Covina Argus from Covina, California on March 7, 1908 · Page 2
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 2

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 7, 1908
Page 2
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COVINA A City Among the Orange Groves THE COVLNA VILLA TRACT la-absolutcJj the most beautiful ^uburbaa tract <m the market today, to/very lot ;a barpaiti. THE coVINA VIL.L.A T.RACT Is in thr heart of Covioa. Fronts on the electric line. Only 35 '«i/iinutes ifirom L/os Angeles. THE COV1NA VJJLLA TRACT "Wilil iljc supplied wi'fjli the purest 'mountain water, piped to every lot- Klectric iligiitft. Streets graded and oiled. Omeat walks. THJi COVINA VILLA TRACT Combines every essential city convenience and coveted country com- iort. High and Grammar Schools. TITE GQVINA VILLA TRACT Prices range from $200 to $600 and can be bought on small payments, THE COVINA VILLA TRACT Lots are the best investment on the market today. They possess every element to insure profitable returns. COVINA VILLA TRACT X L. /V1ATTHEWS saLE AGENT J. B. COULSTON nnrMiSnA CHAS. NICHOLI OWNe « s $2OO and up Every Modern Improvement • wit *•• New Telephones. . Additions to Homo Telephone Company during February: COVINA Brandt, C. J., row. Hemphill, S. W., res. Nortbuide .Meat Market, Ji. CreuHhttw, nrop. ZtiK, A. R. .roe. Chiltou, Mat.., .res. . Vitiaoiit, A. G. GrifllthB, '<Joo. Snuvoly, J. C. A.7AJHA Taylor, W. I 3 ., urn lleth, W. T. DodHWorth, A. A., iroH. Voting Men'H Christian Alliance f)131 290 1144 3014 130 2111 1024 521!) 0217 4211 4217, 2209 2131 Mack, P. 11., rea. 2250 M. E. Pi»rnouu«e. 27-1 Taylor, U. R, re«, 1271 Lniiiiiiift, C. <)., ros. 4250 (Jlendora Ktcuin Lnunrlnr 1KWINIMLK 0270 Simpson, J. Jl. AH-Day Meeting. Th« Ladies' Aid Society of MothodiBt Church M|H)iii a UKist,pleM«i- imt and profitable day Tue*duy law*, nt the homo <if Mrn. Win. M. Wnrrou on North Citrnw avenue. Thorn wait) comforts to tio, table linen to hum, aprons to make, and vnriouH other thinxH to do, but many hundN made the work li^ht and the doit tinners of thirty ladies laid tho .work by rapidly. Mm Niizuin and Mrs. WhitHol mlded to the pleasure of the Afternoon with vocal solos. At thu noon hour a buffet Iruuih eon WUH served, ooiiHiHtiiiK of «vdd meats, Nandwic.heH, shrimp salad, lioHt.on brown bread and baked beaiiH, pickles, pics, cake and coffee. The table napkinu harmonized with the decoration, having on them tiprayH of (ioldcorod and a largo bou- <piet of the feathery .M-Jieia graced the dinitiKi'oom table. Tim color scheme throughout the spacious hails and parloru was carried out in yul- Jow. Those present: Alines. Kixilcr, Swallow, Truebluod, Wallace, Wheel <-r, Keynoldu, C. F. Ahehenbn-nui-r, Warner, Leisure, King, Aloxley, Tripp, White, Lamb, (i \V. .Asehcn brenncr, l)<uighis, Allison, <'oons, Jiohiiiboii, Clarke, Cole, Ciihlumtn, N'u/um, Matthevis, Mt-rwin, Whilst-), V.'arien, .Mihn Jut,ie Kcynolds and Alt la Kice. Orchards Wanted. TO OWNERS OF GOOD ORANGE ORCHARDS, WE J1ESIRK TO STATE THAT WE HAVE CLIENTS FOR GOOD PAYN« ORCHARDS, FOR 5, 10, 15, 20 AND ONE 10 ACRE PIECE. PLEASE SEND ME FULL PARTICULARS, PRICE, TERMS, WATER CONDITIONS, AND AMOUNT OF INCOME, AND WE WILL INSPECT 1'OUR PROPE RTI EH I M M E D 1 A TE L.Y. C. P. W. PALMER 411 FAY ULDU, THIRD AND HILL STH. U LOS ANGELEH, CAL. Ball Twirler does U E. E. Anhor, who has been spending tho winter visiting hta b 'others at tho home of B. C. Atmer, lett Wednesday morning on the Southern Pacific for his home in Indiana, where lie will visit rclativus a few days before reporting for duty in Indianapolis on tbe 2()th in the National Uuaeball Leupue, from whence they leave, for Chat an toga, Tonn., fora month's practice before entering work, Mr. .Asher will pitch for the Toledo league this year. lie has an offer with Pasadena for next winter if he cares to accept it. The State Editors Will Visit South. Tlui annual e.vcurHion and meeting <Jie (Jalifornia Presw asNooiation will be held in LOB Angelen early In pral. MeniberN from all tho larger oititw in the Htate are expected to be | A ouoiimiUee on arrangements met |H»»turdi»y in Los Angelas uiid tho visiting members have assurance that 'a good taitu- will be accrorded thorn. Trips to (bbilina, Mount Lowe and a ride over Id*- lialUuin Uovite will bo featrucH of tie entertainment ad well HH trips to Kisersidc and San Diego. 1 Those composing the committee are 1). 11., Outlook, Santa Monica; 11. (!. Timdey, Heview, I'omonii; ,1. P. Usunigurier, Register, Kunta Ana; J. I). licese, Free Press, Ventura. Best Healer in the World. | Kev. K. Sun-bird of K.i'vmontl Maine, sat*: "I have u.-eil JUu'klen'.s Arnica Salve for vcar-,. on my did army wound, ami ot her obslina te fcuM-s, ,unl find it tl-,ebi'*t licalvr in' the \v,ild. li:>eit to" with success in my vcu i mai y business." Price -."•c Clapp'a druy store. ' i Hotel Clerk Thought the Guest Got Hit Money's Worth. "A friend of mine IUIH gained <-on- slderoble notoriety among the boys," 80Id a drummer, "on account of his antipathy for many of the Inhabitants to be found hi the holels of many of the small country towns. Many a time he has been known to leave his bed In the middle of the ulg'.il to search for more comfortable and agreeable quarters. Recently he landed at n small town. 1 'happened to he there that flight, and when I saw him enter f Immediately scented trouble. Thnt place was known for the droves of rats which swarmed, about the premises, and If there was anything my friend abhorred It was a rat. Well, he got his room. I was sitting In the lobby reading about an hour after he had retired wUeu suddenly I was startled by a sudden racket on the upper lloor. It was fallowed a few seconds later by my friend, his clothes under his arm, making « hurried exit from his room. Itiinnlng up to the hotel clerk, he expostulated excitedly against the rats. "'They ran all over the bed and nil over the floor. Finally I tried to shoo them out. I turned on the light, and there were two big ones In the center of the lloor lighting like tigers.' " 'Well, what do you want for f>0 cents,' calmly asked the clerk, 'a bullfight V "--Exchange. **.**/* *****,* * * * * * * * * *• * * * * * IT A?our Checking i account IN THE THE PIANO'S SOUL It Is Imparted to the Instrument by the "Scale." "Kver.v piano factory," said a piano manufacturer, "employs what we piano men cull a 'scale.' It would be too long for me to explain to yon all about It, but lu piano making the 'scale' is the man who after all else has U*cu done Imparts to the piano Its son!. "I cannot tell you how they do It. They do not know themselves, and no man can (each another. It Is bom, like all art. The 'scales' are very few and hard to ni-i, and we pay them handsome -wages. Mnt (hey are as difficult to manage as the grc;i.i tenors of grand opera and as sensitive as women. I.iUt; all artists, they are forever squabbling among themselves about little things, and. MS you may guess, jealousy is their besetting evil. "Hut I liavt- not yet explained what the 'scale' does. When a piano Is all strung and tuned and ready to leave the factory, die 'scale' sit* down to it Jill alone and screws It to pilch. His ear Is so true, his hand so tine and his sense df the lea-ions for sound is so delicate and < \qulsiie that when he has finished hi.- work that which was a mciv box ce-.naining strings has become a voire thai e-in sini: if von know how to make it sing The 'scale' ha* given It a soul a part of his own soul." —New York World. i * * * * # * * W Co vina National Bank AND YOUR SAVINGS ACCOUNT * # # * # * # * * * * * * # # * * IN THE * * * * * * *• * He * * * * * United States Savings Bank f Will give you entire satisfaction. Why not open one now? * # UH'K'KKS- - .jjf J. B. CUUL.STON, Pres. # UK. J. D. KKKL), Vice-Pres. * V. o. ENGLISH, Cashier * EVERYTHING IN HARDWARE Fine Builders' Hardware of all kinds, Tools, Paints, Oils, Glass, Stoves, Heaters and Ranges, Gas and Gasoline Stoves, Tinware, Graniteware, Rubber Hose, Cutlery, Gloves, House- Furnishing Goods. Potter's Hardware DEPOSIT MONEY WITH AOEINT vv. J. M. Cool ma n Samuel Fc'aler J. L. Matthews i "scar MilU-r J. N. Mmirer (.i. H White # # # # * * : * # ' *; •» i *' BRING FRIENDS FROM THE EAST During March and April, Second Class tickets will be sold at very low rates from Eastern points to Southern California. For instance, from New York $55.00 and $58.00; from Chicago $38,00; St. Louis $35.50; Kansas City $30.00; Omaha $30.00; Minneapolis and St. Paul $36.75; Denver $30.00; Salt Lake City $30.00, and many other points at greatly reduced rates. If desired, tickets will be furnished at any point east or north of Salt Lake City, in-the United States, Canada or Europe, if money for same be deposited with any agent of the Salt Lake Route. 4 ; Pomona Office is Nearest to Covina For excellent service, beautiful scenery, through sleeping cars from Chicago, St. Louis St. Paul, Kansas Cit>, Omaha, and Denver via Salt Luke City and the Short Line to Los Angeles your friends should travel VIA SALT LAKE ROUTE **************** Subscribe for the Brgus*

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