Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 17, 1938 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 17, 1938
Page 3
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Saturclay, December 17. 1938 HOPE STAR. HOPE. ARKANSAS MRS. SID HENRY ChnlUmgc He is not lost who cannot find the way If still his soul affairms there is a Way. Whnt though ho have no compass and no light To guide him? Let him search the boundless sky, And there, while planets swing across (ho night, Hi> shall find one fixed star! ,Lct him deny Ills Ixifflemcnt, lo( him cast out hi.s fear; He needs no beaten path! If' ho shall fall (he ceremony, they will leave for n honey moon trip to New Orleans, Gulf port and other Gulf coast points of interest. After January 15, the couple will be at home in Garlanc City, where Mr. McKee is conncclcc wilh the Louisiana and Arkansas Gas Co. -O- Troop No. 'I, Girl Scouts, Mrs, H. E. Benson, captain will meet at the. ciibin Monday afternoon a( 3:30. Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Williams, Misses Nancy Fae and Pat Williams, Mrs Ched Hall and Miss Rosalyn Hall were Friday visitors in Shreveport, Beauty Plus Usefulness Ami raise to fall ugnin, he still cnn hour 1TI ' D< v -' |ltl111J -" 1 l uniA ui wu.snmgion In his bruised heart the unremitting City arrived Thursday to spend the call holidays with her parents, Mrs. and Of faith to fortitude! This then shall be Both guide and friend, his security! 1 Selected ~O — Mrs. Charles Yonlz of Washington Mrs. J. C. Carlton. Goodfellow's Fund The Friday Music Club entertained at its annual Christmas Party Friday I evening af the home of Mrs. R. M. LiiGronc, N. Hervey St.. For the' occasion, the attractive spacious La-1 Gcono home had a festive air, will it* 'Yule tide decorations, and softlj gloaming lights, casting a crimsoi glow throughout the reception suite Mrs. J. C. Carlton and Mrs. A. C Kolb entertainment committee pro senlod a number of orginal features including tests of "True" or "False,' jingle rhymes, and the sacred am impressive note of the program wa.s the singing of Christmas Carols. Santa Clau.s made lii.s annual visit to the party and designated the gooii little girls with nice warm hug, and presented each guest with a gift Following the visit of Santa'Claus, "the dining room doors were opened revealing ;i beautifully decorated Ge.-iuly container filled to overflowing will] green holders, and other ndormenU were in the Christmas colors, the Christmas motiff was repeated in tht_ tempting buffet .supper. Mrs. R. V, McGiunis and Miss Harriet Story were in charge, of the refreshments, n'nd extended courtesies in the dining room. Following the supper, the attractive gifts were distributed anil the jingles were read and judged, causing much merriment and chargin to those of us, who didn't win in the contest. The W. M. U., First Baptist church will meet for its annual Christina .social Monday afternoon at 2:'M at the church. The Circles will hold a •short business session at the close, and all members are urged to be present. Announcement has been made of marriage of Miss Jennie Sue Moore, oldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs Jewell Moore to Kinnie Glenn McKee,' son of Mr. and Mrs. Jim McKee. Tlie wedding will fake place' at eight o'clock, on the morning of January 1, 1939 at the First Christain church with the Rev. V. A. Hammonds, pastor officiating. Immediately after (Continued from Page One) Tom J. Wnrlow .....' i.oo DOUBLE FEATURE SUN-MON "Dead End" Kids -in"Crime School" —and— "Adventure in Sahara" SUN-MON-TUES Preview RIALTO SAT. TWO try -and fail . i. iu the happiest la ugh-and-love spree you've ever enjoyed! HAL ROACH presents ^ MARCH ^HBRUCE Cash Grady Heirston Will Orton C. E. Baker J. C. Porterfield . Clyde Monts Ross Glcghom J. C. Penney Co. . Jean Givons .25 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1,00 .50 5.00 1.00 Ruth Barnes 1.00 L. M. Lilc 1.00 J. L. Green 1.00 Ched Hall l.oo E. W. McWilliams 1.00 Stewart's Jewelry Store 1.00 Wesson Millinery 5.00 700 Service Station l.Ofl Moses Service Station 1.00 S. L. Murphy l.oo M. .C. Butler 1.00 Joe Coloman 50 Archer Motor Co l.QO Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Tarpley 1.00 F. S. Hcarne 1.00 Bumly & Son l.oo Brookwood Grocery 1.00 E. P. Young l.oo Mrs. Florence Turner 1.0(1 Henry Taylor 50 Marion Monroe 50 Coolt's White Star Laundry.... 1.00 Ed McCorkle .' l'oo Hobb's Grocery 1.00t% Dorsey McRae 1.00 J. A. Davis 1.00 J. M. Houston 1.00 Oscar Grcenberg 50 Royce Wcisenbcrger 1.00 A. J. Wagner 1.00 Byron Evans 50 Guy Watkins 50 E. S. Greening ....' 1.00 .Olie Olson : 1.00 ••.L._:.Cartor Johnson » 1.00 Temple Cotton Oil Co 5.00 Temple Cotton Oil Office Force 3.00 Sam Taylor 50 Mrs. Sam Taylor 50 N. W. Webster 50 Sam Simpson 50 Alfred Hickcy 25 L. C. Shadle 25 Olin Murphy ' .25 R. L. Richards . 50 W. E. Lamb 25 John Ames 50 Fred Sutton 25 Total 5-10G.GO Luxury Jewelry—The fishook clip with small fish dangling from the bottom of it would be an ideal present for a young girl. She or her mother would be pleased with the «o!d wrist watch made in "pillow" shape. Letter To Santa Drawn WHH'Care HELENA, Mont.—&~One Helena boy believes in simplifying things fo Sanln Claus. His letter, addressed to Santa at the 'North Pole," contained an alphabetical index of all Die things he wanted It was three pages long and resemblec the toy Index in a mail order house catalog. : Postmaster Harry Hendricks openec the letter for postal insepction ,bt- cause of the "indcfinate nature o the address." Devastating Flood Is Sweeping China Yellow River Breaks Dykes, Inundating Six Districts SHANGHAI, China.—(/P)—New Yellow river floods inundating six 'districts of northern Kiangsu province were reported Saturday in dispatches from the endangered area, approximately 400 miles northwest of here. The waters were said to have breached dykes near Kaileng and Honan, and poured as far southward as Kiang- su's norlhermost tip. Meanwhile, Chungking dispatches quoted the Chinese vice a riminister, General Chen Chang, as estimating Japenese casualties as 270,000 men during the Yangtze valley fighting from June through September, with 9G.OOO killed in action. Jewelry for Men—The cameo cuf. inks at. top, the cut-out initial ones in .he center, or the gem-studded links | below are grand luxury items for anj i man. If lie likes stickpins, look at cari- cature'at lap, left, Knows the Ropes TOLEDO, — Myles Thomas. Toledo Muclhen manager for 1939, was on the New York pitching staff when the Yanks won pennants in 1920-27-28. * N€W * Saturday to 11 p. m. JOHN WAYNE—in "THE NEW FRONTIER" —and— CHARLES STARRETT ' in—"TRAPPED" Chapt. It—"The Lone Ranger" Sunday—On Stage In Person "The Sunshine Boys" Of Radio Stution KWKH SUNDAY-MONDAY Don Ameche, Robert Young Simone Simon—in "J O S E T T E" Jewelry Case—Schiaparelli's newest jewelry is shown on a delicately scented costume jewelry case of satin with flannel lined pockets. The jewelry 01 the case, or both, would be distinctly a luxury present. Luxuries fur (he Home—The head of the Hou.se will appreciate these nautical bookcnds with a clock on one and a barometer on the other. His wife will be equally delighted with fine richly inonogrammecl bed-linen. Give Her A Dress for XHAS DRESS SALE 2 for $5.00 Former ?7.95 to $12.95 Values Choice Selection LADIES Specialty Shop FHA 5% Loans New and existing property. Heal Estate Mort. Loan Service Pink Taylor, Agent; 309 First National Bank Building. Phone 686. GARRETT MEMORIAL BAPTIST Hollis A. Purtle,'Pastor Sunday School at 9:45 a. m. B. Y. P. T. C. at 6:30 p. m. Ladies Auxiliary meets at 2 p. m Monday at the church. Prayer meeting Wednesday at 7:30. Everybody is welcome at Garrett Memorial. If you are not going church any where start now. to HOPE GOSPEL TABERNACLE Bert Webb, Pastor. The Tabernacle Sunday School has gained every Sunday for a month; keep it up, arrange to be present next Sunday and go well over the 350 mark in attendance, Pray as well for God's blessings to be upon the entire school. Morning worship service at 11 o'clock and the evening evangelistic service at 7:30. Pastor Webb will speak at both the servises of the day. i ' Children's Church, Christ's Ambassadors and Bible Study meet at 6:30 each Sunday at the Tabernacle. The Annual Christmas Program will be held at the church on Thursday, December 22, 'lit 7:30, This will be the only service of the week as the '-Wednesday night preaching service and the Friday night prayer meeting will be called off in favor of the Christmas program. FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH VV. R! .Hamilton, Pastor "White Christmas" will be observed in the Sunday school Sunday morning. All pupils will bring food, wrapped in white, for Christmas baskets to the needy people of our community. Christmas programs will be given in the departments for children under 13 years of age. It is hoped that every enrolled pupil will be present. The pastor's Christmas serm'on will be preached Christmas morning. The Christmas night service will be devoted to Christmas music under the direction of Mrs. F. L. Padgitt, and the ordinance of baptism. The sermon at the 10:55 secrvice on Sunday, December 18, will be on, "God Made Us Alive." This service runs from 10:55 to 12:00. The Training Union meets for General Assembly at G:30, followed by the individual Union's programs. The sermon on: "Man and the Master" at the 7:30 service Sunday night will furnish a background for the Sunday school lessons during the first quarter of 1939. . A cordial invitation is extended the public to worship at First Baptist Church. FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH V. A. Hammond, Pastor There were 95 in Sunday school last week. We should have more than a hundred this week. Be in your class at 9:45 Sunday morning. Remember to bring your "White Gift" Sunday morning. Every person who comes to Sunday School or to the morning worship service Sunday should bring either canned food or some article of children's clothing, wrapped in white. Let's fill the barrel for the Orphan's Home this Christmas. The pastor will speak Sunday morning on "Beholders of Glory." The service will close with the Lord's Table. Come and join us in the fellowship of worship and the inspiration of the Table. At the evening hour, 7:30, the children of the Primary and Junior Departments, assited by two adult readers and the choir, will present a candle-lighting service, "Light of the World." The "White Gifts" from the Sunday school and church will be presented at the altar during this special 100 Attend Club Council of County 15 Home Demonstration Clubs Represented at Melrose Church By Mrs. p. ,T. HOLT Reporter for County Comipil of Home Demonstration Clubs Approximately 100 home demonstration club members, representing l!i eomrnunBties, attended the County clubs which met at the Melrose church Thursday, December 15, «t 10 a. m. The Melrose Club was Host Club. Mrs. Lee H. Garland, Vice-Presidenl, presided over the meeting in the absence of the president. The Welcome Address was given by Mrs. P. J. Holt, of the Melrose Club. Response wr,s given by Mrs. J. L.' Eley of the Bel ton Club. Mrs. C. P. Zimmerly of the Melrose Club gave the Devotional. Games of introduction were led by Mrs. P. J. Holt and Mrs. Joe Lascler of the home cliA. Readings were given by Mrs. Mae Hatfield, Melrose Club, Mrs. F.-B. Fenwick of the Allen Club, Mrs. O. A. McKnight and Miss Elizabeth Harrison of the Bright Star Club. Christmas numbers given were: 'Christmas in Many Lands" by Mrs. F. B. Fenwick, of the Allen CJub; "The Story of Bethlehem" by Miss Elizabeth Hanna of the Ozan- Sl. Paul Club; "The First Christmas" by Mrs. Fred Camp of the Oak Grove Club; a poem "The Christ Child Walks on Christmas" was given by Miss Willie Stuart of the Ozan- St. Paul Club. A special chorus entertained the group during the noon lour. Members of the chorus were Mrs. Eugene Goodlett, Mrs. O. J. Phillips. Mrs. Howard Collier, Mrs'. John Laha and Mrs. Earle Turner. During the business session, roll call and minutes were read by the Sec- •etary. Mrs. Laura H. Hodnett, Com- nittees reports as follows: Year Book ?"air, Better Homes, Recreation and the Nominating Committee. Clubs were, Hinton, Shover Springs, and Oak Grove. Officers elected for 1939 were: President, Mrs. Wilbur D. Jones Secretary.-Treasurer, Mrs. C. P. Zim- nerly, Melrose Club; and Reporter, Mrs. P. J. Holt, Melrose Club. Mrs. Lee H. Garland, Hempstead bounty Chairman of the 4-H Club Building Committee, inade a finincial •eport of the sale of Maps for the 4-H L'lub House for girls, to be built on the University of Arkansas Canpus. The Council voted to continue to raise "unds for this purpose. Tlie plan of work for 1939 \vas presented by Miss Melva Bullington, "lome Demonstration Agent. Tlie council voted to sponsor the 'ollowing projects; 1.- Promote Rural Electrification. 2.- Encourage the ise of Home Made Homes Plans Service Book and the use of natural 're- ^ources and home furnishings and lome biukling. 3.- Sponsor county- vide play tournaments. 4.- Sponsor Better Homes Campaign in April. 5.- I'o participate in all Districts and State Activities...-G.- To cooperate in he county-wide Fair in October; and I- To encourge Neighborhood Nights n Clubs. Tlie Council voted that the year Books should be stenciled this year. The committee to complete the Year 3ooks is, Mrs. R. N. Mouser, Mrs. 3alton Bouce and Mrs. O. A. McKnight of the Bright Star Club; Mrs. 'oe Laseter, Mrs. E. F. Flanagan, and Mrs. Irving Urrey of the Melrose Club; Mrs. F. B. Fenwick and Mrs ^ee Garland, Allen Club. The Council accepted the invitation if the Shover Spings Club to meet at he Shover Springs Community House n March. During the afternoon program the lifts were drawn from the Christmas ree and distributed by Santa Claus, Wrs. Eugene Goodlett of the Ozan- st. Paul Club. Christmas Carols were Sung at intervals throughout the clay. All arrangements were in charge of Mrs. Irving Urrey, President of the Patmos in 4347 Basketball Win Pirates Defeat Washington Team, Patmos Juniors Also Win The Patmos Pirate battled their way to an easy victory over the Washington five Wednesday night, putting another defeated team on their list The Pirntes hung up a score of 43 to Simmins, center took highest honors with 23 points. Throughout the game the Pirates kept the Washington' quintet completely baffled, and it could easily be seen from the first who would win. In a somewhat less interesting game the Pirate Juniors defeated the Washington Juniors 28 to 10. Camp was high point man, with Cox charging in for second honor. With the Hempstead Home Agent Melva Bullington Melrose Club. Clubs answering to the roll call were:- Centerville, Ozani-St. Pau\, Shover Springs, Allen, Melrose, Hinton, Belton, Columbus, Mt. Nebo, Old Liberty, Oak Grove, Bright Star, Green Laseter, Hickory Shade, and Centerpoint. WPA Spending to Be Cut in Spring Barkley Forecasts Reduction of 30 Millions Pei- Month WASHlNGTON-(/P)-Senator Barkley, Kentucky Democrat, said Saturday that the administration expected to reduce relief spending about 30 million dollars monthly in the spring and early sum'mfir. He said congress would be asked to appropriate not more than GOO million dollars'for the WPA from March 1 to July 1—the closing months of the fiscal year. He said he believed the reduction would be possible because of improving business conditions and because PWA house-spending would be at peak in March and April. service. The church auditorium has been . Try Us For Your Meat Curing ,« and Smoking. We Do It Bight. £ Home Ice Company Si 916 East Third Street Hope, 4*fe. l Hod Jacket-Real lace and pouch satin a r c combined to make a perfectly lovely, exquisitely feminine bed jacket that is a Yulelide Sift do luxe for a lie-abed lady o f leisure or iin invalid. N. V. U. dais Play Ten NEW YORK.— The New York Uni- versitty women's basketball team will engage in 10 games this season, finish- , - ing in the Hunter College gyronesjum, beautifully dccoraled for this "White Gifts" service, and all our people arc urged to attend this special Christas program Sunday night. Our friends from other churches arc cordially invited. On Friday night an old-fashioned Christmas Tree program will be given at the church. Santa Glaus will distribute gifts aaid candy, fruit and 'toys to all the Little folks of the church and to other little tots who come toSgec the tree and old Santa. A program consisting of music and readings by the children will precede the distribution £t«. . The Banker Outwitted Scot went to the banker, they say. and Ksked for the loan of §5 for a year'. As collateral he offered $100.000 in Liberty Bonds. The amazed banker agreed to the loan, and when the deal was consummated and the 30 cents in interest paid, he asked just why. Said the Scot: "You see 1 put this up as collateral, pay 30 cents interest, and you keep the bonds. Othi>r\rise I would have had to pay you S& for the rent of a safe deposit box. ) NEW ORLEANS.^ Moon ~~Mullins coaching Loyola of the South, reaches the ultimate in the talk about caUuig football signals from the sidelines. Bo McMillin of Indiana jokingly said that the coach might do the job, but Mullins suggests the alumni. "Then the wolves wouldn't be able to howl so loudly," says the former Notre Dame star. Several Hempstead county farm families are replacing furniture in their homes this winter, and the old question of "solid versus veneer" is coming in for consideration. The belief that furniture made form solid woods is always superior to that made of veneers is rather common but is not true, according to Mrs. Ida A. Fenton, Extension economist in home management, University of Arkansas College of Agriculture. One of the finest pieces of furniture in existance, a desk made for Louis XV of France, is made of veneers. Workmen spent 9 years making iti. Both types of construction have their advantages, says Mrs. Fenton. She lists the following points in favor of solid furniture: The wood can be carved. If any of the surface chips off, the same kind of wood is exposed. And if the piece needs refinishing, it can.be sandpapered or planned down. It has no surface layers to lesson and pull of, an accident which may happen to poorly glued veneer panels. On the other hand, a well-made veneered or "plywood" panel with 3 to 5 thin layers of wood glued together, each across the grain of the other, is stronger in some respects than a single board of the same think- ness. Usually it will not shrink, check, or warp to any serious extent. The cores of the veneered parts may be made of softer, lighter, and cheaper lumber, so that the finshed piece may be sold for less than a similar article of one solid wood. The charm of highlt figure woods which are not practical to use in thick sizes can be obtained by using face veneers. Daddies Get a Break From Two-Toned Doll ST. LOUIS — (/P) — Arthur Petrov spent 14 years of his spare time working on an invention. He finally got it—a doll that says both mama arid papa. People, especially fathers, have long recognized the unhappy fact that pop •was getting a raw deal with the dolls. But no one was able to do much about it. The voice box of 1>\e Petrov doll is composed of 36 pieces. The words "Mama" and "Papa" come out as the doll is tilted from side to side. Originally a steam engineer, Petrov has been in the doll doctor business since 1918. 7 Eat What You Want But Get Essentials First CHICAGO. -(#)- A person should eat what he wants—after he eats what he needs, said Prof. E, V. McCollum of Johns Hopkins university in a speech here. Each member of the family should have a quart of !m51k daily, or its equivalent in cheese, butter or other dairy products, he said. They should also be given two salads, two servings of cooked leafy vegetables, one serving of meat, fish or poultry, four eggs a week and some fresh fruit or fruit juice. After that is done the person should eat the things he likes best. A public park is being built on G,313-foot-high Roan mountain, located on the North Carolina-Tennessee state line. Communists Plan DriveDies iT Aim to Form National Fac* mer-Labor Party, Committee Charges ' '; . WASHINGTON,. ~(F), Pies, Texqs Democrat, said that the house un-American corrftrtittee had received evidence, tli& the Communist party wouli attempt' to form, a national Farmer-Laboj party/ within the next two years. " " , In a radio address Die$ said ,th* committee had received "abundant" evidence" to support its long fieriest ol findings against the Communist in the United States. Pretty Good. Average LAWRENCE,, Kan.—In 29 years, of; coaching, Phog Alien, Kansas Univ««. sity basketball mentor, has turned out' 22 championshi. pteams. , ^ When very thin veneer is cut from a beautfiul figure dwood, several consecutive layers will-match in pattern so that beautiful symmetrical designs can be develope dfor such furniture as desk tops, table tops, or bedspreads. Again, curved and irregular surfaces can be produced by gluing veneer together in shaped form. This would be impossible with solid lumber, Mrs. Fenton points out. City Meat Market CHOICE K. C. MEATS, HOT TAMALES and OYSTERS. PROMPT FREE DELIVERY. PHONE ?«7 American Radiator Floor Furnaces Installed Easy Terms Harry W. Shiver PLUMBING—ELECTRICAL GUM BLOCKS We Will Now Take in a Further ' Quantity of Round Sweet Gum Blocks. Payment, for this Timber is made at the time the delivery is made. "• For Specifications and Prices Apply To: Hope Heading Co. Phone-245 FAMILY . v Dining Room> Suite,§ Radios Refrigerators,. Florence Ranges Rugs Tables Toys-Wagons es -' Hope Hardware COMPANY Listen to This City, State and Federal officials, who are drawing handsome salaries, are still on the personal delinquent tax list of Hempstead County. / A Man came into my office this morning and pointed out individuals who are drawing these salaries and who have not paid their personal taxes. This man said to me: "Make them pay their personal taxes and I will pay mine." You may think I am "kidding" as previously stated, but we will begin checking assessment records Monday in order that we wiU be able to seize and sell the items assessed for personal delinquent taxes. I have opened an office in the Citizens Na* tional Bank building, hours from 8 to 6, for your convenience in paying personal delinquent taxes, .' J. E. Bearden Sheriff and Collector

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