Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on September 18, 1889 · Page 1
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 18, 1889
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VOLUME 8. STERLING ILLINOIS WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 18 1830. NUMBER 184. ? * DYSPEPSIA, t rolti-rv e^erlcm-wl when -we f l - if'rvnlr fmrn wh'on ev b. The stoitwb 1» ery fllirn ami tissue tronbie witli It n'tist !'cnmiH',tic(l,nn<lnny soirn fr'lt iiirmishont thn who!? system. Among > ,lo- pr'' ri- ; nt;ii po < POLITICAL HASH, ay State Negroes Consider the Color Line. ii c<v-ip.'|>!ics no two will liava th'j name imnt Wim-loini. Dy^l'tieo o( Rction iiml a billons temperament are <el to M!<-k H«Hrtnc.h« : tl\.«(', fl^hy and. ptii''nstic Iwve 1'onstlimtlon, while the thin Ki'i.l w-rvous are nlmmlonpd to gloony *'*"''<"• t»9<Il«K«. Bomo dyspeptics are wondc-rftuly forsetful : others have great Irritability of tern Whatever form Dyspepsia may take, one thlnfr ' certain, The underlying cause is in the LI VSR, undone tiling more Is equally certain, no one will remain a dyspeptic who will It will correct Acidity »t " Mtoraaoh, Kxp«l ft»nl gaa Allay Irritation. IJnrs pr. s.-nl ti., .i any ra-li'-m >n •<--< infj.rferi' ivnli Ili but tiipy rnnnot. is determined Ili" .- ir,.'ej \'l carry luinnigi f:a. t-T cmir<a wi; will not nr.^nnir.i'io!! (if th'i h"ui<», do iviy tiling Hint <:ur parly V shall no!, .lo." WOULDN'T HAVE THE OFFICE. on « Proposition LOST ON THE LAKE.! *«°- DASTAFiDUY CRIME. Steam Yacht Missing Nine Passengers. with THEIR GRIEVANCES AHD DEMANDS. ( ntlo. Some Stelner, ol ^gf nt the same time Start the Liver to working, when all other troubles Boon disappear, "My wife was a confirmed d: three years ago by the advice ol Augusta, she was Induced to try aimmous Liver KeSilator, I feel grateful for the relief it has given her, and may all who rciwl tnla and are afflicted in any wns, whether chronic or other- wlso, use Simmons i.tver Kcgulator and I feel confident health will be restored to all who will be ttdvlBed."-WM. M. RKKSH, Fort Valley, Ga. See that you get the Genuine, with red 7, on front of Wrapper, PBKPARKD OKI/IT BT J. H. ZEIMS * CO. JPhllBdclptoln, Pa. Ste Ui«t «r«rf jr«lr h ittnptf Th« BUBT A PiC*Ann. VKorreot 8h«p»." IT CONFOHM8 TO SHAPE OF FOOT. If you want perfection In flt, with freedom K™ — Rt A RlKnlflrniit Com tin-lit on Orcnrronc.i* S,mtli~Tlin Knlchls of I,,«hor Committo* and>nr LfRUliltloii In <lon|;ro«H— Jnriler ttHptil>llciHii» !>l""t I" Convention —Conirrrmman JSjrnnm Anticipate* Some Fnn—Tho Mlun«mpoll« I'oFitmnste-r Condemned—Mr*. Ixifftin tor reunion Commissioner. BOSTON, Bept 18.-About fifty colored men met In the Melonaon yesterday pursuant to a ca'l inviting a conference of leading colored men of tha state to assist in tho organisation of a movement to secure from tho political party of their affiliation a fair Bhara of its responsibilities, opportunities and honors. William H. Dupree, of Boston, presided, and ho raid Rev. J. A. Bracket!, of Cambridge, addressed tho mooting. Hjsolu- lions were adopted declaring that they ask for no favors withheld from other citizens, or to which they are not entitled, but they •my: "Wo do (ink for that civil and political homogeneity which Invades no rnnn's private rot-la! rights, but which does He at the foundation of national unity. We contend for tho tiswcitition an.l the contact with our white brethren which elevate nnd do not degrade either them or ua. The promoters of salfis'i nnd private interests at our ei- penso, whether they bo white or black rnen, are our enemies. politics No Bomody. "We do not believe our grievances can bo cured by politics, and while we urge tho exercise of the right of suffrage and all other rights, courageously, firmly and discreetly, * * * wo counsel ngairst entering politics for a livelihood, In lieu of entering other fields of industry. We emphasize tho importance of acquiring homes, landed ~nnd personal property, and urge the necessity ot education. Wealth ami equipment—mental, moral and industrial—are tho key to the sit- nntipn. , - "Wo condemn the brutal mittted upon our people at the south, and we warn our countrymen that if the violence done to woman nnd children, the burning of tchools and churches, tho destruction of houses atid the murder of du fenceless and Mra. I.-KHII'* Commt to Mnko H"'r Pnsilon C'tmiY«!**tonor. WASHINGTON CITY, 8«pk IS.— Tho Intent proposition fur filling tho vac.wcy nt the head of tho pension buronn is a migjcstion of Grand Army men to give the C'jr.imlssiouer- Ihlp to Mrs. John A. Logan. Tlmt lady, however, vetoes the move In tin) following language: "I would not consider *unli nn Idea for a moment, anu do not think Hint tho president or any one in power has over done so either. I have too keen an appreciation of tho duties and responsibilities of the oftK-o and of niy own unfitnoss to discharge them over to think of it for a moment, even if the president wore to offer it to me, which is absolutely improbable." Tho Minneapolis Poitmaater. WASHINGTON CITY, Sept. 18.— In the matter of tho charges a^altist Postmaster Ankeny, of Minneapolis, the civil service commission has sent a letter to that gentleman In answer to one from him explaining the circumstances, in which they nay that "tho employment of any person in a place subjeft to examination, temporarily or otherwise, without 'regular examination and C orti (lotion by the board cf examiners in accordance with tho requirements of the rule, is wholly unauthorized; and such practice, which appears from your statements to have exiatod at your office, must ba discontinued. As to tho measure of blame that should properly attach to you for these irregularities the commission further consider and ronort" WATERS OF A DAM BREAK LOOSE, Currylnff Dcntrnctlnn Down the Taller of Uifl Urandywlne — No LMrm Reported IxMt—Delnjji-il of Itnio In Pennsylvania rend >i<-w .Jnraoy with Great Dumae" to Property—Denilly Ksploalon of a Coal OH Lump—Other Fatal Accident*. CLEVELAND, O., Sept 18.—It is feard that tho steam yacht Leo, which left Black river Sunday, probably for this port, hn« been lost on the lake, as a severe gale ara» just after her departure. Kho had nine people on board as follows: John B, Tuto, a well- known merchant, formerly of Cleveland; L. D. Liwler, 8. D. Ritter, Benjamin Kline, B. D. Knight. D. A. Lawler, Capt. Samuel Fort, Fred Pelow, and an engineer recently from Detroit The L?o is a small craft of about seventeen tons burden, and is ow,tied by John Tunto, of Black River. Telograma have been sent to all Lake Erie ports, but up to last night nothing that would throw the slightest light on her whereabouts had been received. Outrnco Committed 1>y a Nrir Orlrnns ISartx'r. ».w Ont.EANS, Hcpf, 1S— L-nuM Shoemaker, n pretty Hondo piH <.f I">, di"ap- jw»rcd from her parents' re-d-lfnrn over a your ago and no trace of her could lie found until yesterday, wln-n HTJ;'. Kennv, li-.-ar- ing that a white girl wris kept prisoner in the re*r of a barlier shop on Folicit/'.strei-t, kept by Ons Rvc'l, a ne^ro, w.?nt to th>! i^loce ami broke upon '-ho doof, which was lock-d. As bo entdred the rear room ho saw the fntil form of MifH Slinomaker, naked excopt for a itt'-r>'d imilcrgnrrnent. Her face was pale ns eath and her eyes shone with insane fear an lie rushed toward the sergeant, and, cling- i^ frantically to him, cried: "Have me) ave me!' 1 Her PltluMo Slory: Kenny with difficulty persuaded her that he wns now in irisndly hands, and the half- :rnzv girl finally b'-aimo quiot. A»< : »'nnc.> vns summoned, clothing procured and the girl properly cared lor. Hlie states that teed had kept bo loclio 1 up for ovet a year, xilij'-ccing her to 'constant outrage. R'M-d vns soon arrested and locked up. Tho girl was much emaciated, and apparently half starved. :••?. Ji.--T.ri!, M, linll whirh «n« ilc built, 'J>'") by fi 10 fret, in ili lnt"ndod to <'ompli;ti; thn w fdrtv-i'lght linnr^. All th™ Is to be re..n«!'>na. It ia ,].i Iviil.linj in xliihit'Ks will their gnoli id tli') show ivill g will Rtntlcmon's oioe mao n , — Don't spoil your feet by wearing cheap shoes. ackard Shoe o "» "»« "•«»•»» The Bu not sola l>y jrour dealer «oua SunarnVana^'nr Yjrc^to >MrB ^ Bart4 p^,^ Packard & r leld, Bro«nton,Mn««. ' .jr. 3P. Overholser, , ' 8t«rllBff, Van In th« Cliryeni:* Convention, CHEYKSNK, Wy., 8-'pt IS.— Camp'- ell's proposition in the constitutional convention yesterday to submit the question of woman suffrage to the people caused* lively. debate, during which Mr. Campbell t-nlled another delegate a liar. Tno universal suffrage plank will, it is thought, go into tho con. stitutlon. _ _ ------ DEVILTRY IN CAUFORN'.A ------»n Attempt to l!i«iw Up nn Kntlre Neigh- bnrlinod with Dyniunlto, SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 14— Giant powder tnongh to destroy the entire neighbor- liouJ wiij^ tiiii-nrtjinil n" fow diiys ngo by James Haskiiis, i a he wua digging bn'hislui at tho corner of L.-avenworth and Greenwich streets, and the story of the find hns just come out The property is in tho most ANOTHER DAM GIVES WAY. A Flood of Watnr Precipitated Down tho _V»lI<-y t>f the Unindywlne. WEST CHESTER, Pa., Sept, 18.—The breast of the large dam tho Kennobec Ice company of Wilmington, DoL, located at Hibornia, this county, burst yesterday morning, and a tremendous amount of water rushod down the Brandy wine, overflowing the banks and sweeping everything before it The large bridge which crosses the JJranriywme just below the dam was swepl away, and several frame buildings were carried down to Coatesville. Several o( the streets of Coatesvtllo are four feet under Ivater. The I'eople Warned In Time. —Tlie"jiooplirttving-nlong—the-stream -wen warned by the sound of the rushing water r.nd escaped to the hills. So far us honn from no lives have been lost The flood ha made the creek rood impassable. In plac. tho meadows are covered to the depth o "idtlit t!f t'-n foot, Thfl break was caused b; Monday nigliTa iiC.i%y !«): ~' ;:'.'" ... ~^_ -SPECIALTIES, • -helpless men are uot proven ted -by-tl>» strong arm of the law, tho j-alienee, long Buffering and forbearance characteristic of our people will be goaded Into hate and a striking out in self-defense. Wo pray to be permitted to live within the law, but if wo are driven to live otherwise, the blame will not be ours." The meeting then adjourned sino die. niolr Talk« for HU Kdncntlon Bill. TJ. 8. Senator Henry W. Blair, of New Hampshire, addressed the colotol people of Boston at the First African church last evening. The church was crowded. E. G. Wuldatr, who introduced tho senator, took occa'gion to strongly denounce the recent outrages in the noulli. Sonutor Blair spoke la advocacy of his educational bill, explaining its provisions, and urging the colored people to use their influence for Its passage. SECURED NO LEGISLATION. The Finest, Most Durable, and holds Its shape the best of any whip In the market. rd Carpet Sweep. Tho Easiest Dumped, Easiest Running and Latest Improved Sweeper made. Fancy Patent, jrcrsacl?, fl.BO. Two sacks »2.£0 " Half Patent. " fc 1.40." " "-" 72.80 Some of the oldest resldenls of • this city claim this to be the best flour they ever used In the State of Illinois.- Oream oflPa/tents , J>aisy and IWLinn. JR olles- in s.toc'te. A Good Stock of Tin TomatoS Cans, Very Cheap. Also a few dozen of J GIASS FBDR JABS'AP JELL TOMBLERS iffl. AT Ir. JOHNSON'S, A CHAKGE. . ^SUCCESSORS TO O. A, Oliver, BOOKS, STATIONJBBY snd Walla Paper The Kniirhls ol labor te'gMntlTe Committee Complain* of Poor Snuoess. PITTBBUHO, Sept 18.— The Times pub- Itahfis the report of the national legislative committee of the Knights of Labor, wbicu will be presented at the next session of tho general assembly of that organization at Atlanta In November. It Is a lengthy document and tells how the committed made a dismal failure of the work entrusted to them. Not a single labor measure was passed. Members of the order are blamed for not assisting the committee by securing signatures to petitions, and a suggestion Is made that tho general assembly pass a law requiring members to do so and to vote only for candidates pledged to labor legislation. The committee was in an embar/asslng position, as every majaber who had previously supported labor raoastiroa AVBS dafeated for re-eketion. . Attacking the LandGrrtnU. The land question is discu.-s id and a protest entered to the claims ot the railroads for some 40,000,000 acres. The report says that the persoaa voting for the passage of this law for the railroad grants. If it ia to stand as interpreted by Justice Field, are guilty of knowingly swindling and robbing the government and tha people. They complain thai tho Republican senate wasted the time discussing a tariff bill, whii-h It knew could not pass, and that both parti; s generally played "dog in the manger" on labor legislation fur political effect, neither party being willing to accept what the- other advocated. _______ NEW JERSEY REPUBLICANS. They Nominate Gen. Ginbb for Governor —The Platform. TRKNTON, N. J., Sept 1& —Shortly after 13 o'clock yesterday the Republican state convention. mat in the Taylor opera house, the attendance of delegates and lookers-on being large and the teellng enthusiastic. The organization was promptly dispojedof with J. Frankfort, of Eisex county, presiding. Nominations for governor were then called for and G.-n. E. Grubb.of Burlington; F. A. MauOowan, of Mercer; Goo. A. Ualzey, of E»-'X, and John Kean Jr., of Union, put In nomination. It look two ballota to decide tha qnestioa Grubb getting the nomination unanimouily in the second. " The Temperance UroUiratlon./ A platform was adopted, the temperance plank of wbicli plmlgos the party to such legislation as will meat speodily and thoroughly eradicate tho evil of iut;mp,:.T«nce, and resents the intrusion of the liquor power as an organized force into the polidcj of the state. The other putiiks indorse tha national platform and Harrison's adtuiui-itration, and favor tha Australian system of voting. Gen. Grubb was tueu introduced and made n brief speuub, utter whleU tha convention adjourned, tho band playing and tha dele- Ktttpa Hinging "Mareblns! Through Georgia. _____ sought to level oft the ground! His methods mut with strong ohj;ctions from the neigh- bors.and it is suppose 1 soma of th.'SJ a lopted a desperate garuo to got Baskm* outot tha way and blow up his property. AsHaskinswas working about tho place with a pick ho upturned what looked like a stick of candy,nu.d calle I the children to come and see it . M»de Ills Httlr Stund on End. On looking closer he saw the word "Giant" stamped on it His heart stood still for a ment as he realized it was giant powder, and then ho carefully laid the find aside and proceeded to investigate. Three dynamite bombs and twenty-one sticks of giant powder wore unearthed within a short compass. This was turned over to tho police, who Imyo since been at work on tho case without satisfactory results. Across tho street nearly 700 children were pursuing their studies i^n the Greenwich street school, and had a chance blow from Haskins' pick exploded tho giant powder half tho fumil ies at that end of town would have been in mourning. "Fnlth HeiiilnB" Condemned. NEW YOKK, Sept 18,—The coroner's jury which Investigated tho cause of tho death of Martha Olsen, who- was a victim of the Christian science absurdity, brought In a verdict to tho iffect that tho causo was criminal negligence "in not securing a physician for her in time, and In not carrying out sold physician's instructions when communicated by him. And wo respectfully call tho attention ot the. grand jury to the •vicious practices which are carried on by members of the sect or religious organization to which the deceased belonged." •She Huso linll Fluid. CHIOAOO, Sept. 18—Rain provoiitad two League games Rinl ona association gnm» yesterday. The League Boores'were: At Chicago—Chicago HI, Iii-.llaiiapolis b—ssven lu- nings, by mutual consent; at Boston—Boston 5, Philadelphia 1. American association: At Louisville—Louisville 1, Ci olnnati 5; at Columbus—Columbus 5, Baltimore L Wt stern U-ague: At 8U Paul—Si Paul 5, Bioux City 7; at Minneapolis— Minneapolis S, Omaha 4; 4itl Hilwajttkeo^-Milwaukoo-8, t5L Joseph 0; at Dts lloines—Dei Molnea 15, Denver 0. . _____ Klcctwl a Mew Ilullwny I'reBideiit. ST. PAUL, Sept. 1*.—At a meeting of the stockholders of tho Minneapolis, St. Paul and Saiilt 8to. Marie railway hero yesterday Bonator Washl.urn was deposed from the presidency and Thomas Lowry elected In bis stead. Tlie directors to u- nian favored the election of Mr. Lowry, but se.vural of the stockholders were iucliuwl to pin their faith to Senator Wasliburn. A larga number of the heavy stockholders were absent, but Mr. Lowry hold a sufficient numbtu' of proxies to secure his eloctioij A Dlmutro'n* Fall of Rain. o IIT, PH., S.'pt 18.—Tlio heaviest rainfall in years was experienced jxt this place yesterday. Streets wore turned into rivers. Cellars and first floors of many private buildings were flooded. Two homos were ovorturno 1, while a number in process of erection were so badly damaged lt_is believed that they will have to bo reconstructed from the foundation np. Several streets are impassable. Tho tracks of the Baltimore and Ohio, Pittaburg, Virginia nnd Charleston, and Belle Vernon railroads were washed out, nnd in several places obstructed by heavy landslides. Bridges Washed Away. WILMINGTON, Del., Bept lb.—A cloudburst in upper Newcastle county, Delaware, and lower Chester county, Pennsylvania, Monday night, nnd heavy rains yslerday afternoon, caused great damage. Three bridges on the Washington and Northern railway above Coatesviile, Fa , are all, or nearly all, destroyed, and more are expected to follow. No trains have been able to roach Reading, Pa., from this city, and none have arrived here. Several extensive wash-outs have also bot-n made, and those localities will have to be trestlod before trains can be run. riitltiflol.l, N. J., Flooded. PLAINFIEI.D, N. J., Sept. 18.—This city wns visited by another flood last evening. Between 0 und 7 o'clock the water in Green brook rose four feet, carrying away the bridge on Somerset street, which had been weakened by tho flood of a few weeks ago. Cedar brook has overflowed its banks, and residents of Tentbstreot are greatly alarmed.. Knglneer nnd Fireman Asleep. .ROCHESTER, N. T., 8->pt. 18.—A local freight on., the Auburn branch of the New York Central ran into two freight cars on a dead side track at Brighton last night Tho engine and four cars were wrecked and Engineer McGregor wns killed. No ouo else was injured. The indications are that tho engineer and fireman were asleep when they approached the switch. . ; TANNER'S RULINGS REVERSED. Tlio Artlii" Ppiinlnii CommUnl'innr 8et« Anlilii Two ol Them. WASHINGTON- ,CiTY, Sept. .18.—Acting Pension Commissioner Smith has reversed two of CoinmisMioner Tanner's previous or- derii. Tho retiring uommiss loner ordered nil local examining boards upon application of pensioners receiving a less rate than $4 per month to examine them for re rating. Ho held that a man who was not peiisinnnblo nt the rate of *4 per month was not entitled to n pension at all. His purpose was to ralsi the pensioners receiving $1, $'J, t'J.50 or £' per month to tho $4 rate. There are 34,(XK pensioners drawing less thtm ?4 per month. Another of Commissioner Tanner's ruling: which tho present acting commissioner bus reversed was that the evidence of one repnta- ble private sol Her would ba regarded as sufficient to establish tho cause of disability o a comrade. The practice bad btou to re quired thn evidence of one coinmissione< ufllcer or two private"snrdKirs. STARVATION AMONG THE INDIANS. ,V Woillitn-Kill* llnr Sinter to Feed Upon Her Corpan. ' • WINNIPEG, Ala ., Sept. 18.—Archdeacon ;-"--_' .' ^.i.vlii;:- '':.!..-.r- ( :;l \\\ lh'? f'»'' north . for twenty years, is here nnd bring-* n terrible talo of Kudering among the Indians. Archdeacon Reeves saiil: "Twrt months ago "thirty died-from—starvation number died, owin tiro to procure game. wn< great scarcity of food. It wns not so much the Thr \Vt-j»t IIIM- \\ « >I.«v l':xp*rt. \VA.-niNfiToN CITY. Sept. IK.- The followin-r nn- tho wcnllii-r iiulii'»ti'.n« fur thi- Oiirty- fli* hourf* tl'n'ii ^ p. In. yr-.tor'l;iy: Fur Indiiinii-'Knlr ivcnth'-r: niir!l.«>-l"rly wind---: no rlmnt-i- III ti'lnpiT . I "re. Fur Mirld'^nn and AVisroniin -- Fuir \v,-;il li^r; nnrth\v(_.nt»-rly vipcU; hlluhtly wariiii-r. i-icr ji! In K(>nt)ien«t- •rn |,(irt:"ii of lower Mii'hic'tn liiwnr tcin|M'. n- uri 1 . i'"or lov.u-- \Vaniier. fa : r ut'iuhifr, windB ihlftlnit to xoulhi-rly. For Illinois -, Kali v. .athtr; westerly wlniU: clinlitly warmer. THE MARKETS. CnicAoo, Sept. 17. Quotations on tho board of. trado to-day wore, of fo !ow<<: Wheat—No. :'. September, opened Tti^c, eloae'l T&'Vfjo: Octolwr, oponod clo-ii*! "Bjjjc: December, opened ifl^c, elo-eil ,H->4?. C'orn—No. S Wepteinlinr, opeqetl close 1 :£-' : )Sc; October, opened nnd I ; :.%<s May, oiwned and closed o^Hc. Oats—No. 2 September, opened and cionod October, opened li'^c, closed l!'96c; May, opened ~%o, closed i'J-^-Hc. Pork- October, opened $11.25, closed JI1.12H; November, npcne.l JIUO, closed $!l.::.i: January, opened JN.15, cl. sed S'.'.li). l,ard-Octouer. opened and clas'id Sii.SXI. Live stock—Tbe Union Stock Yards reports tbe followlns ranKoof prices: HOKH—Market opened fairly active; Unlit Rrailes etcady: othe- lot" Wi siIS • lower; Unlit, (trades, S3.95id 4.?">: roiiuli packing. J-l.Ova'l.i'.V, mixol lota, tfl.lKMji I..TI: heavy paeklnic and shliipinij lots. gi.Wlftl.15. Cattle—Good (trades stronger; others barely steady: general market steadier; beeves. SIl.:iiKi4.ii.'i; cows, (l.lmit^.HTi; stockers and feeders, S-9'®3.'M; Texan pto TS, $2.10® a.»): western rang-rs, Ji4tXi&'WO. Sheep- Market siren;: native muttons, jn.40.i4.fiO: Texas und western sheep, 43.6004.15; lambs, J4.llU3t5.85. Produce: Butter-Fancy Eluln creamery, 20 ff?21c per lh; duo dairy, l«®lBc; packlue stock, 7J..'®Sc. Eggs—Strictly fresh, ir>!^316o per do/.. Poultry—Live hens, ~W$i pur lh; roosters, 5c; turkeys, »310c; ducks. 8n. Potatoes— BO«a$1.0U per bbl. Apples—tl.OOSIJli per bbL blackberries—&Oc<Ei51.uo per 10-qt. cose. ' New York. NEW YOUR, Sept. 17. , Wheat—No. 2 red winter cash. B4!4i3<SOM3: do September, tSJijc; do Oetolwr, I3%o; do November, B4?{h. Corn-No. 2 mixed ^•ash,"4'^ic:—do~Soptembpr, - 41c;^ ilo^October, 4IJ$c': do'November, 41*40. Oats-Dull; No.:! mixed iiish, MHO: do do October, ^ujfr!; do November, ittkic; do December, a%c. Kyo— Dull. Barley--Nominal. Pork—Dull; mess, tl l .''.25®12.7r> for nsiiectod. L,anl-Quiot; Bep- tenilwr, $&:«; October, $8.29; November, JU.17., ^ ^ ^ ( hmro «. dressed beef, qnlot and umriiit. tbi;it,^ii*JIl..- sides, 5).4(JV,7c y> tb;Texas and Colorado do, 4i<® r>K>c. Sheep and Lnmba—Slow trade at firmUr prlecs; r-heep, 84.IX>3"j.i5 ¥ 100 Ibs; lambs. $8.00 to privations and fail- | 4 75 ^ JQI ju s . choice pigs. S .25; fancy do, 85.50. Settled for 40 Cents on the Dollar. READING, Pa., Bept. 18.—Kessler & Son, hut manufacturers, who recently failed for $;15,<)CO, have settled with their creditors for 40 cents on the dollar, and have resumed opoiations undor the name of tho Rsadiug Hat Victory. Tats powder never varies. A nmrral of pnrt'» itrengtn and wholeRomsnens. More eoos«!Bis» than the ordinary kinds, and can not t» 8o!i5 Hi competition with the multitude of low test. s&o« itelrfht, a.nnmor phoapaate powrtem, T t«>ld o ily m cans. IV>JTAL BAKJCKO P0w»«* Co., 400 Wall HU.^ew vorfc JsnSliJ-«!y ' For"run-down," ili'bll!t.iti-rl nnd ov-r-rworked women. Dr. Pifrcf's Fnv.irito Pt»B<;rtptloj» is the best of all rf-stomtive tonics. It tsa prttent Hpecino for nil t,lio«. rintjiiio WrnJtr»-<»M'9 and Diseases peculiar to Women j a pdwcrfnl. iff* 1 - crol as well as iitrrino. tome nnd nervmn. re Imparts vliror and RtiTna-!htut!iPwho!fisv«tom. It promptly niroswonkni-'Ri of strmnioti.mnisc-a. IndlffcstKin, l>lont.lntr,wcnlib!ick.n<-rron«pro»- tratlon, debility nnd rj!f'-pl''SPni-ss.ln either BPX. It is carefully compi.nnrted by an rxprTiJ-need pbyslclnn, and nAipivd to womnn s dclltata brganlzatlon. Pincly v..-«f tab o and portectly harmless In any condition of the £*£•'"•:„ "SnvorHo PrCBrrlp- tloii" Is t.lii' only mcnlcfne fnrwnmrn. poM hy ilrntrsrlfita, .. under u i>o»UJve gttKlf- antce of satisfaction In every cnse, or ortes (81.00) refun'lpd. 'Hils (niftnir.U>o hns hwn printed on tho l>ottle-wra!ip.'r, and faitlifudy carried out for mnnjr y«i«'- • For Inrcf!. illustnUi-d Tn-ntlwj on WomeVToiib pn«c«; with 1,,lt dl home-treatment), send ten c.^nts In Addreiw, Woi<t,n'n D:RPKr"SAnv MEmcAt. . m« Msfn Rtwf u_I?u!Tnlp, N. T. POINT ilnging ' LOOKING TOR A LIVELY T.ME. Co«ure»»i»!A!« Kyuuiu 'Ihinkn il|u« Will I'd In(«i'u^ Next »«*• idiaiiii, >o an interview ii!«ifii, yvaUrday said: The Odd JKeliown Grund COLUMBUS, O., Bept, 18.—The Sovereign grand lodge met at 9:SO o'clock yesterday and remained iu secret sessio.i until 2:'* In tbe afternoon. The important business transacted was the discussion and action ou the proposed constitutional amendment providing that young men lii years of a^u shall bo eligible to ujembership iu t'»i Order ot Odd Fellows. Tbe amendment was lost by a large majority. The Daughters <>f R.ibseca begau their national convention at 8 p. m. Se^lifantory Te>t of IHe Clilvngo. NEWPORT, R. i, »<Pt IS.-The cruiser Chicago finished ber speed trials yenterday. At aixty-nine revolutions sba averaged 15.3 knotfi aa hour for four miles. At seventy revolutions she tmvda at tha rate ot 16.05 knots for one mils. Tha weather conditions were somewhat unfavorable, tha wind being strong and tbe BOO c'uoupy. Tha reecrd 1s Eatisfactory under thu circuui- »tauct«. ._ Our Muchlpory JSiporU to Mflloo. WASUINUTOS CITY, Sept. la—Jliutstor Kyan t uin uiti for tha information of tha »tet» doptrtnimt statistics of Ihj vuluo of Athefiossd iiun:hln»ry importot nnnually from the UuitoJ State* iiit« U-.'xiL-n from 1S»7, iitcluaive, whicu show* that th» sxportatioua gitnv in valsu iroia *4iW.i!S4 iu 1880 lo ?4,UiW,tt:W in IS»7. Horrible Work ot the Kerosene tamp. SAN FRAMCISOO, Bept 18.— As Mrs. Annie Qabe was sitting"at a~tab1o- ia her bouse Monday evening with ber bobo in her arms and two smaller children near by, tho baby upset a coal-oil lamp, which explode;!, and the four jwreons ware enveloped in flames. The mother and baby were burned to death and the other two children so badly burned that they may die. Two Miner* Killed. BHIMINOHAM, Ala., Sept. 18.-Two men were killed and five others severely injured by falling Blate In one of tho mines of tba. Eureka company, near Oxmoor, Mondajf, evening. The seven men were at work in dope No. 1 when the mass of slate fell, burying them entirely. The men killed were John Reid and Otforge Davis. Fell Ailoep Willie on Watch. WltJCESBABUK, Pa., Sept. 18.-\ViIllam Watkins, chief of police of Parsons, a iniu- ing town three miles frotn here, while on watch for burglars early yesterday morning, fell asleep on the edge of tho platform of the'Delaware mid Hudson railway station at Famous, and was instantly killed by a fust freight train. fatal C»rele»»nc«» !u a Mine. SnAMOKlN, Pa., Bept 1&—Alfred Crow and John Tocas were fatally, and John Murphy and William Calvin seriously burned by an explosion of gas in the Neilaon shaft yesterday afternoon. Tha explosion was caused by Tocos' carelessness. Bay* Me Mtulo No Money. EAST SiQltiAW, Mich., SepU 18.-Charlas M. Rice, who was dismissed from the service of the Saglnaw, Tuseola and Huron Railroad company for tb<s alleged defalcation of $8,000, denies emphutically having the money. 11« says be will make a statement which will fully uxeuipatB him and >istab- Uttb bia innoconctx general lack of Rubiistenco, but tho rabbits •were a complete failure," Drnidfllt Case ol C:innlh:i1l>tu. i Reeves told of a <-nso "I eannitmiism thre.i months ago on the Peace river, tho only one ha beard of, «here «>no woman killed on- .other. He hud seen the woman at Fort Vermilion. Blie said she killed her sister In _order to procnrn enough meat to keep beriuif alive. Som«tiim.'S tlio HA in tlio waters fulled, and Intense sn(T---rinj ro-iu't-d Th« iJuty jpi \Vo«l. BOSTON, Sept. IS.—Tho.wool manufacturers of New England held a meeting here yes- terduy nnd adopted resolutions which will ba submitted to the na.ional association. In New York, Oc , U, and which decluro that a revision of tho tar,ft on wool is necessary. No demand is nmdii for lower duties on wool, but it is claimed that thu turilf on manufactures of wool is not high enough to compensate tho manufacfnrerj for thojluty they pay.on the raw intiteriul, and it i» in this direction that a revision is demon lo.l, so 'that the duty on woolen manufactures shall be compensatory for the duty on raw m:ito- rial and ennble the manufacturer:! to hold the American market against foreign compa- tition. • Daring Robbery at Ashlnnd, Win. MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., Sopt 18.—The Journal's Ashland, Wis., special says: A daring highway robbery in broad daylight was committed on the streets of this city Monday. An old Gc-rmnn was walking with John Kirby and John F.slior, when they grubbed him by. the throat and relievo I him of $175. Tho highwaymen then ran. but were raptured after several shots had been Qre.l, Fisher escaped on. the wuy to jail Ho boarded a Northern Paciflu train Monday night and was put off at Ashland Junction because he would not pay his fare. Then lie flrod several shots at the train, breaking windows, but hitting no one. Officers are in pursuit : Another Kaeo W«r Iu AlHbnnm. MONTUOMEB.Y, Ala., Sept. 18.—Considerable excitemoit prevails at Calei a, sixty miles north ot tlite plac*, over a threatened collision of races. Tbe trouble grows out p' the^discovery of an incendiary letter writ- ton by a negro, which revealed a plot against tho whites, and urged the negroes to insurrection. A villainous white m-in, who is at the bottom of tbe trouble, in being sought for, and if cuught will bo hung. Too marshal of Calora bos wired for three dozen You shouldread TmtCmrA- co DAILY NBWS bcca-use,bring a family newspaper, ifsaffaiast tkt salfWH. The home aoil W« saloon are fonrvty ojipose^, There can be BO neutrals In ttiit war. Hut THE DAILY New* In isn'l n proiiitrit^f.' frrs.Tjr-^.*^ no! inrc prohibition is Urtbot way of treating the evil—but i* ^ believes in prohibitalK (3w **• loon keeper from ruling asw3~ mining in American society. If you would reed, and have voisr family read, a newspaper Which places tbe Interest* of the homo higher than those of Uw >a)ooa, read THK CHICAGO UAILT NBWS. .„„ circubtion U 330,000 »day—over l million si week—an-l it costs by Hiull as CIS. i month, four months f i.oo, — tint cent u dt*y. "We are now prepared to do First-Class in all the latest styles. aiall, and if p kve anj ilwe it Reynolds Bros., v WKST K!«I» FllBlIITURE STOKE. STKKLIKO. XLUTSOI*. Winuhester Judue Lynch Should Feel Hurt. BPAUTA, III., Sopt 18.—Tba inquest on Constable Cross»n, who woa shot by John McCully Thursday, was held Monday. Tbe jury 'returned a verdict that Crosajn was shot by McCully without provocation. McCully bnivly escaped lynching by the action of the sheritl in seerating him and getting him to Chester. Citizens will petition for H i-pecial grand jury in order that u trial may bo hod'at this term.' Prompt action may save the county the disgrace of ft lynching. Wan tlio Locomotive Damaged? KOKT DOUOE, Iowa, Sept 18. — ElnorJ Hoe.15, a fnrtuer, b-'camo iuti;X'.ciite 1 an I went to sleep on tho track near Bol", Monday night.. Tlu evening cxpivaisiruok him, him tw.-nty fe.'t. Tim train was then slopped, a:vl the frtghte:i--'.l engin^r left his cibt.)s.-e whether thtf ui-m was deail H(iom, uot ivaUziug the citiiation, asked why hi bad b»n disturbel, sitieu breakfast uf.l not opiwur to ba ready. Iliu'Criailu Ittunlrr Trial. CHICAGO, B--i>t. U—Yujicrluy was a disastrous uai lor tbu stuto in the Cruniit trial. Eight p.uvmptory cbulluu; » woro used by the stall-. -Ttia ex-irvise of this We are handling and selling more flour : ever. Look at these brands, from $2.40 to $3.10 jer hundred; MADRID, Sept. W— TUo nativoa of Ilill, ou Uw Mof«-co coast, huva rasisaciud a Bpaufesb v***!l and ImiH'wouod tho onptain, n iviiwi'ttiiwr. A Sp»ui»U right | i!,-d tblrly-»u man » and S'. Claviiu. tlio To • liol.i jn--J »tat<-'s p.,'ivin..loi-ms up I. ' t:>.i i iUH t^h: with I'M nnd .). Vf. j;iitftve about tho work uf i"I lUii'g U".,T« will l» » lively tliua GOL.BEN CROWN, ' - PEERIJESS, . ' \, BLUE RIBBON, CAPITAL. CREAM PATENT KANSAS WINTER, SUN. •DAISY. All auaranteed to prove up aa represented or return. W« msaa t» save the people oniiis vicinity txioney, and will do it REMEMBER THE MIKADO We are telling nothing

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