The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on April 14, 1892 · Page 8
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 8

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 14, 1892
Page 8
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a. HUTCHINSON DAILY NEWS, THUKBDAY, APJITL 14, 18.02. THE MARKETS, MONKV ANl>STOCKS. Nrcw Yout., April 14.—[Hloek letter Itirmshe.ei by the. Kansas llrnin anil Live- Stock company. |— The frossip is stronger than ever about Delaware, l,;ieliawunnu nnil Western, and Mr. Aiken, a big former owner who sold out not long ajfo nt l !i8, lias bought, lxiok »tl of his holding*, up to 100. Con siderlnf^ the holiday season everybody agrees itig Mr man-American houses continue bulls on sugar and Chicago gas. Atchlnon, Topeka anil Santa I'V Wl'< MltBonrl Pacific., no>4. Uock Inland. H7!j. Ht. Paul. 71l«. Union Pacific, 4(11*. Wentcrn Union, Mix. I' K OIH.'UK. that the market, shows surprising Rt.rongtli and aelivity, 'flic (ler- great litc.ken "n: per pr >uiicl; henH i"ic per pound; rooster* lit' per pnuinl: turkeys 7c per pound. (IAMB— Wild ducks in demand SI .HI K'V.H .II O per tin*.: jnneons ill demand. Ifl.OO per ilo/,.: ese f'iU per do/,.. «DKNIP. I'nriirldge eovered May wheat to-ilay. Wheat reeeipts in the northwest: Minneapolis, SfiB ears; Ile.luth, Mil ears. Chiongo reports: drain out of store: Wheat, 210.00(1: corn, 1.'14,0(10: oats, 120,0(10: rye, :M,000. Weather in the northwest: Out nth. clear and mild, 40 degrees above; Minneapolis, clear. ST above; SI. l'anl. clear, 3? above. Inspections at Chicago: Winter wheat, 1 out of K>; spring wheat, 34 out of 111; corn, 3 out of 2r>tl; oats. 117 out if MM: new corn. 252, No. 2. r,2. No. 3. 1(12. ARNOLD WANTED LAND IN CANADA, Ohlrntrn, ClllCAflo, April 14. —[Special advices received by the Kansas drain and Live Stock company. |—WIIKAT—In buying his short, May yesterday I'tmlrltlge alarmed the room traders and there was n general covering of shorts to. day. !io hits been a heavy seller of .Inly wheat and the pressure become HO strong that it forced the longs to liquidate, und lcnockcd down prieCH cents. It was thought that the unfavorable weather would stimulate the market. and doubtless would if short interest had not been so generally dominated. Trades huve been quite evened up and there is littl to indicate the course of the market on Saturday. It's a weather market, and .some wtirm, dry days are needed am! if they don't, come shortly temporary rallies may be expected. Corn ^nd oats have been dull and easier. The went lier is against corn receipts and the price is liable (o be pushed higher in consequence, but with good shipping weather it will he difficult bo iiKiinl iim prices. I'liovmtOKK—The same old story. N business and no immediate prospects of material price fluetttiiLion. range of prices tor The following 1H ttie active futures: CIOS'K MOM HO: use 10?, ••'•Hi •Ml, 10 10 10 221, 0L".!» (I 110 .-, urn .170 WllBAT— No 2 steady, canli SOfcr; May MlKc: ,1uly HUXr. COMN-No. easier: cash :H»X,«; April 40SiC: Mar 4014 June MSljc: July .'tKjj<&.'lrfl»i:. OATS-- steady; ca.ill'.'H Wo2tle.; Mav 2«Kc. MUSH I'OliK-Steaily; casli S11.n 1 '!.;; Mingle. WSJ 0.1 :.'(*. LAIU'-Ktcadr; cash 4MM74; May SO.22'4. July SU.:iWS(l .:i2si. SlIOItT Kllli^-Steady: cash »r».r.r. : May .«!i.r>7 ',<s<f«f,.r ,0: July t«.~u. UYK— No. 2 dull, -r .Vir. HAUMiY -No. a imiuinal: ,'i .jWIOr. I 'LAXHKKIl-No. 1 Klrm; OBe. TIAfOTCIY.SKKIJ-l'rlme. Klrm.' I..'II. IIU'M'RK—UncliaiiKi'd. KfitSS-Unchaiigeii; Opea'd l.llgli'1. Low'fil wn«AT May HIV Kl.'i sn; 4 July K2 H2 MOij (XIHN. March .•IH« June :io '. h'ti'' ' :i«;, July 2R?a' May 4 Hi 11 H 40(t OATH. July MH», 28'i 27S Mav 211 <\ 2H>4 2H1, POIIK. May 10 10 17VS 1» 10 July 10 HO 10 no 10 20 LA III). May (1 22>: II 2214 11 20 July (1 .'1214 (I :i2S4 (1 :to It aw. May r, «2« .-, (I2!t il"> July r.72M r> 70 h Asked for Trunin In Upper Cnuudn Amnmitlnir to 50.0011 Acre*. OTTAWA, Ont... April 14.—The, records of the "Malting of Onnndti," at which Mr. Douglas Drymner, the Dominion archivist, lias been laboring so long, constitute a store of information about the early days. His report on Canadau archives for I Hill, which Itux just been submitted to 1'arlininent, includes a mass of noli's on settlements and surveys in Ontario, (Juebee and Nova Scotia, with long extracts from the original documents To select one matter of interest from among u thousand in Drymner's records, there is the application for largo tracts of land in I r pper Canada made by llene- dict Arnold, whose name is so well known in connection with that of Maj. Andre. His applications were made in the most urgent terms, and his claims on account of his services were frequent and pressing. The specific amount of land he considered himself entitled to is stated in a letter to the duke of Portland, written in I707, in which he says he should have 20,000 acres, or upwards of thirtv-one square miles. Later, in a petition to the king, Arnold asks for 10,(HID acres in Upper Canada for himself and d.OOO each for his wife and seven children, making Ml,000 acre, in all. A condition on which Arnold insisted was that he should not he obliged to come to Canada to take possession, (lov. Simcoe in a letter to Mr. .lohn King, under secretary of state, speaks disparagingly of Hen. Arnold, and says that Arnold was very obnoxious to the loyalists. The grant of land was never made. There is an interesting mention of the question which was before the legislature of Lower Camilla in 170.1 of the disposal which was to be made of the Jesuit. States after the death of the last survivor of the society and of the question of the use of both French and English as official languages. A PETR T FIED MAN. flomeseeken* In Oklahoma, OIU.UWIIA On. O. T.. Anril 14.— j Governor Seay is here in conference! with officials of the United States land office relative to the Cheyenne and Arapahoe lands. Everything is in readiness at the land oOlee here and oil Friday the governor will announce the appointments for county officers in the new counties. The land ollicc block is packed with people who are in tine awaiting the. opening dav to lile. They are regujarly organized 1 and have a president and secretary. Each man haB a number and must answer the roll call twice a day. People are Hocking here from all along the border in order to get. a place to sleep and rnt. A Hllrh in (lie rrn.iigrnie.ii i*. CitK.'AOO, April It.—Another hitch has occurred in the work- of building the Democratic, national convention wigwam, and several days of valuable time will probably be. lost in consequence. The property owners on the. Lake Front to-ilay demanded a deposit of 81.1.00(1 cash before, permitting work to proceed, the required deposit being to make certain that the wigwam would be torn down immediately after the convention, instead of being left indefinitely for miscellaneous uses. Kaisml the Trice of [.mnhi-r. Sr. pOYAl POWDER Absolutely Pur*. A cream of tartar baking powder highest of all in leavening strength.— Latest U. S. Government Food Report. (St. I.OIliH. Louis, April 14. and May H4Hc; ST. WHKAT-bowcr; cash July 7PMc: August 7S!ic. «)HN- Lower: cash :10! IK! Sic. OATS— Lower: cash :in?;r: Mav MO'^c hid. POUK-Uulet: Jobbing* S10.02M. •Nominal: S0.00. May :i(»ic; July I.AltD- nal: 80.00. Kaunas CHy. KANSAS CITY. April 14. drain market was very dull: no sales In nats beliiK recorded, (!OItN-N». 2 casll :HMr: April :i:l>i<rM:i>.<c. IIIJTT Bit- Weak; 2 (lffi .2r .c, I'.UtiS—Steady at 11c, HAY—tlaclianged. I" LAX SBKD-U11 cli a 11 (,'Cd. Vortiisn ilrain M»rfc< LONDON, April 14.--OarKoes off the coast Aleady. red (Id Higher on pansa^e; llriucr, iieplhiKtier. Hod wheat (Id higher. Oom spot and on passage :id lower. Weather in ICngland cold. Livnavooij, April 11. — Wheat enhanced pretension on the part of sellers to prevent tniHlne-KB. Indian unchanjietV, oilier kinds qd hli;lier Corn M higher. 1.1 VK STOCK. Clllcntro. OnioAdo, April H. OATTLH-'-Iiecelnts 0,000; salen generally showed ,1 slight advance, but vet prices are extremely low: top J4.00Hi4.o0. llOGS-ltcCclptu 83,000: active r >©10c higher; rough and common S4.00(f(14..')0: mixed and packersS4.tl0(rM.70; prime heavy and butchers' weights S4 .~r >©4.8f>; light t4 .UCxa4 .7ti. SHBEl* -Itecelpts 0,000: active, strong and 10c higher. SI, I.ouin. ST. Lotus. April 14 OATTLB-Uec.elptn 1.000. Stronger. llCXiS- Itecelpts .•1,000. Higher: fair to choice heavy s4 \r>oa4.TO; mixed »;U0(»4.00; yorkcrHt4.(i0«i4.ti0. SliKKP—Receipts BOO. Strong. K HUHHH City. KANSAS CITV A Ht.nuig-e iMscovory Made Near H Mining Camp In Colorado. CttKKDK, Col., April 14.—]Correspon- denue. ]— This camp was thrown into a state of excitement yesterday afternoon over the discovery of a petrified man, found in a gulch about seven miles east, of here. The find was made by ,1. .1. Pore, a prospector from Dallas, Tex., who was wandering up the valley, and saw a stone sticking from file ground, that very much resembled a human foot, in form. Hxaminatiou and curiosity caused him to unearth a petrified man, five feet and nine inches in height, lie came to town, procured a team and wagon and assistance and brought, the stone man to camp. lie looks as though he bad been a man of about middle age and fine physique. The form is perfect with the exception of the toes, - which are partly gone and look as though they had been worn away by the action of the wuter. He evidently had been buried for his head was to the west and his hands laid across the chest in a natural position. The stone looks like a hard limestone formation, the muscles stand out perfect, the wrinkles across the linger joints are plainly marked and some, of tbu hair, just above the forehead, is visible. There reems to be no doubt as to the reality of the petrifica­ tion, and your correspondent heard Dr. Van Horn of this place offer its owner Sr.,000 Cor it, which was not listened to, The curiosity was placed on exhibition in a tent here yesterday evening, and last night some one cut a hole in the tent and made an attempt to steal it, but were discovered before their design was accomplished and only succeeded in breaking off a portion of the left arm between the wrist aud elbow The thief was not captured. Mr. Dore is a poor man but proposes to keep his find and exhibit it throughout the country. His reeeipts to-day was not less than 8100. Lot-is, April 14.—The directors of the Southern Lumber Manufacturers' association have raised the price of yellow pine lumber "i0cents n thonsivnd, to take effect May 1st. i:in|i!ir}il. Kan,. I 'rc:»vrerv: WF.I.I.I.VSTUN, Kan.. April 14.—The presbyl' ey ,;f I'."dp •' 1 ri. 1 at \\v First Prcsbyt 'Tiaii ciunvb of this city yesterday. The opening s"rvices last evening comprised a i .ermoii by the retiring moderator, Uev. L'uvid II. Stewart, D. D.. of Ml Dorado, and addresses by promineiii minisU-rs of the presbytery. There is 11 Inrjre a ttendance of clerical and lay delegabre. 1 Anita UuUhvin, who recently eloped with her cousin, has in:ide up with her father. "Lucky" IhiUiwin. ISIornttonury rciilcrtalnmcn!. S. I'. Nold. of Stafford, will give dramatic readings and recitations at the High school building in Hutchinson, Saturday evening. April 10. Mr. Nold is an elocutionist of no mean ability, and for nearly ten years he has been a teacher of elocution. He has given entertainments in many parts of the state, and always pleases his audience. Mr. Nold has perfect control of himself. His selections that please most are Asleep at the Switch, A Ward's London Lecture, Literary Nightmare. Kssay on the Horse. The Sunday School Visitor, College Oil ("tins, Columbia Crumb, and How We Hunted a Mouse. Mr. Nold is a good speaker and a master of humor. It. will pay you to hear him. Music will be rendered liv local talent. A Smooth lljirber. Henry Hoffman has purchased the Midland barber shop from his brother John I*., and will make sonic neat and valuable improvements in the -'edged paraphernalia" of that institution. Henry is a tirst-elass barber himself, and will have none but the. same kind of workmen to assist him. He is also one of our most valued citizens, and the NKWH wishes him abundant success in his new- venture. as McVliersou knows how to entertain her guests. They will return home tonight. Service* at the Lutheran Clmrch. Services this evening at 8 p. in. preparatory to the celebration of the Lord's supper on Kaster Sunday. Services to-morrow (Good Friday) at :i aud at 8 p. m. in commeration of the crucifixion of Christ. All are cordially invited to attend these services. Notice. The K. S. C. will hold a business meeting at 7:.10 this evening, tit their hall, No. 24 South Main street. Let members be present. tlATTLlt-Itee .elpl* April 14 1,400; shipment* 1.200: nteers v/ere active and strong at *:!.:)0 (iJ4 .05; ' ' fccdcri yslatcadj at S2.40<»:i.;irr, »:f7:io©:f.&o. cows. at * .. I jHOCJS-Kecetpts 4.. 100; active and tdc higher; 4. or.; bulk t4,40.(n >4.o(l. SHKB1 > — KecolpLH 2 ,U (>0; shipments ciulet ami»teady. strong shipments ;I.(I00; all grades JO.HOiff, N'olU.r. The members of the various com mittees in charge of the Presbyterian supper are requested to meet at the register of deeds office to-night at 7:30, for a business conference. Jons M. HiiKHM. Italbird's SnoH- l.fnlinetit. This liniment is different in composition from any other liniment on the market. It is a scientific discovery, which results in its being the most penetrating liniment ever known. There are numerous white imitations, which may be recommended because they pay the seller a greater profit. Heware of these and demand Mallard's Snow Liniment. It positively cures Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Cuts, Sprains, liruises. Wounds, Sciatic and Inflammatory Hheuinnlism, Burns, Scalds, Sore Feet. Contracted Muscle, Stiff Joints, Old Sores. Pain in Hack, Barb Wire Cuts, Sore Chest or Throat and especially beneficial in Paralysis. Sold by all druggists. For Your Comfort. Travelers to and from Utah will be pleased to learn that Pullman palaee sleepers now run through, daily, without change, between Chicago and Ogden, over Santa Fe, Colorado Midland and ltio Grande Western lines—westbound via Colorado Springs, and eastbound via Colorado Springs and Denver. The true scenic route; plenty of time to see Manitou and vicinity. Double daily passenger service between Denver and Ogden. Inquire of nearest Santa Fe route ticket agent, for rates, sleeper reservations: etc. 4-1.1 Little Judith, the 8-year-old daughter of Mr. Mullineaux. of the Inland Christian Advocate, Des Moines, Iowa on learning that her special playmate, a child of her own age had taken the whooping cough, took a bottle of medicine, which had cured her of a troublesome cough, and went over and said: "You must take this medicine: it will do you good. Mr. Mullineaux was curious as to the result and on making inquiry learned that the little neighbor, who had been unable to rest at night, bad been greatly relieved in that respect. The paroxysms were neither so frequent, severe or enduring. The cough, under the genial action of this admirable remedy, was loosened. The medicine liquefies the mucus and enables the sufferer to throw it off. The attack in the beginning R avo every evidence of being u severe attack of whooping cough. Indeed it was a genuine ease; but this preparation, while perhaps it may not be a positive cure for the disease, is undoubtedly able to alleviate it. If it docs not cure it, it will give unquestioned relief. The medicine referred to is Chamberlain's Cough Kemedy. For sale by C. B. WjNBi.oiv, Druggist in S. Main St. A Hound Liver Make* a Well Man. Are you billions, constipated or troubled with jaundice, sick headache, bud taste in mouth, foul breath, coated tongue, dyspepsia, indigestion, hot dry skin, pain in buck and between the shoulders, chills and fever, etc.'.' If you havo any of theso symptoms your liver is out of order and your oblood is being slowly poisoned beeaus* your liver docs not act properly. Hcrbine will cure any disorder of the liver, stomach or b-.wels. If litis no equal as a liver medicine. Price 75 cent*. Sold by all druggists. French 'i'mirty Walors. These wafers are for the relief and cure of painful irregularities, aud will romovo all obstructions. They are sure and safe every time. Manufactured by Emerson Drug Co., San Jose, Cat., ajid for sale at A. & A. Drug Co. 100 N. Wain sireet. Hutchinson, Kan. Mrs* L - I'utton, Eoekford, 111., writes: "From personal experience I can recommend De Witt's Sarsaparilla, a cure for impure blood and general debility." Ileum's Midland Pharmacy. Opening: Day. Within the present month the Cheyenne und Arapahoe reservations containing over .I.IIOO.OOO acres will be. by^ proclamation of the president, opened'; for settlement. The reservation will con tain six counties, C. D, E, F, (f, and II. The counties 1). K, and F, in the northwest part arernearer the Pan Handle line of the Santa Fe than any other lino. Those desiring to enter these counties should purchase tickets to either Kiowa, Kan.. Woodward. I. T., Higens, Tex., or Canadian, Tex. Good wagon roads lead from all four of these points. Counties O. ami II. are about midway between our Texas and Pan Handle line. County C. can be' most easily reached via Guthrie and Kingfisher, or Oklahoma City and E! Keno. Those desiring to reach the eastern portion of these lands should either go to Gnthrio. then by stage to Kingfisher or to Oklahoma City, thence via the Choctaw railroad, a hew line having a double daily passenger service between Oklahoma City and Elkins. The Santa Fe bus issued a special folder giving much valuable information, including maps. etc.. which we will take pleasure in mailing to any address. Any information cheerfully given on application ntthe Santa Fe ticket otticc. Inquiries by mail answered promptly. .1. W. TKI>I'III:I>, Agent Santa Fe Uotite. SHI LOll,S VITA LIZER iH what you need for Constipation, Loss of Appetite Dizziness, and all symptomB of Dyspepsia. Price Ml and 7.1 cents a bottle. For sale by A. ,fc A. Drug Co. CATCH ON To the best opportunity of a lifetime for buying cheap. Without any fuss or funny business, without any noise or nonsense, we are going to put a magnificent line of seasonable goods on the market at prices that will make them JUMP. It's a quick turn on very close marginBto satisfy a lively demand. There is some money in it for us, and agood dealmore for customers who are quick to catch on to the fact that choice new goods can now be bought at prices never before named for values in any way cipproach- ing those we now place at the disposal of wide awake and . discriminating judges of good bargains, who will not lose a. moment's time in taking advantage of this phenomenal low price Sale Of the Season, and secure their pick of desirable new goods at clearing prices, CATCH ON To the fact that our entire stock is made up of Choicest Selections and Latest Styles OF- CUSON & WATSON. One Price To All OIl'Kor MePJierMoo. The Uniform Rank K. of V. left this morning, over the Rock Island for Mcpherson, to attend a regimental meeting to-day, of that order. The boys turned out in quite a body, taking with them the Second Regiment band. They have doubtless had a good time, AFTER HIS CREDENTIALS, IMITOIUNHON IifAHKKT. I'rollucc. FLOUIt-IllRhcBt patent, $2.40: second patent. 82.20-. extra tine, J2.00 UUTTISIl—In demand. Creamery 25c: tlueat dairy, 20c; iim; d/airy, L r ic; common, 10c, BOOB-Iii demand, 10c. POTATOUS--C!hoiee. lifllfttlOc. APl'l,iCS-$LIHK« 1 1.2,'i per bushel. ONIONS—in lair demand. Ked 7fic per OUHtiel; home grown SpaniMh, $1.2r» per bushel. OAI1HAUB -Fair, Ic per pound. TtlltNlPs—In demand 40c per bushel. UKKTH—Stcailv. oOc per bushel. SWKET l'OTATOUS— plenty, $1.00, per bushel. HAY—Haled, *0.00(*)5 50; loose, •.t.tKKnjR.MS per ton. ;oriiln. WIIKAT-No. 2 soil 72c; hard U.ic: No. tl «oft «7r.i hard Oflc. COItN -2Hc KYK—No. 2, flfic; No. 3, 00c. OATH—24c. tlw Stock, OATTLK-Steadv: Stackers 82.26©:i,B0; feeders yg,£G($-'<.li»; tat cows and heifers In demand, 82.00(3.2.50: fat steers Sa.uo® 4 00. llOUH-Strady. Wagonii, topH, J'.I.OO: car f4 .10a4.15. SHEBl'-Innemana. »3.75l»4.00. l'uullvy »ud Wild Ciamn. 0aiWjWg -Chickew'«t.7OQ3.9O per dots' WORST FORM ECZEMA Baffled Best Medical Skill for Eight Months. Cured In Two Months by Cutlcura Remedies. This U to ocrtlfy that a child of mine had Rexema In Hi wo rat form, a?.d which baffled tho beat medical eklll that could be employed here. The Uttlo tmfferer wa» wrapped I D agony (or at leaat eight tnoothi. 8I1 months of Dress Goods, Fancy Goods, Notions, Shoes and Hats. Fine Shoes for Ladies and Gentlemen A SPECIALTY.— They sell like Lightning at the prices we are now asking. "THE 6AZ.A.R," J E, BARROW, JR., PROPRIETOR. 14 North Main Street, Hutchinson. HAVE MOVED! To our own room, No. 4 South Main Street. Grocery and Confectionery. ;nr> North Main. Tbr llev. Dnnliur 1H lit u. Vnlr Wiiy of lleliif? Kxpoitfid. MADISON, tin., April 14. —Bishop At- tictiH 11, Hnjfoon, of the Methodist church, of California, hus telegraphed Rev, Warren Chandler, president of liniory Methodist college, Oxford, Ga., to htivu wrested if possible Uev. Edgar Dunbar and wife, the former being n I minister in the California conference, and to divest Mm of his ministerial credentials. The chnrge is that Mr. and Mrs. Dunbar are living in illegal union aud the story of the ease is an interesting one. Mr. and Mrs. Dunbar arrived at Oxford Rome time ago to visit their son who is attending college there. They were well received mid Mr. Dunbar filled the pulpit for Mr. Chandler on more tlnin oire occasion. It developes that during the past twenty-five years Dunbar has married three times, His second wife was the means of his record becoming known. A message to have the couple arrested reached Oxford too late, and telegrams were sent to New York whither they had gone to have the arrests made. there. Mnoiv In fnu-n. HOONE, la., April 14.—The storm raged with uuaoatod fury all night and this morning. There is nearly eighteen inches of snow on the level. Sleighs are out and tho sleighing Is good. At 11 o'clock tho sun commenced shining and the snow is rapidly melting. . that time In •ufferloi; *usimply untold, thenX began the use of the Co- TICUIU U IBEOIIS, In two months the awful utieB&e had ceased Ma vengeance, and my darling boy had rest, and to all appearance tbe disease had yielded, but I continued the medicine for several months alter no traco could be seen of It on any part of hie body. The doctors bcre watched the dlseaae wlui much interest, and could only eay " Well donel" The case was known far und wide, and everybody was much surprised. Bat tiinnks to Curioeui Htwmiu. Could there be Anything on earth that would cause a father to rev joicolt surely would be when the UtUe innocent one cnnul havo such a remedy at hnnd. {See portrait herewith.) J. A. NICOL&S, Bunker ItUl.Ind, A child was brought to me with chronic eczema tliul liuU detlod splendid treatment from many good doctors. As a regular M. D., should tuivu cuutlnurd similar treatment, but thought it useless, tin nut it on CUTiotmAS. Tho child Is woil. 0. I*. OUltNEY, M. 1>., Poon, to. Cuticura Resolvent The new Blood and 8k1o Purifier, internally, and Curiceiu, the greut Bkln Cute, and C UTIC UIU i-'oMMiiflcxqulHllQ Bkln lli-autlller, externally, in, BUinilv relievo und speedily cure every disease and humor of tho skin, scalp, aud blood, with loss of luir, from infancy to ogo.from pluiples to scrofula. In looking over my stock, I find that I have too many goods on hand, and in order to reduce the stock I have decided to offer EXTRAORDINARY BARGAINS for this month until my stock has been properly reduced. 150 suits, in three colors, brown, light and grey, all in sacks, worth $8 a suit. Our price for this month only $3.99. * 225 suitB in brown, plain, grey, striped, in square and round corners, would be a ba rgain at $8.50. Our price for this month only $3.99. 193 wood brown suits, assorted colors, in round and square, single and double breasted, sack aud cutaway, $9.99, standard valnefrom $12.50 to $15. I have the largest and best stock of pants in town, ranging in price from 75c to $7. 2-piece boys' suits, ranging in price from $1 to $9. 3-piece boys' suits, ranging in price from $2.50 to $12.50. I have the best made up shirts in the market, ranging in price from 15c to $3. Call and see my line of hats, in stiff and soft, light brown and black orusherB for boys and men, from 25c to $5. I have the largest assortment of ladies', children's, boys' and men's shoes in the city. Call and see them, as I have not space to mention all I have. TO BE GIVEN AWAY! A handsome DINNER SET of 105 pieces, highly decorated, can be seen in our south window. Sold everywhere. Prloe, Curieciu, 600.: Boar, i'Js.l U BSOLVKNT, tl.OO. Trepared by tho 1'0TI»» Jintu AHU CiiKHiCiL ConroiUTiox, Doaton. glf Send for " How to Cure Bkln Dlsooaea," 6» puges, Wl Illustrations, aud 100 testlmonlala. 'p Skin and Seal) O by " purified and bcautifled Ctmcuru Boar. Absolutely pure, WEAK. PAINFUL BAGK8, Kidney ftnd Uterine P A I DB ind Weak* nutttot TuUeved I D one minute by th# Cutlcura Anil-rain Muter, tb* only liaUatsntflwi p>in-ti..ttnt ylwrtw* ' No. 4 South Main St. A. MINCER, Prop.

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