Covina Argus from Covina, California on March 7, 1908 · Page 8
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 8

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 7, 1908
Page 8
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**#**#****#**#* * * * * * Social Htcws BOOSTING SALE OF OR A NOES. ****#**#*####*## Mrfi. R. C. Clnrko entertained in formally with nn afternoon tea party Innt Monday. Dinner guests at the homo of Mrs. I. I. Cook on Saturday evening wnro Messrs, arid Mines. Griswold, (Jrook, Given and Atwood. Mrs. A. II. Collins wns again tho gracious hostess at one of her dainty little dinners last Friday evening) her guests being Mr. and Mrs. Horsey, Mr. and Mrs. K. P. Warner and the Missf-s Lemondfl, Will lams arid Doyle. The. house was abloom with feathery acacia blossoms. A merry company of young people gathered at tho Womans Club House last Saturday evening to spend the time until near 1'2 o'clock in dancing. Music was furnished by the Preston-Angeloty orchestra. Refreshments of wafers and punch were provided. This was the last dance until after the Lenten season. Miss Lilian Douglas was the hostess at a charming violet cafeteria luncheon given in honor of her cousin and house guest, Miss Beebo of Jpsurch, South Dakota. The afternoon was spent in games, among which was a guessing contest, tho prize for which was won by Miss Byrd Reynolds. Other guests were the Misses Marie Widney, Byrr), Vic and Anna Reynolds, Marie Thompson, Mamie Cook, and Mabel Hastings. Mrs. L. M. Jefforips attended the Mardi Gran fancy dress ball in aid of the Homo of tho Good Shepherd in Los Angeles on Monday evening. Tho following is taken from Tuesday's Kxaminor: "Mrs, L. M. Jof- ferles was one of the most attract!vt persons present. Her gown was that of an Knglish lady of tho old school. Demure gray was this effective gown. A mantle of old roso point'lace witli bead dress gave the pretty touches of gentility." A merry party, of twenty-one girls <of Covina. Los Angeles and AZUHII. met on Saturday afternoon at tho homo of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Griffiths on San Bernardino road to celebrate tbo birthday of Miss Eloane Griffiths, This young lady, although twelve years old, baa bad only two real birthdays, having been born on tbo 29th ot February, 189«. The bouse wna prettily decorated with rod erope paper and poiusottias and refreshments were served on an K-slmped table which was extended through the parloi and dining-rnorn. In tho center of tho table was a large white cake adorned with twelve candles and tho favori woro rod heart- shaped bon bou boxes filled with candy. Merry games woro played and the littlo lady received many pretty gifts from hor friends and companions. Millinery Announcement of Miss S. Reckard. All tho IndioB arc invited to call and sen tho display on Saturday and Monday, March 14 and 10, and following days. Special attention has been given in selecting braid, cup goods arid other materials for the ladies of the Brethren Church. Wire frames mado to fit any head or from any pattern. Also a fine line of roiling, the new kind that will wash and tie without, raveling, miitablt for autu tind beach wear. Ladles, Your Attention! Mrs. Leohrick imnounceH her spring millinery opening for today and Monday. She lias this year pno 6f the finest displays of Hpring and sum mor hats ever seen in our city. Ai invitation is extended to every lady of the valley to call and see these beautiful creations on duys. Monday Afternoon Club. At tho meeting of tho Monday Afternoon Club this week u ven instructive sostiiou was held undo tho leadership <>f Mrs. Gage, win reviewed tho book, "Aliens i> Americans." by Howard Gnme, dis fiiBHintf the immigration i|nentioi and the tart that immigrtuila ai coming into our country ut the rut of a million a your. "Current Events," intelligently discussed by Mr*. .). H. Matthews, dealt with all tho leading topics of '..he day, anil a round lublo dl.M'u.ssiun followed. Mrs. WliitMel Ming a pleading viral There will Ijc in tul'liooii u.s t«\l'fi't is unalile to bo I ri iii.-xt Saturday am lion on "l>i.-hi-.i I J '.if piii <• oi ISM-;., l 'i>\ Baseball. Exchange Increases Their Consumption by Advertising. The California Fruit Growera F,x- change has undertaken this season H splendid scheme of advertising Culi- fornla oranges and lemons throughout he eastern htates. They are at pres- nt actively engaged in making an mergetie advertising cHtnpaign hrofighout tho sfate of Inwa. with he r'-sult that orange sales in thej list.rict. where the campaign has been no<jt, active have already donliled. The past week has hewn known as 'orange week" throughout Iowa. Special sales have been inaugurated n the stores. The wholesale dealers n oranges mado special arrnnge- nerits to have unusually fine grades of "California's Golden Fruit" on land, and tho retail trade has been supplied with the freshest, aiirl juiciest >f this healthful fruit. Telegraphic reports state that tho demand has •jcceodcd all expectation?. During this week every daily newspaper in Iowa has been carrying full iago advertisements telling of the uscious qualities of the California navel. Early in this campaign of educa- ion tho California Fruit Growers Kxchango offered prizes amounting in all to $200 for short, catchy irticlos furnished from California setting forth the reasons why oranges ind lemons should he daily used. The report of tho committee on awards has been received and we lotice among tho successful contestants Mrs. II. M. Faultier, our local librarian. Tho awards in full are as follows: 1. Gertrude Hobby, Ontario, 8f>0 2. A. T. Hodge, Fairoaks 25 3. A. L. Reed, Whittier 15 4. A. W. Wohlford, Fxcondido 15 5. Mrs. Clara Sheldon, Ontario 10 fl. Mrs. Alpha Knight, Pasadena 10 7. Mrs. K. G. Swain, Whittier 10 8. Mrs. II. M. Faultier, Covina 10 ',). Frank E. Atiams, Pomona 10 10. Marlon Reed, Claremout 5 1 1. Mrs. Henry Hanson, Pomona 5 12. Jaa, Cooney, Jr., Pomona 5 I. F. E. Seaman, Upland f> 14. Goo. H. Rogers, Riverside 5 15. Mrs. W.M. Lawrence, Monrovia 5 1<J. S. Walcott. Carncnteria 5 17. Dr. O.C. Seabolt, Los Angeles 5 18. C. G. Twist, Azusa, 5 FIRST PRIZE. Should you ask me, whence these at or Jos, Whence these legends and traditions, With the odor of the roues, With tbo brightness of the sunshine, With tho rushing of great rivers, Leaping headlong from the mountains? I should answer, I should tell you, From tho richest land 'noath beavou, From the snow capped hills of purple, •urn the broad and fertile valleys Whoro tho orange and the lemon I.irow amidst tho peace and plenty. This they say- tho happy dwellers in tho land of (lowers and gold That tho orange is tho symbol Of their health and wealth untold. All tho brightness of the sunshine, All the sweetness of the flowers, All the glow of hidden gold fields, All the dew from healing herbs, Are by cunning nature blended In thit fruit of golden hue. If long life you would be having, Knowing naught of human ills, Dally eat at least one orange Brought from California's groves. SECOND PRIZE. The Covina High nine will play the Ontario March 7. serious illness of Cool man will Hepncr will not School bnseball Ontario team at Owing to the Walter Hepner, play third base, be nblo f,o play for and the team three or four weeks will fee! his loss, 1 : On March 14, the High School will crops bats with the University of Southern California Dental College. There will be an admission of 25 cents f(,r adults and 10 cents for school children to help pay tho expenses of the visiting team. The j lineup for the game will be the same as usual with the exception of Hepner. (OYind Planing J. C. .NALE, Prop. GENERAL MILL WORK All kinds of jobbing 1 carpentering and cabinet work. Store and Office Fixtures, Property Owners Take Notice. I have twenty clients who have property and cash who want acreage, and groves from 2 to 20 acres Lint your groves and acreage with me, for sale or exchango. FRANK L. FRARY, Room fi, Stanton Bldg., Pawidena. The Green •riarshall Co. Paints. Pure Mixed nd their high grade varnislies will give satisfaction, even to the moat skeptical italntor. Their mixed paints will stand this const climate longer, owing to the fact that the Green-Marshall pure paints are composed of pure white lead, pure oxide of /,inc, ground in pure linseed oil. These paints and varnishes can ho obtained hero at the paint and paper store of Mr. C. II. Kistler. Place your fiparo cosh in theCoviua Valley Savings Bank, a safe in vestment at 4 per cent. Notice Of Annual Meeting- Notice is hereby given that the annual meeting 1 of the Columbia Land and Watei' Company will be held at the office of the Company, Citrus avenue, Covina, at the hour of 2 p. tn., Monday, March 9th, 1908, for the purpose of electing a board cf directors of the Columbia Land and Water Company to serve for the ensuing year, and for the transaction of such other business as may be brought before the meeting. J. H. Matthews, Secretary. Assessment Notice. •'.' >'•• Ir.windale Land and Water., Company, principal place of bu»inew, Irwindale Postoffice, County of Los Angeles,'State of California. Notice is hereby given that at- a meeting of the directors held on the 3rd day of March, 1908. an assessment (No. 6) of fifty (SO) cents per share was levied on the capital stock of the above named corporation payable iat the secretary's office at Irwtridale, county of Los Angeles, State of California. Any wtock on which this assessment shall remain unpaid on the 7th day of April, 1908, shall be delinquent and advertised for sale at public auction, and unless payment is made before, will be »t>ld on the 30th dav of April, 1908, at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, at the office of the company in Irwindale, Los Angeles county, State of California, to pay the delinquent assessment, together with cost of advertising and expense of sale. E. E. LEECH, Secretary. OTA TRANSFER HUTCHISON BROS., Props. All kinds of hauling and Furniture Moving 1 . Specially prepared to move pianos HOME BAKERY In Its New Home PROMPT SERVICE. PRICES RIGHT. (Hike 01 Citrus Ave. (oviiu, (il, Home Phone 108 Harness, Saddlery and Supplies for Horse and Stable The right goods at the right price. COVINA HARNESS & SADDLERY CO. Phone Home 1170 REO PRICES Runabout. $675.00 Touring Car $1400.00 H. D. Blanchard, Agent 8O9 South tflB Street Los Angeles. Cm\ Strong-, original, practical, SUCCESSFUL. "BETTKRNE8S" its distinctive quality. Open entire year—begin when ready. POSITIONS SECURED. Write us to-day. that has no equal WHOLESOME, SWEET, APPETIZING Pics, Cakes, Hot Rolls O. GRINER, Prop. PER THOUSAND FEET GAS $1.5O Once a consumer of gas, always a gas enthusiast. Order now. Co\/lnei Valley Gas Company Jshnssn & INigg BLACKSMITHS Blocksmithing aff oil Kinds Our Specialty On a railroad train that was upeoding went, Sat u woman, woary, alone, depressed : She was bh>Hned with friunds and hud on cm had wealth, Which was spout in u fruit]own search fur health. From a medicine cauo, which she kept, at her side, She dosed herself steadily, through tho long ride. At Fair Oaks, hor weary trip cnmo to an end, And tme found herself welcomed in tho home of a friend, Who won hor to lay hor decoctions unhid, And just UNO tho remedies God would provide, Frenli uir and bright .sunshine ami truit from the trees The orange tho lemon those foes of disease, l.iku magic, thcdc wonderful trulls u orKed a euro, Her drug'p«iticiiu<d system became again [line. hi the sweet glow of health .she t«lt that, in truth, j Tliedti grand fruits) contained tho ; Elixir lit Youth. N; t to one yun kissed Stain are their lilespings confined, I'hey are always vsilhtu easy n ach "t mankind. Notice of Annual Meeting. Notice is hereby given that the annual meeting 1 of the Covina Mutual Htiilding and Loan Association, will be held at the oftlce of ine Association, Badillo St., Covinn, at tlu- hour of 7:30 p.m., Monday, March 22nd, l')08, for the pnrpose of electing a board of directors of the Coviua Mutual Building and Loan Association to serve f.>r enauing- year, and for the transaction of such other business as may be bronghi before the mooting'. J. H. MATTHEWS, Secretary. KIU'OKT OV THK CONDITION OK THK Covina Notional Bonk AT COVINA in the State of California, at the close of biisineiw, February 14, 1 1 H)H. (Charter No. 8222) HV^OUHi'US. l.naiu unit Diex-uuiiL* ..... OviMilrttt'U. .tecurtMl unit uniuicunil If. S. Honttd lo Hvcurc ctrcuiution 1'rt'ininm.s mi U.S. ll<nul.-> liontlH. ^ei'iirilira, «-'U' ...... lUinkiMK hinwf. (urnilurt 1 unl tiMii I'nif I'ruin it|>|iiii«Ml ri'.nervi 1 ntcviiLs Cluvk.s mill nllu:r cash lli'ins Notes «:1* other uution^l h.iuk-> Krurtii>M4l liui'or i'uri>'iu'i. iiu-ki-'.H, Lawful iiuuu-y fo.-«'rvo in lunik, viz: Shop on Citrus Ave James Corbett General BlaeltsrnltHIng All kinds of general and heavy Blacksmithing. We manufacture Ridgers, Orange Racks and Box Presses Horseshoeing a Specialty Home Phone 63 Shop Wes( Badillo St, Csvina Celebrated 44 Kentucky Jack 99 at the Chapman Heights Ranch A limited number of horses and stock rpreived for oasture. Ui> Capital t'uiut with I' Treu^im i Total •JQ.ll;"> •Jfi.IXW.UI) I 'Jti.H.75 l.Vl-'rt.W; :..:w»i. i'J I ll.U4n.lii j bUH) - iJO.Di) ' ;M).>S I IU. T L I A II 1 1. 1 II X s [>aiil in aiui t Nati 14&7.7S i lial tiank .1 HUM ni t,lual tlfin 11 !• i ^i m>;s batiks ~. Miil.d.S ' IK YOU WANT ANY PAINTING KALSOMINING OR PAPER HANGING done, see me before you let your job. Shopping in lies Angeles? TAKE LUNCHEON AT COULTER'8 CAPE You will find it very conveniently located, first-class in every respect, with a la carte service at modest prices. Coulter Dry Goods Cempcmy Broadway, Between Second and Third, Los Angeles FOR SALE 5000 Acres of choice orange, fruit and farming LANDS in the celebrated San Joaquin Valley On main line of railroad and near good towns. Plenty of water can be obtained. This land comprises some of the best in the valley and will be subdivided into small tracts to su it purchasers and sold at low prices on easy terms. Weekly Excursions to view Land J. H. MATTHEWS REAL ESTATE Sole District Agent Citrus Avenue Covina, Cal. Tulare iand raises oranges, all kinds of fruits and vegetables to perfection. Come up with us on Friday and see them. J. H. Matthews, Covina. Phone 5008. Annual Meeting. Notice is hereby given that the annual 'meeting of the stockholders of the Cypress Avenue Water Company will be held on Saturday, March 7, 1908, at 2 p.m., at the pumping plant of the corporation, for the purpose of electing a board of directors and for the transaction of such other business as may properly come before the meeting. L. L>. WOODWORTH. Secretary. **************** Say! TfT .fflr. Iftancbtr: All work 1 I guaranteed reasonable. and prices' Howell & Howcll BREAD Light, Sweet and Wholesome FRESH EVERY DAY AT Brown's and Crcnshaw's '^ You are conducting 1 a big- business— more money invested than many business houses—do a good deal of correspondence, don't you? Do you always have suitable paper handy when you wish to write? Do you know that we can furnish you with the very best of writing paper and envelopes, tieatly printed with your name or the name uf your ranch, place of resi- di-i.ct: and date Hue, cheaper you can secure tablets ait: envelopes in small quantities? This will make your correspondence businesslike and more convenient. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * COVIXA ARGUS, PRINTERS * * *«*****«*««««*««« 1'hone 51. Tilt I C. H. Kistler Cake and Confectionery Way on through valley daily. «Pooley's (avion Nurseries • j i Chuioo ferns and potted plants, roses, ciiriKiti'.n-a anil uthcr ornamental trees i:; -,1-a^ .n. Salo.i yard, corner of First aircc. ai;i! ^au licriiuri.liuu Kua.fl.

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