Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 19, 1974 · Page 13
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 13

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 19, 1974
Page 13
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[joiiday, August 19, I9f4 SIDE GLANCES By GILL FOX "Who messed-up the dust my telephone numbers were written in?" OUT OUR WAY By NEC COCHRAN IT'S A &OOP THIW&HEKEPT HIS MOUTH CLOSEP, PA HE'P HAVE LOST HIS LJPPEES; I STAVES/ YOU WIM.' IT WAS WORTH OM FOR SIX rl A BUCK TO SEE IT.' MOW BOUMCES IM H 6ET OFF THAT THIWG BEA ROW... J IV, FORE you LOSE VOUE SPECS --YOU'RE ABOUT 1 'liik TO COME UMGLUEP ALTOOETHER. OUR BOARDING HOUSE By MAJOR HOOPLE PRECISELV! BUT 11 PROVES OUK THEORY 3COH, MY POOR HE^D.'I KNevj THE FAT ONE H^D ^ LOT OF HIPPEN ^66RE55ION5 BUT I NEVER FI6UREP TriE SKINNY ONE FOR ATI6EE! HE ACTUALLY 5AN6 WHILE HE JUMPEP UP AMP PO\VN ON US.' THE MORE y<3U TRICK PEOPLE TriE MAPPER IT WA5 HORRIBLE :OMPLETEUV OFF-KEy.' OCIKL SCIENCE. AT WORK 6, NU l»t. I M Beg U 5 PJI Oil EEK&MEEK THE PRKTEDfiUG KJAS A FVMCi FOUTICAC AAyUCUUCEMeAJTT.. <AUK.) StAH Page On the Road Answer to Previous Puzzle HASH GORDON By DAN BARRY ACROSS 1 Koad — ~ 5 Jaunt 9 Auto 12To(.'nticf 13 French river 14 Eggs* Latin) 15 Shoshonean Indians 16 Cart played 171'uton 18 Good-natured teasing 20 Wandering 22 Native metal 23 Mariner's direction 24 Dried seedless berry 28 Hoad depressions 32 Street ( an. > 33 Pigpen 34 Take this when tired driving 35 Males 36 Reverend (ah. i 3!) Narrow inlet 40 Found at roadside diner 42 Applies glossy surface 44 ['resident's nickname 47 Expire 48 In a chair 51 Oleic acid salt 55 Dance step 56 Grimace 58 City in New Vo'rk 5!) Hops' kiln 60 I'lural tumor suffix 61 L'naspirated 62 Afternoon parly 63 Things to sell t>4 Kiver in Belgium CARNIVAL DOWN 1 Short pencil 2 Greek letter 3 Secluded valley 4 Wise old man 5 Swift, violent stream BHiviM-iSp." TSmall islands 8 K(|iials 9 Final musical passage 10 English river ft Have IS Historical periods 21 Stop sign color 24 Arrived 25 Iris layer 26 Hi re a far 27 Lebanese seaport 29 Concerning i Latin) 30 Bucket 31 Health resorts 37 Give sanction to 38 To be «1 service i archaic) 41 Took a seal 43 Properly 45 Under 46 Dropsy 48 Dog s name 49 Alleviate 50 Fictional dog 52 Greek war god 53 Musical sound 54 One who ogles 57 Hearing organ BUT MY FRIENPY HE HERE IS AN NOT / INNOCENT WISHTC V BYSTANDER/ A COME.' EYE LANP-5 /N THE 257H CEMTURY,.. yes- J KNOW'., LEAVE HIS JUPGAAENT ByARTSANSOM THE BORN LOSER ME 10 CLAMS! ALLEY OOP ByDAVEGRAUE By DICK TURNER © 1974 by NEA. Inc.. T.M. Heg. U S. Pal 0" IF THOSE TWO GUYS WEREN'T PLAYING GOLF, AND THEY HAD THESE BINOCULARS, THEN THEY MUST'VE SEEN WATCHING SOMETHING.' ,,.BUTTH' QUESTION IS.. WHAT? THE ONLY THING AROUND HERE... CAPTAIN EASY By CROOKS & LAWRENCE I PON'T KWOW HOW ^ COUV-P FACE ALGERNON SHAD TONIGHT WITHOUT YOU TWO AUOW6 TO- ER-SUPPORT MV ' ""' AH.QOOP1 YOU'VE &ROUC3HT AAV SHARE OF THE PROCEEPS FROM YOUR, FATHERS S MINE, I PRESUME! BUf HERE AKB MK.KBENE THE AMERICAN MINIMS MEM- YOU THE PBAU'^/Jii ^£77 "Do you have one that returns ALL the socks you put into It?" BLONDIE Why does the appliance wear out in exactly the same time as the warranty? Going around in circles is OK — provided they're the accepted ones. Add to your dictionary of collective nouns: A pious of parsons. First sign of fall: The spring fashions going on display. By CHIC YOUNG I CAN'T GET HIM IMTOBEDATNlSI-rr AND I CAN'T GET HIM OUT OF IT IN THE MORNING HE'S NOT AN EASY MAS) TO LIVE WITH, DAISY I'LL BE UP AS SOON AS THIS LATE, UATE MOVIE |SOVER,S1_OND1E QASWOOO, IT'S ONE WHY DON'T YOU COME TO BED AND GET SOME SLEEP? By HOWIE SCHNEIDER WINTHROP ByDICKCAVALU ...FRCKA A .SIVW.C, PAPER EAS MAJOR BUMBLES WIUL BAQiAFTEf? THESE ., KIDS AND R^/AE-MBER... ...ANY KIP WHO LEAVES THE KOOM DURING THE COMMERCIALS IS A DIRTY, NO-SCOD FINK. I THINK CHILPRENfe TELEVISION ie SETTTING OLSTCF HAND. FRANK AND ERNEST ByBOBTHAVES CAMPUS CLATTER By LARRY LEWIS WANT A IN YOOR DEPABTMtNT. ..YOU HAVEN'T FOUNP IT ANYTHING TO WRITE HOME ASOUTJ JUDGING FROM WHAT \ THE NUMBER OF KlA LETTERS Wg MEAN K GET - I HOPE YOU FIND SCHOOL MOSE EXCITING THAN IN THE BUGS BUNNY By HEIMDAHL 4 STOFFEL PRISCILIA'SPOP ByAlVERMfcER YA'LL GET A BIG KICK OOT'O'CCCPE/ HE'LL ENTER.TA4N YER, FRIENDS/ VI DO YOU THINK YOU'LL BE ABLE TO CONVERSE WITH ME ON WE INTELLECTUAL PLANE TO WHICH I AM ACCUSTOMED? WHY CANT SAY "POLLY WANTS A CRACKER OTHER PARROTS? I'M HOME- TME / 1 J ^t , iT WILL BE GOOD TO SLEEP IN MV OWN BED. HUM&LE THOUGH IT MAV

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