Covina Argus from Covina, California on March 7, 1908 · Page 5
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 5

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 7, 1908
Page 5
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(local Events, V>^-^-^- (v-^^v—---•^^-~~-------- A nice line of stationery. Covimi Pharmacy. E. U. Smith, Prop. Miss Meta Rice of Sierra Maclre is ttoe guest of Mr. and Mrs. Wra. Warren. The English Baud Bell ringers will give a concert in Covina on Friday evetiing, March 13. Mrs. Milton Armel and Mrs. W. B. Broad well are among those who have been seriously ill this week. Mr. A. R. Evans, who has been Seriously ill for about ten days, is recovering slowly. • The English Hand Bell Ringers *ill perform at the Womaus Club House Friday evening. v We carry a fine line of toilet articles. Ladies, call and inspect them. Govina, Pharmacy. '. ,. Mrs. R. C. Clarke spent last Tuesday on a combined business and social trip to the Santa Monica bay beaches. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Goodnight have moved into the Oddfellows' cottage on the corner of Second and College streets. The Rev. and Mrs. Alfred Fletcher were dinner guests of Miss Hawks ^f San Dimas on Tuesday evening " ? . The Presbyterians held an impres- Sive and well attended service in |jheir beautiful new church last Sun- flay morning. Eighteen new members ( rere taken into fellowship. The Rev. Alfred Fletcher'offlciated .ester-day at the funeral of an old , rieud, Mrs. Sooville of Corona, who i fas burned to death while burning brush in her yard. '\ Miss Winnifred Wilkius of Highlands, who is paying an extended visit at the home of her aunt, Mrs. A. R. Evans, is spending the week ill Los Aneeles. Don't forget to come to the meeting of the Farmers' club on Saturday, tyarcb 21st. It meets at the resi- cjence of Mr. N. D. Mussey on West Eadillo street, whefe you will see the flag. . • , 't'''- ;., Miss Emma Hawks of San Dimas met with a serious loss early last Friday iubrning when he^ barn and a large •qtafcCltjTof ' hay atdjEad therein was, destroyed by flr,e. ; -iu% loss is of the value of about .1800, and is thought . to have been caused by tramps, .< ! I I I ' ' ' ' Last Wednesday, being Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent, the cpmmunion service was held in Holy Trinity Church at 10 a.m. The Rev. A. Fletcher spoke earnestly on the duty of Christians to follow the example of their Lord and set apart a time for increased devotion and eolf- denial. Our fellow-citizen, W. Dibble, forwarded a consignment of young parrots from his extensive ranch near Tampico, Mexico, to J. H. Matthews last week. The birds, which are of the finest kind, green bodies and yellow heads, arrived in good condition and are for sale for a few days at the office of Mr. Matthews. Price, 15.00 each. Mr. and Mrs. Followell and family and the parents of the latter, Mr. and Mrs. John Rumsey, have moved into the house built by them in the rear of the Kring residence on First street. This lot holds the unique distinction of housing four generations within its confines, as Mrs. Kring is a daughter ot Mrs. Followell. It is not generally known that the Paoiflo Electric Heating Company of Ontario Lave the best equipped foundry in Southern California tor making light Inch grade castings, either Uon or brass. If you are in need of castings of this character it will be well for you to communicate with the above company. 3-14 R. B. Fairly, who holds a responsible position with the Kellogg Company of Chicago, manufacturers- of telephone appliances, was in town Sunday visiting his parents., Mr. and Mrs. 1. C. Fairly. Mr. Fairly is at present installing a switchboard for the Home Telephone Company of Redlande. From there he will go to Azusa to install the switchboard for the Covina Home Telephone Com pany in their new building there. The Covina Pharmacy, with its usual enterprise, has placed a time card of the Pacific Electric railway on the side of the Covina National Bank LtildiriK, thus enabling al! [jaHNcngera to aee for themselves the time of Ntartiiig. Mr. Smith also announces that pocket time cards are sitiil ready for free distribution and can l,c had by applying at tlie Covina Pharmacy. Mr. Smith its a Lustier, making many iriends in Covina. A nice line of stationery. Covina Pharmacy. E. U. Smith, Prop. Plenty of philopohpy wrapped up in humor hour Burdette. Friday, March 13, is the dnto for the concert by thp English Hand Bell Ringers. Fresh oysters in bulk 2!5c a dozen at the Depot Grocery. Pure drugs. Covina Pharmacy. E. U. Smith, Prop. Have you secured your tickets yet for the Bell Ringers? They're coming Friday evening. Miss Ethel Harder is paying an extended visit at the home of her sister, Mrs. Geo, Hazzard. Mr. and Mrs. E. U. Smith are entertaining week end guests from Pasadena. Mmes. Robison and Knvanaughand Mr, Letton huve returned from Whittier. T. B. Walker and. sister, Miss Annie Walker, of Pacific Grove, aro guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. S. Jessup. Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Smith of Long Beach arrived yesterday to spend a few days at the home of Mr. and Mrs. B. Miller. Mmes. L. Fultz and Mary McNeill anj Miss Mary Blakeslee of Long Beach, are spending a few days at the home of Mrs. E. P. Warner. The Covina Co. will sell you a lot in the Coviiia Villa tract and advance you twice as much money as you pay for the lot to build a house. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Griffiths and Mrs. E. Adsit and family are guests for the week of Mr. and Mrs. Will Griffiths. Remember, a "merry heart doeth good like a medicine." Hear Burdette at the Womans Club House on the 20th. Men with money bags have come to town and left sorrow and wrinkles, but Burdette leaves God's smile of benediction. We carry a fine line of toilet articles. Ladies,' call and inspect them. Covina Pharmacy. Master Donald Warner is spending bis seventh birthday today with a picnic at Eastlake Park, bis guests being Helen Whitsel, Lucy Warren, Wesley Leighton and some cousins from Los Angeles. Mrs. John Brunjes and Miss Meta Brnujes went itoto the city on Friday night to. hear Mm*.-Teresa Caiy eno, the great pianist. '' .' ! Prof, and Mrs. A. H. Colling werd guests on Friday of friends in Whit' tier. Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Baldridge and children and''Mrs. Williams and daughter, Miss Helen, all of Los Angeles, were guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. R. Baldridge. The schools were closed yesterday in order to give the teachers the opportunity of visiting other centers of education. Mrs. M. H. Coffin of Longmont, Col., and Mrs. E. D. Kelso and Mrs. O. F. Herron of Downey are guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. G, N. Atwood for several days. Mr. and Mrs. E. U. Smith entertained at dinner on Mr. Smith's birthday Mrs. Jennie Anderson of Minneapolis, and Mrs. Vail of Pasadena. Among Covina people who had the privilege of hearing the great Paderewski on Monday evening were Mrs. Clapp, Mrs. Leighton and daughter Miss Leisel, the Misses Reynolds. Herron and Hastings. Our good friend arid reader, John Smeltzer, and his excellent wife, entertained on Monday Mr. and Mrs. Reed of Little Rock, Ark. These visitors were charmed with the beautiful groves of our vallev. Tulare County Lands: $50 to 190 per acre with water. Undeveloped land in artesian district 120 to 140, any size you want, any kind of terms. J. II. Matthews, Covina. Phone 50.08. Mrs. Will Griffiths was Chief Surgeon at the initiation of the 200 Daughters of Isis, which took place in the Shiiuer's Auditorium. Mrs. Griffiths was one of the "Desert Searchers" and has been hack and forth to town for three weeks taking a prominent part in the arrangements. Following tlie initiation was a ban- •quet and after that a grand ball. The Woman's Foreign Missionary : Society of the Methodist Church 1 will hold an all day meeting in the church on Wednesday, March 18th. Invitations bave been nerit to A/uen, Gleiidora, and Kan iJimas. -V)rn. Woodcock, the district corresponding hecretary, will he in charge of tl.><- program. There will he other speak ers and a hit; rally is anticipated. All -art: invited. OUR Warner, Whitsel a (o. Brown &. Bohfi Pomona Sanitary Laundry Miss Davies of Loa Angeles was a week end guest of the Misses Coulter. Rohert J. Burdette, the little man with a merry'heart, is coming. It's a bother to cook when you are dressed up. Go to the Hotel Vendome. Miss Aileen Rich visited during the past week with relatives in Mo- netfl. , Miss Lulu Wobb of Los Angeles has taken the position of trimmer at. Mrs. Leerbriok's millinery parlors. Buy a lot in the Covina Villa tract arip the Covina Co. will build you a bouse on it. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. King nre week end guests of Mr. and Mrs, Chas. Finch. Phil and Herbert Miller wore called to Minnesota last week on account of the serious illness of their father. Do you like good things to oat? Go to the Vendome tomorrow. Dinner served at 12:30. Come early and avoid the crowd. Miss Lilian Douglass is spending the week at Catalinn with eastern friends who aro wintering at Pasadena. Mr. P. Honsingor, whose card appears in this issue, is another welcomed addition among the business men of our city. He is a live, active insurance man, with offices at tho Vendome, where ho and his charming wife are making their home. These young, people are well p'leased'with Covina and they already feel nt home among our people. Mrs. A. T. Anderson met with a serious accident yesterday, morning. As she was driving home from Covina and when near her residence on San Bernardino road* the horse became restive through a. piece of baling wire • becoming entangled in the wheel and striking it on the legs. Mr§. Audenon * WM - thrown sout an<J la suffering from ; two broken ribs and a slight concussion which rendered her delirious. , IT IS A HATTER OF HEALTH Absolutely THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE p^ HONSINGER Hotel Vendome INSURANCE Fire, Life, Accident, Health, Surety and Live Stock. / Lowest rates, bt-Ht com pan ten. Notary Public. Just One Half the money you "blow in" foolishly, if invented in a bank account would BOOH put you on "ea»y street." You owe youruelf the protection a Savings Account will afford you. If you are upending all you earn it it* unfair to yourueif and those who may be dependent on you. You have noticed the manner in which small amount* expended count* up in a mounth - a part of ftuch expenditure* uavert will allow you to have an account at thib bank. Start with a dollar have money in the bank. (oviin Valley Saving Bunk A. P. Kerckhoff President H. M. Hoiiser Vice I'rthident J. C. Hutchison, Jr (Cashier VV. M. Oriawold Ab»t. Cashier I'JKKC'J'GKS | A. I'. Kerckhoff .J. R. Klliott H. M. Hoi,her Marco H. Hi-Um.ui \V. H. Holikuy (^eo. K. A:j(Jcr»ou . For Rent, Exchange, Lost, Found Miscellaneous. ^-'^l•^^•***•'>^^-^•^••^*^•^rf^»• The finest oysters in bulk 25o a dozen at tho Depot Grocery. A nice line of stationery. Covinn Pharmacy. R U. Smith, prop. Gunther's sweeta are pure and sweet. Clnpp Rolls 'em. For Sale- - Second grade potatoes, 11.00 per sack. W. M. Warren. Telephone Home 3190. For Sale Eight Buff Orpington pullets and rooster. Mrs. Konyon, Charter Oak, Cal. 3-14 For Sale—Comfortable, five room residence in fine section of town, 81800. J. II. Matthews. For Sale -A good horse, suitable for ranch purposes. Inquire at Hnb- bard ranch. Homo phono 1)214. tf For Sale—No. 1 seed potatoes, !)0c per sack. Alfalfa and barloy hay. C. A. Giafton. Phone 2128. 31-4 For Sale — Potatoes, inquire at the offloo ftf Griffiths, Warner *. Thompson. Buy a lot in fche Covina Villa tract, and the Covina Go. will build ran a house on it. For Sale Navel and Valencia nursery stock. W. L. Kellar. Phono 3055. tf For Sale At tho Temple Hanoi), several hives of bees with extra supers, honey boxes, etc. 3-14p For Sale- -White HOBO send potatoes. Phone 1100. tf F. C. MoCandless. For Sale—A good cow for $45. J. C. DeMandel, Corner Irwindajo avenue and electric line. Phone 2101. tf Have your rubber tires set by Wilson's rubber tire setter, the only one of its kind in tho valley. tf. The Coviua Valley Savings Bank offers yon a safe investment for your idle funds. We titty 4 per cent. Start an account today. • Wanted—To buy 20 to 40 sbnros Covina Irrigating Co. stojik. Ad- dresa.J. B, Cqulatou, Pasadena, .Cal. ; : ,.: „::...,.':.... .';....... „„ .....,' .tf .-.:,., Tbe Covina Co. will sell you a lot in the Covina Villa tract and .advance you twice as much 'money as you pay for the lot to build a bouse For Sale -<- Thoroughbred White Leghorn and Black Minoroa eggs for setting. Mrs. .1. Wluilor, Cypress avenue. Home phono 1()!)B. For Sale—Fjggs for hutching and rlay old chicks from incubator from the following standard bred fowls: White Hooks, White Minoroas and While Leghorns. Young pullets for sale. Honson & Clements, K Badillo street. tf 1908—SKKIJ CATALOGUK---HK)8 •—If you have not yet received our seed catalogue write for It, at once and get your nnrne on the mailing list. Write if Spanish book \n preferred. iJohtiHun & Munser Seed Co., 11!) No. Mnin St., IJOH Angeles, Cal. Fit'/(iernld A 1 liurry of Pasadena loan money on ranches and iiuitroved real estate at lowest current rates, They charge no cominiHsioli. Write or telephone them at PaHinlena or call up J. W. 1'n-iitinH, Covina phniH- 2134, und ask to have a representative of the firm cull on you. FOHHALK 0 acres rich hot Lorn land with urn- pie wuUir right, $3.00 per acre, «asy terms. 10 acres 1 year old walnuts, A/IIHII water right, $41 0 per acre. "10 :«cres fi year olrl Vulencias, 110, nob. \1 l /v acres, 2'.^ tiinieerlnes, 4 !•« ValunoliiH, fj of navels, beuntiful re«idenue arid go'nl outbuildings, with crop, Iti 10(H); without crop IKiOOO. House und lurge lot OOxlHH, 91200. (;hoi<-,e lots clone in .00x175, KiOO. Money to loan. COVINA ItKAl/rV (Hi. ('lurk ^ DougliiH. THE Covina Peoples Store (INCOKPORATKD) OUTFITTERS TO THE WHOLE FAMILY LACE LACE LACE LACE From '/i in. to 5 in. wide. 100 different patterns in Torchon and Valenciennes. 5c, lOc and 15c a yard LACE LACE LACE LACE Schedule For filed ric Cars. Leave y o» Angcle* a. rn. 7:05 11: 40 12: r ,0 p ill. 2.00 .'•i.UO i:4 : , 4: (O When a Tonic is Necessary. , becnuie o{ OVER VORK, IMPROPER FOOD, IRREGV- LAR HABITS, or on INACTIVE LIPE, Iht neri)et become unHrung, the dlgtitlon Impnlred, aud the n'liole tys tern run tiax>n, then It It that a tonic It a ntotnlty. ALTI-TONE is COMPRISED of Th£ beSt or nolurt'i r«m«<//«» COD LIVKR OIL. NUX VOM- ICA. IRON AND QUININE *>htch, being combined by the hlyhtit ikllt, ha tie rtiull ed Into on* ot the most t(ftctl\)c tonics that tht mtdlca, hat ei)*r produced, Etltrj bat tit yuarantetd. BRASS FOUNDRY anil MA(H SHOP MAhUtACIUWRS OF GENERAL MANUFACTURING Thoroughly Equipped for AH Classes of Machine Work l c ',«timutch !•'i KELLAR & THOMASON Shop and OftV.r opposite S. J 1 . |)CJK»I Home I-'honi: 2HO Covliiii, Cal. Sanders Real Estate Company Have opened offices at corner of Citrus Avenue and crossing of electric car line, in the Workman building, where they will be fully equipped with such facilities as are calculated to carry to a successful issue any business entrusted with them. Call and List Your Property or phone 88--Mome *W 9

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