Covina Argus from Covina, California on March 14, 1908 · Page 5
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 5

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 14, 1908
Page 5
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(local Events* V=^-—--<w*«v-- -~~-^=^--=- Fresh oysters in hulk 25c dozen at the Depot Grocery. Miss Mabel Hwiser is the guest elativea iu Los Angeles. of Mrs. Hotchkiss, who is nursing Mrs. Dotts, mother of Mrs. Hall, is spending a few days at Hollywood. The Hon. and Mrs. J. B. Sanborne of Riverside are visiting at the home of Mr. aud Mrs. J. A. Enuis. Mrs. Hnbbard of Red Wing, Mtiin., ia the guest this week of Geu. and Mrs. S. P, Jeuuison. Mr. and Mrs. Austin Peek of Pomona, were guests of Dr. and Mrs. Cliue on Monday and Tuesday last. Miss Lilian Douglass is spending a week as the guest of Mrs. Duua King at Azusa. Mines. Scott and Remberg of Los Angeles aud Mrs. Collins and daughter of Minneapolis were guests of Mrs. Dotts on Thursday. The Covina Co. will sell you a lot in the Covina Villa tract and advance you twice as much money as you pay for the lot to build a house. ?*Mrs. Axel Anderson, who was injured in a runaway accident last, week, is recovering slowly from the effects of the disaster. Mrs. W. B. Broad'vell, who has been suffering from a severe attack ot la grippe, is still confined to her bed. Mr, aud Mrs, W. W. Nimirn are entertaining at their home the hitter's uncle, Capt. W. J. Esheubaugh of Portland, Ore. Dr. Nettie Haight and Dr. Susan Balfe were dinner guests on Saturday night of Dr. aud Mrs. Goodell, staying till Sunday morning. A party of Covina people are taking the Mount Lowe trip today, including Dr. and Mrs. Goodell, Mr. and Mrs, J. L. Matthews, Mrs. Ran- kiu and Miss Bane. Brown & Bohri's front, iu its new dress of green and gold, is one of the handsomest; in the city. This grocery firm can always be found in the front ranks among our business men. Mr. aud Mrs. Chas. Finch entertained last evening with a dainty family dinner, their guests being apd Mrs Caruahan and' Mr. aud MrtC Simmons: * James Vaughn, late of Bakersfleld, nephew of Q. Vaughn of Cypress avenue, is building a neat little bungalow on his uncle's property aud is taking care of the ranch. Mrs. Yaw and, sister, Mrs. White, are visiting relatives in Los Angeles. J. W. Cline of Los Angeles was a Covina visitor on Fiiday Inat Mrs. Gilpatrick and two daughters are guests today of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Thorpe. Place y«mr spare cash in the Covina Valley Savings Bank, a safe investment at 4 per cent- It's a bother to cook when you are dressed up. Go to the Hotel Vendome." The fifth and sixth grades of the grammar school aro picnicking in Fern canyon today. Rev. J. S. Flory of Inglewood was vi.siting his daughter, Mrs. James Boots, and familv on last Thursday. Buy a lot in the Covina Villa tract ! aup the Covina Co. will build you a I house on it. i White Leghorn eggs for hatching, 83.00 per 100. H. E. Ward, Charter Oak. Phone 12(51. H Mrs. Lawson of Sacramento, daughter of Adjutant General Louck, was the guest this week of Col. and Mrs. F. M. Chapman.- Will Goodrich, who lately returned from Oroville, has been suffering this -week from blood poisoning, caused by a badly ulcerated tooth. VV. H. Overholtzer left yesterday for a week's stay at Coauhella, looking after his ranch interests at that place. Mr. and Mrs. Porcivnl of Burliuir- ton, Vt., who are touring in California, are guests this week of Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Douglass. The Hon. A. J. Wallace, who addressed the Fortnightly Club on Monday last, was » dinner guest of Mr. Lahoe at the Country Club. Mr. and Mrs. I. Smith and family, who are wintering in Long Boar.h, are vi.siting at the homo ot their cousins, Mr. uud Mrs. G. A. Mounsey. The next meeting of the Amphiou Club will be held at the home of Col. and Mrs. Chapman on Saturday evening, March 21st, instead of the 20th. G. R. Mclntosh and wife of Long- rnout, Colo., who have been spending the winter in Covina, leave today for thoir home. Mrs. C. S. Beardsley, who has been seriously ill for several months, is gaining slowly, being able now to disense with the services of a trained nurse!. Miss Winnifred Wilkins, who has been paying an extended visit at the home of her aunt, Mrs. A. B. Evans, returned yesterday to her home in Highlands. OUR AGTENS: Warner, Whitsel & (o. Brown & Bohri Pomona Sanitary Laundry Born to Mi 1 , and Mrs. Hugh Armol on Wednesday, March 11, a son. Mrs. P. Rrtlli has been ill several days with la grinpe. Whifo Leghorn eggs for hatching, S3.00 per 100. H. E. Ward, Charter 3ak. Phono 12(51. It See new time card of Pacific Rleotric railway on telegraph post u front of bank. Covinu Pharmacy. Robt. J. Burdettc and wife worn linner guests with Mr. -and Mrs. E. U. Smith this week. W. E. Stanton of guest of bis brother, on last Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. E, entertaining for the week end friends rom Minneapolis. The Ladies' Guild of the Episcopal Church met with Mrs. E. U. Smith on Thursday. White Leghorn eggs for hatching, 3.00 per 100. H. E. Ward, Charter Oak. Phono 12(31. ;-S-'2tf. Remember the ice cream .social and exchange, of the ladies of the Christian Church next Saturday. Do you like good things to eat? Go to the Vendome tomorrow. Dinner served at 12:'IO. Come eurly and avoid the crowd. ORCHARD1STS! See W. TI. Potter about your budding. H« is experienced iu this work. Also in pruning. Dr. Payne and wife, Dr. Brown- Payne, of Great Barringfcon, Mass., who are touring California, are guests this week at the home of H.G. Headley. Literature on timely subjects: A Sailor's Log, by Rear-Admiral Kobley D. Evans; The Navy, a monthly magazine devoted to the interests of the U. S. naval service; The Commoner, William J. Bryan's weekly publication. Covina Public Library. An all day meeting of the Ladies' Aid and Missionary Society of the Presbyterian Church will be held next Wednesday in tho social hall, when officers will be elected for the ensuing year. Sister Marie Roeck of Philadelphia, spent last Friday with Mrs. W. H. Collins on her way home. The sister is in charge of a hospital for tuberculosis patients iu the Quaker City, and has been spending some time in California studying local methods of treating the white plague. It is not generally known that the Pacific Electric Heating Company of Ontario have the best equipped foundry in Southern California tor making light high grade castings, either iron or brass. If you are in need of castings of this character it will be well for you to communicate with the above company. 3-H The death occurred on Thursday, March !Ub, at Gainesville, Texas, of Mrs. Nora C. Clarke, sister of Mra. Geo. Anderson of Puente and Sierra avenues. Deceased leaves a widower and a baby daughter 10 days old and was the guest of her sister last summer, being so charmed with Covina that the family had decided to move here as soon aa possible Mr. and Mrs. I. C. Fairly had as their guest on Monday at their home on Cottage Drive, Mr. Lee Lincoln of Woodward, Okla., where he is a prominent furniture and hardware man. He is a brother-in-law of Mm. Fairly's. He 1.1 &o taken with Southern California that l.u- goes to bell his business find return h;-r<: to remain ptTinaucutly. Mr. and Mir. Cbas. Baker of Los Angeles were also gutbto at this home. Chino C. 11. was t.h e Stanton, U. Smith are For Rent, Exchange, Lost, Found Miscellaneous. "w^-w^^x^w-N-.*-v For Kent-- Furnished rooms. F, B. Pitts, W. Cottage Drive. :5 '21 Tho finest oysters in bulk 25o « dozen at tho Depot Grocery. Gurither's swewts arc pure nnd sweet. Clnpp soils 'om. Lost- -On Monday, near Covinn, B fur oolhiretto. Finder plenso notify Mrs. A. P. Kerckhoif. For Snlo Second grade potntors, 81.00 per sack. W.»M. Warren. Telephone Homo 3190. For Sale — Eight pullets and rooster. Charter O,ik, Cal. J!-14 For Sale — Comfortable, residence in flue section SI 800. J. H. Matthews. Buff Orpington Mrs. Konyon, five of r<mnA town. For Sale— A good horse, suitable for ranch purposes. Inquire at llub- bnrd ranch. Home phono 152) -I. tf For Sale- -No. 1 seed potatoes, flOc, per sack. Alfalfa and barley hay. C. A. Grafton. Phone 2128. 31-4 — Potatoes. of Grilllths, Inquire Warner at The Green-flarshall Co. Pure Mixed Paints. nd thoir high grade varnishes will give satisfaction, even to the most skeptical painter. Their mixed paints will stand this coast climate longer, owing to the fact that the Green-Marshall pure paints are composed of pure white lead, pure oxide of zinc, ground in pure linseed oil. These paints and varnishes can be obtained here at the paint and paper store of Mr. .C. H. Kistler. Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Henniugs of Cednr Falls, Iowa, who have been visiting at tho home of G. A. Mounsey, have rented a house on West Badillo street, preparatory t< buying u ranch in this locality. The concert to have been given at Azusa on Tuesday evening for tht benefit of the Catholic Church ha< been postponed until Easter Tuesday. The supper will be given as advertised. Tulare County Lands: 850 to $90 per acre with water. Undeveloped land in artesian district *20 to 840, any size you want, any kind of terms. J. H. Matthews, Covina. Phone 500S. Mrs. J. L. Thompson, wife ot a prominent mining man of Pueblo, Col., and two daughters, Mrs. J. B. Corum and Miss Thompson, who are touring in California, spent Wednesday the guentB of Mr. and Mrs. Dotts. Mr. N. C, Kurkel of LOH Angeles, with her daughter, Pauline, WHH the guest on Wednesday of Mr. and Mrs. Cass. Mrs. McDonald of A/usu also visited this home on Monday last. R, L. Burt of Glen Hope, Pennsylvania, who has been spending the winter at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Dotts, left last week for the Sacra- meuto valley, where he will locate and will be joined later by MI-N. Burt. As T am doing only otlleo practice, I respectfully wish to cull attention to the fact that my office is equipped with the very latest and most suitable appliances for treating such diseases as cancer, tumors, rheumatism, neuralgia, paralysis, c.atanh, nervous diseases, constipation, indigestion, all forms of skin dibcases, genitourinary troubles, diseases peculiar to females, deafness, nose and throat diseases, goiter, recta! diseases, proBtatic enlaigeintirit, hemorrhoids ami all other Mil> acute or chronic < Jftice. uu:r National hank, Covina. Hours K-12 a.m.; 1-1 [). m. Other hiiins by appointment. Phone Home 1',. I'Pv. WILLIAM CAPPS. # * * # # * .# # # * * * * # * * * I # # * * * # * # * # * * * # * * * Say! .Aftr. fRancber You are conducting- a big- business— more money its- vested than many business houses—do a good deal of correspondence, don't you? Do you always have suita.ble paper handy when you wish to write? Do you know that we can furnish you with the very best of writing- paper and envelopes, neatly printed with your name or the name of your ranch, plae^ of residence and dateline, cheaper than you cau »ccure tablets and envelopes in small quantities? This will make your correspondence businesslike and more convenient. COVINA ARfilJS. PRINTERS For Sale the, office Thompson. WANTED- ChickoiiH and calves. J. C. lialdridge. Covina, Cal. P.O. box 237. Phono 20(50. tf Buy a lot in the Covina Villa tract and the Coviim Co. will build ran a homo on it. ]?or Sale scry stock. HOST). tf Navel and Valencia ntir- W. L. Ki-llar. Phone Brooder For S'alo Enquire of Chirk it Good a,s Douglas, now. Ar^u •» * # * * * * •* * # * * * * * # * * * * * •* * * * * * * * * •» * * * * * * * * THE Covina Peoples Store (iNCORr-OKATl'tl) OUTFITTERS TO THE WHOLE FAMILY Muslin Muslin Muslin Fine White Muslin, 3<> in. wide and not full of sturch. Worth lUJ.'C to Inc per yard Special at lOc per yard Just One Half the money you "blow in" foolishly, if invested in a bank account would soon put you on "easy street." You owe yourself the protection a Havings Account will afford you. If you are spending' all yon earn it In unfair to yourself iiiul those who may be dependent on you. You have noticed the manner in which small amounts expended counts up in a. mounth a part of such expenditure* saved will allow you to have an account at thU batik. Start with a dollar have money in the hank. (ovjoa Valley Saving BdnK A. I'. Kerckhoff U. M. iioiihcr . . J. I'. Hutchison, W. M. <.n».void. President Vi< Jr MKKCTOHS A. P. KerckHotf J. K. Klliott H. M. H'.i-i*er Marco H. Hellm.m VV. H. HoiiiUay Gco. K. Anderson For Sale-At tho Temple h'nnoh, several hives of bees with extra supers, honey boxes, oto. ,'Mlp For Sale--VVhitfl l?oso seed potatoes. Phone 1109. tt F. C. McCundlesa. Have your rubber tires sot by Wilson's rubber tiro setter, the only one of its kind In the valley. tf. Wanted—To buy 20 to 40 shares Covinu Irrigating Co. stock. Address J. B. Coulatuu, Pasadenn, Cal. tf For Sale — Thoroughbred White Leghorn aud Black Minorca eggs for sotting. Mrs. J. Wheler, Cypreua avenue. Home phone 101)8, Tularo land raises oranges, all kinds of fruits and vegetables to perfection. Come up w|th us on Friday and see them. ,J. H. Matthews, Covina. Phono. 5008. Special sale on rose bunhoH and lo- <|iiat trees. Wo can save you money on nursery stock, COVINA NUKKEU1KS. 3-28 Lower Kudcluuk ranch. For (Sale— Kggs for hatching and day old chicks from incubator from tho following standard bred fowls: White Hooks, White Minoroas and White Leghorns. Young pullets for sale. Ilenson &. Clements, K. JJadillo street. tf 1'JOH -SIOKD CATALOGUE -HIGH — If you have not yet. received our seed catalogue write, for it at once and get your name on the mailing list. Write if Spanish bonk is preferred. Johnson At. MuHser Heed CD., 111! No. Main Ht., Los Angeles, Cal. FitzGernld A-, Hurry of Pasadena loan money on ranches and Improved real estate t»t lowest current rates. They charge no commission. Write or telephone them at Pasadena or call up- ,J. W, ProiitisH, Cnvina phone '2KI1, atid ask to have a rejjj-esenla live ot the t)rm call on you. For Kale HouHe and large lot ll'JOO. Corner lots 100x175 II.'150. A bargain in u block of lots. 10 aero Valencia ranch, 5 years old, 110,500. Clone in 5 acres full grown trees KJ500. Houses and lots to suit any purpose, reasonable. Come in and list yo property with us. We have cnlltt for all kinds. Money to loan. COVINA KKALTY (JO. (Mark & DouuJgH. ! Notice Of Annual Meeting. Notice is hereby ^iv-n lliijt the annual meeting of Hi'- i olnnibi^ Land and Water ( oiopany will l<e held at the office of the (:oiiip.iny, (litru-v avenue, (.ovina, .it the hour of 2 p. in., M'jn'l.iy, Mill' ii 'Mil, !'»OH. /or the pnrp'iie of i lee tine ,i board and Wa ti.T < n y to -,<Tve fir the /ear, ,iinl for the ir.u". a> Mon O NE HUNDRED YEARS AGO TODAY Man kno*> not of a STREET CAR, nor heard of an ELECTRIC LIGHT. The GERM THEORY rtas unknown, and he did not H>orry ot)cr BACTERIA. He coiihi nnt talk oOer the TELEPHONE, ride a BICYCLE, cross an IRON BRIDGE, or look through WEBSTER'S UNABRIDGED DICTIONARY miththo ROENTGEN RAY. When WORN OUT and TIRED from oi)cr~ *>ork, he could not build up his system n>ith ALT I- TONE, nature's bent remedies combined into a perfect tonic. Let UK gioc yot) a free sample. BRASS FOUNDRY ail! MACHINE SHOP MANUFACTURES Of GENERAL MANUFACTURING Thoroughly Equipped for AH Classes of Machine Work Riatte-rns EH ti m at CM F i KELLAR & THOMASON Shop and OlIU-.c opponite H. 1*. Dcp.d Hmnc Phone 2H9 Covina, Cal, Covina Pharmacy E. U. SMITH, Prop. Always RELIABLE and PROMPT Telephone 12 Emergency Call 1138 BEN F, THORPE Succtwor to ], lv. {il.LlOTT T CONTRACTOR MaiJiifactim-r of silcil other \it J. ii. ljii the Miii n tljf. UH tiny \ CEMENT IRRIGATING PIPE All hi/,e« of well eured \i\\»- always in utoc.k. KXCA VAT1.N», AND H.KAVV SHADING Building Blocks, Cement Fence Posts, Cisterns Yard in Home Telephone 40.}7 Aiij<:/

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