Covina Argus from Covina, California on February 29, 1908 · Page 7
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 7

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 29, 1908
Page 7
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TRY THE COVINA FURNITURE GO FOR ANYTHING IN THE LINE OF .FURNITURE Of FLOOR COVERINGS SAFEST PLACE TC TRADE \V. Q. CUSTER, Manager Pooley's (ovina Nurseries Choice ferns ami potted plants, roses, carnations uiul other ornatneiital trees in season. Sales yard, corner of First street and San Bernardino Koad. THE GAYEST OF ALL CITIES Brilliant Paris Presents Contrast to Rural .France. The reader may wonder why we took him to Paris first, in France. It was not by accident. This is the method we would follow if we were Cook's guides, showing France to a party of tourists; we would take au express from the frontier with no stops till Paris. We would read together on the way a description of the ; finely disciplined troops of the Kaiser desperate suffering and the final j or of Edward the Sixth. Yet if it horrors of the French Revolution, j does not execute some of these threats walks o? the Champs Elysees and the shady recesses of the Bois de Boulogne are as open to them on foot as those whose motors carry them hither. But there ie no real democracy in the heart of Paris. The classes are just ns distinct as in any European monarchy. The rich and the leisure fire often as snobbish and as zealous in their pursuit of titles as the .same classes in a certain republic on this side of the Atlantic'. Paris i' loaded down in every Place and Garden with triumphal arches, worships! its army, and talks of regaining Lorrain and sinking a certain island neighbor. But at heart it knows this is all mere bluster, with its pathetically frayed and spineless army is no match for the sturdy and COVINA MEAT MARKET J. F. KENDALL, Prop. Orders taken and deliveries made daily. Orders in town will receive prompt attention. Fresh and Tender Beef, Mutton, Pork, Etc, Home IMione 3(S it bad much better tear down the vaunting arches, change its army, give up its boast of militarism and be content to lead the world in the finest arts of peace. But so long as The appearance of the country and the stolid peasants in the fields would accord well with the story. AB the environs of Paris were reached, we would blindfold the party and fill their ears with wax. From Parisjs France, this will not be. the station without stopping at a hotel or buying a single post card we would march straight to the Place de la Concorde and stand the B. F. Taylor Cash Store, Qlendora. around the Egyptian obelish on the very spot, where the guillotine once rose and fell. Then just as the evening lights were flashed on we would tear off the bandage and^dig out the wax. .Then would be revealed the brightest, gayest spectacle in the world. On either side the gigantic fountains throwing up torrents of water gleaming with a dozen colors from the electric lights hidden beneath. An exhibition is running, for Paris is never without one of some sort. So besides the regular street lamps, there are draped around the big square and out of sight up the Champs Elyseee miles and miles of yellow bulbs, glittering like strands of golden beads. From the towers of the Grand Palais and from across the Seine a i"*" "' half dozen search lights are sweeping Over the bridge and down the Elysees out of the Kue Royale and the Rivoli a thousand automobiles are speeding >' J 1 V'>v ano> ) vainly trying to bold their place tv as many cabmen are cracking whips 1a1no!""nor8es are jingling their bells as if they were as merry as the holiday crowd they draw. What a dramatic contrast instead of the misery and the horrors of the Revolution wrought in this plae« strangely called Concorde, instead of the stolid plodding peasantry of the provinces today, there is an apparently happy, carefree throng rushing after gayety and fashion. If the people of France once dethroned their god, the people of Paris have set up a new one—and its name ie pleasure. But it is the god of Paris only. One may ride from what frontier he will and find France only a plain, wooden shod, bloused, hard working, uninteresting land. Then the gates of Paris open to admit him to the whirlwind of life and beauty and art and fashion. And these gates open only inward. The province exists only thp.t they may pour their strength and beauty into the capital. It is the life of the capital only that Monday, March 2, 1908, will be gr °" p i the third sale day at the B. F. Taylor Cash Store, Gleudora, Cal. It is our determination to make this sale the best "bargain day" of all. We shall offer the goods at wholesale prices, so if you do not find real bargains it will not be our fault. We sell for CASH only; if we take produce it must be at cash prices and something wo want. GROCERIES. In groceries we make only a partial list of our low prices. We cut practically the whole line. 18 pounds of sugar SI.00. 3 cans Lily, Honeysuckle or Carnation milk 25 cents. 25 pounds Pink, Navy or Lady Washington beans 11.00. 17 pounds Jap rice 81.00. <15c can baking powder for 26 cents. 50o full pound Spiderleg tea 30 cents. 15c coffee 2 Ibs. 25 cents. 20c coffee, 1 lb. for 15 cents. 30c coffee 1 lb. for 25 cents. 400 coffee 1 lb. for 30 cents. Lillywhite Flour worth f 1.65 for II. 40. Cream of Wheat, a flour worth 81,65, for 81.50. Best Eastern hams, per lb. cents. Armour's Eastern bacon pound, 15 and 16 cents. Splendid spuds per 100 Ibs, the sack, 81.25. DRIED FRUITS. Good prunes, they will surprise you, per pound, 5 cents. Layer raisins per pound, 8 cents. Loose Muscat raisins per pound, 8 cents. Seedless Sultana raisins per pound, 8 cents. LARD. 10 lb buoknt best lard 81.25. 5 lb bucket best lard 60 cents. 10 lb bucket Suetene 95 cents. 51b. bucket Huotene, 50 cents. DRY GOODS. All prints per yard 6% cents. Amoskeag apron .checks grade for 9 cents. \ All dreaa ginghams worth Patrick H. Tally Cement Pipe flanufacturer ALL SIZES AND IN ANY QUANTITY Estimates furnished.—All work guaranteed. Agent for KANSAS CEMENT Large or small quantities. Yards, Azusa Avenue, just north of San Bernardino Road Telephone, Home 3249 Postofficc Address, Covina per by lOo is the supreme type of art and fashion, frivolity and vice. The tourist | cen " t " B "to~26 cents now selling from ought therefore to hasten to it9| 10 OMlto to 17 j£ oente per , ard . Cotton thread per epool 5 cents. SHOES. In ahoe.a we can now offer you anything you want in the leading styles put out by the greatest shoo factory in the world, HAMILTON BROWN SHOE COMPANY. The new supply juHt received mukea our stock complete. You will find the pi ices right and the shoes right— the right kind. HAY AND GRAIN. We add hay and grain to our general «tock. For March 2nd for spot cash we offer you BB follows: center and not pry about too closely if he would carry away a splendid vision all undimmed. There are many features of Pdris "which the visitor likes and wants to copy or narry away with him indeed almost everything but its people. 'The life iu the public eye which has made Paris so artistic ban made its citizens artificial. They seem to dare everything for the appearance, little for how it in attained. In nothing is this better shown than in their pleasures. Those are always eminently respectable and decorous, on the surface. In Belgium and Germany, the iiiglit may Vie made Hleepless by the songs of drunken revellers. Never in Paris. Standing aa the type of many vices, this Lothario of cities hides them from eight far more completely than American cities. There are .scenes at the music halls of Montmaityre, whirl) serve well to illustrate how far a theatre can go in defiance nf moraliiy and decency. Hut ii'.ne of them dare break the \nv». <,f harmony and beautiful selling, of rythm and <: ,!or I heir I.M.r !-n <-f -, a 11. v J, N. WILSON The Blacksmith With the most skillful mechanics and the best equipment we cad do jour work in the most workmanlike and best manner in shorter time and at a reasonable cost to you. WP. also carry a line of Farm Implements, Wagons, Etc, and if you are thinking of purchasing a vehicle os any kind we invite you to call and look over our line and talk the matter over. We will guarantee you a square deal and save you a few dollars besides. Select Your Route TOURIST CARS To the EAST Via New Orleans, El Paso or Ogdcn Personally Conducted Tourist Excursions from Los Angeles to New Orleans, Washington, Cincinnati, Louisville, Chicago, St. Louis, Kansas City, Denver, Omaha, Minneapolis, St. Paul and other points in the East without change of cars. Through the warmer climate of the South, with its and cotton fields; or over the route of the Pioneers of and across Great Salt Lake—"going to sea on a train." I). B. SCIIKNCK, Agent, Covitia Home phone 144 or G. L. TRAVIS, Commercial Agent, Pomona Home phone fil; Suu«cl Main 70 Southern Pacific Los Angeles Office, 600 H. Spring St., corner Sixth rice '4'), County Rolled barley rie.r Kako 11.25. Bent burtey hay per ton 16.CO. Befit wheat hav per ton Jri.fJO. Chicken wheat, 100 Ibh J'2.00. Whole '-orn [ier 100 )bs II. (in. Cracked corn, per hundred tl.70. Heavy bran pe.i s-ack Sl.^iO. Price, on grain anil hay )H the price at. the Kti.ic.. Heine,,,!.. er the. date, is March '2nd and the place is the B. K. Taylor ('a^h ^, ' .|ehd<>ra. Lands arc selling more rapidly than at any time in the history of the state. Why? Because the land is fine, the water pure and climate conditions unexcelled for the growing- of fruits, vegetables and alfalfa. Tulare County raises the cleanest oranges and the earliest. Though young- in development about 3000 cars of oranges will he shipped this season. The grape industry is one of the surest in- vestments of all, and peaches, apricots, prunes, figs, olives and all small fruits grow to perfection. We have sold over ( )00 acres of This shows how it is going-, exceptional bargain. l(>0 acres only 3 miles from a good town, directly on the railroad. Kim: soil, no hard pan nor alkali, for.only $25 an Acre We have seen these lauds arid can tell you their qualities, or come and go up there wiih us and sec for yourself. in the past two weeks. We have for this week one Fiance is a rejiildic of e<.i.i>e. This democratic hai done much tnr the e.,;mi."iH people. Jtlt-pecial.'y ha>. it add* d to pleasures. The children i.f t play unl-idden uuv. in the ^a t hfc Tuilliei= vshere. once 'inly liiiyht I'tereati.- itstlt. The. (.'i b<,<!v .•-,il: d ii'l .% • our (liife-.tiy<; i-riy. 'fT. K rt:^iil,ite the hvi.-r ;in<! no .-. he) l-i t'.-'-ilT;^ : jj;!: = . -"> ut Keeping Open Mouse Phone 5008 MATTHEWS COVINA, CAL. <A<AA<Lt'. »«<«

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