Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on September 18, 1889 · Page 3
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 18, 1889
Page 3
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« /.!? RVxf f>o^r ?i* ^-'nH H«m;i». gjlW"»w*^Sri "^^m«^>"^ -f^M®.^ f ' I <?,**« - J f ,4 > " >• ^ f *>-~ i, t/ - - *" V* swi r» -*< ff"- 1 ^ <7j<y% 7M -_-vr~"1."r«, ~~~ — , -t«_i^ ™j«m™t B«W*- I—so* pvfi^rpjr^, ' ,;.' '&'~^*- Jsfew Don't Look at Me but J, K. Chester Evening Gazette. Tn« BVHNTHO QAZBTTB o*n Da had »t (ill the newiatandg. Price TWO owrr». OFFICIAL PAPER OF THE CITY. Tonight. Academy of Music. Standard The atre Co; *i 1-Ia.H just opened bis [Fall Stocli oi_,-,:- DRESS GOODS "Which is more complete than ever be- lore. —The Monmonlh b'vx» ball club ]>;•.•> 'prn admitted to tho Central Inter- tate League, to finish Davenport's chfOule. Tho MonmouUi games will lot bo counted nscbiimptonRliip pnrne?, —M. A. Phillips is quite sick. —Eev. J. B. Hamilton has gone to Chicago. —Miss Julia Haberly is visiting a Freeport. —Ben.Landis, of Minneapolis, w vis iting here. —Harry Newell is now clerking a Goldsmith's. —The present cool weather ought make trade lively. / —Mrs. Gordon Pierce has gone Chicago on a visit. —Will Becker has gone to Dul.uth tc do stenographic work. —Mrs. Hugh Annas, of Chicago i visiting Mrs. 0. Annas. —MJsa Carrie Homer baa gone to Chicago to visit her sister. —Mr. aud Mrs. W. C. Ffey returned from Bock Island thia morning. —Mrs.E. P. Edwards has returned from a visit at Webster City, Iowa. —Frank H. Milnes, of Morrison, is visiting hia sister, Mias Mary Milnes. —Anthony W. Baatian, of the Fulton Journal, waa in Sterling on business today. —The cadet companies of Sterling school are now wearing their neat gray uniforms. —Burglars created quite s\ racket in <Tount Morris recently by endeavoring o enter Congressman llltt'a residence ind starting hia burglar alarm. The own wa<* more fully amused than it ins been for a long time. — The annual reunion of the Carroll ,'ounty Soldiers' and Sailors' Aa9oci,a- ;km will bo held at Lanark, Thursday, September 25th. The program Includes addresses of welcome by Bev. James; annual address by Col. Wilcox; ihatn battle aod camp fire. — Wm. Boland nnd wife, of Bock Falls, went to Chicago this morning, where the annual reunion of tho 8th regiment Illinois Veteran Cavalry is held today. Among the other members here are T. Culver, Chas. Hoag and W. C. Kier. —Mr. George A. Ellis left this morning for Marion. Ohio, where Howland & Ellis are putting In a water works system. He will return here to lay the track for the street railway as BOOU as the ruls arrive. General Agent Thome of the Q has sent out a tracer to find the rails. They should have been here over a week ago. •Amboy needs more police. The News eays that while Mrs. Ira Gardner was going into the car on the I. C. Thursday some robbers stood at the door pretending to fix the bell rope, tangled it around her body and neck until they had stolen her purae, ticket and chock and then skipped. Superintendent Jacobs gave her a pass, BO she could go on her journey. —Another good house greeted the Standard Theatre Co . at the Academy last night. The popularity of this Co. is attested by the fact that they are playing to much larger houses than at their previous engagement. Tonight they will present "The Parson's Charge," a drama of western border life. Tbe five dollar gold piece was drawn by Denny Andrews. Th» (i.'vh'-'onn? !wl! club yi'pti-ri!:iy put u;> the l-.pst grime semi in SU-vlin t (.his y« ir. rmking but O'.IP error, :v jvnr fhr.iw Ijy DuShane f.o the plate win;n he hail ;vn paay ehancn tn thro-v out Dowd running in 1'rom th:rd Imse. They IP* a ball drop between tho pitcher, second baseman and flhortsiop, be- cauafrof poor coaching, which had to j bH scored sis ab.isphit. Their pitcher was wild, giving first to Bix Sterlings on 4 bad balls and hitting Hurquin twice, and he made n wild pitch, but the hits were lacking at the critical times to bring in runs. After one man had been retired 3 Sterlings were presented with lirst base in succession, BO the bases were full, but Pender and Zois could do no better than send up weak (lies', by which the side was retired. The Sterlings undoubtedly had the wrong end of luck all day, both in batting and lieldtng. They showed lack of practice; also it seemed as as though they had no head, for Dowd and Rispin both reached for a high fly and the only wonder was it did not drop between them. Fender pitched good ball, but there were a surprising number of runs earned off of 7 basehita, only two being The wind was high and the cold severe, so few were out; the grand stand was nearly deserted, as the wind had a good sweep through it. There was a noticeable absence of kicking, and the Galesburga made a good impression by their refraining from it several times when they evi dently considered it would have been justifled. Cochrane umpired a good game, and had but few close decisions to make. After receiving a good throw from Zels to stop a steal of third base, Burquin allowed the runner to slide under him; seemed to go to sleep. %>tt 2V.or tn «-!>U !5r>7!-T. iff. n '» c.>,in.--qi unHrin:!; wor I nil Ins liun; mid Mirn;y ii:.(! '?.-..:;;!.'. • I the dulifs of hia poiHinn. UP wrought j mi! n method of teaching KiHrliflb lit.»r- ature that waa peculiarly Ms own, and in its UBO he awakened universal iTiti>r- i-Hi avd enthusiasm in Ins e!fts!"'s. " n embodied this method in his booh entitled "Studios in English Literature." which to widely nsi-d in high school 1'rof. Smith waa exact and methodical in his work, and he succeeded in making those under his instruction feel that they wore obtaining dplinite and positive knowledge of the subject before tliem. He was frank tn manni-r and kindly in disposition, and hence eait.pd to an unusual decree the friendship and pood will of his pupils. By natural aptitude, as well as by taste. nnd choice, he waa prp-ominpntly ft teacher. Not content with mere lesson hearing, ho was ever leading hia pupils, both by precept and example, to higher views of life and to a livelier appreciation of all that is manly in conduct and 'character. Ilia memory will long be cherished by all who know him b*>8t, and, eapecial'y, by thn large nrmy of students who have enjoyed the; advantage of his instruction and personal Influence." * For Sale or Kent Opera glasoes at E;W. Blossom's. I don't employ canvassers to sell pianos, organs and sewing machines; so that the agents commission is saved to the purchaser. Call and get prices. James Harden 84 te w tl * "Damon a'ni Pythias" CML- SEAL —Governor Filer in his speech atjthe soldier's reunion at Amboy last week said the G. A. B. had raised and paid out over 8250,000 during the past year, tor the relief of needy soldiers, soilders' widows and children.... A large amount has been paid out in this way by the organization here. This is a considerable relief to tax-payers, and for this reason,"if for no other, the G. A. B. is I worthy of sympathy and support. I —Fulton Journal: F. S. Johnson, editor of the Spring Valley Sentinel, passed a few hours in Fulton last Sat- He said business was generally THK 8COUK. Bturllnn— A II K iiurnulu. 31).. render, p Zelfl, o Dowd, S3 Olson, If Smith, of Ulspln, 2b Browner, rf... Totals—' ....1 ....6 ...A ...A ...A ....1 ...4 3 i I 7 1 11 1 0 1 1 124 in" Uitlesburgs— Weitir, ib .'* Johnson, ss i Taylor. 2b * Hbfppy.ab 3 UuShtuie, 11 * White, of * Trumpy. rl 4 8!i-.rp,c. -.,——.—•» Sullivan, p .3 His assortment of Eobe Patterns, Side Bands, Stripes and Plaids PWUIARLY ATFIUCTIVE, of danger. The baae ban player say £ to too cool to Ptoy taU. K BeemB to be too cold for speotatora to atay at tbe grounda. Serges, Henriettas, Monairs, . Broadclotlies, Flannels, &c., In all the New Shades at X.O west Frioea! Wool Dresa Flannels only 21 cfs. Best stock of Black Dress Goods in Wiiite- side County. He is' also showing mamy bargains in other departments of his mamoth stock. OALL AND SEE, "—"-." JUT 'urday. He said business was generally -Judge Crabtree adjourned the Lee- , yzed j n hiB town/ owlr]g to the county court until next week, there hutting downo f B |i work at the coal being no cases ready for trial. '.mines, but the citizens hoped for a re—Rev. A. Haefele and Lewis EUele^ BUm ptlon of business. Many of the are attending an Evangelical Sunday families of the miners have been on School convention at El Paso. I 8uor t rations for months and with cold —Misses Dora and Nellie Brookfleld ' weather and no work there will be a gave a card party last night in honor ' great deal of suffering. Some families of a friend who is visiting them. [have Amoved away and many of the n-Members of the G. A. R. are re- men are seeking work elsewhere. Mr. quested to meet in front of their hall; Johnson, while not deBpairing of the Wednesday evening, Sept. 18, at 7:80. future of Spring Val'ey states that the Therflwasabin frost in this local- situation is anything but reassuring, iumo wno •* "*» . ft' and unless mining is resumed this fall ity last night. Fortunately most of i"" " "" the corn is matured enough to be out 'twii . —AnEpworth League was formed at the 4th street M. E. church last ' night. The last general conference of er church societies should be superced- , . .... dd by a society as above named t This -Dr. J.F. Anthony is building a new |aocl / ty {g utw , n character and wall to support the sidewaIk on the. tend|j ^ deye ajj intereat ln cnurch north side of his office building, on 1st ^^^ ftnd churoh worfe Wherever avenue and 4th street. —Mrs. E. Dill and Miss Virgie Maxon left this morning for Chicago. They will visit friends there and in Kane county before they return. —Mra, Ben Bldlach, of Denlson, la., ia visiting Mrs. K. A. Tracy and other friends here. Bhe is on her way to Coleta, where she formerly lived. —Pulton Journal: Mrs. M.Tierney.of f.very one Interested In the Public Library wilt be »nrr lo bny a ticket to the "I>eentrlcU Hkalv." Why do people buy furniture at the Bock Falls furniture store? Answer: Because it pays them big to do so. Dill &(3o. -_.j_....-.--.-.- 79-tf The best lace or 4 button kid glove, every pair warranted. E. E. Sheet/.'. Price $1.00 at The last dnyofthn quarter of our "I>ee»trlck HUnH>" will lie next Tue»- «ny, K«-jt». KtlU. Beautiful stock of millinery goods at the Kock falls millinery store. Call and see it. Dill & Co" Guaranteed First- Clinton, obtained a verdict of 81,999 99 againat the Northwestern railroad, for history and church work. Wherever there ia a Methodist church there will generally be found an Ep worth League. The membership numbered twenty-one last night. The following officers were elected: President, Ed C. Brown; vice presidents, Miss Corson, Miss Ida Davifl, Mlaa Llllie Kline and Mr. Zale'1)iHon; secretary, Sam Stakemiller; treasurer, Miss Luella Hill. —Sam Hendricks waa tried in Justice 'Goltman'a court yesterday on a charge of violating the game law, com- the death of her husband, Peter Tier ney/ " * —This has been a good year for fairs with good weather all the fall. The Morrison, Bockford and Freeport fairs all closed with .considerable money In the treasury. . „ —Bube Eamadell haa bosght two lots gon, which had been shot. in the First Ward, north of the water works stand pipe, from E. Scales, aad will build a bouse thereon this fall, if mason work slacks up BO he will have the time. —Grand Kapido Eagle: Newspaper carrier boys who twlet their papers and throw them at the houses of their pat- rona never go to heaven. They land where there is perpetual "Last Days of Pompeii." —At the last quarterly conference of Broadway M. E. church, the name of the church was changed to First M. E. church of Sterling. It was voted unan- imoualy to petition the Kock Bivor conference to continue HOT. Hamilton in the pastorate here. —Mr. Char|es E. Wmdom is at Uloomlngtou .attending the ninth an uual meeting of the Illinois Undertakers' Association. The meetinga are secret, but it la said oaa of the important subjects will be the question of figbttttg Use €o«l» Trust, --A (sitteett who resides south of the tow&s, wsktd eoaflplftipfc that a plaint having been made that he prairie chickens on August Oth, which was considerably previous to the time prescribed by law. Witnesses swore that he had on August 9, at a place .south of tbe river where hunting is good, a number of chickens in his wa- ' gon, which had been shot. There was 10 absolute proof that he shot them. C. 0. Johnson, Esq., appeared for Hen- drieks and the States Attorney for the State. At 0 o'clock this morning Jus- lice Uoltman rendered a decision in Javor of the defendant, on the ground ;hat the State law doea not make it aa offence to have in one's possession chickens that were shot, but only those snared or entrapped. •An exchange says: The best fields for prairie chickens, says a correspon- Tota's— 81 0 7 2? 10 1 Hint-line ...1 0000001 0-2 Gttlesbure"....""..."~Lb a -1 0 1 2 0 0 •-« Kar»ert runs-GiHesburg 3. 2 hasp blts-Pen- de • Weilil Hlmrp. Double play—Johnson ana Welhl. Ilaseon balls—Burqulu (2), Kisjpln f'2), Zels, Browner. Shlppy. Hit by pished ball- Burquln (2). tuaaixl balls-Zola 2, S harpi a. Wild pltcu-Sulllvan. Stolen basea-StorllngO. Galus- burg 4. Struck out-by Pender 0, H'J'"^H S. Tlnie oi game—2 hours. Umpire-A. G. Cochrane. —The preliminary work for the Clinton high bridge Is moving forward. George T. Baker, civil engineer, hns been engaged a portion of the past four weeks in making a survey for the Bridge Company, and'haa finally" completed the same. It Is made at a place opposite Stony Point, between Lyons and Clinton. The - survey has been forwarded for submission to the authorities at Washington, and the action of the Secretary of War is awaited before they advertise for bids. L1TKKA.RY NOTICKS. THE LAST number of the Writer ia a rich one, containing aa it does so many excellent articles on such a variety of topics of interest and benefit to those who write for a living or for pleasure. It will help all who read it. Address, Writer, Boston, Mass. It comes monthly, at only 81.PO a year. A VALUABLE historical paper is to be published in the Overland Monthly for October. It is an account of the famous descent on the Cascade Settlement, by the Yakimas and Kllkitats in I860. This light was the Urst in which General Sheridan, then a newly commissioned Second Lieutenant, w>s engaged. Tbe paper is a full and accurate narrative of the three days Dght, told on the authority of two survivors, D. F. Bradford and L. W. Coo. Illustrated from Mr. Coe's sketches and from photographs. and Pythias" Thursday, Son of Monte Cristo, Sept. "Damon Sept. lOlh. 20th. Our line of table linens, napkins, towels and crashes is complete and prices- as low as the lowest. E. E. Sheetz. On Sept Hith iusrt ;.',nth t!ie '.'. B. & Q. I', R. wil! or!! excurnlon tickets for onn fare for tlm rout.d trip; tickets limited going Sept. i:Uh and ;!'>t'n, n.rui returning, ten days from date of sale. d(;'5w:;r>-lf Klv/B Harv<*<«t Kxrarnlodn. The Unrllngton Uoute, C. B.& Q. 11. H. will sell from principal stations on its lines, on Tuesdays, August Oth and 20th, .September 10th and 24th nnd October 8th, Harvest Excursion Tickets at Il'ilf Rates to poinls in the Farming Regions of the West, Southwest and Northwest. For tickets and further information concerning these excursions call on your nearest C B. & Q. ticket agent or address P. S. EUSTIB. O.n'l Pass, and Ticket Agent, Chicago III. w30 tl2 d-ws Vnrd of Than kg. We wish to extend our heartfelt thanks to the neighbors and many friends who so kindly assisted us dur- ln? the sickness of our husband and father. * Mits LEVI SCHMIDT and Family. Auctioneer. The Dutch and English auctioneer still alive and ready to attend to city and country sales on short notice. Can leave orders at A. 11. Hendrick's Drug Store or at my residence on 13th avenue north of 4th st. Charges reasonable. Give me a call. 78 37tf D. H. METERS, Auct. Call at E. W. Hlossom's and get an eye tester free of charge. 70-d&w See the new ad of N. Carpenter-^ Co. • ' ' The reserved seat sale for "Deestrick Skule" will commence on Friday morning. Sept. 20th, at 9 o'clock, at George L Werntz's store. Reserved seats CO cents. Admission 35 cents, gallery 25 cents. 83 te Intrratate Exposition, Chicago. Ills. I On Srpij-rnbur 12th, 14th, 21st! i ^k i: f = T!"ilTlKTfTT~'"' 20th, and October ad, fitb; mb, nth |\| W . \j\j •» and 10th the C. B. &, Q. K B. will sell •» ™ 'JLmm W W excursion tickets to Chicago at one and one-third fare for round trip, plus twenty-nve cents for admission ticket, limited, going, to date of sale; return iutr, to and including the following Monday. AND CLOTH in every style. PEOPLE'S COLUMN jar-We will Insert Uiree lines In tbtn co!-"<B umn one time tor 10 cents, or (or to cents & week. Bach additional line will be B cents a single Insertion, or 15 cents s week. WAKTKB. For Damon and Pythias Thursday evening, Sept. 19lh. One person in Dixon telegraihed for 15 tickets. Mrs. Hweet-Brler and nearly all of her children. Including the twins, will be at BknlB next Tuesday. 1 Harvent Social. • Next Friday,, the 20th, at Conij'l Church. Comic programme No charge fVr admission. Supper 25c, from 0 to 8. Goodmuaic. .81 W Good goods, great variety, always fresh and choice patterns at E. E. Sheetz'. Only 10 cents for j lines under this Heading. W ANTED— Wld grapes, by Dr. Frank Anthony. Cullatufllce. 83-1188-13 W ANTED— All kinds re-upliol8UTlnjr. Key milds Bros.. Sterling. 111. 82-tfl* l>resH Fine dressed poultry on sale at all times at our cold storage warehouse on 1st avenue, Prices very reasonable. 8l-tO F. F. HKIOER & Co. ^Clothes Vlu* Penny per doz. at the Fair Store, opposite Wallace House. 84 to W ANTED—A competent b'acksmltti to take charge of un esuvbllfibed business, lu- quire tills week otUeo. W. Glmniberllu. 78-tl rOK MALE. MARKETS Only 10 cents for J lines under this Heading, F t on 8A.LE—Good potatoes, delivered, lor 21 cunts a bushel. Address P. O. Box 07. S«.'.'j UIOR rfALK—House for sale, handy tobuslness. JD Qootl speculation, -Another with-a lots for 8800, worth 81200. Call, for good burijalus, on V. U. llubbard. 8S-t5» £ 1OK SALE—A few choice. Poland boar pigs: cuc;ip, »taken aoon. At farm 2V4 mlies east of Kock Falls. 8. T. Bblrluy. 83-tBM-M BOCH. ^-Conductor Doc Boynton, of tbe Q Shabbona passenger, ia taking a two weeks' vacation. He left Wednesday for Bed Cloud, Neb., where he has friends residing. -t-Dr. J. L. Merrill came out from Chicago several days ago to attend the funeral of his sister at P.rophetstown. He is now a guest at Cbarles L. Bawson's, and is settling up some business matters before he returns to the metropolis. He has rented his farm to Herman Jpbnson. In front of Wallace Opera House by the Keystone Bund Thursday evening, Sept. 10. Illinois State Fair. 1'coriu, 111., Mept. ^ 2U-87. From September 22nd to 27th, inclusive, the C. B. & Q. B. R., will sell round trip tickets from Sterling to Peoria for 84.29; tickets to be limited for going passage to date of sale and limited for return Sept. 2Sth. 02tf Flower pots at thb Fair Store Irom 5 to 20 eta. apiece. 84 to Chicago Exposition. The Chicago & North-Western Bail way will, on stated dutea, sell tickets to Chicago and return on account of the Exposition, which opens September 4tb, aad closes October 19th, at rate of one fare for the round trip, with 25 cents added for admission ticket.. For tickets aad full information apply to Agents Chicago & North-western Ballway Company. 3?-t3 F Oll RALE—Hood, sound bay Horse, B years old In spring; one alugle St, Louis top bug- uy, nearly new; good slneU) harness; all for 1176. F. F. Itelger, Poultry House. 82-tU F OK BALK—Good Iowa, Nebraska Kansas land, stock of goods. Business places for sale and exchange. Frank \V. Walzer, Academy of Music, Koonr4 78 tf F OR SALE—A barealn In three flue residences In 4th ward. Inquire of 1.1. Bush. Cl-ti KKKT. Only 10 cents for j lines under this Heading. i F Oll RENT—Dwelling bouse, suitable for one or two Camillas, five block" from P. O., with 5 acres of ground. Apply 60S First A ve. * 81-tt , FINANCIAL). TrjUNANCIAL-Money toloan-81,500 at 6 pei -I? cent,, on farm security. I. 1. Busli. Uook Falls. S 2 ' 1 - 11 Come in and see, We charge no fee. dent, seem to be Lee, Whltesldo and Bureau counties. There never were BO many birds in these localities before and sportsmen report no difficulty in securing 100 birds in a short time. To do this, howwer, it is necessary to get out in the prairie districts and away from railroads. There Is also good hunting ia Champaign. Pike, Moultrls, aod Shelby counties aod along the entire Illinois river valley. There never waa a time whan game waa more pleu- Utultban In these localities this year. In Mason county ff&rne is also abundant, but it is »o hard to work that few »U4ju»i<t to go there The USiaoi* river it bi«a«r Uitsy&<M Ut«tn ti hw been for '4 —The Superintendent of Schools of Cincinnati, Ohio, has recently published his annual report, and in it makes the following memorial notice of Prof. W. M. Smith, who died last May. Prof Smith was principal of the Second Warfi of this city one year previous to Mr. Bayliss' coming here, and was for eight years superintendent of Whiteside oouuty schools. "Prof. W. M. Smith, teacher of English literature and history in Hughes Mieh school, tiled of consumption at his home iu Bond Hill. May 20. i&JO. He hail been in precarious health for a long time, and, for a year before Ui» death. Ms condition had caused much Mixlety arnoug hl» friends. H*, however, kept up courage aud hops to th» Usl persuading himself that hit trouble w*3 «>niy tswjKsrtry, aed that he shaold »«»ii re*»ia ttia usual health, I's-of. SaiUb bw JWSB *t*iwb«rla E. \V: Blossom has taken the agency of the "I, C." brand Spectacles and Eye glasses. These spectacles are different from ordinary glasses,' in that the lenses are ground from a French Tint&l Crystal that shuts out the chemical and heat rajs of light, making them very soothing to the eyes. Be sure and try them, see that that trade mark "I. o." is ou every lens. lO-d&w The largest and richest display we have , ever shown. ns A thrilling drama of western border life at the Academy of tfusie to-night, Only 10 nuti -20 cents. $10 in gold given sway te-saorrow eveuiug. Genuine "Foator kW gloves" MARK O. and O. TEA The Choicest Tea Zver Offered. ABSOLUTELY PURE. A MOST DEUC1OCS J)KVi;B.\aK. THY IT. Too fill r«« t» *s/ ether. Cislity attw tirfes It la tho I"!K»K**Y <5it.^nR T-TT^y. tnclteit frenl ih& be^t p>Liauui-»»u.! i unrui-lii-l A^M.UU'Sy pura uuJ :r.-a rn-m n'.l »;,>!iB or cujuriaa nuittrr. 'll,»iiii.-ini..vil »tu l><:ra>ciU-nHy Kialfta and «*m.ut<!j luil wen-lit It ti OHliwil in us** liiaii tlio lower Oriental h Occidental ?*a Co., Hiii* itffint, AS Hurting fHifi, &t» 1"***, P. S.—Our plush gar^ meats are ~" warranted. They'll vm&rUke TM&se ftl 81.73.

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