Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on July 2, 1903 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 2, 1903
Page 5
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Dght arid dark colorflln^oolen crash, h(mesptu;i & >peclar price. J •OO Summer Goats and Pants Light and dark colors in stripes and plaids, coats hand tailored. Stiff fronts guaranteed to ^ hold shape. Made by BosewwaldA Veil Seperate Paiits for Summer Roseriwald & Weil mike oupde with belt'straps and cuffbottodis. |2.85, |^.^5, i3 -.8>. Best Fittins: Pants on E^rth iSummet Goats and Pants for Men In plaids:and stripes li^ht and dark color4, well TD&^li! X Reg liar price $8.iB5 Special price.. I * h • • • Summer Godts and Pknts Rosinwald & Weil make made of j imported tweeds and chevjiots and homespunfe hand tailjored will hold their shape. Scotch iflJEN'S SUlt5 NEW SPRi ANI SUPER %4 .p^ to $30.00 4 Suit • SPEGIAL SIALE ON SUnWER UNDERWEAR is SlUI Qoiag on . Will Gontinue Throughout Thlsitlbnth. ,0 stores at lola Pitts- Largest Clot^ng 4nd ^li^ for joo MILES ARpyNb. LOCAL NEWS. Dr. Porter, Dentist. J. E. Chastain, Dentist. Dr.O.R. BushflcW, Dentist. Kodaks and supplies at Miller's. Business men's lunch at the "Our- Way." Sol. Ellcr wen't to Winfield on busl- I. S. Dctwiler: went to Chanutc on biisine.'vs. S. M. Barton wont to Humboldt on business. Coolest place in town for soda Is the "OurTWay." Northrup'B quit business. A dollar for fifty cents. Remember the "Cur-Way" when hungry or thirsty. Sam Frpoman loft this afternoon for Winflokl on .loff. Pior-^on r(^turncd home from St. Louis Ibis morninK. No. 11. East Madison, upstairs. Hen- (\oTAor\ & Powell's oJllco. Fred Bush rotiirncd to'his homo in PittF.If.irK this afternoon. Money In loan on farms or city propertj'. I. H. Kasbcer. Money to loan on larma or city property. L H. Kasbeer. For tin work go to Ira E. Patterson, 715 East Btraet. Tel. 53, Mrs. N.-Ruth has moved to Xeodc- sha and loft this morning. E. A, Hanlcj' returned to his-home in Humboldt this morning. C, S. Dennison returned to his home in Erie this afternoon. "Puss" Reagan.returned home from Kansas City this afiernoon. The latest perfumje—Locust Elos" soms—at Campbell & Burrell's. * Mrs. H. H. Radley returned to her home in Girard tliis Afternoon. Have you seen the jlatest reduction at Northrup'B quit buslness^sale. Mr.s. Lewise Biirel returned to her homo in Humboldt this afternoon. Mr."*. L. D. Boyd ireturned to her home In Humboldt this afternoon. Mrs. H. McfJiJlrc went to Fori Scott to visit hor father for a fewi weeks. Dave Corblnj left this morning for Bronstm for a few days on business. n. Dalfosso .-A.! Miss .lo.saiu Harblor went to Plitsliurg for a few dayis' visit. Business men and their clerks will find It to their advantage to Junch at the "Our-Way." Tho White lilountaln refrigerator «u tlK^best on the market for the'money. Buy It of Schell & Balrd. R. B. Stevenson has for rent rooms 5 and C in the Stevenson buildin'g just at the head of the stairs. Too bad Northrups' are quitting business. YJU can always depend on what you bought at Northrups.' I. N. Shannon who has been here tho last few days on business, returned to his home in Vernon this morning. Tho jury of the recent session of court, not counting contingent foes, cost .\llcn county right close to $900. Schell & Baird handle the celebrated White Mountain refrigerator, the best one on the market for the money. W. N. Street, for years proprietor of LaHarpo's leading hotel, is said to bo very low. Ho is suffering from appendicitis. R. E. Morgan, who has been here tho last few days attending court, re- tiirnod to his home in Kimball, Kan., this afternoon. , Mrs. W. B. Blewott, of Springfleld; Mo., loft this morning for Wichita, where she will spf-nd a few weeks visiting with friends. Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Jones, who were lately married, loft this morning for Yates Center and expect to make that city their future home. \ Wc can make you low figures an furnace heating. Ira E. Patterson, 715 East street. Tel. 53. Roofing-and spouting. All kinds of sheet metal work. Ira E. Patterson, 715 East street TeL 53. Only a few more days and the great est quit business sale at Northrups will be a thing of tho past. The W. C. T. U. will, meet at the Rest Room Friday, July 3, at 2:30 o'clock. Subject: "Scientific Temperance Instruction." Leader, Mrs, Kinmore.. Mr. Doxsie. the local real estate man. has platted thirty acres.of land right south of Concrcto and expects in time to sed that new burg and Gas City grow together. The latest grading tool to arrive Is a smashing big. roller which arrived this morning. It is an immense traction-engine weighing many to/s and well calculatod to make' the road '4 rolls over "slay put." A i)roce .=5slon of five big Iron oil tanks attracted a good deal of aiten t Ion as It wont througli town today. The tanks were made by the Aurora Fotinilry Company and were consign ed to the Clianiite field. Expert lachinest Repairs Your Typewriter, Sewing flachines, ^ Bicycles, Lawn riowqrs, Gas Engines, Door Locks, Etc. at Sot U'ss than fifty lola men drove out west of the river yesterday after^ noon to wltni\Hs the shooting of the lola Oil Co.'s well No. 3. There was much disappointment when it was found that the drill was stopped and that the well v.ill not be in for several days. No man or woman In the state will hesitate to speak well of Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver Tablets after once trying them. They always produce a pleasant movement of the bowels, improve the apptaite and streng then the digestion. For sale by all druggists. A traveling mdn missed an outgoing train here yesterday and he was so angry at man, whom he blamed for the miss, that he consulted a lawyer and ^as veo' anxious to have suit broughl for damages. The lawyer doubted the possibility to make a case of it. Eighty-five teachers took the ex i>mination whic'i wa-s held here Mou' day and Tuesday after the normal closed. Miss Knowlton assisted by Miss Fethern^ll and Mr. Sheilman, conducted the cxaraindtion. It nill not be known for some time how many ^ succeeded. • The band concert last night was as popular as usual, several thousand people taking their case on the gra^ and enjoying the music. A niunber of young people did a little isquare dance during one of the marches and when the program was over thert was a rush for refreshment parlors. Through sleepers from lola to Denver dally over the Mo. Pac. .In darkest Africa or In the light of Asia take an Eastman Kodak. Before going on your vacation buy a kbdak of MILLER, the picture man. The library will be open tomorrow from 2 until 8 o'clock. Instead of Saturday as usual. Tho Mo. Pac. will make 4th of July rates of one fare plus 50c for round trip. Sale dates 3rd and 4 th, return limit July 7th. Btiy a kodak, push the button, then do the rest, with an Eastman daylight developing machine, for sale by MILLER, the picture man. Energy all gone? Headache? Stomach out of order? Simply a case of torpid liver. Burdock Blood Bitters will make a now man or woman of you. You will regret It If you don't tak<> advantage of the cheap rates we ar^ offering on photographs. Fifteen cabinet photos, three stylos for |3.00. This offer will not last always. MILLER, the picture man. Clerks and other per.sons having a holiday Saturday, the 4t)f, Should take advantage of the opportunity wind have their photograph taken at MILLER'S studio, which will be open all day. Don't come back from your vacation and say you would have given fifty dollars for just one scene you saw when MILLER, the picture man, 'will sell you an Eastman Kodak from one dollar up. The pipe line between lola and Gas City wnlch Is to conduct water from the lola plant to Gas Is being laid. The work begun at. Gas and by this everi- Ing the pipe, will be completed as far as the Katy crossing east of lola. The Gas City water plant is also nearin^ completion and within a' short time that town will have city water. Did you see the circus parade ? The Billbe Wild West? It was a corker. There were half a dozflfi horses in the procession, ridden by kids blanker cd, be-featbered and painted as In-^ dlans, or he-spurred and armed as cowboys. It was a pretty fine showing for the small lads, and many a renowned circus owner and millionaire of today got his start In the business in as humble a way. Ten teams are hauling away the earth from West Madison and filling in Coon creek on North Washington, A good part of; the surplus dirt was dumped Inside tho curbing, helping property owners and contractor. .In a few days the west block will be ready for brlck-laylng and It Is expected to rush the woirk along, the surface brick having been ordered from Lawrence and the lower brick being on the ground. A good many of the business men have expressed a "belief that It would be better to have the display of fireworks down town on tpe 4th.The merchants contribute largely to the occasion and .already jthey see the crowd carried a^-ay from the business section and they say that It would be a sniall concession to have the fireworks, the dosing event of the day, in the public park. That Wild West Show up in the first ward was somewhat handicapped today hy the imminent glories July 4. The show is run by Blllbe & Co.. and it Is said to be rare doings. Dean Blllbe, Harold Beck, Glen Blllbo., ^are cow boys. They resented the suggestion of "calf-boys." Joe Carter is a Heap Big lojun Chief, and Harold Rowe, Bevy Strbup and Ernest Searing are Braves. Roy Ray is the farm-^ ^r whom the Indians capture and the cowboys rescue. If yoii are under 13 fc&ta of age you may get in the tent for 5 cents; If over 13 it costs you 10 cents. There- was ,one hilarious performance this afternoon and there wlU be another at 7 o'clock tbnlgbL New Base Ball Management. HemSan Tholen, orfcferman decent, a wholesale grocer by trade and a prince by nature. Is now the sole owner and controller of the lola franchise in the Missouri Valley league. The change took place today and the team starts a new regime, free from debt and with tho brightest prospects It has ever had. It need hardly be said that the new arrangement pleases fans and players. Mr. Tholen has liberally supported the team since It started and he has watched the struggle with Interest. When the recent rebellion occurred there seemed danger of a collapse. Ho then offered to take tho team, free of incumbrance, and run It himself. The I fans have subscribed enough to iTc-; liver the franchise clear to him; and he now holds It. One of Mr. Tholep's first moves will be to.Jtcnce the ball park completely. This will mean many hundreds of dollars saved to the management. Tho_ ground will be policed by the city, the fence will be protected and there will be no more sponging of sport by per- .sons able to pay sitting in the hedge. The team is in the "one, two, three" class, coming strong and all" lovers of base ball should rally to the support of the game and show that they know how to entertain a prince when they meet one. "Abeu Ben Tholen, may his tribe increase!" Flags - BiintlMr- Piriprdci^rs Are ready for you.; Just received some Beatitif ui Water Sets They wont last long. T^e others we had sold out w While they d<j last they are yours at 50c, 9«c anU $i.2is per Th«Be;iare brand new—not left overk—not worthj . wh&t we ask for them, but better value than you evef bought In this town.' once. set twice THE - PEOPI-E'S - STORE ANTE PI -J- Wanted—Girl for genera! housework at 219 S. Walnut. I : ' Wantoil Rooms—Two ori fhrec rooms for light housekeeping. Cftll or addrcs.; r,07 West jJackson. Bowles. i J. B. For Sale—New three room hou^e at cost. Inquire at 411 N. Third. Come quick. Rooms—302 South street, fijr light housekeeping. No children. For Rent—Two rooms foi- Jight housekeeping. 420 North Chestnut. A Protest Against Doutney. Editor Register: Dear Sir:—May I be allowed to express an opinion regarding Mr. Doutney, who posed as a temperance lecturer in lola last week. I was notja little surprised that he coiild do. so after his first lecture. If he had any credentials they were endorsed by the Brewer's Association. In fact t think he is hired by that organization, as U is plain to be seen by their publications they are becoming alarmed ut the advance of prohibition sentiment, especially in Kansas. If hp should come to lola again 1 1 hope he may be shown up in his true light. "A wolf In sheep's clothing." Yours for the truth, A White Ribboner. Picture Frames. Having personally selected from the largest moulding factories in St. Louis and) Chicago a line of moulding seldom seen In the west I-am now prepared to fill orders for ffaming for anyone, even the most fastidious. We have the largest and most complete line of picture and room moulding ever brought to Allen county, including tho latest shades and styles. A personal inspection will convince you of this fact. Our framing department Is equipped with.the latest improved machinery, including the latest and best oval and circle mat and glass machine ever brought to the city, for anything in the frame and art'line go to Mlli- LER, the picture man, northwest corner square. Lest the public may be misinformed I wlsb to statp that I have the latest and best improved oval and circle mat .a|id glass cutting machine in the city. ^RANT H. MILLER. Book Lovers and Tabard InnLibrfaries Bev. pr. Love Is meeting with success In securing club memberships Furnished rooms. 301 S. "Washington street. Lost—Sigma tie pin. Retur4 S. Cottonwood. Reward. Three neatly furnished 404 South Washington blocks from the square. roc^ms at two aveniie, For- Rent—Seven room • nished and ready to move room and all conveniences, for Slimmer—three months, this; oft ce. intto W for the Talmrd Inn library of nhkih he Is the; district representative o: Sbuth- eastern Kansas. The Tabard Inn Library is (oivncct- ed with, and under the mant gement of tilie "Booklovers" backed bj Ital of $2,000,000. Ili jclrculatcs only new bocks; the newest fiction, and the very latest publications of philosophy, of literature, ot biography, of travel, etc. ' 1 One book for five cents, twenty-flvo cents, twenty-five to 309 hoi^se. fur- bath 111 rent Inhulre at six for for n- Members can change books as aften as they please. No restriction a^ tb the time a book may be kept out and no fines. " 1 See Our Baggies and Surreys • ' • • . j . Before Buyingj = A P^rftet Vail CoaHnr Combines Cleanliness and P.urabiilty Any one can brush It on Mo one can rub 4t off PI ^co £3 a pure, permanent and porous wall coatiti^, and do|fl not require takuig off .to' letiewais doaH kalspaiuies..It^ a diy powder, ready.for use by adding cold \vater and ^aa M easily brushed on by any pnfe M^de in white and fonrteot fa^onable tints. ilT^yu^lilllE jip. • GRAND ilAPips,pUC ;ML/ For fun pirUealira awl ' UfflplacardMk ' *rhe old reliable. %w-^ est prices, he9^^u9^-i Telephone 159. LEADElt tl.W.STBYER. Tranitk ftftd nurnire Hauled. HtoiseBtlwEWqat Another Loipf Iiiijp|ortedWjQC^ QOOP IIHE YEAR 'ROUJNP Noitli^p Buliaac* ••j> ' ••MB

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