Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on September 20, 1889 · Page 1
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, September 20, 1889
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VOLUME 8. STERLING, ILLINOIS, FETDAT, SEPTEMBER 2) 1889. NUMBER 180. ,7« IT*"* "*-<•* -»"• - T Iff ' 71—/ -.* * ,""•• ••"'•">!^" : DYSPEPSIA, J H H'a'. mi<«>rv I'sr^rlfiwl when WP suddenly tmvmie iiwiire !!nU wn powii a rtlivniiUcil ••rrniii'cmcnl rulled « stomach. Th'.- stjiiiiRi-h Is tiifi r.'Wvoir truni which '-very flhrc find tissue rr.'lijit"he m.iirlslii'd.r.ivl liny trouble wild It is, soon felt thnmidiont thn whole Hyntora. Among adtpcnilvsppiitlcnr.ouvowdl have tl:c same rir.'ilomli'aiit symptoms. Dyspeptics of action metilnlixm-fr and a bllknin ti.-inpcnvTitotit arc siiliiiM't toMoU Hcnrtnche: those, fleshy and pMt'itmnt.ic have Constliintlon,while tl)« thin Mid nervous are RBttmloiH'd to (loony lor«- Sioilinew. Homo dyspeptics am wondcrfnl.y forKetful; Imve Rrcat Irritability or tern Whatever form Dyspepsia mnjr take, one thing " certain, The underlying Li in the LI VSR, »nd one thins more la equally certain, no one w!I! remain a dyspeptic who will It will corree* Aridity ot th Ktomaoh, Expel foal gt»e», Alloy Irritation. ABBlBt JMsentlon. at the same time Start the Liver to working, When all other troubles Soon disappear, "My wife was a confirmed d Uireo yews a«o by tho advice o: Augusta, she was Induced to try Simmons Ujrei 'KeRUltttor. I feel «rateful for ihu relict it has given her, and may all who read this and are afflicted in any wns, whether chronlo or otherwise, use Simmons Liver Regulator and I feel confident health will be restored to nil who wil, be advlsed."-WM. M. KKasn, Fort Valley, Ga. See that you gel the Genuine, with red Z on-front of Wrapper, PKRFABKD ONLY BY J. H. ZEULIBT * CO. Philadelphia. Pa. BURIED ALIVE. Quebec the Scene of a Terrible Catastrophe, FRIGHTFUL WORK OF A LANDSLIDE. .... Somf 8t<"1ner, ol BM «u» rrery p«J' U Unapt Tba HUKT & PACKABIN •'Korract Shape." IT CONFORMS TO SHAPE OF FOOT. gentlemen'* ahoo rasdo in tno worm, Don't spoil your feet by wearing pheap shoes. ThcBurt&PpckardShOe cnst; no more than nny othcrllne »lioo,(&«sX non; o|.m«ij»J I (» «' 1 ;"-., nrl _ u Alt ntvles In llnntl-made, lland-welt. ana Bnnweu ,l»o Bovi' ulS Yom.»" If not oold by your de.lar MnJ bl. name «BO I yo»r ^^, mn to Bnrt * p.cwrt Packard dt Field} bixxsnton, Ma«». »>iai» J. IP*. O verholser, Mtcrllnc. Ill* rwnnly-SI» Fnmlll*^ Ovrrwhi-lmwl by nn Avnlanclin ol Ivorkn nnil Kurtli— Thn Knrolicr of I>rml Unhnowu, l!»t ^'^y KjMinli T'llty—Tlllrti'nn Corpspn t)nff Out of Uitt Dfllrrl* and Sixteen AVoumlei! Plloplo lli-mrnoil—Six Hundred Font of the Hill Gives Wny iind llnrles the Victims Twenty-Five Pent Depp. CBICAOO, ,S--pt. 'JO.—Tho following dispatches were received hero pnrly this mornIng: QUEBEC, S.'pt. 10.—About 8 o'clock this •vening people living in tho neighborhood of tho Citndol .wcru startl-jil on hearing a low, rumbling sound, accompanied by a perceptible quiver (if tho earth. Houses wow shaken, Jiflhes rnttlod and in some coses peopla even had diflk-ulty in maintaining their footing. Every one rushed Into tho street, and it was learned tbnt a largo portion of Capo Diamond, just b'jlovr the Citadel, hud loconio 1'jtached, an 1, sliding down tho declivity, had burloJ several residences and their inmates under from fifteen to twenty-five feet of rock, dirt.nnd other wreckage. At Work on ttie Dobrli. At the foot of the clirt U a narrow street, irhich occupies all tho space between the jape anil the river, and this wos filled with Ihe debris which had crushed out the lives of It least twenty-five people. Tho exact num. her is not yet known, as the enormous mass of earth and stone had up to midnight shown but little diminution, notwithstanding tbu a large forco of men was at work clearing i »way in less than half an hour after thi horrible disaster took place. It Is believed howiver, that not less than twenty-five havi periahud A».»>«t- >!-!? >. ?"0™ -•' I••.«!!»» !•-• • , alroRdy been lukiiti (lit of tha ruins, nnd n huml.Kir of pcoplo terribly crushed, but still alive, have also been rescued. Bevornt Victims Taken Out. Tho streets in tBft neighborhood of the spot are alive with people, and tho chief difficulty tho police hnvb to encountor*ls Unit of holding back the vast crowds, hundreds ot whom havo relatives among the dead or dying. Some of tho bodies taken out show no ovi- ilence of beliig crushed, and the belief is that in these e/xses the unfortunate victims of the terrible cntrtstropho wore simply sniothen'd to death.. One little girl, tho daughter of a fisherman named Vignaux, was found pinned down under o beam unable to move, but ab- jolutely unhurt Khe was the solo surviving member of a fiimily of seven, the bodies of nil tho others having been recovered. In the same building with the Vlgnaux wore three other families, and His doubtful if any member of either has escaped. A LATER TELEGRAM. YOUNG NAPOLEON'S DEFENSE. Ex-Onvrrnur Hoi.sllj- mid HU riirtnnr Arn IM-rtty fiontt \^i U!H*«-CH for Jves. Nr.w YCUIK, fVpt. 'JO.—Thn tfinl "f Ivo? nti'l Htnyi-.ur "as s"ni!nr«l yniterdiy morning Mr. IJror'ap, of ri.iin?'-! for the .ictmisc, opening nn'l oi-:'iipying tlin morning with n speech in which lie Inindlcd Wcwtruft very ?verc\y. The first wilne-;" ralK', for thode- wns E'lpnr M. .lulmron, ex-Governor londly'a Inw partner. Hu detailed tho liti- ••atiou in Oliio, which hail resulted in the imolution of thu Jowett, by which, action Ives gained control of tho road. AVit- ess had, ns coniiRol for tho company, snirl o Short, who had been mnrta assinUnt secretary and treasurer, that there wag noth- wrong lu his bavin:; signed some stock certificates ahead. Witness bad never known Ives to du nnyihlr.g Immoral, im- >ro[>er or illegnl during his entire cornice- Jon with him. Hi' hail known Ives to do ,htngs whio'j evinced rather boyish judgment, but nothing else. Himilly CiHitrnillrts Sltnrt. Ei-Oovernor Homily wns th) noit witness. Ho testified that Short had told him that ho bad signed a number of stock certificates ahend nnd had nskod witness if it wos necessary for him (Short) to destroy or mu- tilato thnin. 'Witness told him that that wns not necessary. Witness doniort, however, tho statement- innds by Short that ho (tho witness) had advise 1 Short tn ai^n the rertfl- cnfc-s ahend, and suiJ tlml. Short hoi! novor ajked hia ndvico on this Fubj?ct This was in direct, contradiction of Short's evidence, and caused ft sensation in court* Tho Jnrre»M> of Stock I.OR"'- FACTIONAL FURY. Dungannon, Ireland, on Edge of Riot. the RIOT ON A GUANO ISLAND. -<I on : nn —SPECIALTIES.- The Finest, Mott Durable, and holds Its shape the best of any whip in the market. Tho Easiest Dumped, Easiest Eun- ning and Latest Improved Sweeper made. Fancy Patent, per sack, $1.60. Two sacks I2.EO Half Patent, " v 1 -*°- " " 2 ' 00 Some of the oldest rcsldent8>l tills city claim this to be the . Lest flour they ever used in the . State ol Illinois. Minn. jR oiler in stock. A dood Stock of Tin Tomato] Cans, Very Cheap. Also & few dozen ofj MW'S GLASS FRUIT JARS A! JELL TOMBLEBS LEFT AT L.L. JOHNSON'S. .A..GHANCE. ISUCCESSOES TO O.A.Oliver. BOOKS, STATIONERY aiid.WalUPaper. Tho Dead K»tlmntod at Moro Tlmn Fifty — The Wounded. QUEBEC, Sept 20.— 1 a. ia— Very little progress has bsen made in recovering bodies owing to the stupendous mass of rock cover- Ing the ruins. The body of a woman named Mrs. Borrlgan has juut . been pulled out of the debris. Tons of rock aro falling, and it la feared the whole bowlder forming tho highest point ol Quebec will gjve way. Names of Daad Recovered. Up to 11:30 six bodies had been taken from the ruins, Thomas Furrell and two of his shildren; also two chil Iron named Burke, and one unknown child. Farrull's mother- in-law, lira Allen, and her buaband aro still in the ruins. About twanty-flvo person have been removed from thedebria vory badly injured. Some havo broken arms and legs, others aro badly crushed and mutilated. It IS now estimated that at least fifty persons are yet under the ruins. Tho flro brigade and police force ore on the ground • rendering valuable ats'stanee. All the injured were removed to the Marine and Fisheries departments, where medical raou and clergymen looked after them. Crime* of H«lp from the Debris. The debris covers the road in a solid mass for over COO feet in length and from 15 to 25 in height. The night is Intensely dark nnd the electric lights wore rendered useless by lha landslide. Cries of "Help," "Help," are heard from tenouth the debris, but none can be given. An Ill-Fated locality; In May, l&tl, a similar landslide occurred which destroyed several buildings and killed thirty-two people. From present indications it is feared the Ions of llfo by to-night's landslide will bo equally as grout. In 1812 another slide caused the death of several persons about half a mile from the scene of the present disaster. Till r toeii Corpses Recovered. LATKB.— Thirteen dead and sixteen badly in juved uavebaeu taken out so far. It \vill take several days to recover oil Tho damage will exceed $100,000. Tho Royal school with a large force of cavalry are coining to aid In resouing--;.the injured. Six hundred men are now at work. Tho blood and dust make a sickening fpjotaclo. A Survivor's Story. STILL, LATEK.— Twou : y-8b: families occupied the bous s which were destroyed. Tha story given by a survivor is that ho win standing in bis door when the landslide occurred, aud that as Boon-ns he saw the -liugu bowlders and moan's of rock bounding down the steep incline he rushed up tho stroet only in time to escape being crushed to di'tlth. Tuo housua struck worn all turoo or four stories high, nnd g.ivo way baford th) avalanche like pasteboard. Some of thorn caught fird. This added to the terror and general confusion, and for awhile it appeared as if tl!0.w who escaped death by the weight ofstoiu »ud timbers woul 1 bo cremated. The timely arrival of tho flra brigade soon dispel*! this foar, and the way was clear for tbo eager bybtandxra to begin tueir work of rescuing thoio imbwlded in the ruins. _____ _ _ . Ftttally Hurt at ut t'lro. KANBiS CtTV, Mo., Sopt. 20.— Fire last night entirely .Uwtroyad t>ia Kansas City rsessicatins »«J JU'liiiins worlw «t Kansas City, Kit* L*s , 4"5,Oi)J; insurance, ?44,- UX). During tut> pi-cunws of tln« lira Jo>> BMinburgvr, an tnipioy*. jmupo.i from «• «!(!tiiid-at!.iry window, nud JuUn idaipixjii from til* riK.f. Both siiataiiuid fata! MtttrlinouUI Bwtnaisr t'<jnvl«t*itl. «&A *-0 - M- } UW t- "-4 Mr. Johnson wns recalled nml testified thnt the corporato wns not essential to tho validity of any document in tho state of Ohio, and that the increase of tho common stock of the Cincinnntl, Hamilton nnd Dayton company wns n:ndc in strict accordance with the statutory requirements of Ohio. Anotln-r 1'tilnt for Hie Defense!. All Chow, formerly butler at Mr. Stay- nor's Brooklyn residence, anil Alexander Vestal, StayniT'a conrunmn, both tcstifloil that noithi-r Ives nor Stnyner were at the Brooklyn house on the morning of June 31, 1887, when tho alleged fraudulent cerlltlraites, according to Woodruff'* evidence, wen signed. The sis'er of Sinyner nnd his sob also swore that Stnyner and Ives were ndt itl t»l VUKiy II ui. (.iimi lnu*'. That Allcnoil Knrunry. tT|Kin cross-examination of these wltnosso", however, Col. Follows brrmght out the fnct that on the evening in January last, when the Meyer Initials are said to have been forgud to tho syndlcnto ngr*.Mn>nt, both Ives and Woodruff had calted at the Stny- ner residence. Tho wiiness'js seemed to recollect tho clmimstnncc-3 from tho fnct thnl Woodruff's presence was exceedingly obnoxious to Mr. Stuyn'T. Ah Chow, the Chinese butler, created much merriment In tho court-room by saying that ho Imd heard n goo 1 deal of talk about iho "Hiitnilton, Dnylon nnd Sing Sing" railroad company. Court at this point adjourned for the day. SENT DOWN FOR TWO YEARS. Bay Hamilton's WIfo Will Spend a Couple of Years In the "Pen." MAYS LANDING, N. J., Sopt 20.—The Hamilton cuso, which hrs kept this Bleep; little hamlet up to tho highest pitch of excitement for the past two days, was brought to a conclusion yesterday by tho conviction and sontoiio of tlm . prisoner, y When the court adjourned the morning so: sion at 11:30, after tho lawyers were through, it was generally believed timt the jury would bring in a verdict of acquittal or there would bo a disagreomont, but whon Judge Rood delivered bis charge to tho jury, which wns de cidedly against tho prisoner, it was plain to bs sefln that it had it-» efl'.-ot. The jury wai placed in charge of tho sheriff and retired. At 8 o'clock—just on« hour alter going out —they filed Into iho court-room again. Found Guilty Olid Sentenced. The judgu ordered the prisoner brought into court. . She was dressud in a neat dark suit ami dark hat, and was nervously pulling oh a pair of gloves when shqe:»in) In. She looked pale and careworn. After being Boated, tbo clork asked the jury if they had arrived at a decision. Immediately everything was quiet, and Foreman Rwves re- ORANGE AND GREEN FIGHTING MAD j A Home Rnlo M<ietln~ FroolMmed Ho- c.milfl n. Itlondy Fight Would Hiiro llo- imltod with tlia OriinRomnn, >Vln» Hml j Orgnnlzecl n Counter Wcmoimtriitlon— Kii[[ll«K H.jmo Ruler* Indignant nnd tho Town Divided Into Hostile Curapi —Cable Hlflcellany. LONDON, Sept, 20.— The little town of Dungannon, County Tyroiu 1 , In?liin I, Is in a ported frenzy of excitement, and every man, woman, and child In tho-place is ranged on one side or tho other of a heated political controversy, in which, too, nearly tho whole surrounding country seems disposed to take a hand. Nearly n week ago a number of English Liberals, who are traveling through Ireland with a view of studying tho home rule question on the native noil, interested themselves to organize in Dungnnnon a pub- llo meeting in tho interests of homo rule, the date of which was fixed for lust night. For nearly a whole week the f net that such a mooting won to be hold was well known to everybody in County Tyrone, nnd not a Binglo word Of objection camo from tho police authorities. The Meeting Suddenly Proclaimed. Last night, however, Market squuro, where the meeting was to havo boon hold, wns filled with nruied police and placards?were postal proclaiming tho meeting. This action of tho authorities excited tho most intense indignation among those in sympathy with tho objects of the meeting, and a deputation of the Englishmen who were chiefly instrumental in organizing it called npon tho magistrate to protest ngalnst this attack upon the right of free speech. They wore told that tho mooting had been proclaimed because il seemed certain that it it wore permitted bloodshed would result, as tho Orangorawn proposed to organize a counter meeting only n stone's throw away in case tho Homo IUil- ers assembled. Dunpinnon is now divided into two hos- lilu uamiB, Iho Humnii Catholics and tlio Orangemen taking every. opportunity to burl dellanca nt one another. Up to a lato hour Inet ulght no more s jrious consequences were reported than a favr broken bond*, the results of isolated disturbances, but UH feo'l- ing runs very high and the policj am nearly nil concentrated on tho scene of the proclaimed meeting, news from that point Js awaited with considerable! anxioty. plied: "Wo have. Wo find tho prisoner gailty as Indicted. 0 Mrs. Hamilton was whispering to her counsel at tho time, and as uho heard tho verdict announced, started and siiBued, but in a second recovered herself ami gavo no other sign of emotion. Tuo jury woa polled, and each answered "Guilty" as his name was called. Judge Reed waited a few momenta (is il IrMimeu In Purls Tnklns Noton. DUBLIN, Sopt 20.—A deputation ot Irish worklngmon, comprising; represontativo men from many cliffjrent branches of industry, are now in Paris for tho purpose of studying the products of thbir respective trades at tho exposition, comparing notes an I reporting upon such improvements us th«lr tour may suggest to them. ^^^____ UuiHln nr.d Hor Nlhlll»ti. ST. rETEiisB0na, Sept 20.—Tho police within tlio pnRt few days show nn increased activity in different parts of Kussla in their pursuit of suspected Nihilists. Tho students everywhere are objects 'of suspicion, and twenty attending tho university at Kiuif wore nrrostod Wednesday. Villainous Attempt nt Incendiarism. LONDON, Sept. 20.—The Royal Opera house at Buduposth was Wednesday night sot on flro by an incendiary. This is the fourth attempt of the kind within throe weeks, but thus far tho damage resulting bos been trifling. No cause is assigned for the crime. The Woman In King Billon's Case. LONDON, Sept 2J.—The Sarviuu government has decided to dismiss irom his position in the diplomatic service M. Christicb, whoso wife so turned the head of King Milan that she induced him to abdicate after securing a divorce from Quoon Natalie. English Cotton Hllte Shut Down. LONDON, Sept. 20.—Eight cotton mills in Preston and fourteen in Blackburn have shutdown, andusa resultSO.OOO looms .and 1,000,000 spindles are idle. Tho depression ia spreading In all tha cotton contars of Lancashire. ______ A Rusnlun Duke Dying. . ST. PETKHSBUIIO, Sept 20.—Tbo Duke Constantino is dying. Ho bos already lost the power of speech, and although still con- A Number of Amrrir.>iTii Kilt Int;iMil OtTiK'il liy !'•<•" Hullor. 'WASHiMiT'iN CITY, Ei'pt.' 20. —A cabin disiin r i w.-is riC'ivo;! nt. tb-n 9' if.i d.'pnrt- ni'.'iil yist-.Tday from Consul Alk'ii nt. KinL'S- ton, JnmniRi, statin-.* thnt a riot had occurred »t NHVHFSI, in whio.'i n. number of Americans wer« kill<vl. At the request of tho consul a r.ritlsh warship 1'ft Jnmitir'i immi'di.'itely fir the s:"im of tii-i dilllcul'v. Tin-d'spnii''.! c'ntniiied ii» |.nrtictilaM. The sUit" di'piriin 'ill imm •.luit-.-ly inforni'vl S.-B- rot-iry of tiio oc'i'itrn-n; •, im ( l the later cahli-d to Kt. Nil/holm Moli>, Hayti, tho bio terminus, for tin: United States staam- hip G.iK-ivi, wliinli is nruiiing in tho-;o waters, to repair i'limmlintoly to Nuvimn. Admiral tlhernrdl is or, the G:il.'na. Nn- rn^n JH n gu:ino isla'id owned by Gen. B. F. Sutler u'.ul nn Amerxin company. It is nliout »J milei Iron-. Kingston. Though indor no rnrticKlnr jurisdiction it is looked ipon ns bciiiy; nmler tlio protection of the Uniti'il Ktutes, and is inhabited chiefly by Aniuricim J . . llf port uf lltn Lund Commissioner. WAHHIHGTO.X CITV, 8;pL '40.— Tho annual report of tim uciin; commissioner of tha general land odk-e, William M. Stone, has boon submitU'il to thn secretary of the interior.^ It, snrs th:it tho work is considerably boliinti on account ot business loft'ovor from former administration.; c:rltiuiZ23 tho assertion of Comm siiouur a,j.irl:i that 10') per c^nt. of the filing are fraudulent as a charge having no foundation in fact, and says that patents were lssue.1 during tha y.?ar for 11,701,11!) acres of land. It also says that land is being cliiimod by states ns swamp lands that is roiilly agricultural, tha amount erroneously patentolto tho «tntos aggregating millions oC acres. Tho report recommends fie repeal of all laws reiaiing to public timber and the enactment of a genera! law, plain, concise nud unmistakable in moaning. A Couple of X'enslon Decision*, WASIIINOTOJI CITY, Bapt. 20.--Assistant Secretary Bim-wy has reversed the action of the pension ofilco In rejecting tho application for pension of II. SI. Diets, Into a corporal hi Company G, Thirtieth New Jersey volunteers,-. 1h(j..prhi(.:lplQ established by tho decision is that wln>n a soldier is disabled and no oilier «'nini!-ll>n!i -scrvliw In tliff nnny run bo-TiHcrihni.-tlm — bonelit of -the -doubt iniif*l bii |;ivi*n to thn rtfildior. Mr. UiHssiy rejurtort a claim mad.) by Dr. Mary Walker in belmll' of her brother. A. II. Walker, who si slightly "nil his huso. 1 ' Tho pround of the rejection is that Wnlker i< no moro eccentric now t him ho was before ho went into the army. . Twenty-Twii Vi'weU Wrecked. WASHINGTON CITY, Hjpt 20.—Thosurgobn in charge of the. mnriiio hospital nt Lewes, IK-1., writes (hut thero ntv twenty-two ves- s'jlfl wrickttl or stranded on the coast In that iiHigliborhno.l, n;i I laliorin-' nun of every iriulo an I cillm;* urn reaping u harvost in wrecking thus.) vs;'jl'. ABBREVIATED TELEGRAMS. T;I.':',- .v:is a v.-ri- litvivr snow-fill! through" ou_ p .I'lhiii-t "f An<l!-':i 'I'linr-i lay. Til- I'l'H' S-H.W Of t.!l- SrrlS.-m f"ll lit No W burr, N. V,, '1 huin lay,' ut ?oun tnrp.'-'.l to a c il I, dr.Mliiig rain. ,T. R. A\". \V.'s-!nll is mi«ins from his h 'in.' af \Vi:it.'i'i< -t.. I u, and so ii: alxjut ¥i' r >,. 0>U of oth-r |»i')pl«'.< inoiisr. Tho Hcot'.isli Rite Ma^om ail j innie:! th ir council nt NJW York Tliursd ly. Thn n»xt s"s<ion will b.- h'.'ld in Cleveland, O., iu 8i\r tambjr, 1S!H. Thy London dockynnls were quiet, Thursday nnd work wns proceeding without trouble, tho union men not interfering with the non-unionists.- Governor "Oil" Pierce is Raid to be everybody's choice for Unite.1 Slates senator from t'lii new stato of North Dakota, anil big selection is nearly certain. II. B. Prolog, a hack driver, h in Jail at KniiKns City for attempting to outrage Miss Minnie Brigss, nieco of William il. Briggs, a wealthy distiller of Peoria, Ills. Joseph Lebarron, a 0-ypar-old boy, gtetbed a companion mimed Hcrrick Lopei during a quarrel near Warehiun, Mass , Wednesday. Lopez is dead aud Ljbarron In jail While drunK at Puterson, N. J., \Vednes- , day, Con Ryerson, ft war voteran, shot his, -wife Rachel three times. Tho woman's condition is critical. Ryerson is in jail. Tho Tvidotv of Napoleon Michel, who WR«< ) choked to death by a piece of eti'nk ho was, eating at a hotel nt Scottstown, Quo., has brought suit for 110,000 damages against the proprietor of tho hotel. One of the delegate) to tho congress of American nations which convenes in tue national capital in October, says tho way for, Americans to got the trade of South America U to do just as they Jo to get trade at home. Premier Crlspi, of Italy, was welcomed in Naples Monday by a general turnout of the citizens. He was escorted to his villa by a procession ot 20,003 people, among them many senators, deputies and municipal officials. ' . . The Spanish government has ordered a fleet of war,ships to Tangier and ordered 10,000 troops to prepare for service in Mc- rocco, to enforce the demand for tho reloas.* of Hi" Mi.iiinVh.cnilm--liitnly. I'/ilitniv-il 111 t.'nnt country and reported to have boon sold Into Absolutely' Pure • Tnls powder never varies. A msrffll streEsth and wholesonwnesa. More « thun ibfi ordinary kinds, and can not b« *Wa I» competition with the multitude onowtest.Bbftrt »eunt, tuunm <>i |itio*i>tm<e s>o»<sers. tkild'Vn cant. noTAL MAKtKO POtrira* Co., «08 Wall til.. -><:w i ort fornn inouniblocassof f'zlsrrSs lit ilitj Ht-a.1 bythopi ' '^" _„. SM5fe ; 3 SAIfinSS Symptom* «'f Cntarrls. — HcisiTacti« w oVlrm-'llim of IHJ«O, dlsohiinrs faHI»* Into tliront "omTtltncn |ii-ofiiiit\ wntcry, niul nfriu, at others, thick, icimci.iiia, inuc-<.Mia, piiroltlit, Woody and putrid ; <-v<-s wi-flU. rlnfflns In titru, drafIII-SR. dinicult.y of i'li<irir,K thrait, rap<-«to- i-ilhm of oT<Mi3ive niiutrr; breath oficnssyo: fiiiii'll and li'.flii Impairc:! 1 .. nml ifcnorr.l <!rb>Uty. Onlvaf«woftl:i's.ii-jm|iii>inBil!« ¥ lyto*y i P»'S- rnt'at onoa. Vhoiin:ii"is "I' cuK(.i4 result iu «ia- Humiition, imd end i:i tiie rruvi-.. liy Its mild. so"thi:iu-. nml hrallnj- propcrtKi). T>r, R:iire's llcnH'ily ciir.-s tho wnrgt ttiyi!.; -eOo. The Original 1 UnequnlednflaLlverPUl. fft ciiRl.ttt t'i tnk«. «no PoHet Cnn- SJ.-lt HondnctaPj BlIt !l<.i», u<«;<m4n. l apranffeirvonis of ' to give the prisoner's counsel time tc make a motion for a new trial, but no such motion being made the judge, in a cold, hard voice, said: "Evnugeliiio Hamilton, stand up," and thereupon sentenced -the prisoner to two years in the paniteutlury. ^ An attempt to interview the prisoner was shut off by the (ht-r.ff, who said at the star! that he woul I not have her Interviewed and has kept his wor.l. The Thoroughbred lleoord. CHICAGO, Sept. 1:0.—The winning horses at the West S do rnois .yesterday were: Hornpipe, 1 railj. 1:4'.'J4; Until, % milo, 1:15; Monitu Hardy, \% miI--«, 1:50.^; Pearl Jennings, 1 milo. l:-ia?i; Uomaiti, % mile, 1:17. LOUISVJLI.E, yejiu HO.— Tha Jockey clut began its fall meeting hare yesterday. Following wore the winners: Clean Heolu, M mile, 0:51%; Major Tom, % milts U:50%, Mirth, % mile, 1:33; AvonduU>, Ji mile, 1:18; Famine, I mile, !:45%; Longalight, 1 1-10 miles, 1:W%. BBOOKLVH, Sept 20.—Tho time was very slow on tho Grave-wild track yostorday. Tho winning horsoa were Madstoiie, J. A. B., Kingston, TOMny, Ballot Colt, ouJ- Sow- or- Never. . Ttie Ex-rrcril scious and able to recognize those about him, Is rapidly sinking. LOUISIANA CROOKEDNESa Hundreds of Thousands of Dollora In State l?ond« Fraudulently laaoed. NKW OIILKANS, Sept 20.—In addition to taOil.GOO of consolidated bonds, more or less, which have been, surreptitiously marketed instead of being canceled as required by law, it is now discovered that them hnsboen a fraudulent over-issuo of tho 4 per cent, constitutional bonds of 1880, the names of the governor or state treasurer having been forged thereon. The amount o£ the over- issue is not yet accurately determined, but it is known that of the $100 series numbers as high ns 242 areoutstandlng.thouga the highest number of tho legal issue is SOO.and of the $500 series, Ihe legal issue of which is thirty, uuinbjrs as high as fifty-six are afloat. Late yesterday the indleationa'wure that the unauthorized bonds placed upon thomar- kot will amount to about $$00,000. Including interest already paiJ oa tho fraudulent bonds the loss to the state will amount to $1,000,000. •rcrililent Muoli Pleated. Bept. 23.— A reporter having asked ex-President .Cleveland for his opinion on tho action of uoveral recent Democratic stato conventions in approving tue tariff reform plank of the lust national Democratic convention, Mr. Cleveland expressed himaull as much pleased with thesu evidences that tho attitude of tho Democratic party ou this questiou wns still courageous, consistent and aggreasivt.', and added: "If among tho« counted as D. mccrats there are found timid eoula, not woll grouudvd, iu tho faith, who long for fl'sii pota of, 'vaelUalin.'shifts and evasions, tin? answer to their fearu should be 'party honesty is purly expediency. 1 " Accident (o a t!lrcu» Trnln, DES Moisjsa, la., H-jpU BO.— The ciroui train of i-Vrt'ji-muh'a show wm on tho way from Marshailt >wu to Oikalooia yostarday wbati n scri-ni--. awUU-nt o. curr-jd uoar Searsboro, 'A'lie triilu twokw »bll» guinss down * Ilcjiort from tlie Diamond Field. CHICAOO, Supt. 20.—Scores made by tho National luague buso bull clubs yesterday wore: At Chicago—Chicago 1!), Cleveland 10; at Washington City—Washington 8, Boston 0—eight innings, cold weather; at Philadelphia—Philadelphia 5, Now York la —eight inulii'is, darkness; at Indianapolis— Indianapolis VJ, Pittaburg U. American association: At Philadelphia—Athletic 12, Brooklyn 10; nt Louisville—Louisville 8, Cincinnati 0; at Columbus—Columbus 8, Baltimore 4; at Kansas City— Kansas City 8, SU Louis 18. Western league: At SU Paul—St. Paul 11, Bloux City 7; at Mimioapolis—Minneapolis 0, Omaha !!; at Milwaukse—Milwaukoo. 9, 81. Joseph i!—eight inningo; at DJS Moinas —DI.-S Moinoi 0, Donver 3. i <'»>Ul Cunftfoi't I'wy Golhaui. N.KW YORK, ix-pt. SA—In an-iwer to letters fruiii Uny-.r O.-aut, retiuemtiiiit thoir co- ii<n in liii- 11 Ton UMdtnl to I>iKpcii»p AVitll. WASHISOTON CITY, Sept. 20.—E. L. Jordan has been itj pointed assistant htiporin- t'Urtent of the bureau of engraving imd printing. Ho has been in thn bureau tor thirteen years, aii'l WH * iintriimental iu per- Huailing congress to discontinue the uso of steam prossirs there. Socrctnry Hilforil (Ipttinj- Am null.' WASHINUTON CITY,- S-spt 30.—Private Sucrotary H.-ill'or.l,, acitomp:riii-.l by Mrs. llalford anil Miss Miuiiiu Wmmniaker, loft Washington City at Uj'iJyj.jU-rdiy niornin* on tho Baltimore and O ilu railroad for DJOI- Park. Mr. Hulfonl'j lioaltii is almost re- Blorcd, . THE ODD FELLOWS. Questions Dlftcunteil In tlio Grand I^>il£e— The I'rir.n Drill. COLUMBUS, O., Sept. 2J,—The Sovereign grand lodge of O.ld Fellows dovoted yesterday's session to discussing tho changing of memorial day for subordinate lodges from Oct 20 to the second Friday in Juno. After a lengthy discussion tho question was referred to a committee, A member from Kansas introduced another resolution reducing the ago of eligibility from 21 to 18, which will bring tho question, up in the grand lodge next year. The grand lodgo for the first tiinj recognized tho Patriarchs Militant, and complimented Grand Siro Underwood on the appearance of the members. Competitor* In tho Prize Drill. The prize drill of tbo Patriarchs Militant took place at/the-state fairgrounds. The following cantons, each represented by twenty-four swords, participated in tha contost: Canton Frank, No. 55, Germantown, O.; Canton Indianapolis, No. 2, Indianap. oils, Ind.; Canton Alpine, No. U2, Bowling Green, O.; Canton Logansport, No. 15, la- gansport, Ind.; Canton Ottawa, No. GO, Port Clinton, O.; Canton Marion, No. fi, Marlon, Ind.; G'Mitrn Wichita, No. B, Wichita, Kan. Tho awnrils wero not announced. The Army of ttl« Cumberland. CHA.TTANOOUA, Tenn., Sept/ 20.—Gon. Rosecruns was ro-elt'ctod prosidont of the Society of tho Army of tho Cumberland yesterday, and Toledo, O., selected as tho plaea of tho UKtt meeting, Sopt 17 and 18, 1S90. Gen. Gates P. Thurston, of Tounossoe, was elected orator, and Judje Alulo.i W. Tourgoe, of New York, alternate orator for tho next meeting. A memorial on tha death of Justice Stanley Matthews was adopted. D.'cora'.iou Day wook was requested to be set apart for contributions to tho ttatuo to Gen. Sheridan, the contributions BO far amounting to only a fow buu- dred dollars. Congress has appropriated $40,000 and $K,000 moro i3 uecssary. After tho business meetings tho society met wit'i Coiifodurutc veterans at tho-CUiica^- mnuga Park association. Thero wero .'j,OM .Confederate and Union vote-runs prosunt. Speeches indorsing tlio establishment of a nutioual park at Cnickanmuga wore made by Guns. Bo.vnton, CUt, Hundcrson, er-Coi:fud- erate, and ex Ciovi-rnor Marks, of Tennosseo, CLIVKLAND, 0., Sopt. 20.—The condition ot tho body of Fred Pulow, of Loraln, one of the passengers on Iu9 ill-fatod yacht Leo, makes it more than probable that BUO blew up. Polow's body was found floating a few miles west of here yesterday. It was almost nude, and what clothing remained on it W;BS scorched. Another body wos picked up at noon yesterday—that of S. E. Knight. It had washed ashore. The Leo wen a naphtha yacht—that Is iho used naphtha for fuel, and had about forty gallons of the fluid in bor hold. Itssera^to bo a case Bjmewhat similar to tho one iu HufTalo, where a naphtha yacht exploded at her dock and killed several people. EIGHTH POINT Vnn r,hri,W rfjiiT tM OtlrA- c:i UAILV Ki ivs btr:MriVr#v^- bedy iikfs rV—il,wiU 7:iH disappoint ycwir needs. Ii iflfees into its pur| o-c die fyiP'" atitl ntccliantc, as wpll as the merchant and professional «nnn. Evny 'farmer can tinw have dally marfect reports instead af weekly, and at litlli more sfen the old-Lirneprice of hisweckly. The mechanic can ncrw rtff(>nl both price tvnd flic tirne 'for bi» daily paper. The poor ruay now be as weil informed on'cnr- rent affairs as the rich. Inieiilcenct: Is within ihe restn of 7»U. THE CHICAGO DAILY Kuvvs— independent, non-psnUan, fair to all—U everybody'* pape*. -Its circulation I* aao,oo»'adsy—over a million a week—and it costs by rp»il 25 cla. a month, four mouths fi .00,— putt Cfitt at day. We are now prepared to do First-Class UpLohtsri in all the, latest styles. Give as a call, one and all, aDtl if yon Re-ophoMeriDi to do we will attend to it Reynolds Bros., WKBT KS» STOB*. U &***? JT\i. Tho Now Ynur nt Aiuhewt Coll«KO. AauEKST, Mast, Sept. 'JO. —The naw year at Aniherst college began yesterday. President Stelye In his addrras at tha cloao of the chapel exorcise* dwelt purik-ul.irly on tha impoi'taiu'o of colk'^.i diaoipliuo, and said that the student* need not f«iar for their health and other inattera half so much as that they should all >w outsido all Urn to detract, from thu ivgn'.arpolleS'j work. This js suppos-'d to Iw tiw uullint) of- whul is to bo tho new policy uf tli J f.ioulty in couiiuc.ttri£ college tttlilulie 11 It.iir.-s. We are handling and selling more flour than ever. Look at those brands, from $2,40 to $.3.10 per hundred: _________________ ._ ____________ __ MAGNOLIA* GOL.DEN-CHOWN, PEERL'GjSS, • . BLUB; RIBBON, PAT.BKT k°ag gi ad > i s i»4 a tl ^ i tit* r«.suU -il, i[i w I j,i I Ei>a djjw U n 1, eui ths ' 'ti< open fuir f,.ii 1. «hl, H to twcuro tha World's H'lut-ji- AliUon, {'on- (<,vt*rn i 1. 1' i .U«' ^of l,, ( i K iui4.-»>, and ft i'"iuiiiiint wi'aloru men ittftS V»-e i S si t t i in i i> i.iv 7 ii of i at Of k > f , sal I T»i! Tiling tr. «'.»« Mm NEW Youic, S^-^.vt -•) —Tijt* county- ovt n '.u^i o to I'MI-;V itz «mbSy dii'r.rt (known ISiuiiV <i -. i U| Ii roll t U, •i ,»! >I H I IV 1 11 i K-pu lioan th, Ki.xljtb s J,.lm J ill i ',< n from th I il >0 (.1 Hi tr n m>u M in i M."t i I All guaranteed to prove up as represented OT return. We isesa eave the people ot this vicinity money, and will do it REMEMBER THE MIKADO MARKET, i We are selling nothing but A'e, 1 Meats- Jfo Low ax the

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