Covina Argus from Covina, California on March 7, 1908 · Page 3
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 3

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 7, 1908
Page 3
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would be interesting to know If part of the world beats Iceland In average lenjsrth of life of its inhabit- tjbtn. It Is shoWn by stajtJsties tibat ini an average thfc peoplo.pF^hut tolftud tf|e to the'age.of dl.8. years, wlilc* i* Fry nearlj^'tfbuhle tho ftrea'h dtirnftott human life as it was computed n Iteration ago. Sweden and Norway regarded as very healthful coun- fes, but Iceland takes the palm In igevity, the mean duration of life in vcden being 50.02 yunrs «nd In Nor-.. M t\nnnr . -of iiceliind's enrtlkiu'ttticfc! ' Jfevve rtaKfitg; bW;' oif theHvMlfe; 2 tea of most of Us simple and Indus- 4 Jons Inhabitants slip along with few t:kv.its T tliat unduly stimulate or,de- M.4 (^letfilitiB."/ - 3u iBaifel- } 'a if it '>lii'te'p i> Siiine old mail boat from Ueith rnai*. liito f -the-h.-vrhor ,^f, .liejfl^jayijc ery' ! 'tltf-ee~'woeks, 'Out* vef# ' I'a'rely news that tmjchesj Iceland so *' ' W e little Island enjoys many of the ad- tiita^ttf <)f clyiilpaHon/ and .avoids t'of i its drawbacks.— Christian Ad- cnte. - ' When We Were All Tenors. The primitive Inhabitants of Europe '* ere all tenors. Their descendants of i [e present time are. tfa$tones, and fu•| Ire generations wiil* vHave semibasrf S ices. The voice hag,a .tendency to epen with age. TlieJf^r/or of twenty i peonies the bariton^^of ''twenty-elkfct 4 Sd tlie bass of thir'tjf-sb^ Thc^inferlor Bices have higher ^'it^fiefl joJKfas thaiv I ^e more cultural. v/ ffte «4gfo has *R 4 JLSher voice than the white man. wong wliito races the fair comnlox- led man has a higher voice than his irker skinned brother. Tlie former is jHinlly a baritone yj a tgUffi tlie lajj- iat tenbrff aj'o'J ijBUaljjg Q| slei^dfep whCTeaS" iW&felr ai%"'stout,-1mil ^ jere are too many exceptions to such 4 rule for It to be reliable. jPhe-sBame; ihnnrk applies to the statement "t'hu't " >ughtful men have deep toned voices, !|U|a r < v Tlae. t toQes, !; pf ! ,<i / voice COVINA "A City Among the Orange Groves" HE above were the wftirds which felt from the lips of Gov, J, N, (jillett of California, when be visited recently thi^fair geiii set in .its semi-tropic surroundings. JNo words more fitting could have been chosen itj'describing Oovina, the thief town of the far-fumed iSnn Gabriel Valley, Boradent »iJ aiid'' rarer "sorts' grows in lurofuston, and withal are the lovely homes set \\\ 'spacious grounds, where roses thrive in Such varilfd richness that they appear voluptuous even, amidst indescribable ttoral wealth. Sublimely em in rift over the laiidsca|)e that' blessed the eye from Covina is the majestic peak ,ofeS«jn}« -Antonio iHdV0ioM' of lesser altitude, but tione the less beautiful, pf Ihc Sicr't'a ,Macire range, '''•witfiT their stiovv crowns shiijfhig aud sparkling like jewels. Covina has no rival in Loa Angeles county , for ,bea,».ty of .situatjofl. , Enhanced, by the.marking-s of civilization, its scenic loveliness, viewed in bVokB perspective, 'fa nardlTisurpassed anywhere. , , • x There is little danMr of -iocuritig, any tourist's resentment by advising him to tarry at Covina ' for ' n^fete^ 'tbVn 'i .<jasua1 glftnce about him. and about the pretty burg. .;»•' Many things he will treasure In hienlorv are to be neen in •er a meal, for which reason tenors are HenefaTty""careful hot"'to sing too Soon «fter dinner.—Pearson's Weekly. Ways ol' ' Deerstalking among the Dogrlb Indians is managed by a skillful counter* felt of the jtnimal.., Two hunters walk, -««rve very well for the fore and hind legs of i; the, jnjro»j.., ,In, ;5 tUte ^y^tfie buntero get almost in the midat of a -way by the bushmen of South Africa, «nd the Eskimos eometitnea come^ta w&" .animal. ,., , of young kaiigaroo' within the «tnge of the spear by suspending a •ajiihall bird's skin and feathers .frfljp end of a long rod ami Imitating hlrrl's r-rtf'^I^fftwvl'ftfiMnflil'' isS 1 " 1 ' ;the bird's .:. .Mrs. Wipedunks — Jcnklnsoii, we .•ought to take one of the first class tojagazlnes. It's only $4 a year, and We children arc getting old enough DOM T to have something good to read. •Mr. Wipedunks—Only $4 a year! Chat's all, Is it? If you begin on magazines you'll think you have to keep it .tip. At the end of every year- you'll •want to have 'em bound. There's two volumes lu a year. Costs $1 n volume •tar binding. That makes '$<> a year. In ten years It's $(,0. Then you'll want ,,a.Jiookcasc to hold the twenty volumes, •jjmt'll cost about $25 becauMe yau'U •tliink it ought to be big enoiif^f t$ thje twenty more volumes. There's $85 tnrowu away. Do you think \'iy Of,' money? If yon want to 're'iiil'tho e.s, what's the matter with bor- 'em?—Chicago Tribune.i t/ 'L^ A Great Telescope, ' : .3V number of persons \verj Itljout teli.'.-icojics, and each professed looked through the "In-rKjiSj; in t{|"e world." One after anuthor tnlt) .of '"the powerful effect of the respective telescopes. At lust fi quiet TOjldly: "I once looked throttgti a tele- _8<ibpe. I don't know that it ,was the largest In the world. I hope Bat it brought :he moon so near thai we could see the man in It gp.sticuju^ Ifig wildly and crying out: 'Don't ahobi ~'' " shoot',' The old duffer thought » a big cannon that we we«ji»ojnt at him." The quiet man so did all tin? rest. -'' Gravitation. ^'he law fif gravitatioii is thiiw-given to,Newton's words: "Kvcry paj'tU:!^- matter in the universe aitraot^ r 4ver i j OtAor particle with it force whoso di faction IH that of tlie straight line join fbg the two and whose ma^niliide Is proportional directly as the produci Oj^ their masses and inversely • as the of their mutual distance." i A , f 'If you must iiinnk,^ wfth )«j|lsJation, Al^i*f, i 'whv not ,-jga \A for MMonethlng popylarV" / « ; '* 1 •'•Can such legislation be [jopular?" ^It cun. Make il ;i |/eii;il r^ffense for 8 jpiau to ask for a hair cut on .Saturday afternoon'' — Washington Herald. A Fitting Theme. "Khinier .-.hoived nie liis l.i-.t [ifx-m. (t ts entiiltMi 'tH'Uit'-t to l>ui DLIU.' " ^''Humplii If he wrof<- tli-? trntb-, It would be 'Owed to I0ver\ body.' "— Bui- tliuore AUjcricau. r ,.' r ^ : : , r i nlRDSB-YE VIB W OF GOV4 N A To the homeseeker Covina .extends.a standing invitation., _'flio jright hand of boApitnlity is all - jijS^te'ui^J to all worthy people .to c»st their lots,\ V UI} o^ira/ai il ertj6v the grandeur of mountain 5 th^ perpetual Erladness of verrjal .life,, fruiting ,and. ilowcring in :peren'rilal concert, an aVmoaphere blending the azone of mountain tops with tfte tiucturc.of ihe,s:.a,, tlje convcnlonces of civilization, and ail opportunity of securing haiidtom.e return^.for their latjors i« the cultivation of owr gfoves. > " I Gpyioa was iiicorffo^ted ! a a. .ft qity ;j jri ;$01,,and,*t once;. tqok>runk as one of the best governed | cities o$^l|?fr|"a^ ''.n,,^ \ i •• , ••••••• .•.-• < .••• Cdvina ia located twentyj-otie: «riii^»iea!>1; pf,,Lps An«elefs in>thjE upper Sat( 9abriql,yalley. U is corjnectedi vfithj;JLoaj Angeles aijjd pther pOjnt^ by th« Squthprn paci.5c railroad a«d,the n^w Ifqe ^f \\\e Pacific Electric, which furnisbjea hourly,'Afc^yfc^. ; ,ifi|tl}t W L v$f\\ttg schools of California the most approved modern plan. In all respects they are up-tpggat^.j accepted in the leading colleges ind and all other states. are, c^rf lfica,t^ . Gramipai; 8C»?C|qlg|raduate I BflCcreditfi4 ; i, r,^ /»•. A. -/.ji ',ui '/n'vt •'.!..• 'M 1 ' ic. :m. ''IK are chc- o^th«i,8ix dUFere.n,t ?* 'Methodistia.Baptiat^eaoiiiinaUanvar.el.bjAt.b u .b»>ldlng' new edifices to accommo- i,w,Jjjj,h %n )3^ ...... „ v ..... .,.„ ...... J .......... , , No salootis exist in the city, and those who desire to raise families amid good social arid niora envirbnments; lfipd> liere : a») ideal conirn'iinrty < v :;{"'• j' 1 J T | |. .'••| : ' : '! ':•', ' 'V '. : ; .;,. ''[ ' '..,,'./''[,' -,.' ( ' '•.. •'•. '.,''•-. Covina boasts of a beautiful Carnegie library, built is 1905, which is largely putroni'/.ccl. An , especial feature of the institution is the children's reading room. Tooth Paste cli fiefs fH>m ill! others. It contains no grit or substance that will injure the enamel of , the teeth and positively ncutTali/ca all acid secretions of the mouth. Alkaline--antiseptic —beneficial. At »« Jriffhti. IS Tr»r VETERINARY SURGEON DR. R. J. RAMAQE Honor Graduate, Toronto College TKKAT8 AIvL ANIMALS Hoi So. Ix>* Aiifrelcs St., next to Alexandria Stables. LOS ANtil'JIJ-lS Ollice Phone Home R 3351, Res. Phone Main 5lf>2. Calls by telepbon* or let. tcrdijyor nigbt carefully attended to- Charges tnoderatc. ^° r y° lir property, real esUitC and buainrss clinncL'a, anything salable. Someone, somewhere wants It at your price. We have the buyer or can quickly (hid him, We also want to hear from inventors. We can help »£ INVENTIONS Write us today. LOS ANGRLKS INVENTION AND INVESTMENT CO. 451-2 Pacific Kleatric Uldtf., Dopt, G., Los Angelas FOR SALB Good Orange' Land ' ' ' ' ;•••''>. I i ; i 'Uflimprovofl, noar Covina, ;ilso (inin^e proves, 1 ;v;5;rnfi 10 acres,' c'h'iso in, on electric, rosul, HUith'hlc for stibdivislniu J. H. MATTHEWS CO. Sole Agfcnts, Covina Uarn Phone 240 Ren. phone 198 LIVERY STABLES C. Pi SMITH, Prop. !•• ''I : • . .. i id ; '. Ti : •• ' i . ii . . Pl , Feed and Sale Yards In Connection , , , , . . . W. Badillo St., dii"itie"Wew electric line. < n» ^,COVINA, j.i^.L !'H|/ ^•'•jjLJ >ij"L^ LiL-i ''''• » ' i ; M i •, • 1 11 GUZNER ' f. ! -f., i ,T I and Lumber Phones: TJornc J 48; Suns«t 253 ' . ' ' COVTNA, b,\t. , Dudde^reir I'rupi i<-tor of Hit- COVINA LIVERY STABLES Pll|»lC. W. tloviilli., CiU. POMONA STEAM LAUNDRY In fi-v. f.ijiiiiiHiiiitifs, c cd wjlh >:iyj.i ^i>aiK'.tt»'(.U, , t ,.» ^ iti own builrtnu,' and furfilsfiL-i, a comVli'-fc it'nh .-fTic/cnV in Si ntliein i .ii i I <rn ia, i.iin iheri •/ : M i If you w.uif the I1F,MT \VORK ;tt tin: NH>S'J' UKASt I'KICIOS givi- tih' .1 trial. TWKNTY YlOAKS' i-xpi,-r},i-ni;t: li,u tan^lil uii the ('f/K AIT'<ST and HKST w;ty to do your liiundiy. With li'rKt-class cqniiMneut our vvoiU and our nii-lbodh arc HJinitary and up to dale. Leave Your Bundles at Rich's | or photic him and the vva|;on will call .my wlicru in C«jviii,i or vicinity, I )<OKHKlvK JJK0.4 •Yl Der •> ha VC t tie llr.i' ';! I rJf.K'iviti, San Oiiniin, (.'barter Irwindale. and i'u't-iue. The Covina (/ar> (^niijjany, li\r,<i a local :n->iiiutio'n, fin m ^lic-, j;as for both fuel and illuniinati in. The San lial>rii:l l^i^'ht and I'ower (^ompanv Inrni-.lie^ lin;hl toi (.ovina>: lionie.-> and street-*, wbifb urc we-l! lighted ny a '^/inpb-te ny.^teni ..I ini.anile-i.i-nt IJ,,;|I|T. 'I le- Ci.-vina I<an>] and \V;iter dniiji.iny, con t rolled i,y li. ]•;. Jliuitin...Mon, furni^iie-, i n>- ' ii y v.-nli a pun •.-. a ti f ^npjily tinder excellent pr«;->v.ire. VV<_- iiave l\vcj national and tvv./ savin;;-. n,inH .-,. ' nir .-,1 orco are of tngli oi>ler and all leading liiu:^ of iiutinuim an: rcjjn-sen ted. '1 he Vcudoinc i-, a tn-,1 i .ia •• -. ' on nil y liolel. Our cluba arc ot a s<>ciitl, literary and musical nature. The Monnay afternoon (,hib, a ladi'-s' ,ry, federated ^rgatii/.aj^oii, (n^iiin^'fi haiKJjcrnij'thib hjnise on tin: Cfimer i,f (jtrtfV av>-fltie anil Center ^l.-cctj the ^orttii^j^ly, a g^>ttlt:ina|t'B lfi> - rar v ^ioWfthc Ampbioir', a musical oriraiii/.utiiOn; and the Cpvina Cipurilry CKitin'c'iuippecivvith a suitable jfrnd chyirini ng ni>,tldinf/l ttic S.iii (.at.rie^ S'aili-y Auto Club with its sixty-seven autos riiakc frcijiient delight f'i! runs over the h rie road ways; Und the Coviiid. Valiey Farmer.-5' t,luti, devoted to horticultural and |/ubii(. in (>-n-st-,. ( ovina ha-, ai.-.o it.-, full quota of fraU-Tn&l 01 g(ini/<a(iotis. (-ovina ranks a-, the !e idiiig 'iriingt-. district of I,o-, A nj/eles coii i.l y. ).i-:v/, < ompleicly i-qiiipperj packing hou-,.•.-> are rci|ui/c(J to prc^ari; tor in.ii kei the thou -.ami-. ct i arioan •. <,\ <.i,: I..IM -. '. hi. ii ,ir> -.hij/ ped from this point a nnuail y to trie easier n n..»r kit -,. i n .11. nua , ->hi \nt . > n 1.1 * ' . in a /.ink-. In -. i in l..o>, Auyelc.s co ti n ty and thirii in lue '••• oi id. 'i in.: ra isi ng of lenu n -. I.-. .! i -.o .1 i- ..':: /;,.; i nil ii -. 1 1 y. J'.i •, nies our citrus product...... drcirti.'/tio triiitn 41 «l berritiV of cvr/y kijid 'am K rilV -" '" '<Kniiifmn:i-. A>;i)>4iliur ( il jiro'Jui.l.-> and grain.-> ^'ro-vn on land.. .-.01. tn v, ot tti-; (,ity ui-,o foi in a I':.j/:in>_'-i: '.I in'on.-:. W. I,. (Jrifiltln. A VV.iiin-r , WARNER & THOMPSON Re^etl Esteito Orange Groves, Walnut Orchards, Alfalfa and Walnut Lands. Covina and Baldwin Park Lots Selling Agents t:. J. (Lucky) Baldwin's Lands Home I'hou Ci A'IN A, CAI

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