Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 15, 1912 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 15, 1912
Page 2
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2 THE ICflA DAILY REGISTER, TUESDAY EVENING, OCTOBa^-15M912. ' *' an:' C vercoat. is the time ta.get j^at oi^v,a/A.. We'\'e got all Sie.n«w styles to^'=!:^ yju. We never had a more complete Ijnclo^xw you in new Suits and Overcoats, » ' ~ "HENLEY" Suits and Overt?oats ^ "Schloss Bros." Suits and Ovbrcoats Fine Suits for men and vounj? men $10 to S25 Overcoats $7.50 to $22..50 'The House of Quality FIRST AckicuLTUFiE l^AmWmijMji BY INDIAlSfS mOy^i GREAT SUCCESS I trhiMi»riii!>. Do yoii know tliai your tliouuliin riili' your lir<'' Itr iluy luiii' or liiiiiiiri' Iti iliiir mrlf"'. : A» ynu liiiiik. ^o vour an-. ! Am! you iiuikc or you i«;ir Vi'mr siH'iM'ss in tin- worlil tiy .vour tlioiU'.his [ Arc \<iur tlioii^liis jusi and true ••V-TV hour? , Tlii-u your litV will atl.'st with (.-nal -powor. " I If its lovi' Vills your Urarl, \ Tlitn all liair must ili'iiarl. ' Yoii will timl all in !;ooi? Ar«- vou kind in your iliounhts loward all?. ; Tln-n IvutSkindni'SS to you must bffall j As yoji so\v, so you r>'a|,.' , | In a nii'asure so di <!]), I Kiiiii'r i)lcasur«- orv pain' by yotir ' tliougiits. • . —Kxchange. j Tomorrow morning Mrs. T. F. Zi<»g- .\vt. Mrs. W. O. l.cnliart, Mrs. H. G. KidRoway and Mrs. F. Halm of l.a- Harpe, will go to Ganictt to si)<>)id tho day with Mrs. Smith Jacksoli at the |iit'^' country home which Mr. and Mrs^ Jat'kson have recently iiwrchased near thjit place.' • ' <• • • .Mrs. Cltas. F. Scott who has been visiting Mr. Scott In Chicago 'for the ,..|iasi ^wjH-k. will return homo tomor- . row. Thj- Thursday Whist Club will Uav- the I sual weekly me«>ting on Thursday afteriKHin at the home of Miss Clara FousiT -> • <' Mr. and Mrs, A. C. Cutler have returned ' from ,Manhattan. Kansas, wh.r.' thfV went to attend the funeral «)f .Mr. fu;ler"s niothi-t. •:• -:• Mrs. .lohn Ksiff. of Atohisiin. Kansas, is the guest of Mrs. F. S. Hennett this week. The -At-Honie club will me.-i this week with Mrs. R. T. I_icey. 219 South Chestnut street, on Thursday after- j noon. liKilW w6m «a «iM WMiM ei l'.>v'.ar. Mont.. Oct. l.'..--lf the palo- I'rt.'es (>r iiils cotntuuniiy e\er harbor>•! .-:i !siii <-iiin> that their Im'.ian iieii;:i- l, i>--.miiln't succeed at farir.ini:. they f";;in-<'d I'.K'y :tijnds this moniii V .v ' Indian county fair a; r .i'hir T;;e fnir was gotten up b> •: e IntiiiHs ' i" ;l-.e_Kor; Pe^k re-er\a- lii'Ti am! unlv Indians were exhibitors. It .va.- the i;:-t fair "'ver by re 1 n ar..! \\a~ a ureal success. T: i :-.:.s b. en a cm.-l year for the In.lia-.! :'.iii>:.-:s r.n tho reservati;;n Thi'V '.a-. r :i>.,! Imuiper otiips. The !'.;:;• s :nve •, >;;ors soir.e ii'.ea o; wha; t'iev can i!o There w .ii- vi):;ien .inirnu tV.f e\- :;ib:Tors as w. '! as men. One of ""leiii b«r cxAlbtu ai Indian taSik i -a nsemhcr of- the Slo>(x nation—is -t'cn in the I '.ccompnnyin? picture, ••••^lei! amoni; ;lie exhildts from her !':!rm . Hjne>:«n. ano;' Sioux ImUair. won >."••:> \V Hill cup. the highest .va.i! for an individual afiii .Mii .uia' .x:iiblt of uralns and vegetables, r.niontr t!:eni a cahbairo weighin.g ."i2 • (Hinds I ist year I.. \V. Hill, chairman of Great .\orthern railway, sent :s niKiiber of the Sioux Indians to the \%nv k lifiid show, and they re- Tliis t/ev have cullhatej "I.OIH' T; is year I'ey jive cultivated .".('Ur .:;-:.s of land, where heretofore tliev rn !y cnize.! pi^tit.'S and never tilled ' tl.e soil I Mrs Frank Uiddle and Miss .loseph will make her next stop here. Of icurs" this is rather do:t^)tfi:l. be.Mu.J.^ ine Riddle have gone to Indiana for an 1 lli^^i^-^^^'"!:!^.-™;, 1/" -"'"v r"b!'"if ,>xtfnded visit with relatives and JJ^ •'"^' VM " friends there. •r, A ^^r. and Mrs. ^A-V l>odd returned today from a brief'visit in Kansas City. [she conies it will be a splendid thiim 'net only for th-' cause l «^u'. tor as Will .Miss Addanis is known almost all ovi -r the world. .Mr. and Mrs. K. U. Miller have gnu. . Till Wdii'.ins" U< !i'f i •• iil hold .o I ^deiH -ndence where ,hey will visit | ; = • /',8'=';7 '.T ^''VJi" .-.lalives for sev:,.ral wc-eks. i ''^ ""^ ^ ' > " •:• •:• ! ••" ^ •-* Th Lmlies Aid S.;eie,y otth.n:^i;^M\,:J!^'^^ e .Mrch ;.s to meei tins «-fc with Mrs., „,.. ^,,.„ Sheparfl at the Baptist parsoua.ce on ^ j...^^^^^^.,,. ^^..^.^ v\.;!r..i .\ Thursday afternoon. , 'I • •> •> 1 f»!l attend; HI-- is <!'S'r»d .!> ili '-r. ; bl-'siiM-ss of i :;ij <:r..nee :'t 1 I'i.-:- The members of the local aiiffra.C(» ; i; Associqtion are making an effort toj " .;. •:• get Miss Jane Addams of Chicago for jj^s i!in.;l.r is h- r- i (»1 io - isit a speaking date in the near future Ujj^ h.'r da .Mrs V-u- Ti v Miss Addanas is to be in Kansas City j ' .;. .;. soon and if it ca« be arranged sh. Cbe^k That Cold lust r.s q'.:i;kly as i-o.^ibb- One can never tell what*a lohl will develop into. Our roi.t' ( IRE i 'lr ^iihls. it in.-'kcs no di'- r-ii-U .e whelder ih.- « oM i• ti •.. r f.-iiliiii; anliiif • .1..- 'Tti i:;ii'Mt -i.Tgi- w.- ! ari< ••>! i.-' i;;!;ir.-!r> • •! rrici- t 't t eiii% BURREll'S Tbe Bexall Stan ^\^^ Milt or SylAKE. Wedding Silver There i.s a icrtain charm and 'distinction gi\<ii a choice piece of Solid Silver t^ar not to be had in dui>!ic2!e. Our e.xhibil excels in exclusive hand wrought Silver Objects of artistic designing and of supero quality and tinish To provido a plentiful stock— calculated to tit the wants of all our patrons and at the same time to avoid the commonplace—has ,becn the object successfully attained in the luake-up of our stock. I SterJinp Silver jiieces as low as r.O cents. I ; :.:r-- n i.. i'^n.'.r. ! ison. will !).•• ho.-^t' •; i of t!'.<- .Sorosis for t: :!i--i.b'r.- i .i.-t.:: I' till'.; of ' li> v... k. !;.-•-. d- -i .-Mui!:•!•(! tl.i.i Uit-.i th.- .'<! :his ;,s StiMi.- I : , will bf earrit.--i o .ii in i urogram: • Roll Call- Faniovs Tr'. s (M Itift^ry. • Fr.resi Inllut-nce .Mr.- C. F. Sio'i r^re.-s in the iUima! .v of I.:f<' I :>!rs K i. T ^ol-aes i ri <i'!Sv-!on -.*.pfr. (;:itinr. :!nU Pr.t i I of •!. I»u|.Msi thurch. surprisi-d ilu-ir t-::'U-T>, K'-\. C,. \V Shepard. on bi^ .':ii'iiday last VMi-dnesday. Twinty-oii- ' :::< iiib'rs of iliic c'ass Wi-re pres<-nt ;;!«<! a v(ry joly.'. ven'ing is reported. lion of Bird I-if-'. '•' d b.v .Mrs. G'lodin I The c^ciitr I 'hihi as. Mr^. O. C iMoomav.'s a: the CIirist^aiT g jchiiri h. wi'! m>'-t ionight to eoniinu"' ;ih'' wt.rk for tli. ir b.izaar. , Mr. I). C- Phillips and dauuhter. of '"olony. were visitor., h're ihis afler- , noon. ^ . Mr.s. J. .\". I'reston of Clay Center ' vho has been here visiting fri"iids. :•<• l ^urneii home ihis ofternoon. Miss l.ousa Japeson. of Cariyle. WIK j :ias been here visitin.g friends, feturn- ! • dhome this aficrnoon. i ••• -.• v T::i- oiiicers of the Young I'^tipb-'s . S «3c ;ety of th'- fhri.--iiau church. a 'busii'.ess luictin^ l :;st night at tin- I parsoi!;:g<. •:• •!• -:• .Mrs. H A Kwiair sioes to Chanui. torr.orrov. '.o ji 'tcr..? th- Sj nodical Missionaiy ci >ir.i inioti whi(;h is in j st'ssicn (hire this 've.-k. ! •t Pae;. i&ata ft mmt^M. JLM I. ^. iratitfe iMfiiwtan. Mrs. l .;iura IVnniiiian has returned ifroni a short visit in Kans;»s City. Mr. and Mrs A. H. Campl>ell. Mrs. E. \V. StanfJeld and their gitests. Mr. and Mi^s. Finslon. of Kansas City, motored to Humboldt today to visit friends. V <• V Kf .v. A. I. Sampson and Clyde Samp son Went to .\'<osho Falls today to attend the I>ij-tricl Conference of Ih" .Methodist church. > •:• •:• The Baracas, the young men's class Orus and Staticjnerr SUNDRIES We will shiiw thjS fall the best, stock of staple gottUs in 4tnisli<s, Combs. Hand .Mirrors, Talruni I'owdor.*. Tuiiih rondrrsi, Toflct rroaW.<i and Powders, Msinirurc ^ind Itolh Sundrh-s. Poi^unips, Toilet Waters, Xail Clips. Soap Hoxes, Toilet :ind Medicated Soaps in this part of the state. See tlvcm at the Old Corner Store— south of Court Iltiuse. Evans Bros. BOOKSTORE. mm m UP-SCORE . (CoBtlnned tromlpag^e i) i liAST Hi^LF-^^^ertcle .'wok Halloa i grounder abd threwVlldlvito Tesi^^u. jHall taking second on the pUy.-. It^ 1 was a hit and an error Hpoper sin- led Hail taking third, i Yerttes ftH-t S(»eaker-flew out to Devore who.) icw Hali ont at the plate. No runs; i ! two hlfsi one error. Fourtli InninF. FIRST HALF—Doyle grounded out to Stahl. Sn'odgrass flew out to ^Vag- j ner. Murray grounded put. .\o runs; i no hits; no errors. ' LAST HALF—Uewis flew to Devore. Gardner was hit by a pitched bail. Siahl singled but was forced at second on Wagner's grounder. Tesreuu threw out Cady at llrst. No runs; one hit; no- errors. Kiflh InniuK. FIRST HALF—Merkle grounded oilt Siud Herzog fanned. .Meyers singled, to left but was forced at serond on Fletcher's grounder. .No runs; one hit; no errors. I..\ST HALK-llall nenl up a high fly which fell sale betweon Doylu iind Snodgriii«» (\nd tho runnor took second. Hooper walked I t was forced ai second when York. .<' tiioundei- bounced out if Doyle'.s ;-ind to Fletcher Speaker walked, Lewis Umled out to Merkle. Galdller «enl out Teti- icati lo .Merkle No runs; oi^e im; no errors. .sl\lh liinii.if. KIHST HALF Tesreau out. Yerke.-. (•> lixvoie \Vii|k<'il 'Ulil M'ond on Doylo'B home ruii. Suodgras); flew out tu I»WIH. Murrny xi 'uunded out. I wo runs; luu' hit; no errors. LAST HALF Stahl flew out lo l)e voro. Wagner siugleil over sei i>nil and went to Ihlril on a wild pitch The ball w<'Ut Into the granilstnnd and Waguer was allowed the extra base. Tesreiu li lew out Caily at tiri'i. Hall walked. Hooper fanned. .\o n!ns; one hit; no errors Seu'iilh Inning. KIKST HALF- .Merkle sine,''d I" center. Iler/.og flew out to Lewis. .Meyers got an Intield hit. Fletchi-r few out to Speaker. .Merkle stored in a single to right by Tesf-au .Meyers taking second on the play. He\ore flew out to Lewis. ()nt> run; three hits; no errors. lii\ST HALF--\Vilson now ealrhing for New York. Fletcher threw out Yerjtcs. Speaker singled to center; Lewis doubled to left. Speaker taking •hird. Fletcher threw out \Vagnei\ Speaker .scoring. Lev.'is took tliird on 'he play. Lewis scored when Doyle fuinbleit Siahl's grounder. Wagner aaned. Two runs; two hit.!; otie error. Eighth Inninc. FIRST HALF—Hoyle singled to right. Snodgrass grounded to Stahl. Doyle taking second. Murray flew out to Speaker. .Merkh' grounded out. .\>i runs; one hit; no errors. U\ST HALF—Cady seni up a high fly which Doyle muffed. Hall singled 'o right. Cady going to third whe-. Devorer juggleti the ball. Hooper flew out to Snodgrass. Cady sioring on the saerific'e fly. Hall was forced at see- iind when Yerkes" iKiunder was deflected from Tesreau to Fletelwr who threw to Doyle. On a wild pilch Yerkes went to second. Doyle threw out Speaker at tirst. t>ne run: on. "lit; one error. Mnth Inninir. FIRST HALF—Her7og walked. Wilson singled to center . Her/.og scored on Speaker's wild throw to catch him running to third. Wilson taking sec- •>nd on the play. Si>cakpr caught ••'letcher's line drive and touched sec Did. doubling Wilson, a double play •inassisted. Tesreau waIk«Ml. D<-vor.' r.1.tided «i;it One run; on-' hit: oiie error. l-AST HALF—Lewis walked. Gard-, I'T fanned Lewis was forced at second wlien Herzog took Stahls grouml- ••r and tosstd to Poyle. Wagner was >iit Tesreau to .Merkle. No riins: no :its-: no errors SaTrs I,ec of Boy. —"It seemed that my H-.vear-old •iiy would have to lose his !'•«. on a<- oiinl of an ugly ulcer, caused by .-lad brui .^e.' wrote 1). F. Howard \ouoiie. .\ C. ".Ml remedies and do<: nrs tri >atn.ent fa!Ied till wc tri<-- tucklen's Arnica SaHe. and cured hin with one box." Cure'; burns, boils, ski- •Tuptlons. piles. 2 .".c at all druggists The Qfiickest, Simplest Cough Cure Eullr ami ChtmmlT SUdo mt HMMV Saves To« «S. This recipe nokes a pint of ootisli ijTUI>— enouRh to last a family a long .iiue. Yt >u vuuldn't uuv as much or as yjod cough syrup for $2.51). Smpk- as it i*. it pives almost instant •elief and usually stops the most obiiti- lute cough in 24 hours. This is partly lue to tlie fact t\uxt it is slightly laxa- iire, stimulates the appetite and has an "xcellent tonic effect. It i* pleasant to take—children like it. An excellent remedy, too, for whoopin<; ongh. croup, sore lungs, a.sthiua, thnnit troubles, etc. Mix one pint of grannlated st^r with % pint of warm water, and stir for 2 minutes. Put ouiicf.-< of Pinex (fifty cents', worth) in a pint bottle, and add the Sngar Syrup. It keeps perfectly; Take a teaspoooful evvry one, two or three hours. Pine is one of the oldest, and best known remedial agents for the throat membranes. Pines is the most valuable coiteentrated compound of Norway white pine extract, and is rich in guaiacol and all the other natural healing elements. Q^ber preparaUons will not work in this .ffirmula. The prompt resuUa from this recipe have endeared it to thousands of house- aires in the United States and.Canada, which explains why the plan has been instated often, but never successfully. A Rnaranty of absolute satisfaction, or money promptly refunded, goes with thi* recipe. Yonr dnier>*t has Fines, or will eft it for vou. If not. send to The Pinex Co, tt. Wayne, InO. -Worn with Perfect Comfort by Millions of Particular 1 'eople I- Thc most popular because the best fitting. loiiKest wearing, most comfortable underwear made. 7,000;000 Munsingwear, garments sold annual|v. DAINTY LITTLE MOLtY MUNSING with bcr seven licautiful ilrcssts Free With Each Underwear Purchase \\i >U\ Mnii-iie. is (h. iliiiulliNl Mille pii|.ir iiidl ill ' • 11 !i a *>lie liii'> iiii iiiitltiiliiiilllt ,rl |i •! oiui. Shf uKii ha-" MMii III .1 •<•>•.-i-^, \> |KV glo\r>. •.hill"- a.:il liiit.luL'N t" niillch each dnvs; ,ill ;.n!iieil in cnjnrv on line paper ii -ioli i • !ic '.ul ,iiiit and "ii,ru mci li'-i tiiii- liiiaiil) >liihsiiig- « ea i: III r /< ••sliiii.cs li.i .e liiili il. itiliei! lit a niil'il r .i '-lii -iK iiiti^l auil >till i>f. I'er iii.iii\ .1 1 jilu.ihSi- •.ii's .'clioii lo niiillier^ III mill' in phiiiiiiug Manlriilies. I inlor IMCII III'^V -lie ueaf her |:erli cl tittiii:; »I!iii-.:ii;; I n- inn ."suit. - lieginning lonmrnm :ii!i| until our sii]i|:ly IS exhausted. \\v gi«e ljre<> a .Mollv .Miiii»inir iJoII rutiiiit nith ei- erj piireha-c iil" riiderirrar. It. will to aiili< jpalc inur needs anil buy yoijr ninu -r .Munsiagnear ni>« while "iir asS'irlmeals :ire coiuplcte. He -lire to bring Hie Itllle fiilk*. - .Huiisiiigwiar is the ii .n-l {iiipahir iiudvrwrar iir H'" HITM. Itccanse uf perlecl \>;ix in Mliich [it lis and c<nir« llie fiiriii. and brra »:>-e. of ils iifiinal diiniliilifj and uashabilllt. \te consider ourvilies forliiiiale !u loniiiir liein »eli cliii Hie Muusiug- «ear store "i" llii^ cilj. -Misnsing Union Suits for Women At 7->c,$l,.^1.2r>iip to.$i Ladies' Pants and Vc.<ts ai ."SOc to $l.oO eacb Munsintr Union Suits for Uhildren" At 50c, T-'jc. SI and S1.2'> Uhild's P:tnt.'< and Vests at . ."SOc and 7.5c each W, L Newcomb (;00D THINGS ' TO KAT! 4 X. Wash. Phone 161 Our prices are right; our deliveries art: riy-ht; our ijruceries ai'e right. i Call on Us Moulton U. Davis and Philip A. Cooley (at the top), and H. W. l-lllgleHner. That the execntive board of the International Association of Bridge and Structural Iron Workers deliberately planned the destructloB of scores of brldses and buildings in alt parts of the country, not erected by union labor. Is tlie contention of U. S. District Attorney Charles Miller, who has charse of the government's prosecution of. the alleged dynamiters at Indianapotfs. Three of tho more prominent members of this board are Philip A. CooSey. of New Orleans: H. W. UglaUner, of Denver, and ii. H. Davis, of 3, «st Cheater, Ta. INCVLLS SPF'Vli TONIRHT rrLBERTsov riK-H IS sm.ii t'nndidale for l.icHtenaDt-(>ovemor .\t the (.'. .\. R. Ilnll. Sheflield InsalU. candidate on the IJepuhliean ticket for the office of Lieu tenant-Govcrr.or. spent the afternoon in lola .mingling with the voters. To- • nishf. Mr. Insalls '.vill deliver a pol- • Uic.i! addre-s Tn G .A. K. Hall. Lailies lateresteii in the passajre of the sutt- I race resolution arc especially invited j to attcnrl. ; .1. W. Pnrduni «f Bmii^on. (.'eN 1«>0 ' .4cro^ for $.'i.40^ For County Treasurer JOHN T. TYLER Pres. lola Business College. Your Support Solicited Rev. O. W. Shepard left for .\rkan- • sas City ihis afieruoon on business. 1 Sheriff Hoover Kerr sold the place known as iJie Culbertson farm, near -Moran. at public sale at the court houb^e thi." morning. The higiiesf bid- i!er. .'. W. Purdiini. was a .var.leii the farm J.'.IO.'.. Tiie sale \\H< t::e result of a partition suit hrouiiht to ilistrihiite the estate atuOHK the heirs. CHICHESTER S PILLS TUB l»IAXOXI> BKAXB. TUB l»IAXOXI> BKASDL n-wr;;-!. A .H <rrClf iuis;.^.. .u It'. c«»»iw*fs

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