Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 14, 1912 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 14, 1912
Page 6
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y^You may find a'Smjtifforthji^ Syit for $12.95. likewise the> • better grades are less than Half Price.. - ii -' r CHAPTER Vll. pTbere la ihe mound," advised Har- ;'Tli^'Brooks on Wednesday morning, ^latlag-'to a rounded heap of eartb ^}ttBt beyond the: shade a burr-Aak "'.s&aKmUe* inland from Sylvan Lake - -on 'Olen' Isle. Mayor Bedlgbt took oflf fits coat ruo- itfanitii^Beiog prisoner to a prematdreli' j^tpgray-baired youpg lady witli a clear, .rmsyi) compltaibn and a sweet, wln- •f aoihe. manner -was not so bad—^bnt t 'tojlMi told to dig liko a terrier In th« ,rovj;Ii'so{I -was & hofe^ Of anotber col- r «rJ^ Bnt the mayor' vas game. ' ' Giasplng a spade, bo set to work ,-'T '4iilgentIy. It was a warm morning ; i-ianid the perspiration begsA to ooze . from bis beate^ body. . >Jl 'fComd wtd Mt th* ihad«awblto." 'ti^lB^rfted tbe girl, tbougbtfoHy. "We ;'liajr» ali'day to oan^res—and the _ •'^iikeWtonB win not run away." "i^i 9 «dight obeyed gratefully, throwing I.'^'himself at^el woman's feet la the , coed BhadowB of the oak. •jl'm swfunjr Interested, In ancient : t.^nd medieval things," she explained. ^ '-..^mjning down at bim over her book. • e»"OBce whin I was In Iowa I met n ~ ii>jn<in l^ho jwas engaged in collecting cu^os—and he found a real mound- builder skeleton along the Cedar river ' ''>wl^e \1, was" there, mat If this -tiBbbnld turn ont to be something liko thjitJ* Ifflpefnlly. •' 'jpardon me," said the mayor, Kl »idly, "but fi nice girl like yourself ahould not be f^o Interested in dead • bnaar-espectally when the woods •re full of live ones." t ,lilm.girl's tace flushed, the red -ag^st her wbtte hair making iter ' Tery «ttracUvB In tho «yes of the man on {tbe san4' ! r ^" .'IThe dead[ ones," eiie said slowly, >''"neirer rtay' out late nights, never /otyraanise, never takb CVCTJ thing-for iXraiBted, never get a grourh. never—" jiK ii%e, mayor interrupted her, his face "^i aerions as he said: s.-^ "JTCbere were Darby and Jean." "But th^se are the days of divorce ^ ««fe<nitt8," she answered. iMid—gen- t. ;luBei—coloring.' ^ * Ata old-fasliloned." he pitrrled. ;tn-llke to dream of tome with tbe :lron«n la It" , "r "I.-fear It is toing to rain," evaded ^iM Brooks, looking anzion&ly at I'tbe 'doud-filled w^t. "Do you iclnd -Aigglng » bit, Mr. IV ^Hghtr «As the wife "va o her h's-^band. apprehensively. ""I lizard Thej mayor peered out "The sherifti"- he muttered nndier his breath. W.^ Three men w4>re running toward them "on .the beach, ihe^biadi down, ducking the rain. , v • ;^ Scrambling, from tinder tbe boat, Mayor Bedlgbt set off-at toir<^peed . sealskin." rbe moiinu , d over hlia he as Ecmething—and v^h^.. she want. '. -;taniited, returning^ t' *' aa» came iand "t-; :he jworked: f Hto sjnLde 'sir . : >iier occitement grew. I rf "Ob, I do hope It's a mound builder!" |^>b^ cMed excitedly. - *^ Oiielniayor grinned and kept dig- A.clap of thunder i>ealed in .distance.-As she turned appre- /--tensJvely, the digger's spade pried I' -'up ia long, ropy object 'tj'^ -"JBiin Is your tnduiid builder," be T^^'aaM^ soberly, niising the object upon >)bte|'«pade... .... ^.|- ^e gasi»«.^_^ ; mah, p.u::I1ed. i" tttm ite woman. , ;•• "l-jam afraid," he breathed, softly, Ht lis exactly what it looks like—the till; a cow!" 0 she stood frowning atbIm,great ^drojiNi of rain bega:i lb fail. He look Mayor Bedlght Took Off His Coat Ruefully. • up the beach, pausing at the ^aiart long enough to whisper. \. "Vn be back. Waif 'The sheriff and his two deputies, weathering the gale with lowered eyes, had net seen the mayor's flight. In fafT, do blinded were their eyes that ;tt'j ran almost Into the girl and the boat before they could stop. " "Hello!" bawled the sheriff. Youre from Squirrel Inn, ain't ye? Where's yer beau?" bluntly. "We're lookfn* fer him." Miss Brooks drew her feet back under her skirt and replied coldly: '*One of the best ways to find a man," witberingly, "is to go where he is." The sheriff's j chest shot out immediately.. "Now, look-a-here. young lady, none of your smartness or we'll take you along fer accessory . before the act Understand,?" blustering. "You are wasting your time trying to bully me." replied the girl, without a tremor in her voice. "1 am perfectly harmless and I have told yon all I know. The man has gone ci) the batch." ^Aw, come. on, Sid," broke In a slender young fello^, turning bis bacic to tbe rain. "What the use of arguin' with th' gal? She ain't th* one wo had ylstcrday." Without a ti/oid the sheriif veerrd around the Jiwat. and, following the Jast fading trail, set out in baste after Bedlgbt Fifteen minutes later the mayor came up from th« opposite direction "1 am-V>rry, Mi«4 Brooks," he s4ld. •uffh^t v> :Tippie tbe ik!r-Intlr of a' goM^ ilirt i ^M8Ue .'the man at tb^ nti «etdom taSU tbe task ardiiona. Nor did Mayor' Bedtght comi>1aio. Tb«,nii^ns ripple slapped ;tb« ttoxt of tbe bMt rhy.thmlcally and from the shadows along the approaching shore (Tof tbe island, the w^rd boot of an owl . proclaimed the witchery, of the night With a scarcely percepUble tilt, ' tbe boat grounded on the shelving sandy sbore., . Bedlgbt sprang .out anci pulled tl^e craft fnrttaef upon Itk, cushioned anchorage. The girl sat In the boat, intently watching the inayor. That gentleman took from tbe Iodk(»r a ba^etwelL1ad«&i Quickly gatliering some dry wood, be stacked, it over a ^unoh of tinder­ like weeds, touched a\ match'to t\)e pile, set the basket at a^Mfe distance and pulling a revolver from, bis pocketj ilred in the general direction of the moon. - ^ Having maneuvered thus peculiarly, he hastened back to the boat shoved off.and rowed from the shore a hundred yuds. Resting on his oars, he lef tbe boat toss idly upon the lake, five, ten minutes passed. The dry wood burned. bflghtly. making a beacon of light. Into the circle .of which, there, came, at last three shadows, followed by unintelligible conversation. "They've found it" said the mayor, picking up his oars and turning' the i boat toward the hotel. It was midnight when the sides of \ J he craft rubbed Its sister boats at r Mine Host's dock. The mayor and ' the girl crept softly up the winding pathway, toward the hotel. Suddenly, In the nioonlight ahead, the form, of a woman appeared! advancing \o meet them. The mayor and the girl saw her'simultaneously. He stopped ih- stantly with a restraining hand upon the giri'i arm. "9uickl" he commanded, springing in front of his companion and turning 1 her about face. "Walk rapidly down ! the path to the boathouse." ; She coniplleti instantly. ; Over his shoulder the mayor saw the woman hesitate, then follow de- Icrminedly through the shlramering moonl^ht "Go into the boathouso," directed Bedlght hurriedly. "AVait until I engage her in conversation. Then open the rear door and run for the hotel. And be quiet!" "1 understand," whispered the glA, excitedly. Slipping through the door, she closed it softly. Pulling a cigar from his pocket, the mayor scratched a match on the EO 1 «5 ofiiTs shoe and blew a puff of smoke at the same target which earlier in the evening he had failed to jiit with his leaden missile. The woman rounded the comer and came directly toward hira. "I beg your pardon. Mr. Bedlght," said "Judge" 'fining in a cold, formal voice, "for following you, but as chaperone of the young ladles at the hotel I feel that It was my duty to do so. I—" The mayor bowed. , "Duty to the one performing It" he interrupted gallantly, "is' oftentimes irksome, but begrudgingly done frequently conveys pleasure to another. I do not desire to appear selfish in your eyes, but I find your duty pleases me greatly," bowing again. "Now, the moonlight—" Tbe "Judge" made a deprecating gesture. "Do not attempt to evade." she warned. "I am deeply in earnest' Where is the—the—" She seemed at a loss to proceed. Finally she thrcn^ diplonaacy to the winds. ''Who was tbe girl with yon—alone—at this hour -cd i ^t hurriedly for shelter under a ' sorrowfully, 'Tjiit I'm afraid you'll get t "botite dn," he cried, starting for the , boat upon the beach. "Well have to : camp put"* She followed bim blindly. ^ He pulled the dory 'uigh and dry and • UlftiiSd Itkjca up; -^dniwl u idcr," he *aid as the rain ,'b^pith to fall in torrents. rvfhy. M K bedlght, I can't do that ' TOJe man took her gently by the ' "Ttm have no other choice—and be- '"^ll^dea, PmWt a cannibal!- f'.'Sbe'stooped and sat down upon the -"under the shelter. He followed, „ close to B8r, ofBec!e8sit|y. Tho --Itfiifl^- oP'the^Abrin WiAte. The day '^li^kkef-;Wduslc;. Ugbted only by the ii^-flinheff:dr anger ffeatlore across l ^jri TO felt tbe woman rrpmWer '^'fi^-IMi afraid,"' ^mp^^obblngJ •;Briiyflr TttOJeraTO.alwti^ her jK)a^in^.^£er^«t tactful iii"'"jnsjr;'jmotbev;a nervous woman.^ B^ovsly she .drew toward him. ^}ffm^btixUiK seep]* terrible," ha said ^rtiilyj'-bilt'aB #iiuAt i*fa« there more daiiaferw; the caw. ICS prove-^" l"#lr «f« that?^ cried the woman. wet after all. WeSre got to get away from berci I circled around and found the boat these fellows left. I set i) adrift with a gale blowing it.across the lake, but tbey ar4 not far behind. We must get tinder wajr aa poBsibJp." ' • ' "I don't mind a soaking," replied the young woman, bravely, "^fs the —the iightnlng that^ and that's about quit." i •- : The man] righted the dory hurrieaiy. piled in their brlongings -andacttbc boat from'the shore with' A sturdy, shove. A half mi^ tiolow,. on the beach, he caught sight of three, m^ runuing towaid them—and* oir away on the w*av«hwhippcd lakei;^;tloyiiot of hn^wn coulJa' he seen rlsObg aind rail- lun; a:i it scudded..b^fo'ffl (be -wJUid. It was the Blierifps row^boatf; r.*. . _';S!i*eping, outof Ajors," said the mayor, woman opposite. *is very beneficial to tb? lungs—especially on an -tsland.** _ \ .QHAPTER VIJI. "When the waves >re faucHad^i^y. it is a sttll |Hf^,,fro|«f •elect little botel id^ tbe.^^scRiiata woods-to Glen Island, bat'olSi a'perfect mqgnligbt 9i<ht|^'WliIf. .ja«t' breeze PIrcd in thp General Direction of the Moon. of tbe ntgbt? 1 have a right to know find I—bad thonibt yea a gentleman^ tbongb I should bave Imown that no geatletnan would have—-have—" she finlsb.ed lamely. /; "KisiiBa yon?" qnestlOned the may-> theltrlvdllty iscarcely gone Cronii bls'voice. A OF TJiI>S $4.00 VOLUME ^ Many dictionaries of \'aribus kinds have been placed on the market, but none coufd pass muster; with Tin: RK (.'iSTER. Finally a,lar|3:e publi§hinff house of New York City brought loRether the worW'S jfrcat- est authorities ori'thc English laAj^uage^and the result is this New ^yebsterian 1912 Dictionary, Illustrated, which a syndicate of leading iiew.«papers immediately secured for the purpose of following out a piati of cd- ucaiieii <hn u^hout the country. So for a short time THE REGISTER, in connection with these other papers, w ill olTer this LATEST DICTIONARY on the remarkable terms outlined herein, before it is placed on sale at the stores at the regular retail prices. IHE NEW ' . ILLUSTRATED How the Register Readers Can Obtain PracticalEy FREE This ^Vonderfiil ri 'M, LIWP LLATIIEIi JHU'ND All You Need To Do Is To cuT.auT THE SIX com MS And present with tlic expense bonus ann t' opposite the style of buok .selected. REDUCED^ M .LUSTRATION OF THE $4 .00^VOLUME . This Dictionary is not publiihed bj the oricinal publishers o£ Weluter's Dictionary or by their Buccessott. . r" ' -^-.^..«.. O 4 -* It has been reviied and brotiEbt tip to the PRESENT DATE in accordance with the best aulhoriiies from the trrratest universities, and is publisbed by the wcU krrawti fiVNDICATE PL'BLISIUKO CO^of KKW YORK CITY. Table of Content l>iciii».i.-irv .if th.' I ..• i':;;.->-.It ..f \V ..:.ts i;i S-i I-. ,\rt . ret Sp. ii Ar I r.-\ i.ii ( t'-..- \i ;ri.-i:;iu !:.l I 'HK !-!.!-; I'l. i •. .\?:(lM ';irit! f'l -.i (Ju.*!l. -i. .\rm :<s "f th<- W.!!.!. .Arr »»v ami X ,i\-/ .<t;.t^.';ti.-s. l -tlith Uny.-. ••.-.•.!;i .ti ..ri of th.' 1'. ''i '.i; i^nnUi.-f i .»rl Ml ih- \Vt »rM. '.'..t!. . !:\;!-.riiti..n ..f tli.> •.•.•n::."" i:::;lli-'h i "Iiri -it;.iii N.i -ii-;. r..:.j.,nri!tivv \V.aI;ii ..f ih-- \V..:Iil. r.iTP rr-..lii.-t of Wori.I. •'oitor. iincllir-t of th"? I'. S '".•troi: r:.-;ucl i -f th .-"\V.:!,! I «-:i.:itiini ;imJ I<.-»..!i>i>rr. :it . r th- r ;vs;;i-=h l...i!:ri;:.t. . iJ .riN. S '-r 'r. :i- .1 .\":.-k|.:.;i,..- . •• ^;. n, IVi ;> .,r:oy. .•~:;.ri. f. a. I ^.<lrli(:'.:::-: ..f <'o::;m.-.-e; il 14,1) T. r:iis. !•:! -..r ! V, tc- ..f ^'-'l St:.(.-. K -.1. ...i t .f V.'..rI.I 'i. <;:.-.u I " r:--:--.. I->l!ii\.iJ-: t T-!-(>J.-. Map. I-.«in»ri.«: of th.^ \\"i.rl <I. . F;!nt.»i..-i (*h ;ii-;i.-r. r.^ i:i I*....t"ry ;i :-.<l f 'r.>-i.'. F .»J --'-.rii V.*.«r.i^. l*hr;:si-f» nnl ..f \i:t"..m..l..I- T, fM.-:. .!V i .f Ti-rni.s. • ;..M .M.': y ..f II..- \V..iM. t;-ilfl fnul-ai-l "f th- Worl.!. CK It r -iii !.-s .)f 111 - \V..rl.l. ..f Ih..- \V..iI.l. Ki-y t'. I'r>>iiiit..-i;itii>T.. I.;ii:i:ii.i;.-.- <.f thn I-l..«<rs. I riiit-.d States (.Vnsu:<. • i 7t :i-.\- ii! •• T J . ill-t :»..< iti ih.- I .\1 ':...!;ii (».Ii on I iii.M! i.s. ;^^:t !l.-^•. I'i-Viii sti'l -:.r-inj-..^ .-nil 'i. n-il-.r:. <. N ..f V .-..1I.!. .V: •. •:••< ,{ ih- Woli.! N*»"i ..f l ''.':ii.»;;.-.: !'•.r---»!is. iiiilii—^i .f .-'.i .I'f Mil-Ill. t'.is rr-- Ii :.-t Ui. \V . ;-i. • Tii;!:" :ri:.! i'i^-ittry ••' i'•-t :..Ti :iri.-s. -'.-'r^ ..: ^^!i.•l•.'li a.itl :'n;iiatioti t <iKi :i:ir.-t :..-.i-^ I l!.-n !•:-ir -! .f f: • WVirhl. i if.tii..; ;'':it.-s .'r.'t t.*.i:.f!ti.--?». :--.iiil-:!-..ii \V •-' ! . ".!. . ; 1 • ( ..;t. .1 ^l:.t.-;<. tri;ii;..n .'.If-k.-i .i:,.' M.-nritngr..*. i-v!.-- f..r <'T":ti:! I... It -!'.>. s •.• r ^;. •. V ..f V....I.I. Silv.-i- r .--'.i:;.t i::.- Woiirt. r^;-.,! I:fi-..| S:-. !:••.::• ':-l!.-V ;MJ -I N.-v.- \Vi .':.i-- .>.il..i.t<.J. S- . i I'l-.j.iii. ' .if <.V..rId. ;;'l;--:.r f'....Iii :t .f . Worl.I. i,..-lV !Ii : ! .\ - . :. I".,. ri.-. ; .h; U'..rM. |)il; v. • . • .. Ti.l.i., . i. IV...!,:. t r.f Ih.- IV- S T..!~ It.";.--: ft th.> U'orl.l. i i-.f-.I Si.-fi.-itii-:.-. V .'I.;.- F*r. iKi! <V .:nH. V. it'-- ll i.^tl. h..r:»i< Kul.'-r. \v...lili .f tliM iVorld. W.... I !.-•-• K'lr. .';islinil. Wh.iil fr-..!il.-t. >•!' Ilu- r. S l^.-.hi.-t of th.- V."..rl.l. W.-.-I I'.--.»l'lli-t V.f III-- I'. 3 \V....I IT...'(:<-t ..f th._' \V..ri.l. AW iul New Dictionary 12,000 Synonyms and Antonyms YOU NEED OKLY PRESENT THE SIX COUPONS Iirimc-ii ai.J tlic Cvpt -tisc IjnV.iis so^ opiKssite tlio siyle sclot-t oil wliii-h coverE ihc exiicnsc iti-'ii-; cf (hi:: t'tliu-aiioiKi! ilir-trilmiion. AND RECEIVE YOUR CHOICE OF THESE THREE BOOKS / The $4aCI0 f ^ew Webstersa?^ 1912 Dictionary, illustrated dil..' fliiii'rr.-iiioiii. I.-j l:i.i!i:(l in f \:n l.ttisp L'Utli-r. fk-xibk-. st:ilJii .;Ml in K<>!<! Miiil mriu-^.s l,i-.: ilifiil. .-!;(>:is iliiuilihi. I!c-ii!f^ Hi" Rftn.-nil sii'...'i-. Is hi-:i;iiifiilly •;ll»l^.li-;iii<<l i.y Uifi'i-';- iil.-iif.-^. nf:irly •'•u pulij.-vts .colors ; MU 1 the ii<-w I' S ( i nsui rilX ('Ol^i'o.V.'^ .-N.VI) TUK in tirn-k rin 'l biiit-s, printeij on Wlilo ii.ii'rr, wiili roil Expciisr ' i-..iit. n(-! :'.s «l<-s< ri'iioi! els«r.x I KTC. I I LMC .tro ov<r t'.iMi liy nsonDtiino. :inrl 16 iKigOs of valiKihIc i-li;iits in two 98c Tin:'!?.'!.oo M.u wi;ii.sTi;i:i \.\ lai-.' mcriuNAnv h- llir- .-.nil"- ? I l.niik. I 'r.f.Mi' in i''o sty!,- of liimJinu— 81c W i<vn«-lly Uir- .-.nil w Ilii Ii IS In h;i !l l.-;illioi- Si:; lii-tior.rry t'i'ii|"ii \, ;tli «ili\i' IH'KO:: .-SIK I -;(ii::iri! :\nil till i:.\iH r.iio ILinu ' i-f TiiK ?i.«fl \Kn wi:».srrjM\> i:ii-.' i»i( rio>\KV i" in Plain "•Jolli binlinR. si^ni|><-d in .qolij ami M.i'-k: B .Tini- papfr. panic illustr.ititins. line has all color pl;itc;;-:ii:il i li;ir!:; oniittifil. •Six Mirtlnaaiv CoiitMins and llio KxpcnM- H.mny ui' J .48c Any BooR by Mail 22 cents Extra For Postage. Kan^cer and M6re Practical for General Use Than Any Other. For Busy People, School Teachers, Stodenfer, Home and Office It Will Be E^ounid indispensable toEmloyer, Lawyer, Stenographer on Clerk Lrsts of Words compiled thirty or more years ago and "revised" now and then DO NOT make a Dicttonary. Tho langiiago chango '3 — iironiindations cJian£c—«vt'n tl:<' (ipfiuitionb change.'fpr words take on XKW meanings-!—A LT J of which Is pilOVnX by this .Sl-:\V WEB.STRKIAN, which Is revised only by COMPILING AXEW'throagh- pui its en^lniy. Jt is just oft tho pr^ss—the .dlntlon.-vry or nOPAY—tl.e O.VI V i'Oiiii>l1atlon Beautiful IHustratlohs in Colors, Chari;s and Monotones STugnUlccnt full pagp colored platfs n^itrc-- ^(>n(inlr, nmoiitr mnn;^ oth«r Taluahlc anil In. siruetftp' Htfljjccts: AvriinniiUc; Vlt-ws ^X .-roplaiK -s. DiriKihU-a.^ c-i.-.> 1 .Vmi ri^mii I^iirf-Bri-il F«»wl.-<. l-Uul>,-i s iiitii I»"«>i of Honor. Hlrd-j of ftf;!i:tili;l l"l;im.-iRo. lihot Kum:i.-e» f.->r «sn-..:!tlns Ores. Coramit Art of I'i'i- Ik -Hp -Si-a .Spt'cimoin ..f .Marine Life. / r>lff «-mit Kio-os of M-jhtcliid lu Native ' Pfinioiis Gen -.s (Koh-i-auir, Great Mostil) KlaitM of thp N.itlonrS Fruits pjvd Tht'ir Rio.s .-Jonui. f.ock f'unul <S;iiiIt Ste. Marii-). l .umb >-rinff InUustrj- t>.-i'ii '-J<. Willtary A^ail.miy at WcM Point. MiMti-m Dairy Scor ^vrS. • / X '-U -«l«Dfr II.-.''" tl'af-'t in.-.dfrlj. N (!tlAna> OouU* of.Xrms. 0 >ff!i-rt-V>J»;H-(«1g. I"<r'.-i r.shio.i-- fr<.>m the Year ICiOO. Tn-!>tv S .--.-.CS. JTiit-i-iii.-s Sti.ii.-s (I)iatnond.-<, Eideralds). , . Kr.-f.l.s of Horso.s. i .Sr"^<-j::i'-r..' of I'ostaBe Stamp??, i S-al .-t of th«> Slitt .'S. ; Siiijri'iK and Work in KindcrgaVten. I Hoi-iny Kml.U -iiiM. ' .Sj" <-i-.iitiis <>r Fi .-=b. .'^ranilanl Hr.-f-.I'. of Ctittle. .'iuumiirlrKx ;-.n.l Torp«lo Boat!». The Uuf-ntSfii ISaVo., etc. 1 Thoroughbred I'-rgv. Tyt>»of jWf^ri.-. Tx.comotll-cs. ^';lrl.ju.1 Kjiids of Kittens. : < \'I.*ws of Jrriijacion. > • .... ' Vi .Hs <.r ^larine Ensinea. \V1<I and itoraestic t'ood Animab. i Commef cial Chaits, 1 rpiirrscntlas pcodnetii of tbe United States aad ' the M'orld—Agrfrfi ^rtnmU CotiU' C^ttoi, GolA, »n\fr. Iron, !4teel;*4kIone|;. Oa|.S CtfOee; Sng-ar, Tea, Wlirat, Wool and oianyotlwrs..'' - lUiiek-, and is- •4 J)d Slioald Hmp TUt Bo«k. AVa thrLniDtt and BesMtfetietaanr.... I 4^ f^y^yr'^ i-^^

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