Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on July 2, 1903 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 2, 1903
Page 4
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THE lOLA EEGISTER, THDBSPAY, JULY 2 1903. .5 Grand Lots 250 New walking and Dress Skirts on sale Thursday,, Friday and Saturday' at half price and less. tot 1, $2.98 ^-'•^Jl-^c-' fL0t2,$3J8 Wortf. Every Cent lot 3, $4.85 1:57 4 Sacrifice Without Precedent Tl^ur^daif^ rriday and Fine Summer Goods For' almost notliing. The entire }<urplus slo<:k bouglit for almost a soni; i;oes on siihi today and Wed-- nesday for 5c, 8 I -3C, IOC, I2I-2C • • •• 15c Wortii .S.U;, J'iAc, 15c and -250. Ex^ra Size Waists Speciar attention to the ladies that wear exLrii sizes , 15 per cent off. , on all t^^rge' siz<; Fine White Waists. Sizes42, 4liH), IS. In Rcady-to-Wear A |3 |)arcl for the Qlorious Toartb. 250 New Walking and Dtess Skitts, mostly samples, on J sale Tht««day, Friday and Sattitday. Parasols All Fancy Parasols; must ])e sold Take your.pick from our entn-e slock I One-Fourth Off fi'-m tiiir ri'giilar [>iic( s". VV!!5te Shirt Waist Sale Katiliii'j; l;.i!\u;.uii.-', I>i'>l styl (.'S ;nu putteviij! oil I 'l'- ituu'kct. .Sue IIKJ yjKiciul nar <,M ;ns fur 1 25c, .39c, <>ic, $5 .J .9. $1.5". $1.9^ $2 .48 $3.48. Shoes, Oxfords^ Sandals; j Vo • Ladii'i^, Mie-'se."^, l^*>ys an|l ('hihlren. • A Saving 01 l^rom 50 cts to $i.oo 'TV ji.'iir yon buy of IIK. lIVIDEi Oil C Itola Portlnnd Cctr .cnt Compnny Declares a 2 Per Crnvi Whicli Brings Joy to Stockholders. Woril was -.•III o -i! fi-ni!i ;;:c "!li:-(> of S(:c-rv';iry .I {.v:!n M '• ip-. iri. l 'i \v:v ycslor ;lny. a ]>••:• • .si <iivi(i<'i:<i has_ 1)<-I 'll lii rlai -i -.l i 'l! Stock, (.1" \bc K)l;! I '.n: iaail C'liiu company. Tills a!i:i ?.iinfiii;f is (;i fv>r many rrasuiiH. Th.> r;:!:i;::iiiy is .taliZGii at nn,! j; was when iho jiiau'. \v;i.; , l.-..i;.jir.;: i!:a! every iiurr-liaKcr .>f a siii-rc K! piffiTr- ed stock shoii'.i 1 ;:•.«• :i sliar'.- ( f coni- mon .stock a.s a ii.iiuis. The prrfciri'd Stock draws a ::i;::rant .'r 'il 7 JUT r.i,! per ajuiupi, Ijin '^v.-ini; ui riiai !i-,.'s an.i improvcnK'nI s Tiu' cfi^uiKi:! .siiirli lias never earnei! aiiyJhini; ht-f^TO. The v l.'HHl (if iir .'fcrrc 'l .lias lii 'cn drawin'.; ?T 't a yiar on it and has lielil $l.nii!> \v(iri!i .if roiiniion .stock which cost liiiii notliin.i: and wliirli lia.s ln 'cn iii- rnasin?; fr;)!ii nothin,^ nnlil today it is ipi'itid on ilic maikoi at ?lL'.".fl, or h:»!f ii.s lace vahn'. And !lii> jin ^fcrr- «d will lU 'vcr draw over 7 i)or ct-tit .sij Hiai if ilio l)rin.i;rf more rcinrn.s liio dividciids will ail .i^o to ilio cdniinon. Tl'.i.; i.s iilic dividend on the rnninion. hni (It i.s to lie hopc^l that ilio plant jnay contiiuie tr) jiro.sjier nntil <:i:;inivn ilixidend.'; will become vi'vy cotniniin. A jiood many t-ioti.snnd dol- lai.s" woilli of stock is owned here in loia. Old Age IS MADE Vigorous BY THE VSE OF miowm "I suffered for FIX years witJi-con- Stipatiop and indietslion, durinji which time I i-raployt-d scvcr:i! phy- .sicians, but Ihcy could n;it reach my case," writes Mr. (J. Poppltwell, of Eur<;ka Springs, CirroU C<<., Ark.. "1 fplt;that there was «o help for me, cpUld jnot retain food on niy .stomach ; had Vertigo and would fall helpk-.-,s lo the 'floor. • Two years ago I com- mcnc<^d taking Dr. .Pierce's Golocn Medical Discovery and liitie ' I'elU-t.s,' 9pd JTO^'oved fnj'm the start. Afttr tkkiag twelvcj bottles of the ' Discov- cfy' I was able to do liRht work, and .ve been improyiDp ever since. I ijow ill good htgilth for one of my |-6o years. I dwQ it allHo Doctor 's medicines/' i Fourth of July Parade. Tlio fidltnvinc: arranirenieni for the jiarade on July lih; been ))i-eparod by ilu' rommitieo in charge. Tile parade will start from the corner ( f I'rc.adway and .f'iTer.son .streets. Tile Siiielionncn will form at the .!< fier .soii school, the column lieadinu; nnriii. -Ml ".inioii.-. afliliaii'd wiili ill" ('iiiiral union! meet at Labor ball, loriii ill line andjniarcli east on liroad- w.iy' iliey will fail in liiii; beliii'd t!;:- Snii'li'.'r nniniis on .ii •II'T.SO Tiie i'le of riar.'h will he i Jeiii I .'iwi, wi .'st Oil .Madison i( ins't'ia. . nori h to .Jackson, s, Ji -rr -Mson to I'3a;;t and east i I'.iei and then to the park, lad" will .,tart pr.nniitly at 1" '•:n. s. AnniLi.. \v. T. STi:i-:i.K. J. -M. WAHFOltl) Committee. The Attention Y's. Y. w. c. cr. U. v ,-ill c thi- Fourth ai .Mineral park. .Ajli niem- at the to moot li onh nil •nih to 0 I'ir-;i tThe pa- lebrate hers are reqnisled Ri v.; Room ai a. m. and go in a b.xly. t'.rinc; w(dl filled ba .skei .s. hrini- ni.iclis sofa pillows. ZOK ATCnnSON,_rre -sident. Notice to Cavaliers. All MKMiiiierE of the Order of Cavaliers, whether in .gf >t (d .standing -fir not. ars' earnestly reipiested to atit-nd a nieetMig Friday <'vening. July n'., S-.::" at! .Masonic Temple, for the l>'ir-jj^"'| |)(n;e of| discii.ssing the subject of trans- fer'io a v.ell established insnranci- order. It| wiil be to y <nir iiitcres: to attend lijis nie <'iing. Please bring .voiir Cavaliff certificaio with von. A. 11. THKRMK. Cavaiier. hila l..odge. No. 1. Nine Geese Eggs Were All the Coal Diggers Drew—The Race is Growing Interesting Again. I'nipire Siianks, have- been if. line form yesu'niay al. T'ittsbnrg. for he didn 't alkiw llu> Coal Digger.? ifi scon-. To be .'iore; I'itchcr i-Cill!lay help.'.I by aiiowing them bnt two safe Iiits an Ihe whole team played with bnt one error made by Siiicke. IIi .se- l,y. Wil.son. Scroggin and Ilooi gut one hit each, and "Arni.-lrong and Stncke two each. Army drew the only two-bagger of the' '-Tame. Milsap hau l.*) p!it-on;s; and .Arinstrong .si'ven. Tiio score: • lola 02 0 't 0 n 0 2 rt—1 1 IMitsbiirg (Hi 0 It II 0 (M) o--n '2 '2 lia'teri-. s—Killilay and .'\rmsirong; Torrie and McPonald. At Nevada two games were played with S(>dalia. Xeva.ia winning the first and lo .sing i!ie .secoiid. Tiie .score:; were: Nevada 0 M I.-0 0 0.s i S<>dalia o 0] n (I o ('n II —i ,s i; I'latli ries—Shanks and King: Catos and Schraiii. •Scon^—Second game: Nevada . . .. 1 0 o ti 2 0 <'i fi 2— .'• s -1 Seda'ia 1 o .". n 0 I 2- 1 1 I lj.ll iirie.-—Wiliar.l. Tnylor and Kill;:: I..!wson and Sc'irani. Fort Se .iii v ,-en liie liiird :•-<•: of li.iii- blc beadrT;'. from LeavenVorih. which j'.iiij- her close ID .lojdin. The scores: Fori Scott .. (too u 1 I ft 7 i:; :: Leavenv.-onh .n o o on n (i o o—o t Ikitteriis—Woorlbery and t'iifok: Jones- and Kidmond. Scori>—Secon^TT gan:e: Fori Sc.itt ... I ni 0 o o o .-. *—7 II 2 Leavenworih .0 0 (i o o 0 <»o—.-. 2 Siiringfield and Joplin did not play on account of a ciivns. Today all ti ,e teams change. Leavenworth cmne.s to lol.?. Foil Scot! t;> I'ii tsbiiru. N«- vada to S;.'"!aiia and .lojiiin to Sprii.\ field. :lji.'eli oanu" in this iday and Missouri Valley League Standing. Springfield Jojilin.. .. F(,ri .Scott :;i Notice. AH unions affiliated with (he Tola Centr.?! Union will be at Lalior hall by 9 :,:!ii, July 4th, to form, in line for the pdradc. * . I ; ED. S. ABPILL,, Secretary- Sedalia 2:; N <vada .20 Piiishiirg '. 1^; I-ea von worth ... 11 i:; IS 20 i:i 2 '.t -;o CI.-. (•..< ( 4i''iS :;iio •hr. Ice Consumers, Notice. In order to give onr driver:^ a chance $o properly appreciate fh<' Foi:rth of July there will be no ilellvories of ice Satnrday after 12 o 'clock. Cnstomc.s are urged to t.ike notice of this an.l made'their -arranKcmeniJi- accordiny- ly. :' THE IQLA ICB CO. . .Fnank Riddle,JManager. The lola ba.'.< lionie this morning for games. Lea veil wuril! mortiing to play today, S:i! unhiy. The citizen.^ will have to get if they want to .get some of th^ good.^ nov.- selling at Iho closing out prices ai NiTllinip.s'. I'orsons desiring stand rights for )!h of July should apply to V/. Morey, lock I'ox 7i;2, lola, or COG Sonth Tennessee slrcc!;. Do yon need a rcfrigcraior. If so liny the Wliiio ^Aonnlnin of Sclieil Sc I'.aird. Yon are sure of getting yonr money's worth. ' The prices at Norlhrtijis' qiiif ni\ss sale are sfjling the .goods fast. It's only a questiini (tf a few* day.s, when it will all be over. Uanisays, Ilu* New York store aTi .l Norihrnps have' arranged lo ciii .se ,n ! j no ;)n .S:iiiirdriy. July -lib. and nnia::;.? cio .sfil the rest of the da.v. Most of. j I he iiiher piac<'.- I'l" bii.-iness will rio-f j of (he d.xv. ! !^ Scald b.-ad is an ec/.'.-tna of the scn!i<! \^ —very Ki :vero sotneliinos, bnt. it. can' be <'nr(>d.' Dorm's Oinlnient. (piick and permatient in its resii!i..5. At any dm:; store, con.ts. ?\:< new bouse;.; uro i .i 'ilif i ).:sl!;'d !r>j' c .in!ii!<'ii:)n :it thf i-a:;;e IIIMC iin ih-*;^ ;-it.: of ("oncr '-io am! il:<- c; iiij 'any i'^ making ivijiid pr <i :;res-- .villi ibc pi :iiit .j' Wiiiiii iiii 'itus ih .ii ih'' nuaiiov.- iiorih|, of Ca.-. I'liy is; i !ic bn.-ii-.s: plac-',' in I he eoiiiity. f ! [ .Mr. and .Mrs. .] W. Ik-own. of .N 'e)-! ] d>'.:jia. are. here for an < i.\t.Mi.'-d visit', vvjih relaiivi's in .•\!!cn rciniiy. .Mr. I> l!rov .-n was l.irni.-rly a sin.l <-ii!: in tlie|| lola High school, bnt for the ii;t.;i ycari. has be.n s'spi-riii'-.-nident ot the schools of Neode.^ha! It"n!eniber that yon can get Com mercial club liihogranhi'd envelope.'^ I V ;)t the Ueuisier o.Tice in any fpiantijy j •:• desired. They are a sph ndi<l advertisement ftr IO!;L and every business man oiiglu to use tlH 'in. The fire deparime -it r<;-.pondod i) an alarm turned in about 7 o'ciock lasi night. The t':re prov.d to be a iion lirt: at tie.' home of .M. H. Ilii ::i-! mone. -!17 .S.nnh Coiioii >.vo;).|. Tarr'-d'. pajiir ijuduii on I'ne firt; caused a lot: • lij .sni'do-. which ir.| Some oiu- toj .sisn .l in an al::rn'.. ! jl'arks I l.'lnii'-u. <<tmc liniea.go con-j nccted wi;!i th-- Regisw r and well' known her \ h:i- bought an interest isi •lie Ci'.annte Triiiune an 1 will he'p r ;n that p.iper. .Mr. .f. .VI. Cavane.^s. f.-r tiurty-fiv' years in the iiewspa;>':r itiisini'ss in Cbannte, retiring. H-.!- mick is a "goo 1 man atid he will b-.^ a decided ad''to the Tribiine Supplied to the Trade Direct at the factory or fnnn delivery wagons. All delivery wagons huvo our name on t'ocin. lola Ice & Cold Storage [Co. l -KANK RIOUI .i:. M/r. j j Phone ii6. Pactory on West Street, j ^ ^ We Vi'.iiit to Figure That PLUMBINGJOB For You. Satisfaction Guaranteed. eUGH & LEFFLER, V/atchmakers and Optlcfani. 'Sfatches, Clock.s, Jewelry, Mijalcal ainL .Kodak Snpplioa. SpectacleH 5L(iO. . V*'atch'r.epairlng a speci&Ily. West Side, lola, Kansas. Physicians and Surfcoiu. A. y. LObGEj i Physician : and turf •OB, Cbronlo dl2sea3es successfally «d. • OCca over 'foiir .Wajj" TMUI nuif Ph^neUei. Rep.. 901 K?ist St. Offlce phonii J J. n. DAVIES Undertaker and Licensed Embalmer b. W. Relu; Jiw. T. <t«Id. REIDAREiD, ^hyxFclanai^ and Surfoona. Ear, Noaaand Throat, ittention given W aurieri; knd cl.ronlc^diseasesi Offino, Rooni North rup Bulldiag. Pkona IKT. DR, B. E. JONElft: \ Head Phyalclan M, W. Wm Female diseases and Obstetrlca c Speolaliy. Otlce orer Barclay -8hf »lda CIo-Co.. Phone ^90. Vashlngton, phoiie 389. ••'In IfMt- 147 aU 3* Tk^.ent.y years e.xperionce business. First e-la-ss triKiranteod. ill toe work \TL A. N. MINEAR^ OaleopatH, Chroala tncl ^errona Dla«Mlte epeclalty. Dllce ovier; Out Wn mt* tanrant. Oilice i >)iofio 117. • ilcsii ente [diofa: •l-'iL ' 4 p; MVANDERtON, ~ . . Practical Architect Piano, Bpeclficatloiia %sA on idl clasBea oMiaildlns. tention gtv«n to "modem Impror and - Buperintendlng. Offleo roo 'seco.Qd floor Nortjimp BuUdlofl. I, East 5itle of Squjare, Phone 306, It^la I We .\ro >.f>t the Walrli IMuinber lUit We Can Do Your • GAS FITTINQi B »«eli J a^ \mXM 17, DR^McMILLEN, • iiOWIce Phona SC. <c tfnaclal attention given to tHa (rMA> ment of all CHRONIC DrSEASEf aiuf DIseasea of Chttdran. •H«T vm n/sam Office in Mrs. i'urner'n Bldg, Madjson. Reaidenca XII Residence yhona Wtmt •i maal Or I'lit I'p .\ny Stove to Suit the Wife I : E.S. EAKINl 102 S-I^'entacky, Phone 453 f.l-ce. that paper now being i'l of hroe yoiinp; men. She'.s a good paper n a good tuwri and the Register iiupe.^; TREMONT LUNCH ROOi ^l Anything in the Eating Line fil'^""' °' good,thlng8 wiU come to L ^tea ^o^.^^ umi^^^^^^^ ^ C. C GLVNN, M. b. El*, Ear, Koaa M6 Throat \ Ofie« la NeiR rXorli Itax* l|taW> Inf. • W. B. KELLEY, THE OLD.TIME ' TRANSFeR MAN 3 fai'y equippod with heavy an4 prlcK dray.s. Office In Model (irof eery. .Orders reectveitby 'pho^n K^ f )ftfi'f> J 'horiP. Kf stil«>r .o«» Vhonp J J. M. JONES, -Up-to-date Tailor , Wesi^dlson Av« n -till J^.^M,

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