Covina Argus from Covina, California on March 7, 1908 · Page 4
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 4

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 7, 1908
Page 4
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The Covina Argus COVINA. CALIFORNIA. Rntcrcrl at the PostofTioc Covina, Cal.. as second-class mfitier. Publisher! every Saturday by UK- vina Argus Publishing Company, Co Inc. .75 One Ycnr in advance Six Months Three Months ... - ,. r >r. Single Copies - .0' AnVKKTISr'.MKNTS: TMsplay advertisement at reasonable rates. Prices on application. Changes made as per contract. Liners Sc per line each insertion. Legal notices $1.00 per inch first insertion, 50 cents each subsequent insertion. COVINA, Mar. 7, 1008. It is expected that fifty thousand people will come to Southern California next month when the cheap excursion rates start. There ar« two kinds the world, the girl who the girl who gads, tho former. of girls in works and Commend us to Recent decisions of tho Department of the Interior have been satisfactory to the land claimants of the Imperial valley, and honost settlers feel that they will bo protected. Monrovia at, present has an antl- saloon ordinance under which tho hotels are not allowed to serve: liquor* to guests with moain. A movement has been started in favor of election of trustees in April who would support an amendment to tho present ordinance extending thin privilege to the hotels. Thin Argus is under obligations to Secretary of State Curry for copies of the last edition of the state ''Blue Book." of "Corporation Laws of California," arid of" Constitutions." Tho last two books were compiled in tho office of tho Secretary of State and contain much .information in convenient form for reference. There should be no factions in our little city. There should be a mutual interest in the prosperity of our people. .When we see indlffor- enoe to the well being of Its citizens, we see a town all wise men shun. Success and failure are each a part of life and often those who have made tho hardest flhgtaro vanquished In tho race. Tho editor has boon impressed this week at a trial of local Interest with tho fact that tho man who makes monoy in a community bus a duty to perform to that community. It may bo that ho has niado his money by his superior biiHinoNS ability, and that ho would h'.tvo done as well miywhoro. That does not, alter tho caso. If his gifts are great his responsibilities are equally an great. No man was placed on earth for tho solo purpoHc of making monoy, anil tho man who has this as his ideal had hotter never have boon born. It iu not an act (if charity, but tho performance of a simple duty for tho man who ban made money to pans a little of it on for tho bonolll. of the Community, oven though ho nevor oxpoctn to MOO a dollar of bin contribution hack. Colling; wood Disaster. Penned in narrow hallways, jammed up against doors that npr-ned •inly itiward, 170 children in the •mhiirh of North Collinuwood, near i ;ievolanrl, Ohio, Wednesday were killed by lire, by *-m<ike and be neat.h the grinding heels of their panic-stricken pi ay ma ten. The terrible tragedy occurred Wednesday morning in the public school of North Col ling wood, ten miles ftJift of Cleveland. By night all the hospitals and bonnes for miles around contained numbers of children, Home fatally and many le«s wr- lonsly injured, benldes the 170 in the morgue. All of tho victims were between the ages of (! and 15 years. The school contained between 300 and 325 pupils, arid of this entire number only about eighty are known to have left the huildinu unhurt. The HcboolhoiiHO was of brick, two stories and an attic in height. Tho number of pupils was more than normally large and the smaller children had been placed in the attic of the build Ing. There was but one fire escape arid '.hat was in tho rear of the building. There were two stairways, one leading to a door In front, the other to a floor in the rear. Both of those doors opened inwards and it is assarted the rear door was looked as well. When the flames were discovered, tho teachers throughout seem to have acted with courage and self-possession, and to have struggled heroically for tho safety of their pupils and marshalled the llttlo ones Into columns for tho "fire drill" which they had so often practiced. Unfortunately, the line of march in this exercise had always led to the front door, and the children had not boon trained to seek any other exit. Tho flames spread with such terrific rapidity that, within thirty minutes from the time tho fire was discovered, the school house was nothing but a few blackened walls surrounding a collar filled with corpses and debris.' Tho firemen dashed into tho blazing building, and with rakes, forks and shovels and their bare hands, worked in the most frantic manner, with the hope of saving a few more lives. They were unsuccessful, for none was taken alive from tho ruins after the floors collapsed. Fragments of incinerated limbs, skulls and bones were found almost; s at ; every turn, and these things were piled together at one side of the building. Bell Ringer*. On J'Viday evening of next week, tho 13th, under the auspices of tho ladies of tho Methodist Church, tho English Hand Bell Ringers will givo an entertainment in tho Woman's Club House. Tho following program will bo given : March, "Men of Harleck," arr. (iordon, bolls. Reading, "Tho Yankee in King Arthur's Court, " Mark Twain, Miss Ursula Klllnnro Chartrand. Duet, "Tho Gates of tho West, " musical glasses, Minn Andrew and Mr. Percy Audrey/. "Home to Our MountaiiuiH," El Travatoro, arr. (Jonion, bolls. Rending, ' selections, Miss Chartrand. "Cathedral Chimes," bolls. Duet, selection, Miss Andrew and Mr. Percy Andrew. Koadiiifc!, "An Opera," (Jeo. Ado, Minn Chartrand. ".Spanish Chant, " three var., bolls. Covor Crops Inspected. Roland MuKiu* of the Dopnvl mont of Aftrimiltunt, WnsliliiKton, WHH tlio thin wrok nf litm K. Thurpo, '" CNivlim fur tliu purpuHo of hiH|H>c,tinK tlit) progruHH of iho "cuvur crop" vxpttriuiontH tiuiiiK conilnotod liy tho Inltor muhir the dircntlon of the Bureau of Agriculture. Mr. McK(u< viHH much plcitHcd with thu Hh<>v?iiiK made by HID different It'KiiimtH, o.Hpwiially tho Ttiii^icr pea, (he omnium) votch and the* HorHu the latter orup NhuwiiiK the amount of plant uruwlh and the jfriiaU'bt number of nodiileu. Wr, MuKi'tt a)Ho viHiltul nthor rauctifb In thin locality and at Kiver- and Library Notes. Recent IrviiiKi \VuHhiiiKton Complete works, If) vols. Uiu-heller Kben Holdcn's Last Day a FiHhiiiK. Ijariioiir Tom, Dick and Harriet. Carey The Anjjt'l uf Forgiveness. Ci!abK»w The Ancient Law. Kelley Wards of Liberty. Mutton- The broken K"Hii. N irliolbnn Itiisaliml at Ked (iate. J'hulps Walh-d In. AVimrtnn The Kinit of the Tree. \ViH«in The Old I'eubody 1'ew. 1'uie (.'(.vinii 1'liai uiucy. K,. I'. Smith, l'n>ji. Death's Record. Deputy Sherili 1 (!eo. W. Van Vllet recoived word yesterday of the death ot liln a^'ei! father at his home in Uraynier, Mo. Tho IIPWH oainu as » Nliook a.s until a few days preceding II!H death the duceiiwed was enjoying his aiuuistoiiied health. The death of 10. [. Burner <>oour- red yeHterday at I'littuu. The deoeas- ed had been a(11 ioted for many yearn with epileptic tits. Funeral services will be held on Sunday afternoon from the Christian Church at '2 p.m. Death came au a pleasant release for one who had beou so sadly altlioted. lie loaves a widow and one ctiild, a bright boy of nine years. Tho death occurred this week at LOIIK Uetich of Mrs. Anna Smart, aunt of Miss Lix}.it> Christie of this oily. The deceased lady is known to many ot our oiti/ens, having lived with her niece for a number of years. Hurdette Is Coming. Hubert J. Hurdette will be heard at the Woman* Club House, Friday, March "20th, in a lecture entitled, ''(iixid Medicine. '' liurdette, the laughing' |>hil»so- (>hor! The prince of pathoti! Hur ilette, the wi/ard, wh» jingles um»nt{ the bell.s of his cup the key t<> every human heart! Durdutte the mil.v- when he \\tis made there xvus no material Irft, and there/ never can be aunt her. A merry heurl duelh goud like a medicine*. Brethren Church: The uHiial services will be held on Sunday. Everyone welcome to attend. The services of the Methodist Church tomorrow will be held in Keed'p boll. The services of the day will be HS follows: Sunday-school at 9:45. Sermon by the pastor at 11 and in the evening at 7:30. Junior League 3. Intermediate and Senior Kpworth Leagues at 0:30. A cordial invitation is extended to all. Worship at the Baptist Church: ool 'J:45a. in. Preaching , 11 a. rn. and 1 :30 p. m. Morning theme, "God's Program for Church Union. " Evening subject, "Tho Only Thing That Avails With Ood." Bible study 3 p.m. B.Y.P. U. G:4f> p.m. Theme, "The Wise Kise of Time." Leader, Mrs. W. Q. Custer. All are cordially welcomed to all thewo services. Services in the Church of the Holy Trinity: First Sunday in Lent— Holy Communion 7 :30 a.m. Sunday-school 0:45 a.m. Morning prayer 11 a. m. ; subject, "The Need of Penitence." Evnaeong 7:30 p. m. Offertory nnthfem by quartet, "Incline Thine Ear.'! Bishop Johnson will administer the rite of confirmation to a class on Sunday morning, March 15th. Christian Church: Ret. W. O. Conley, pastor. Sunday-school 9:45 a.m. At 11, a special sermon will be delivered to the new converts by the pastor; subject, "What Next?" Junior Endeavor 3. Senior Endeavor 0:30. Preaching 7:30; text, "The Harvest is Ended and We are Not Saved." The" ordinance of baptism will follow the sermon. Teacher- training class Monday evening. Prayer-meeting Thursday evening. All are cordially invited. Presbyterian services of Sunday, March 8, will be held iii the new auditorium. Sunday-school 9:45 a.m. Preaching 11 a.m.; subject, ' 'Building Fireis.'' Junior Endeavor 3p.m. YiP.S.C.E. 6:30; subject, "The Quiet H6uf." Gospel service, 7:30; subject, "Not F;.r From the Kingdom:"' All "strangers' and friends most cordially invited to any of these services. Paul O. Stevens, pastor. ' IRWINDALE. Mr. ami Mrs. Hathnrrl, Mr. n?.ul i«r't WarJswfirth of Canada are guests th« liom»! nf Mr. ami Mrs. Kirnp- The families of Messrs. Jim Heath, Robinson and Swallow went to Compton tiiis week to celebrate the 80th birthday of the grandfather, Mr, Legt?e. who SH the father of Mrs. Robinson and Mrs. Henth. Mfs. Deforest Keicharr] was the gnest of Mrs. D. Kelnhard on Monday and Tuesday. E. It. Coffmun is the possessor-of a new touring car. fitiests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. B. 'Miller on Wednesday last were Mrs. A. Henry, an old neighbor of Plinton, Iowa, and her children, Mr. and Mrs. B. Henry and wife of Los Angeles. Also Mrs. Miller's brother, Douglas Westfall of Forsythe, Montana. Notice to Telephone Subscribers. The managei of the Covina Home Telephone Company announces Jlb&t on and after April 1st, bills can only be paid by subscribers at the office of the company between the hours of 8 a.m. to 12 m. and 1 to 5:30 p.m., with the exception of the OthaudlOtb of each month, when the cashier may be found at her desk from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Special Sale —ON— Mrs. F. F. Jobndon of Nordhoff spent the past week with her niece, Mrs. D. M. Abbott. Have you ever seen a Sunset? A beautifully illustrated monthly magazine of the wide- awake West with fascinating ihort stories, picturesque personal point-of-view description of the interesting development of the West, and the romance and history of the wonderland of the earth. Aik your local newsdealer for current issue or tend $1.50 foryear'f subscription. The book. VRbkd of tThousand Wonders/' —120 beautiful Western views in four color*—will b« includf d— free. • ' • -.' '• • -'• '•' • SUFSET- MAO AZIH1 FLOOD"•u'rtbiNQ ' r; IAN FRANCISCO •••'" n CALIfOMIA White H (anoed Readies We arc oveivstocked on this brand of of peaches and are making an exceed' ingly attractive price until stock is re^ duced, They are 25c value* Our price for a short time isj One can 20c Two cans 35c Six cans $100 Brown & Bohri GROCERS SOMETHING NEW! Are you interested in Saving Fuel In your home? If-so, come arid see demonstration of a DETACHABLE : :", it •.: . .11 i ." FABRICK'S Glendora Furniture Will make the following prices to any person who will bring this ad with them on or before March 15th: 9x12 Axminster 8*xlO^ Axminster 9x12 Brussells 9x12 Brussells 8^x10^ Brussells 6x12 Ingrain 9x!2 Velvet 9x12 Crex 8x10 Crex $21.29 $ 18.49 $ 14.49 $ 12.00 $ 10.00 $7.50 $21.00 $8.00 $6.00 city price $28.00 city price $23.00 city price $18.50 city price $16.50 city price $14-00 city price $10.00 city price $25.00 city price $10.00 city price $8.00 And many other rugs at same reduction. Everything guaranteed as represented. Everything delivered free of charge. A. SEIMEARS PROPRIETOR Phone 166

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