The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on April 15, 1892 · Page 8
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 8

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 15, 1892
Page 8
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HUTCHINSON DAILY NEWS, FRIDAY, APltIL 15, 1892. THE MARKETS. I.tVK STOCK. KatiNnit City. KAKHAHCITV . April in. CATTI.'liV-ricr.clpts 2,4(10; slllpincntH 400: Htccrs -were active anil 1 r>c higher selling at t;i.00Q4.:l0: cowa strong *l.r>n<F<s:i.H0; stock- era' and feeder* ai-tlv-e and strong to 10c Maker »a :ififl):i.7o. _ ocgp HOGS—Receipt* H.001): shipments 2,(mo7 active anil lie hlebcr; all grades $:i..i0® a.itfti l)nlK|4,4W*f.:ir». SHEBJ'—Bccelptu 1,:I00: shipments l.aoo: lalrly -.uitlvL »iHir,"Uher weak. ChleHKO. CATT1..B-Kccelpts :!,r>00; aliout all mild at IITI advance ol 10<ffrl*.c. making an advance of 1 BQliAc for the week. HOtJS—Kccetptu H.OOO: all sold advance of- Strang. 10c; rough »4.10tt.4.B0: mixed- ttndpackcrn»'i.To®-lH. r i; heavy 84.Hr>0.4.f)*>; BUKKP-HecelptB 7.000: everything soldi out early at an advance of HUTCHINSON MAKKKT. Prod lire. second FI.r.iUH-MiKlieHt patent. *::.-10 patent, lU.UO: i xlra line. S'i.OO HU'lTBli—In demand. Creamery -Uncut dairy, aoc; tine dairy. I'.c: common. 30c, BdClS-lu demand, 10c. POTATOKH-tnioi .ee, auaWle. APIM.KS-»].t)0».1.25 per bushel. ONIONS—In fair demand. Red Tf.c per bushel: home erown Spanish. SIIter bushel. OAI1HAOK~-Fa!r, lc per pound. TUltNll'S-'lii demand 10cper bushel. UBETS—fiteady. oOc per bushel. SWEKT POTA'TOKS--Plenty, $1.00, per buahel. HAY--Baled, «-ri.00«."i .'.0: loose. :i.00frr, per ton. __ . ;tiraln. WHEAT--No. C soft 1 «oft 07c-. hard e^r. CORN -UK.'.. (IYK—N«. «:.<:: No. OATS—24 c hard <lfu" No. .'I !,lv«! Stork. Stockers $'J.'.'r,«i:l.K0; fal COWH and heifers -.0: fat steers j:t.00f* tops. $ car OA'rTM-; feeder.* Vi.M&.i.-!:,. Ill demand, $£.00111' 4.00. HOOS-. Hieailr Wauon •4 .10a4.1t. snUIOP -lnd^niand. f.l.ln<ftlM. foultry Hint IVild Oitinff, CHICK BNS--<.llitc.kens »1..7ii<i>,2.0U pendens; chicken f.c per pound; hens no per pound; roosters Ui: i*r pound; turkeys 7c per pound. (IAMB--Wild ducks in demand ?1.00«f,::.00 per dor..; pigeons in demand. Jl.iiil per doa.; (ji-ese *1.toil I Ml per do'/.. ORIGIN OF A FINANCIER. lurements of polities. Mr. Olcott spenl'j sonic twelve yt'iim on Wall street, loam-! ing tbo inollicds of that great fmimcinl •whirlpool. To Ilia Binpiiho ho wild offered tins up- pointincnt of comptroller of Now VOTII state by Uovernor Lucius Robinson. To bo comptroller of NevrYnrk is practically to 1 )8 the hunker of tho statu. When Mr. Olcott became comptroller he realized tho very groat political ml- viintugo which he held in tlmt.positinn, find when the potil .kiiinH of his party said to him "We will now nominate yon for governor," tho temptation WHS very great to listen to snch proposition. Jjjil Mr. Olcott hud nlreiidy received proposals from men who controlled vast nmomtts of money to return to Willi street its the head of a bunking innlil.ii- tion, and alter :t good deal of deliberation he decided that the rewards of a financial career wero.fur more tempting than those of politics. Ho therefore wont to Wall street about ten years ago, and he bet-erne known as the man who did not. desire to destroy properties, but to preserve them, fn that capacity he took rank with Mr. Pierpolit Morgan, who is generally rugnrded as thogrpatest finim- cinl and constructive genius that Wall street, has known in the present generation. Olcott is esteemed a more audacious anil risky man ilia.) Morgan, ami some of those who have found fault with his methods have insisted that sonic day he might go loo far and entail ruin upon himself and tbo properties which be undertakes to preserve. Like most of the men on Wall street who accomplish great, things, Mr. Okoti is a good liver. He likos the good things of life. He is fouil of a fast horse he enjoys the theater, and be thinks perhaps the inchest art is that of perfect cooking. Me looks like a man who lives well. Within the past year Mr. Olcott has financed properties amounting to nearly half a billion of dollars, or an amount raoro than the national debt, and of course tho man who is able to do what he has douoin tbo money world is recognized by tho men who control millions as u person of great financial genius. E. J. EDWARDS. small grain is great, and, besides, we will raise a good crop of corn, as the northern purt of the county It peculiarity adapted to that prod action, and consequently this year is destined to be one of unprecedented prosperity with us. What we. want is one or two steam plows in this county and thereby get this sod turned over and the land cultivated, which will insure us plenty of rain, and under these conditions we would haVe an good country as the mm ever shone, on. The loan.companies are waking up to the fuel, after sleeping a good long spell, that tho only way to get money out of their land is to pursue thu ahove course, which we predict will be. very generally adopted by them from now on. They pay 51.50 per acre for the breaking and give the first crop to the. man who does the. breaking, and they will then reap all the future benefits so 'EC4is production is concerned, and stand a riiucb better chance to sell the land; and incase they have to keep it, they will not only get enough to pay the taxes, but considerable stuff to sell besides. Our business men will reap the ben eflt of what the farmer does, and con sequently we will offer any righteous inducements to have our good county taken care of by the good and industrious farmer. POWDER Absolutely Pur*. A cream of tartar baking powder highest of all in leavening strength.— Latest V. 8. Government Pood Report. Why IPI-KO T. CUcolt Preferred to Polities. Nnw YORK, April ?.—The men of Now York statu who have gained repute by reason of their achievements usually <lc- vot« thmnBBlves either to polities or to literary pursuits. Yet it is probably trno, as wiui once said by Commodore Vandorbilt, that the men who shape the business ot the nation, at least so far »E finance is concerned, are more influential and yet less heard of outside (lie circle of financiers than are the politicians or tho literary men. Jrtst now Mr. Fred P. Olcott is attracting atten Hon to himself by reason of certain achievements which he bus consum mated in tho linancial world, aud while bis name may not appear in the news papers m frequently as does that ot Home of thu men who are prominent it) New York state politics, yet Mr. Olcott in a man .if u-reater influence perhn] than any politician, because through his management he controls millions and millions of dollars. Mr. Olcott has recently infracted to himself the attention of financiers, not only in this country, but in Europe, because be aootns to have lieou able to arrange for the reorganization of railroad properties wiiioh practically gridiron the entire sooth, The securities of the van ous companies involved in this reorgani ssntiou amount to inoro than $4UO,()()0,000, a much larger sum than at the beginning of tho civil win it was thought that the national government would have to pro vido in ordor to pay tho expenses of that contest. Tho arrangement also involved the management of nearly 9,000 miles oi railway, or practically almost all of flu: railroad communication botween tb< states east of the Mississippi river and south of the Ohio ami Potomac. Mr. Oloott some years ago was doubtful about bis career. He had boon bred in Albany us a banker in tiie office oi his fathor. Tho senior Olcott was president of a bank in that, city at a time When Albany was almost as important a monetary center as New York city. I Hie politicians of the north inado Al- 1 bany their center and some of them established the closest relations with the senior Olcott. Olcott was a mere lad when these men used to meet in his father's back parlors, but as he beard their conversation bo beciuno impressed with tho idea that the basis of political parties is, after all. • financial one, and the great issues which divide tho parties are also financial. Young Olcott, impressed with Ibis Idea, came to New York just after the dose of tho war. He bail many friends Charges that the Colonel InstlKa tneks on the Senator. WASHINGTON, April 15. —War between Col. W. It. Morrison and Senator John M. Palmer has broken out afresh. Palmer's friends even charge that Morrison inspired Chandler's attack in the senate and Wand's onslaught in the louse yesterday. The. suggestion that Morrison had anything to do with Chandler's speech is absurb. The New Hampshire senator is something of a ferret. lie did not need help in working up Palmer's record and in seeking an explanation of the means by which Moore MORRISON-PALMER FICHTON. r.f At and Cockerell were induced to elect Palmer senator. It may be that he has the same ideas of othe influences which were effective that Col. Morrison lias, but a matter of judgment of that sort is not confined to one or two persons. Palmer can hardly find fault with Chandler's eulogy of his career when a Republican, for he. himself repeatedly declared that he stood by all of it. This is very creditable to him, but it- docs not help him in his chase after votes in the. south. It caused one southern senator to remark: "O. my eye! what a record for a man who wants us Democrats to nominate him for president." It looks us though Col. Morrison might have had something to do with Silver Dollar Hland's attack, island is a Democrntand could naturally enough take counsel from Morrison. Palmer did not publish bis letter criticising Bland's free coinage hill until after it had been defeated in the house. Then, apparently, he wanted to got some credit, among the Cleveland Democrats of the east as an opponent of free coinage. At the same time there was nothing in hisletter to place him squarely on cither side of the question, lilnud, however, resented Palmer's post-mortem analysis of his hill. He undertook to characterize Senator Palmer us a tool of Wall street and the gold ring in revenge for the bitter's suggestion that his bill was in thir interest of the silver ring. The purpose was plain enough. Bland Wanted the free coinage supporters to understand fully Palmer's alleged treachery to their cause. Wand had forgotten that all through his •'campaign before the people" Pal mer had dodged that question,and held himself in readiness to jump to the winning side which ever way the coinage problem was solved. The Missour' apostle probably supposed thut Moore and Cockerell had boon chosen on free coinage, platforms they had some assurance from Palmer that be would support free silver befon they voted for hiin. As far as is know here, this inference is unjust to both Senator Palmer and to the Farmer Alliunce members. There is nothin L to show that the support "of free coin age was the consideration which in dnced them to support Palmer for sen ator. Woman Kun".ru|?e In New York. AI.IIANY, N. Y., April IB.—The assembly to-day passed by' a vote of SO to 74 the bill giving women the right to suffrage in all state elections. .let .nore .lotliiiKs. .iRT.'.toiiK, Kan.. April 1">. —fSpccinl.] —Hodgeman county is about to share in the good fortune which has fallen to the lot of Pratt and Finney, in that she is likely to have a steam plow some time this summer. lOx-Sherilf A. N. Sweet, is negotiating for a not steam plow, and proposes to chargi loan coiupuuies. as we are informed. SI. SO per acre for breaking sod (from twenty-five to forty acres oi which can be turned over daily) aud by so doing he will not only pay for his plow in u comparatively short time, but greatly benefit Hodgeman county. The necessity for this has been realized for a loiig time, and we think we can almost see daylight, as Mr. Sweet is built in such a way that when he undertakes anything he puts behind it such push that it is bound to go or bust." If this anticipated enterprise materializes it will make a now and important epoch in the already good history of Hodgeman county, aud we do not see n.ny good reason why it shouldn't come to a head. In all the years of the existence of this county, wheat raising has never been as promising as it is now. The acreage is not only very large, but the quality is splendid, and the growth is simply remarkable. We will probably have "from 800,000 to 1,000,000 bushels of wheat, besides oats, rye and barley —a million and half of small grain al together—and then don't you never doubt it for one single moment,Hodgeman will be in the swim as never be fore. Our business men never have been in as good trim as they are now and the prospect is such a rainbow of promise as has never before arched our county, and consequently everybody feels immensely jubilant with a wonderful amount of margin to bank on. Our county offers superior indue ments to the homeseelcers, and should we be blessed with such a crop as is almost now assured, we may expect, our population to be swollen very eonsid ably before full. It affords us pleasure to chronicle these things and many other matters might spread ink to narrate, i space in your columns would allow "tit we feel that Hodgeman will win n the game this year, and to this end er people work. I will sell my stock of Shoes TOH '1 70 CENTS ON THK DOLLAR Opening .Duy. Within the present month the Cheyenne and Arapahoe reservations containing over 4,000,000 acres will be, by proclamation of the president, opened for settlement. The reservation will contain six counties, C. T), E, F, (., and H. The counties D, E, and F, in the northwest part are nearer the Pan Handle line of the Santa Fe than any other line. Those desiring to enter these counties should purebnse tickets to either Kiowa, Kan., Woodward, I. T., Higens, Tex., or Canadian. Tex. Good wagon roads lead from all four of these points. Counties 11. and If. are about midway between our Texas and Pan Handle" line. County C. can be most easily reached via Guthrie and Kingfisher, or Oklahoma City and El Keno. Those desiring to reach the eastern portion of these lands should either go to tluthric, then Ijy stage to Kingfisher or to Oklahoma City, thence ia the Choctaw railroad, iw new line having a double daily passenger scr- iee between Oklahoma City and Elkins. The Santa Fe has issued a special folder giving much valuable information, including maps, etc., which we will take pleasure in mailing to any address. Any information cheerfully given on application at tho Santa Fe ticket office. Inquiries by mail answered promptly. J. W. TKDFOKD, Agent Santa Fe Route. I Mean just what I Advertise. Call at my store and convince yourself, make a grand clearance sale of shoes, as I carry them in stock in future. I am going to do not want t» be For the great bridge celebration at Memphis, the Kansas City, Fort Scott aud Memphis Railroad company will sell round-trip tickets from all station on this line at very low rates. The great bridge will be dedicated on May Tickets will bo sold on May 10, ri ind 12, good to return until and in eluding the 1.1th. Hate from Kansas City to Memphis and return will be S10. This celebration will bo* on of the greatest events that has taken place in the south since the war. It will be participated in by governors of states, members of the cabinet, prominent members of the senate and house of representatives, prominent army and navy officers and probably by the president and Secretary Tilaine, the latter, however, not yet positive; in addition to innumerable parades aud grand attractions, there will be a grand naval display by torpedo" boats, gun boats and warships. The warship Concord is already on her way to Memphis.from Matanza. Special train arrangements and full details as to the great celebration will be announced later. J.-E. Lockwood, general passenger and ticket agent. 4-18 A Suun.l I.lver Makes n Well Man. Are you billious, constipated or troubled with jaundice, sick headache bad taste in mouth, foul breath, coated tongue, dyspepsia, indigestion, hot dry skin, pain in back and between the shoulders, chills and fever, etc.? If you have any of these symptoms your liver is out of. order and your c-blood is being slowly poisoned because your liver does not act properly. Herbine will cure any disorder of the liver stomach or bowels. It has no equal as a liver medicine. Price 7:"> cents. Sold by all druggists. French Tansy IViitors. These wafers are for the relief and cure of painful irregularities, and will remove all obstructions. They are sure and safe every time. Mannfac tured by Emerson Drug Co., San Jose, Cal., and for sale at A. & A. Drug Co 1011 N. Main street, Hutchinson, Kan ltallar.l's Snow l.lnlment. This liniment is different in composition from any other liniment on the market, ft is a scientific discovery which results in its being the most penetrating liniment ever known There are numerous white imitations which may be recommended because they pay the seller a greater profit. Beware of these and demand liallnrd's Snow Liniment. It positively cures Rheumatism, Neuralgia. Cuts, Sprains, Bruises, Wounds, Sciatic and Inflam matory Rheumatism, Burns, Scalds Sore Feet. Contracted Muscle, Stiff Joints, Old Sores, Pain in Hack, Rarb Wire Cuts, Sore Chest or Throat and especially beneficial in Paralysis. Sold by all druggists. Mrs 1 h. R. Patton, Rockford, 111 writes: "From personal experience I can recommend.De Witt's Sarsnparilla a cure for impure blood and general debility." Beam's Midland Pharmacy. The Golden Eagle Clothing House. A. MINCER, PROP. o. 4 South Main. CATCH ON to the best opportunity of a lifetime for buying cheap. Without any fuss or funny business, without any noise or nonsense, we are going to put a*magnificent line of seasonable goods on the market at prices that will make them JUMP. It's a quick turn on very close margins to satisfy a lively demand. There is some money in it for us, and agood dealmort; for customers who are quick to catch on to the fact that choice new goods can now be bought at prices never before named for values in any way approaching those we now place at the disposftl of wide awake and discriminating judges of good bargains, who will not lose a moment's time in tj ^jig advantage of this phenomenal low price Sale cffiie season, and secure their pick of desirable new goods at clearing prices, CATCH ON To the fact that our entire stock is made up of Choicest Selections and Latest Styles OF i) iiiiu Kinvf Dry Dress Goods, Fancy Goods, Notions, Shoes and Hats. Fine Shoes for Ladies and Gentlemen A SPECIALTY. They sell like Lightning at the prices we are now asking. ' "THE S^LZ^lR j J E, BARROW, JR. 14 North Main Street, P ROPRIETOR. Hutchinso». UTCHINSON OPERA HOUSE. W. A. LOE, Manager. Street earn at the floor after entertainment H COMMENCING THURSDAY Hone B APRIL 18 Honelulio, Colelvey, Uonolotoo RODBOL L, »'Rl:l> P. Ol.CO'lT. yiho were of great Influence in the bank ing and financial world. Roscoo Conk ling, who ut that timo was just beginning Uia career as United States seunior, was o warm friend of tbo young man's, kud used frequently to Bay to him that there waa no more important relation between politics and business than that which tfce bankers of Wall Btreet controlled. Francis Kernuu, who was a eeoator from New York also, was much ' interested in thin young man, and used sowetiuiea to say that tho opportunities offered for n career OH » financier were fertaor* > tanipttnjr than my ot tbo »)-. I.IIWH l^ull. I.«ntl. I ..KOTI, Kan., April 15. —[Special.} Wichita county has bad quite a boom this spring. More thar. 100 families have located in the northern part of the county, takingupabout. 10,000 acres of excellent land, which means forty- six sections. These people are well to do Itussians, who are well equipped for cultivating the laud occupied by them, and will wonderfully develop that part of the county. This land formerly belonged to eastern capitalists, who are doing an exceedingly wise thing in inducing these people to locate ou this good land. The location of this colony will follow by the com ing of others, which means that our county will In a year or two more be doubled in population. Our prospect ' The great Greek facial artist, and his company of players, in a repertoires of Standard Dramas and Latest Comedy Successes. for wheat and other SPECIAL—Each lady ac companied by an escort with one paid ticket will be admitted free to see the grand opening programme Monday night. : CURE Bck Hoadaobe and rt'llevs all tbo **ouM«« Inoi* dent to » bilious atatoof tho •yitoa .atuh m lUrrtnma, Haeaoa, Dfowalw. X>l»ti—» After wtlng. Patalu tho Bide, to. whoa Uunrmoal nmukabl* auccau haa been auowa iaontag SICK BMdacho, jot Carter's I. <a X,lnt* Mill aqtiallj valuable lu OouBtipallon. ooxlugand pza* ventlDH thlaannoylna complaint, wbila thar aiaa eorreoiall dlaordotsoztho B tomach^timulata tha liver and ragu!alo the bowela. Bran U thai aolf HEAD Arfjfttbey wortldlio almootprlcolonato tho« who •uf/er from thiu dlatroutilng complaint; "but fortn* naUly tho lr goo doioua does uotendliera.andtbosci Who once tiy than will find theso littlo plHavala. able in «o many ways that they vlU not bo vit Uogtodo without them. But after ftUsloklMHl ACHE 'l8 tbft buna of eo many lived Uiftt hero Is wbetn werattkeour gravt boaat. Oar ^ttlauuroitwhila Others do not. Cartur'a I.itllo I.iver Pilto wo v&ry small ant very easy to take. One or two v>t!Ia unkaa doso. TliT.y tire strictly vc i (jota'Mo and do not gripo op puj^o, but by tholrGM'tl'.'acUoa pleaaotiil who by dcuggiata eveiywUoro ( or M.-ut by mail. CARTER WEOSC. CO,, Now Yofft; SHALL PILL. SMALL DOSE, SMALL PRICE CAMMON THE BARBER. SALT BATHS, HOT OR COLD No. 20 North Main St. Open on Sunday 12 O'clock. CTJ&ON & WATSON. Grocery and Confectionery. 315 North Main. Tlao Universal Xl.exxxeca.3r for IT CURES IN MAN: RHEUMATISM SCIATICA BITES CUTS . LUMBAGO NEURALGIA > 8TINGS BRUISES THE AILMENTS OF MAN m BEAST HAS 8TOOD THE . TEST OF IT CURES IN BEAST: FOOT ROT SCREW W0BM SCRATCHES SPAVIN „„„__ , HOLLOW HORtl 8H< ILDER-ROT WlhO GALLS 6WIMIEY Mustang Liniment penetrates the muscles,. membranes and tissues, thereby reaching the seat of disease, which is a property not found in any other liniment The Housewife, Farmer, Stock Raiser of Mechanic cannot afford to be without it It should be kept in ev ; household for eniergencies.,t It will save man ' doctors; L-l?fe. y°j r - s . a j?5y e yyy nere at 2 s c " s 00 * and $ ^ iiiiliiS;

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