Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on September 17, 1889 · Page 3
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 17, 1889
Page 3
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THE EVENING GAZETTE: TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, ir-:f> Pecoiis," Brill i in Don't Look at Me but J.K.Chester Evening Gazette. TH» KvMHuro GAE«TT» win Us liad at all the newi stands. PrloeTWO O<KTS. OFFICIAL PAPER OF THE.CITY. Tonight. Stated Conclave of Sterling Com- mandery, No. 07, K. T. Templar work. Academy of Musie.Standard Theatre Co. —Mrs. W. Grayblll, of Hastings, Neb., arrived here this morning on a visit to her mother, Grandma Bresa- ler. —The Monmouth ball club easily bant the Auroras at the Sandwich fair last week, for money, the score being 15 to 2. —Brown Brothers, of Morrison, have discontinued their store at Milledgeville, and have opened a dry goods stock at Dixon. —The Elgin News don't want Mr. W. D. Nichols to move his windmill facto- jy from Elgin, and says it is worth as much for Elgin as to any other city. —Mr. Lew Osborne has abandoned the idea of going to the hospital at Indianapolis, Ind., for treatment for his disease. He thinks he would be unable to'undergo the trip, on account of the location of his ailment. —The district branch of the Rock River Presbytery will begin its regular session at Morrison this evening, with a sermon by U)V. Skinner in his church. Rev. A. B. Meldrum, of Rock Island, and Rev. T. II. Johnson and two ladles, from Edgington, came up on the Q and were guests at the Gal until the afternoon train for Morrison —Rev. Oilman 1'arker and wife re turned yesterday from Reynolds, In Hock Island Co., where they'attende the funeral of Mrs, barker's sister This morning, Mr. Parker recelve( news of the death of a sister of his and this afternoon, he and his brothe A. L. Parker, leave to attend her fui eral. Both ladles had been Invalid fora year or more. . Pierce claims to havn a won- orful fowl, hatched March ft last, tlmt H already laid 10 eR!<s, and is nnw •itcliint; a setting of UH own eg?*. —Da lifxt Friday the Lanark ball .ub, champions of Carroll county, will lay thuSlcrlinfr club In this city. Their attery will be Qultstow and Boland, of hicago, said to be a good one. —There will be a parish and vestry meeting at Grace Episcopal church on Vednesduy at .T o'clock p. m. All per- ons interested in the welfare of the hurch are particularly requested to be iresent. —Clinton News: Engineer Ilerm. Vills, delegate from Clinton Division, eft for Chicago this morning to at- end the annual session of the general grievance committee of the B. of L. F., if which Engineer Zlegenf us is chair- nan, which duties he will go there to assume the 18th. Tbecommittee meets to elect officers and attend to other regular business of the annual session. During the wees there will be a general conference to consider the adoption of rules and regulations to govern master mechanics and foremen in the hiring and promoting of men under their charge. These proposed rules be presented by the superintendent of motive power and machinery, of the C & N. W., and if adopted will work a revolution among firemen and engineers. Has just opened, his [F-allStocltof GOODS is more complete tlictn ever toe- tore. His assortment of Robe Patterns, Side Bands, Stripes and Plaids PARTICULARLY MFR1CIIVE, Henrietta** Mohairs, Broadclotlies, Flannels, &c., In all the New Shades at Lowest Prices! * Wool Dress Flannels only 21 cts. — tvuo are the "truant oftlcers" in this city? —Business In the stove line ia growing lively. —Fall overcoats are making their appearance. —A light frost IB reported from south of the river. —Mrs.R. H. VanSanford baa gone to Polo on a visit. —Rev. Dr. Robinson left today for Ohio, for a short trip. —Mr. John G. Manahan has been sick for a day or two. —Mr. Jacob Powell ia quite sick at his home east of town. —A mad dog was killed yesterday on a public street in Elgin. —Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Sheetz, of Freeport, are visiting in this city. —Dr. II. C. B. Alexander, of Chicago, la visiting friends in this city. —A boy baby was born to Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Swartley on Saturday. —Considerable grain is coming to townTaltbTough the prices are low. —Sterling's "finest" will probably soon be wearing gay new uniforms. —J. H. Kauffman, of Kansas City, ia visiting Rev. Oilman Parker and family. —The Lee County Circuit Court opened yesterday, Judge Crabtree presiding. —E. VV. Jackson, of Chicago, has been the guest of Joe R. Adams, for several days. —Mr. Frank' Echternaoh. of Hastings, Neb., is visiting his father, Wm. Echternach. —Paul Gait has gone to the Northwestern Military school at Highland Park, near Chicago. —The Grand Lodge of the A. O. U. W^meets Elgin._JThe'session will last three days. —Large wagon loads of melons from Thompson and along the Mississippi are brought here dally. —The junior partner of P. Unger & Son, furniture dealers of Rochelle, wa$ here on business yesterday. —Mr. W A. Sanborn has been confln- ed to his home by illness since last Friday, but is better today. —The thirty-sixth Illinois Infantry will hold its twenty-third aanual reunion at Aurora, September 24th. —Members of the G. A. R. are requested to meet in front of their hall Wednesday evening, Sept. 18, at 7:30. —Ed. Powell raised a large potato, weighing three pounds fend five ounces, which may be Been at Frank Cochran's. —The mission services at the church of the Sacred Heart are largely attended, and the sermons are very able efforts. -The little girl of, Frank Johnson, a Swedish citizen, died at 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon, and the funeral was held at 1, o'clock today. —How Is this for.O&le rour.ty -• isn't Willie the harvester was still at work in the field, the steam thresher anived and the bundles were FOOU gathered from the harvester and going through the thresher. The oats were then transported by wagons to cars and the grain was received In Chicago thirty-six hours after leaving the harvester—Ogle Co. Local. —The Rockford city council is in a quandrv. They want to build an iron bridge sixty two feet wide, over Rock river, for which the Board of Supervisor have already voted 825,000. but as Rockford already owes §225,000 bonded indebtedness, which is all she can legally raise, the council don't know what to do to raise the required amount to build the bridge.^ The papers there claim that If all the property was assessed as required by law enough money could easily be raised for the Improvement. —The Standard Theatre Co. opened their week's.engagement toa full bouse last night. Miss Blanche Slader as "Fanchon" gave entire satisfaction and the other parts, which, are not important in this play, were well taken. Tonight two new comedies, "Irish Diamonds" and 'The Little Rebel," will be given for the first time in this city, and the five dollar gold piece given away. Miss Slader is certainly a gond soubrette, and with all new plays promised, the outlook for a large week's business Is excellent. Council I'rocecames. COUNCIL CHAMBER, Sept. lOUi, '80. Council met in i egular session. Mayor Lawrence presiding. Present: Aid. Alexander, Brewer. Conlon, Gurtiseri, Miller, Nilee, Platt-7. Abseut: Aid. McCune, Womtz,.V\_Ll_-_ Minutes of last meeting read and ap- Ald Alexander offered the folio wing: Unsolved: That wheu any person lias been employed by -the uity to do miy surveying or engineering work, the person doing such work shall make a proper record in a book or books furnished by the city and that the city shall not be under any obligations to pay for doing such, work until the proper record shall be made as above stiit- ed. . - ' Aid. McCune entered. Aid. Alexander moved the adoption of his resolution. Carried. Ayes !). Aid. Conlon offered the following: Resolved: That the city attorney ba and is hereby instructed to draw an ordinance i equiring the police of the city ot Stt-rlii'g to wear uniforms while on duty and to designate in said ordinance the kind of ujim)nES_they_shal! And moved its adoption. Carried. * Ald.'Nilea presented bills of Miss Belle Hubbard, salary, 840.00,-D. Ap —The plant of the Hock River Kx- ( press ;>rint'.nft house has been Bolt! by j Kd. L. Chiimplin to Geo. M. Booth, of [ Chinnjjo. nnd is being shipped to that city. The publication of the Express has not been prolltablo, tind ns Mr. Champltn has H btttfr thing in the agency for the Hansen metal siding, he has abandoned the newspaper ntid printing tmsini-ss. The plant was first used ia the publication of the Morrison Independent, which came into ex- istance in 1872. The paper was edited for a while by J. W. Iluett und Lewis Ward, and afterwards by Elmer Searle. The Independent was in'7;l sold to A. J. Booth A Co , who changed its namo to the Morrison Times, arid published it at'Morrison until 1870, when they ru- moved the ollice to Rock Falls, and named the paper the Whiteaide Times. The office was afterwards moved to Sterling and the paper called the Sterling Blade. A daily was also issued, and the firm did a large business. Afterwards, so great was the competition, the firm discontinued business, and a few years ago the plant was purchased by J\!r. Champlin.TVho started the Rock River Express, a prohibition organ, the publication of which was discontinued a few weeks ago. Newspapers, like other kinds of business, cannot thrive without patronage. Why do i eople buy furniture at the Rock .Falls furniture store'? Answer Because it pays them big to do so. Dil A C.i. "0-lf tairick Skulif Tuesday. •Hrplemhrr Stth. N1 W The fashion msipa/ines for October a-e on sule nt Bickford's, Rock Falls. 8:' 12 OolylOan.l20fi To see a fine show tonight. Come early and avoid the rash. Ancllonetr. f The Dutch and English auctioneer still alivo and ready to attend to city and country sales on short notice. Can leuve orders at A. K. Ilendrick's Dru K Store or at my residence on 13th avenue north of 4th St. Charges reasonable. Give me a call. '18 31tf D. II. MEYEUS, Auct. Notice. Having returned from my vacation, I am better prepared than ever to do a'l kinds of cleaning and dyeing at my T.— ,;»i-..11.. J.*v-uf"-«v. ....J , A. MARKS. Frank liflta Carries the armors, costumes, etc., the same as-Hoot*, Barrett, Keeae and others. Call at E. W. Blossom's and get an eye tester free of charge. 70-d&w "Damon anil-Pythias".' Thursday, Sept. intb. See the new ud of N. Carpenter & Co. . l HterllnsHilver And plated ware. A new invoice ust in; come and see it. High class ngraving skillfully executed. Beautiful stock of millinery goods at the Rock Falls millinery store. Call and see It. Dill & Co. . 70-tf MirBlaoclie-Slader.- Has splendid parts in the comedies tonight, and you can see this charming little actress at her best in "Irish Diamonds" and "The Li'.tle Rebel." InterMtute KxpoHltlon, Chlrnso, Ills. On September 12th, 14th, 21st and 20lh, and October ad, Gth, 12th, 17th and 19th the C. B. & Q R H. will sell excursion tickets to Chicago at one and one-third fare for round trip, plus twenty-live cents for admission ticket limited, going, to date of sale; return Ing, to and including the following Monday. - Best stock ol Black Dress Goods in Whiteside County. He is'.also showing many bargains in other departments of his mamoth stock. CALL AND SEE. chief dispatcher for the Atlantic and Pacilio railway, is visiting his brother Manager Clark of the telephone exchange. —Harvey French is placing the finishing touches upon his new store building on West 3rd straet. The windows are very large plate glass, and will give plenty of light to the store. The building is not yut leased. —The Galesburg ball club came up on the 10:20 Q train this morning. They are all powerful young men. They play the Sterling club today, Wednesday and Thursday. Th» weather is cool enough to make playing pleasant exercise. —Rev Martin Post went to Chicago where he delivers an address before the Home Missionary Convention of the Congregational church, In the Union Park church, of that d^not Uou. H* delivers tho aUdr«tt tfcl* *J —At the city council last night Alderman Conlon, who has an eye to beauty and also to the requirements of a gtowing city like ours, offered a resolution, which was passed, that the city attorney draw up an ordinance requiring the Sterling police to weir uniforms while on_duty. Uniformed police will not only be an ornament to our streets, but when an officer is wanted, he can be found easily by his "uniform:,—The -ordldance- should be r at the next meeting. The street Improvement at Spring Creek on east 4th street came up for dsscus- slon. The stone culvert has been removed and a large pipe culvert put in; the street Las been widened and macadamized. The hill west of the culvert has been partly leveled, about three feet being cut off in some places. On the whole, the job is going to be a good one, and although the grade at the cut Is lower than was supposed,' the improvement .will be satisfactory, it is hoped, when completed. The cost is more than was at first expected, but the work will be continued until completed. Mayor Lawrence read a re port of the finances of the city available for street purposes, showing that there Is very little money in sight for that kind of permanent improvements, and recommended that the council consider the matter seriously. The matter was not discussed last night, >ut will be brought up at a meeting in he near future. 'I'here are street im- irovements that must be made for the he street railway, and there are other treeta-of-tb& -city .—leading _ tojaain ountry roads, that need macadamizing >adly. It is thought by some that it will be necessary to bond the city, for a small amount to prosecute the work. The 1st avenue sidewalk question was also brought up. The 15 days given by the ordinance, for the property owners to build their own walks, expires today, so the walks will be built by the city. It Is said the majority of the property owners desire it to be done in ;hat way. The city now will go through the legal requirements of ascertaining the value of the proposed Improvement, filing a petition with the county court to appoint commissioners to assess the value to each property owner, advertise lor blda, etc. Toe council will hold a meeting on Friday evening af7:30 totake action in the matter. The property owners are desirous of having the walks built na noou as possible. Wh«u those wsiUa are completed, U is Ufeeiy that r*«M*nU of various otb*r »vt»t* will want , , ., . pleton & Co., books, SO 00, and moveu that bills he allowed and orders drawn upon Library fund under n suspension Of rules. Carried. Ayes 0. Aid. Miller presented bills of Wm. Matmhan, Jr., 8112.09, J. M. Fitz.zerald, 8 180 00, labor on city building, ^90.00, which were referred to committee, on public Improvements. — --•—..--; — . „ Aid Miller alao presented bill ot 1 . T Vanllorne for 81,000 00 on contract, and moved that .rules be suspended, bill allowed and order drawn upon the bulldln / fund. Carried Ayes 9. Aid McCune presented bill of American Fire Hose Co , 82.05, which WJIB referred to committee on fire and water. Aid. Platt presented bills of Wm. Manahan, Jr., sewer pipe, 88.25, Peter O'llair, laying sidewalk, $75.00, 1 Uz- prerald & Ramsdell, laying tile, frO.12, Jno Roark, rubble, 8135.25, Jas. Casey, rubble, 80.50, M. Hihally. gravel, $522,00 A B. Spies, material, 83.50, all of which were referred to committee on strnets and alleys. Aid Platt also presented bill ot \V. C. Holbrook, salary, August lath t.» September 13th, 8100.00 and moved that rules be suspended, bill allowed m.d nrder drawn upon the BK wer fund. Carried. AyesO. " Aid. Alexander presented report of J M Goltmac, police magistrate, which was referred to judiciary committee. Aid. Gurtisen reported Hpproved bills of N. A Thomas, 840.90, and Sterling Gas & Electric Light Co., 8150 25, and moved that bills bd allowed and orders drawn upon light fund. Carried. Ayes 'Aid Gurtison stated that the bill of the American Fire Hose Mf'g. Co for 82.95 should be paid to C H. Ives, and he moved that the rules be suspended, bill allowed and order drawn ULOU the water fund. Carried. Ayes 9. Aid. Miller presented contrast of i . T. Vanllorne, for finishing of the third flojr of city building, together with the bond, which were accepted and ordere i filed. llarvcntMix'lal. Next Friday, the 20th, at Cong' Chinch. Comic programme Nocharg 1'cT admission.. Supper 25c, from 0 t( 8. Good music. • SI to l>res-e«l Fowls. Fine dressed poultry on sale at a) Childrens'. SEAL, PLUSH, For Damon and Pythias, Thursday, Sept. 19, are now on sale at G. L. Werntz'a. • The reserved seat sale for "Deestrlck Skule" will commence on Friday morn- g. Sept. 20th, at n o'clock, at George L Werntz's store. Reserved seats 50 ceuls. Admission 35 cents, gallery 25 cenis. 83 to AND CLOTH PEOPLE'S COLUMN CST-We will Insert throe lines In this col--«{ tiron oue time lor 10 euntu, or for «o cents a week.. Each ftddittonal line will be 5 cents a single Insertion, or 15 cents a week. • - \VAXTKU. Only 10 cents for j lines under this Heading. in every style. NEW- MA.R- times at our cold storage warehouse on 1st avenue.- Prices very reasonable. 89-tO F. F. HEIGEU &Co. See .'Irish .tails" Tonight. A brand new comedy, full of fun. Will be sure to please you. llllnoltt State 1'alr, IVorln, III., Hept. 23-5J7. From September Blind to SXth^inclu- sive, the C.-B. & Q. U. «„ will sell round trip .tickets from Sterling to Peoria for 84.29; tickets to be limited for going passage to date of sale and limited for return Sept. 28th. Oitf Rheumatism can be Cared. It has baflled the skill of our best physicians and there are to.-day more men, women and children Buffering from this terrible disease than ever before, and the opinion seems universal that it is incurable, but this is a mistaken idea for it can be cured by using as directed Hlbbard's Rheumatic Syrup and Strengthening Plasters. Prepared by Rheumatic Syrup Co.,Jackson, Mich. Price 81.00.per bottle, or six bottles for $5 00; or we will send it to any address on receipt of price. tths W ANTKD—Wild grapes, by Dr. Frank An- lliouy. Call atollloe. 834188-13 W ANTED—All kinds re-upliolsttrln^'. )U>y uulds HruH.. 8lerllut5."lll. K t8 * W ANXED-A competent b'licksmiUi to take . charge ol an established business. In- qulro tills week of (Jeo. W. Chumberlln. 784[ fr'OK WALK. 'Only 10 cents for J lines under this Heading. F OU SA.I.K-Houseror sale, handy to business. Uoodsui-culitllun, Another with 'I lots for Ssoo, worth $1200. B. llubbard. C'all, lor good bi F OIl SALE—A few choice Poland boar ))lg9- clump, K tukea Boon. At farm Wt nines east of Hock Falls. 8. T. Shirley. 83-1(0844 T710K SALK—Oood. sound bay, 6 yearc -C old In spring; Olio sliigle St. Louis top bug- i_'Y. nearly new: good slnulo harness; allforU17o. K. F. Kefter, 1'oultry House. ""'" 82-tB Council reconvened by the Mayor. Aid. McCune retired. Aid Piatt reported approved the rol- 8M75:E II. Wildasin, 87; Two New I7IOK SALE—Good Iowa, Nebraska Kansas £ land stock of goods. Business places lur sale and \-xcliange.- Frank W. Watzer,-Acad- emy of Music, ItoonrJ ^ B " F OU SALE-A bargain In three flno residences lu 4lh ward. Inquire of 1.1. Bush. FOH KK.%T. Only lo cents for under this Heading. lines KBTS, F OU KENT—nwel'liK house, suitable for one or two families, five" blocki f rom I'. O "'"• Ramsdoll 80.12; M. Kahnlly, 8522.80. And moved tlmt bills be allowed and orders drawn upon the Consolidated fund. Carried. Ayes 8. Aid Miller reported approved bill of J. M. FiUserald for 8152.00 and various labjr Hems aggregating 890.00 and moved that-same- be-allowed^aud orders drawn upon the Building fund under a suspension of the rules, car Aid. Alexander moved that the instructed to place an additienal light on Wallace street, between Locust and First Avenue. Carried. On motion the Council adjourned to Friday, Sept. 20th,at 7:30 o'clock, p. m j. F. BAUUKTT, m- , City Clerk.- At the Ac.ide ,iy of Music tonight. "Irish Diamonds" and "The Little Rebe," havn never been played here. Five dollars given away tuuigtit. Chicago imposition. The Chicago & North-Western Railway will, on stated dates, sell tickets to Chicago and return on account of the Exposition, which opens September 4lh, and closes October 10th, at rate of OUH fare for the round trip, with 25 cents added for admission ticket. For tickets and full Information apply to Agents Chicago & North-western Rail way,_Cpmpany. 37-13 5 acres of ground. Apply 508 I'lrst Avo. with Sl-tf F IXANClAL-Money tolu... „.,....-- ,cent., ou farm security. 1. I. Bush.Jjoc 'alls. E. W. Blossom has taken the agency of the "I. C." brand Spectacles and Eye glasses. These spectacles are different from ordinary glasses, in tha' •he lenses are ground from a Frenvl Tinted Crystal that shuts out the cheni ical and heat rays of light, maklngthem very soothing to the eyes. Be sure am try them, see that that trade mark ' o." is on every lens. 70-J&W -*-Dr. Baer has moved his office over 'Jj [lOlllu Ol k UllU 11111 to Sterling, the Held In Hock Falls for A( . tl|e Academy tonight. New plays, physicians being covered already. ^ ^ fumjy ^^ aud u f , V(J AMM -t-Noah Heckinan went into Chicago go]d pSece giTen ttway to tue j uc k y Monday night with four car loads of number- stock from Stone Station, one of them ^ ——^ ^^^ ^ p , belonging to hunseli. 3 to Oct . 5, >«» •*-Mrs. William Holt denies that her o a Sept isth and solh the C. 11. & Q husband la » bum and that he b*at her n n. w ui sell excursion tickets for one oa Sunday. She saya thera waa ik little i iowt>at fare for tho roui d Ulp; tickets trouble on Sunday, »u4 that if b«r hu*- limited suing Soyt. Wth tuni ;J<Hti. aiui baud eouid reomn away {turn G*»s«u-1 w turutu(j. leu dajs tram «l*u of 1 icfaioisSt, bo wouUl to *iS itglit. * Only 10 cents for 3 lines under this Heading. loan -81.50<> at « pe 32-tt Come in and see, We charge no fee. The largest and richest display we have ever shown. TRADE O. and O. TEA The Choicest Tea Ever CSsrefL ABSOLUTELY PURE. A MOST DELICIOUS BKVEK.UiK. TUY IT. T« «rlU t«r« «» 1:7 t'.iet. tfcUitj »"« »«'» It Is Itio l!pi-'v«T OBAI-R I.KAV. p(c*M from pumnml !r n lutttir. 'IL.' nud »-srr*:if omlc*l lu us Oriaatsl Untd <((J« .. >,; . .l lull wi'!,:!i!. li U iuv,n> «coa s*> thiu St« io^wr £n*4i>a. £ Occidental Tea Co,, I/t'd, v. -V.J KjrltHtf filtf, Xcif 1W*, 11. W. P. S.—Our plush garments are all warranted. They'll wear Like Those

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