Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on May 31, 1952 · Page 10
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 10

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 31, 1952
Page 10
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PAOt f EM ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH SATURDAY, MAY 31, 1952 ffpprt of Rotorua HlRh Sehool, in th" heart of New Zealand's thermal xvonderlnnrl, presumahly is free of evil spirits. At Us iVent r,th blrlhday, the srhnol, which now has 850 students, was vid of nny evil spirits whieh mipht have ai- themselves, hy a traditional eerrmnny. A Maori versed In the ancient custom of his race recited the incnntation which has hron handerl down from father to son for KPii^rntions. Ahoiu half of the school's hoy and pirl pupils now arc Maori and Ihe other half of British stock. 1:00 lo 11:00 P. M. CONTINUOUS • • MATINKB St'.VlMV NORSIDE .LAST TIMES TONIGHT. June. Russell —Knink Sinatra "DOUBLE DYNAMITE" Tl.\t HOLT "SADDLE LEGION" SUNDAY- MONDAY jENDOFTHEjlVER 2:15—5:35—H.-31 1 :»n— S : r >6— li : If!— !) :•»•» Tnnlfhl Ri'.'O P. M. l,nn MnCalll'frr In "A YANK IN KOREA" Tiinlihl 6:<lll — !l;|li W«.vn» Morris In "YELLOW FIN" « C'arloonj ':ll P. M. SUNDAY and MONDAY Shown S 2:80 - fi:i Kirk Douglas — Eleanor Parker AND WILLIAM BENDIX IN "DETECTIVE STORY" •••••••••••••. PLUS 2XD HIT! Shown Snmliiy 1:17 - 4:85 - 7:55 Frances Langford-William Reagan IN 'MUSIC IN THE MOONLIGHT' 18 Graduated at Brighton High |68lh Commrnrciiirnt Held \Vrflnp<5(lay Evening ! BRIGHTON — Commencement , exercises in honor of DIP Rradu- ialing classes of the Brighton .Tun- idr and Senior High School were hold at the high school gymnasium (Wednesday evening. Thr> speaker for (he n< cnsion • was Dr. K. .1. Reynolds, assistant professor, department of ediic.ilion Washington t'nUei'sily. The lille nf his (iddress \vas "A Cire;il !)(!>•". Tlie senior <-liiss. Ihe fiSlh to he •ui-adiiHted from the hi;;h srhnol. «as presenter! hy Harold S. Knapp. 'principal and coach. Diplomas were presented to the IS graduates jby R. II. McAfee. H memher of i the hoard of education. High ranking students in Ihe class were Elizabeth Ann Scheffel, valedictorian, Marietta Hermes, salulatorian, John Joseph Se.hoe- [herle, Allen Lloyd Strohheck. Carolyn Kay Oi/./lp, David Thomas McAfee, and Klouese May Beasley. Mrs. K\ e Weinke presented the eighth grade class of •12 members and Harry J. Jones, member of the board of education, presented Ihe diplomas. HOY. K. f'i. Bower gave the invocation. The speaker was inlro- rluced by M. K. Ki/er. superinien- dcnt of Community Unit School District No. 9. The Rev. Phillip Newwman pronounced the benediction. Other members on the program "•ere a piano solo, "Prelude in C Sharp Minor" hy Frances Sceger, eighth grade graduate; the senior quartet, Klowese Reasley Kli/aheth Scheffel, William Oert'ei and Melvin Scheffell, sang "The Lord's Prayer". They were accompanied by Mrs. Roland Ingham. Harold Todd played the processional and recessional marches. A large audience of relatives and friends attended the exercises. Civic Leaffue lo Tour Bukrrv BRIGHTON — Following- Com- mencemenl exercises Wednesday evening, the Brighton High School senior class members attended Lytlon's annual "graduaUon hop" fit Godfrey Civic Center. The avent was sponsored by the Henry C Lytlon store of Alton and about. 1200 graduates from 17 schools in the area were invited. Underffops Surgery Mrs. K. H. Schallenhei-g, rural route Brighton, underwent surgery at Macoupin Hospital, Carlinville, Wednesday morning. Telegraph Want Ads Click! CHILDREN FREE WITH ADULTS 2 Shows XiKhtly Open nt 7:30 Show At Dusk Ha in Or Clear FOR THE KIDS- FREE PLAYGROUND ENDS TONITE - A Rip-Roaring Holiday Week-End Show! BRING THE ENTIRE FAMILY RC6ULAR PR06IHM AND rut MIDNITE SPOOK SHOW... {.\.\KKNSTEI\ ' MKKTS N RPV, Cnmplnn Arvopl* PaMnntlr at Merlora MKDORA Rev. r;eo. W. Compton of Metropolis. III., has nc- ceplerl a call to the pasloiate ol Ihe Merlora Bap- list Church He preached fl trial sermon here two weeks' ngo and was accepted at a called business meeting of the church Sun day morning. His acceptance was received Tuesday. Rev. Compion uill he here Sunday, .Ivmc lo. for both services, but will not move until a later date. The church has been without a pastor since the first of January. Honor Students At Brighton BRIGHTON--School is out-\aca- ' (ion is here at last. The final ! honor rolls for this year have been | completed and are as follows: Grade School, third grade, high honors. Belly C.'arr, Barbara Geisler, .lames Koehiif, Sharon Milliken, Judy Oberlander. Janice Rot he. Stanley Schallenbeig, Carol : Stewart. Janet Wr-ese, and Linda Well; honor, Margaret Austin. Norman Hanscn, Sandra Jones, Kula Sisco, Larry Snell and Belly Westfall: fourth grade, high, Terry Lahr. Carol Jean Rothe, and Carole Mae Well; honor, Klaine Craigmiles, Karen Goiter and Marvin Earth. j Fifth grade, high, Dan-ell Rich.! Judy Fcnlon, Sammie Davis, Eva ; Lewis and JoAnn Well; honor. I Martha Little, Janice Allen, Altai Austin, Robert L, Jones, David Schmoeller and Judith Orban; sixth grade, high, Alice I-A-C Barth and Thelma Warner; honor, Carolyn Watson, Rosemary Austin, Donna Baker, Mary Kolb and Donald Meyerhofcr. Miss Pearl Sarius grade school principal announces the following pupils have been neither absent nor tardy throughout the school term: First grade, Mary Carr; second grade, Kdwin Mcacham; third grade, Betty Carr; fourth grade, Robert Lorts; fifth grade. JoAnn Well, Charles Mayberry and Ellen Hansen; sixth grade. Jimmie Gorin, Donald Mayerhofer, Linda Timpe and Mary Kolb. Pupils on Ihe junior and senior high school honor roll for the last six weeks arc: high honors, Patricia Fields, Nancy Swan, Thelma Barth, Nancy Masterson, Mary Warner, Alice McAfee, Kathryn McAfee, Sharon Landon, Kay Grizzle, Marietta Hermes, Elizabeth Scheffel, and Joe Sehoeberle. Honors, Ronnie Aldridge, Janet Belt, Carlene Bock, Don Hermes, Larry Jones, Marilyn Landon, Charles Towse, Donald Well, Jimmy Wittman, Charles Yost, Bob Baker, Sylvia Collins, Linda Goss, Barbara Long, Eleanor Schroeder, Jane Bott, Nancy Wiseman, Barbara Apponyi, Emma Ebbeler, Jeanninc McAfee, Verna Rothe, Sue Towse, Carolyn Bolt, Fred Oberlander. Coila Ay res, Shirley Downs, Wilbur Huber, John Lively, Tom O'Dcll, Beverly Powell and Elowese Beaslev. \VOl,K.MAX" ••••••••••••••••I Kane KANE. — W. L. Williams and daughter. Buela, spent the weekend in Western Springs with Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Pope. Joe Turner, son of Mr. and Mrs. Everett Turner, left today for San Diego, where he is stationed with Ihe navy. He has been home the past three weeks on furlough. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Under spent Friday in Alton with Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Miller. Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Hutchcns went lo Robinson. III., Thursday to attend the graduation of their LUX THEATRE EDWARDSV1LI.B, 1I.I.INO1S SATURDAY MOY 31 Dean MARTIN 7rvTV LEWIS In 2 Giant Hits My Friend Irma" PLUS My Friend Innci JF est" "HOl'.SE OF HITS" Last Time* Tonight Krrol I Ivnn—>lii-heliiie Prelle "ADVENTURES OF CAPTAIN FABIAN" .1:15—a:is "Corporal Oolan Goes A.W.O.L." 3.-.V5—«:,»—9:.)3 SUNDAY — MONDAY "BIONOIE'S HERO" 1:00—»:50—G:|0—9:30 "GIRL IN EVERY PORT" -.•:-.'il—5:1.5—8:00 jjrnndriatighter, Virginia Lou Hutehens. i\fr. and .\Trs. Wayne Wheeler and Mr. and Mrs. Roy Reynolds spent Ihe sveeknnd in Cliicauo. Mr. and Mrs. Hairy Johnston sprnt Kriflay in Burlington. In. Ralph DeFrakes was able to return home from Boyd Memorial Hospital. Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. F. F, Hawk, Alton, and Miss Daisy and Letha Davis, Godfrey, were dinner guests Friday of Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Hawk. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Willfams and Kane 4-H Girls Club Entertained RANK. •-- The Lucky Lassies -1-11 Girls Cluh met. Thursday evening children, nf Lebanon, were guests Friday of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. D. E. Williams. The Lydia Guild Missionary Circle met Thursday evening at the home of Mrs. Ed Wellcr. at the home of Janice ftnd Bessie Marshall. Talks were Rhen hy Barbara Clendenen. Joyce Harmon, and Ruth Ann Hrooks. A demonstration was Riven by Bessie Marshall and plans wore made for the -I-H parade at the homecoming here June 7. Refreshments were served by the hostesses. The nest meotinfi will he held at the home of Mrs. Albert Clendenen, June 18, at 1 p.m., CST. Need Women The hiR Influx of unmarried male migrants is one of the reasons why a woman shortage is imminent iii Australia, scientists In Sydney say. The latest figures show that in a population of 8,",on,000 there are still 78,000 more women than men, however. STATl AVOIK MtKPMV VVKTTR 1)1 (i.VV "CIMARRON KID" TODAY <'OR,\l;r, \VII.DK MAfRKK.V O'HAJtA in "AT SWORD'S POINT" 4 CARTOONS 3-STOOGE COMEDY "KING OF THE CONGO"—Serial SUNDAY-MONDAY A NEW TYPE OF WESTERN ... with Speclml Music I Shown nt 3:00—6:10—9:20 in iwfifttif SROUCHO MARX • MARIE WILSON WILLIAM BENDIX with DON DtFORE • GENE LOCKHART Shown nt 1:30—4:10—7:50 PLUS NEWS CARTOON THEATRE Nf) PARKING PROBLEM AT ROXAN'A TONITE—SUN.—MON. ;sfxnAY coNTi\t;ors FROM i P.M.; 'eek Dnvs Continuous from 7 P. M.. Burt Lancaster—Jody Lawrance—Gilbert Roland "TEN TALL MEN" TECHNICOLOR 1 " Shown Tnnitp, Monility, Tupsilny 8:SB]^jjJJ^UJJj^U ZZZZZZZZI Shown Sunday 2:','B—5:19—»:« ,. Groucho Marx—Marie Wilson—William Bendix "A GIRL IN EVERY PORT" "Shown Totiltc, Monday, Tuesday 7:2,5" .Shnwn SuiUlny 1:00—4:23—7:ftfl SELECTED SHORTS STARTS SUNDAY OPEN DAILY 12:45 BRAWNY WOODMAN, HALF-BREED BEAUTY , , , HIDING THEIR SIN IN A REMOTE WILDERNESS! rt1 ietf Breafhless Grandeur, Breathtaking Thrills... '"" NORTH M-G-M'j great outdoor dromo Stewart GRANGER Wendell COREY Cyd CHARISSE SHOWN 1:00 3:05 5:10 7:20 9:25 EXTRA CARTOON "TWEETIE'S SOS" LATEST NEWS LAST TIMES TODAY ANN SHERIDAN John Lund • Howard Duff Technicolor "STEEL TOWN" Shown 3:35 5:35 7:35 9:35 TT TODAY LAST TIMES Cesar Komcro, (ico. Brent Aiiclre.v Totter "F.B.I, GIRL" .'i:.)0 8:311 KOY ROUKRS "In Old Amarillo" 4:35 7:00 0:10 SUNDAY 3 DAYS MATINEE SUNDAY 12:30 SAVAGES GAVE IT ITS NAME! GUNSLINGERS GAVE IT ITS FAME! ONLY THE TOUGHEST GOT THERE... W..K JANE NIGH Shown l:lfi 4; Oil 6:1."' 9:3 PLUS 2ND HIT- HOLD EVERYTHING! IT'S A LAFF AFFAIR! A ROLLICKING, IQVi-PACKID HIT! ""i ESTIUTA • Bill WIUIAMS • Hugh HERBERT 5:25 SO + CARTOON TODAY LAST TIMES ROIJ CAMERON' "FORT OSAGE" Shown 4:00 6:oO 9:30 Ban m'RYKA y AXOKRSOV "CHICAGO CALLING" Shnwn 5:UO 8:06 OI'KN DAILY 1>:»5 SUNDAY & MON, HAT "MOB" MAN IS BACK AGAIN! PLUS ACTION HIT shown 1:00 s^s e.-se 9:20 RANGE RIDING TROUBLE SHOOTER! \\ilh "KOKO" the Miracle H"«e of the Movie*—2:80 5:30 8:05

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