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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 19, 1889
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I' VOLUME 8. STERLING, ILLINOIS, THURSDAY, REl'TBMBEH 19. 1830. NUMBER UH. 7 S S lir ! |.,.' jrt a (I. I • DYSPEPSIA, iriTilsr-rycTperlti-iivd wli'--n v,-e siimlonly ('ir!'iii'c!i!l'«i ."i '-.t"ina'rh. The uMiM'-h in <>rv'>1r frcin which evrrv flliru nn<l ti'.:-'i»> •'no'iHslwl.aiHl rvny tronlile wltn It Is •iltlirom/lioiit. tliH wh'>!" r.ysti'm. Among :-, i!y-.r<T'i''<" i "''0 two will h:«ve tl-.n same t,i-.>tl«.mlii',ntKvmritiims. J)y,pi>pt:.-s of Ml ion ivi'iit'-il iio'wcr ium a nillmis u i nipcrain< 1 !it art- uriii.'f! to Mirk HoartncHp; tliti 1 "". fiVshyand ph!i'fi!>.Rti<- have- fonntliiitt Ion. while the thin nii'1 iif-rvnus are fibiuulOTied to (jloony foro- i>oiI5i!ST«. Some dyspeplli-s tire wonderfully t(>n:ef fill; others have Rtcnt irritabllliy of tern Whatever form Dyspepsia may tf.k*, one thing The underlying cause is in the 11 VSR, and onotblnr more t» eqiuiJly certain, no one will remain a dyspeptic who will JAPAN DELUGED. A Frightful Cataclysm in Mikado's Dominions. the THE ODD FELLOWS' PARADE. Tlin to <. "inn*! In I,in' •mil Sin- Unit. O, H-pt. — An Arriilptjt i'.t. — Tiio grand IIOWA DEMOCRATS. Ol th tttoinaoh, Expel foul gas**, Allny Irritation, Assist Digestion, at the name time Start the Liver to working, when all other troubles Soon disappear. "My wife was a confirmed three cars a£o by tlio Mvlc" <>» f>r. AiiRnsta, she was Induced To try Simmons Liver Ri'Kiilfttor. I feel grateful for the relief It has given her, and may all who read this and are afllleted In any wns. whether chronic or other- Vrlso, use Simmons Liver Kegnlator and I feel confident health will be restored to all who will be advised/ 1 — WM. M. KKBSB. Fort Valley, Ua. Bee that you get the Genuine, with red Z on front of Wrapper, TKEPABKD ONI.T BY J.H. KKIMX A CO. Philadelphia. Fn. -, Som ,t t^lncr, 01 lDr. H. Mclane's Celebrated LEYER WILL. CURE A few doses taken at the right time will often aavo a severe epoll ol sickness. Price only 25 cents at anv drua store. Be sura and see that DP. 0. McLANE'S CELEBRATED LIVER PILLS, FLEM INQ BROS., Pittsburgh. Pa., la on toe box. Kone other ia Genuine TTao IVORY POLISH for the Teeth FIFTEEN THOU? AND LIVES LOST. Scores of Towns Sivopt liy a Ursine Tor- i-pnt and ttid I'ooplo K,f,ft Dniul or Dpsll- tnt*v—The TiO«« of Property Kitlmntod nt 90,OOO.noo—Somo Plncos 1Ylp<Hl Cimi- p!ote-ty Offthu Fnro of the Kiirtli—Tim CoTJciniftnj;li Horror Outdone—A niomi- tain Ovnrwlielma a VlSlnge. SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 10.— Province Kii, in tho southwestern part of Japan, has been visited by one of tho greatest disasters in tho history of tho country. Probably more than 15,COO peop'.o have biwn killed, several tswns having b?en wipod completely off tho faco o£ tho earth, and others have boon nearly demoliaho'I. Tho catastrophe wai occasioned by floods in the western part of tho provinc?, and by tlss crumbling of n mountain, which bui-io.l six villages nudar a hugo mm a of rocks and earth in the eastern districts. Like tlie Conemnugh I>isnster. The onrly part of August was remarkable for its rains, and tho rapid riso of rivors soon became alarming. The banks of tho Klnogawa river, a stream over 100 miles In length,- broke near tho town of Yokohama ou tho 19th, and a mountain of water liko that which swept through the Conomaugh vnlloy ruihod out upon th,3 fields and towns, wrecking houses, bridge?, fences, and tom- ples, and all things in its path. In tbia district 200 houses were carried away and 5,000 ruined by water, leaving 80,000 people do- pendent upon local ofllciiils for food. Lower down tin! embankments of the Hidaka-jown. »ere;(K'Kti ! oyod, flooding tbo cultivated fields i nd ndjncont towns. Out of.sixty hotiacs? at \Vfikanoraura_ hut two- ronmins fitnn liny;-, »nd more than fifty people lost their lives. Dozens of VIlii&KOfl Flooded. An official of tho Nishlmura district, who arrived at "Wukayarna ou the evening of Aug. 22, reports lhat at about 4 p. -SPECIALTIES.— ^ The Finest, Most Durable, and holds Its shape '' the beat of any whip In the market. Carpet Sweeps. The Easiest Dumped, Easiest Kun- nlngand Latent.Improved Sweeper made. Two sacks J2.EO .. 2,80 Fancy Patent, per saclt, 41.BO. HsJf Patent, " t. l.M. Some of the oldest residents ot this city claim this to bo the best flour they ever used la the State ot Illinois.' CJream of latent, , Daisy and.'Minn Holler in stock. A Good Stock of Tin Tomato! Cans. Very Cheap. Also a few dozen ofj MASONS GLASS FRCIT JABS AND JELL TDHBUBS LEFT AT X.1U JOHNSON'S. A CHANGE. [SUCCESSORS TO O. A. Oliver. BOOKS, STATIONERY and Wall l*aper. •A, Ibat nt nbout'4 p. m. on the Iflth nn inroad of water took placn at Tnnabernachi.nnd ina fewmomentstheflooi-s of buildings in the vicinity woro covered. Many houses in the district were carried away, and about 800 persons are said to have lost their lives. All the villages within an extent of ten miles are more ; or less sub- inergod. In Choraihomura several hundred houses were washed away, "leaving only eleven buildings standing. Many parson* aru reported to have lost their lives In this district nlso. — .- - Covered l>y Raping "Wntern. The volume of the River Kinokuni, an adjacent stream, swelled to an extraordinary extent, tho rise being in sorao places as much ns thirteen to eighteen fool above the normal level. No bridge over tun stream coull withstand the force of tho flood. Tho rlvor steadily rose from about (J o'clock in the evening until at last, near midnight, it began to overflow its embankments, and about four miles from the city of Wakayama its banks (it tho village of Iwahashi wore washed away. Immediately the village and Ha whole neighborhood, including about forty-eight other hamlets, woro covered by tho raging waters. The depth of the flood is stated to have been from five to 111 teen feet . • Fnrthor Detail* of Havoc. 1 ha neighborhood of Osaka has also suffered very severely. The embankments ou the Yodogawn and Inkedapaigawn were broken at several places on the 21st, and considerable damage was caused to farmers, while many bouses were swept away or otherwise injured. In Hongumura 180 houses were washed away and thirty persons were drowned. In Hinashipmurogorl and Keship- marogorl several hundred houses were do- •molisbcd and a considerable loss of life is reported. In Hidakagori 380 houses were carried awuy and seventy others wore more or loss damaged, while )3Ci persons lost their lives and fifty others received morn or. less severe injuries. Abput 6,000 persons narrowly escaped death, Hough Kstlrnate of tho Money !*>»». Other villages Buffered much by tho floods, and tho number of the dead cannot be accurately determined; but for the province of KH it it will not fall below 10,000. Bloated bodies and wreckage of all descriptions cover the fields for miles around, aui it will ba months before tho survivors cnu proceed with their work. The loss In money Is roughly estimate:! at $0,000,000. Relief hag been sent to tho ruiuod district, but inada- quate facilities for collecting and distributing provisions, will make the suffering intense, and in the outlying districts many will dio of starvation. Singular and Terrible Catantropho.. The same rise which ruined tho western part of the province of Kli by flood also wrought a Jiiost singular and ruinous disaster in tho eastern section. A newspa'per published at Osika gives a clear account. It says; . "Since the 18th fast, tno lotsugua-Go district baa been visited with heavy rains, and-at dawn on the lUth it was discovered that the rivers were rising rapidly. People in tho neighborhood oJ Amanogawa, fearing an inundation, made preparations for tho emergency. While they were thus employed tha mountain suddenly crumbled away, obstructing communication botween Tsujidomuru and Sakamotomuro, arid tho waters of tho river, which rose in consequence, covered tho houses in Tsujidomuro, tho pooplo flocing to a temple situated on an elevated pleca of gi-ouu I. . There, bowsyor, ihoy—woro not fated-la be .Buff,.si Ku_;itaina, a high hill, which is situated a|thj"back of I the temple, suddenly came down on the vil- lutfw in an avnlanch*, burying th^ entire tjwu under yron «1, only li-ilt of the temple • buiug left," . —. afeetlng of I»«mnsTlvm>la Minors. WlLKESEAiuiK, IV, Sept. 10.—The fourth annual convention of the National Trade District of Miners and Mine Laborers of the United States lwg»n here yesterday. An aggregate memtu-i s'lip of 28,000 la represented, f bo eight-hour (5110311011 and a reduction In the charge for powder will bo leading subj.-uts for action by tho convention. Stops will bu Ink MI to aid tha striking Illinois minors. - J''lU-43Hl iMIeHllI Ort)g*>l>. FOUTI..VNH, O-v., Sept. IU.—IVrrible for- a.-it'iiriii iiuy^- tk'eii rti^ir.g .V-ist ^'t^t of ht>i'ti, mid «ni U"»v rapidly approaching tho city. Tiis lUiUii'i-itii'o IIUVB tuk.m all pK-cautiou* to 'Tho so«iK'« along tha Col- '.u arts maiiitil<-t.UiF. parade ot tho I. O. O. F. ami ratrinn-hs Militant yi'st-Tilny nfu>ninon \vn-i two n.\v\ a. half hours in p«siin_', niul t'.io nnni!'.i:r of inmi in line uxrircilfd "'),n;ii) ( Ix'ins dlvldivl f into thr«» divisions \vit'.) a lar^e military in.vay, nnum^ whom wuro Hi" .Monti;oni -rv, Ala.. Uroj-s; tho Loyal Legion 1-0) Luiisville, and Toled > Cadets. It wns Ih" grandest domon- trat inn in numbers and ce.lnt this ord ;r over hail in America. An AiMHilent to tlie Ornnil Sire. Tli3 only evont to mar the dny occurred about noon, when Grand Siro John C. Underwood met with a very painful accident, anil o:ilv escaped death by a miracle. Ho and bin stuff woro ri.lingnUni'.; the street, whan tho gentira^.-t borso elipp: d anil fell. We f.ill umlor lr.9 horse, nn'l while in this position another hoi-r;o rKldon by u member of his stnlt struck him about the head with its foot. At fli-st it was supposed his iirjurios were fatal, but though sivuraly hurt ho persisted in taking p-u-t in tho paradi) and last night wns apparently all right. Festlvltlm nt. Nljjht. Last night a military reception was given, the rroueral In the sonato chamber, after whicfi tliH ceremoniej ot "Decoration of Chivalry" took plno) at City hull, followed by a grand bnll in honor of Grand Sire. Un- dor wood and th,> S >vci-ui^n Gran.1 lod^o. Tho I»fiu:;htHri of Rabcknh. Tho D;iin;hleM of HobjUah yeiijardiiy por- fecled tt iintionul pennaiient organizAlion. The following ollicers were clms.-n: Tresi-dent, Mrs. M. E. R->n, of Misnonri; vice presiilent, Louisa 13. Hull, of Indium; secretary, Ju In A. l)un-ou;!n, ot. MiiaLincnn- sotts; treasurer, Mrs. C. A. K-ied, ot Keu- tncky; wnr.len, Mrs .\L L Fifer, ot Montana: conductor, Nellie Anton, of Ohio; pimrdians, Miss Eniio Pnge, WaahinRton City, nn 1 Mrs. Eliz-:ibe'th Mory, of Michigan. . RAY HAM_LTON'3 WIFE. Tha Womnn Who Stiibbeil Nnrso Donnelly on Trliil— The. TrHllmonyi MAY'S LANDING, N. J., Sept. 19.—Tho trial of~ -MrBTilamilton'' for^itubbtiig 1-fufsif Donnelly wns "coiKni»in;ed yesterday and the nurse wan the first wltn R-t Hei' testimony did not differ material y from that already printed. She said that Mrs Hamilton called her a foul mime; that n tussle took place and thnt during the uanv-' Mrs. Hamilton slabbed her. Hamilton wns th) next witness, and swora that th« nurse was very abusive nud aggressive ton iird "the defendant." He did not call her his wife once during his testimony. "Tho defendant" hud showed him bruisjs and scratches inflicted upon her by tho nurse. 'Mrs. Hamilton awora that the uurso threw hor upon the bed ami placed her knee on bur stomach and while lu this position she (Mrs. Hamilton) had usod tho knifo in self-defense, Blio wns married to Hamilton lust January. Kho refused to testify as to the paternity of the baby or as to w bother she hud boon married before. This ended the testimony and the arguments were begun before court adjourned f Jr the day. The State Convention Held at Gioux City. BOIE3 NOMINATED f OR GOVERNOR THE _LEO WENT DOWN. Uodloi ot Two of Her PaVncngerj Found Flouting hi the I.iilco. CLEVELAND, O., Sept. 19.— That the steam yacht Loo was lost and' her nine possongers drowned is now certain. The bodlei of I. D. Lawler and T. P. Hitter were found . flo at- Ing in the lake yestord ly. The otlior S3ven budies have not yet bean picked up, although the life-saving crowa searched for them all day. • ' _ Tlio ISiiHe Hall Ilecatil. CHICAOO, Sept. 19.— All the base boll aggregations got in a full day's work yesterday, a couple of them playing two games. The League scores were: At Chicago — Chicago ft, Indianapolii 10; at Pittsburg— (lirst game) Pittsburg 0, Cleveland 5; (wcond game) Pittsburg 4, Cleveland 2; at Washington City— (Unit game) Washington 4, New. York 7— ton innings; (-wcoud game) Washington 4, New York 10— six Innings, too cold; at Boston— Boston 9, Philadelphia 1— seven innings,, darkness, American aswclatinn: At Philadelphia-? Athletic 11, Brooklyn -11— si: ven • innings, darkness; at Louisville— Louisville 3, Cincinnati 4— ten innings; at ColuiubuD—Co- lumbus 5, Baltimore 1 ; at Kansas City- Kansas City 2, St. Louis 7- Western league: At Milwaukee— Milwaukee 11, St. Joseph 5; at Des Moines— Des Koines 12, Denver 0; at Bt. Paul— St. Paul 0, Sioux City 8; at Minneapolis— Minneapolis 16, Oraabol.; _ Tlrat> on the ttuca Trucks, BBOOKLYN, "N. Y., Sept. lU.-The races at the Gravesend courso yesterdiy woro won by the following hors's: Philander, 1 mile, l:4fl>i: Castaway, 1 1-10 miii-s. 1:53; Gr>!g-" ' C-JrtiZ, \Y» miles, mile, \:VA]4\ Eolo, ory,' % mile, l:!S,'i; 2:01%; C.vll Service, , CHICAGO, 8»pt. IU.— The winning horses at the West Side coursi yesterday were: Bob. by Beach, •»« furlongs, 0:0oM; Cout-mpt, % mile,' 1:18; ijpaldliiK, 1 1-1'i "illes, 1:411; Cashier, 1 mile, . 1:44J<J; Tom Stoveos, % mile, 1:16X. . _ uiulii'ritii' i'nt tutsbirt -re by *Jiiat, T .M« <•< mair fuii'S Itr. ho clars that it Two Men Kill*a ut n Ci-uMltiR. CHICAGO, Sept. ID.—Frank Hanssen, ot Avondalo, 111, an-1 a companion, name unknown, were iiutuntly killed about 9 o'clock lost night at the Bolinont avaiiae crossing of the Northwestern roiiid in Gross Park. They were driving west hi a Bulky, and for some reason fnil.-d t<> BOO tha south-bound passenger train. Their horsj wa* tquurely on tho track when tho train struck thum. The horse was iuntantly killed, the sulky smashed "and the b6du r s"of~Ui9"m«n hurled at luast 100 feet from tho crossins. JVo'e.rrc.1 Kut-Ho!«* to Hanka. BUFFALO. N. Y., Sept. 19.—Martin Free- mail, o miserly farmer of Nopoll, does not place his faith in banks, but bides his wealth in chimneys, old stoves and rat-hoW Tuesday night two men entered uia house,walkud up-stairaand soon wont out. Investigation ghowud that the robbers had ransacked all the r»t-holi>3 and hiding places they could discover and carried off *1,OOU, mostly In gold. They overlooked gl,50U hidden la other places. Thoy Sb.outd Stick Tottsther. CHICAGO, 8-)|'t. IS).—Tho i_lua manufuot- turBrs of tho UniUn:! Btatea who have an or- gaulziitkm for mutual protactiou held thuir Fifth anuUiil nintitinu bora ymfrday, '^'he busliu-sH transac!«.i waa of a routino naturit. The ullicura for Uia wiiiiiij,' year Will ba: sut, W. N. Sciitt, lUBto.i; Mt-i-oUiry, Tun«'j! v Keynote of tlio Ctimpiil™n Slrunk liv Rleh- nr<l» r ol Mu«»tlne—Orovnr Cleveluncl ami Turlff Krform—Hlclt TJeensu a* n Hnlullon o{ tho IJi.itor I'l-nbifin—Call for a MrntlnR nt Vlrglnltt Ci>lor<-il Mnn — Antl-prohibition Bt-puhlicttim. Sioux CITY, In., Sopt. 10.—Tlio Democratic slate convention held hero yesterday nominated the following ticket: Governor, Horace Boies, of Blnckbawk county; liou- tonnnt governor, S. L. Bestow; supremo judge, William Krnnnan; supcrintonilont of public instruction, Thomas Irian; railway co.rnm'Bsioner, David Morgan. A Bemoorntlo Keynote. Previous to tho nominations speeches were made by Mr. Richman, a young orator of Muscat'ine, and Judge Kinno. Tho former was warmly received when he nroso nnd said: "Id.-siroto present-to tho convention this sentiment: Tho national Democratic party, triumphant in 18M on a platform of tariff re uction nnd under tho leadership of Grovor Cleveland. Tho fnct is becoming every day clonror that upon this question of the tariff the people of the United States ore at last awake. Tho presidential campaign just ovot has been worth to tho Democracy all it cost Nominal defeat has been real victory. Wo h'lvo lost tho present, but we have gained the future in ita stcud. On this question of tbo tariff—this question of unnecessary taxation—the intelligence of the country is with the Democratic party. We have a recruit- ins station in every school in the land and able leaders in nearly every economic speaker and writer. I have need but to mention tho name of James Russoll Lowell, of Jlngh-—MeCullotfhr—of—Gar-ptaon —and"^!"" the s>on ot Lovojoy, Even now, bjforo tliu Harrison ad ministration-, 1ms li«M otllco n •ingle year, tho emptiness Elrlullnr falsity of "protectionism" are 'being demonstrated. Reckless as la tho declaration ot the last nn- tioiml Republican plat form concerning tlio tariff, that ot tho last Republican pl.itforni 0 this state is even more. so. That declaration is that n tariff protects tho farmer. Why, every schoolboy knows that the American farmer moots no foreign.competi- tion in the American market, and that consequently to talk of protecting him against foreign competition hero is sheer absurdity. Bhnll this insult to tho common sonso of thw farmers o( Iowa go unrebuked at the poll y? 1 trust not.. - At the mention of Cleveland's namn the convention nroso en masse nnd choprod enthusiastically. Tho Unolnrntlon of Principles. Tho report of the committee on resolutions was unanimously adopted. It indorses the platform of tho St. Louis national convention; opposes high'tariff taxation; favors tho Australian ballot system; approves tho doctrine of state and national tibntrol of railroads; ni-raigua the Republican party for changing tha pharmacy laws of the state, and, while demanding liberal pensions for nil infirm and honorably discharged soldiers, denounces the decision that the dishonorable discharge of a soldier from the service of the United States is no bar to a pension. The Temporunoe Flank. Tho temperance plank in tho platform is as follows: "That in the Interest of true temperance we demand the passage of a carefully guarded license tax law, which shall provide for tho tssuanca of licenses in towns, townships and municipalities ot the stato by vote of the people of such corporations, and which shall provide that for each license an annual t«vx of $500 shall be paid Into the county "treasury; and such further tax as the town, township or municipal corporation shall prescribe, the proceeds thereof to go to the use of such municipalities." Resolutions on the death of 8. B. Cox were introduced and adopted by ft rising vote, after which the convention adjourned. The Candidate for Governor. - Horaca Boies, the nominee for governor, is a native of New York stato. He was born in Erie county, near Buffalo, sixty-one years ago. In 1807 Mr. Boies removed to Waterloo and has boon engaged in the practice of law thore ever since. He is senior member of the firm of Boies, Husted & Boies, aud stands very high among the attorneys throughout tho itato. He is also largaly interested in agriculture, having nearly 4,000 acres of land In Grundy and Palo Alto counties. The Democratic stato coutral committee last night orgauizsd by the election of J. J. Dunn, of Dabuque, as chairman; Thomas H. Lee, of Rod Oak, aa secretary, and Sam Cohn, of Muscatino, as treasurer. A resolution instructing the chairman to open headquarters at Des Moiues was adopted unanimously. ' Call for tt Meeting of Ne»roe». WASIUNGTOS Crrv, Sept. 19.— Thomas A. J. Clomons, editor of The National Times, an organ of the colored people here and in Alexandria, Va., has Issued a call for a convention of the independent colored citizens of Virginia to be hold at Alexandria Oct. X THE IVES-STAYNP.R TPiAL. . Ol"in of thn l'ro«rrmlon—A Motion to Ar- qnit OVM rul^d. 1,'r.w YORK, Bnpt. 19. —Tin pr-r'-'-niion clf^f'l tlioir onfto a^ain^t Ives nn^l B-.aynor yeiU-rd.-iy with tho exaniin.'iii-m of n f""" witii'^ies who fiUfi"d to nuMiing of t;ro.\t tnonvMit. Tlio nnnounrvniont tha." the jiro •- ecutinn wns through was n. surpi-Uo to tlm defens', and n short, confcivnco w.i<j hell, ofler which Lawyer Brooku moved that tho jnry bo instructed to acquit the ileffinlant*. Iu making this motion Mr Brooke argued that tho unsupported evidmioo ojt Woodruff, who wns a Rolf-confessed accomplice in the crime charg-d, coul.l not under tho Inw bo considered by tho jury; nnd. fui-th°rmore, tliat tho nlleg-Kl fraudulent i^no of stock had not been nuido within tho jurisdiction of this court, tho signing and sealing of tho sumo having boon done in Brooklyn, in tho jurls-liition of tha courts of Kings county. Mr. Broo'.to also argue-l thnt tho indlctnv-int of Ives ns an oflliMr of tho Cincinnati, Hamilton and Dayton company was defective, as the ofllcers of the company could act as such only within tha state of Ohln, from which state tho company had received ibt corporate rights. Therefore, any action of tho officers in the state ot New Vork could only bo taken as agents of tho company, not as omcors. Recorder Smyth denied the motion to oc- quit Ives and said that ho would leave the case to the jury. Mr. Brooke noted an exception to this (i-j"ision. Tho court then adjourned for tho day. REPORTS IN THE CRONIN CASE. IM-h II I tl Of K'!»b~ Le Cnron's I>niiR!it«r'« Letters—Four Jurymen fircnred. CHICAGO, S»pt. ID.—It- is reported that Miss Lo Cnron, tho daughter of th) E.iglish 3py, has written letters to n young man in this city in which sho declares that tho real murderers of Dr. Cronin have not yet been caught, and intimates that one Burlinganr), an English druggist, who luft this city Ihortly after the mnrd.T, Is Implicated. Tno report seems to bo well authenticated, nnd Lawyer Forrest refused to deny its truth, and would not talk about It On tho^othor^ -hand-it is stht }<t that IhelTrosooution will, put Lo Caron himself on tho stand. LATKH-— The young man who received letters from Miss la .Caron has been found and snys the above story is a lie out of whole clothpexcL'pt ns to him receiving letters. Notn word about tho Cranin case, however, is in nny of 'them. Tim 'mornlng-papem charge thnt the wholn thing isadovicoot tho defense to divert suspicion- from thoir clients. • > , Four jurors have finally been secured to pass judgment on tho .five rnen now on trial for tho murder of Dr. Cronin. They took tho formal oath at S^.j o'clock yesterday afternoon, nnd ten minutes later were escorted from tho jury-box into Judge McConnell's private room, where they will fa- kept under the surveillance of a bAiiliff until their colleagues shall havu been touTuIT The nnmes of tho jurors are John'Culver, Charles Hicks, Jnmrs Pearson and Frank Hall. All four are Americans. TWO YOUTHFUL MISCREANTS. |.ll-i:l'-:i ji-'i ir II I.-':'."-; '•. »« i'tirnc.l Th« L'livlon iV-iok-* h.-i'l tii.'ir -jstMil bu-y n.^jt.-i-t \V- il :-,'fi bw, n -nr'.y nil !ii>> ^trikerrf hnvinp; re!nrnii.l to «-;>rk. Klni.-r J'lnm, ot Pntnam, Conn., in on trial on n i-hiirgo <-f rop-.-ittwt attempts to rune his 10 (luiightor. About, a "scorn ot bniliiings wero ili'strayert hydro ttV.lno-driy in tlu town of Sunford, I)-).. Including tho town hnll. The loss was about *:'.(i,()00. An Irishmnn nnnioii Mngnire, just nrrlrH, rjaroiiod the streets of N«w York Wednesday looking for a rich man to kill. Ho was ins me itnJ waa iucitori up. Col. C;o>rgo Fiouruoy, a well-known lawyer of Hun Frnncisco, an ex-Confodornt« oflicer, and nt one time attorney general of Texan, died in that city Wednesday. Dr. Ljuis Maos, who bad acquired cele* brity in both hemispheres in a pianist and composjr, dio 1 at his home al Jamaica Plain, near Boston, Tuesday night, of peritonitis. A child named Eva Bogdn fell into tho Chi -ago river Tuesday, nml though she -was rescued nbo died at tho hospital later, poi- sonoil. It is believed, by swallowing some of tlis wutor. M'.-. F. C. Flllsbury says that wbilo the Pillsbury mills at Minneapolis are for sale if a large enough price Is offored, tho recent reports of their purchase by a British syndicate are nil nonsense. 'A fearful trtgedy is reported at Szatmar, Hungary. A Jewish family of six persons were killed with hatchets, and terribly mutilate 1, by unknown persons. The motive ot tho crime was robbery. Si'.insy D. Waters and Petor Dneber, councilmen, and William Gille-ipie, policeman, ot Spokane Falls, W. T, are charged with the disgraceful crimo ot stealing n portion of the fund subscribe 1 for the relief of _tliat city, which—was nohrly~desTrbySr by Bra Home time ago. Senator Gibbs, of tho Georgia legislature, made ft speech iu tho fctato senate Wednesday in which he declared that the free negro was useless in Georgia, and advocated ridding the stato of the colored people. Ho indorsed the whippings of nogroo?, etc., that have recently occurred A Cn«e Thnt L<mU» Like Murder. C'HlOAC6,~t5u'pf> 1S.—The lisijrz ct. atr.jsli. known man wasfound Tuesday lu a cluinpol bushes ncnr the Panhandle railway bridge .over Calumet river near this city. In the right hand of the corpse was a revolver and iu his brain a bullet, but of smaller caliber than (he pistol. Two other bullet-holes were in the head and the skull was crushed. The only thing fi.und in his pockets which would ba of any use in identification was tho address, "Misi E lith Kyurs, No. 58 Sugar street, Mansfield, O." It is tho opinion of the police thnt the man was -murdered. Only 20 cents wns found in his pockets. To Is powder nnV'T vartfw. A miuvol ol potly 4trtmtrth and wnnlssomoiiras. Mora ftceooralra* than tfte .inllnnry kinds. n.nrt can not bo Soirt i" competition with the multitude ot low test, sbort neUiu, a.iui,iit i i imsvliRie powotm. M>kl o iv i i i-:«11. ,.,IYAL MARINO Powuma (o,4W Wall .-u.... vv t.ork Jan3ld-*ljr ?! jpSCT •**J l ? rp St32?' B 5;K.?ai.- 1 j!!iT' s^^' Thonmpliiv cl^nnw tlio lilonrt, which is fli» fonniiiln of n-i')(f Dr. J'lcrcc'S Golden M.-dical DipmviM-r, ftiisl troml <1l)resUon, i fair sltin, b\ioynnt ni>tri!K. anil tKHilty heftltl anil vliror n-tll In.' <"<Mil>l!?li<tl. (ii)lil"ii Sf.'dlfMl DlHi.'i>viTy cures nil hnmorg, from the cfiiiiiiion phnpk', liloti Si, or i-nsprlon, to tho worst SiTnfiila, <:t lil'>od-iHit(ion. K8- iH-i'lallr li:i« it proven MB crnracy in cm-teg Snit-rlicuin or Totter, Eczrina, Srys!(«!',»«, KcvRr-Min.'fl, Hln-Jolnt Disriwe. Rcrofuloiu SoifS and PwelliiufB, Knlur(rt«l Cliujdfi, Onl- tro «r Thick Nci/U, and liUitlnsc Surua or Ulc' rfl. Ciuldnn Jfeilienl Dlsoorery curvo Onsutnp- tlon (which is l?ci-o. r iita of tlio Lnnrfsi. by its wnudortul bliMHl - piirlrylm,'. Ini'teoraiirssf, nod nutritive ;)ro|»Ttlr.-s, if taken In Uino, li'or WcMli Limp', Spitting of Blood, Shdrt- tinss of liit'nth,- t'atnrrh—In tlio Hoad, Brt)»» jhiMs, Severn (.'ou({l(fl. Asthma, and kindred iffi'Ctlonf, It la a sovurciR-n remedy. It promptly «Mirr-3 the ei-'Vi>n.CT Coughs, For Tnrpld l.lvpr, nillouomsg. or "Llyer Complaint," I)ysi>i'p«iaTttiid Indigestion, it la in unenimled rt-inwty. Sold by drugpiata. !>rf^, «1«l or «IT bnttlni frn- "-M SEVENTH POINT You should trad Tnn CHI CAiso DAILY Nsw> because you can afford it. Price do**in'l fliand In the way, It*^ r&illy the rlieaprst thln^ on purtli- . One cept m^nnn prftc- fically nothing—im;M yv:i r;.'*r;^ It. Then you may roakt It »S*?H a great deal, accordiJig na you invest it. A thing la cheap If it conta little, nnd is n-orth mifch, TUB DAILY NEWS w tiUc ntelc. graph from the whole wcrM to yoiir brain^ To keep it in constant working order c«Mn you but one cent a day. That's why It's cheap—becau« it renders a great service for an iosignifi- Cant price, cimilaiion is aaopcxj a day—over a million :t week—and it costs by mail a? ct<i. a month, four monthi $i.oa t —tnte ctnt a </<y- The call declares the condition of the colored people in the state of Virginia—politically, industrially and socially—to be very unsatisfactory. It is signed by a committee of seven. Mr. Clemens says he has assurances that at least seventy delegates will be in attendance. Anti-Prohibition DtTBDQUB, la., Sopt RopabUcaul. JO.—A state They Try to Wreck u Truln In Ilavonge for Iteing llonucml. CONCOIID, N. H., Sopt. JO.— Tueslay afternoon tho south bound JWhito Mountain express, a heavily loaded and very fiut train, jumped some obstructions near North Concord, nnd was snvoJ from disaster only by tho wh-:ela luckily catching the track. The passengers were shaken up and badly frightened. It was subsequently discovered that a dozan or more fish-plates had been placed on the rails b* Percy and Arthur Abbott, brothers agod respectively 10 and 8, who had attempted to wreck tho train out of revenge for havingbeen put off a freight train on which they tried t > st-.'al a ridu to Northfield, where they were going to visit their uncle. Totei-nnn «t Chattanooga. CHATTANOOGA, Temi., Sept. 19.—Four thousand veterans of the Union army al'- rived here yesterday to attend the Society of tho Army of the Cumberland. A sad Incident markeJ the first day of tho gathering O. D. Oreer, of Princotoi, Ills., a veteran of WilJer's brigade, was killed on the Lookout Mountain railway. At the mooting Gen. Rosecrans presided, and it was determined to devote the receipts of this meeting to tho erection of a monument to Gen. Thomas. Brigade reunions were tho order of the afternoon and ut night a grand panulo was held, tho evening's festivities closing with a display of fireworks. ^ • Murder by Owns of N<i(jroe». JACKSONVILLE, Flo., Sept 1W.— A special from Jasper says that on Tuesday night three negro gamblers entered . a camping car near there where a gang of railway construction men were sleeping, woke tho men up and demanded a game of poker. This being declined as against the company's orders, the negroes began to provoke a row. They finally left the car nnd opened fire upon it with rifles and revolvers. Sidney Thomas, one of the railro id men wns killed, and three other men suriously Injured, one probably fatally. Bill O ties, one of tho negroes, is under arrest. The Kite Mxiton*. NEW YOUK, Kept. 19. —Tho s preme council ot tho Scottish Rile .^ asons n-sumed its session yesterday. Ex-Judge Palmer of Wisconsin, grand commander, presided in th& "Grand East" Reports were rcadru- lating to matters concerning the order, and Grand Mauler Currier, of New Hampshire, waa elected to the thirty-third degree to fill the vacancy caused by tho death of Aaron King, of New Hampshire. A musical entertainment and a banquet wore given in the evening. . "We are now prepared to do First-Class ' in all the Jatest styles. \iSSE Give us a -call,-one -ani all, and 'it pa have aoy lie-iipuOlsteriDg to do we will attend to it Reynolds Bros., WKMTK«K1> FBKJriTBBE STOKR. BTEBIJtJie, Autl- W. ized by certain Republicans. Capt Ellsworth, who has be.-n Working for years in Wisconsin In the interest of anti-prohibition, ia the prime mover, aiJod by R \V. Blant-hard, editor of The Dubuflue Lodger. All members of the league will be pledged to support no candidates who do not favor repeal of the prohibition law, nnd the enactment of a rigid high license measure, EduoAtluiiul QuullHcutioii for Votera. CHEYENNE, AVy. T., Sept, 10.—A provision stipulating that every voter shall be able to read tho document framed by tho couati- tntiomil convention now >in session was adopiad by that body yvstvrday. Tho appor- t.onniiMit chapter waa the subject of much argument. A suggestion that each county have OIK statrt senator only was voted da wn. Mr» itt Clinton, luira. CLINTON, Uv, S«pt^ IU, — At 4 o'clock y« 5 t«n!uy moruiug nTtf broko out iu tue Ten I>us«i!iiger» Injured. o jms>ongfr train, enst-boun-1, was wrecked near Loon, Butler comity, yestc-rdny morning. Two coai-bea were domolifihed and ten pass MI gi'rc were injur'ecL I. N. Denn, o( this city, and Mra. C. Mitclii'll, of Fort Brnilh, Ark., Buffered most seriously. The latter is believed to ba dying at Beaumont, to which place tha Injured passengers wcro removed. TUttt fc'ulnl Sluggiue Match. ST. LODIS, Scot. l'J.~ An inquest was held ye&turdny <'ii tho body of Tbouiaa Jackson. the pugilkit, whodiol from the cdecta of alight with El Aiicwrn. The latter was held wltliou'.. h-iil to unnwei- to tha chui-ge ot murder, and the tvfuri?.*, Hocondd and timekeepers woi'e hei-l as ttc xi-iioritja nud abat* tors. __ We are handling and selling more flour tfeaa ever. Look at these brands, from $2.40 to $3.10 per hundred: MAONOOA,""""~ '~~~- -—;— !U. A California teiwt* r&to\, rul , i L «Vv «Cat-< f ty i '*'i i' M L, *^<$ IV' S * - WAI' U,i«>e«r. -.|U-(«r 6a front shop (>'. ri»g« SUcDjw-ill & C'o-'i car- >w>n all w«isi iu aihs*. "UiS y Iw Ullit' CU^ iu tbu (>•(".' ma*lo ,t' now th.- v "f l.-.-itriMy ut a isvi.'.'.E, Lil , 01 u-;'f. ^y t'-ua t JSt>j,»t, li).—A gon- > t/-,oi'i Jijicoveivil lit?) o 1); ttia. Tbc iHsHja>t lii-v-'-v autl l«vosl &l'<! s u-hdy yo.u^. " tt* PEERLESS, - BLUB; RIBBON, CAPITAL. CRHA'M PAT-BNT SUN, DA1ST. All guaranteed to prove up aa repra8ente<i or retort*. We Bave the people ol \liits viciuUy rooaej, asi4 will do it. to REMEMBER THE MIKADO MARKET " W* are selli &£ jwth g but Jftt, 1 Meat*I «uj «,v ihe Lowest* Sii4S.v3.isS.2r

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