Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 14, 1912 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 14, 1912
Page 1
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THE lOLA DAtCS* REGISTER. VOLUME XV. NO. 304. Weekly Register, Eitabllahed 1867. Dally Register. Eiubllthed 1897. lOLA, KAS., OCT. 14,-1912—MONDAY EVENING. Successor to the lola Dally Regliter. the tola Daily Record and the loU Dally Index EIGHT PAGES PIlSSENGEeS HAV NG Ills .\ MOTOK evil WRKJ KKI) \S\t ELErXKlC (AK WAS IlKUAlLKI). flUT ONLY FBIGHIBESOLTED l> T>VO \r< n )K\TS. I'VSSKMiKHS KS( AI'KII >vn HOI I A S( KAK If f; .SJrrri r";ir .liim|i<-il llir Tnick and Hurrtinod Into thf Itank <>n i:a»t ! THE WEATHER. ForccaJit for Knnitas: Fair tonlirht and Tuejidny: probablj- frost tonkrhl. Data recorded at the Locnl Office of the Weather Bureau: Temperature: HiRhPSt yesterday at :? p. ni.. 69; lowest this raoraing at ' a. m . ."6: normal for today.-'.S; deiir- ienry in temperature yesterday. 5 il<'- pree=: deficiency since January 1st. 2s<; d'esroes. Ye.^tordav—fi p. ni.. 61; 3 p. m-. 4S; 12. midnight. 41. Today—3 a. m.. 5S; 6 a. in.. '.' I a. Ill . .^2. i I'reripiafion for 24 hours ondim.c 7 a. in. today, ("t; excess in precipitation .•<inii> .lanuary ist.. 4 .Ti' inche.». UeSative iiuiiiiiiity 7 a. tii. fdday .""o; per cent: haroinetcr reduced in son level. ".K'.'.S :nchc.<; river stase. fet-t Sunri.^e today. t;::;.> a. ni ; j^tin.-et. .":!>; [1 in. MARQUAflD WINS AGAIN FOR N. Y. TICK #II.(NKI BKAITY i'KKFOKJfl.XG l.\ KKILMA.NT .STYLE. RAIT. HELD THE SOX TO 7 HITS HITS WEKE .SIATTEKEI* AM) 0.\. LV « OlM EI) IN ONE INNING. / T«.> V-r .n. n da> a:'. lula i:! I.i..,-k r<>«o<! i!« \' n >• !_2ini~. . 'I'lirri'd \..!.•:•: „ All ••;i.vii .>iii;.l '-M on I'.rric :.i ''.'.\a .v « ' li.i .lil'd :i '•:i-t «i t-'ir.-' str.'.-r atui l.ur- way into ink Tiie !;>.• OBGANIZE TAFT CLUB HEBE r •'•at -v- I ; .1: M: i 1.1 -Mri^: l-< .Hid 1 !"r.M' I".- !lf" !!i<' '-ar !'••';.! 1 ! i;i a ni.iiili ' •'•all.i^n." Ir. ; in li:i ->iT .i;.'l-:- :,>•;•.•;•,•,'::!'..«' :.-;r:'ika!^.- :|.'at::.' t;;a: <ai; u.i> li'' n;a'> auain^i \:.<- 1 .n:k T r- re,..';\e(! <-.n"j a 'i;-''.e s.-aii—Iv .'li''!!;), t.i ciw h.'v.v '..e in -.i ;..-r. T:;- ••>n:l a> .i .lrn- >•• , HTa;!ioI.:t r- nd sout!.. .i-t '••.Oi'-n :»<• ii:!'-or <Mr.~ , f'.'.:'.'•••] •• .\.Tr'n Fi;nkhoM.--r. .Ia:i;.--- V-• \ :*.ni: wifp OUT rid:n:r in K^ink!: s ( Vl.l, ISSIEI) mil MVSS MEEI- IM. EVENIMi OK 0(T. Ii;. rresiileiift Sii|i|Hirter<. W III .Mw| A. R. Hall Hiid Finn Aithi- ('aniitnlirn. in O'Hrien Wa> Drhen from llie Kox and .Siirrrrded hy Collius >Vlio ritrht-d a Great (Janio. CONVICTS TBUPPED IN CANYON ( rri/ENS H WE r IMPED ON FBAIL EOIl MANY HOril .-s. Townspeople' Tprriir-Ntrirkeu. Ajik SlJile Mintln to lid -NDini fr of (a>niilllr« I 'nknonn. l-'irsi caiiie. una liy i^i II! f, I li> S. lond Kaiiii- Tl<'. •'. t'l t". Third Kami-, unn l.y New Si-.if 2 (•) I Fioitlii uaiiif w<iil I 'V lloslnii Si "11- :! Ill 1 I-'lllli KaiiK', Willi liv (lii.ston Siiire. 2 ti> 1 Si .vlli Kaiiii-. wiin liy New Vink Si 'ofi'. to 2. .V T..f! fur rresid.'Ut chill will I..' >!'.;.)ni/ed ill this < liy on Wi 'dn.-jd.iy ..•li.lli:. Oeinli.T \K\. A call for tlw •.•.••t.Uu' was issM'-d by a coiiiiniTi'.- ..ilk- -., The lianic l>« liuilnirs. : u u K Iteimbiicans this niornm;; and ih.> I ••^"••'•^ ^'"•'^ .\—'ll 2 l!a!:.rii>~- Vork. .Maniuard and .M-v.-rs: Borton. O Ilri-ii. Coilin.s and Cady '\W W.-^ IT-. -.-I P.'.;.. C.nitiniis. New York. Oct II — Ti^e N'.-w Yi-rk Giant? ov-rijaiiu- tlii most j n ,i .~t .in .Vir.i^rii ans bv a .<ior(; of .". ID !(; .\ U. hall ha.s I '-en d.'siiinat.d ar i i ih..-'place of rni-etinc. ,rj -v..' ^"1;.- iTeliininary ipil of ni> inh .'rshlp 1.'.' .<!.o-.vs That hundreds of vot>-rs nr.- •au ' • r :o have rlie oiii>orrunity lo aid in !h.. n-'•I'~-ciiori of I 'residenr Taft and is txpertiNl that one ol :h •:;T !'.u5iastic me .'Unps of the campaisn ' The. committee in charge of the 1 P-M-v N-Vork'.. vi.-tory was_ a work Of organization hope to be able ch ^ek to Jlie hopes of the ^ Red .>ox •'• -c a prominent sp«^ak«-r for the (^.a,,, •.. hjch had e.vp-< ted to (win today !.>n;:.>na ;'y !.;i<k :n :o 1 >;.i car , oci asion but in cas.^ this proves i-n- . .i. The Uo'ly r>:- Mr F•ank!•.o ^;s -r^ ,ar wa-ji possible, the time will be devot ,-d to ' .-.omew:;.i- Twi-ro! >)v. - r.ri.-is. but ! ^ cood R -publican love feast and a dis not t'-'rn fro:r. it 1: is no ear Ri-:':rnini: frr:;- Hv.n.i -:in^ «.nt amiss . ::>: r,,. i n^xi*w:.^:da;^veii;;;^' | " '-f"^- " ^^"""^ •Thoy sfoi ;ie .i ..n the s:,:e o:- t".- r .^.i j The. committee in char-e" nf r):r. i P«'l''.e. .\. w York'.s for reiniirs. l 'r -s.--nt'.y a flian;:;- a'lto : iiaSSi-.-;. StjU';..-!. and a;;.:ir.'; -.O iti- • i.-./>:.r.i •/nrr.mir.unp orC^ol-.... f,,.. ."v,., i . • - ! Th- •;i:ne To .Mr. Fiink- fait !;at on.^ <'2r was he dan;az.^'; as o ;^:•T hcns.>r. thinks i':..-it p.issi! ".y t'r .e Cha- nnf^ n :3 >-i::n.- .was .^nd.%ivor;n.? to tirrn in ti .-i read w i . :i zt- sri -ii.'.-nt orcnr- red. y-r i.e do'-^ not se • wi:;.- ::;e C;-;.-;-j r.'.ife r'i .->':;•-' n^ r j-isT i;-.-;'y 1 taken ' ;:.c'r:'. r.- rv'.m. • ••. \ tr !-i»r;-n'.; 'ha' Mr. Prc-t • r.d i Fiink !;rii)S '-r v^'.''^^'] T' ••- i .in tini" .-^ ai •-• hrinir •. if. • <ol!.s;on ; ' \\VirId.s S'-rie.^. striijrslo for the world's.! hani- Uoston York two p-rsons whi r- intere.s-.d in i'•"'"'-^ ""J o'"* a The ::;•> re-eleiiion of ..:e President . are • t^'-o teami will play tomorrow in inviT.>d to a't-^nd the meeting and as- i Boston. sis- in the organization of the Talt for | O'Bri-n. Red Sox i:!oist ball pitcher. '^C^nV --^,'''^^r'r''\^;-^^^^ ^'^""^ toVieain carry Allen | pionshu' of 1:.12 now stands in;;;ilf 'V^:;ki;:';.:e;?«r^^ca;;^:^:! \ ^^^^ .•'o- -/^-Irhre.. won: X..w Vo Prtsid->nt clui). WAB MAHEB OF DAYS NOW MAIL OBDER KING A FAILOBE SejefiCh lii»in«f. FIKST HALF—\V..,:;ti.r w.-nf out .Marqiard to Merk!-. Cady- drove :•. lon^ tly to Sni>di,'rass. Collins iL-w WEBBEB TELLS MDBDEB PLOT TKJHT ShIllTS ItKOIfHT IJI IN TO out to .Mfirrav. .\„ r.:iis. n» hit^^ no HIS lJrSINE .s.>». WOOD A PBEACHEBPITCHEB r.iixton I'asliir l'rai »i-d l^r'-af l !i-d >i«\ IMnjir iiir Hi» (J.-au 1 iiV. J V. ,,^ I,: • •. >r H. ri.. iT i! . v:.,:- B .>>rrr:. (>. t, \Vo,.,i . lol mad riii'u::!! • l'i:ti' t.-. It."., ill .1 s- r'i;oN li.ili-t-' . • i:tj- nor- 'o T' .n ;.: • lil<'n ff! ' i>i;i <M:: !J..p- - I d • • i'..! • •• - ^ • i; './•• 111.- !;•. I." > »> 'j.-^lins . :. .1 I'r^Ji.lf. r !i> •' • r> w iu^ toll.-"'. ' diamond, r :^ :.. •.. r: I-i.».<' \V::h cro'.'1;;^; -1 'itiion yc 'inu r; iTni'ort..r.' Th.;- son,. • was knoek -d out ot tiie box in the fir-st mninjr, when .New York made five runs Collins went in for. Boston in ih.. .-econd ,inning and there waj^jno iiirti.of .sc 'irinc. / .Ma !>)tiiird p :trh <^'l a sup-rh camf- for thf Giani.s and o -itside o; tlw second inuins Bo>ton wa.-^ heipl .s- h' for-li.'s jiy.sTifyins curvi-s. t .'.'(Craw n ni'i.-t laiit-iro '-very l}-\Var in U:- Pa:-; ""^r'-^ampion- !.w ' ^ '' f'''"-' ar-- pli-nty otnoni,' ih'- ' liiiaiils' oners who ev)iir! to sf Ithf t-a:a .ii .l.raC"' tli.- slim ? iianr-' l .-fi i Tl..' r.-p'.ration of .Met;;-:i -.v',s ir...u for I takini: an .iti'-\i"n r.-d lira-- wi.. n it I look -d a., i: Tlifv w .-ri- atxeii down i an i o ;t i .'ir.i-d r • as a r -ason wl-.y j','^ ''•"•''•'n 's 1. •!>••> of wjiinins ha- a irood i.-.hitii'- "1 h 'ir:,' s.'iaH.'!—; ; r ..>sTotl> ip .Wl "ir.i;;.- h.lik" ol )•••<'.. wien wUh lii;. .• t^itei.s ;;on'-. 1 1:- t>-' ai , I '.nii,.! I'.'if .iiid took foil!" >tr.iii.-t:' !;ri"! J'lrrsi'ir:;, i- ••i'. d a.- a !i ,i.-i,> i li.ilit h'-i 'i- .Note of ritiniatiini Mill He Delivered Todaj. II U E.\|iecte(L k,.n- ;s now only a matti-r of a f • T, '• r.;.'.> the Balkan sTa'es T" ; • ;^';.\.T; n-':'-. vir 'iiaUy r>jei in'.TM.'ntirn. wi! i;..- d .-livrej a; 1! ions c.ipiia'.s Ti <di'.y. an.! at th<-. Ti:!!o n .)T.'- pra< Ticaliy fn th-.,a;-. '>'• an ij!ri:i;a!ii!n will sent ••' T':rk.y d..mar..line aiiTonoiiiy •;. Ma-r-li-niir. provinces, ,"M .>r!;r..; .t r-'.ia!'!- d:>;iMf-.'. • ri It. • B.iikan roa'i-ion wll! Demand for PelUroat-* MI Our When the Fn-seivl Narron Styles Came in. <-rrors. l.A.-iT HALF—M-y. i> w. nt oat. Collins to Staiil. FiiKher f!.-w'oi:t to .Speak-r. .Marqiiard flew- o:it in .Speak- -r. N> riin,s; uo hits; no errors. »K< KEir EEAKED THAT IIOSEN- TH.U U01I .D TELL HHIT .WAN. a . - \ . r. , aiand wi.ifh v wi!! nii- r • • '" ;i <-i .';i'. naii;-- • • f'"r;i;- h- • \«-"-rt'.\-! !;n• '.' t; 1^ Kur->) i -an IOA> r.~ s'a'i 's. and. as a • ;..>r'- as.v<-n' To " • iiii ili/a'l-m <.:' • :• T'l.-k:-:. • • ! t: .iT •: >' ;:or''' w: . • T:i. -day 'o :.•;,;> ; ;i..--e . ^ <•» -ry !.:'"h .i l.:!iiy i ; :'l..s •»::: I • ^tarr^ d !•— i ' k I 'l .i..-, • TT-.iila'-' "In '!•.:=" a::' mp. ra 'icn. ni: I W at; : fr is a cr-a- ri;::;:: •« li. ri'H '"'f .lil class- - Toc-'i-r ' sympaTh hr,:,,l r..r.d :', rs .tfi. \Vo'"»ti ;ir.d 'h'" o':.- r ::r.',-. cri ';:= '.iw hy • c :iTt^- y • piay- -i Ti;-- T wh') d-'TV h:s. t.jii ..r.'; f- shou'd 'r>' -^1 r':i!:;;'- •}:•' 'ir\~i vh:e:i !h-s»' ;.--is ar-- do::: A •.r .-eiv " f - T -.-'r-iin:: Jir-I Innini.'. rii :sT H\i.F [!..•.;.• r .-intl-d. !••!' -.1,-1- . iii'piiir,:; ;i', li-r-' Y'-rk--.- f|..w M - t .f ST.'-!i:r:is< .<piak>-r wall:• • 1 ;o i:r-t .I'T, r l:.-n in;: f .V 'i s'rik^s • :i':<d on 'li.-Ti and s 'ol.. .si'i-ond l.'vvis ',• V "It to Ii.'.or'- No r.ins; or.• . !.•> . rr>>r-. !.•>.-;•• H\I.F-l>...vorf oiii, Cardn.-r I I ST .iV.l Iioyle scratr|..-d an infuld fi- - ; i;n'' • :•• I • • T .-• Biil'iiarian army ^ii';'V-rk-s io.i|.| nor lield in -in T::-- M-m'i-ne-rins. •'••ir arivani.-" hav cap; ly. an irr.porran' sfrato- •ii'- n'-rrl-w-'st r.f B'-rana -af fish-ini: Tiii— |i. yl- stol.. si-<-on-l. Sn'iitfrass •'-T'.ik o';t .M'lrray j:i ' an inli'-ld hit. ili- roller in^ Too slow for Wa^nfr j to fi. id I><iyl.. wrr to third on 'h- Thfy . arr. il'lay. and r^or< 1 wiif-n OHri-n itiadf- ir -.vav to Si^ciTza. thir'y i ' 'a''> .'-Prrr.iy went l-i s..(ond. nfr -:»?«S« of,/^)lv.'. " ""i-'i a ir.r.non TO throw to S*-rv:an ' frocripr ; f^r -t !• it did n'.'t tlir-.w- the t,all. •.v:;i(h 'i -.f ywil! dirc '-t an at- "nd. r •ie- r-i!>-s < o:;.-r:iuf»-s a i.aik ir: •.•:;s '!ir<^'-ti<-.n that rh- ' '•'cr.d on .M-rkh-s doi;t)i-- to •»;Te: To join hands - 'or-do;; H-rxoii's dou- :n army »::-n it ad-!*''- •- Tl.i- s -at:-!- -A.-nt into an - nort:;, ' ; '.'i 'r '-ar, .M--y. rs po- an infi-!d iiit on a Con -Tar .Tin-;;);" 'iis -i ^'i"-' i: ad- a ldi<-noni-n-t! ^-ardari. i:^sad Ca-i.a:^':'- ha:;-: ;.;op. ::,.r.-hy holdins H-r- _ . 'day wiTh rt-in-t ird. H-rzi.-« sior<^d f^n a doi; .Small (riiwrt Wilnt -^-ed (.'nnie Y <-.|<-r- ' r;-:i!-r.T- raslns ::arr :snn from'*'-* "n a l.aii throw by Y'-rk--.- dar A fteniixtn. ••, 2-^.". ;r.'-.i I: tlMs tir-.\.' ;s 'o j.l-re. M'-yers went to third Tif •>.' .Monr<-n-.:r;ns »i!! lnvp a dif h 'f-'' or-o tn a hunt hit tiy FU-uh -r. !• w.i.s a s .-nr:;! ( row i >::a* S-.-K a f;--il! task in captiirin^r'Sf jtari j F !-Tei .-r was (aush' off first. O'Bri'-n K!-etrir- P.i-k v-s--r- i to .<ra:.j Fi'.i- r.;n-, six hits; one nil \ I.O<T TO s • I ••.I-ft !•. :• IV. y. mt' tt-sT'-n- •.i.r.'-s fr ::. t- •••i-vh •'• ijtari I N«>w York. Oft. II—.\n InvnPini.iry P'-iiMon in bankruptcy ' til.-d in th-- l'nil<-d Stall's eoiirt y. <'."rd;iv asain-' the Jackson-Maek tnanufaeturin-.; <'o . m;.kera of silk p --t'icoats and i<imn- no.v Tho liahiH'i 'S of th<- Iirm ar<> plae.'d at $I.'«i ".iHio wirri jTim.'"'" in i;ns>-«ur...l di-h's an-l nominal ass-is of .«i;ii".iMiii Kos- nix r;; K- I,.vis of F5roadw-;iy represen: tii'- pi -fi; In lii.s applii-arioti .laniis .\ Hosi-u- bi -rc stated ilia! a hir;;-- part of th'' accounts havi- b--(n !.v]n>ihi'i-:iT-il. :'u:i' tin- coniiiany is witiioiif funds r<i ni<-.' ohiis.'ftlons. ;tiiil i)::'' its pr> sid'iit S.i- lo .Jai-ksoii has i"-ii ahs-ni from ti.- <l'v for about a w--. k .Mr. .lackson's abs-tii. (.iii-.-'. \- .s.iid. some of tl'-- rr-dtior.^ t.. • mploy an ••\;i'r' :iri omr uit 'o ;TO o\i.r ih'' books .Vr'luir \V U'> It.-, at- , forii'-y for tho contt^inv .-uid H-rnKTi (Joldnian. a'torii' y for .los"pli M:o^ ar" qiinted a.« s;iviti:; 't i- a p'.iri la ri orcaniz.-^'ioti ari- nin^r w:iy Th- ronf rti tiirrs "H' al>oiii •.. i skirts a day and '1'- h'isri-ss u i; tm- iir-d ar alioii; Jl.o.i -'.i-no ;i v-ar .1 •• k- Sfin Was i>opul:irly knowr-.s .is i':< •'silk iw'ttii .-i.-i' kin:: " of .\i"- r:-:'. ;u>-l areortlinc to «!-,.•> ir:id- ili-r- »•;..< smooth <a-IinK for tli. tirm iir.'i! rh- pr-^s*>nr srylf of tip!.' dr-ss < .im- into vosiie, niaVini; th.> d-i;!:ind for p -^-Mi- fo.its small Eielifb Innlnir. F :I:ST HAI.F— Th- ofii.lal .seorers i;.ive just decided noL »« crf-di' Yerk"-: •.vitb an -rror in t:i.^ tirsi innin,; -in his ha-l tirrou- r.i fji-- piar- on th-r do :- t.!e .'•loal of H.-r/oR and M-yrrs, iloo;,. fl '-w siiii:;'- o\ -lie .MiiHt l>e CrnaVed Before He D«»cs That," Witness Declarers Follte OiMcrr .Said. «ftv »h» .\s..-w-|:.t. •! rr. >s> ."w York. Oct. 11--••p.ridci-" U'<.h- .-^iiod-^ras.- Y -r !;.s cor a [ h ^-r was '-ani-d ro riif :sra!id in the r sefonit wi.irh fiovl.. . c.nlii Bfrkf-r 'rial fhi.s rnorninc to <-orrobo- oriiy r.;i<'i with hi- \>:,ri- hand, .'^("•ak- • r l!"v oe; to .Miirr-.iy [./-wis nlM- V.'-w our r.i .M,;rra.<-. .\-) r'ins; on- iiir; 111 -•r:'":s, I..V.-:T H.M.F - I', lor--- w. i;» oat C!li- • ro Sr.i!! ii'.\l.- sent up ;i !ii ::h to '.l 111 lady, Sn"d-r:i-s 1:0' an t;i- Ih '•! hi;, hi-^ i-olhr to \..rki-s h-mi: too s!"''\ lo hid'l. Siio.l-ra-s w ;is o'li T't.a'.ini:. Cady ro Uiurinr. .N'l r'!!i>. 1 11- lii' . Iio i -rrors Mntli lnnin-.r. ••IKSr UAI.K (;..i.!ii.i- \\:\-: •>••' r., .-Ii 'i -lsra.-;- .-^la'-l a loiii; fiv oi .\I':'r :iv \V.i.;t,.- \ M 11' --m. ll-r,-'>i; .\l ; k:. r.-i ! li<i ''ii.-. n-i -no; ,. «ins \M) Hiirri; >M\ IUTTI.E. I hinej anil I imlie Ojipo-.iii:: Earh Olh>-r iin llie Mound Indri}. .M-rk'- w-.i- o'l: -t. (•;: ! n-r. No r:i:i,-; H'.o i.n-; ni I l< r ,.. .< . ,-. .1 I-.. .... < '• I .c_-o. iii: II \V:-Ii Ch-ii -'v ;ind • a o'l. o [i |«).in- I '.ii h oth^r 011 mo -Itl'!. 'I'- Cllhs .iC'l th-' \V';iJ.- S -iT !i'';;an ih- t !iir;l u.-itm for ti,-. -irv <'iatiip :oiis !:fp ir; Ciiii 1-0 this rif^- r- i,..!-: .\' t:.. - Tl! of ri-.- -(.ird i- iii-r^ .If f.-o.„!. •'. U'!:;!.. ,s:o\''I ri :\isi: KOK HI MI:«»IDT I5 O\N. , rate th" lesrimony of •'Uaid J^ack" ! Ilosf. Shf-'han. serr-tary 10 the po- . in-" commission' r. id ^ntifi- d Beck'-r'.s • siL-nanire To a i>":-r hriiidi-l him. \\'-bl)'>r wa.s ca.Ui.d To The stand and Trstifi -d tlutt B-ck-r sai 1 iihout Ros. n Th:il. -Th- — —is rryini; To do nie in . -.- ry wav. No.v 1;.. is cotnc to .pet to Whitman. Th:ir's cot to be stopped. Ill's =oi to b-- I roiki 'd before he ti-ts to Whirman," i "I said. That 's a pr-tiv dinc -^roiis | 'hins 111 iln. to niurd-r a tnan" Tin i; 1 W-lih-r d -siriti' d th. of th- rntird-r phii . Bos- ;isr-id to p- 1 four cunm-n to- -ll-r m ih-' pok-r room.^ on 'hi" iii-h* of fiily I.'.fh On ^inf ni--h' W< h II- r V iJ-ik-r .iiid .'a'k Sullivan at a pri/- li '.-h .r. I' ft rlo "ii arid w-nt to •h- p'lki-r rooms "l.-fry" I.o:ii<>. .lack '{oso. Mar'v VaMon *iyp 'li-' Blond, ."^.ini Srh'-pps and !)a::o Frank ap- l.i;ir<d on 111- se. n-' U'-hb-r, Sitid h- w;i.s not at th-^ S'Tii- wU- n Mn- intird-r took phii-.' bur appoarrd If- .-iaid Uos.- s-ein- d To tl.. < xc'it d bu' B-rk'-r •old iiim n -v. r to f-ar. ihat h- would t.ik. cir-" of ii.m and rh- "pane" Paw! n^. \V\o O. t 1 t- .\r "i '>.I with .-lio '.:iin- rifl--. re-.-lk-r- <'-avt-rs iiiid I II'' !:-r kniM-.-. .-i\ or iiior- of the ' II. "St d.-inu'-rous eonvii-rs in ih- west ' ar- said ro h- -riiiiKHl In th" canyon s 'l I'll ' r !i-r- hy .a [lo-si- of oni- hun- dr-.l 11.-n »!i-i ••aiiiiied on t.'iiir trail dirin-.; i!i- ni~!'' A hstrl- is raomen- Tari .'v f.-vtiVi, f.-d Tiie men in hiding ar- par' of the ronvlcts who escaped rii r:..- -ta:- peniTentiary here lalo i\..,t..r!av in ti;- s.-'-i-nd Jai: hr^ak in r -.i., ,iay- afr-r 'nerpo-.terinif the i;u.:r-l- takin;; woiipons and fleeinp 'i -n T;.- str—>!s. T-rrorizinp the citi- Z'>ns T: 1 r..-al nu;:;!-r of escaped will no" !'- ii -:in;t -iy known iinfi! the re-. .•!:a:nd--r are rounte.! Owinir to the' i.\' iT -a.-at h'-r-. thf- ''ital number of '3si:a.:!-s is not known. File convi<*:s were recaptured la.s-t ni:.-:.: Th-.y w-re unarmed and of:'• r-d no r-sisTance. Klevtin convict.s w::!) broke from prison Satijrday after noon are ^riH at lariie and are he!i <v<-il in h;\e jojned force-s of those wt;o r.-cap«-d ye.-rerday Rawlins. Wyo . Oct. 13—A battle Is ra^-ins in the sraif penitentiary. I >Kk -d insid-^ the walls with hun- dr-.h- of miiiia ,iis prisoners a few- guards ar- f :'.:i ;tin"ir desperately to restore '.-rder and nrevpnt a jail delivery. Camped outside the walls is a force of ciTizeas. heavily arm'^d. ready to drivn iiack the convicts if they murder tiie remainics cuards and make a rush through U;e pa'es. Shouts and oc-asional shots tell the st.ory of d <'sp«>rate firating *ithin the walhs and it is rum<^-red that several stigrds and convicts have,-b^en killed. .Many Contirfs Have EscapwL .\norh'-- fizht is in prcsre-s in the hills -o-ath of Bawlins. . b^?-* een a pri-s.-. f .f <:r;7.ens and from twenty to for'y f-ap '^'l [irisoners Two .men ha-.e hci n kiil'd in th" str'>''ts of Rawlin on--- is de-perate!y wou,nded an! T -.i.i i -onvi-ts ";.ave bef-n recap- tir..'. fo'iiwincr '.h- «-icape of from r .:i To 'i.irty pris n- r- tSiis afternoon. Ti:-- whol- is in a panic. Fran- ric r-:..-ra:i.i i .ave h^en s-nt to Governor c.-ir-->. ROW at Sh.--ridan. tmplor inir i ;::i: .-^-n.! s'ai- ir-iops to protect T<vAnsp.-op]e are barri- j r^i.r.-i in i!v arii;. :;iia:--l'n-- ;i(,ll>.^-; o h 'ln' in • ;- hi : ris^n w a!l- .V inas:- rill '-'ti.:-ti. 'I'-I'i ;rratti r.. •l.t- ,. Tile lomirl- Th r(.:. ak wirhin Tw.nry-f o'elork l)ri-on--r rap"-;r.. { .-ir i;om-,s •oniehr. or. "heav ar- patroHinir th" streets. »!;• ir own ll m-- and the riios-^ .•r.;:a;;-'! in the man• h,'"- or i!:.' y'.si] h-tore the •-rdav s-ai-i TOBXEY IS BEADY FOB WAB t-. \V:,c- • rror.- ;it. r.-id V as . I- — r.ii.'l an-! - ; oor cam'' a' K!-ctrif (i:iv after::'Kin pin-d hv s ' ;.Tid WiiiT,. Sox! r -a:-.^ c-atJS'. .of a misurid-rs 'ar .diat h.- ih** manac-rifn' arid soiu- of "i:- .•rs who faikd ro siejw ;;p •-. •wap weaken»-fi Tom Edwards mad- a hari r center fi '^ld and pulii-d dowT; iiip fly. Hackett s-cur .d 'bn- hi-.-. o;;r of'h'-H '•'dd four times up rr Eleiator Not TooUi Poller. !-rn-r S;in Fran -:is ... Or- 14—William j T-. .T: -'ic nr.'-r «i--.uTor ;d !o' •,- rh<-^ Hall of: Second InnlUL'. i.'i.iv I'l-Ti;- fa.-.'-:i -d a srou- to:.! T-i an | FIK.-^T H.MiF— (;;trdt..r si ra'ch-d •'ar-C •"!'•• ^i:-' T .-'th -oday. ti -d t;:t» o 'h'^r ' an ir.h-ii! ir.T. Th- otli.-ial seor -r. how- lend n--ri e . .rd 'o i;;e bra=? wick-'' of'-^er. A.V.- .Manpiaii an error on the .:. To i ti;'-top f|i>,r Elite an.i iioietully a-wait-i piay Stahl sinpl-d to cent-r. Oard- iifhifd a -ai! T!," liark of the eleiarorjner rakin? t-<ond Wagner sinnk f a i^assenpor waiting S.-low|out Cady sent uii a high foul to Tamer Gray i,!;..y.-d a i and (Ci-.^nor p^i'.led ihe h-\T wide; Meyers, Fngl- hatted for O'Br.en. faM. game a' s! or' Frar.k Miii-r of • Humboldt did ex ^'-'l -nr work as ••i;;s unaps." T! - Yat 'S C-n'er l-ovs s 'ar-- «<f oB w ii'h a pood i-^ad an ^l k-^; r throufchou' -h- sariiir lolii eo- six off OalKirn-, while t!;- visi-.^rs iro' IS off .Bitjd. Ti:.- nnal s-or*- «;is S \'3 I2 In-filTOr of tt;< \ls :'.ors Fh-ct Head I for Ketten. o] en WhiTi Ti.o passenger on th<»i<jard::-r and .Stahl Scored on Engl-'s iirTind f!' : »:is admitted »•-> T 'r:- cage i two base i:i' TO ^T.on wh:<!i iJevor- !:- toiin 'l ;• y..::-h WiTh a p:e,-e of cordj niade an -rror 'in playing tii- bali i .aa :ir.- ;r.-;i hi .s m -v,iTh and his derby''poorly o :f f!. - f.-ni •• H <«j|"r i'i:il.^i roiirUi Iniiiiiir. /FIRST H.M.F--S-;.'. I sirat- -K-i infi-id !;i' ro-.v:ird 'aiT-i Sr pras.- Took Wacn -r - j -r riy !• a i.rilliant 1 at. !i .iii.) •> .• 011 :• '. ha— hit and :ilr;:^ s" a h-i;i'^^ n.ii 1 •^iiicl -d to i-T:".;. St.ih! :-)k .":ir ' Fl "tch ^r fcok C,11,11.; pro"ii"l-r toss .d it to Iif-.»!--. i.!..i <: iii'i'!-'.'1 a lioiibli- piay. . iirhiiic Cri^iy .it s.-ind and Collins a- li;.-r. S-> r-il..-; > hiis; no errors. U\.ST HALF—11-r/.'-c ll w o -ir 'o .Spi -ak-r drov-- a iouK hi' to •h'- c.^nTf -r .'i-ld f.n-- i -.r thr— ! FI-.Fletcher fl -w ..• ' r, Sj.-ak ^r .\!'>.r- start.-^d for hoj-.- t h -n li- saw Speak-rs p .-.rf-i t 'ht 'iv , !- h'irr>': bai k to third Yi rk-- tl.rew - i.t M:i:- qi;ard .No r'.ns; 01.- hi": no -rmr.-. Mierr»iale H. KnolbalJ Feani >»am)ifd l>y Vllin roiinlian«. i'l-:r\va;-^ K *»v :it'.^' =" ' T •• !'ar;:-.:.:' I.::;ll s.l,<-..! .:- f-^..:-d t:.- C-.-rry- - : --•h •; !• :•. " In :!'/>-!,;i!l • iiaii:- >'••'r. r.! !". af • rn<-i"n !•" i- t... Take- rp Today Ganntlet Donn by Balkans. • r --',-.:n- --n r-- •h:;ri r!;3' I'k :t. a •-" :ir.l 'La' fin- ••' How ^ An say i::iif;; \ : -aw ti:- }Iii:i.!e.!':r a'/rl" ro3 -r •i;. I B .ilkan srsr-s iiry t!.o .\--'--i ito 'I Pr-s.^* •n. (»-• U T -irkev today tt-ok i T:;" .-^lilTan s poi.-rn ,-:nj o' -rrrir strlrken 'f nithtfall i-.-nr a fele- -rhor. Can v d- mandlB< "f ^'at" T-.iH?la Serond Onlhrrak. I'iay wns the seropd ir iioiiri .\lK>Ut '.\ aft -.-n -Kin "fwenty iti'I nin- -.lere re- s ov-io'k Af 2 ;.'l0 o'f !f-ck r!::s af '-rni -^.n a party of des-' P>-ra"-> !" -T -rn .rs •<>•.rriiow-r^d the r,-\[ toil-- k-.p. - • .ok l:'s k-y-: and rel-a.s--; -!.-ir ''-iiiirai'^.= 'rom their' cf"- K-..-rv prir T.c- wil'ine to risi a h.irt'.^ w:"h 't-- c'lrsrds r.radi" .1 rus'n for t: - E^A-'-s .A n.'-;i:'.ir la'-r r." r'v^pnt of the •own ::-!''! a f-rsiliad'^- of sho's Inside Thrown ! th- rri -.-n -.vails .-^iinnt-s and yells -'"h 'l. ! fr'Ti pris'-'R .V .'^'w seconds la'-r !j:.'r- 'i:an .a dor -n ni-n dashed, I 'lown ri;.- tpain .str—: arriifd with •.;in-^ ah'i Vniv- I>-fyinr the few 1 iri.r -n^ cn '.:,. ...rr«»-'*w:'h revolvers. con \ii -'s <";arz-d into a livery -aiint*- Thrown -lo-.rn hv the;!'" ... - ^ . ^ , r.arn h'-i-iin-- u-' th- firoprietor. hasti- 'n i h. :i.- or, <"::• ::\ %. f'lr Tti- • -al- A ..r-' ! aT h.-'i-r.-i d.iwn fjver his i;ead 'I a -r;o!i.;: pi. e.- of sirine" »a> I ' c, :;;.or':- \ai:ii- .^vpIanaTion FitHi Iiinmir. FIRST HALF—H'..-.p-r fi .-w .-it r., M'irray. w l;o luad- anotu.-r nii-- la'.h Murray took in Y.rk-- tiy. Sp.-ak-' ;h-".i 'o H'T/.ox >: • •.•••'tl.-: ri', iiH.^; no .-rroi:- .,nt to M -y-rs Two run.; two Mu: i ^ I-A>«T, HALF-Ir-vor- hi- t.. .-nter i <•••- >'-ior lOoyl*- tl-w- .)..' To U.i;.r..r Sno -lpntss I s ""T..VST'HAl.F-Collins w»rnt into th.-if'"" H.-oi-. r .i;;'. Ihr -w •„ Srahl ili'.; ?-!;'...1 irrotir.d.- ':. \ i-'ir-rs. w i.i-. r-- • midniiiit 'rain • ;..y- w .-re r.( T a i-.;!, I 's ' s-'- - r. ''r.-. 1 n r!i.- ioi '-n-ii- pra- tin;.- Ir v .-.i •::-:r k • : r.i! rr n -i ;-r- !• : Tl- ^isi•o:> t!.:i.;.' rai ;f-al'y ail o: rr:t-:r r., ii-?.i;,iwii- •••r. ri 'i i^rr.s and forivaiil i :!ss-s H'lt on--- •r.'--- M-i; r--='i;i-l in r-.ii-riins ;:.)a! , 'li.-'i Bake- Quinn Bak-r and R.-^.hr' U.rjrner and .Xn-irew- Re-v-s did :.;-nr '--Lallv d.-.-:in.-d th- |,r.-f"r-'l! 1^ in--r:--r- ni- in its inrroduction of r"-, i .-a :d!-s ?.nd bridles ou the Th 11; a"i Tl;.. ri. ;>i;v a'l *!'--» -atr:-- in.! •:.' y ..:-! ri::-" - rih- into .Mae.»!onia and < oin-rden;- :f-nsive its-lf .Mon'en^srins are .-till | \ in--- n'--ro wi-h a r-^vo'ver was :.sM;nr-! o:f..nsive it..--, invadinc i "I''' ^'i^rd -njhe o.^r^fd". . Chardes .-tr-ssner. a harh-r. had heard the e.>.^,:;;oT!o^ and ram" do-Jin the street I with a -hoT::i:n Th- aeero shot him jti.roueh :\:f h-a-! kiilia? him.. .Vt -';-. s-i .nd o'fi-i" shot the ron- s-r\i.i Th.> advan-inc KIMMEL SITT AGAIN. I Fourth Effort to Keali/e on .Myler- iou- Deiith N Starte»l. .!;v th- .\s S' I.o;u.i. O. • run.-. Tr.a! is to pr.i\- f;-orue .\ ;-,-.[:..-. ..\c-U'>nT w i rk S-vera! ctn-rs : -i-owd up w.-'II and wiri; ce_.»d>--! pra.T-"wiii; n2 ?ins' ' :,'• ".'.! d.'-..-l- •. .1 .•...! r.-jt:! Ri: ; "h-y -T:- ! t;.- !i-;;:.!- • ; hy ii .is :.»k. 1 .^-irt.-il Pr-.*--!! II—For The .'oiir-'h h" starte.: today to Kimm.-1 dead. The P" F :i;--r. ;a!l\ "hr w ;i - bi.\ iii ot OI'l!-n .M;ir-.|!Jardi''""-''-'"C <B5 Ttl" .Vsr... Sew- York O 1 H .•-•d Pr.-s--' • .\r.Ji -rir .i',i-k aii 'l >p n .•tii .,1 V ,..t fde.hriu;; fl. lay .on the !lui!-"i •'i .i.i.\ !..r l»r.'*tdeni I':.;: an! S.- '.'a "Xsv V Mi-\-r.. T: :• w !•!; t ! ,-\ IfW ! hi ! 1.-.- \ I f-i '-1:" wiJ! i-nit thr-—• .la\ reobilii;-.- * Clhilirr (lull N«flc«».| Qii.m'le>-t\ Ui-.-riiii; of rh-'.luii -ii the c'ub iMiilU* MoUil.iv CM-iiiUt: O.-- lobci nth. xt S 1> ni niAXK WOD, FfM't j S:'..;t:i ''-nr-r Ka? O.-r !4 lohi; - f!"« '•<> Stalil Iti^vore utruck o-";;! :Mi;-s.'r ]'.MUi: north ..' this town, has'!><>)!- rlvy. to Sp-ak-r .No run-, no i.;!.\.i >s 1 "iiT.-iii.-l ti.a: i-a!\i's sl.oul.l : ; ,li>> --rr-Ts Jr.'.'t i'- tukin f'-' III rl..-ir ii.oth-rs unt:! : a y.-ar.'ld if h-.-r .-.-sal!- in ii.ow'h a;.'! Third Innlnc. I ..l."a:ir. i Vs a \indi-atii-n of his il.--i ^•IKS^ 1!AI.F--Y-ik-s .-inpl.-.l to j .-y :,' !.r'.ii;it !n y -iay aie! sold on j "•"'>••• .•^p|ak.-i- t!-w out T.i Sn'..l- 't,.- 1. al'i(i-! e!(iht liead 11' t;a !io-1 4'> !.-*l.s .-fill n, loiiic foul lo l.-t! |.l:.^ 1 ili.-> nie moaihs I'M riiai » J ^vai. . !>.-"vo:'.- . ai'!ur>-.l G.inln.'r-ri-» 1 -No :;ui-. ..I,., bii; no •-! rors a M: --SS ' H!:l-ari\ w!i'« wa-^ • r-. rai-i t'~- i -row'l w-as !.- ••.• r ?a 'A and th- a N-w York insurance •-'':::pany rif (-.;;ect ihou.-an'l doiiars in j'-il.. ie- and b-n.^Ti's an-! will be nros--ir.-d !y .Mrs Edna iJoneUerT. of Chicigo ?:-ti ^r of Kimn;"!! .\ndr-w .) Whif.>. a former -.invict w ho -av - P.'r'ia::! '.ifji s-.war:!:-.! fro:;: t'he bare some •with -=to:..n h'.rsei and som- afoot. .\ Mexican >iahb.^l -h.- proprietor in the fact" s. .•-'r'';y woiindine him- and a few s.»-.n'!s la-er paid for the deed with his life Hueh Hnpner. a deputy Sharif. s)h.'" him twice Leaviii^.: their dying- -oairade. the conv:.^ ts n;:^!'^ a da.-h ftr the bills south fif town -A party of petUten- tiary c'lards followed in close pursuit an.i h-f.:'r^ th- "xcited -citizens ' had had ::m- form a posse- iiur- :- i-i Kimm-U. is working in ir-'.;. n in a :"ac;/iry. 1 "I ••oiMldh t -n.-li :ii;,| brositiit '(•..•j ->ar !o .\l>.ir!i.> who I IMI W !hi- ball up j .""l'.''''' au. ,\ M -ii! of $32 "< p.-r.lm(id .\n or-; auMiiisl lli«» t -iii .• .No ii.n-, on.- hit. !in.i'i ..i.'t if tkst in *.i!lln|.- h .i.- 1 li" t rrots . ;- t. Sr.,ihi I I '.-.ik. ; •, i II 1. Ui pru-f 12*' and thu l.ij; d|tfrl-.n«-. Ml- .Muwcr ^il>» l» due alto- itc'hcr 111 hi.« uUontnK th* ci«hv« 'o run •A '.tti ti.eir {Ugiiieo auJ iu«t ail iu«* LAST HALF Stlo.!tfri^^.1 Il.-w .11:! to V-ikfti Murray iilnid'Hi to rlislit, bui «-Ji» ihiiiwti «Mit slrelcltt4iit bin Idl. IIV*)|iei to V OI K P * Metkle iroi au In- il«ld bU along th« tbtnl Ua* Uac. »«!\th liiniiu.'. FlILST ll v.l !• U 11- i..,;l. ' M.->-rs und C.u.iii.i --r.-i. k .". also -tni'-k Oil .\tai'j ';.ir 'l s wiis t'-w rhli-rinj an-: .ari. shnrpli No t iiir . : " ' -. i . LAST HALF .Mull.,,, r'.-w \i h.i . .Ill - ;:i <ii..l look il.i Mill I. ick 1 .1 M.kl. '...inpid 10 .^^Irthl .M.-ikl.- til-d 1 -1 i;.i i-il o' 111.- w:i\ ol lb.< ball I/. 11 hit h(» Ktt and fb-» hlj::i '•».>•.ah l.-r Slabl to IV.Kb It t'-idi ilmpi -id Hi'i/iiR s litth r»ul Ui-rnim f !"w lo \c;kcs No run*; no htia; on« error. vnMUiUlM I.IEU \ll«»l t H. McLOV. s«infliiid» IVitli Mnned from Ki|rhti-on<, EaMrird Vi'oiii Hint. 1 1 ,1 V. .1' •!'.^.. i\as . 1 1- Ul .-11-.. i ift-paich il.toi.-i !-il), • wua '. »•> \1. 1\ ' f 1 Nil u'- • .-.'t 1 pl .O - I Ol J.^ll iniililei ins (li .i;.:- ,<!i m .i'.t.'r .»» 1.1 liiHbiiiIt • 1! raroi :;;h KpT fi 'iiu h '-r-- d IhSit Hat>\ .1- 11: • >l . "1. ,!,..1.1K. of ! ...til K.i'ii- M> Cii\ M'l OMHS TELLS «E ElNDSw ( hairmun of Dpuiormtir <'awniillre (Hv 11..^ A <.K «:i>t .r.1 frMsf W.i-!niint'in l>it i I , wilViAiii F .\! <'.'li.'.- "f N-w Viirii; < hKi ,ritii«n of I rad :!.. N.iTional i».-iii'. r .riSi ..iiH.ii'-Tr- 'ha! T.-'wa-i k.-i.t •'.Id T'-.i- Clli'i'ii -oiuaiitl-erodaN thai 1'..T-U * M .•i»'«lon.-.l 52.1.". !'.i. t'.--n .-ontrihuTed •.. mrit'.,. ,i:-!.ii-<- tuid • MUiil tills v-i: in h "-i«if .>f .Wi;">n> • fij,. nun Sun- H.>llilli*t;>.|, * ,„,, l„-f,„,'. .!,rl; su"rs and fu:itr.-s had disappeared amonc T:;.- hills . In a .-h'lrt tia.e " jKirsen ha4 l>e«n f ::»••! a:;il on" of the most desperate tu-an ii 'ii:'- in the history of the West wa.s o'i T: •- convict-' .scattered Into jsmal! ..-ri ips all striviUK to encape In I Th- .ilrii. iiuprt:.sab;.- s»r(«leh of rocky - iioahTx r .-'-we-n nrr-' an.l the Colo- lin- fr.'l! nlijl ^Tfa '.l a runnltvt AK'i lit a late hour» - of »hot» In i-rogreiw of .«ai« liol ni|.sl .-d till am . b .iri;.' iin.l ha» Hot U'tTn accu*!-!! In .»«> «tiituev ttuu w (^tb it(« UcKlheD}' murUtr, 1 .1 t> Willtiin. ofCiiiiii-iMtt.. Ok. who li.i« lnvn b«Te «in bu*iU"»», iciuru ed hom« tlit« anitraoou. u a 11 t Rnw -IPs in>'-' TW' i\ '.lnu-t* WpVf .ilhxif :v •i>l!e >oillh ' nil .!ep >it ;«n each 1 tCoauautd o& S; '^^^.•^:^^'.r\'^^.^.'

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