Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on September 18, 1889 · Page 4
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 18, 1889
Page 4
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Lira, Imt ns hurried tnv,-:ini t !; him K»l Mantrhn ivn dvrof tlin or-.'"-, cotiM- "I kinnvH it '>f the pi.-r ? «f Mstl't )>->foro tn th-i rnrrmln- f two mnrt: c PITE tli i i pip-. Phil N n Y. ' M i 1*1 M „ s -.lot p Tho ililT'TPiico In Hint) promised to ho n dav 01* two s. but tho dif- fi-ronro in cr-sh outlay was more than tivo dollars—a sum which no ono ill tho vicinity of Hnyn Farm Imd . ever boon known to day, O. ff. ~-n <\ >p I Mf i -• i 1,11 : D O HOT BELAY TOUR SUBSClurTICN FOB UPPI8CQTTS MAQ&ZINE, rtloh iww •«»'!• in t!>« fnrat r«k °' month' J r^ 1 "* UeOJ Mid KaapiM th« pwiUun of A LEADER AMONG LEADERS. l, , 0 !«bfr <wau!nl A COMPLETE NOVEL. »!»» quBtttT of mlwllMoon. mittcr of «n ' . LIBRARY OF 13 COMPLETE NOVELS with AN ABUNDANCE 3. ESSAYS, and m^tar. 3«r«, nyJOrg.Tclnm.of HEARLY TWO THOUSAND PAGES. Utrraguirat lb« CniUJ . Th.b«« writer, of tb. n« h»T. *•«» ""f* »?. 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Th8 Unrivaled Equipment of the Line embraces Sumptuous Dining Cars, New Wagner and Pull«»n Sleepers, Superb day Coaches and FAST VESTiBULED TRAINS Punning direct between Chicago, St. Paul and ' Minneapolis Council - Miffs -and Omaha, connecting for Portland, Denver, San Francisco and all Pacific Coast Points. ONLY UHE tO THE BUCK HILLS For Tlclceu, B»Us, M«p«, Time T»bl8« »nd Jail tofonnatlon, apply to any Ticket Agent or »* inn tho Qen'f Paaieagor Agent, Chicago, III. J. X. WKTIHAH, B. 0. WIOIES, H. P. 7TIL00H, flreirtl IbUftr. TriSb Uiaipr. Ore'lPwi. Ajt. We are inclined to agree with the Kentucklans that there is snch a thing as too much water. IslConaninpUon Incurable 1 lload the following: Mr. C. H. Morris, Newark, Ark,, says:" Waa down with Abscess of Lungs, and friends and physicians pronounced me an Incurable Consumptive. Began taking Dr. Kinp.'s New Discovery for Consumption, am now on my third bottle, and able to oversee the work on my farm. 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Celery acts as a sedative on the nervous system, and Is a cure for rheumatism and neuralgia. ~ "There was a frog wco lived in a spring, He caught such a could he conld not CEOUP,WHOOF1NO COUGH and Bronchitis tatroediateiy ralteved by 8Mloh'» Ctm>. FoTSateiy? P»«y, ttoa drapiat. Kiai J. U. Bi«&iordL Kock Tbe teskted iisis sfcow which w»f Poor, unfortunate BatraohianI In what a sad plight he must have been. And yet hi a misfortune was one thai often befalls singers. Many a once tuneful voice anaong those who 'belong to the "genus homo is utterly spoiled by "oold la the head," or ou the lungs, or both combined. For the above mentioned "eroakat" w« are not aware tlmt aay remedy was aver devised; but we rejolea to know that ail human slug- era may fcoet> their hcAiSs ctaar .and tuB« by a tjieely u« of I>r . Oatturrb Bozuray, and l>r. spend 'npwlli-ssly without coming to grief. Between cash in hnn'.l and its nominal er[uiv- nlcnt in time, Phil, like most other prudent young counto'nieu, limi learned to distinguish with alacrity and pusitiveness; besides, he know how small was tho nmotint, of rendy money that his father, in spito of care and skill at his business, was able, to show for moro than a quarter of a century of hard work. Tho young man's departure was the occasion for. qulto a demonstration by the neighbors. Other young men of tha vicinage had been to Now York, but generally they -were those whom their neighbors did not hope, to seo again; Phil, on the contrary, was a gen- oral favorite. His family intended "that no ono should know of the journey until Phil was fairly od, for they knew by experience, In which sometimes they had been the offenders, hosv insatiable U .rural curiousity about nny doings outof the ordinary. But when Sol Mantring told his wife that Phil was to go down with him as a "hand," Mrs. Mautring straightway put on her best tilings and went out to tell all her neighbors that Phil Hayn was going down to YorU, and, being a woman whu never did anything by halves, sho afterward plodded the dusty 'road that led to the little village at tho railway station, whore sho consumed several hours in doing petty shopping at the several stores, varying this recreation by industrious gossip with every acquaintance who dropped in. A.S each person who heard tho news wondered wltat Phil was K°' n S f° r i an( l "to ^ rs - Mantring was sure she didn't know any better than dead and gone Adam, there was developed a wealth of surmise and theory that should have forever dispc-lled -tha . general impression that Americans are not Imaginative jwople. .. For thu rcnmlndiir'nf rhiis lime at home tha family and its eldest sun had ti'nreely enough time to themselves to attend to Iheir daily devotions. People came to borrow something, to bring news, to ask advice — anything that would bo un excuse to seo what might bo going on, and to It-arn why Phil was going to the city. Phil's parents hail prepared what they supposed would bu sufficient explanation: tho farm and the house needed some things that coul J better be selected from large stocks ami-variety than bought nearer home. But they had underrated the persistency of local curiosity; numberless pointed questions were asked, and if in the course of a week tliero had been any visitor who did not ask, in ono way or other, whether Phil would go to seo tho Trnmlays, the family did not know who it had been; they were sure they would have gratefully noted such a considerate person at tho time, and remembered him — or her— forever after. There were scores, too, who wanted Phil to do them small services In the city. Fanner^ Blowitt had heard that the car companies' often sold for almost nothing tho horses that broke down at their hard work and needed only plenty of rest and pusturago to make' them as good as new; wouldn't Phil look- about and sea if ho couldn't get him a bar gain? — and bring it back on the sloop, if he wouldn't mind feeding and watering it on tho home trip! Old Mrs. Wholley had been find- Ing hor spectacles so young that sho didn't know but she needed stronger glasses, or may bo a Biblo with larger print; If Phil would price both and write her, she would try to make up her mind what ehe ought to do. Samantlia Uoouk-s had been telling her husband James, for tho lost five years that their best room carpet was too shabby for people who might have n funeral in tho family at any time, James' stepmother being very •Id and sickly, but James wouldn't do anything but put olT, and ns for her, she wasn't going to be cheated outof her eye teeth ut the stores at the dejwt, wlu-n year Iwfore last »ho saw in a York newsi«iper, that tho wind blow out of tho hand of somebody leaning out of a train window, tlmt good ingrains were selling in Now York at thirty-live ceata a yard; she wished Phil would pick her out one. Besides many requests like these, Phil hod to make promises to dozens of young men and women whose wants were smaller, but none the easier to attend to; so tho prospective traveler and his parents had tho pains of parting alleviated by tho thought that not until Phil departed would any of them have peace, Tho day of «tilin^ brought a great throng of visitors— w> ninny that the minister, who was of the nuniU-r. extemporized a "neighborhood prayer meeting," at which Providence was implored to "save our dear young brother from the perils of thedoep," and informed of so many of Phil's good qualities that only an inborn respect for religious forms restrained tho modest youth from sneaking out of the back door and hiding in the hull of the. sloop until there was a broad expanse of water between him and tho shore. Then the entire throng, excepting two or three old ladies who remained with Mrs. Ilayn "to help her biiar up, poor soul," escorted Phil to the sloop. Among them was a predominance of young men who looked as if iu case Phil should want a substitute they were ready, ami of young women whoso faces indicated that if Phil should care to say anything tender to anybody, just to havoBoraa- thiug to think about while away, he should have no excuse to leave it unsaid. Sol Mantriiig cut the parting short by remarking that prayer was all very well iu its place, but ho didn't beliovo in it keeping a sloop in a shallow river while the tide wa« falling and no wind to help her out. So Phil hurried aboard, though not before his father had almost crushed his hand with a grasp that had been developed by many years of training with bridle reins, ax helves and paternal affection. Borne one cast off the slcxjp'B hawser ; the mainsail was already up, and the craft began to drift out with tho tide. This was tbo signal for a flutter of handkerchiefs and a chorus of cheers, during which Farmer Hayn plodded 'along the river bank beside the sloop, regardless of mud, stones, marsh grass and cattails. Ho seemed to have no Uiat injuuo- tioos for his boy ; indeed, his occasional shouts were bestowed principally upon Bot Maist- ring, who stood at tho wheel, and they had no more relation to Phil than to the khuu of Khiva. Iu like manner I'hil iwenusd loss interested in hia father than in thu nmio ot col'diigtj at tbe f«x<t or tho niast t , Nevt'rth**- k-sst, whou the river bank timis*! at the shore of thu Ixiy, and t-oulii bo followwl uo longer, thu old man sUknl tbvru, ns Sol Maturing said oftorward, "lookL-i' M if hn'd lost his last frit-lid, nuvor esjx-t'U'il to git another, an 1 prim'ipnl ri;ti New York to Brooklyn, tlio thron;;M Kiilnvnlb-, iin-l 1.1 y lisht.-.l Mi"[>s but IIP iliil not to I'vi- lai- -.tiv.'t names on euroT lumpi. Soon In- turiu-il into n street whir',] was part of his fours'; nsliiid ilown by Sol; nt tho same timolm tin-noil from light to clnrk- new, the rlmii';« l)"i"K alino-d appalling iu its BiiildfiiiM-s. Still he hurriifl ou, anil after another turn bc-an to look for numbers on tho fronts of building. Hi* heart l«untled witlnnNiim as ho KiitUlonly snw, by tho light of ft strwt lamp, tho sittn, "EJgnr Trnralay." In"fin instant his hanil was on tha door knob; but the door did not opr-n. Through the glass door ho snw two nr three dim lights within. Probably tho proprietor wns nt his desk; perhaps, too, he should hnvo knocked; so knock ho did. "What d'yo wnnt there, young, f oiler r 1 shouted a policeman across the street. "I wnnt to seo Mr. Tramlay," "Guess your watch is Blow, nin't itr growled the officer. "I don't know; maybo so," Phil replied. "Don't you know better .a to come huntln' down here for a bizness man after 0 o'clock at night?" nsked the oflicer. Phil admitted to himself that he did not; still, ho hod come ashore to find Mr. Tram- lay, and the idea of Riving up the search did not occur to him. He finally asked: "Where do you suppose I cau dad him?" "At homo, I pfuoss, if ho'« one of tho kind that ROCS Btrnielit homo from his store." "I reckon ho is," said PhiL "Will you please tell mo where he Lives?" "Oh, come off I" muttered tho policeman, "D'yo s'poso I ain't got uotbtn' to do but know where folks live? Where was you brought up?—'way back?" •'I'm Borry 1 bothered you, sir," said Phil, who now saw tho officer's uniform and recognized it by memory of pictures ho had BOBD in illustrated newspapers. "Isn't there any way to Olid out where a man lives in Now Vork?" "Certainly; look in tho directory. Go up to Broadway—it's up nt the head of this street—an' go along till you find a drug store. Like enough you'll find a directory there." Phil followed Instructions, and learned th» street and number of tho Tramlay domicile. In front of him street cars were continually coming ami going, tint! by tha conductors of" thuiO his was rufcrred • from one to linothor until liu fuitnd u cor which went to tho street ho wanted to reach. Although Phil know the city was largo, tho journey seemed very long; it was muda nn hour longer than it should have been, for a lire had broken out somewhere along the route, mid engine hose blockaded the railway track. When finally tho desired street wns reached Phil found himself several hundred numbers away from that ho •was looking for, and it was then nearly 0 o'clock. "I've half a mind to give it up," Bald Phil, as ho walked rapidly along. "Perhaps they go to bed early; there's no telling.' Still, if they're abed. Til know it by the lights being out. 1 don't seem to wall: down these numbers very fast." He ijulfltaiifd his steps, ho almost raf , but more than a quarter of an hour passed ueforo lie nuw on a ghi* transom the number that Indicated his Journey was at an end. Phil stopped, then he crossed the street and sur veyed ths houso carefully. "Lights In all the windows," said bs. "That looks as if they'd all gone to their own rooms, looks like bedtime. 1 was afraid of It. 1 suppose there's nothlns to do but go back to Ihe slno;- or 'JL^JI WMIIO plnco to lodge Too bad"' He ivivossed the o'^Utitf. ascended a step 'or tw» Truthful tbimgtt ue was, ho would have denied to any ono but himself that he did it only because Lucia had tripped up those same stops. Slowly he descended and walked u way; but be had passed but a house or two, and was looking backward, when a man who bad passed him ran up the Tramlay steps. Then Phil-saw a Bash of light and beard n door close. "That wasn't Mr. Tratnluy Tlu-ro aren't any other men In the family !Ie must boa visitor. Well, if other men can rull at this time of night, I guess I fan visit 11, too." Back ho went,und, as lie was unacquainted with the outer mechanism of door bells, he rapped sharply upon the door It opened instantly, and as Phil stepped In he fouud the hall and stairway, aa well as the parlors, quite full of ladies and gentlemen. "It's a party," he said to himself. Theri he Informed himself, In great haste, that ho would postpone bis visit, but as he turned to go he found the door was closed, and a small colored boy who stood by itsaid: "Gen'lmen fust room hack," and pointed upstairs. Entirely losing his self possession arid wondering what to do, Phil stood stupidly Blaring about him, when suddenly ho saw Lucia in full evening dress. He hastily dropped his eyes, for ho hod never Iwfore teen a dress of that particular cut. [OOMTWU«D.] J.. Torts, of Klfchorn e Farirnpy on-TuPivlny of last wpeV; tn rn- c^vor what he claimed to be nuc for material and labor ou Fahwy's b.irn. Judgment ivna given in favor of plain- tin' for ninety dollars. Mr, and Mrs. O. F. Barber tiud Dr. W site id and Mrn'. Folk loft Tuesday morning for Milwsufece, Wis, to attend tho State fair. 1 t cr From Slontrooppnry. TheW.C. T. U. social last Friday evening was poorly attended, it being held at Mr. and Mrs. 15. J. Curriers. The rainy night kept a large number from attending but a geod time was had by those present with ice cream and other refreshments and a good social time wag spent. We hope their next one will happen on a good evening. Mr. M. Detrick, of Stone, waa visited by his brother, Mr.S.Detrick.ofDixon, last week for several days. Mr. Chas. Hey is ill, being threatened with pneumonia. He is under the care of Dr. Hill. Detriek Bros, are just full of business lately running two outfits of threshing, having bought a new clover huller George will start it up next week near Dixon while Myron will finish all threshing jobs, alter which they will commence pressing hay, having taken a large contract to press. Milton Dixon went west on the excursion last week. s~\ Last Thursday Messrs. Joe ipd Jol tt Jacobs, Free and Sam May, Will Ashling, and a few others from this vicinity, started with the land excursion, whose deslnation wan northern Iowa, at Algona. The two former go with the intention of buying land if any be found suited to their tastes. We are requested to announce that there will be a basket social next Friday evening by the Good Will society at Mr. and Wra. Steve Halotcd's. W.e feel pained to have to report that there Is a man in our midst who is near to being a brute. Last Wednesday he went to town and came home drank, beaatly drunk, and drove his family from the houso and who were forced to Gnd rescue and shelter l>y going to a neighbors some distance away where they have since remained and we sincerely hope they will forever leave him. We wonder if it matters to them whether he was drunk on high or low license whiskey. , Mrs. Dan Brown returned to her home on Dixon road Thursday night from a visit of several weeks' duration in Iowa among relatives.^ There will be a Sunday school convention next Sabbath in the North Hume school bouse, there being two sessions, afternoon and evening. Several speakers from town will be present. In the evening Mr. O. A. Oliver will give an address; subject, "What I saw In a Mormon Sunday School white in Utah." There will be preaching next Sunday afternoon in the new church by Bev. M, M. Bales, Immediately to be followed by baptism and communion service. Montmorency was increased iu population Saturday night by one, that one being in the person of a little eon number two who came to stay for good with Mr. and Mra. John McNeil. Allwell. ' The Sabbath school held in the church lately sent an Invitation to the Elcel- sior Sunday school to Join forces with them and hold in the church. Action was taken in tho matter, but by a vote it was decided not to accept the invitation. Mrs. E. B. Korn, of Dolan, Dakota, and daughter, who have been spending the Bummer at Mr. Herman Sturtz', returned to their home last Thursday. Mr. Peter Uitz has purchased a hundred and twenty acres of swampish land from the Nathan Williams farm, for which be paid ten dollars per acre. Mr, H. M. Barnum has been making considerable improvemenfthis fall. Ha baa built a good sized addition to his house and la now at work on a horse barn on the Bite of the old one which he lately tore down. Mr. Oeo. P. Perry, of Sterling, drew One audiences last Sunday in the church, by bis normal class exercises, and they proved very interesting and Instructive. He had two meetings, as- ternoon and evening. Mr. and Mra. G. Apple qulst, of Rock Island, are visiting at Mr. and Mrs Charley Johnsons, of East Coloma; also visiting other friends. Mr.-Frank Eussel, as we surmisea, got awfully tired of doing the honors of his house alone a short time after hia wire.started for her two week's visit in Chicago; so last Monday .bright and early, he packed up his grip sack and followed his spouse a' d the two remained in the city until Saturday, r- h ' i • f % of tii Mr. Mmiry jMuinin, ot ft'-"'. ' •<>! Mr. Lyon, who has bf">n living the K. !(.. t.ra«k. on thn Dixon ro.vl and worked fig one of the fwtion men, has movfi liia f;:;wSy to thH farm m Mr. Joipph Sp<'!ir, tylif-re lit' will nfiflh't about, the fssrsn. Mrs. CHni'i!! Molliianry hsvi been spending 1 a fow w<v>kg with liar children at her molher'a, near i'oln. The marriage of M Uoughtman and MIsaAlic". Slurt;'. liist Wednesday evening TV a 9 an agreeable surprise to almost every outwitler in the town, so quietly .were their pinna laid. They are one of the many excellent couples which our town boasts of and long life and a life of continued happiness are our beat wishes. Tha ceremony was performed in the presence of many immediate relatives lit the home of the bnde'3 parents. They took a trip of a few days to Chicago, returning Saturday night. Oscar Smith has gone to Nebraska for a few days to visit his father. George Detrick took a run down to Geneseo, Henry county, last week to see a cousin. (V)) Mr. Bills' wife and child, of Geneseo, Henry county, came op Saturday, over land, to spend a few days in this vicinity, visiting with friends of Mrs. Bills, who formerly resided here, being Miss Uilla Taylor. Mr. JElruer Sturtz has returned to his studies in Knox College. MACK V/RAPPER5 i UK6£ 3I receive HAHDSOME Towr Retailor for the li'uco Truck Rocord. BROOKLYN, N. Y., Sept. 1H.-Tlifa winning liorsiM on tljo Qravoaainl track yesterday won-: Volunteer, % mils, I-.02X; Btriilo- nway, 1>J milos, 1:5S,V; Heclalre, ?( milo. 1:10^; KingBton, 1}^ miles, 3:ia;.; ; I.iai- mony, % mile, 1:04; Vivid, 1 l-!rt mil™, CHICAGO, Sept 18.—Beta wore profitable on tlio following borses who ran on llie AVest Sido course yonter.lny: . Bunhol, % uil 1-(BJ<-, I.nlu McK-e, % mile, ):17,?£; Lizzie B., 1 mil,!, 1:-).(;-, »..)imw, Ji mlh-, !:-'::; lliu.- iloliu, 1 mile, 7i) yanN, 1:17. niinlncKH Mil»l Bi! MlKlityDull. PKOIUA, Illx., Sopt 18.—Tbo little town of Gaivii ha-i u strango sens;itkin. A f.cinily nuiiuil Dickson ImJ n I>et cloR which nvent,y dluil. Tlie unimil was placnl in tt collhi nnJ sent to Lnfnyuitf, tiiolr <>M Lome, for burial in thu family lot. A HIT I lie fiinoml tlio \M- {ny.'lt,o |K>oplo tlemmidwl (iiu i uiiiavul ot tlie dog from llto i-emotery. Tlio family moved thu dog mid also Ihoirdcnd relatives toGalvn, nnd now tlio snmu tleiuancl for tlio dog's ra niovul is made at tlmt place. Tbe town is greutly excited. There Never Is l>on't Yon Know. NEW YoliK, Sjpt 18.—A number of load- lug plnn'o and organ mnnufucttirers of thia nnd other rities mot huro yesturdny and agreed to form a proU'ctivo union for mutual benefits in connection with tradi methods. Thera was no talk of a combination or trust . Gitvn It Nearly Al! tn Vnle. NEW HAVE*, Conn., Sopt 18.—Tbo will of tbe late Professor Elins Looniisbeqneatboi tho bulk of tho estate, which is vnlu«l nt $ii"(0,000 to $300,000 to, Yalo university to bo known as tbo "Loomi* Fund." This la tho eocond lurgest gift over raado to Yalo, Milnlor In a Cliaroh, EVBKGBKEK,- .Ala., 8'jpt. 18.—C. C. B, r- deu was stubbed and killod nt Andalusia Monday night in tho Canipbellita church, by John EuJsley. Bunion waa in company with a young woman who had refused Endsley's .attention. — According to Tour-Kceds. .TAMES MEANS S4 B7TOT3 i lll.i'it fun perfocllyeiinylhn first tin™ It Is vrorn. It win Ratir<ry tlic tnont ^fastidious. .TAMUS MJIAN9 i nbaolnU'iy llm jnly itioo of UM price w!ii< H rr Leon plftrt'd rx- slvclynn tho m-Tr'.it in which durability Is considered before mcro out- •wanl J. MEANS <fc CO., BoBton. Full linos of the above sheen for «alo by J. K. BEI.L & SON ^STOPPED'FREE *Qk J/arrelbxi *YWrc«u. j Insane Penonsr Restored). FDr. KLlNB'a QKBAT NERVE RESTORER ^_,' aR BBAtff * NIRTB DlfiAizs. Only nan- iron JV Jfern AJfatimi, fat, Efitrptt, «». llBltu.IBl.1 U Ukrn u (Undid, fa fill afltr • - - ' ' • 1 nin bonlt In* K •a rf lnhlx, P». tutios. I't.l, oa y^ar \iiiief alt of a sudd'.ns," nit*, «!«t Iu trvat k.t»«« to From Milled Seville. A. very light frost waa noticed on Monday morning, T. II. Knapp and Sammy Livingood went to Chicauo on TUuraday. where Mr. Knapp met his wife who has been visiting frienda in Ohio for several weeks. Quite a number from this locality attended the Mt. Carroll fair on Thurs day, but aa it rained nearly all day they were glad to get home again. David StaUsmitb, of Dizon, is visiting friends here aud in Coleta. Mrs. Lawrie, of Sterling, visited with her sister, Mra. Eitimiller, last week. * Brown Bros, are moving their goods irom their branch store here to Morri son. Many think they have made a mistake in giving op thia place for Dixon. Norman Comptou has moved into tbe rooms vacated by Fred North over Brown Bros. G. W. Cheeaeman reports that some animal occasionally visits the large cottonwood trees west of his house during tbe night and screams BO load that it can be heard nearly a mile. The noise la similar to a child crying. Neighbors living nearly a tialf mile away have j completed will greatly add to the con been aroused by its screams. j vemence and looks of the premises. He W. H. Lawson station agent bere,! knows what good improvements are, haa Dought two lots of the StNPaif" Mr, and Sirs. H. W. Worraao, of Ha- vonawood.who have bwa spending a couple of we*»k» at Mr. Ws parents, iu Rw,k Fall*, aw visiting nla sister, Mrs. L. L, EmoKms, Jr.^ior a few days of this w«ek. "Bun" is a great sportsman, while out with M* brothers for a day at sisowting pr*ui« ehlck«ji«a tie brought In au sjnttr. fwrty chlc*t»Lis. Tbe? wits r«j- turn to t'eds a**ai«> twit it<si«4s.? ft* wltt te«a »9»tYS*Mi tit tfec-U Mr fe»4 * .. ^j? i*. && *ftts- fr/j^ 1 *^;*,**! *i» HJT* <s,«j s s STARTLINGJVIDtiNOE. OP THE CURE OP 8KIN DISEA8SS WHEN ALL OTHER METHODS PAIL. I'Borlaala 5 yrnrin, covering face, head, niirt entire bo'iy with white.BCB!IB. Wlcln reU, Itchy and blecrtics. Hair allffaue. Spent hnnrtteds «t dollarM. 1'rononnr.pu Incurable. Cnrril by Cutlcnra Bemtdlea. My disease (psoriasis) first broke out on my left cheeh.spreiulInK across mynose, and almost covering my face, it ran Into my eyes, and the physlclau was afraid I would lose ray-eyesight altogether. It sprrad all over my head, and my balr all fell out, until I was entirely bald-headed; it then broke out on my arms and shoulders. Until my arms were Just oue sore. It covered my entire body, my face, head and ahotiiders being the worst. The white scabu lell constantly Jrom my head, shoulders and arms; ths skin would thicken aud be red and very Itchy, and would crack und bleed If scratched. ASUr spending many hundreds of dollars, I was pronounced incurable. I heard of the CUTJCUIIA. REMEDIES, and after using two bottles CUTICUBA HKSOL TENT, I could see a changes .and alter I had taken four bottles, I was almost cured; and when I had used six bottles ol CBTICUBA KESOIVEHT and one box ot CUTICUBA, aud one cake of Ou- TICUIIA SOAP, I was cured ot the dreadful .ill- sense irom which I Imd suffered for five years. t thought tbe disoMO would leave a very deep scar, but the CUTICUBA KKMKDIKS cured ft wllhout any senrs. I cannot express with a pan what I suffered before using theCUTICUBA R KM- KDIBS. They saved my life, and i feel 11 my duty torecoaimeud them. My hair Is restored as cood as ever, und so Is my eyaslKut. I unow o( a number of different persons who have used tbe CUTIOUUA HKMKUIK.H, and all have received irreat benefit from their use. B MJIS.HOSA KELLY, Rockwell City, ruhoun County, Iowa. Uutieura Itemed ie« ' Cure every species ol agonizing, huniillatlug, Itching, bleeding, burning, scaly, blotchy, aud pimply diseases of the skin, scalp, and blood, with loss of hair, from pimples toserolul»,excep possibly icbthyosls. ' Bold everywhere. Price, CUTICUEA. BOc.j SOAP, 25c.j KKKOI/VRNT, *l. Prepared by the POTTKU DllUU AND CHEMICAL CORI'OUATIOH, 13tT"Heud for "How to Cure Sklu Diseases,"64 pages, 5(1 Illustrations, aud I'M testimonials. when they returned much pleased with their trip, Mr. Fred Youard puts up some per. matient improvement every year. He is just now busily engaged with workmen In building a fine structure for a grminery, carriage house and horse stable, combined. It is 28x30, 'and when SOAP. , blackheads, rod, rough, cunpped an d oily skin prevented by CUTIODUA _____ IT STQPSJHELPAIN ------Bade nche, ktdney^iains, weakness, rlu'.uitiatisni, and muscular palna KK- HKVED 1H ONE MIMUTK 1>T THKUU- __ _ TIOUBA Aicrz-PAiM PLASTKB, Ihe Urat and uuly liustantaneous pain-kiillng pl&stvr. Ia a monthly magazine devoted to tho hygiene and care of Infants and young children, and all that pertains to the routine pf the nursery. It is now ia its fifth year. The Oongregotiott- olist recently said of it : "BABTHOOD HOMES almost lndlip«n(itbl» to the household In which tbera are youug children. It U tor tho n«ront,i «nd too nurse, nnd 10 packed full of Important eug- ireaUoiK of a uractlcol character, i'rom pcr- ioiml oxixirlenoo of 'u tuotuliiesa. we commend It warmly." And the Chicago Advance : " No mother but mn«t appreciate lt» w!» and helptul nuggcotlons, ana be grateful for the solving ot pe;pl«xltli» and tha bolpln; over hard places wbloh every one come* to •who hai the oaro of yonng children. W» opmineiid It: to every mother la the laQd." Also tho Kew York Oraphia: ...... " Th suocem of tbl* periodical bu been enormous. U makes young mother* feel that tbe only inkjeot worthy ot attention. 1* at laic belug recognized." Every intelligent father and mother should read it regularly. Their children will be healthier and happier. It will reduce the work of caring for them, nursing them, dressing them, amusing them. Let- tcri from subscribers frequently contain such testimonies as these, lately received : •' t am sratof ul to Bjutrnoorj; Ihaveaeen but two numbers, but Cftve learned soiuucli from those that I feel 1 nhoulil Ixi doing my children a wrong 1Z I should fall of the opportunity to lenrn more.", "Thar.t-lplt ha* . Duen to us would have ttfltonlfthed me hod It - boon predicted beforehand." -"rhyBtclan a» I am. your magazine le Uio mtai welcama p(?rlufUoal that come« to my tablo, and lAtho one I read m-at." "1 cannot gpt-ak toonlKlily or HABVUOOD, Dorlnu the throo y«ant that I bare BulmcriUed to U. 1 have felt repaid ft hundred tlmea for tho outlay by the relief and oonMcu-ie It hai £lv«n mo la th» msa- agemeotof aiy chlldrea." 5Tou want a sample copy — Price 16 cent*. Or to subscribe for a year— K1.60. On our part we wbh to know that you have seen this advertisement ; and la order to induce you to mention this paper wlian writing us, We have arranged to hare mioutuctnrert for us a largu quantity of Hudcut's celebrated Sachet Powder, and will give a packet, free (cither " Violet' 1 ot (Quantity aufElclcnt to vlaianUy perfume fiiiby 'a clothing formontba). to every ik?rnou who oouda us either 81.60 for a year's stib- . ccflpllou or IA oeutu for a Blnglti copy, iiientiona this iKiper. (.Vote i/i< ivntlitii " m r Land Co, just south of Haggles Fiet We l«arn that two nice ponies boifht at the eald uere a few duya ago were teliied iu tr?Uig to break them. Nearly all who txmglat £cl»!ia th$y haw aa trouble w5wu th«y trea^ them kiudiy. of The common dandelion, used as greens, has a direct affect upon,the kidneys, and so has spinach. The Littteat Tornado The surprising manner in which the country -it being swept by the great discovery of Dr. Miles for curing the many diseases that originate in the netvua is astonishing all who know tbe faeta. Ths Restorative Nervine, a brain and uerve food, sold by A. H HeadrleU'a or J. M, Bickford, cures weakness. WHUt ot appetite, exhaustion, debility, from overwork, care, worry and dissipation. It taksa the place of stimulants, opiates, chloral, etc... and eurtsa all nervous tronblea It contains no morphine, opinua orcl»»g»>rous<Srugs. The cuUaary jugglers can now HOT- ploy th«sr art to UatwJorai Eugiiali into wstl Writs on toa«l. . . The powder U In no BCCW u " proniluni." Ime IB ottered ftluinly to aid ua in trudnK tnere- fliilta nt our tiuv^rtifilnff Itt various liurta of tlie couutrv. Ita rotiU vsiuo U about S5 ccaUi.) AJilrcM : BABYHOOD PUBLISHING CO,, 5 Bookman St.. New York. Do cot eonfotmd BABYHOOD with picture ixiolea for tho arriuBfn»<r»J r/ rhttttrfn. It ia a m<*tJu-iV t n.U(/a«fft*— a uursery help. Itallstttf cfr.trib'Hurft irii nit.'rtl.'oi ftubjocTv.cVmpri^Mi Uiaay*piiejaHii!» at lUf iilghmt prt>f4*a«ioatii ^tftndJug, The >prlntflU'.Ul{Mass.H/*ti«m saya t "It !H rvflllr ftQiu-Htiuuwl.atUie motiif'rfloJf litUe baM*i u/ioti lo No t . bo niiaeed R UNNING THUKE WAUONS. AUgixxta j>r«ni|iUy delivered to au >art of thf city. 8|»diiU)' of runio*lBg K. !t.

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