Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on July 3, 1903 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 3, 1903
Page 4
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THE lOU KEglSITER, FBIDAJ, JULJr 3 1908. p-—1——— iTfe Dews of ? • Heayeh Have Settled the Dast> So that discoQDjected particles of valuable (?) real estaibehave .tumei to solidity. Qwing^ to the great scarcity of water we can have 'd;-f -po sprinkling, and thousands of dollars worth of nierchandiise has to subjected to a treatment of pulverized real estate. It's aii ill wind '^'.that does nobody good, acid the dust is fine for hens. {Ts>-Mprrow is the diorious Fourth, and we have Torpedoes, Firecrackers and F]as:s. THE - PEOPLE'S - STORE Morning Issue Tomorrow. Saturday's Register will be issued f im this office tomorrow morning, in Icr that t|ie force may f;et off and ebrate the Glorious. This has been S-CUBtom of Ibis office for years and it^ill 1)0 oljserved ibis year. Ailver- Using matter anil announcements which are to appear in tomorrow's palmer slioiild be .s«:;nt to tliis olfice this pvcning. LOCAL NEW8.^' if Dr. Porter, Dentist. ' ' . J. E. Chastain, Dentist. Dr. O. R. Buslifleld, Dentist. Kodaks and supplies at Miller 's. ..Business men 's lunch at the "Our- llWay." Coolest place In town for soda Is the |^6ur-\\'ay." Norihrup 's quit business. A dollar tor fifty cents. , Roam J. Coffey'went (o Wichita to [Ipend the Fourth. "iRememher the "Our-Way" when kungry or thirsty. l4o. 11 Kast Madi.son, upstairs. Hcn- Befson & Powell 's oHicc. Money to loan on farms or city property. I. H, Kasbcor. Monly to loan on farms or city [jToperty. L H. Kasbeer. For tin work go to Ira E. Patterson, 'J715 East strset. Tel. 53. [Lulu IJeyman went to \^icbita this lorning to spind ihe I'ou'n ii. The latest perfume—Locust Blossoms —at Canipliell & llnrrcirs. , E. D. ICtam lofi llii.s nuirning for inar,^ AIo., for u few ilay.s' vi.^ii. Have you scon the latest reduction at Northrup's quit business sale. I , llarold How Ufi this morning for I rpronio to visii bi.s gran<fniother. I Mrs. .1. E. Corn<-<'t went! to Toronto I this' morning to spend ihv Fourth of IpuJy. i Miss Gladys Norilinip wont to Rich ! Hill. Mo., thi.s nitjrniug for a visit of j a le\^ days, i D. G. Davis left this morning for Golden City. Mo., for a few days' visi 1 with friends. i Mr. and Mr.s. J. W. Finley went to ' Benton. Kans.i this morning for visit of a few weeks. •Mr, 1J. E . Wallace, of the Register force, wont to I^ouisburg to spend tlie i Fourth with his mother. ] "Irma Thompson, daughter of W. S !Thompson, loft ihi.s morniti.u for Ne "Vada, Mo., for a few days' vi.~iT. SchoU & Baird handle the celebrated White Mountain refrigerator, the best one on the market for the money - Jeff Turner, the dye man. loft this j morning for Novada. where he will -spend the Fourth of July with his family. Mrs. T. E. Gniss and chihiron left this mtn-iiiug for Ilioh Hill. Mo., whore she will spend the Fourth of July with her mother. Business men and their clerks will • find it to their advantage to lunch at :the "Our-Way." _ The White Moiuitain refrigerator is the best on the market for thenionc} Buy It of Schell & Baird. ; 'The L. A. S. of ilu' Chrfslian chiiroh •will Korvt- dinnor. .^^uitper. ice oronm and cold drinks at the llooni July •Ith. Your i»atronago fs solicii .Ml. "Olorks and. other piisons having a ; holiday .Sattoday. liie llh, shoitld lake • aUvunlago the. ojiporlunity .ijnd 'h»l |lliolr photograph taken at." MIL- yl^M^B studio, which will bo open u !l E. M. DcMoss went to Chanutc on business. D. Hopkins went to Humboldt on business. C. Lake went to Pittsburg for a few days' Visit. Z. Fryer went to Elk City to spend the Fourth. . C. A. Riggs is^golng to Oklahoma to make his h6mc. Dean Allison wont to Pittsburg to spend the Fourth. G. E. Rudisill went to Pittsburg to spend the Fourth. Frank Holden ^-cnt to ^ittsburg to spend the Fourthj. H. C .Rabcr lt?ft for Chanute lo spend the Fourth. Herbert Murlin came in to spend the Fourth with friends. i^lrs. Wm. Livingston went to Weir City for a few days. Wanted—Good dishwasher. Inquire at G21 East Madison. Fred Covert went to Bartelsvillc, . T., to spend the Fourth. Mr. and Mrs. Thornton went to Walnut to spend-the Fourth. E. N. Woillclt left this afternoon for Win field for a few days' visit. , Mr.s. Jones, of Rich Hill, went to Chanutc for a few days* visit. D. Tinker went to Chanutc lo spend the Fourth and take in the races. \V. H. Porter left this afternoon for Girard where ho will spend the 4th. W. A.. Henderson left this afternoon for Niota/.o, Kans., to sjiend the 4tb. Mr. L. L. Carter and family, of California. Mo., are here for an extended -Mrs. Van Arsdale wont to Carthage to spend the Fourth with her friend.s. Mrs. May Stot.son arrived from .Toplin to visit her father. John Thomas; I ><lo .>-o Van Narman r<;turnod to his houK! in Coffoyvillo this afternoon. Mr.s. K. A. Pogg went lo CarthaRc, Mo., to .-i)cnd the Fouiuh with her sister G. F. Robin.son and family left this aftornpon for Pittsburg for a few days visit. Miss Bessie and Edna Eakin wont to Girard to spend the Fourth with thoir grandfather. Miss Blanche Goes will spend a week with old friends at Weir City. SIio loft for there today. W. H. Kinzoy loft this aftcrnoori for Cherokee where he will spent a: few days visiting with friends, visit with the family of Mrs. Carter's family. .Mr. S. Their old friends are glad to see them. Mrs. Arthur Goes and family left this afternoon for Woir City where thoy expect to vi .sit for a few wooks. Mr. R. Willison and wife loft thi.«i afternoon for I'itlsburg wlicro they will spend the Fourth with friends. Mrs. Tonnoy Campbell left this nu)rning for Greenfield. Mo., where she will visi< her friends and relatives for a feiv weeks. We can make you low figures on furnace heating. Ira E. Patterson, 715 East ctrett. Tel. 53. Mr. and Mrs. Jame .'i- H. Campbell arrived homo last night front City and have begun hous <-l <o<'i)ing at tho Caniiibell liome on West Broadway. .•\s many factories paid off today and tho stores cUtat' t(»morrow aficr- ncK'U, Northriip's. tho Now York store an<l Ramsay's decided to keep <ipen tonight. .Miss Jos.^le Hart came in from City to s/icnd a fyw weeks with .Mis. A.>^a Balli'et and .M* Emma Sal lie. D. A. HOUSER Expert Machinest Repairs Your Typewriter, Sewing flachines. Bicycles, Lawn flowers. Gas Engines, Door Locks, Etc, U. at Itoofihg and spontlng. All kinds of sheet metal work. Ira'E. Patterson, 715 East street TeL 53. Only a few more days and the great est quit business sale at Northmps will be a thing of the past. For Sale—Two horses, surrey, big spring wagon, harness and a. lot of chickens. A. L. Harmon, 704 East Lincoln. Do not ta,ll to hear the Alabama Jubilee Singers sing the songs of the Southland at the M. E. church next Tuesday evening. W. L. Crabb & Co. are Installing new electric fans and lights In their drug store on East Madison, chiefly to 'kjomplete the handsome appearance of Jtheir fountain. Lest the public may be misinformed I wish to state that I have the latest ani best improved oval and circle mat and glass cutting machine in the city. —GRANT H. MILLEJl. Energy all gouQ? Headache? Stomach out of order? Simply a case of tori)id liver. Burdock Blood Bitters will make a new man or woman of you. A letter from California states that Mrs. H. H. Funk, Miss Nova Funk and .Mrs. Brewster and Miss Grace have a cottage at Long Beach for the summer and anticipate much pleasure from the surf bathing. .Mr. M. P. Hclmick stopped over in lola this afternoon on his way to Chanute. where he goes to begin work on the Tribune, in which he now ownes a half interest, as roiiortcd in yesterday's Register. The Leavenworth liall management say they do not want to sell their franchise but will finish the season. Sev- craj new men will join the team hcrqj and at home and new coats have been' offered tho team if the boys lake the last game here. Sig Wing came in from the south last night. He says that down at Chanute three men got into a fight and that they were fined $00 apiece, whereas $10 and costs is the tisual i)rico, the world over, for hinging your enemy. Wing considers it an overcharge. Rev. L. D. Lamkin is conducting a .scries of revival meetings at the Baptist churcli which will continue all iie.xt week. Moeiings are held every morning at ton o'clock, every afier- no(m at ilireo, an<I every evening at oigJit o'clock. All are cordially in- vitoil. With till.' I.oavonworth ball team is Prof. Warnin ('ook, prinoipal of oin- of the ward .soliools of Horinglon. Kansas, lie is a minister's s<m anl has a conlraot to play ball hut six days a week. Ho is an fdd playmate of Harry Willey and they are having a pleasant visit. The Alabama Jubilee Singers are in making tlie Chautauqua Assemblies anil the entcrtainmenr, committee of tho M. E. church has arran.g- ed for them to stop off in lola and give one entertainment in the M. E. church next Tuesday evening. This will be a rare nuisical treat. An admission of 25 cents is charged at the door. No reserved seats. District court will adjourn this evening until July Kl. Judge Foust and family expect to leave soon for a visit to their old home in Pennsylvania and it is |)ossiblc he may not be back by the KJth. but some of the other law- y<'rs will conduct court. Mrs. Foust's mother is not expected to live and they arc anxious lo reach the old home as soon as possible. :Mr. David Bedell has received a let(or from his .son Harry Bedell, who went to Old Mexico a short time ago t lake a job in a mine. Harry is already in love with the country and I would not exchange jobs with anybody. His salary is a big, fat one in Mexican silver and as ho gets his ex j)on.sos in addition ,lt doesn't shrink di.stressingly even when reduced to gold. Mr. C. B. Crick, formerly of La .lunta, Colo., begah work at tho post office this morning as a general hi'ljier. He held the position oC chief mailing elork in the Colorado office and so oomos to the local office with much valuable exi»erienco. The force hen has been increased with the .same n-giilarity that tho school building.- have liL -on aildod to the town, but ili< work has kopt ahoa .l .if ii,e workmen .Mr. Crick is a son-in-law of Dr. Mc •Milieu and It was In order to be here wboro hl.s wife's family liv<'s th.i.t he ht ami obtained the trunsfor. special Bargains To ~Day IN Clothing^ etc. AT THE Mechanics Clothing & Shoe -I mi BULL J_ RBSyBDOM Yesterday's Game Lacked Interest Save for the Wild Playing Indulged in at Tiroes. .sou: Announcement! Ii Ocir store Will be open to- and Sator- night until 9:30 day th^ 4ti ut ^il 12:00 o'clock floon. lola took yesterday's ball game from .ravonworlh by the score of 10 to 4 and Leavenworth did not earn one of tho fimr scores. The game was tight anl fast for five innings, Zollors pitching for (he visitors and Davis for liila. Both loams got men to third ijiit no sooros wore made. Once l-ea- kiiuvorih had the bases full and but one out, but thoy got no scores. Riseley got caught on: third once when he could have scored. Shaumyer. with two out. hit for two bases, scoring on a hit. In the sixth inning Davis hit a batter who scored on a long drive. Then lola filled the bases and bunched bingles to the number of seven or eight. Leavenworth lost her head, threw the ball away, and used bad judgment, while lola made eight runs. Then the horse-play began. After a visitor had been retired at second Risclcy forgot about the runner at •Irst, slammed the ball past Milsap. Mil. slammed it at second to catch the runner and it went to left field. Scroggin threw to second where the runner was playing off and the ball went wild. .•\nd Shaumyer threw low to third to catch him. But the runner would not be safe, ran over the base and Stucke tagged him. Such a bunch of wildness was never seen here before. Davis pitched a fine game and allowed but one or two hits up to the last three innings when he put them straight over. Milsap and Scroggin had fumbles of easy ones, but they were not cost ly. Hon; is tho score: Leavenworth 0 0 0 0 0 1 n ,T 0— 4 S 1 lola .0 0 0 1 0 S ]<) *—in IS 11 Sedalia 20, Nevada 2. Sodalia, July 2.—In the prosonco of 2,200 people the reconl-broaklng crowd tf the siMison. Sedalia gave Novatla a terrible drubbing at Liberty park this afternoon. Willard was knocked out if the box in the seventh and Whilt was also well liaininored. Tho foniiiiOf of tho game wore two homo run drives by Uolin and one oiioh by MoDill. Ford and Shanks. A porllcm of the gate rocelpt.s—20 per cent—was fli.>f aside for the bonoflt of the fliMid sur feriTS. Score: Se.lalia ' :{ 2 1 7 0 •—20 IS 0 Nevada 0 0100100 0— 2 8 2 Batteries—Sedalia. Farrcll and Sch rant; Novada, Willard, \Vhite and King. Umpire—Lemmon. Springfield 12, Joplin 2. Springfield. July 2.—Springfield out played Joplin at every point of the game today, winning by tho score of 12 to 2.- The visitors got their first score in tho fifth. It was presented to Nichols, who formerly played here. He was advanced around the diamond by three errors, which were doubtless intentional. Ellis, the new Joplin pitcher, was hit hard, while Kane was In fine form. Tho playing of Bayles in left field was the feature. Score: Springfield . .5 3 i> 0 2 1 0 1 •—12 11 3 Joplin 0 00010001— 2 7 5 Batteries—Kane and Schmidt; Ellis and Stoner. Umpire—Alberts. Fori Scott 7, Pittsburg 5. . Pittsburg, July 2— In an eleven-ln- hlng game at League park this afternoon Fort' Scott won over the home team by a score of 7 to 5. Both tcamsi played fast ball a'nd the locals practically: had the^jajiie wou' "the gan-to fumble the ball :,a1Iowin5 the Another Lot of Imported Wooleiis GOOD THE YEAR GROUND A. :\liTI^lS:iB>^ ^aiioiring; Co. Northrup Building. T 4. TJ ' "My Ihafr came out badly, and^ JUOSlJilClir turninir gray. I triedf Aycrs Hair Vigor, it ^topped the hair from coming out and rct^tored the color" Mrs, M, D, Gray, No. Saiern, Mass.: '' <i=^">c«rt-ti S;. All dr .iictclBts. J, C. Ayor Co.. Lowell, :aasi.. WM. LANY0N ,8r .,Prea. J. B. CASOJ Vlce-P «5. A, B. ROBERTS, Cash lola State Bank, Capita! Stock, $50,006. DIRECTORS: • . Wm. Lanyyn, sr., V.llotxl, Get. i:. Ni<;liolsor..I M. A. Ix-w,' ;J. A. Itobinson. 11. L. Henderson, Frank [:idc'.Ic, A. H. Kobcrts. STOCKHOLDEl^: J. B. Case, Wm. L:inyon. sr.. Geo. K. Nicholson. .1. A. KdbiJson; Frank Kltldle, A. L. Taylor W.S.Hendricks, II. t.. Henderson. L. L. I'orisler. :H. Khiuniiin. .1. JW. Goutant, 9 David Kwart, E. 1'. Sclie!!, A. IJevinijtgn. .1. S.'WalUer. Calvin Hood. M. A. Low. H. A. EttiniT, A. \V. Howlund." .F. AV. Edwards, R. ir. Ik'nnett. Ev:»n« llros.; A J^. Ui^berts. • J. 13. C&^-e locnls can blame no ono but tiicni- sclvo.^ r<ir IlK 'ir (b-rcjit. Si 'oro: Fort Scott bo :;(MM) I oiMi:;— 7 S " Pillsbur .i;. 1 1 0 0 o ;; ooi. o ii— r, JL> <J Batteries—Stcflo am! Cticel;; Stinson and McOoniild. Missouri' Valley League Standing. SpriimficM ::••> i:! T.l" Fori Scott .loplin ..M lola ... I :;o S.Mialia :.. .N'fvaiia •. 1^0 I*illslnir.^ IS Ltavoinvurih H NT E D! • Wani oil—Girl I'or geuerai hotise- w.irk :rt ^11) S. ^Valnul. :!>'» T.t T.t :."t; •ICIt piu •If 212 I \ya !iUMi: - Rooms—Two or tlireo'^ furJiKlit Iiuuscl;fei>ing. GalF or aii'ir;ss oOT Wosi Jacl>son. J.. B. iJ.iwlcri.- - - For SalO—New three room house at t:u.<t. huiiiire at 411 N. Third.. Ckjaie (inicli. : . Kansas Derrick Winning Out. Tlif l:i -;t nunilier of the ICaiisas lliT- rivU was i.'^siicd from ih;' Uft ^jsiei; pre .ssi ,s toda .v. Tin.' Dt-nick is rapidly ;;rowiii,u; iiiiu the iilacr wliicli It ai- plri 'S to (ic;-ii;i.v. iliai of ulllcial nil paper of tin" Held. 1^ h:is nciir^ ly fVpnndcil ami imw c.ivci;; .Ml .i' Woodson, (ireeiiwotxl, ("liaiiiaiKina. ICliv, Wilson, Neo.slio, Moii !.i;oTiiiM-y aiid Labelle countii-s and liln- iiMiili part of tlio/lndliin Terillory. li.-< .siiIn ;iTipiion secured by voluiiiaiy riili.-crip- in •reco .^nitioll of the value of the matter published, is cliiiihin.i; raiiidly toward Hie tbousainl mark. Tlie little inai ^azine .i^oes all over the east and north dud it is certainly doing some fine advertising for -soutb- eastcrn Kansas and at the same time furnisiics the uon-rcsident who owns land liere or is interested in the oil or gas. development news from tlio field which he should know by all means. list, tions i.Koonis-<-:'.<'2 South street, for^ light !i:)m;ekee!>imj:. No children. For Uei 'u^Two • rooms for 'light boiiseki-eiiiiiK^, North Clic.^lnut. i Fiinii.-hif'd rooms. 1(111 siniCrl ;;oi S. Washlug- ': Ki '.r'ii-A well fiirnished room. ii:ith roMiiV oii Hie same lloor. Ki -nib- pr. ri -rred. 2iM _a. ('oltoiiwooil. : I.osi —SjyjjiH lio pin. ^ foti,onv/p6^' -Jlowu Return lo-.".t'".» ward. 0 j Tlinur' ueafly Jlurnlsheil rooms' ai ',11 i Soiili:; Washimilia^ avenue, two iiiocUs froin. ijio square. " Doubleheader Tomorrow. The plan at the goes to press .is to time the Register iplay a double-head- 'i For. Reiat—rSev<ui roi >rti house furnished ami r »--a<iy t" "U 'vo "uio. bath mom ;iud-all l-onvenleticea. Will rent fbr suninis,'!-—Uin 0_-monc^is. Inquire at this office, [:-^^ 23^ er ball game with Leavenworth tomorrow. One game wi afternoon. If you notmced turn out along, lola needs I be at 10:30 in the forenoon and the other at 3:30 in thu^ hear the game ari- and help the boys both games. Fire at Smelter No. 2. Fire yesterjday d:'siroyed the frame iHiilding oveij bloccs No. 1 and 2 at works No. 2 of the Lanybil Zinc. Com- pitfijf.lftthis citr. the flfe' staried: frbm i, >ga8 ;ije.ti:^; K[i The oldreJiabltj.'Lbw- estlprices, ^est quality. ? Telepllone 159. ^ jADER,

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