Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 14, 1912 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 14, 1912
Page 4
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' ^ r " ClUM Matter. ..... AAvSCttolnc Rates Made Known on AppU- X ," •" ' cation. ,Offlelal Papw- Cl^ of Batattt • SUBSCRIPTION RATES. By Carrier in tola. Oat Cltv, Uanyen- MH^ Concreto, LaHfcrpe and BataeltJ One 'Wnnlr 10-ents oSe ItoSh « cj-ntj One Tear W-*" I - • "BY MAIL: ^ One Tear. InaWe ounty.. U -OO One Tear, outside county ...»S .0O TELEPHONESl ' THE yBUTH WIL L'P REYAIL. . Hatfiey and Deneen DisproTe Roo»e- TC IO B AcdUMtlon of. Stolen DcleraleN , \Tbe statement of Governor Deneen uttered in a speech at the iiUnolB - SUte Fair at Springfield to the effect fthat'Colonel Roosevelt told him in qDnversaticn that, thei'e were only 34 delegates to the National convention "lirhose contests had any basis of fact. - atid that even upon these there might be an honest difference of .opinion, is one of the mo^t valuable contributions to the Republican campaign from the Republican' point of view. Governor Deneen added that even If ^hese thirty -' fdur delegates hlad been glv^ to Roose Velt. the third term candidate would still have been In a minority. ) Roosevelt came before the cbnven- • tion with 2n2 contested delegates. More than one-half ofVhese came from the South and were, upon the adniis- . sion^pf his own leaders, instituted merely to impress upon the public; inlnd the belief that Roosevelt was: • securing enough (Relegates to gtvci him a showing before the convention: After the National ipommlttee l\ad acted. Roosevelt reduced the number bf bis claim to 72. Now Governor De^ J neen shows that Rooseyclt really nev- ; er considered more jMn 34 as having even the shadow of i claim. ] • Governor Hadley, of Missouri, who ; Itad charge of Roosevelt's contests up on the floor of the convention is now aquarely supporting Taft and says that the Republican party has done ' nothing to mar its splendid record of honesty and decency. Governor Deneen. who was" Roosevelt's candidate ' in. Illinois before the convention, is also squarely supporting Taft. He says that Roosevelt's accusations concern- 'ing stolen delegates has no foundation in fact . . It is an old proverb that a lie trav-. • els seven leagues while truth is putting on Its boots. In the end. however, truth will prevail, and the falsifications and misrepresentat'ons In .which Roosevelt has indulged are slow ly but surely being overtaken by the . truth. I S. K. 0. At The JGrmnd. Every seat was occupied at the Grand Saturday night for the firsi performance of the Tabloid StocV company and the house was well filled for. the\econd show, and to say iht largo audience was pleased with thr : performance would 1>e putting it mildly. Th4 Tabloid play, "The Sins of a Father" -was the best produced so far I iby'this excellent company, the motion 1-' Jilctorea were of the very latest and the vaudeville teaturea.,equal to those of the higher priced theatres. Tonight ' the company starts their second \«gek : by_. producing the two-act Western dfuna<>»'The Wheel of Fate." The management assures us of the escel- ' lenoe of this bill and says it has never ; failed to please. • Bta 8DRPBISE TO ^AM' l.V lOLA. Local people are surprised at tbr ^niCK results received from simple puekthom bark, glycerine, etc.. ar nlxW In Adler-t-ka. the German ap- i>endlcitia remedy. Morris & Howard ^ Druggists, states that this simple reni- jedy antlsepticltcs the digestive cys "tern .'and draws off the Impurities m T Ithopfitaghiy that A SINGLR DOSE re' moves sour 'stomach, nao on the stom : jich and constipation INSTA.VTLV. 4^ ^ : is the only remedy which never t&Ui. . ; LEGAL TEST FOR HAT PASSIXCJ * >'ew York Elerlion StalnleN Saj Fnud- .VvNt Bft Arrounted for. New York; Oct. 10,^l.«adcrR of (In .• various political parties liere wH' consult their attorneys this wppk as tr. the legality of the practice of paB=in>' the hat at political meetings wlthoii' ^ making notes of the names of the con "•• flributors. It was charged today tha* J the practice Is a violation of the statr election laws which provide that al" , amounts received or disburfed by any r-offlcer. member or agent o fa political party must be accounted for spe- clfically. * J5 €fALLS «PEAKS TrESDAY EVE ' Bepablkan Nominee for Ltfjnfenant- - Ctovernbr Here for Address. / Sheffield Ingalls, nominee on nu- - Republican ticket for Lieutenant/ Governor will address a political meet - - : ing at Gi A. R. hall tomorrow, Tnes- , day evening. Mr. Ingall's is, said to ; be an eloquent speaker and^all are 1 invited to hear him. Ladi^ who are :' interested in the success of the suf- ; - f rage amendment are extended a spec•J ial invitation to be' present 'DR. BILf CHER TICE-MODERATOR '.HMtn for lela Pastor at LeaTPu* worth 8jmod Meeting. Dr. 8. S. Hllscher, pastor of the nrat Pratbyteriwa church of this city - nr^ i'CihoaenirA^ce-moderator of ' the Sxaod ofiXaiisaB at the meeting of the Synod dt £ieaven'worth last week, t: --^AThe^fOlllW is one of .the highest In • ' * i:^|ndi|>riags with it the r»H fiifrpresidlnic at the ses-' 8)^^ tlie abBeiic(S of BHUZE FREE TRADE MENAGE I had to contends is the Democratic assertion that thel country is so big and .\ni<»rl(an people. *ith Wotxlrow Wilson confessed sertjon tnax me country IB aif uiB nu" I 7 • ••••,•_„,. ,.,„,.t 'the times are so prosperous that the fr.*; trader, and with t.hamp Clark N present condltlbns will continue no declaring- as ho did upon the floor of Inat'ter who mav be elected. This was I th^ House that custom houses bughi ror \TRY AHOrSfD TO I»A>«EHi,h,. assertion made by the Democrats j to he destroyed .1 there is no doubt that . ,t .M or wh -SOVS JlfKCTION. : when they advonatod the election of | froe trade lawl; will be ProPOS-^^ ..,fc.M t»r yMi.Tsv.M^ i.^Tx , • Cleveland in 1S!)2. The statement wa.c i Their enactment 1» equally certain. In 'raise then and it Is false now. j the present House of Representath^ei „, r, it« „f \n tTiit!—' I'nfortunately. but none the loss WiS. th^ Tariff EHminatedsVap^ ' truly, prosperity is not alone the gift Witn llie ran" ! of God. There were bountiful crops Prices Ueciine. I ^g^^^p^^ 1893 is97. when the Dem- jocrats were in power., but corn was i worth only 16 cents a bushel, wheal Chicago, Oct. 13.-^Activlty and en- | ^ 74 cents a bushel and other thusiasm fill the atmosphere at the j cerpals were eqiuilly low. while cattle there are 229 Democrats. 125 of whom come from the South/ The Southern DemocratA. honest and able as they may be are. nevertheless, free traders by sentiment and tradition. Ever Chairman Underwood, of the w*ays and means committee, although he comet from a district which has. de%-elopec thusiasm fill the atmosphere at the j cereals were equallv low. wniie cauie» Republican; -national, headquarters in (and hogs hardly paid for the cost of! manufacturing Industries, proudly de- th s city. The country is no longer ; raifcing. The trouble then was that I clared that a bill wlUch bore his name asleep. Apathy is disappearing: Busi j the factories were closed and working i did not contain a vestige of protection ness men everywhere are awakening ! men were idle, because of the amount i The Southern free traders will domin- to the fact that the election of Wood- j of goods bought abroad, while mil-' ate the Democratic caucus and out- row Wilson means danger to Arcerl- Hons of dollars of American gold was '-ote the .Northern and Western Dem- ca.n influfetries. Representatives E. .1. \ shii»ped across seas in, order to pay 1 ocrats who would like to see Uieli Hill of ConnecUcut has taken the trou ; the bills of foreign creditors. Who ; business interests- saved from de ble to prepare a list of factories in | ran give assurance that what hap- stniction. lis honie coiintv of "Fairfield wh:ch .vould have been .closed if the tariff pened then would not happen again? , Woodrow Wilson is a free trader. •.VOUIU nave .viuscu •> w.v lYUUUlun «< nowu .r. a bills passed bjr the Democrats in the, He testified before the tariff boarc" recent session of congress had- not; th^t he favored the repeal of all pro been courageously vetoed by Prrsi- | tcctive tariff laws and advanced the dent Taft. The list fills several news ! ujj.American. un-patriotic. illogioa paner pages and Includes hundreds of, and absurd proposition that because industrial plants which give employ- there wis a free Interchange of com- •ment to thousands of worklngmen. moditie» between the States, there IThls presentation of the danger which should be a similar free interchange menaced a solitary county alarmed between the Uplted States and The prr the entire state of Connecticut and its ; ducing countries of the world. It publication elsewhere has brought • would seem as If a man who Is so manufacturers and worklngmen to a ; blinded by a llfa^spent within the four realization of the danger of free trade; wills of a college cloi.'Jter that he car law.i — . mot see the difference between hit One of the principal obstacles wit 'ii . own country and other nations ought which the Republican managers hev«- 1 never-to be elected president of thr I V Until a short time ago, scarcely oae person in a thousand-iiad ever tasted a reallipgood soda cracker—as it came fresh and crisp from the oven. Now every man, woman and child in these United States can know and en- _ joy the cris^ goodness of fresh baked soda crackers withpiitgoii to the baker's ov0n. Uneeda Biscuit bring the bakery to you. * - •. •.. A food to live on. Stamina for workers. Strength for tlie . delicate.^ Bone and flfcsh for Httle folks. It will cost you jbst 5 cents to tnr Uneeda Biscoit. NATIONAL BlSCUrC/ stniction. If. therefore. Woodrow Wilson should be elected—and the fight i; Dw between Taft and Wilson—ever.^ nanufacturer and merchant will kno« n the morning of November 6 tha" e is ui> against a new tariff. As noth- ng can l;c done until the new con rogs aF.=enjb!es after -March 4 an» everal months will be consumed ii rranging. debating and enacting the !cw tariff schedule's, there Is certair o be a long period of uncertainty anc .nxlety, during which the factoriet vill do no more work than is absolute ly necessary. "The purchase of supplies will b( itopiied and orders will fail off. Th< "apmers, 'confronted by the lack of f lome market and the certainty of for yiga importations, will be anxious an< tompelled to carefully husband theii -esourcei. Banks will be averse tjc >xtending credits.jind will call in outstanding loans" In the certain knowl- •dge that their reserves will be dc iletpd' ns Fnon as American gold be ;ins to i;o abroad. . I'ndpr thc">e circunutances—anC hi -y are certain tu happen as nigh' ollciws (Ir.y.-how can present condi liiii'''. rduflnue unchanged? ^ 'I'liis Is 111*- (lurstion jwhlch tlx MiiTicun iietiple are now asking. ThI s ;!ic conillCon which Is confronting lu'Ui. This Is the truth is-hlch Rf lubllcan h>3di >ni are emphatically on 'ort-ibly drivins Lome. The effect i lelng seen tr the awnl "-ling of th- •lutntry—nn r.A-ukening >s'iich. as th' .!uy.-i priii;:. tends nio^ and more t' ln' i'!i »(t!on of l>re.;iden Taft and th« liublican ticket on N: ember 5. CHARLES R SCOTT. .MAMIATTAX WIN.S PRIZES. " rxliibif.s of rattle ul the. Ameriran Royal Shc'.T. Manhattan. Kas.. Oct. 14.—Fifteei prl/es were awarded the Kansas Agri cultural Collogc cattle by the Amerl can Koyal this year,. The college en tcrcd a beard of nineteen cattle. Ir ihe Aberdeen-Angus class Insurges Knvoy won the chcmplonjhlp for pun "ireils or grades. - . In the Hereford awards the colleg' rereived there places: One first, threi econds, two thirds; ShortHdrns. fpu •econds and two thirds; Aberdeen \ngus .two firsts and one third. Avpaas 'he Herefords for senjoi vearling steers. Class 2. the colUsr ook second place on Perfection Lad; 'ged steer. Class 1. third place on Oni vard 47th: junior calf steer. Class: .i ii-Ft and second on Fanntleroy sl's ind Fancy Beau 80th; steer herd bird. On Shorthorns, fat stock, pure-bred • •teer. twn-year-olds, second pace or Irange Dale, third on Archie year- Ine steer, second on Benedict; «teeT slf. third on Jim; yearling st^r. sec- md on Con «et: s 'eer herd, secfmd. In the Aberdeen-Angus group in ad- •Itlcn to the cbamplonstaln award o* n?nrgent Envoy, that steer alao wor *'rEt on pure-bred two-year-ol«| steers vietchim took third place on ateei ::alves, . ' • ' • • \- ' 1 New Y'ork. Oct ll.-r-ThIsi harvest has surpassed all^records, and such brilliant restilts 1^ were Indicated in Wednasday's .government report cannot but have a further stimulating ef-; feet upon business. Not only are the crops the largest on record, but in most cas^s, what Is highly important, qtiality is exceptionally good. It ahould be noted that the fruit crops as a whole have been unusually abundant, and that never in Its history has the nation been so generally and generously favored by nature. All food products derived from plant life should be relatively cheap this year and aid .niaterlally in keeping down the cost of living. Only meats are likely to' I>e dear since the' supply of these has been actually declining. If the cost of living Is to l>e reduced, it can only be accomplished by larger product «nd less waste both of materials and labor. Estimates now pir.ce the value of agricultural products this year as high as 110.000,000.000. Possibly this figure Is excessive, but it is safe to say that our farmers will pro- ()uce ^oOO.OOO.OOO more than last year. With such a marvelous increase in the bounty of nature it will be impo.s- sible to prevent an active full and winter trade. Pessimism must shrivel away before such results. In the first half of the week baseball, battleships and the Balkans werr too strong a combination of diversions for the stock market. Prices had already shown a liberal advance,- discounting much of the business improvement, so that it only required drawbacks of an ordinary nature to precipitate a profit-taking muvemt-nt. European sales, and the largp at-cu- mulatlon of new Issues, though woll met. discouraged fresh buying, and tlu decline was further accelerated by moderate short selling, although operations on this account were of an «-x- ueedingly cautious nature. / No better evidence of business acliv ily can be found than the trpmendous demand for iron and steel. Present in dications point to. the largest production of pig iron and steel ingots on record during the calendar year of 1912. The countr}' is now producinc at the r&te of over 30,000,000 tons i>er annum, and even should there be some falling off in nroduction, as is usual durinjg December, the output will b^ beyoAd all' precedent. Steel prices have been steadily advancing and pro- ducefa are commonly paying good Iiremiums for prompt delivery. The independent producers are even mor*- aggressive in the direction of advancing prices than the great Steel Cor- uoration which has been somewhat slow In this respect. In fact there is no little criticism among stock holders at the fact that the managers of wme-of the steel producing concerns have allowed themselves to be filled ap with low-priced orders at a time when they might easily have-obtained better prices for their product. Nevertheless the steel tijade is enjoy/ng its full share of activity. In the money mar|(et a somewhat better feeling prevails and furth»?r stringency; may be averted until the •isual pinch around. January 1. The situation however, is not free of doubt Gold imports from Europe nave been delayed by the Balkan sit- jation and the possibility of stringency has induced our government to givp vhatever relief may be necessary, ft seems quite certain that the govj>rn •nent will use every "Effort to counteract stringency. So far as Euroiw is concerned conditions are not favorable to any; sei'ious international outbreak. The great powers are all oi>- posed to war and will doubtless use every effort to circumscribe the strug gle. Winter is close at hand and the difflcultles of conducting a military campaign will soon become msur- mountable until spring. This should facilitate diplomatic action. I.ASt and not least the question of Hnnncing a war for these small principalities will bo a serious problem for them us soon ns any surplus which they may have brcoines exhausted baiik- !rs certainly ar"» not lik«-ly to leiul aid n this direction. Fortunately homo politics is ai- racting less and less attention. The mfcome cf. the campaign b< com. v nore ntid more evident. :uid thr remit will probably be fully discuunte.i n advance, provided no shock.\ intervene. At the moment the issues in question are obscured by the personalities which have entered into- thr campaign, but the feeling grows that whichever party wins the policy will be to disturb business as little as possible. With the approach cf a holiday there was naturally less disposition to trade, in view of what i^ happening in the Balkans. Very soon the market will be watching election day and attempting to discount its result, so that conditions suggest somewhat unsettled and fiuctuatine market Nevertheless, Intrinsic con- ditipns are satisfactory' and soun-.l. and in the long run we may anticipate a stronger and more active market for stocks. Our agricultural prosperity is.'a rock of strength and has not •et been fully discounted. HE.VRy CLEWS.. SUPREME COUET HACK TO WORK. •I • I Washington. Oct 14.—The Supre*ie "^urt Of the United States will begin •ts annual 8-month term today, the Trst of the governmental machines £0 resume activity this;fail. Absence of President Taft from tfce -My will resuUJo postponement of the ".ustomary visit of the justices to the White House. Ordinarily- nothhig more than this visit-would occupy the , -ttention o (the Juatlcea on the ooen-< -ng day, but it is-probable that Chief ^intlce White wUI take advantage of 'he day to make k^galn on the docket by allowing attorneys tc> JQIe such motions ^as they have .prepared. There £OLA STATE BANK WE Capital Stock $2.5,000.00 Surplus $12,500.00 PAY INTERKST ON TIME DEPOSITS L. E. HOK> ILLr,i Pres. ff. S. K,AUF3IA>, ind Ties Pwfc J. n. CAJIPP.EI.L, CaslJcr. A. W. nV.CU. Vlr^-Prr«. F. O. BE\S0.>. Asst. CvVut SAFETY WEPOSIT BOXI^S FOB BEST. i i. D. ABXETT, President JOE McKINLEY, fashler J. F^ .MUIl, Vice -President. E. V. MeCLALX, A«.st Cash. COLO.XEL LAXYOX, 2nd Vice-President. State Savinjgiii Bank CAPITAL ¥e.''s(M)0 SURPLUS $3,S«0 \. lOLA, KANSAS We Pay Interest on Time Deposits and Savings Accounts. Safety Deposit Boxes Free to our Customers. TH08. H, B0WLU8, Prasldeat J. F. SCOTT» Ca^lW Allen County State Bank lOLA, KANSAS ESTABLISHED A QUAITTEB OF A CENTUBT. Capital , ..$30,000.00 Surplus / $40,000.00 Deposits ....r....: ,.$550,000.00 IHTEBEST PAID OK TIME DEPOSITS ^ SAFKTT DEPOSIT BOXES FOB BBHX THE NORTHRUP NATIONM BANK lOLA, KANSAS OVER- FORTY YEARS OF CO>SERTAT|TE BAXKI.XG IS lOLA Depository for the United States State of Kansas, and Allen County E. J. MILLER, President MELVIN FRONK, Cashier R. J. COFFEY Asst Casbie^ CAPITAL $50,000.00 OFFICERS: L. L.NORTHRUP, Vlce-Prest P. A. NORTHRUP. Vice-PrMt D. P. NORTHRi;P. Vlce-Prest SURPLUS $2o;ooo.oo YOUR BUSINESS SOLICITED Interest Paid on Time Deposits Safety Deposit Boxes forr^^at Ortortdie«!w>«ceopco.wltliBr»otUt»ofeea »ecrtiT «<l«t««.«^ Ocnt at lfai«effic««ii!itli*azp^i>ie bonus •moastfeei <Ka «etoppantoaar>tna : fclrSrS^^r^-cL.. eUrk !.!«. «H I O U M* EXPENSE IU«). and raoihra yoar ctM »ea of thoa Ju«« boob*: Tp/e $4.09 (Like niustrations in tlic annonpfements from day to day.) New ' Th'^ dictionary is soT fublisl :»l By the originsj .p<ib^:^4l ¥9 W ESSTER IAN lishcrs < f VVebstci's dictwnary or by their successorsJ=^ * A« A It is the o.NLY entirely M:\V compilation by. the world'^ 21 S M.9Xtt greatest autlioriiiesfro -i leading t.hivcrsitJes; b boond -inlxl i DICTKMIABYlun Limp Leather. flc::!i>Ie, stamped in gold on back andl(ll niMtralcd \ sides, printed 0:1 Hiblc p .-.f >..-r, will* red < dgcs and Comets ^ loonded; .beautiful, strong; uuraLle. BesiJ .;:3 the general contents^ there i> are maps and over 600 subjvicfs ocantii'-slly illuitratetJ by three- X'wr •.' 1 color plates, numerous sub'.t-tts by nu-notoncs, 16 iK »-r .-s n I B2 S CI I^ cducationa' charts and.the htc.'-t Uni'.Td St tes Csasii-. Present • *w >w''* at this ofrlce £:X ponjec -^tivo CZ ^'Joneiy Courses ard th« •Wi© I The $3.00 Ii is exortly the 83n5 |TSie §2X0 I* m plan doth biii£: _ioia "ii9i2 SIPCT . sme iB»rt».: If niastrated .... •wifh iqaate comers. SIX CosMcaJra CwMpotu sod ta» i anj lioaaTcf!'^""''?^**' • «>'a»*15. €>-i ^ i a""! ebart* are emitted. . SnC.'l ^(ttSJl QIC) C «>M <»<i«« Ceapoc* lai Ik* ^CM^S ' t A.-.7 Book hr tUa. 22e Extr. for T^iJbi^: - , f^M' enongh to consume .the time of'ttie court 'torawb years if it did nothing else. Arsutneat of a nnmber of iip •lona as mey o»»e pr»i.««u. . = , portant cases.will gain the attention are now.«l«lit hundred caaea docketed [of the iuatlceg after Monday. One of ———-——; .s-.. V, '.j the first casea to be taken 'vgr^ the ao-icalled "bath tab trust. A number.of railroad and expi^ pany rate and tranafiu^t^ii^ have •'been eapeclaUr'ickwilj^'^

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