Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 14, 1912 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 14, 1912
Page 2
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER^ MONDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 14,1912. \ SHOT IN KXNSItS JOINT RIUO ATTRACTIVE WALL PAPER Our now Ilni- Is now I UTC iinil wr iii- vllc yoii til rail see il. If vmi :in' Koinu ti> |i:i|><'r lliit> fntl. you sliuu'ii si-f it at onci'. iis tticn- :ifi> niaiiy now aii 'l Ix -iMilifiil papi ih now tioic lliat to a]i))i -ui stroiiply to rv(>ry lo\cr of aitlslic diMinativi- ffl'ccls. Our AUrnrliw N I-H riiltcrns and loliiriiiirs iiiako it jiosnililo fof <>vpi'y fiii<> to lit- lili 'asoil. l-'-t IIS linui-c Willi ynu. BURRELL'S DRUG STORE riTIZK> OK KItKKZY HILL KIKKD 0\ OFFiriALS. MAY WED SON OF EDWIN H. HARRIMAH How till- While ItiiM- CiiiiH'. Tlir insis all wiip jiink and nil Hcl'ofi- llK' liiin'lilc 111'!', A Idvir bold, in ilo.ik i<\ uolii. Came .sj !i;;li-.:; iinriily A4oiip 111'' siiiilil iiallis thai 1""1 Kiiim \Miod !aiid and Iroiii l>a. llo naiisrd ln'sidc an oiiciilllK fos< . Tlio Bardi'n'j: p. t and pridi-: Shr Inirst in llow.r tlii^' very hour While wooin;: zoi'hyrs sinlii-d: \o smiles had she for one of And hojie within ihitu di<'d. The arilent hnlti-rfly in vain On radiant winps drew near; The hairless itioili in vain yrew wroth The fair rose leaned In hear The tleep-voieed siranuer's low ii'frain So tender and so de^r. She nave her luarl in lovi's deii-hl. And let the whole world see; I'm ah. oil.- day away, away, Pll 'W truant hiinihle hee; "Twas tlun the red ruse tiiriiel lo , while So w;is the tale told me. — Klla Wheeler Wil.ox Tiiiiioriow eveiiiif; ilie lU'iiiliers ol the I'pwortli l.eMvui- of llii- V'irsi Meihoilisl ehuieh are to tiii et in hiisi- ress session at ilie home ofMiss C 'llOi' Shetie from se\en until i>j^lii o"i-lo.-k They will then adj.mrii to th. woods for il inar .-limalhrA .inil S '.vei ; pelv.'o roasf. •:• •:• • d I'.i arers. a elass of ihiireh ari- wea\iim solil at a liav.aar ana iti adinuriied meeijn;; •t |i :ir~i aa;'!' Ioio:;hl lo worlv * <• « Mr. Clvdi^ Sampson is \ i.silin:; 'his parents. Mr and Mrs A. 1.. Sniiii»Mn lor a feu davs lliis .ve .k Miss Mar- ^•ie Siroiiil of rniciiicnvh is also a i;iiesi at lhi> pnrsoiia ;:e. •:• •:- * Cinle eir.'i...;- „!' Me'liolj^t ladies' Hruiiiv -ivets (O"IIT;-.' H vith Mrs C O. HoUinirer. The Sl..iid,.i Ihe Metliodist liaskets t <i he they •vill holil lit 'he M. 1 heli- copllniie their .MillHii May Srnt (o Ilr.||i Kiiforrr Ll «|iii >r . I —Tniuliln StnrU-d O UT .\rrn*<s. • / MIti Katherlils Brltton. Friends of the young couple bellevo tho engti^ement ot Miaa KatberlM Brltton and Averlll Harriman vfUl be- formally announced soon. Young liarriman Is the son .of tlie late B. H. Harriman, and hla^ fiance la a dauKhter o: Mr. and Mra. Alexander H. Brltton. •iMil'l Thursday Mrs. r. A Wa;;n. we^o, -Kansas, for •r ha all • none \!elul' o Cs V isil I'iltyhurB. Kas.. Ort. H.—Several | oflk-ers loil by Jerry Johnson, j ani attornry spneral. were fired on at i Hro«zy 'Hill, north of her»'. late yes-} torilay afloriioon by :i crowd of riti- r.ens. nuiuborint: several hundred, the oll'c-ers say. Johnston and T.. II. Arnislronp. ti slalo iletective. went to Ilreezy Hill on a raid iind arrested two Jolutists. .\ crowd pailiered around and threatened the odieers. Wh'ile Johnston went lo telephone lo Girard to Ihe sherliT's offlce for reinforcements, ArtnstronR was left In chtirpe of the fien One of the eapiive? broke tiway. •lohtistoii and Armstrong 'llten look the other man and eluded the crowd in a buRpy. A, I'rowebiir!; they nn-t four deputy sIierilTs. They returned to Mreezy Hill .and m.ade nnnther raid. One of- lieer was knocked down with a b'^-r bottle. .\s they left tho Jilace the crowd followed and ten or fifteen men "ej ;ati firiuR at the nfflcers with revol- viMS. The ollieers dn-w their revolvers ;iitd barked tlown the road wiilt- <>ul relurnini; the fire. Jidinsinn reported the affair to (lov ernor Stubbs by telephone and said he would ask for a company of militia. Mullets stirred the dust in the road iK'ar the offlcers. Topeka, Oct. 14.—Coventor Slubhs has not decided whether he will send the militia into Crtiwford couniy to i j help in the cnfnrci'ini'tit of ttie I'rohtli- j' ilory l.a-.v. The news cf the lirinj; on .lerry Johnston am! T. It. Artnstron>; hy a mob of foreigners near PIttsbitrs; today was telephoned to Ihe uover >ior hy .lolinstoii. "I don't know whellier it will In necessary lo send help f^r.iwford county.' sab •'1 have dir< cl"'<l the sli^'rifr to see thai the suite's law eiiforcenunt offlcers are \irol"cted and li .ivi> :isk<'d him wheihir or not he lias dependiibln men i to iielp in this work. If tin- cottnty cU 'eers ire able to h ::ndle Ihe trouble i .iiui do iL !^ roitsly and withoul delay Mliere \\\". ' no need of the stale I s -'tiditip a(i(itiion:i' men into that j county. I •'llcwoer. it must he understood by evi rvei).. in f 'r .awfcrd and f'herokee e-ieari. s ;fi .i' i'-. 'aw utust be ohey ^-d ,iiid thoroughly with all the jiower of .1 i;dllioroit ^'hl.\ viih all the jiover <•{ 'he state to hack it. The shonlinK at thi- sia'''"s I llii ers and deputy shi'rifl 's 's .1 dis !;raee and must hi- piitilstied nvthods will not be tolerated." I lOMPETITION is the Life of Trade. The tremen- douis Success of our Suit Sale has caused comment by merchants through this part of Kansas. Our many friends and customers inform us that competitors tell them that they can't understand why we reduce the price of Suits at the beginning of the season. Well, we want our friends to know we sold our early purchase in September and this sale was brought about through a purchase of our New York resident buyer, Mr. Carlyle. who caught several manufacturers in need of money and as usual, he was "Johnny on the Spot" with the cash, consequently the 400 Suits we have on sale are much under wholesale value and really are much less in price than the customary reduction sale that we have in January. Our selection is still complete and we want all our friends to participate in this Grand Bargain Sale. NEW YORK STORE to the tueti in the ('.overnor. The Tl'iirsday w!i:si eliih will mi ihls cveiiiim with .Miss ('lar.i l-'ot^si. j Ther<' was a \ef\ ple .isaiii reunion at Ihe iT M. Slack hoiiie on Nerih I I'irsl sireii on S:iliiri|av.'.-'I'ueniy-j I . iulit ri 'laiiMs. tiii'si ol w ^o''i, H M' i'l ! or near the rliy wi'r" en;i •••.iviied a; la hoiititilill (lini/er uhiih wa> served i .••I noon. CONVICTS FIGHT OFF POSSE Miss l .-.iiise lo Ih. IV K O tern con a I ihri Ihde win I., i;,..<t.Sr (^a;i;iier tomorrow at- o 'l lock. Til. .\ T ']'. club will mt el pi-ompt- • :ii ;; (1 c le< U on Thiti.-iilav .-ifLriiootii : this wiek wi'h .Mis. T M. llaiihs (Continued from pa.".e 1) Mrs. .\ IV %\"ii !ia ;iiS 'Hi wi'l po .•\rk:.i:s:is City iliis - venini! in ritii'tii the Haiitist Stale eon v eiii ion. wl:.! convenes this evenintr ami tonliti 'ie^ Miss \\:iu - \v th Tac(rnia. day. >i:tn;iHi' Wa -h.. reiiiii! vvlio ^•. ith has If f: ietids d home y:'Sl' Mr II. r. i Mo., sllell! :l 1 iriends and nl: A Thin Model GRUEN \ i- 1; 'I- - ('i:v I(da Mrs I. r.iit! Wasliiimion si t"i •••. Circle number iwelv l.a'lies' Aiil so'ieiv !i. ^.'I' South will iMi eia :(ia • o'' I '!.• Meihoilist lociiirroA .111' r- nooti at half p.isl two. Mrs I!, am has r.-u! i- 'o rl;:iitn!e t<i l.iiien<l the .Syiiodieil Mi'^--"in .My foil- Sent ion'I hat con\e;:,.,; 111. 1.. on Wed- iwsritiv. It is e.vnield Meit a niim- ler of ijie ii;ellll.i rs ii I'le IM' sli.\ 1 c^r- ian Mis!:ion;iry soeieiy uiU .ir-'ud liuiiim th.^ v./ck. The M O II MTS' n ill 1 : :':il ine. I hi;; itl I'.l'ili'. , • • I Wetiia silay afierr.ei'ii TIi, 'u. ,l;i\ i.-- .ICi.ll Call <^!.«t.|•;,.;, , Si li'HIte I IS lai ' 1 i 1., liradiMu-' 1 hiliii• . 1 . !;eSS I )is< ussier. \\ Iv i- i ihe li.ire'll V.iv,. Il'l: 1 i TTi ( r if|tei; It \ "f I : : • ? i h. ill fiiM syi]::' 1 •. I. ; . -he laiM -l oil program f'l. eh in shi.n a cr.i Kh 'i -O. Tinsels the . -la .l . ail- •lo I! 11.. 111. e man it; till . may 11. call .Mill lil:.- :•• THIN MtiiMI. (;itf I \ •at', ;ihsM; ' keeper soniclh.tii; We \. adjiistinu .veyrs i adjusters entering l "hi ; -ni! • L ;-i!.iati tai aii.'- •..1.; 'l!li . 1,. .• ..%;..rii \Vate!ie.~ 1 iitli.ial the •nee in For w alch railways We with > would like to talk Walch .•.! the 1 :i:il w. ek i> >v:.,. ,; , a ' i'!ial il iv of I'l 1.1 •• I '-if I' 11;'. 1 ai ion w ;ll p.i' I • nhs eelv ill liil;i i !ii.~ M -ar I i!ei nl, il 1 't:[i -ii , -A irji. 1 . Il 'l ; ell. sum.. ,.l.i!, 1,1 ti.. ,1, 1 This '.X as 1 on!> l.i >-ei I or;aiii 'e ou' side o!' -r.a' Mr' !tiiMir\ >.till, r !.ti 'laiioi in 1-asmor.- ilus honii' on Fridav e'.en't'u 1.- Ml- Cole ; ,iial I'sefiil- -.-eiiiial that v 1. l-e of tli< .1 hi older to hi^ aiais? .,. 'iiai .i "ie all- .Vaiional •wd piib- u aal^o ii'.' h{ |. .! I .l'e'- -.• of i'li- ii--ii.ll pro- . '1 1 wiih two r'Mtilve].- :i:iii .i • pialin;; rifle, were si'tit lo i-apiiiie or • 1 kill ihe-ii The diMuiiies n-aelie.! ;lir s;>e; and found Ihe convicts har- licided ready for battle Di'^idin-.: Tha; ;.ti ;'."aek in the d.irk w;is too daniier- eiis. the officios surrounded the de-- perailo.'s' stronjTtttdd and will wait for daytiTtrh' before dosinjr in. In .'lie nieaniinie a sear.-h "V t'." (ij was mailiv One convict w;is found hithhn in a in the rail road .\aids Citizens overpoweriNl the ui; i.vd- who wer<- takinc him. heavily n M-d. l.aek to 'lie peniti'niiary. hu' •!ie a'rival of ipore stiards prevented I iviirliinir. The man was liiislled iti- i< Ihe jirison. Some time later John "liMs ca|itiire<l tinother con\iet in his e;i::r. W'liiie most of Hie |ieititentiary :::iard.- were purs.tiny: the convicts •,v ;<ii iei t.) tie hills, the stntill body •!". in ilie iiri.=on laced a still more I !esjie "ate situation. When the doors •r I! cells were unlocked a large natiiher of convicts wlio did not join "n the le .e .ik for liln'rt.vWere set free iiside Ihe Willis. Many of ihem were armed. Soon a riot was in prourrss. the uiiards liattlinp: liosperately 'to j.-;!\e ileir own lives and prevent the • ea :i.. of everv convict in the Instllit- •1 n . Till' «iles have remained locked lid 11.1 d'tiniie word has been rc- 1 •e -e.' re!;ardin<4 th.; events within Tho reiinrt that several men lia\"' been killed has not been confirmed. The citizens, however, believe the sit- 'lalion criti<:al. and the determiniitirn lo iKist a heavy i;uard outside the walls w;is reached when Ithecanie aii- p.-ir-'iit that the miitinniis prisoners had no' been subdiii'd was he. iieved the town is in Iiiiininent dtin^er if I.eiii!.' ;ittacked. th'. Sehool rk. has ailaini'd th' **>V. " v-l!?7^ , hour. Such a realization if vivirl as I cause th. ^^\^VAf" 1 il should be makes (Uie live in th"' im- j hi '.;h mar R ^O^l nieillate prcsi-nce of Cod all the time. The sermo -is of th" day were MI ih" >A Death is <(riaili. it may come any-| nature of 'tiudiasis on th" mosi im• ^ Tiiuie -when it comes II will iiol b. j iiortant phasi 'S of the work of the / ' j a\oided or tiinK 'd aside. Yon will op- < htircli at lirs". with bri'f report.^ •r-/—^ —' i.n the door lo that Kuest. pni.n ili" ••onvenlirn. V WM^E?M-R'»-»w.-K il BL.J / \i an-l '.'atlirilav a'li! .nts <iiiii 'ay \> iih ills lame Spi'Ilt par- S''V'r;il .'U'o'iu>liiI. I'.ii* .s il! U 'l Ml .V .osii -i F.iiis loeiorrie.v to h- nr the lectur.' liy llishop Shep .-ird ai lii. Iiis- tr'(- ('f'tiiVrei (of the M.'liinlis' church whivh s in Wc .'U. .Aicoii"! 'hiis- are Mr and Mrs .1 K Powell. .Mr and Mrs C '-> HoiliiiL'. r. Mr ;.nd Mrs Kirk and .Mr. i.iiti Mrs. I.aury. The annual convention of the .\ M T. A. c'ltivenes in .\ City tlii:- I Week and .some < d'-leuatcs from till ) earls of the i-ountry will attend. I'res- . idem .1 II Atchison of Ihe .\ssociati«iii j slated this arternu<^n that it wns ex. necti'il that tnori^ would be ;iccomi>- I lislied at this nieetiim tlian at any . previous ni<>etinp of the order. I'.e- 1 sid ^K President Atchinon. I.. T. Dono- I ho. H. A. Olson; Col. Hooher. O .1 Ixjnc. Ci. .\. Anderson. .T. M l^iiiihdin . and Hucli Culhert.son of this county I will attend. Iniled llrflhren Chnrcli. The Sunday school was better attended ih .iii at any lime reeenily Thire was a ditferince in the r.itik ol atleiiilain'e I'he I'.riilli'rs of Otter- belli iiistiad of la'ikiiii; liist as usual Wire tied for third plai'• by lln Sis- of Olierb'-in. The naimlileis of Oilcrbeiti held lirsi place and ih< Kitiu's .Messi 'iiL 'ers second idaec The ser\ il IS of the ill -y. -Vere all well aUcndeil Mr. Il-niiett hail :i splendid SOI illy of junior i inleaMirer.- iti 'l led a M ry enlhiisiaslic and help- in! tiiee;in- Tiiii I'railnr led ihe setiior endeavor an. I rotidilcted the luei-tlim ill a Very <'iicouraj;iti!; tnaii- I^'r. 'I'lie pastor is 'd for the morning ie \t. .Tohti r. -i:: "it 's the spirit thai iiuickenelh: the llesh proliielli no-< ilip: the words that 1 speak itiiio von llie.v are spirit, .-ind they are life." Some of the Iradins points made were that Ihe llesh. re^virdless of whos. son or dauyli'er you !!iav he oun's fif nothing in the test of rifiliteousttess •,s the f'omidet.ely e(|uiil|li'd enpillcs with boiler lilbd with water and (ire- box tilled with '11' 1. is detid and |iow ••rb ss. as is -ihso ilu- u:'soline <'nj:iii' without tie nec '.s .-iarv e |.;etric spark so also is the body dead williout th" .•spirit .lust so it is iiec .'ssnry tha" o'lr lives be led !)^ 'he Ibdy Siiiri! that we may hi'- laai life whii-h i- eternal at'il if-'efM' II is not th' sound wtivns ol .testis' voice thai wrre siiiril .and life, n-iilier is 'i ll,e print I'd Itible: it is the H<iu>; Cospel which is- slill beins preiched ami livei! it His name. The e'etiina seneo;' was from lb' i .>\1. M .ilt. ltL'7. "He of mioil (-III er: i' is I: be not .-ifraid.' -\s the dis ciples were nn.abic to land their loai' ••s .Testis dir.ati'1 them I'l. they se-. His prc .=eti .'e and In nr IMs viuce ot Ihe Flormv sea which <'alms th<'i' fears .and '.inds their boat in norf. Sc t !ie tronbb'il sivil lodav if he looks ii •les'is may receiv even so mtch In'Ip Circle number eisht of the .M'tlio- sessiiin tier.- :hiK';ilisl Ladies" Aul society will hoM v who will attend I meetins tomorrow afternoon with .Mrs H. Kid;;e at r.l4 E. .Madison Pacn Santa Fe Mi V> W «t «li iDgperton. K. * T. —"TI M ' Li-e^nd of Slcotiy Hollow'' a1 Ihe lla.tostic lonltiht. .Vny setit 5f. .:. .-. -"- Yesterdav -vas Re-,-. .T K. Myler's iiineiy-sixlli birthdav and a dinner was siveii in his honor by Mrs. P. K. Oliver. The piiesls included niativ rehitives.'The een'erpii-ee of ,be table was a larae birthday cake benrinp '.tC lighted tai>ers. The pleasure of the day w;is slialitly-marred by the fact that Mr. Myler suffered a severe ihill during the afternoon, luit he is much better today and it is believed that he will soon be full" recovered —Get Store. your candy at Mundis Drup BEAUTY h gely a matter of compleslon. Don't !•! Freckles. Tan, Sanbaro or otber blemlibM •poll jrevri. wu«,n». Freckle Is t 'lie quickest, surest beaulifier knowa Harmless lu the ino»t delicate skia. Can't erov liair Kemoves freckles AiMi clears complexion, or your mooey back. For .Sale at nurrell's .Drug Store First Ht'thiMlM Clnirih. For the Sundav sehool yesterd .ay a Ually Hay iirogratn was r'.'iidered ;i' I he elos.' of the lesson s 'lidy. A plea:in' lime was •.;iven. Tin- Kpworth 1 ea!;ite d -'Voiiona' -••rvic .'s Were led by I 'rof Harris Tin re Was 'i lar '-:e alleii 'lance. Vir ticti rowi'll s .lll:; .1 V'TV SU-eet Solo "The Cypsy I '.oys " The tnornini; tin me was "The Im 1 • rative \'<ed " This sf-mon wa •U-. lelied bv reiiuest from 'lie Missioii ••ry Comnii't'.e An apiieal was mad' for « self-deVlal week to be Drticlicc' bv th'- members of th'' chutch itnd tie mopev thus s ;iv ''d lo !"• brought iiit' the .Missioiiiiry society tn .•isurv : f meet prcssini; diinafd.-; in ilu- foreiL 'i field. The pastor said th- .Methodists were riving less than 'JT, cents ner •nember to the foreign fl'dd. Whtr was impractical in our Lord's li'n. tx'conies possible aii'l praciical in ihi- time through mod'rn apiilhinces—tli" •'toiies of tr ivt^i. means of coiiimutiica- 'ion and advance of knowledge in scientilie discovery The two shon of the I'tiited Slates Were six months and a year apart b '.i; now th<y ar>' only six days apart. .A .short time ago 'he Orient was a vear di-s'ant. now it s only three week.= akay. Thus we are under iiroportioned demands to Christianize the .-Xniijiodes. In .Tesu.s" day iliree weeks' distance was in Palestine. The evening tlienu was, "The Coming of Christ to the Individual." In the introduction the pastor told th( story of Kavanaugh and also the story of Browning, "The l_ist Side Togath- er," picturing vividly the fact of th' coming of Christ In an unexpected ('liri«t]iin Sclenre Chnrch. The s'.ibjei I of the lessoii-si'rmoii V..IS. "Are .Sin. Hisetise iind I) .ath It'^al?" U. sponsive reading, 2nd Kings,' v( rse lohl of .\';iam;in as :i gretit man with the King, but lu- was a b'lier. 'I'll' lesson showed iha^ wherever ihe Word of Coil is taken it carri'-s with il llie lie.ilini: power. Tin' Svrians liail taken capliv :i liilli- Hebrew m.aldeu. who waited on .Naaman's wife. This little mtiid represents a good Ihi 'U .uht taken caidive into our con- scioiisiiess and put to work. Th'' good work goi's <in until the Knit verse .N'iianitin. the leper, goes to Klisha, tin man of tlod, to I K- he.tled. and of Kli- shti's cotnmand ami .Naaman's striiggb lO obey: teaeliiiig that obedience ti iriilli will .-ilways bring healing. These lessons leach how* to gain this ble.^sedi'.ess and how lo ctirry into th' busy worlil Ihe understanding of lif''. which does not inclttdc ilisetise or dealh. I.<'st there he any misuiidcrstandiim .IS to just wh.-it .Mrs. Mary Hak.'r Kd- dy did or did not write, the authorship of h'-r hymns is jilainly nn- liOUlM 1 d. Tliere at-.' live of her liyiuir.-. Ml the Christiati Science hymnal. First UiiptisJ Cluinli. "Ta'ry ye in .lerusah'm until you lie emlow eifw iih power from on high" v:is Ihe text use.I by Pastor Shepard •t till- motiiini-' hour. He spoke in pari: One hiindied and twenty met in the ippi-r room :it .lenisaleu! according o Christ's comniaiai lo watt for pow- -r. Power is the thin;; in all eiiile nought for —cotiimercii'l. iioliiicni. s -i- 'iiil. linancial and repgious. I s:iw •uogul engine sttiinling on tin 'Very pari iniael. but tis lielpl in if.lanl. lliiit i>ngine The evening audience was' ver> large -ind the nuisie by the ch'>:"us :;real!y appn •iaied. Pn'>liyl<>riaii Chnrrh. The s»'rmoti in the morning was on "The IJevel.-ition of .lesus Christ. ' .mil in th'" ivening on "The Wond'iful I'lirisl." Ihe twd being an iiit'-rpi'la- •ion iif the first ch.ipier of tin- Itook i" ICevelalions. This was Ihe lieitintiinc if a series on The llevelatioti. to coii- 'inuc through the next six Sunday • •vinings. It was shown that th.' book of K-ve. not a sealed book but a l {c» olutloii, :ind a book that is not lo l» settled. It is a book to be understood •^Oli gave this reveltilioti to Christ •'Iirist S 'Ut it by .-in augel Tin- ani;- I -Jlgnilii'd it lo .lolin .•ind .lohn wrote i' to the churches. Such a r. • - laiion is worth considering. Ag:ii:i .it i.-; .i : > . •atioii of .lesiis Christ given to comfort his church. TI K- church should study it. The tirsi cli.ipter gives us ;i revelation of Christ in Ihe chnrcli He i< in the midst of the <-and!esticks. which syinboiize the cliiirches. Th- churfh should remen-.ber that in its midst is this one as a divini- .Iiidg''; with eyes ;i.s flames of lire, a sword j from his month and his f'« t of brass | The entire sermon in the ev-ping was a searching appeal to the cinirch to '•onsi'b'r th - iudgni'iii of tJn- Chri:-=t in its midsl. and an ,i|ipeal to the un- saveil to consirler how this I'iiri.-!. who spares nor his fiwii idiuteli in His jiidgnieiil. will not s|iare th'iii. Riley Week 'Si in .1 lust:. aiiiii Chri. tu aiitifal gift hook with 11- by .bilin Willi III Ad,! lIou;ird CliaiidU^r i ' v'ly auractive, put •liv .1 , I'. I ;l,is iiei .-usion :.r,.l . il 'i.^':. We also 111" ' aM of Kill >^ books ir price ... f\M S IC (»ur MU\ Window. Evans Bros. HOOhS'I'OKK. It. new •.l.I..^ iimiii'mc r.'ailing the miVAU AM> lU TTKIt KXTR\. a track •ss as needed • firing up. How cold and dead she lid look. 'I'lie need of thsit engine is he need of ever.v human soul. The.v "teed firing up. This power, the texi isscrts c from on ''igh. And hov . lecessary for wlio would show us liol- iiess unto Cod. Kvery way we turn ve Iind man as sinful as we are. tin'I lence the necessitv of power from on ilgh. Tl'.e disi-iides r.e.-iled thi-' power for iip.v were giditg to pull tlie gosp<'l rain over hMls inoinitains and val- eys. flirough i!iffi .iil:ie>. iinprison- ueTtt and dial!; t-i viilo :y vouclisafe'l o tliem in ihis powi-i". .Never in the history of the church lave her walls been so beaiilifnll, •onslritcted. ln'r men— bolli iiiiiiisters if.d layineti—so int.'llecliialiy strong: •'.er choirs so well trained: li'-r ofTer- iigs so gretit. and !i'"r soul winning .owcr so meager. We would not do •vllhout the former and th.- Iat'''r Thi' • leavenly power we <-antiot do wttiioiit. !'he cliltrilies licvr were letter e (|ilili- ie<i to liiine oiit lliaii now. They need iriiig up. The evening te -it ".vas Cod's ijiieslioti o .lob "Canst Thou7'--lob ::">::!t. The hoir umler .Mr. Ileiid' rson is doing good work. The Sundtiy School will render the 'loiiie .Mission prognit.i tlf las! .Sati- lijy of the month. Ladies' .\Id iiie»'ts at the parsonage riinrsday at '2 p. iii. llarae.-i cotauiittees meet a' the Y. .M. ". A. Tuesday evening to make jdans for a .eo<-ial. Pray'M- meeting led by Or. Sliadwiek \V.^dnesday at T:.':i» p. in. The iiastor goes to Arkansas City to the Baptist state convention which convenes tonight. Dr. Carleton continues th" meetings It the I«-iHar |ie Maptisl cliiirch this week at T:?.n p ni. The public cordially in-, ited. \ I»intr for Iho I'sual Free 'Iriiiimines Cliiirgt'd in Chirago. Chicago. f)ct. 1 ( - One of the newest and iiiiisl fasliiomible hotels on the lake front here has tmnoiinced th:it hereafter bread and butter will he charged for in all its dining rooms Following Ihe example set by .New- York reslaiiraiinteurs. "bread and hiitlcr. Irt cents." will he the rule in all the leading hotels and restaurants here, it is said. One of the managers, who said his hotel would follow suit, figured that the innovation would bring an addi;! revenue of inore than Si .nnii .neii to Chicago'hotel managers on the basis of 2i >.i'(ii> patrons daily of the expensive restanrant Such a clitingi alr'ndy is tile rule her'- at si .-veral of the elulj-. itiiliiding the I'niversity club W, E. Newcomb (;00l) THINGS TO KAT! 4 N. Phone 161 Our price's iivc right; our fleliveribs-are I'ight; our grocerises arc Vight. • , - - .| Call on Us FOR 1»E0PLE WHO HAVE TO KAT! If .Mill eat you ni>eil "Higestit " It aids liigestion. luevents distress a.''ier| .'ating. stops gas furiiiaii'n. relieves! indigestiiMi instantly and cures dis-i Iiepsia. Prown's Digestit is a little i table; easy to swallow and ab.-olufely j !iarm!ess It has relieved. t;iou.-and.- ! Sold on positive 'iuaratiie''. Your i nionej back if you w;int it -"."c l!iir-j reJI's Uriig Store. i rhrNflnii Chnrrh. The r.ible 'jchool was agreeably uirprisfd when the p.nstor unfurled he ii'-w I 111'.' "Front Rank" p<Minnnt .iwarib'd at the st.ile convention be- The "Finish" of a Photograph T HK smaller details of picture making sometimes called "the finish" of a photograph, are given as.much attention as the lighUng and posing of the subject—giving a PKU- FECT RESULT. Gibson's Studio For Couniy Treasurer JOHN T. TYLER Pre.-: Iota JJusiness College. Your Support Solicited CHICHESTER S PILLS I'lIU .n lUd lo.! timid aurMU^f// icilcj wuh Bice R::,(«a. V/ Take no otlwr. Bmj at ymmr » Braalrt. A%icf.irCl:l.«nES.'rEB'a Ot3B»ND ItRt.NU PlLUmS t» Te=isi.r.c..n2.tIl«»>l<5t_*lwv»Kd;aW» SDiacvDrasTSEVBinniEiif Lester Herron fo Council Bluffs is here visiting Mr. and Mrs. 3". B. Fiske. .1. Vortman went to' Ottawa this af-_* teriiooii ot! business.

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