The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on April 15, 1892 · Page 6
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 6

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 15, 1892
Page 6
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Farm Loans. We take pleasure in informing our many patrons that wo lire better prepared tlian ever before to negotiate farm loans. We make our own examinations draw our own papers and are prepared to t'losc loans witliout delay. We Make the ordinary loan anil also nego. tiate as heretofore the incomparable, eomliination life Insurance loan. We are always ready to give •full information on either plan. Tin.'. Insurance-Loan .Biurle 'pives much valuable information on the subject, In a personal interview we can sometimes give, you more. Winne & Winne, lllfPHDUE HO, 20, CORKER AVENUE»AND MAIN Hutchinson, Kan. Tho.y -Are Voted (i> He 11 Fine Hot of HoyH. I'Yom I he KannUH Workmen. .Mcl'iiKiisoN, Kim., March 111, 181)2.— Jlro. Uiddle: Thursday noon a telegram was received from Hutchinson lodge inviting the A, <). LI. W. boys of Mel'herson lodge, No. 150, to come <lown and participate with them in a jrenorul good time. ,1. A. Uegnell, II. V. Nelson, I». E. laiwson, A. Gibson, II. Uiidt anil A. I<. Nash took the 0 o'clock train. Arriving at Hutchinson they were met by a delegation from the lodge which conducted them to the lodge room, where they were made to feel at home at once by the whole sotiled mctn- liersof Hutchinson lodge. There were si.x candidates for the Workman degree. The work was exemplified by the Hutchinson team, which is certainly one of, if not the. linest working team in the state. The llrst candidate was llrother Davis, formerly of Mc- T'hcrson. who seemed very much pleased to have the. Mel'herson boys help make a '"workman" of him. Aft- r.r the close of the lodge the boys were, conducted to an oyster parlor and lilled up on oyster stew, etc. Accommodations were obtained for them at the •''Santa I-'e." the best house in the city. Friday morning immediately after breakfast a carriage met them at the hotel and they were permitted to get a line view of the busy and growing city of Hutchinson. At S:I5 they were taken to the train and bid good bye to us line a set of boys as there are in Kansas. A. I,. NASH. Ten nil era AHK'IC lilt Inn. "The Heno county teachers wiU hold their monthly meeting at the high school building, to -morrow, commencing at 1(1 o'clock' in the forenoon. It is desired that every teacher in the eity should attend the meeting. Those who are not teachers are cordially invited to attend. A programme has been prepared that will be interesting to all. To aid the association linancially County .Superintendent Hill has en- jfiiged Prof. K. I'. Noldtogivc an elocutionary reading at the same place in the evening. A small admission of .'J5c will be charged. The following is the programme: FOltKNUON. Itevlew of Hlntorv (Htli mo.).. .C. A. Murphy Tlicory and l'racilcc (tUh mo.).M. A. Draper AFTKItNOHS'. tjiiarlcilc Old Aliilahla l'aper--Should Education be rjlHdpllu- arv or Practical? buresa McKlroy Discussion C. K. Smith, J. M. Stewart .Hccliatlon Professor K. I'. Nold Paper — Humane Literature In Public Schools Mrs. 1*1. 11. Klchardson DlHcuKHlon W. It.Tcrtrlclc. W. H. Si. John Music. Miscellaneous business, s o'clock p. ni. F.lecutlonury entertain men t. Tn Old Noltiloni. J shall open in a few days a real es tato, locating engineer's and surveyor's ofllce at the new town which will be located at Ked Uoclc, on the Santa. Fe. thirty-seven miles south of Arkan Mindly. I have ,1.0. Stewart and others of the original surveyors of Unit land in my employ. I will locate claims, re-establish ooruors, do the xioecssury improvement and filing for 5f2!j apiece. l''orward power of attorney, and send me discharge or dupli< catu, and 1 will select good claims, and furnish diagrams of lands showing Water und other advantages, with 111 Ing papers. Send check for S '.Ti with power of attorney to mc at Winlleld Kan., until the strip is opened. C'AI-T. .IAS . W. HAMILTON. An Artlm. , The free-hund work done in various places in the eity yesterday, by Hrod- ball's special artist, is quite an attraction. The velocity with which lie executes the dashes with his brush, and the effects instantly produced, are wonders. Thu work done on the Santa Fc board, and in windows along Main utreet ut different places, shows that Harry Hrodball has an artist in his employ. REGIMENTAL MEETING. THE U. R. K. OK P. HAD A BIG GATHERING AT McPHERSON. The Hprontl Kegltnriil HIIIKI nl' lltili-liin«tm Muile a ItoKlmrntiil Itnml—llntcliliinon Captured the Chief Officer* ami tiett* the ItcRltuniitiil lleii»li|iiurler«—\Y. It. Itfn. nelt ICIeiJted Colonel — The F'nrmle mid nil nrpiet. The Ilutcliinson boys returned from the 1'. II. K. of P. regimental meeting at Mel'herson, this morning. They came homo happy, for they got nearly everything they went after. They speak in the highest terms of the usage which they reeoiveil at the hands of the Mel'herson Knights. After much business of various kinds, yesterday, the election of olHcers came off, which resulted as follows: Colonel—W. K. llcnnett. Adjutunt—(). K. Comstoek. Lieutenant Colonel—11. Brightman. Sergeant—Dr. King, of .Inaction City. Only brigade and regimental bands can take part in parades, and the Second Hegiment boys feel that they have been highly honored. Right hundred wire cots were ordered for the brigade's use at the Kansas City meeting, which promises now to be li gigantic affair. At I o'clock there Was a grand parade participated in, led by the Second Regiment band of this city, after which the knights repaired to the lodge room and conferred the Sir Knight rank upon four candidates. At II o'clock in the evening, a reception und musicale was held in the parlors of the Union hotel, which was a grand and interesting affair. At II) o'clock they all sat down to a banquet at the same place, which was delightful. Numerous toasts were responded to among which came one from Gen. Lyons, Humphrey of Niekerson, Hon. F. F. l'riggof this city and Senator Kelley of Mel'herson. At a late hour the festivities broke up. and the boys returned home feeling that it had been a trip of pleasure and profit to them. An Appcnl. Tt may or may not be known to our peaple that Mrs. (ieo. C. Moody has been ill for some nine mouths. A consultation among the physicians lias decided that an 'operation must be performed, requiring for it success perfect surroundings such as cannot be obtained in our eity. Hence the necessity for taking her to some surgical institute. Mr. Moody is a poor man and the sickness of bis wife has been a serious drawback. He has no means and must depend upon the charity of our people for 'assistance. lie is a member of No. 77 A. O. U. W. So. 77 as appointed a committee of (ieo. K. Miller, S. V. Davis and W. I., .lohnson to solicit donations from the members of the order and from others who may feel like contributing to the cause. The Degree of Honor will also appoint a committee to-night to aid in the work. We hope our people will feel it a privilege as well as a duty to contribute at least a small amount. Discovery. This renowned remedy has cured myriads of cases wheh all other lnedlcinesaml doctors had failed. It is the greatest blood-purifier and restoror of strength kuowu to the world. For all forms of scrofulous affections (ami consumption is one of them), it is unequaled as a remedy. KnconmSfe Them. The Second Uegiment band assisted by some of the best musicians in the slate, will give a concert at the opera house to-night, the programme for which bus been carefully selected. The proceeds is for the benefit of the bund, anil the boys have worked very hard to make it interesting to the auditors. The citizens of this eity owe a debt of gratitude to theband, which has often won honors for our eity, and now if you have the interest in their wel fare that you should have: if you want this eity to retain the proud distinction of having one of the best bands'ir the west, show a determination to en courage them by filling the opera house to-night. The boys have labored hard and spent lots of money a-t the same time have always been willing to do all in their power to ad vanco the interests of the eity, and in return the eity should encourage them upon this particular occasion. The programme will be as follows; PAI1T 1. Overture—•'Heinlramlile" Housing Solo for Cornel— "Lizzie Polka".. .Hartman lly Will Davis. Selection—"Tannhauser" Wagner Chilian Dance—•"Manana" Missed Solo for Petit Clarinet — "Auld Lang Syne" ,Hartman By Sol Hawthorne. Descriptive—"Night Alarm'*: Kccves .SYNOPSIS—Night, calm and peaceful—Choral—The alarm; Fire! Flrel—Calloplng of horses—Unreeling of lr-se—The lire Is out— Tile firemen's return (vocali—Home again I'AItT U. Overture—"Raymond" Thomas Solo for Clarinet—"Itlgoletto".. ;Verdi By Art Hoamii. Grand selection—"Kobert Bruce" ....Bonnlsseau Introducing, The tllrl of Old Gaul—On Cus" nock Banks—Ye Banks and Braes o' Bonnie Doon—Wccr Noddtn'—Within a Mile of Edinburg Town—Broac anil Butter—A Man 's a Man for a' That—BlueBells of Scotland—The White Cockade—The Campbells arc Coluin'— Annie Laurie—Scut* Wba Hae WP Wallace Bled—There's Mac Luck About the House— Kob Hoy MacOrcgor, Oh:—Money Musk (Strathspey)—All the Blue Bonnets over the Bowler. Waltz—"Visions of Paradise" Bennct Solo for Euphonium—"itocked in theCra- del of the Deep" Itolllnson By Bruce Taylor. Southern Jollification — "The Darkie's Dream Lausing Diuitferourtly Shot. Art Hancock, a colored porter in the Union Hotel, at Mel 'herson, was dangerously shot last night by Mr. liishop, one of the proprietors, upon whom he made an attack with a knife. Mr. i liishop had discharged Hancock on account of some, misdemeanor, and Hancock attempted to use a knife on him with the result thuthe was shot in the head with a U-caliber revolver. He is seriously hurt and cannot recover. PATENT Jubilant Farmer*. A number of farmers were overheard by the reporter to-day discusstng the creamery and canning factory questions. They were jubilant over the idea, and seem to lend much encouragement to the enterprises. The price of cows bus gone up on the strength of the deal, because farmers are not anxious to sell. The time was, within the past eighteen months, when even good cows were selling at u low figure, and every one was offeringg to sell. The change has come, and it is decidedly in the interest of the farmer. There are many other enterprises which might bcengaged in in this city which would be of great value to every one, and which local capital should take hold of and which will be taken up by foreign capital if our people do not take hold. We now want cold storage, and it is only a question of time until we have it. Klmer Item*. The wind is very disagreeable. Next Sunday is Easter. Miss itertha tliun is visiting her sis- the Mrs. White. Prayer meeting every Thursday evening at Elmer ehapol. Mrll. W. Whitu is feeding two car loads of cattle. There was a couple from Harmony street visited the Kpworth Leaguu the other Sunday night. Quite a number of young people took the examination the other Saturday at Elmer. Some of the young people ure very much interested in the new house being built on Harmony street. The now minister, Mr. Holmes preached his first sermon at Elmer chapel last Sunday. The people ure very highly pleased. ItaoliiK With Wolvcn. Many a thrilling tale has been told by travelers of a race with wolves ueioss the frozen steppes of Russia. Sometimes only tho picked bones of the hapless traveler are found to tell the tale. In our own cquutry thousands are engaged in u lifo-uud-ilouth race against the wolf Consumption. The best weapons with which to light the foe is Or. Pierce's Uoldeu Medicul Tim lilectric Kliifr Of the New York and London Electric association of Kansas City, is in the city. Do not fail to see him and examine their wonderful magneto conservative garments. Ily their use rheumatism, stiff joints, paralysis, nervous prostration, in men or women, are rendered a thing of the past. The Electric King is at the lirunswick hotel. Consultation free. Stockholder*' .Mectliifr. There will be a meeting of the stockholders of the Hutchinson and Southern Kailroud company at the company's office in Hutchinson, Kansas, Tuesday, May 13, lSO'J, at 10 a. m. H. A. CmiiSTV, President. CHAS.'H. DAVIS, Secretary. April 13, lUII!!. " tf Kuumved. Emerson Carey has removed his South Main street office one and one- half blocks south on the Uock Island tracks, where he will be glad to sell you coal, lime or cement or buy your cow hides, horse hides or big jaw cut­ tle or dead hour. d3&wlt Furniture Free. Hrodball will give away an elegant suit of furniture during his stay . here next week, as a souvenir of his engagement. Go to tlie opera house Monday night, and see how its did. Olllelal .Statement Of the financial condition of ttie Valley Stale bank, at Hutchinson, state of Kansas, at the CIOHC of business on the '-.oth day of March, 18112. KESOUUCKS. Loans g!!00,4t<t nh Overdrafts 1,805 .'.7 Heal estate 20,000 no Furniture and lixtures 2,001) Oil Expense account Oh S7 Bonds 8,001) 00 Cash and sight exchange .,2,088 511 Total $;:or>,a *K 40 LIABILITIES. Capital stock paid tn $100,000 00 Surplus and profits ;. 13,30(1 ill) Deposits 153,081 Kll Total $f.'u3,!)48 til State of Kansas, County of lteno, ss. I, C. II. Willley, cashier of said bank, do solemnly swear that the above statement Is true, to the best of mv knowledge and belief. Sn help me Hod. 0. 11. WILFLEY, Cashier, Subscribed and sworn t ( . before me, this nth day of April, lwi'j. c. L. BOWMAN. , , Notary Public. iMy roiniillssion expires nil the :.0t!l day of September. lSlrj.i Correct. Attest: J. L. i'F.NKV, ) J. M. MUI.KKV, tDirectors. WU. E. llllTOIUNSON, Administrator's Sale. Notice Is hereby given that on Friday the lSth (lay of April, t«ti2, at 2 o'clock p. m., I will offer for sale and sell for cash at public auction all the household and kltcheu fur- allure and other personal belongings of the late J. It. Swlgart, deceased, at his late rem- Uencc, No, 417 Sherman street east. L, A. DIGOKK. Administrator. Try a Back of FLOUR Only $1.25 per sack. How do these prices strike you? " lbs evaporated pears for "Jfie lbs evaporated apricots sfie lbs evavorated apples 25c •I lbs evaporated grapes 25c 3 lbs evaporated prunes 2".c 1 lb evaporated raspberries 'JSe 1 lb evaporated pitted cherries 20e 4 lbs dried peaches 25c 5 lbs dried currants 25c Call and examine our stock and see if they are not the fineBt and cheapest in the market. THE 21 South Main. THE Hutchinson: Music COMPANY. HEA.LKKS LN Pianos and Organs. (.ieneral agents for southwestern Kansas for Chickering, Sterling, Emerson, Schubert Bush & G-ertz, PIANOS. Farrand & "Votey —and— Chicago Cottage ORGANS. Write for terms and prices. IIUTCUINSON, KANSAS. Are as flexible aud dainty as the finest turn. Are the easiest walking shoes made, the cork acting as a cushion to the foot. Are the most healthful shoes made, as cork is a non-conductor of heat and cold. Ladies wearing them need not fear cold, damp or rough walks. The cork is secured in a pocket, which is sewed in with the seam, holding it Urinly In place, and Is guaranteed not to work loose or eurl up. For sale by YOUNG BROS. FOR SATURDAY, §£i£f PNS i Special Sale of Clothing For Men, Boys and Children, in new and nobby W • , SPRING SUITS. \> e will show you 20 styles of men's suits at $5, elsewhere, $8 10 12 13 15 20 " " • " 7, 20 " " " 8, 20 " " " 9, 20 " ' u 10, All nobby suits, and new—no old patterns. IIOYH' SUITS—Long pants from S -.50 up to SIS cents to 85 on a suit. CHILDREN'S SUITS—In endless variety, from ' saving of from 25 cents to SI on a suit. We will make each customer an EASTER PRESENT who buys a suit of us on Saturday, something you will appreciate, besides $100 cash. A saving of from 51) cents to »1() n suit. A $K)0 IN CASH TO BE GIVEN AWAY. To the party or parties guessing the time or nearest the time it will take uur enndle to burn. Th" candle is 12 inches in diameter, about 33/j inches iu circumference and (i feet 5 inches in height. Come and get guess tickets. Candle will be lit July -1. lSH'.'. LOW PRICES IN CLOTHING, MENS FURNISHINGS & HATS SAVE YOUR, • DOLLARS< BY TRADING 1 WITH US SAVEYOUR, •DOLLARS < BY TRADING 1 WITH US" LIVERYMAN. Fine rigs, stylish teams and the finest funeral car and white hearse in the state. ROCKAWAY AND LANDEAU FOR WEDDINGS AND CALLING. 101, 103 and 105 Sherman street. Telephone 37. J. H. F. PLATE, The Grocer and Baker, Keeps constantly on hand a tine line of Teas, and a full line of Groceries. NO. 113 NORTH MAIN STREET, HUTCHINSON, KANSAS. rtaking Co. F. S. MITCHELL,, Funeral Director and Embalmer: 10 South Main. Open Bay and Night. Telegraph Orders Given Prompt Attention. Garden Seeds. Garden Seeds. Garden Seeds. L. G. DUPLER, OF HUTCHINSON. 22 SOUTH MAIN. We sell D. M. Ferry & Co.'s oelebrated bl seeds THE BEST IN THE WORLD.

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