Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 14, 1912 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 14, 1912
Page 3
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ArelNow dn Exhibitioii at This Store. . Introducing a showing of the newest and best in Tailored Suits and Coats with all the besjt ideas of the fashion leaders combined into garments * of exceptional worth and quality. The new Gi^taway Jacket, in length 32 to 36 j inches, is the latiest dictiite of fashion. The skirts arl'stijl narrow, but lots of them are pleated. The new fabrics lend them selves with beautiful grace to tl^e lines of the new models and the results are delightfully pleasing. The very moderate prici'S will please you. ElcMfnnt Millinery at PriceH ' to Please. RICHARDSON'S 113 EAST MADISON Mjg. A. J. Rinard, wr-ut toKuinbuldt this afternoon fur u visit witli friends. —Drs. Hull i: Hull, Osk>o|mths. felepbones 120, <>dl. ' • b. W. McCorniiek of Caney, was a business visitor here tliis morning. —Dr. 0. L. Cox, OciilisL Mrs. L. D. Kelley, of Joplin, Mo., is here visiting, Mr. and Mrs. A. I). Williamson and friends. . —Orchestra Jor dance work. Phone 1074. Mrs. W. Tolman. who has het-n visiting her son Gwrge. ai Gas City returned to her buini- in Chanute Uiis afternoon. —Miiudl:: tlie ii!:i«'<.' for Driigs. Mrs. L. L. Roberis. who has been , here visiting Ur. and Mrs. C. .M. Cole, Vent 10 Winfifld this affrnoon. —Graduate Nursi-: terms reasonable. Phone 13C3. Mrs. F. C. Watson, of Collinsvllle. Okla., who has been here visiting with • friends returned home this afternooK. -^Ladies' Suits and Coats relined • and altered. Button hole.'; a specialty. •; Mrs. ftetta Conyers. Sy2 S. Walnut St. Mrai J. S. Kessler. went to Huin: boidt jLhis afternoon for a visit with friends. —Magazines at Mundis Drug Store. C. J. P«;terson and Erick Krieson, of : ICIsmore, drove to Kiiiporia this morn-, iim in the Peterson auto. They will go from Euiporla to Salina. —Lowncy's Candy. Mundis has it J. W. Tonnyson, of Uniontown was a business visitor here this afu-riioon. For Sale at Uiirrell's Drug Store .Mr.<!. S. C. Quincy, of Wichita, who i has been here visiting friends r<-turuc(l j home- this morning. i —Farm and City Loans. K. M. Cun' Dingham. J ! J. A. Vezie, of Raymore, Okla.. was ' a business visitor l»ere_ today. ^ -Ilr. H. .L. Hendricks. Old Conrl I House, (jails alLsnered day or uigfat fl^MERA MAN SNAPS % P, AND $1 CICAR } .Mrs. T. H. Thomas, of Cherry vale. 1 who has biH 'U liere visiting friends rt- • turned honic this afternoon. W. Kufif-ld went to Krie this after liooii for a visit with friends. j .Mrs. C. M. Walterson. of Oiiiaha, .^eb., who has been here visiting with friends, returned home this morning. —-Tlie Lesrend uf Sleepy Hollow" at The .Haje^tlr tonicbt. Any Seui .'.r. I Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Lance who have j been visiting friends here have r>'- : turnt-d to their home in Pueblo. Colo. (Br tha AModated Pres-t) i Chicago. Oct 14.—Fearing ini-asi6n of Dardenelles • inevitable, bbosted wheat up. The opening was 1^ to-% to 2%@2% higher. December Started at 9.iVi@95%; 1%©1% to 2@2V4iup, rose to 95%. sank to 94%ri94\. May once showed an advance ot nearly 3 cents at $1.00\i. WHEAT—Close: Dec. M^i; May. 99Vfc099%: J.uly 96%. COR.V—Close: Ott 64; Dec. 53>,4: May 52%:-.luly o2Ti- /JATS—Close: Deo. 32^;,: May 3i«4: July 84Vs. i ^ P0UK--0ct llT.Att; Dec. $19.58^; May JJ9.12H LAUD—O.-t. |U.S2^: Dec. 1114(1; .luu. 111.10; .May |lo imtno.)!4Vii. KunonM City IJralii. Knnnnn Clly. Oct 14 -Canh Wiu.ui, I til He hlBhur No. 8 Imrtl. ti)ii/i,'rjU4S \o, .1. HMim'b; No. a n-.i. «i.o.-*j/ \»:%: So. 3. it74ii.oi! fittf.. ijiH', May n %tiH. Vl)H.\.-MiirktU I (0 > hliili.r ,\ti a MIIMMI. tll'ftiiai No. :i t:ii'«,-Mll't! So. a whiii'. t)s<frthH: <H«t"!s, (MiiKo -.liily 4»ifMlt%; It-"' I'l".,?! f-t.; May 4!i<S,i(^4l><)4. UAT8—.Mavkt'l uncliann'il to i<ic UWwr. No. 2 while, xm'.i:!!: S». 3 3UM«33U. - HVK—74c per buiiiiel, kMnmiK Clly Mvt-slock. Kutiiii.18 CKy. Oct 14 —CATTia-:.. re ceiptH 25.01)0; murket steady to ten •onts lower. .Native stisers J6.r>0(fi 11.00; cows" and hiHfe ^-s $3.2.'i(?i7.r)0; Ktockei-a and- feeders J4.««'fitr,.2.">; calves >.5.O«(59.0O. HOGS-Reeel|)ts ."..O(ii); market wa: • leuily,' l -k ;avy H.o .'i; packer.* and butchers $S.7r.f/;i im; li ^hi fHXit il. p. Morgan and hU $1 cigar. A .camera man In Xew Tork has /; A jeamera man }ust ancceeded In setting a firat-rmta anapahot of J. Plerpont Morgan smoking one of hla famous dollar cigars. J. P. wotUdn't be I caught paj-ing less than one dollar each for his smokes. He apends dally for cigars more tban the average American haa to spend for the neceasltiea and luxuriea of •ma combined. COLLAR SIMB iiammlMbtiai. ISc S for 2Sc. 'tntt Gas and M'ood Heaters! ^ CoBtbinatloB Coal and 6 Hot Blast and Air TIgbts ECOXOMT BANGES Bora's Combination Coal and Gas iKange-^the best made. • Pric^ Blgbt! ^'tCuv tnuii Lowest Bates i Branch Office ot ^eMerdaiBi MortgigeJCo. ,-' Topeka, Kans. Optional Payments. Any Time. If,. WUI Let 50% of Land Value. . l^'ieST LOAX l.V ALLEX COCNTY fv SEE OI^A LAND CO. 1^ ^ : »ctric Wiring! fi-Obne by ei^rienced men. i" - .£rlces ireasonable. ^eld &*Thompson tlJ Ik H, Wlshard Hdv. .Mrs.. O. 1... I..:ingdon. of Hutchinson, ; who has been here visiting friends r-- ! turned home this morning. j Mrs. R. A. Stone of Salina. who has i beun visiting friends here, returned • home joday. 1 J. CJ M.cCormick! of Lawrence, wiio has been here • visiting friends re[ turned home this morning.. —Kvery Republican who can get in ] to t'ne room should co to hear Shef- l field Incalls in G. A. R. hall tomor- • row nisht. I..adie{S who are intere.stert ^ in the i-'uccess of |the suffrage amend\ n.en: should attend this meeting. G i A. R. h.all Tuesdky evening at ciglii o'clock. Everybody invited. i . t '— ],. H. L. Patson, of Cherryvale, was a , I business visitor here this morning. Mrs. H. G. Moch. of St Louis, who has been visiting friends h<H'e returned home this morning. Mrs. F. X Strawn, of Dodge City, who has been "here visiting friends, returned hoine this morning. —Sheffield Ingalls. Republican can , didate for lieutenant governor of Kansas, will address a political meeting at G. A. R. tomorrow (Tuesday) evening. Mr. iBgalls' great ability as an orator as wcl! as the Importance of the office he has nominated by the Renubllcans to be!the party's candidate for. bespeaks a crowded bouse' to hear him. W. R. .Tohhstone. of Collinsvllle, Ok., who has been visiting bis mother, Mrs. J. W. Hall, returned home this afternoon. —Private money to loan on real estate. Address "VT <rare Register. .Miss Ger^riide Sutcllffe, of Kansas City, arrived here this afternoon for a visit with her faljier. Dr.* J. S. Sat- cUffe. Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Jensin, who has been here visiting friends, returne<l "to their*home in.Vilas this afternoon. Miss Frances Klemick of Depew. III., who has visiting Miss Mary McQueen, left this afternoon for HtUburg. E. W. Stoner7 of WelUnglon, who) has been here on business returned , home this afternoon. ' * J —In addition to the naany other' Eights to be seen on one of the Star ,l.and Comitany's excursions. Uiere p»-ill he a bull nght at Matanior^. Old Uexico. Round trip eoTOiar every |it.-.n of expen=c. oniy J4.-,.i)0.' Sf- .1. i W. Marker. 31S East Madison St.. l„!:i 'and so with n.'- Ociobi-r l^th. -Mrs. C. I.. Patterson, of CoffHyvillc. who has liet-n here visiting friends ro- j turned home this alttriioon. i .1. L. Sampson, ol Tnls;i. who has I been b.^re on busiln'ss returned hoin< this atternoon. I .1. W. .Toiinson. who lias b<'< n sp'-nd- i ing the summer in his old home in lu- l.dtanu and Illinois, returned home yes- i terday. —Dr. McMlllon. Phones Hi and 232. Paul Cutter of South Coiborn street is ill and is thought to have scarlet fevt^r. Chas. Funk went to Jt. Scott this afternoon. , ?,<4J Mrs. C. H. Long, of Nevada, who has bci-n hero and in Humboldt visiting friends returned liome this aftt-rnoon. -Mrs. George Collins, of Ft. Scott who has been here visiting friends, rnt'.irned honn- this morning. . D. A. Walker, of Wi«;hita, was a visitor in the city this afternoon. .Mrs. H. C. Hillis, of Salina, who has been here visiting friends relumed home this noon. •.ina ippi.ors •i.i; • .'ifert; $2 .!tilftS .0!>. HOGS—KeciiptB -liiw to "i lower. :iii\<'.I SS.TO'?! H.:'-": lii:? $.-..1 )0 ^^8 .10. Lisht $S 7o?j heavy $.S [i'-Hi'.>..'.' . K»ns:i.« Cib Produce. Kansas. City. Out: 14.—Butter ami Kggs unchanged. HAY —Market steady. Clioii e tini- oihv $12.."iO <iiTi.i:{.'tO: choice prairie ?i2..':;<;fii3.(;i». ""OOM COR.v—$.-.0 to $10f» jier ton. Receipts of wheat, 464 cars. ^ Lead and S|M'ller. I.iiuis. Oet. 14- i-ead. easy :;' >; <(i ':%4 .;.2'j; spelter, at $7 4i 7.4".. I.nral Markets, if'rodtiio iiuotiitions furnish.^ dailv •y Cniil .ill C'oiiiiiilssion Company). Iir rTKIJ--21c per pound. KOGS— 21e per dozen. POULTRY—Hens He; cotfe 4c prints 9c: ducks 9c; geese !>c? tur- tcys 9c: guineas 20c each. HORSE HIDP:S— 52 .00 to $2.75. BEEF HIDES—10c. (Grain quotations furnished daily by ;inith V. Ray.) COit.N—7.".c to SOc per bushel. • KAFFIR COR.N—8.=;c |)er bushel. WMK.VT—8oc to S.-.c per l .u.'-hel. • OAT .s —luc per bushel. ll.\i--$t; to $7 per ton. flEllTH OF BE0B6E J. BIIBKEF Look at the Special Values Offer in , Slightly Used l^aos High Gradie Upright Piano, used a ve.ry little; art case; price Plain Colonial style Piauo. standard make, like new; pi'ice . • • • • Vtt.Ut Beautiful Maho}.?aiiy Piano, J^liKhtlyftAAC'-AI^ used but like new, sti'ictly high grade. tiftZ/yiUU: New Sample Piano juHt from factory, 01QQ full HizG, latest cane dcsij^n, jjuaranteed—. .di.uO' <)IM;ANS at. .$5. $7.i$0. JiilO. $15, $20. mUt $ho^ KvorythluK Sold tut Kusy Terms If Desired. John V. •:• • • •:• •:• • • •:• • • •:• •:• •:• • •:• • •> i • •:• ->•$ •> DK .MOrKATlC <<U.CM\ '>]f •:• •:• •:• •:• •:• •:• •:• •> •:• •:• •> <• •:• •:• •:• • •:•. Materiiil furnishe.l fur this ii.liiiiiu . oiiies from the I'onnty Cuuiniiltei- audi riie Daily Kegist'T is in nowisi; re-- '.jionsililir f'lr any sia'-Tiii-nt app-ariug j iiiliT tliis lieatiitig. .-\ .--iinilar CJIUIIHT ,' .ill !;f i !ev ;iiiM! to :lh<- Uepul»lii-aiis.': he Ke-i.-tir i.s ies|'ijn.«ible e.:jly icr S O'.V! eiiitO! i;:|. i-.V |.l.-S.'-ioIl>. NOTICE! I Cnd to Jurist Well Kn»Hn Hen-, Vf- ler Years of Illness. Hon. George J. Barker, one of tie test known lawyers in an< , father of Mrs. C. IJ. Spencer of thi- [city, died at his home in l..awrenc Saturday night. .Mr. Spencer and daughter were called to l-awrenc- Saturday night, while Mrs. Spencer has been at the bedside of her fathe' for some days. Mr. Barker has lieen in ill health lor scv.ernl years and through sheer force of will power, had overcome the majority of his ailments. R»^ent- ly he was takeii seriously ill -and his condition gradually declined unti death came. There was no lawyer in Kansas bei tor aiid ni'iro favorably known than Judge Barker. He had a keen legal ininti. knew the law and how to apply It. and his •'advice was valued by al! invti engacing in business of lar;;" proi-orlions. OLD -HILL BIU \S. is now ready. We serve everything in the HOT SODA line, and, we're waiting for you. Morris 6 BQward Fresrriptiun DraKflsfH West Side Sti. Free D«sllvery Lightning .Struck an Uld Liindniarfc Near Kri**. ' Erie. Ka.-*.. Oct. 14—Thursday morning between 1 and 2 o'clock the o'.i! mill on Flat Rock creek, near this cit.> burned. This was^ during tha heavy electrical storm aiid It is prrfsuuied that the building was struck by llgh- iiing. It was a total loss. This was one of iheVild landmarks having been built In 1S69. The mill had not been In operation for the several years, since the Munding Bro •hers suspended operations there. It was owned by Miss Bridget Roycmft. There was no Insurance. I;i :n (K KATIC Tl( KKT. .Natit*iiul rictet For Pre.';iden!—Gov. WOOIIII-VN \V;:<in. New .Ier.<iey. For Vice Prisii'.ent—GOV. Thomas it .Marsiiall. Indiana Presidential Elei -tors—I'rancis M. Patterson. Va!',.- Ceii;.'!-: .\nile:s St r- !.i.sen, .M.P!i.'r :-i.::; V. 1!. I'hi Smtt ! 'enter; .-\l !ri li Q. Kii. ; '. Uyhee. Garnett; .luiiic-s W. i'i:;rl'. • Irent llend; llir;:!;! U KuUnn. llai;- ivcr; I'liii.- K. ^I.-.i .t.-i.'.Ue-MM -i!: Is ;ae. I. .M :!-4ii:. ((iriiiit;;: TiK 'Hias .1 <t.\'>-il O.sage Citv. 1 Stale Tirkel. ! For I'. S :>V -iia!()i -V .i;: il. Tlii>iiip-j en. Garileii ''ity. lusfire S..|iiilfle - ! I It j riii'llc. Kiupuri:;: .\. P. l:.-.-.-s. Hc.l^"^^; "ity. Governor-Geo. II II<)di;.j '>';;!':<• Ueiit. Gov <.TniiV— Frank I., r.iiuuii I ')£;:ge City. '; Setretsry of .Siate— Unit K. liron!!. !.;iwreiice. ^ j Stale Aiiilifi.r—I'.-rry fl.-iii '-ns. ot I ilaniilton. • ! State Trea.-iire:--P K I^mghli!'.; .Marysville. .•Vli y Geii .Tal— •". f!. IJtti"- Olalh- .' Supl. of Public iiisi! ui-fion—na \:!i; ."'1. Bowiai. Pif'.'lii^ri; ' Supt. of insurance—Carl J. Peter- _ ton, lola. ': Slate I 'riifei —William P Feii ^T. «>'i ;reat lirini • ('oagi<'.<siiian. I'nil I>:^t.—.l <i.>;. Taj;- ! •,ait. City. Kans. St.T<; .Seiuaer. 1 ttb Dist — I'aai '.lein !oIa. i;a ;t.s. Itepn'scntalive. I'l.uh ijjsi.—.1. V." ! Usui, llumlioldt. Kas. [ • oimSy rfrliet i C'liinry Clerk—Clia~-. Kree'.iert;. Kls- tnore..^ County rrea.-^iirer—John T. Tyler. | Gas City. } Register of Dee:!.-— Jerrv L. IJed- well. lola. Coiintv Attorney—Frank i* Forrest,' lola. Probate Jiidiie—J. S. Walker. 1I>I.T Sheri.1—.1. II. Foster. Ga.s. Coroner—1'\ I.. 15. Ix-avell. lola. County h'lipt.—'vide I'.tlieringni. rarly!f>. Co. Surveyo:-—S. |i liarHeit loia. Clerk of ilie District t'oiirt—Ixjiiis !!. Il -'ss. Iluniboliir. County .-X.'ive.-sor—Fr^-d Schmidt; I'f Muinlioldt Conitiiissiouer 2nd District—J. H Brown. Moran. Coniiiiissioaer :{rd District—M. G. Pobinson, lola. STOVK OIL or DISTILLATE A full ;-upply on iuind id 100 North Jeffer- Avenue. * . Humboldt Refining Co. Telephone 725. M. Hungerford, Age; No Deliveries Made on Less Than Barrel eitt Ldts Wood Investment Company William 1'rine, Mi^r. Full line of MOTORCYCLES, BICYCLES AND ALL SMALL MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS Supplies and Repairs for Same. YCLE SUPPLIES AND REPAIRS 112 West Madison Tola, Kansas 53! Mrs. .7. R. Dunlnp. who has been seriously ill for some time is still very low. m Grffllfa Feed Yartt . ^ « ^ ^ III • ' Frank White. Prui)rietor. ' i ' 221 North .lelTerson TeFeijihone 550' • * AU Kinds of Feed Sold and Delivered to AH Parts of liie City. Our^' prices are-.i-easonable. ) 11. - A supper will be given at tli« Y. M. C. A. this evening :is a "starter" for he mf :ii!i;rship campaign to be launched this week. , .HEDHM.S SHOWN .\ K.IKE. Copenhagen Oct. 14.—The spiritualist community in Christiana has been excited, by the extraordinary things witnessed at the seances of a rerT:;,r medium, who professed to have mast remarkable powers. A seance was recently attended by several professors and journalists, and now it is declared the basis of all the wonderful hap- l>ei>ings Is but vulgar trickery^ X funnel through which the spirit/ were supposed to speak bursty and v. professor, despite the~ protests of the medium and'her friends, banded it to one of the ebemists at the Norwegiai) state laboratory, who declared It contained some vegetable substance and sulphur. Attbe GRAND "^^^Adulb - lOc Trfnlty X E. rhiircli. The attendance at all the servicps at Trinity yesterday was excellent. T:;f)re were more present at Sunday Si-hool) jhtan there has been for several Sun-; j days and an excellent spirit prevailed.. ' At the morning servire 'be pastor ' spoke from thetext '•Ye are the sa't of thee^rth." .As salt seas^ms and preserves articles of food, so tlie church ; of Je.sus Christ seasons theworld and I preserves it from moral corruption' and decay. How important then- that; the church retain its sa^or. which Is today, as it has always been, the .Holy.: GhRst abiding in our hearts. > In the evening the Epworth league- held an unusually interesting and prcf'tablo service under the le.ader- 3hii> of Earl Johnson. j Tiie evening preaching .-Jervice was i decidedly, evangplistic in its nature.; Children • 5c " '* i- ' ..A^ffcw'-Choict 20c Shows at 7:30 and 9 Sharp •bMKl<«^al TONIGHT Two Reels BestFictiires and the Play "The Wheel Of Fiitc" tlie text selected being Hab. 2;1. The [ •icrmon was on earnest appeal to the'. iinsTved and to all to guard our.>Char- , nrter well, to-listen artentivel* fori the voice of God and to answer with | submievive mimis and wilUns^lj^arts.' In obedience to God. 1 The season's revival m'vjtipgs will : begin next wefk and Rev Powell of i the Pir«t church will pfeach next 3nn- ' day evening. . ' rnxm TONIGHT! PROGRAM "THE LE«E\D OK ShEEPI This wonderful .\mi^ric8n masterpiece by \Va.<hicgton ving in motion tableaujj at tb? Majestic tonight.' ititroduclrg our old.classic frfends, Icbabyd t;'rane. the unique schoolmastiac of Sleepy Hoilow; Katrine Van TaB."-el. the idol of his.heart at>^ lirom Bone.>?. Ichabod's rfvatt wi:o in ghostly array, run leha- lK >a ot't of tl«.e crjuntry and whose ghost still hHituis Ste«pi];t • Hoilow. "} Il U-hniti -a OL^e" (Two retls) i SOMi--V«H Taut Exfiea KJitf- es irow Me".„.Herbert Alirt " ^ADMISSION 'Sit- Chris Rittec was a busia .-SH vi.iit.v In Garnett tb\s afternoon. J. w. K«3o; romlec ,tbJWil ^i^'J from Fiirsona on bminaa^- • ' ."' ^"^

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