'.S .SA( KIFICE" In two reels. A we.etern dra- inallc love .story replete wjtb thrillinK situations. Dl'KT—-.Mi-ter .Movin? Pirtare -Man" itt- .•\U.MISSIOX —^ 5^ Qeorg* Roberta and Clem Hanney. By the prints of their fincera left In half a dozen places on varioua Iioatoffice aafea in lltUe inland towna of IlUnoIa and Iowa, the federal autb- orltlea hope to convict Oeorse Rob- eru and Clem Hanney of aoma of tha -moat puzzling robberies which bava occurred recent y In the middle west. The men were arrested recently In St. Joseph. Mo, and their prelln .:r :-ry hcartnr In tHat city U set (or OctoUr The lola Music Club PRKSK.NTS EstherMayPlnmt^ IX Song Recital Tuesday, October 22nd AT THE FIK.ST Jl. E. rHIRCH Tickets ut Biirrell'i • lo the Auditorium. ^iV then called to a hole in his overcoat.', •— 'and. he found bis shirt was soaked^ ; with blood. He insisted he was not | '^*80 before midnisht on a special i hurt badly .A 3nj >crficial examination . of the wound was made when he | j reached the Auditorium and three. Taft and Wil .Hon .SympatbT^. ' physicians agreed thta he was in no ] New York. Oct. 15.— President Taft immediate grave danger. : issued a statement on board the May- After finishing his spewh at the ; fiower this afternoon relatire to. the i hali, Roosevelt was taken to an emer-; shooting of Colonel Roosevelt: .gency hospital, where six-physicians i "I cannot withhold an expression of • examined his wound. They found it! horror," he said, "at the act of the impossible to determine the depth to maniac who attempted to assassinate which the bullet had penetrated and ' Colonel Roosevelt." jit wias decided to take an X-ray pho-' Trenton. X. J.. Oct. 15.—One of the i to^raph. The X-ray showed the bul- i first things that Governor Woodrow i let lodged in the chest wall and as it I Wilson did today was to read the news ' did not penetrate the lungs, the wound ' paper accounts of tbe att«apt to as- is not considered serious. j sassinate Colonel Roosevelt. He-sent.. Roosevelt left the hospital at 11:20 p. m.. He was able to walk unassisted. "I am feeling fine," he said. The wound is not believed to be serious. The, Colonel and V»tr leave for Chi- the following telegram to the Qolonel at Chicago: ' ^ »-i» "Please accept-my: pathy and that your woiiBd

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