Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 12, 1912 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 12, 1912
Page 5
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"Well, of All the Funny Cracks, That Was the Lim(b)it," Says Felix to Fink. SOLO cot. SO "we OH w vwr TO sec " TH C GAME <IS TO GO UP OH COOQAH 'S OLUPF ANO CUMB A TREE. Professional Directory. WANT—YOU TO KNOW ABOUT the finest fruit and farming section 'in Florida. Address H. a. Uatea. Arcadia. Florida, P. O. Bdx 20. W.WTED—TO BUY S.MALL UOVSK suitable for coal Jioiioc, ia Gas i'ity. Phone SOO. • i •• —I FOItM LO.\SS W.\.\TI:P—I AM prepared to take ram of Farm lyoans .largn or small, at the lowest rate to be obtained anywhere. Privilege to pay any amount at 'any interost imy- j ing time. Soc mo and pri terms and i rate, before plaoinR your R. I.,. ! Thompson. Over Kvans DruR Store. [ WAXTKP WORK—MAN W I T II ! family wunts work on farm by month. Have three.heavy hor^e-s will use. U. W. Ray. Yates Center. Kans. WANTKI)-WIIITK WOMAN TO c<»ok at the hotel. .1. f Burns, Carlyle. Kans. (WTTliK Call HIS. A ."^r) nous WA.NTKD— FOit SALli—0M-: MAT CABINET. 22 feet lonK with 2 mirrors and 24 drawcns. 7 oak tables ;txy 2 settees. ; I heating stove and pipe. Ulobe Shoe ; & (.'lothlnK Co. ' FOR SALE—WHITK NANNY COAT .vagon and harness. l/)ui<; II. Klau- I niann. MAN TO TRAVKI. IN KANSAS- S <i.Tps. croriMios. ji'welry. etiv (Sooil p .'iy an <|iailored suit or 2 <i yrars pi'Iil watch in 3u day .s Kxperlence unnecessary. J. K. .McBrady & Co.. ChimRo \VANTK1)-MKN TO KKARN BAR- ber trade. An army of our cniduates running shops ilepending upon us for bartiers. Many jobs waiting, t^iint ho had I'lsrwhore Write loday\ Moler Rarlier CoUcgf. Kansas, City. .Mo ri -rin iinliniitcd. : FOR SALK—ICIGIIT UKAl) OK ; road.stcr colts from one to four year!\ obi .Ml well bred. Some arc stand- I aril .Also one .standard bred mare i years old, one two year old draft j colt and one six months old mtile i i-olt Will price theui right, i^ng- i shore Ac Sutlierland, 1-2 mile cast of Carlyle. WANTKP— A KAiCM FrKNlSUKD. anywhere from I IMI to 20ii acres, to tend in different kinds of crops. 1 have two boys able to do a man's work anvwhcre. .\ddrcss Calvin Burrls. ! Yale. Okla. R!'R. No. .1. Box ir .3. j WANTEO—200 BrSIlKl_«! WHEAT , and kaffir corn at the East lola Feed Store. Phone SS7. | - —— — I WANTEH—2r,<"i FEET OF INCH gas pipe; will buy in small quantities, A. C Evans. Gas City. WANTED- FEW .MIDKI.E AGED nieti to travel. Experienc«> unnecessary. IVrnianent posltiim. Tt<rriiory includes Inla. Garnett, iBiirlinglon. Humboldt. Toronto. Chanuic. Brown Brotliors .Rochester. N. Y. FOR SALE t HEAP t ;oon DRIV- ing oV general purpose mare witli foal, about or lu years old; 301, N Waslilngton. lola. FOR SAI-E A SIX MONTHS OM) : registered Perchc-ron stallion. Won I 1st at Allen County Fair. B. F. Wriirht. WO.ME.V—SEIJi Gl-All ^\.\TEEn hosiery 70 per cent profit; make $!<• dallv; full or part time; beginners In- v^-^tipate. STRONG KNIT. Box 4029 West Philadelphia. Pa. WANTED—MARRIED MAN work on farm. E. B. Butler. UlttRPE NEWS TO LADIES—WHEN DEI.AVED OR i ;regular. use Triumph Pills; always dependable; "Relief and particular.^ free. Write National Medical Ins.. Milwaukee. Wis. I HAVE TWO RESIDENCE PROP- ertie.s in lola; one clear and one in­ cumbered; will inide cither for au- lon;ohiIe; same must be In first class conilltion. Prefer small car. either •Ford" or "llup." Roy .laekson. Syra. Kans. FOR SALE -TWO AD.IOININC. farms conjalning l^H acres;/ well Im- iiroved; l .*i acres liearlim ordiard and he hr-st of farm land Plenty of timber and good wi.ier; fhe inibs from Walker, oni- mile from Derriik and nine milesm .Nevada. Mo. county seal of Vernon county;• ."..•'(•a hiisliels of corn raise<l on place this year. Will sell for $in.t)iHi. half cash. Anyone wishing a good farm ail<lress G. C I'arlasiyi. I.-ilIanre. Kans. REI.lAIiEE FIRE INSURANCE -IN renewing your Insurance, jilaee .<--ome of it Willi me 1 will .tel.- that your in- liTests are safely gtiaicb-d. by writing you In a tirsl clas» comiiany. Besides, we need the huslne.^s and will »ppreciai(r your i)aironage 1{. I.,, riiomp.son. J'lione 112. Over Evans Dru:; Store. F\R.'^ FOR RKST OR SALE— south and west of city limits. 44 acres. Mrs. O. L Sielnnian, Ix.>ck Box Ibl. OITICE ROOMS FOR HuNT— over Ram.sey's Store. Inquire ;n .store. • DR. C M. IIUSS • VcnUst ' • i Extraction without pain by th^ *' use of Nitrou.^ O.xide Gap • • Boom >o. I >orlhrui» BIdf. • Plioncs—Office 553;. Res. 85? • WOOD FOlt .^AI.E i 'HONE lOJO. FOR S.M.E OR Tl!ADE-'sO ACRES land in S. W. Mi ouri. Also bouse .mil lot in City for lola iitoper- Iv. .\"e«;.y \ l(> , FOR RENT S ROOM IIOI'SE IN- Iquire i,i>:i N.!ngton. Roy Card. FOR SAKE AUDIT 7.". ACRES. mile from lola on ro. k road; part under plow; a siie. iai snap for (juiek turn at $22 .e' P" T acre It will go <oon. Who ih the first nmn for it Call on Tlie Allen County inve.^inieni Co. lola. Kan. Keib-v Hot.-i FOR SAI.F>—PAWNED SUIT CASES and tninlts as good as new. Unless you see them before buying, we'll both lose. Blgnfl Pawn Shop. FOR SALE-A GOOD ORGAN. IN- quire 312 S. Third. Phone 84. :;2t' ACRES HOMESTEAD IN EAST ern'colorado. to txchan;;e for lola- I«« Hariie or Gas Cily properl.v. This is; a gotHi thing. Come in and see us about it. What have you to oflT. Allen t;ounty Investment Co.. lola. Kan • Kelley Hotel BImk. • FOR SALE OK TKADE--SMAI.I. 2! pas .-encer .luloiiii.Viile In <iuire Penn- s>h .inia lloiid FOR S\I.E -PAIR HAV DUIVINC, Jiiares. 7 .vears old and sound, to- teiher with bugity ami harness, at f.-ed yard on North .refierson. l.'rRNISHED ROO.M AND BOARD f<ir <me or two gentlemen. One of the nicest homes in the city. Inquire .M. .M. Care of the Register. * • •fr MONEX TO LO.VSl • <f Will lend on bouaeliold good*. - 4 4* pianos, organs, sewing jufr^ •> rbin'es. diamonds and Je^dlrjir?''* • J.W.COFFEY /• 4- Office, Ko. IIV Sorth BtrMt^« • ••>*«*<»*«« : • . • « • * * * * • • •> PHILLIP HEIGELB « • « •> HAR.XE.SS AJfP SADDLEBt « •:• General Kepairlny • * - • <• 11014 South Strect-^Iola. KBM. • • • • • • F. L, B. LEA TELL, M. Di • *=- Specialties: . • •> Diseases of the Chest • i'> Diseases of Cbildrea PbonM-OWee H7; Res. 1«7 • , •:• Jola State Banli Bldg. , • « • I • FOR RENT -NICEI.V FCRNISIIKD room for gentleman 4i"2 E .Madison FOR SALE AM. KINDS OF FEED ! al the East lola Feed Store I'hone i FOR SALE OR E.KCHA.NGE ONE uood Ford Itunaliout; just what, y <iu wiini. Will sell fiir cash or gfwKl m»tes or tradi; for lola )(n.iierty or in any other town nearby or for land. What have .vou to offer. Call <.n The-Allen County Investment Co. K. Uey Hotel Bbxk. lola. Kansas. FORT RILEY SOLIMKR.S JIEKE FOR 3- THANKSGIYIX; GAME. l" Mr. and -Mrs. Max^on Home from SonV ,4; Weddlnp—Carpenter V-.imUy hack !5- to LaHarpc. ^ *3:3-3--S-ira3?3-*ie3T'at the Methodist Chur:-h tomorrow— I 3r both hiornlng and evening. The Siin- .lust received a select line of *,day program will bo folW^wcd Vui as' * usual, liveryone invited. ; *; Miss Elfie Williams of north of town , and .Mr. I.ige Tindsley of Moran were 3r, married Thursday by Probate .Iii<Ige w; Smith, of loia. Th-y will make their' Si; home in .Moi an. w hero .Mr. Tindsley is •sr rr * w 4- FOR SALE-FEW CHOICE CAN.VR-: ies and new collapsible go-cart. .11; South Buckeye, i'hone i:sol. t THE DUrS DOINGS AT GAS Gin! F OR sAI.E-il O CSE FCRNISII- in?;s. rugs. linfdeuni.'- trunks, suit cases and combination iieaters Bonnell. '•' N .leflerson. Phone 1290. FOR l:i:.VT FURNISHED ROO.MS. tll'l .N. .lefferson. T. 0. CANATSEY Expert Piano Tniilnr and Repairing. WItk RoberU Musle Ca FEOXEm LOST AND FOUND. UtA B. FRANTZ I.OST-SMAM. B V .NCH OF KEYS Pl-ase return to Register office. Reward. ,THK f>rrr9HKrnm (Hrst Published October 12. l'.'12.J .NOTIt'I- To Whom It .May Concern: This is a notice that the undersigned „ , ^ # cs;_i»t. has been appointed tempora:y re- i Rf ^i ^f Estate of .SmUh I .Madison street where payments dk ho made. C. C. MCARTY, ceiver of the e.state of Smith D. Ray. bankrupt, and that said appointment was made October 7th- 1912. by C. E. C'orv. Referee in Bankruptcy of the Federal Court, ami that I qualified October Sth. 1912; tiiat I now have D. Ray. Bankrupt MULLER-KELLER'.S CHOCOLATES and BOX BOXS.- SAFE AT POSTOKKHK BLOWX AXD STOLEX. l FANCY CABBAGE 4 LAHARPE. KAS. Ort I.V—AfCr h:> had called up over iwonty towns in this part of A .\. Ran.'om manager of the fool ball team, was successful yesterday in securing a game wi>h the Fort Riley soldiers to be pla.ved on the I«'iHaipe Krotjnds Thanksgiving Day. It is useless to say much about the soldier boys for their yearly revord indicates that they have a strong team, and if ieiK >rts are 'rue, they are stroijger this year than everj^ before. The g.ime will he played on a : * sixty and forty per cent basis. A. W. I-ofig. of l»iqiia. formerly agent j here, was in town (ailing on friends' Thursday. We also carry a full line of the celebrated Douglas Chocolate for your approval. A trial * is the best introductory. Sr WATERS * DAXFORTH * Dmtcs and Jewelry. a ***** 100 Pounds f or $1 .23 ^i{,^;!iiJ.iJjrSii*rvr****3f : Re^lial to «e Started by Elder (.oi.d- rirh- Engineer Smith Gets ( aus- tie SodJi I D Eye. GAS CITY. Oct 12 -During the RIGS The line is complrte—Vel- vots. Axminsters and Brussels —the quality the best. The patterns are dain'y Orientals and Florals. The colorings assorted .\ll sizes. \ pleasure to show. H. R. -MARTIX. The Literati and Philoniathean so- j ^ cleties of the high s( hool wJH pach ' .1 .j. ^ ^ $ Si 4; * * * * * * * * render a program Thursday evening; ' in the high school building. Mr and Mrs. B. I.. Wallis have re- , , . turned from a weeks v .sit with tbei, •"t-'c show. daughter near Humb.ddt. 1 A large crowd attended the f; of .Mrs. Elizabeth Brisier. which froTU w as the Mr. and Mrs. Theo. .Maxsnn returned . vesterdav fioni Topeka. where jliey at-: h> Id yesterday afternoon tended the wedding of their son Ralph (Methodist <hurch to Miss Reed, of that i.lace. The new-, _.\ f..w higls-Iill Sulky I'iow.- at a ly'married couple are spending a few • bargain Hiiies" Il.irdwate. J r*;.,. ...1.1 t .1 ,i-,.nTi..D .rinri days in City ami Uiwvence and will not be here until the tirst of ihe week. The parents of the liridegrooni are planning a big re epti.,n for Tuesday night to revive the eonpb' WilBani Newman and .1. .N. Clark returned yt-sterday from Independence, where they attended the 1 O O F. Gt»and I>odge. They re|>ort a line time and one of the best gatherings ever held. In talks made by the Past Grand Masters ^ach stated that this grand lodge was the best they ever attended and some had gone for thirty-three years. The next grand lodge will be at Hutchinson Ray Edwards returneri yesterday from Kansas City wbeie he atf^niled It is mop' neeeysarv that, vou ke..|i .Mr. and Mrs .1. W. Doucherly f-.r- y„„r llr.wels. I.iver' and Slomaeh iinMiy of Callarpe. but now of Tol.'ilo. pure ;^nil fresh than It i- to I lyw Is'County. Washington, ninu- in,'|;,»ep the -scw-ers ,iJi.i draiuag.- "f a this week for an extended visit with larce city free from ohsiruciion -Mrs. Doughertys sister. -Mrs. l.-e, Xr.> y.,u keeping clean iiisb!,- with Limes and to visit old friends Mr • t-a.scarel.s - or merely forcing a 11:1s- Dougberly was formerly a carpenter j sageway eiery few days with iSalts. i .iits or castiir oil? Ijcre. . calhartic p George Malcoiii has gone to WeUia ; ini|)ortant. to help move the . I. M. Carpenter fain-j Cascarets Immediately «leans employed. —For Glasses, sc.. 1. H. Frantz. tin- Optometrist, at .AtliiM'rry's Restaurant Tuesday. Ocloher I.Mh. j Rev. Sydnian will cimduct services | al the Presbyterian Church toiu •rrr)w, as usual. , Elder V. L Goodrich will preach In I"*"' ">"• li't'^-f'ty last ni -.;hl both morning and evening tomorrow at ' y-f :""-n entered the liostoffice and the Concreto church. He will hold re- '•'''w up the safe, securing al^ul $I..O.. vlval through out the week ''''•"""as'"''" -McKelvey opened the of- beglnning each evening-Jit s o.-loek. "f"-" "'Is morning at 7 .iclock and C. T. Harris is putting in a parti- fo""'' the door to his large safe lying, lion'in the front of his place of btisi- ''o'"' •''''i foin the safe and all for hiK office room. I 'hP -Stamps and papers strewn over Clifton Ouart of lola visited H. J. j An investigation showed, < that the robbers entered from the rear' 1 window by breaking the Iwk and dls-; ' P'la( ing a large bar that was over the 1 window lor burglar prot»etio». The way the hole was horoil into the safe , and t":ie explosive set showcil the work 'if |iror «?«,sionals As if'ea'r ;is .Mr. Mci Kelvey could Judge at tiiis writing jthey took no stamps nor anything but • money, which amounted To .ippr'xim- alely-JI.'.O The sheriff w;is iii.n:,>di- .ately no'ifled and steps will b.- taken ' to try and find the looters. .Niiss Nellie I>>wman. who created a sensation some few weeks ago on ac- cvufrt of .her sudden d!.<appearance is now comfortably located with her hunt. .Mrs. in Kansas »riiy. She has eniployir.ent in the G.-jirte B. Peck wciin-'.ns furn:~hins- '!'-par*- menl. Eldfr V L G<K.ilrteli. f.f L -.i(.irpe will hecin a series «ii r.vival me.- - inss t«,morrow at the (''•ncr «-t 'i '•huri !i II'' will prea<ii .both inorn'in: and i -v eninc tomorrow and durin;r the r>'- _ mainder of the wek. ser\iees he -in- This i? ,ning at >> o 'eliuk. ' Ein<.st Smith, day engineer at th" and i Prime Wi -:le!n 'luime^ng plant nuni- 4 h t CARL & HUNTER i I- Gas, Kans. m i-hA' I' ^ ^ ^-^ ^'^^ Card of Thanks. * i We desire to thank our many frlend<» and nelghl)0rs for their kindness and r sympathy during the illness.and-deatti possession of all the property of the j of our belovedmothen Mrs. Elizabk^tK .-aid Smith a Ray. including books of • ijrlster. Also for the beautiful floral account and in -said books of accoun-t I offerings. Her Children. find more than $;;.i>fio due and owing ; ' by customers of the said Smith D. • • Ray: that the Referee has directed me, . Sares Lei? of Boy. to at once collect and receive payment —"It seemed that my H-year-oId of the amounts due on said accounts, 'boy would have'to lose his leg, on ac- This is notice to each and every per-| count of an ugly ulcer, cauised by a .=on having an account with the said bad bruise," wrote D. F. Howard, Smith D. Ray. to immediately make .Aquone. .\. C. "All rethedies .ifnd'doc- s.ettlcmont of same thereby avoiding j tors treatment failed till we trtetl trouble ^and further expense. Dated j Bucklcn's Arnica .Salve, and cured him this October 8(h.;1912. I will be found I with one box." Cures burns, boils, akid at Uic BadgIey.Fecd Store at 117 West i eruptions, piles- 2.'.c at all druggistai N'ellson yesterday. Robert Logan, of Itlue .Mound, was here Thur.eday calling on friends W. S. Ford was n r.ill.-r In lola yesterday. CASCARETS CLEANSE llVfll AND BOWELS The Millions of Ca^raret r>rrs Xe\er Have Iloadurhe. ConslipHliiMi. Kil- Iou>ness or Sick Stomach. • • • 1800 rolls of new Wall Paper Just received. New and artistic designs—business getting prices. We would be pleased to show you the Une- F. -4. COOKSET Fr(>seri|itlM Dng^t • • • •••••••t*••••••••• ily back to Lallarpe. They uiil occupy their property in -Melrostf. 1 Mr. and Mrs. Frank Nogle, of Gas rity. were dinner guests of Mr. and .Mrs. C. T. Harris last evening. Revival meetings at the Baptist church will continue for two wcks or more. Rev. Dr. Carlelon. of Oklahoma City, will he In charge. Sermon II a. m.. 3 p., nt. and at ir.",!" p. in Tb<' public is cordially inv|i<.Ml G. W. Shepard pastor. The mule team of Will Ijiury h.'- canie frightened yesterday while on Main Street and ran a few block^. They were stopped by Messrs. Hines and Newman before any damage was done. —Fine northern cahbage for kraut, tl 2J> for ion po\inds Eliioits Grocery ' Mrs. O. Morrison and Mrs. Hershel Smith have gone to Neodesha for • visit with.their sister, Mrs. George Moore. I^yle MrUntock and Jesse Theobald ha»e gone to Rivrnes City, Iowa, to 8 |>end the winter. Rer. Archie J. Mprrlson wUI preach tTascarefs imiiieuiaieiy cieanci' ann.ii"— . 7/, „, .„,. regulate the .stomach remove the sou:. i Ler two. „u- with a lalnful and sei- undigested and fermenting food and ! io.^s ac.iUont >-'^-(',;<^«>_ "^'''^"^"^t foul gases; take ,he excess bib- lio.-i'about six oclock. Mr. Smith wa^ iVliver and carry out of the .sy.stet.i ^chiM.l:n^ Into a <!•-'••• "f^au.s.ic soda tht constipated waste matter and the t,. put it into .be boilers to .-often t!.e poison ill the intestines and bowels. .\o odds how badly and np-e- you fe.i. a Cascaiet lotiiglit will siraigh'- en you ou: by morning. They woik while you sleep A 10-cent box from your druKt-'ist will keep your head clear, snuraeh swe« t and your liver and bowels regular for months. Don't forget the children—their little insides need a good, gentle cleansing, too. •vater when he .-uddenly struck a dls- s.-l\ed i)ortion causing a big splash. Tl'.e substance flew into his ey, s and face inflicting numerous injuries Cans lie hoda is much stronger fbjfti any —Mr. Jas. V. Churchill. 30 Wall St, Aubuin. N- Y .,1 has been bothered wit'i serious kidney and bladder trouble eviT -since he ieit the atiuy. and s.-}v ••| decided to try Foley Kidney rills as they had cured so many people nnd • 1 soon found they were Jnst-the thini;. |* My kidneys and bladder are again.ini<> u healthy condition. I gladly rfctt -i- luend them." For sale at Darrell'a Drag Store. We imy the liii;he »l Market Price for Conntry rriMlore. TRY CS' CARL k lirXTER • kind of lye and for thai reavotf he may lose one r,{ his eyes. E. O Brock eit aciinir as his substitute. - Fine northern cabbage for kraut. J1.2.'. per 100 ib.s. Elllotti Groctry. Our city is making extensive preparations to impply the citlaiens with gas this winter. The ditch, froii the meter in the south tian of town, to the lola road will be completed today and a ibree-lnch line will take the; pja'c of the two-inch line Therc-will ; prnhalily he other imrnneinents ipade beforb fricid weather. Mr and Mrs Ed Kerns, refi'i^ned las* nisht fni^i a »ei >k's vli^it with rel Hii «es at Coinn^vllle Workmt-!.- are installinK '! ubbler" : fountain.'* in ih" ••••ntrai >< liool bui'.il- <n:i ti -'.'ay "Freti." on*' ef the. delivery r;orses • if Carl .V- HunftT. broke lose from .Mr Carinaine :ari ii;i:ht and ran away. H" was!> capture'! in the west pa 'l of town .war l :K''K !\ED I"<t ALL WOOL Winle.- I'.li!.' S. rci. .Siiitfi. aKe.~ 1". to tfi. in ih" l .nlesif yiyb-f Tli«'-ie suits ar»' fully worti' tt'<' reuular price $7 :,i>. hut We are :-i .*ns to mike a barb-r of them nc\; week to furtli.r advertise our Bfiys" Stiit Departic'nt at the s !au ;;Vtered pri'e .if f.nly $t.s;». Come I early in ib.- week l»efore ~i /ci> are 1 l.roVen Tl;- Mode!. Oas. Kans. .Mrs Everett EpIIns will return tomorrow »o her home in Collinsvllle .Mrs .la'-k Rayl. who was called here on accounc of the death of her Kr*ndniofher. .Mrs Drickett. returne'l Thiwsday to her home in l^eRny. MI SH Sophia Shawver. princJ[ia! of the high school, will 'spend Satunlay and Stindav with her parents In Kin- cald. The local fool ball enthusiasts will be glad to learn that the invincible I.aHarpe team has secured a ganie,^ with For: KUey for Thanksgiving. .Mr and .Mrs. Frank .Vosle were gtrests of .Mr and Mrs C. T Harris, of j I^iHari.e. last evening ' J .M I arpenter and family who I mo'of* ro near Ottawa this sprinr is moviniE back ro hi.= property in .Melrose this week PUBLIC SALEI 1 - ' . . • I will veil at Public aurtinn at my. farm, AH miles newt of loln^ and l?i miles ra*! of Piqna, ou . Tuesday, October 15. 1912 Beirlniilns af 1« o'clock, a. m„ Ihe follotflne described property: 7 HEAD HORSES AXD .MILES. HOGS. 1 bay mare. 12 years old. weight U.'," :{ thoroijghbred Bic Berg boars. Can lbs.. In fonl by jack, serxice paid; 1 j-jv,. papers with these hogs, bay mare, i years old. weight 11"" lbs.' •I! foal by ,ja.k. s. rvice paid. 1 bay FAR.H LnPLE.MEXTS ETC. mari' l' ;.";|is old. weight >>"'^ lbs ; I sorrel yi-ariine rii'il<». I black yearling 1 wagon, good shape; 1 hay derrick, • ompli'te; I set dwfl.le driving bar-* < I^EAB OF . UTI.E. „. , ,^ ^^^^ ^^^^ 1 toil, li ws. al' divine iiiiik; 1 fi' n- ss. all m tood sh?fe; and many <i>w; 1 sh.iirt y.-ariii'i; het-r; 2 .-uik- ling calves (•'her arti< lei to nuraerouj to.mentioa. TEK'MS OK SALE—All s,j ;,is of Jl 'ixi and under, cash in hand. AB sums t >.e^ Slow, a cn -diT 'if I- months will be given, purcha.ier giving note with approved s-ecurif:.. liear'ng r,'; interest from date If paid! when due. If not ptid when due to dr:\%v I'/, from date of sale. 4';o discount for'cash on credit sales. .No pr-jp'-rty »'•-> b< rt-iiiovfl until settled for. — COL. L. S. BLSHOP. AocUoneer. n 40HX H. WILLIE. (lerk. »• SQUmRO They Make You Feel Wood. —The pleasant purgative effect produced by Chamberlain's Tablets and the healthy condition of body and mlod which they create make one feel 'uU For sale liy all dealers. I ^yfu THE NORTBRUP NATIONAL BANK lOLA, KAXSAS OVER FOKTT TEARS OF COXSERTATITE BAXfilXG IN ,IOLi. Depository for the rnlted States State of Kaasas^ and AU CB Coaatj OFFICERS: E. J. MILLER, President L. L. NORTHRUP, Vlce-Prest. MELVIN FRONK. Cashier P. A. NORTHRUP. Vlce-Prest. R. J. COFFEY AssL Cashier • D. P. XORTHRVP. Vice-Prest CAPITAL $50,000.00 SURPLUS $20,000.00 YOUB BUsixESS soLicrrap tsterMt Paid ok Tlwe Depefclta S^kij ^^^Mlt B «e« for Bent

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