Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 12, 1912 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 12, 1912
Page 6
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THE lOLA DlAXLY- REGISTER. SATURDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 12, 1912. 127 FIGHTING SHIPS HIHE OX THE HCDSO.V Greatest rollprJfflO of mircraft In Hlstorr ai V. S—IVoKram for 'Uw Threr I»ji}>. ' fBy ftr Assi^Utr^l rrc .<i> "> New York. O.t 12 - Tlio llowbr oT ; th«> ['nitdi States .V.ivy lies at amiior on the Hudson river toni'Klit- :in armada whrso liko has n<'\i'r liocn assembled in the \\>-t <'rn World Wforo. f\>r 15 ntilpi:—from the .armored cruiser Tennosyee off Thir/ieth street to the Ajax. l3ft of the fuel shiI)^• ^^ar north of Spuyt^n Kuyvil Creek— it ;^Klretclies in a double line. Simultaneously with the mobilization here there will be a 'mo )>Hi7nlion at Manila of available war.shijis of the Asiatic fleet. Tliirtv vj'ssels of the fleet are now in Pliilippine iir Chinese . waters and from tlien IJenr .VJmiral NicholFon' ha': selected .those wliirh • will iiarlii'ljiate. Mo-^t of the fleet is • composed of erui.^er.<. lorpedo boats and de."<trrjjers. si!t>marines and eol- liers. Thus, pr .vtieally the entire Atneriean n .ivy will t;il ^e' part In double mobirKi .Tlipn.';. half-way round the world apart, t.ikc thai in \ew York 1he niohili/caiion M Manila will last from October 12 to 15. One hundred and 1 wenty-sevi'U ships of .war of all elasses. vvitli a total I'.i.-- placemenl <>f Tll.MMl inuh. liave been jdckeil by the Navy Department for this mobilization. Offieers nn.l rvews total aiiproximately 2S.0(ii) iiersons. .Thirty-two frrf .i das.'; battleshi^.° frinre the .MntiMattaii siiorefrom \Ve-t Forty-iiinfh street to Kort WasliiUK- ton. Hebind tlti >m. in ilie ourrenf of the river and lnmsinir.the New .Jersey sluire, i;: a double line of torpeilo boats, destroyers. ;>rmi>red < vuisers. sroiil rrniser.'i and. at tlie nor!hern 'iji of the ja ^-ped line, a fleei of nav;il militia eraft. Siibiiiariti's. to a bi^lf score, and. tlieir lenders, are tied uji to their doiks a* the fori^-of \Ve-t I.''.'!d street. Here are lb" fisniie- of the Nav> Depariment :-hi >wiuK il'e ei.i -^ifi(^• i.ittn and ti -ttnai :e <;i Mie J.IMOII. • U sels composinie the fleet: j3 [Thirty-two battli-sl\ip;. 4 armored) cruisers. 4 ^sroiit cruisers. 21 xi'snbonts converted yacht.-, lugs, teniiert- trans ports, mine-layin>r. practi'-e. supp'y, -hospital and repair shi)>--: >\ naval militia v<>-sels. 2i't (ieslroyeis. ,v fuel ships.- It'i torredo boats. 1i» submarines; 127 ships of all elasses. - In last year"? irobilization here there were liul .21 battleships and only !>.•> ships in all. Tomorrow's procramme embraeos a land ('.Trade throiit:;i ihe street.^- of • New Y'ork by f..i>i'i sailors of the fleet. Tomorrow nisin offieers will be entertained at a smoker a' a bole' .Sunnay is <;pt asiiie for worship, wtth special service.^ to be held in thi> C.i- thertral of St, .Tohn t^e Uivine. St. V?'s .rick'.s CatUediral and e ;Ver l-.i >'.)5e.-. ef wjorslsip. _ On Morjdav. Ortober If. rrp.;ideii" Tafl i.s e\pec ",e {i . to avrive in New York. preI:ri:in .Try t.i ie ;iewit ;L' t .^e fleet the ne \t d:'y. He will be accompanied by ll !e Serretaiy of tl'.e Navy, who will Inspei -t the ass.-nibled fiulit- Inp ernf! that day It .has l>een planned -'.o lia \e the Serr<itaiy "s beat V.ead a Innjr line of i -raft. with the May.-r'.- boal immeiiiately followinc his^ and private yachts and eycursion boats Itetrind the Mayor's boa! On-Monday - nipht t!-.. o{fi.-ial dinner in bonor of the rre -itjl >n;. flie Cabinet aurl offie. ers of the hret. will be \u-U] here. The coiiclusien of tl-.e pro^ramtu" on Tuesday. October l .'i. call.'; for the review of the fleet bv Ihe President • In the yacht "Maynower" be will ,'steatn Ihronuh the Ir.-.i. of warships, each of w^ich will fit-- a pre.-iilential salute of 21 puus .X'ter <ir'umna\t- Satinp the fleet, the Prr-;dent's yae';* . •will-drop anchoi- nesr the Statue of liberty and remain (here with the President., reviewinc the shipts a- =at the= NEW YORK STORE You will be agreeably surprised at the Wonderful Low Prices we are making on LADIES and MISSES FALL SUITS J We want you to be the Judge of the Quality and Style of the Suits we are now selling at $^.95, $12.95, $15.95, $20.75 and $24.75. We positively make the assertion that we can prove to you that never before have we been in the position to offer so many high grade Ladies and Misses Suits at Prices which are w^orth just double the value usually sold. Our Resident Buyer in NewYork, who is always "Johnny on the Spot" with ready Cash, claims that the purchase of these Suits was the best value he ever obtained. they pass, out to sea SIIEFVlELn IMi.M.l.S HEKE. Candidate for I .feiitenHnt (Jo»enior h ('omingr Tiipsday. Chris. Ritter has a letter from th'^ Republican slate, enmmiltce statjnd that Sheiriield Inpalls. son of .lobn .1.' Inpalls. atid Republican eandidate for T.ieutenan^ Governor-will Iv in lola next Tuesday afternoon, and will s)>eak here that evrnins. Mr. Hilterj has not yet decided on the tiieetiuE place, buti i< "111 likely be the M?jes-! tic theatre if .it can be obtained. HOrSE lURNEn TO THE (JROINP. Worthy Ciilend Connie Suffers a Stair fferlnc Loss. Tjist Tuesday evenini: the frame dwellinp belonpinu to Mr. and Mrs .Tim I ^np. colored, iti the Manley _V'dw-ards addition south of Klin Creek and southeast of town, burnt d to the croun'd. Uonc was absent at bis work on the Santa Fe section aiid .Mrs. lon.c was in the field after corn. When she return'-d to j lUc house and opened the door she rtfscov- ered the interior atlame. NciRhbors •fried Jo put out Ihe fire but in vain-and Mrs. Loii.c was able to save a bed and reachinp .through a brokejn window. The honss owned the hou jc on vyhich there was a liitlu' insurance, but owe some on thei' piecri of land. ^Vith the winter en,: . inp oh tljis touple hns! .. seriouT: loss and somehow the U- uss'. r $8.95 JSertxc Suit, black and navy material of inannisli doth— \vili 'wear splcnfiiflly, lined throu<rhoiit with French sat-, in such as is used in MetVs Coats; al.>^o fancy novelty cloths. Si/.es 1 { to 18 and 34 to lU. Price $8.95 $12.95 Novelty Suits made of Mannish Serges, also Whip (\mls and Knickerbocker Suitings. Some have wide braid trimmings, others man tailtired with Initton trim- n\ings. Hlack, navy, greys and beautiful Scotch Novel- tv Mi.xtures. Sizes II to oti. Price SI2.95 $16.95 Man Tailored Suits, made of strictly Mannisii Serge in navy and black, also beautiful novelty mi.xturcs in gre.v and brown. New \'estee effect, velvet collar and cuffs, guaranteed two seasoji satin lining; all sij^es; at.. ..$16.95 Plush Coats Genuine Caracul and Seal- ette Plu.«;h Coat.s, 51 inches -Jong, high storm collars; hirge fancy frog fastening turned cuffs, yarn dyed satin lining; special for Friday and Saturday, $15.00 Sealette Coats For Ihe Stout Woman We have them, Sizes from •14 to 56 bust. These Coats are cut i on stout lines, therefore they arc perfect fitting; storm or ,shawl roll collar, jleep turn­ back cuffs, elaborate fastenings and guaranteed Special for Finday and Saturday— $20.00 and $25.00 $20.75 High grade Cheviot Serges, also novelty diagonal weaves in navy, brown, grey and black; new shape back, slightly cutaway coat, lined throughout with Skinner satin lining; bound all over with tailor braid or straight tailored collar. All sizes— priced at $20.75 $24.95 Elegant high grade ni;in- tailored Suits, of imported Diagonal Serge.s, Chc'viots Whip Cords and Scotch Mixtures, No two alike. P.rown, navy, black, grey and an exquisite assortment of novelty clotfis. We have 'em from 14 years to 52 bust. Priced at $24.95 Fanc>^ Caracul Coats for Juniors and Mi.sscs, god quality black lining, high .storm collar, turn cuffs, decidedlyj double breasted; for Friday and Saturday $898 Children's Fancy and Striped jCaracul Coats, shawl roll collar ^2 AO or military collar, double breasted, special for Friday and Satiirflay.. ^V 'yO MORE NEW FALL WAISTS. [ Ask to see our celebrated "Excelsior" Waists—every one of them guaranteed. Beautiful New Millinery FOR FRIDAY AND SATURDAY White Beaver Hats for Children—new models in velour and beaver Hats, beaiiti- fully trimmed. Priced from $5.00 to $20.00 • The "ITCHEKOO" HAT for the school girl. Prices $U5 to $3.00 stronsl.v .siLspects that if a lot of peo-: Tlie ring is not intended as an^ lison, Chas. H. Apt and Chris Ritter, plc in this county would decide to adornment l>ut it can be made as at-! so you can estimate for vourselt the Indp them, a pretty pood stjirt on a, tractive as any ring and will, when new equipment could be ' supplied; wearing the Memo-ring becomes a without the least inconvenietjce to the donors. When a colored couple set out to work hard and own a homo and a- bit of land for their own, it is a -sorry day when (be community lets an accident undo the gooil whlchthelr e.\ampJe sets for their people. fad— bo shapes. developed into numerous MEMO^mXJS TO BECOME r.\D. Robts Barks Herbs That have, great medicinal power, are raised to their highest efficiency, for purlfyins ind enriching the blood, as they are Combined In Hood's Sarsa- parlUa. ! <0.366 testimonl .3ls rec'^ved by actual count in two years. Be^eure to tajce Hood's Sarsaparilla ' Get Jt today in usual liquid form or cbocouted tablets called SarMitabs. Catarrh Cannot Be Cured trirh I.OCVt, Apri .H .\TION.S as itwjr rinnoi rrsrh thr Kwt ot xbfi ,ilv.n?.'. i'atauh 1.^ a MOM nr nm?!!- t;iilfyi3l and in onlcr to run* 11 you lake kitrnal ftm-Oim li.iir« ratarrti CHIT b laVru Hi- trimallr. and »ctj inrcrtlj- n\<m ibr »>lood and inucofj< furtacrs. ({aa'» Oitanti Curr ts noi a quaek mrtii- flnr. It prwrrlbiil By no.- of the b»t ph>-altliiiii In ilu-s rriimtn' t'jr J'^JIS and In a rmUr prntrnponi. , I , I _ U w rompmrd ol t!ir t>c«t toalCT known, combinnl luTeutinn oi Iolnn«. Vsirte From I tUi-. «iih t^r br«t w.»xi tmri;*™. ac«in« dirrttiyVn ttw tv. Will Catch rilblic I'aiirv. ' "'"Ww fiirt .i»«. TJIC nnr^t cnmMnatinn ol thp I., oiii <aifii auuii« mill... t«o lni .Trdi .r.i» t.. wtut p«wlu«» .tirh wonderful re- 1 wo loin men have applied for a »ui« in cunni: ratirrti Smd rnr (wttmonuia. (m. ; :'i^-iu on a small novety in the shape by nn .i .«"^pn «':t."'' °. ;if a finger ring which they have; Take a»ira Famuy iiu» lor toosttpatwo. : r.amed Memo-ring. The ring derives • ' ' its name from the usage for which it; SlTOSBURfi HAD FOl'R TALKERS. is intended. It is to be first aid to a! derelict memory. There is a small j Candidates Were All Olrcn a Chance clasp on the ring which when opened.-: to be Heard, admits a small piece ni paper upon I At the Savonburg fair yesterday af- ibich is written the memoranda. The ' (ernoon it w-as announced that there paper, folded into a small square, fits wouM be public speaking in the ypcra neatly into the clasp or "jaw" of the house in the evening. At the appoint- ring and is held firmly in place. The ! ed hour the people assembled, and it ' was then discovered that instead of one candidate being present there were three, not to mention-one Bull Mooso 'politician. So instead of one speech the meeting was converted Into a "testimonial" meeting (one in which one speaker .tells ait the good things abont the other fellow). Tbfi ^>eakers were J. Brady. B. E. subjects discussed during the evening T. AND THE MILLiLMCX. -SI>S OF A FATHER" .VT fiRAXD. AuAther Lance House Wllnessed a Clover Performance Last Mght. j If all the companies which are to ' play the Grand are as evenly balanced AID THE KIDNEYS, Do N«l Endanger Life When an lola Cilixen-Shows Yon Ih^-Way ' to Avoid It, " Why will people continue to suffer; .Mtlls In^i ^tK (nionel Mill Soon Rnle .-.^ "Comnnnv E" now her^ and the I . . ' iv«,ij 1 1- . "^"^ "'^'^^ '"'^ the agon es of k dnev compla nt. back- : tlie norld. United Amusement Company assurer; ^ " . , . Benjamin-Kay MHls is the latest j Ihat they are. the writer predicts a • a''^'' urinary disorders, lameness and, aljsent minded person need n» longer offer as his excuse, "I forgot it." He is instantly convicted if be wears a Memo-ring for it sliows that did not forget—«)uld not forget, but simply declined to do what ttae'^emo- ring told Wm to do. The ring is In sight all the time and the wearer's attention canoot escape it , .' ! ties were excellent and the two reels j " f ^^'^ „„^.„,!of motion pictures were of the very- ff-^P'^n'^ «f Wdn^-V'^iseases. act now. is fori latest manufacture- .Vever in the his.'»™P«y or Bright s [Disease may set in leans tory of the amusement business in' f ""^ J"?'"' neglect j dangerous. Read ' lola has an manager given his patrons lote testimony.- as much good .clean amusement for L ^- totnnton. 812 .\. Chest- the price of admission as Mr. wheat-! "".f Street lola. Kijnsas. says: on. with the United Amusement Com- ' A "tember of our family s""er«l a.... usr.. .w„ ,«.rs nciPany-s Tabloid Stock, and he cer-;greatly from weak^^^^^^^ will take all of fhe women .aid child- »ainly deserves the patronage of the I « T"^^ ""^i, ren out of the factories. By the end | theatre going public of the city. ^""'^'^^ annoyance.! of the third year there will be no j ' such thing as poverty. At the end of; , Q Crlswcn. a painter livin douljt in t.he world altotit Jlr. Roosevelt being elected the ne.\t president of;the United States. Ever>one him.' pemocrafs and Republicans Why. in canvassing one precinct out West thehre were 242 votes and 241 voted for Teddy. And after he Is elected he is going lo accomplish great things. Inside of two years he MAJESTIC THEATRE TONIGHT! PROGRAM, -The Lljtht on the VTsj"* -The (Jrrat Divide" -Her Heart's Serref -A MODERN HIGHWAYIIAN- The old patentee of a great labor saving Invention has his patent rights restored to him fhiotigh the instrumentality of a lUlie child and her doU. -Looking Backward" "The Doable Sacrtss" SO>G—CHAS. BISHOP ,-Xammx's ShaffUn* Daace" 3t ADMJSSfO.V 5^ the fourth year he will have accom -j North Mulbor'rv St. HatrprK -oVii wars and. in the fifth year he will bo the International president of the world." Mrs. C. B. Hill, of CoIIInsvIlle. who has been here and la LaHarpe vlstt- Ing friends; retamed borne this after- with a severe paih across my l>ack, and could hardly get up after sitting dpwn. I took Foley Kidney Pills and soon found the pafn left my back. T cotild get up and down with ease, aid the' hjadder action was more reghlar and normal." Try the. For saleT at Barren's Dms jStOre. . w .! i were a source ol great annoyance Backache was almost constant and there were other difficulties caused by; disordered kidneys. After much medicine had been taken without success. Doa&'s Kidney Pills were n ^d aiud they soon gave entire relief. This preparation is worthy of the highest endorsement" For sale by all dealers. Price 50c. Foster-MIIbum Co., Buffalo New York sole agents tor the 17nlted States. Remember the name—Doan 's—and take no other. X jfanrelons Escape. —".My little boy had a marvelous e8<;ape." writes P. .P Bastlams. of Prince Albert. Cap^ of Good Hope -"It occurred In the middle of-the night. He got a very severe attack of croup. -As luck w61ud have it. I bad a large bottle of i Chaniberlain's Cough Remedy In the boose.'. After following the directions f or aa hour and .twenty minutes he waa.throajpi aUdanger." Sold by all dealen.

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