Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 20, 1938 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 20, 1938
Page 4
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f»A"GE POUK HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Tuesday, December 20,1938 Alvln Bell Selected Referee Title Game BATON ROUGE, La. - (if) — The Louisiana Sports Association announced Monday selection of officials for the national high school football championship game here December 31. The association said New Britain (Ct.) High and Dupont Manual High of Louisville. Ky.. the contending teams agreed on the choices. Officials named were Alvin Bell (VanderbHt), referee; Julius Burghard (Mississippi College', umpire; R. H. HaXton, (Mississippi) headlinesman; Roy Striegel (Tennessee), field judge. American Radiator Floor Furnaces Installed Easy Terms Harry W. Shiver PLUMBING—ELECTRICAL Blue Devils to Arrive Pine Bluff Wednesday PINE BLUFF. Ark.-Pine Bluff bus- iness'men will complete plans Tuesday for greeting the 50 players from Duke University when the special train bearing the Blue Devils and 100 members of the faculty and fans reaches town Wednesday. The train is scheduled to arrive at 3 p. m. The Blue Devils will work out for two hours at Jordan Stadium, after which the train will leave for the West coast. Duke will meet Southern California at Pasadena in the annual Rose Bowl game January 2. The Blue Devils' next workout will be in Lubbocks, Texas, where they are scheduled to arrive Thursday afternoon. The special train will reach Los Angeles Sunday. Tentative plans call tor an informal reception at the passenger station here. The Pine Bluff High School band will head a parade to Jordan Stadium where it is expected several thousand football fans will greet the Blue Devils in practice. Hawaii produces about 216.000.000 cans of pineapple annually. Placed side by side, these cans would reach halfway around the world. 1938 PENNEY'S YEAR Out They Co! Samples-Display Pieces AIISIiqhtlySoilcdButOthefwiseCoottasMew 88x105 SMART CHENILLE BEDSPREADS 2.98 CLOSE-OUT Airplanes, Cars, Carpet Sweepers, Games—Choice 5c CLOSE-OUT Filling Stations, Games, Molding, Clay, Etc. Floor Samples of Tricycles Automobilies & Doll Buggies Reduced to Move NOW! American Flyer Electric „ TRAINS $2 98 j •^^•^••••••"•••••••^•••••••••••••••i "r* Ladies 3-Piece Dresser w SET ea. Novelty Stationery 19c to 49c Ladies Cotton House COATS $298 Ladies Novelty Rayon PANTIES pr Ladies Novelty House SHOES .98c Ladies Satin Gowns and SLIPS $198 Children's 2 to 12 SWEATERS $1.98 Marked Down From $9.90 Ladies Dresser $/1.98 SETS #L*?J FruH; Cakes Don't Grow on Christmas Trees But They Ought to Hang There Make Christmas merry with your own hands. Turn out,a batch of individual fruit cnkes, wrap each in shiny transparent paper, tic with red ribbon and a spri gof holly. Pack in an attractive box or basket, and let Santa Clans do the rest. Many women like to steam fruit cake and serve with hard sauce instead of plum pudding. For them, add a jar of your best creamy hard sauce tucked into your Christmas package. IndiVttluul Fruit Cakes (About 20 small cukes' Two cups butter, 2 cups sugar, one ti-ouncc glass grnps jelly. 12 eggs well beaten, 4'? cups flour, 2 pounds currants. 2 pounds seeded raisins, '•• pound erystalizcd pineapple diced, 2 tablespoons vanillu extract. '•_• pound cherries cut in halves, I pound citron shredded, I pound almonds blanched, Us pounds pecans broken up, 2 cups .sherry or grape juice, 1 tablespoon cinnamon, 2 teaspoons allspice. \a teaspoon nutmeg, 2 teaspoons cloves. Prepare fruits, mix and place in large crock. Soak overnight with sherry or grape juice. Sift spices and flour together 3 times. Cream butter, add sugar, beat until sugar is dissolved. Add jelly and mix thoroughly. Add eggs and flour alternately, carefully mixing after each addition. Add nuts gradually, distributing them well through the batter. Add fruits, small amount at a time, and mix well. Add flavoring. This makes approximately 15 pounds of very stiff batter. Bake individual cakes in small containers (2'j inches by 4 inches) for 1 hour in a slow oven (300 degrees F.). Bake longer for large cakes, depending on their size. To decorate your Christmas basket, fill bottom with white crepe paper moss. Line sides with a brisk-looking five-inch ruffle of red cellophane. Pack your individual fruit cakes and jar of hard sauce in basket and then decorate handle with white and green celophane bows and n cluster of holly tied with silver ribbon. Sheriff Sells rsoner Pirates Biggest SportsFlop 1938 Rice Institute Is Voted Second Place by Writers Homemade individual fruit cakes make delightful Christmas rifts when gayly wrapped and decorated with holly. Send along a little jar of creamy hard sauce, too. Steamed fruit cake with hard sauc« is a perfect Christmas dinner dessert. • Spring Hill Wins Over Washington Teams Are to Play at Emmet Gymnasium on Thursday Night Spring Hill basketball boys defeated Washington. Friday afternoon. December 17. in hard-fought games at S C a n d yl Spring Hill, by: Senior scores 24-17; Juniors 12-3; and the Independents, DCATURE, Ill.-<yPi—Sheriff Emery Thornell sees that some of his county jail prisoners get candy—if they can pay for it. He got the idea from an inmate who said that the only thing the jain needed was candy for prisoners "coming off a drunk." "A man shut off from his liquor craves something sweet," the prisoner said, "and if you satisfy that craving you will create a better prisoner." The sheriff tried it and found the theory worked well. So now Deputy l Sheriff Lloyd Smith, night turnkey, gets candy for the prisoners wishing to but it. 23-1.1 Players on both sides did very good work. Storks, for the seniors. Yocom for the Juniors and Calhoun for the Independents, were the high point men for Spring Hill. For Washington, Hulsey for the Seniors. Cox for the Juniors and Williams for Independents were the high point men. Spring Hill boys and girls will play Emmet Thursday night. December 22. at Emmet. The boys feel confident of winning because of their defeat over Washington Friday and over Saratoga December 13. at Saratoga. The girls are in training now to make a better Fresh Fuel Added to Duke-Trojan Wrangle DURHAM, N. C.-~(/P)—Two pairs of lace panties arc the latest equipment to bo added to the Duke football squad. Since the Blue Devils, who leave Tuesday for Pasadena and the Rose Bowl game with Southern California, January 2, received the invitation to 'meet the Trojans they have been compared by one sports writer to a girls' college eleven. But fresh fuel was added to the fire when Co-Captains Eric Tipton, back, and Dan Hill, center, each received a pair of lace panties. There was no name on the package to indicate the sender and the post- office mark was so dim the origin of NEW YORK—(/P)— Pic Trnynor, sitting in the hotel lobby here during the big league baseball convention, sighed gustily nnd said: "Nobody knows what starts a thing like that,-and nftcr it starts there's not a tiling in the world you can do about Jl except just sit nnd suffer." Pie was referring, of rourse. to the collapse of his Pittsburgh Pirates in .the closing weeks of the recent Na- Jional Lciigue race, a collapse that saw them throw nwny nn apparently airtight lend and blow the pennant to the Chicago Cubs in the hist -18 hours. Now, 70 sports writers participating in the eighth nnnuul Associated Press poll have agreed with Pie thnt .his plucked Pirates supplied the greatest disappointment of the 1938 sports season, with only the Rice Institute football team offering serious opposition. Rice, you may recnll, was the gridiron colossus that was going to mop up the Southwest Conference and then chnso some unlucky team right out of the Rose Bowl. It had in Ernie Lane a veritable backficld genius who hud led the sophomore eleven of the previous year to the Southwest Conference title. By winning only four of 10 starts. the Owls easily took runner-up disappointment honors over Max Sch- melirig, who was belted out in Ilie first round by Champion Joe Louis. With points awarded on a 3-2-1 basis as each, of the participating experts made three checks. Pittsburgh piled up 52 points to 49 for Rice and 21) for >Schmeli/7g. The Pirates were first choice 6f H,.writers, while 15 thought Rice flbppcd Die hurdest and eight voted forSch'meling. Fourth in the list was Di/.v.y Dean, who cost the Cubs 5185.000 and then came up with a lame arm. He had 27M. points. By failing to win the national professional football crown again the Washington Redskins drew 20 [joints platered on them for four-straight defeats by the Yankees in the world sericK. Cleveland's failure to place 'higher than third in the American League was good for 'J 1 ,-.-. Al Hostiik, the Sen*» tie boy who knocked out Freddie Stecle for the middle weight championship and then was beaten half lu man,' had seven apiece. Six points cnch went to the New York Giants, the West Virginia football team nnd the United Slates Wnlkcr Cup tenm, which WHS trimmed by the British side. Three points: Detroit Tigers; Pittsburgh football team; Columbia football team; Freddie Stecle, boxer; Boston Bruins in hockey playoffs; In- dinnu football tenm; Illinois football team; Whlzzer White. Two points: University of Texas football team; Mysterious Montague, the fabulous golfer; Ohio State football tciun; Minnesota football team; Bob Feller, Cleveland pitcher; the Tony Gnlcnto-IIarry Thomas fight. One point: Tony Galcnto (himself) Bill do Correvonl, Northwestern freshman football star, who was reported to have fumbled his studies. 666 Liquid, Tablets Salve, Noso Drops relieves COLDS first day, I HEADACHES and FEVER duo to Colds, In 30 mlntiles Try "Rub-My-Tlsm"—n Wonderful Liniment City Meat Market CHOICE K. C. MEATS, HOT TAMALES mid OYSTERS. PROMPT FREE DELIVERY. PHONE ?rf7 the package couldn't be determined. It bore this inscription: "Eunice Tipton and Agnes Hill, care of Ted Mann, Duke University." Mann is director of sports publicity at Duke. The earth has ,to emerge entirely from (he last ice Age.' •*• :•- '-. showing against'Emmet than they did the last time the two teams clashed. « SERIAL STORY SKI'S THE LIMIT BY ADELAIDE HUMPHW€S COPYRIGHT. l»38 NEA SERVICE. INC. 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Corey Porter, home for spring! cheerful with its open fire, gay vacation, lost no time in heading! chintzes and profusion of flowers, iiis long low sports roadster to-1 Sally was proud of the fact that ward the suburb, near Boston, she had made it so home-like now where Sally Blair lived. Corey was a very important young man inese days, in a few months he would graduate, head man of his class. He would be taken into his father's firm, start a new life. But Corey's handsome young face did not wear the important, satisfied look it should have. His nice mouth was a bit grim; his blue eyes wore a perplexed expression. He was going to have a showdown with Sally, or else. Never, in all his experience—and he had had a few, as he prided himself— had any girl treated him as had Sally. Not one word from her siiict: the houseparty, unless you wanted to count the stiff little bread-and-butter note required from formal courtesy, which Corey c»kl not. Never in all his life had Corey been given the "go-by" by ar.y member of the opposite sex. get home? Come in and make yourself at home. It's good to see you." "You'd never guess it!" Corey returned. His grin was rueful, but his spirits soared. Sally must be •glad to see him, after all! "What have you been doing with yourself that you never had time to drop a fellow a line? What did I do to deserve such treatment?" "I did write—once," Sally reminded. She led the way on into the big living room that was so that she had taken over the task of running her father's house. "I have been busy," she admitted. "I'm sorry if you feel I've neglected you, Corey." "Rumor has it," Corey said, flinging his long length down into a deep chair, "that you didn't go back to school, my sweet. How come? Did the grind get you down? I suppose you've been busy flirting and dancing and playing hnvoc generally from It wus entirely new experi- ea Men's Handmade Quality W Npfktip^ dQf & QRp *ti liCViIYLlCij "Ti/V Vx t/Uv fa Men's All Leather Field k BOOTS $7.901 Men's Fast Color Dress {jj SHIRTS $1-49 ence. Had Sally known it—and maibo sue did since she was an experienced young Ijidy, too—it had proved the best possible means of bringing Corey to heel. F^r ii he had imagined himself taken with Sally before—that last ruooi,light night of the house- ];aiiy, tor instance—now Corey knew he was sunk. * » * No time to spare beside the home- fires, or to waste in solitude or thought. Never a dull moment. "I hope," Corey added, "Out you're going to have some time for me, Sally, my pet. We'll do all the hot-spots, paint the town crimson, if you say the word. This will be my last play-time for a spell. After graduation I'm going to settle down for keeps. You won't know me, I'm going to be such a different guy! I've got my mind all set on a certain goal. And you know when I set out to do something I won't give up until I make the grade." * * * TTE put a subtle implication be-*••*• hind his light words. For the goal Corey had set his mind on winning was Sally herself. "By the way," he added, not giving her a chance to say whether she was going to have time for him, or not, "have you forgotten that you owe me payment on that aare we made? Check, Sally, my sweet? About Dan Reynolds, I mean. That was one man you failed to tame and get to eat out of your pretty hand." Corey was so pre- death by Solly Kricgcr, attracted nine points. The St .Louis Cardinals and Gehrig, veteran Yankee fir.stbasc- Bid Price Reduction l»rino« cosi of'new POMTIAC I»OU \ TO OVIV * Delivered at I'on tine, Aftc/i- iijun. I'rieex subject to c/Kini/c without iinliee. Transportation, slate (mil local larrn (if any), iiptinnal equipment nnd necessaries --extra. VM» Take advantage of price cuts up to $D2—one of the industry's biggest! Why drive one of the lower- priced cars when for a difference of only 12c a day you can buy a Pontiac — America's finest low- priced car. HEMI'STEAD MOTOR CO. Max Cox E. 3nl. St., Hope, Ark. dawn until dawn with all the occupied in lighting a cigaret that masculine population within he di ^ not notice the swl£t flash of pain in Sally's bright eyes, or the color ebb from her cheeks. reach." HPHERE was something about •*• Sally that he had not noticed before. He could not put his finger on it, call it by name. She was prettier than ever, if possible, her dark curls drawn back with a narrow pink ribbon, her dainty frock matching the slight flush in her chr.'r-ks. Yet he felt that, somehow, she h;id changed. Sally laughed, shook her head. No, she had not been busy in that way. But Corey would not understand, or believe her if she denied it. She told him she had not gone back to finish out the term because she had decided to slay home with her father. "I nevt-r realized," Sally said, "how meant business, as he i Daddy missed me, how all alone show Sally by the way j he was. I decided to stay here d turned into the long driveway with him; this is a big house you led to her home, swept up know fur one person." Sally's ACROSS STREET FROM POSTOFF1CE WHERE HOPE SHOPS AND SAVES'-f & under the big port cochere, ground on the brakes. It seemed to him much too long before the heavy door finally was unlatched, swung gently open. Then, when he ^aw that it was Sally who had opened it to him, impatience was well rewarded. He had forgot she was so lovely, that * j her dark eyes were so soft and shilling, her mouth so temptingly eweet. He had forgot that any girl could make him feel as he did now, just looking at Sally again. "Why, Corey!" She held out a hand, her face breaking into a smile. She 'drew him on inside, making him welcome. "How nice to see you again! When did you mother had died when she was a child, "Daddy never complained. But I know now how glad he is to htive me with him." She knew now, too, how much she had rnisai-d the companionship she had never before taken time to share That's one reafii for this visit, I came to collect. "How is Dan?" Sally asked, This was the reason she had welcomed Corey so heartily, had been glad to see him. She had had reports, of course, from Doctor Barnes through her father's lawyer, who had handled the doctor's bills and hospital expenses. But she wanted to hear from someone who knew Dan, who h'ad seen him just recently, talked with him. "He's coming along," Corey glanced up at Sally now. There had been something in her voice. That new note of quietness, of stability that somehow seemed to be what marked the difference jn her that he had sensed. "As well as can be expected. He hobbled about on crutches, after more than a month lying flat. He's walking now again." "Walking?" Sally's eyes shone, 1 her breath came with a little rush of relief and joyousness. "Oh, Corey, I'm so glad. I was afraid t F L U F F 0 Shortening 8 Pound Carton SUGAR JO 46ci 1JOWLHEAT moii CHERRY BELL or BIG FOUR The Best For Christmas Cooking ir, .—. iSLL-0 ALL FLAVORS PRINCE ALBERT TOBACCO—3 Cans ft POTTED MEAT—2 For Be R ICE— IQLbs 33c TOMATOES, 4 No. 2 Cans 25c PURE COFFEE, Ib. 9c JC RAISINS—4 Lb. Package .. 25c MAC. & SPAGH.—2 For 5c SALT 100 Lb. Sack 85c 25 Lb. Sack ....25c BROOMS While They Last—Each 15c ORANGES CALIFORNIA Sweet and Delicious All Sixes 15c with the father who had given he might never walk—the same, mean—as he had. Maybe, before her so much. "I don't expect you find much time to be with him now!" Corey laughed at this idea. He knew how full the life was of a popular girl like Sally, one party after another, a date for every waking moment, a round of places every night, a few hours' sleep squeezed in each morning. Pretty hectic, but Tearfully exciting and gay. longj. he will be able to ski again." "I hardly think so." Corey would not have answered quite so bluntly, had he known what » blow it would be to Sally. "He'll hardly take up skiing in a hurry. He's walking, Sally. But he probably will always walk with a bad limp." (To Be Continue*!) Apples Fancy Delirious AU Sizes 20c No. 1 Fancy Up A Doz. Up ^ Walnuts Lb. 20c The Pig O n Display in the stints was 5 months of O 1 d Ducein- %$ her 20. Wt. W 183 Ibs. Cost W per Ib of gain jj,M WHEW/ DID WE [ GET'EM TODAY/ NOW DOG CHOW! 5c DOG CHOW —a good, solid feed after a day's hunt. Easy to take en hunting trips. Just put a bag in the car and f«ed the dry Checkers. \ Ib. of Dog | Chow {M 6/rf Is Equal to S? :\ rounds of Fresh Rle a i or C a n n c el IMcals. Dogs Go For It BABY CHICKS FOR SALE Feeders Supply Co. THE STORE WITH THE CHECKER BOARD SIGN The Hope Star Is Across the Street

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