Covina Argus from Covina, California on March 7, 1908 · Page 1
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 1

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 7, 1908
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Mrl. H. Ill fuMM TT3 F. H. KAE3RICK —-SELLS— Hardware, Tinware, Stoves, Ideal Gas Stoves, Paints, Oils and Glass, Sherwin-Williams Paints, Guns and Ammunition, Peters' Shells. COVINA Overland Keen Kutter Roadsters The Finest Boys' Wagons at RABRICK'JB HARDWARE ARGUS VOL.. 36 COVINA, CALIFORNIA, SATURDAY, MAR. 7, 1908. NO PROFESSIONAL CARDS x^x^x^-'^-'>^-'^-^-*-''^^;^^^'s^^ •|^OBT. P. UPDYKE/V M. D. DENTISTRY Over Argus Office . Covina, Cal. Phone 284 t J. CWNE, —DENTIST— •Office hours: 8:30 to 12, 1 to 4. Home Phone 47 if' <Office: Bank Blk., Covina, Cal. <I)R. R.E. BATES Special attention given to diseases of women and children. Office and residence 4 doors west of Episcopal Church on car line. Office hours: 8 to 10 a. m. 2 to 4 p. m. 'JPhone 288 Covina, Cal. |)R. WILLIAM CAPPS OFFICE PRACTITIONER Chronic Diseases 'Specialties—Cancer, stomach and intestines, genito-urinary, ear, nose and throat, diseases of the nervous system. Hours, 9 to 12 a.m., 1 to 4 p.m. Office over First Nat'l Bank, Covina. Phone 75 J^EED & JENNINGS, PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS g. 10. RBKD O. D. JENNINGS 8-10 a m 10-12 m 2-4 p m, 7-8 p m 4-6 p m Office* in Reed blk., Phone 40. Resi- 'dence of Dr. Reed E. Badillo at. Phone <48; Residence of -Dr. Jenningi on Reynold* addition, ffi. Badillo St. Phone 53. . ,, „. , COVINA, CAL* CITRUS CULTURE IN MEXICO Covina Horticulturist Is Favorably Impressed With Outlook. Tamoa, Vera Cruz, Mexico, Feb. 16tb, 1908. Mr. J. L. Matthews, editor Covina Argna, Covina, Cal. Dear Sir: As per your request and my promise that I should write you, I write this to let you and my friends in Covino know (as nearly as my short rehidence here will permit) my opinion of this country and its future as an agricultural and horticultural district. Since my arrival in Tampiuo Jan. 7th, I have spent several days in' traveling in the states of Tamaulipus, Nuevo Leon, and Vera Cru/, looking at the most prolific and profitable orange orchards in those states, and while I saw no orchard which I would consider the equal of some orchards in California, I saw several good orchards, all owned by Americanos, and the owners claimed that they were netting splendid incomes from them. Tbe land here is generally owned in large haciendas of from 200, to a half million acres, and is for sale at what seems to me very low flgnrw, from 91.00 to 15.00 gold per aore, according to location in regard to market, amonut of available toil, etc, The,soil v*rfo» as it do*§ in but it it OSTEOPATH , Phone*: Office 175; Res. 23 Hours 9-4 first Nat. Bank Bldg. Covina, Cal. f^OUISE M. HYATT PROFESSIONAL NURSE "Graduate of County hospital. Four years' experience. References: H, D. Briggs of Azusa; C. M. Frazier and X). F. Hendrickson of Glendora; and Drs. Reed & Jennings of Covina. Home phone 40. Reed block, Covina <JEO. L. SANDERS, ATTORNEY FOR CITY OF COVINA Offices 325-333-335 Wilcoz Building, Telephone, Home 425 LOS ANGELES, CAL. B. BIDWELL ATTORNEY AT LAW Home uhone 3164. Glendora, Cal. ANDREW M. PENCE ATTORNEY-AT-LAW Notary Public Phone 1039 Reed Block Covina, Cal. £)R. O. T. AMYRAULD VETERINARY SURGEON AND DENTIST Graduate McGill University, Montreal Office at Hotel Vendome. COVINA Shoe Repairing (o. • -«/ Citrus Avenue We do the best repairing 1 in town and use the best material in the market at the most reasonable prices. Sal it- faction is guaranteed in every respect. If you give us a fair trial you will not regret it. We also carry in btock every kind of rubber good*. GEORGE SIMEONOFF gulf coast on the large Panuco river. The Mexican government has recently spent 15,000,000 in harbor improvements, and being inland, it is one of the safest and most beautiful harbors on the western continent. The river at Tampioo is about half a mile wide and very deep, affording passage for large ocean liners. The plantation, or hacienda, on which I live is situated about 12 miles west of Tampico on this same Pauuco river. Large river steamers ply up and down this river some 1'25 miles. The Tampico Fruit Company expects to plant 1500 acres to ornnpos on this hacionda and several thousand more on hacienda El Cnuyo, which is situated at Argueleo, about 100 miles north from Tampioo on the Mexican Central railway. A man coming into this part of Mexico to farm woud be up against the same propositions that existed in Southern California some fifty yenrs ago, ony much worse, us he could nut work for bis neighbor and would I have to depend on the income from his laud keeping him, and he should have enough money to last him uu- . til he had his place in a highly developed state of cultivation, or .well developed in the cattle industry, or whatever line he chose to follow. For this reason I would recommend company ownership for several years at least. I could go on writing- about other conditions , which are very new to j me ad inflnitum, aa everything aeema 'different b«re than in the U.S., but 1 1 have too little time and it would i tend to make this letter tireonm*. QENTLJEMEN WILL ENTERTAJN. F, E. WOLFARTH . . Jeweler , , Large and complete stock of everything in the line. Repairing of ail kinds. Fine watch work a specialty. Citrus Avenue Covina. La!. *r and hwler. In, wm« would call " It a black ' gumbo." Where orange trees are planted on this heavier soil (except where Florida sour stock ro.ots were used) there is an alarming amount of gum disease, but on other soils the trees look vigorous and fine. Tbe quality of the fruit is excellent, high oolored, thin rind, although they do not have the tartness of the California fruit. However, with some people that would be a recommendation rather than otherwise. There are several varieties of scale here which prey upon citrus trees, although I have the first orobardist to meet who Ja making any flghfc against them. Tbe most harmful variety of scale I have yet seen Is the Chionaspis Citri, a scale very closely resembling the purple scale of California. There are no orchards planted within fifteen miles of the hacienda I am now on and I hope by being careful to have a clean orchard for several years at least. Tbe climate is very warm and damp. The thermometer seldom registers below 50 degrees aud wel- dom above 95 degrees, but being damp, tho heat is more oppressive here than in Southern California. I see no reason why with American enterprise aud energy thin could pot be made a great citrus growing country. Any man coming into this country to make bin home Hhonld have money in plenty, UH to go broke in this country where laborers get but 50c per day gold and board themselves would he a calamity indeed. A great many Americanos are coming in here and buying laud. Home are dividing the large haciendas into smaller tracts mid Helling to horueseekers and others are belling stock in an undivided property. At present there are not enough first class orangea grown in Mexico to supply, the Mexican market. However, it will take time, energy arid money to make this country what j Southern California is. I think »bis is the land of golden opportunity in regard to lands. Laud is selling in large tracts at very low figures. 1 have seen I ami hero which could not be purchased if it were in California for |&0 per acre for uale at one tenth of that price. Tampico, the port through which all the produce is exported and all iiftpoft.t for this) part of Mexico navt: to come, is Kf-autifull.v situated. It i.-, at,out ej^'ljt mili-h inland fp/in U,<; ok, the meantime believe me, • Your* truly, G. P. PRESTON. Tamos, Hacienda El Caracol, Vera Cruz, Mexico. First National Bank of Covina v«. C. H. Ruddock. Tho case of the First National Dank of Covina against C. H. Ruddock, on trial in Department 7 of the Superior Court, presided over by Judge Hutton, during the greater portion of this week, has been of considerable local interest. Tbe case was one which grew out of the construction of the electric road to Covina. In the year 1903, before the road wae constructed, C. H. Ruddock, who then owned 700 acres of land in and near Covina, subscribed 15,400 to assist in defraying the cost of purchasing the necessary rights of way. Before it became necessary to collect said subncrlp- tion, which was in the nature of two notes, Mr. Ruddock had disposed of all his property with the exception of some flS acres, arid when asked for the money, repudiated bib obligation. Tho FirHt National Bank !H now Keeking to force collect ion. There was an array of legal talent on both fiides, Messrs. Trask arid Hrejihenn appearing ''or the defendant and Messrs, ttlbaau and Crutobor for the pluintiffH. A great deal of evidence wit.H introduced. The pjai/j- lift's had a number o' witne«HeH, Jn- cluding J. O. Hunger, H. M. Houwer, J. D. Heed, A. M. Heeley, J. L. Matthews, A. P, Kernkhoff, and otherH, who Hwore that Mr. Ruddo'ik had Higned the notes and promised to give the railroad a free, right of way through his lands. The defend ant, by affidavits Higned in Kuropc, denied thin and hin evidiinoe was supported by F. M. JJouglanH, f"r- rnerly cashier of the First National Hank, and associated with Mr. Hud'- dock in buhiru-BW. The court listened with gr« patience to the tangled iikeiri of evidence and his rulings throughout were eminently fair. That the case could be closed on Thursday he continued the hesHiou of his court until >i p.m. The casts was taken under advisement. There way born to Mr. an<! Mrs Jasper N. baker of (/lend*.) a, on Saturday, Feb. ;iU, a bouncing b >y. 'ibis being leap >ear, tho new ai rival v.iil celebrate bii birthday onlyiju:iy (•-in ye;u.-. Hon. A. J. Wallace Will Addres* Open Meeting of Fortnightly Club. The meeting of the Fortnightly Club on Monday next will bo the notable in our city during the coming week. On this evening the members of the club will have as their honored guest the Hon. A. J. Wallnce of Los Angeles, whose prominence in municipal affairs of that city is so favorably and widely known. He will address the club on the subject, "The Duty of tho Voters of Covina nt the Coming City Election with Reference to Progress and Purity." The subject is very timely ns tho forthcoming municipal election is early in April. The club extends an invitation to the voters of Coviu« find their wives to be present on Ibis ocanslon. Tbe club will meet in tho high school auditorium. Close of Revival. The closing dnys of the Brooks brothers revival were full of Interest, and spiritual power. Aa a result of the campaign the Christian Church received 102 new members into its ranks. Of these, 4H were heads of families; 41 were men above 20 years of age. Tbe expenses of the revival were cheerfully met by the large audiences that attended the services. On last Sunday afternoon, at a groat fellowship meeting, the new members •bowed their loyalty to the chnroh by 'pledging 8900 tb» oorrent Mprnwa of the The eraagvllbte MWomplUbn) good while In Covina, and Mb bo bind a boat of friend*. They art men of a high order of talent, and are sought by the strongest churches in the nation. They began a revival last Thursday evening with the united forces of the Christian churches in Spokane, Wash. An elegant reception was given at the church Thursday evening in honor of the large company of« now converts. Tbe pastor presided and announced the program. Tho principal address was delivered by C. C. Chapman of Ful burton. Mr. E. O. Tbornuson followed with u short talk. Music was furnished by Miss Anna Reynolds, Mrs. Elaie Coltrin and the two revival choruses. Readings were given by Mra. Bertha Heath and Miss Florence Harland. The handsome decorations were designed by Mrs. F. M. Chapman, Mrs. Chus. Menofoe and the Missus Bunders. Delightful refreshments were served at the social hour following the program. Wireless Phone*. On Huturduy lust tho Collins Wireless Telephone Co. gave H demonstration of the principles of this won derful invention at Heed's Hull, where '100 people had the opportu nity of inspecting mid talking over the machines. All secrned to ho pleased with the results and to appreciate the foot that a system which docs away with uolt-n, wires, switchboards and centraIH must have a great future before it, and u good many of our uiti/.ens made invest merits iu the company's stock. Where la Kosco? Where is Hosco? That is what still troubles /limner. llonco is still misulnu; would not even oMI^H /Imrner by being in evidence ut the trial of the alleged t\»x Jl^hterB in Justice I'ierce's court, l^os Ani/ules, on Wednesday. Thorn being no HOMCO, I hero was no cane and it took tlii' court arid the jury !<>,H than an hour t'i diHpoHf, of the twenty two cah'-s, the, defendants being acquitted in short order of the charge of flight int.' Lull ilo«s. Wo will forgive you this time, boys, but ri(-vi-,r hit '/Am rni.r carc.h you again. Mr, and MIH. 1'cter I'Ysh-r moved into tin -it new bungalow on Ka-il ','( lit( I HlH:(;t thin WC(:k. the LMII".1.4 at the Veri'lome U,i* v.. . k aic. J <•;,;,(.,r and MIH. A. \> I;. l..'ii.\ of I), troil, Mid; , t; |. : i,d , of <).' i i j,i u ' ,i ,-,l t IK- tioii : .c. *£ "OPPORTUNITY not only plays an anVit chorus on your door, but LAYS for YOU around the corner rtith a club." Me For You A combination gas, coal and wood range that will roast, bake, fry and stew all at the same time. Do You Want It? Someone is Going to Get It FREE STOP in and let us tell you about it or ring "44" fWfJSE^I^ |p.; W. H HollkUy, President Marco H. Bellman, Vlce-Prc.ldent " W. M. GrUwold, Caahier J. C, Hutchin«on, Jr., A»«'t Ca«hter W. H. Holliday J. R. Klllott J. O. Houscr DIRECTORS A. P. KcrckhofT H. M. Houscr Gco. Ei. Anderson Hours, 9 a. HI. to 3 p. m. Marco H. Hellman C. F, Clap'p C. Meriefee t£ Good Groceries We carry a fresh stock of staple and fancy groceries. Our vegetables arc the best to be had. Our teas and coffees are excellent. A large stock of canned goods, pickles, olives, ; hams, bacon and bakery goods. Try our butter. The Depot Grocery ROUT. CRKNSHAW, Prop. «$$*«$$««S««S$$$!5$$$S$$$«^ BEN F, THORPE Succewor to J, R, ELLIOTT CEMENT CONTRACTOR Manufacturer of CEMENT IRRIGATING PIPE All tki/.c:H of well cured pipe alvvuyw In stock. EXCAVATING AND HKAVY <;HAWN<; Building Blocks, Cement Pence Posts, Cisterns IJranch Yard in (ilerirtora. Home Telephone 4037 American DJBiipjicarin^ Hods Clarence Allison I'lans furnished for all kinds of buildings. Building Contractor COVINA, CAIv. YOU LOOK Wl-LL l : l:l> How About Your Orchard? l.'NIONKKKTIl. I'/KK ( O 'S Sl'KCIAI, KKUJTIM; will feed your trees in ;i w;iy tluit will put oranges in ihe box ;ni(l money in the bunk, f,et u , tell you more about it. W. JJ. '.YIIITK, Hi ,tru:t A{(rrit 1' \2-,2 <,I,KN!>OKA,

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