Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 19, 1974 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 19, 1974
Page 5
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Monday, August 19, 1974 News Briefs CAMDEN, Ark. (AP) - W. D. "Bill" Hurley Jr. of Camden announced Sunday that he planned to resume publication of The Arkansas Express, a newspaper to be printed Mon* day through Friday mornings. Hurley said publication would resume "as soon after the first of the year 1975 as practical, economically." Hurley said he would be editor-in-chief and publisher of the newspaper. FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (AP) — Three Arkansas Jaycee clubs were honored Saturday night by the Arkansas Petroleum Council for their promotion of energy conservation. The council awarded a plaque and $100 to the Marmaduke Jaycees and $40 each to the Magnolia and Center Hill Jaycees who tied for second place in the Energy Challenge Program sponsored by the state Jaycees. HOPE (ARK.) SfAK Pag* Five Storm is blamed for fatal air crash MOUNTAIN VIEW, Ark. (AP) — Sheriff Flynn Norman of Stone County theorized Saturday that an airplane crash which killed four persons last week occurred after the plane went into a spin in a violent thunderstorm. . Norman speculated that the single-engine plane lost a wing and tail section before hitting the ground. Killed were Dr. Milton Stevens, 37; his wife, Mary, and their two children, Charlotte Lee, 12, and Sharon Louise, 8, all of Amarillo, Tex., according to Coroner Cecil Melton of Stone County. Of the plane, Norman said, "The wing tip was probably a half mile from the other part of it. We didn't find the tail section — just pieces scattered here and there. We had a lot of hail in that storm, and it was raining real hard." The crash site is about 10 miles south of hear near the Parma community. Bill Dollar of Parma reported the crash to authorities after he heard a loud noise, looked up and reportedly saw the plane fall from the sky. Dollar said the plane twisted as it fell and that debris was falling from the main mass. Norman said no flight log was located in the crash debris. State Police said Friday night it was believed that the plane was en route from Muscle Shoals, Ala., to Amarillo, but Norman could not confirm this. He said 'Federal Aviation Agency and National Transportation Safety Board investigators from Arkansas and Texas completed their investigation Saturday. Federal officials said Sunday they had no new information as to the cause of the crash or flight route. "The plane was torn all to pieces and the bodies were, too," said Norman. "We couldn't find a flight plan." ST. LOUIS (AP) - Judge Floyd R. Gibson of Kansas City is in line to succeed Judge Pat Mehaffy as the chief justice of the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in St. Louis. Judge Mehaffy, 69, has disclosed plans to retire from the .^-^ bench Aug. 31 for apparent JQg W(>StOn health reasons. He would have " been required under federal court rules to retire in October when he reached 70 yards of age. He could have remained on the bench, however, under senior judge status. Mechaffy, a former general attorney for the Missouri Pacific Railroad in Arkansas and Oklahoma, was appointed to the appeals court in 1963 by President John F. Kennedy. He is a native of Little Rock, Ark. FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (AP) — State Sen. Morriss Henry of Fayetteville says several legislators are working on plans to organize a taxpayers' lawsuit seeking a temporary halt to the multimillion dollar Public Building Authority construction program. Henry said that when the state office building proposal first was presented to the Legislative Council, the issue was $15 million, but that it now had grown to an estimated $75 million to $90 million with cost estimates rising almost daily. Henry spoke at a luncheon Friday of the Downtown Fayetteville Unlimited. The 26 members of the organization present voted unanimously to approve a motion that the organization oppose further construction on the PDA project and support a movement to delay the project until it can be debated by the full legislature. Henry is a member of the Legislative Council which recently approved the PDA proposal. Calendar for today Here's a look at what's going on in Arkansas today: IJTTLE ROCK (AP) Ground-breaking ceremony are set for 11 a.m. for the new courtroom for the state Supreme Court on the east grounds of the Justice Building at the state Capitol. BENTON, Ark. (AP) - Judy Petty, the Republican candidate for Congress in the 2nd District, campaigns in Saline County. In sports: The Arkansas Travelers play Shreveport in Texas League baseball tonight in Shreveport. Club professionals from Arkansas, Oklahoma and Kansas compete for the Professional Golfers Association regional championship starting today at Maumelle Country Club near North Little Rock. Today is press day at the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville for a preview of the 1974 Razorback football team. The Arkansas Adult Tennis Championship begins today at the Walker Tennis Center in Little Rock. If the boss would play golf instead of working at it he'd be less grumpy after a game. is going to court again CAVE CITY, Ark. (AP) — Joseph H. Weston, controversial editor and a would-be write-in candidate for governor, said today he would file suit against the Republican party to recover $1,495 of the $1,500 filing fee he paid to be a candidate in the May 28 Republican primary. The suit will be filed in Pulaski Circuit Court by Neal Sebastian of Little Rock, an attorney, Weston said. He said the fee was exorbitant and was "part of a general political conspiracy of both the Democratic and Republican parties of Arkansas to inhibit and discourage large numbers of citizens from exercising their constitutional right to be candidates on the basis of equality under the law for the sole reason that they do not have or cannot secure a large amount of cash in order to literally buy the right to be a candidate," Weston said. "A nominal fee of $5 is all that can constitutionally be charged for filing as a candidate for nomination by any party or as an independent candidate," he said. "Therefore, we are asking the return $1,495 of the $1,500 fee for which the Republican party, operating a monopoly, had sold me the right to be on the Republican ballot. "Besides that, the Republican primary itself as a contrived, unconstitutional and sloppy job," Weston said. Weston attempted several times this year to file as a Republican candidate. After first accepting his registration and filing fee, the GOP returned the fee and rejected Weston's candidacy. Plane missing with 7 aboard BELLEVILLE, 111. (AP) — A U.S. Air Force C141 cargo plane with seven crewmen aboard is missing on a flight from South Carolina to Bolivia, the Military Airlift Command announced late Sunday night. A command spokesman said the four-engine jet lost radio contact shortly before 1 p.m. EDT Sunday when it was due to land at La Paz, high in the Andes Mountains. "The aircraft has been declared missing, and a full search is under way in the La Paz area," the spokesman said. The plane left Charleston Air Force Base on Saturday and stopped at Howard Air Force Base in the Panama Canal Zone en route to La Paz. It was carrying 16 tons of miscellaneous cargo. The Military Airlift Command, nerve center of the Air Force's transport service, is headquartered at Scott Air Force Base near Belleville. The office wolf is always drawing from the petting cash fund. program slow WASHINGTON (AP) - The Agriculture t>epaHment ! s beef and pork purchase program launched in June as a $100 million campaign to buy meat for school cafeterias this fall and to help boost livestock prices is proceeding slowly. As of last week, according to USDA, a total of 18.1 million pounds of beef had been purchased at a cost of $13 million. Pork purchases since the program began totaled 2.16 million pounds at a cost of $1.9 million. The buying is done weekly from bids submitted by packers. Not 100% Since Oklahoma's first profitable oil well flowed in 1897, drillers have found oil or gas in all but five of the state's 7? counties. Greeks and Turks are leaching the difference By PETER ARNETT AP Special Coff espondents FAMAGUSTA, Cyprus (AP) —The Greek cities and towns of northern Cyprus lie dirty and deserted iri the sun. The Turkish villages are gay with flags and smiling people. That is the difference between being liberated and conquered. For such Greek cities as Kerenia and Famagusta, the first and last places taken by the Turks in their month-long advance across Cyprus, capture has meant urban death. Famagusta on Sunday was so still that the plaintive meow of a stray kitten in an empty coffee shop could be heard for some distance. Dirt and paper littered the streets winding past the luxury hoiel. 1 -- sirUehed alo!i{; tta white sandy beaches. A solitary Swedish soldier sal in,,a red canvas deckchair at the Eide) weiss open-air restourant. his submachine- gun on .his Windows of a (dd'ieft gft>cCi|y \ stores Were broken, shelves Ih disarray. The words "Swedish property" were scrawled on the shop window of an automobile dealer. But the Swedish soldier said that if the Turks wanted to break in, he could not slop them. "The looting seemed to be organized, mainly for food and drinks at this lime," said another Swedish member of the United Nations peacekeeping force. A ring of Turkish taiiV;. off nil the soulbfertt approaches 16 Palngusta Where thousands of refugees waittd go home, i •When will you let the Greeks unite hack?" this reporter asked a ,tuf kish .officer at i 1o ihfi capital ol NiSo&ia when the war began' wiffi.td go bick td Kytehla. But they eifl Ift ft6 guarantee of safety evert If the Turks allowed them back. So ••• "MrtyW ifi a month 6t two," ho s-ild. to the once glittering town of Kyrenia ort the north coast, • every shop was systematically looted after the Turkish takeover. Many homes* Including those owned by Britons and other foreigners, were stripped. Kyrenia on Sunday also was a dead town, with only a few military vehicles on the streets. tfvery shop window was hroken. Thousands of Greeks who fled And so it is With other Greek villages and towns in the northern third of Cypru$, which the Turks wrested from the Greek* in a series of bloody clashes. But in the Turkish villages, there is an obvious sense of Victory and weH befog* "Now we are very happy, We are free," said Kami) Ony, a local official at Knodhara, one of a string of fiirWah Cyprtot villages stretching east of Nicosia that, were liberated by the Turkish army. "We cheered them as they came to our town, and we want them to stay," said (hay. A&P PRODUCE SALE FINEST CROP OF VALUES MUSHROOMS DELICATE BROWN LB. ARTICHOKES DELICIOUS CALIFORNIA 100 ONIONS ITALIAN RED TENDER . FLAVORFUL IB. WHERE ECONOMY ORIGINATES 'V-' NECTARINES Sweet & Juicy LB. I ^ •»• W ^™ ^^™^^^ 39* VINE RIP! TOMATOES " -»»,:* 9-Ol. rCartoni RED PLUMS ColHornla gflk £fe | *09 IBS. V "SUPER-RIGHT" QUALITY HEAVY CALF CALIFORNIA RED ROUND STEAK $•<* GRAPES OR SIRLOIN STEAK "SUPER-RIGHT" QUALITY HEAVY CALF CHUCK STEAKS OR ROAST ,p "Super-Right" Quality Heavy Calf LB. "Super-Right" Quality Heavy Calf -Bone u$ 1 69 Rib Steaks Lb.$l 39 j FROZEN CORN SACK-O-CORN COBETTES Pkg. OF 8 POST TOASTIES Cereal With Coupon Below 18-Oz. Box PINTO BEANS FOLGER'S COFFEE $1 29 Instant Coffee With Coupon Below 6-Oz. Jar "Super-Right" Quality M«io»y Coif *%** Jt Shoulder Arm Steaks.?^. 1 .'. ,u. 99V U.S D.A. Grade A ' .. ., O O I** Whole Fryer&. c .r..%:.. 0 .^...... i» ^" V Chjtk WOQPII Chopped £ _ n f Beef Steaks IS* I 25 "$up«r-R!8hl" Country Tfcot ^_ _, . Eiknch tlOO Smoked Sausage. ib.* I " T Fim'n frotlod frying ^ ( Chicken Breast e J 4 Ib. Avg. Smoli 4 Lo'jn _ ,. • i r>* • 'Wolcr AJdild) ' f%OC Smoked Picnics u» OT> C ;|i'ii jf.hn't Wilh M'jc<ll« _ ^_ . Tuna Casserole ! J f?e' 69 V . Rshstlcks; Fr«h Fro,en -_ r CRISCO^ VEGETABLE OIL <' ':<}',&','•{"' "Ultra-Sheer" Asst. Shades '''-^\-Jt,,'. ;^<-'v- Parity Hose. Betty Crocker • All Varieties With Coupon B«lop ^^ft Snackin' Cakes £ All Varieties 79<f $100 BACK TO SCHOOL ' ' ' ait 8' i IC'< ' Rlter Paper '" f* f JQ J>DV Composition Book . , ."£ All Varieties ^ r\f± ••••'.! Fireside Cookies.... 3 ;;, * I ou 7 /P|^9 Pa P^r X 1 48-OZ. BtL. Liquid Cleaner lOc Off Label Mr, Clean A&P Sandwich Bags Ann Page Gum Candy. I W W* f PET RIT3? FROZEN*' CREAM f>i!$ Subject Book. •»...! .*,r»to •' * 1?' Construction Paper . Glue-All S. •-•«! Map Colors P v 49 C 39< VALUABLE COUPON WITH THIS COUPON YOU CAN BUY Post Toasties Ctrcol 18-OZ VALUABLE COUPON WITH THIS COUPON YOU CAN BUY Folger's Instant Coffee * COCONUT • CKOCOLMt Limit on« teupon p«r family Good thru Sat Aug 24, 1974 43 < ily __ i ! 1 29 I ^CHEER ^^ DETERGENT k\ 49 UjjP if IK mmmmmmmmi VALUABLE COUPON »(*'lRP«»i. limd ant coupon p« r fomtly C«od thlu $al *u| 24 1974 im «P,»,»-»»«i:«l •»•»» «»* VALUABLE COUPON JANE WHITE HOT WITH THIS COUPON YOU CAN 6UY Snackin' Cakes • Betty Cracker • All Varieties UMO 2PKOS$1° Q Limir an* coupon p,> family Good ihtu Sal Aug 14. 1974 11 ! WITH THIS COUPON YOU CAN BUY Cheer Detergent 84-OZC BOX* limit on.9 cayman P4r family Qwrf *hiw Siat . Awa 24. t9'4 Wl IH COUPON

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