Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 17, 1938 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 17, 1938
Page 2
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$••*'• £• Star of Hope, 1899; Press, 1927. Consolidated January 18, 1929 Q Jttstice, Deliver Thy Herald From False Report! Published every week-day afternoon by Star Publishing Co., Inc. C. B, Palmer & Alex. H. Washburn, at The Star building. 212-214 South Walnut street, Hope, Ark. G. E. PALMER, President ALEX. H. WASHBURN, Editor and Publisher (AP) —Means Associated Press. (NBA)—Means Newspaper Eneterprise Ass'n. Subscription Rate (Always Payable in Advance): By city carrier, per week 15c; per month 6Sc; one year $6.51). By mail, in Hempstead", Nevada, Howard, Miller and LaFayette counties, $3.50 per year: elsewhere 56.50. Member of The Associated Press: The Associated Press is exclusively entitled to the use for republication of all news dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited in this paper and also the local news published herein. Charges on Tributes, Etc.: Charge will be made for all tributes, cards oj thanks, resolutions, or jnemorials, concerning the departed. Commercial newspapers hold to this policy in the news columns to protect their readers from a deluge of space-taking memorials. The Star disclaims responsibility or the safe-keeping or return of any unsolicited manuscripts. Don't Be Too Pessimistic About France's Future It looks as if someone down in Rome really believed all ot the things people have been saying about Prance and Il.ily lately. After the Munich -settlement it was commonly said, that France had sunk to the Wei of a second-class power. Then when the wave of strikes greeted Daladier's "security" program', it was remarked that French democracy was tottering and htat the need unity was impossible to attain. So the Kalians seem to have decided if all this was true tlie time was ripe for getting on the muscle with respect to Tunisia and other points Jljst how far these threats were mepnt to be taken seriously is of course an open question, the totalitarian states have a wav of making wu-liku maneuvers just to see how the land lies. Having no demostic public opinion to worry about they can pull in their horns if need be without losing face If that is what is going on now, no harm will be done. Bui if Duce reallv ° iS ripS t0 be des P° iIc - d - he « a? 1 'o 8^ a very rude awaken- business to sel1 < he French short - no mat - HOPE STAft, HOPE. ARKANSAS A Book a Day By true* Canon «.j» . DB - MORRIS Editor, Journal of the American Medical Association, and of Hygein, the Health Magazine Few People Calculate Calories to Keep Weight at Definite Level A goodly number of workers have estimated thq number calories that the It w£uld; be interesting to learn just where the popular conception of the French as a hght-mmded arose. No pictures could be farther from the truth Actually, no national strain in Europe hsa such touchness of fiber^nor i any ? ^""^ ^"^ a " d Pr6Sent a Uniled Somehow the other nations never have realized this nations tried it But when their armies crossed ™ And so, today, the Munich, outclassed in a land that is ripe to the safest of all bets is that any nation mman body takes in with various foods. We know for example, that a ,«? ead ma - v contain from 75 o 100 calories and thatan egg mav provide a similar amount. We know that various human activities «.*e up the calories. Few people are able to make the jocessary calculations in relation- nip to what is taken in and what s used up to permit them keep the ody weight at a definite level. U is important to realize that the verage human being.today consumes 000 calories less ot food than was by the human beings 25 years, go and that the coming of the machine ge has greatly lowered the requirements for calories in people in various kisses of occupation. For example, lumberman may use GOOO calores, a tonemason 5000, painter 3500, a shoemaker or a bookbinder 3000. and a 2500 calories per day. Among women, a hand searmstress will use 2000, whereas a machine seamstress will use 2-100: a woman book binder will use up 2000 per clay, whereas a household servant kept reasonably busy will use 3000 calories per day and a washerwoman working eight hours a day will use 4000. Thus it is apparent that there are differences in the amount of energy used for various occupations. An average man asleep is using 65 calories per hour; awake and lying sti.ll. 77 calories per hour, and. sitting at rest, 100 calories per hour. Singing will step up his' requirements to 122 calories per hour, and ty- pewntting rapidly to HO calories per hour. Light exercises increase the consumption to 170 calories per hour but severe exercise raises it to 29o' It you walk moderately fast at the rate of about four miles per hour you will use up 300 calories per hour- if you swim, 500, and if you run at the rate of about 5M- miles per hour you will use up 570 calories per hour' It is important to have these figures m mind in relationship to the amount of food that you' take in because increased weight will a nincreasingly serious problem as machines take over more and more of the tasks that used to require muscular action. At the same time the lessened consumption of cnrbohyrate foods like corn, oats, wheat, rice barley and sugar gives .serious concern to the farmers, the brokers and our state- men. WARNING—-or the protection of our cattle on the Munn farm, five and one-half miles southeast of Emmet this is a warning that no hunting will be allowed on this property. T. A Glanton, Jr.' 14-3tp FOR RENT FOR RENT-6 room furnished house, 408 So. apruce. Phone 38F11, Mrs. J. E. .Sdiooley. 6t8 ch FOR..RENT—Two room unfurnished apartment, also one room furnished with cooking equipment. In Dr. Weaver home, near high school. 15-3tp $ Lost LOST—Set of 6 keys on ring. Reward of 51. Return to Hope Star. ^_ 15-3tp For Sale FOR SALE—Boys full sized T^tonia bicycle with light and large basket Routon. lt- "The More You Tell the Qui cker You Sell 9 Can Talk to Only One Man V ant Ads Talk to Thousands SELL-RENT BUY OR SWAP All Want Ads cash in advance Not taken over the Phone FOR SALE—1 Jersey Milch cow and 1 Jersey & Guernsey Milch cow, hoth giving milk now. Can be seen at 50 N. Elm street. 14 . 4tp FOR SALE—Two lots, one block rom pavement, real bargain. J. L 12-3tp SCANDINAVIAN RULER HORIZONTAL 1,5 Ruler of Norway. 10 Narcotics. 12 Fish. 13 To follow. 14 Opposite of cold. 16 Asiatic sardine. 17 Forms of inflorescence. 19 Postscript. 20 In a high decree. 21 Laughter sound. 23 Bone. 24 His country's parliament. 28 Hawaiian bird. 30 Pillar of stone. 31 Ensnares, 33 To revoke a grant. 35 God of war. 37 Pertaining to the leg. 33 Swift. 30 Consumers. Answer (o Previous Puzzle 41Knife. 42 Subsists. 43 H£ was . king. 45 West Indies. 4 6 Mystical syllable. 47 Hop bush. 48 Small flap. 50 North Africa. 52 Pathway in a church. 54 Form of "be." 2 Deep sea fishes. 3 A striving. 4 Species of wild cattle. 5 Pronoun. 6 Deadly pale. 7 Air toy. 8 Alleged power. 9 Modern. 11 Tellurium. . country is 15 To leave out rich in . 17 Moderately 59 His land ivas cold, formerlyi . 18 Leg bone 20 Stalk. 22 Insects. 23 His son is Crown Prince 24 Let it stand. 25 To set up. 26 Blood organ. 27 Wormiike larva. 23 Opalescent types of • glass. 29 His kingdom's capita], . VERTICAL 30 Soap frame, 1 Indian cuckoo. 32 In line. 34 Shogun. 36 To happen again. 39 Rubber tree. 40 Immovable. 43 Pieces out. 44 Challenge. 46 Idiot. 47 Beer. 49 Invitation 51 Tree. 53 Senior. 54 Like. FOR SALE _ Holiday Specials Shampoo Set and Dry 35c; Oil Shampoo and Set Dry 65c; Manicure 35c- i-ye Brow, Lash Dye and Arch 50c' Cocktail Facial 50. Stuart's Beauty Salon, Phone 752. j^ 7 p d ' FOR SALS-Fat TurkeysloTHrlsT- mas. Inspection of flock invited Place orders now. Lee H. Garland, Phone F ' 3 ; 7-12tpd 120 acre improved on highway, light line, near town. 56.65 per acre. 15 years to pay. C. B. Tyler. I3. 3tp FOR SALE—Steinway Grand, slightly used, Big Saving, Home size, almost perfect condition. Beasley's, Texar- ana ' 13-to'-24 FOR SALE—80 acres improved on highway, three miles out. Ten dollars acre. C. B. Tyler. , 12 . 3tp * ' News The ci-nzy nowadays seems to be for tho news behind the news. If this is because the public feels that Hie Important news of the clay somehow doesn't get printed, the public Is badly mistake;*; by and large, news, news coverage was never as through or us (earless as today. But that there cnn be an Interesting yarn in thhe correspondent himself—that the incid- detits which don't get on the wire cau make absorbing rending of this there enn be no doubt. So there ought to be n wide ami- ietice for "We Saw II Happen" (Simon & Schuster; $3), written by 13 cor- umlenls for the New York Times. ;Satuyclay; December 17,1938 1'Cfnt j - - _ ,. „ ,, _ „» ,» .» miv;,j, tiui o^; 11 mil UlilTK Here, for instance, is Cr.E.K. Gcdye Christmas gift list'. telling,what It was like in Vienna during the Dollfuss murder,' during the Schuschnigg resignation, mid at the other times. Here F. Raymond Daniel tolls of tho sharecroppers, of the Scotlsboro trails, of Htiey Long— n revealing Inlimate picture, this Int- ter. Elliot Bell tells of the decline of the financcinl titans of Widl Street. Russell Owon writes about little Aincricii; John Klernn about sports. And so on and so on. There is n wealth of fnseimiting material here; there is nlso n good deal of stuff that will sel you thinking. Ferdinand Knhn's e.ssay on present-day England and its problems, for instance, is something Dnniel's disturbing account of the strange charge he hns noted in the traditional American spirit. In any case, it makes a fine book well worth dipping iMo over and over. You could do a great deal worse thnn mark it down on your PLEASE The way Hope Star Want Ada get results will please you. What's more, you'll get them more cheaply than any other way. And that will please you some more! You can't beat 'em—- whether you want to Buy, Trade, Rent, Sell. • Send Your 'Classified Ad />;/ Mail or Bring to Hope, Star OUR BOARDING HOUSE ... with... MAJOR HOOPLE OUT OUR WAY By J. R. WILLIAMS EGAD, C3EUTLEMEM, THERE HAVE BEEMTIMES IM EVERY MAM'S L.IPE WHEW HE WOULD HAVE RMO A PRETTY PEMKJY FOR ONE OP MY f NEW IMVEKITIOMS/THE PIELD \S COLOSSAL/BV CJOVE,THE IDEA ALOME ISWO-RTH AMILLIOM—HAR-RUMF ? BUT MARK YOU, LADS, WO MATTER WHAT WEALTH AMD AFFLUENCE MAY BE MV REWARD, 1 SHALL. ALWAYS HOLD MY ASSOCIATION WITH THE OWLS CLUB AS A CHERISHED MEMORY/ 'S MV COUSIM ELMER INVfEMTED AM IWVENTlOM OMCE^-IT WAS A RUBBER PATE STAMP THAT CLAMPED OM A MEM'S FOOT ; AMD APTEFZ. SHE LAID AW GGCr A: WEL.L-A.lMEC> KICK •STAMPED TH' DATE OU TH' SHELL^THAT WAS A MILUOM-DOLLAR IDEA OM PAPER, TOO-o*. BUT TH' HEMS WOULDN'T £O-OPEP?ATE / ^ WHENJ LAPV LUCK GIVES VOU TH' WINK, WOW ABOUT SPRIKJ<3IM5 WITH THAT FIVE Bi£Ks vou CHURMEDME L LA-ST SPRIKJ<3, MAtJOR, ? 1 ^ feifa bT WOM'T BE FIRST MILUOSJ MADE THIS WAY= . COPR. 1938 BV NEA SEBVICt. INC. T. M. REG. U~s frf'tit 0 *i/ T» PS" VOU SAY YOU'LL LOAhT ME MONEY ON MV BIKE AM' STUFF WITHOUT MTeREST"? -WELL UH-- I'LL. THIMK IT OVER I YOU SEE, eOLOlE CHARGES YOU IM7ER6ST; BUT WE COULPN'T BEAR TO THIMK OF TRYIM' TO GET RICH-OFF OF OUR OH, MOJ WOULDN'T P*.R6 TO H4IMK.OF \T! IT'LL TAKE ALL TH' THINK.1NJ' WE'RE CAPABLE OP TO SET OUR PAWS OM ,HIS STUFF, SO WE CAN FORCE HIM TO FAY US WHUT HE OWES US ALREADY? BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES COM. !9Jy B» NCA StftVICf. INC. W s T. M. Ut. U. ». PAT. OFf. THE TEMPTER. ALLEY OOP Imagine By EDGAR MARTIN ...___. ^.-^^.^^^ x ,, ^vjuj ,-_ Diplomatic Conference Concluded NO COPR. 1938 BY NEA 5ERV!CE. INC. T. M. PtC. U & PAT. OPF.! , SEE HOW STGOMG I AM' MOW THESE PALM TRUNKS--- WOW I'LL SHOW YOU ,|i.5UMPIM DOM'T HIT LITTLE LIKE vou; MOW LEMME HAVE THAT WEED .WASH TUBES -THERE'S TW' MICEST LITTLE SLIVEBS--1HEV A^AKE TH' SWELLSST TOOTHRICkS-- Notice NOTICE-^pecials. Guaranteed Oil Permanents 51.50 and up; Shampoo, Set ami Dry 50c; Lash and Brow Dye 40c. White Way Beauty Shop, 119 Front _Street IM-Dec-30c Services Offered °^', DAODY ' VOU SHQ ULT3 NEVER, WEVER HAVE STRUCK. THE PRES- , OEOL. VWE'UE GOT TO SET OUT OF THE COUNTS// TQ THE BA\LROAD STATIN., ) FAST AS VOU CAW 60 \ —/• . 55 Electrical term. 57 Musical note. SPECIALS —Permanents $1.50 up Shampoo set, Manicure 85c; Shampo set, Eyebrow-lash dye $1.00. Vanity Beauty Shop. Phone 39, 117 Fron street - 21-26-c Salesman Wanted AVAILABLE AT ONCE. Route of 800 families. Only reliable men need apply. Good profits to willing workers. No investment required. Write today. Rawleigh's, Dept. AKL-118-Z, Memphis, Tenn. Toda/i Answers to CRANIUM CRACKIRS Questions on Page One 1. Fake Dr. Joseph Guillotin did not die on the guillotine. 2. False. Friar Tuck is a creature of fiction, the chaplain in the story of Robin Hood. 3. False. Clichy was debtors' prison in Paris. 4. True. Boston is known as the City of Notions. 5. False. Ice cream is believed to have originated in Italy before the discovery of America. Engagement rings- were made of ron in early Roman days, the gold ring for the occasion being introduced in the second century. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Pursuit Begins By ROY CRANE SEE? WOW BEFOQe 1 GO BACK TD MOO, LEMME GIVE VOU A BIT OF ADVICE-- V -YOU'LL.STAY HEALTHY LOMGEE IP MDU STAY AWAY PCOM MOO.' SOME OF- US LITTLE GUYS OOM'T HAVE SCRUPLES ABOUT TH' SIZE GUYS WE- BEAT UP' T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. OFF. \fOPK. 1»]B BY NEA 3EHVICE ml- By V. T. HAMLIN THE WHEELS OF AMERICAN INDUSTRY CONTINUE T& TURN IN THEIR CEASELESS MARCH TOWARD PROSPERITY ' HELLO, LITTLE ANT/ ' GRASSHOPPER MYRA NORTH, SPECIAL~NURSE IT ALWAYS DEtlSHTS ME To SEE A MAN STRIVING TO GET AHEAD Lard Fits the Part cr BOT THEftE EES ONLY WAV! COUkJTRV WHEEE VOU CAU GO —COSTA GRAWDE. THE HAVE CUT THE T OTHER COMPOUND THE DOCTOR! MATTER. WE'LL 60 TO COSTA &EAUDE, WURRV! THAT DOG OF A GRWGO. By MERRILL BLOSSER NOPE .' I BEEKI TOO BUSY .' I'M 60NNA PLAY SAKTTY CLAUS AT CHURCH t>UW CHRISTMAS week, AND I'VE BEEN REXEARSIN6/ How COME THEY PICKED You Guy V/PERQ TO WATCH THE "DOVES OP BACK To THS STUDIO, HER. /M/WD WITH H-17 ' WHERE OVA THIWK •-' YOU'RE GOlKi W-WHV-I'M DOIMG SOME .SPECIAL. WORK FDR MAJOR. GILOEK. HE ASKEP MB TO COME SACK, TOKJIGHT A Big Bluff" MY STOMACH WAIT'LL. >rau see ME SCAMPER DOWN! A CHIMNEY .' THINK I'LL GST STUCK You're APT TorW : WITH THAT l-V MAQNIRCEI-JT OBSTRUCTION''/ By Ray Thompson'and Charles Coll uA^i^'"^ "W-""*™'/ MKA FINDS HERSELF MOWS, ACROSS TUB VAST DESERTED LOT TOWARD STAGE S£V£U WHO ARE THESE DOVES OF PEACE, /NVWAY?/ 1 I

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