Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on December 21, 1968 · Page 8
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 8

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 21, 1968
Page 8
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8-A Tim REGISTER-NEWS — MT VERNON. IT.TJMms SATURDAY, DECEMBER 21. IMS ihetti Dinner BENEFIT:—TRIP TO CANADIAN WILDS. CANADA Explorer Post 101 Spaql EFIT:—TRIP Serving At FIRST METHODIST CHURCH SATURDAY, DECEMBER 21, 1968 4:30 To 8:00 P.M. Adult: Donation $1.25—Children 75c \ Jesus Did His Thing As Youth Leader The Big Birthday Is Coming Up -o- -a- -o- -n- -o- -o- -o -o- SIX-MONTH SAVINGS CERTIFICATES Automatically RenewabT* $10,000.00 Minimum REGULAR PASSBOOK SAVINGS Save by the tenth of any month and earn from the first. By GEORGE W. CORNELL AP Religion Writer NEW YORK (9API - The big birthday is coming up, with its mixture of merchandising and mystery. Outwardly, it's a dazzling, cared. "My God, my God. ..." tive in Egypt. Later He turned'|fourth century, when And He got involved, passion- up in Galilee. I Roman festival got ately, in man's business, in his The years are mostly hidden, ; into the observance, best industry, in the goods of misty. But then, quickly, He un- compassion and justice, of re- ioaj.iou his aclions and His mes- claiming the poor, sick and ne- sage, a swift drama of initia- Iglected, of making peace. 'fives, turbulence, mobs, amaze- It began in Betnlehcm. But lie ment and reprisal that has re- a pagan switched It was Wife Divorces Sammy Davis SANTA MONICA. Calif. (AP) — Actress May Britt, testifying mat "I asked him to stay home but he never did," received an uncontested divorce from entertainer Sammy Davis Jr. Thurs- shunned in this country until the ; ( ^' y middle of the 19th century, because of Puritan objections to The blonde Swedish actress, 31, and Davis, 43, a Negro, had borrowing anything from pagan- i been married eight years. Their ism. ! interracial marriage, in a Jew- Davis had made her "terribly upset." They had a daughter, Tracey, 7, and two adopted sons, Mark, a, and Jeff, 4. Under a property rettlement, Miss Britt receives $3,000 a month in alimony and child support. Miss Britt, a statuesque beauty, starred in several Hollywood films but virtually gave up her career after marrying Davis. The couple reported taunts of l-acial bigotry and hate mail f - nm the day they announced they would marry, but by 1985 Jtfay said she felt "peor'i are buYb^W-Tzine affair 'but'"at'the couldn,t sta y there. The Roman verbcrated ever since. I But now, the bells and cash 1M1 ceremony after becoming getting used to us now." Howev ,.,,1 „'u„j^..„ .vassal, Herod, send troops to Believers didn't celebrate His,registers jingle it. and the kids | converts to Judaism, rocked eliminate Him. roops He was a fugi- Monday: You have a big urge to really produce results of a secretive and constructive order now. Give attention to that important venture whicli means so much to you. Make as much headway as possible, eliminating errors and obstacles and organizing every phase of this situation for best results. INSURED ALL ACCOUNTS INSURED FOR SAFETY By the F.S.l.l.C, an agency of The Federal Government •Current Earnings Rate Per Annum I € D el R I A SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 3UY WOOD, JR. President Drive - Up Teller Window — and — free Customer Parking 117 North Tenth 242-5200 center linger the shadows It happened at night. What night? Dec. 25? Nobody knows. What year? No one can be sure. Certanly. it was before Herod the Great died in 4 B.C., and jfrom other evidence, it is be! lievcd to have been in 6 B.C. or '1 B.C. oar era. Anno Domini, the start o! the current chronology by which this is the 1.68th "Year j oi our Lord." And who is that, in this world of many possibilities? Jesus was a Jewish teacher. who never grew old. Not even middle-aged. He did His thing as a young man, with a band of young men and women, a youth movement challengng the es- . tablishment. His elders, the venerable ; chiefs of stat, had Him impris- ;ond and executed. The "God of eternal youth," the Rev. Dr. David H. C. Read, : a New York Presbyterian pastor has described Him. • And like many youths today, i adds Dr. Read, He took issue I with formalized, system-bound "packaged religion." Yet He never abandoned it, or copped out on it. j problems come easy, j To accept "the need of reform j MOON CHILDREN (June 22 I and renewal," Dr. Read wrote | to July 21) Be entertaining the ; in a recent issue of the Christian j one you like so much in the i Herald, does not mean to throw | fashion she would prefer brings : out the whole religious struc- j the right results today. Be sure ;ture, ministry and faith—a her- you buy gift that paves the way ;itage Jesus upheld, while seek- " ling change. ! "Think not that I have come to : abolish the law and the prophets," He said, "I come". . . to fulfill them." His ministry lasted a year . . . or two ... or three. Again, the birthday at first, not until the I go wild. Horoscope Forecast 1 Law For Today,.. 19) Precision is important in all you do today and expecially in following the law. Tighten your belt and get to work earnestly. PISCES (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) Freedom to succeed financially depends upon special data you go after today. That new con- ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 19) i fct can help solve problems. that are alien to you or have been impassible to handle. Today In History Begin week properly by getting as much done as possible so that you have more free time lor the holiday just ahead. Work and get the right answers. TAURUS (Apr. 20 to May 20) Listening intently to what associates have to say now leads to a true understanding and more efficient opemtion in the | B > ™^ ASSOCIATED PRESS future. Stop being so stubborn.; Todla y is Saturday, Dec. 21, Indicate that you are indeed! me 356,11 day of 1968 • There are a loyal partner. j 10 days left in the year. GEMINI (May 21 to June 21) Today's highlight in history: Start thinking and find the most 0n this date in 1620, the Pil- intelligent way of handling your g>' im s set foot on American soil affairs right now. Solutions to f° r the first time, going ashore at what is now Plymouth, Mass. j On this datP: i In 1804, the British statesman and writer, Benjamin Disraeli, was born in London. In 1898. radium was discovered by the French scientists, for success in some other direc- j Pierre and Marie Curie, tion, too, ' In 1942, during World War II, LEO (July 22 to Aug. 21) It! tne British air force dropped would be wise to show kin that! blockbusters on the German chey are first in your heart and j cit y °f Munich, mind. Make your home a haven! ln ^> British troops fought of rest and beauty. Some point! their way into the Adriatic , of contention can be ironed out! stronghold cf Ortona. Italy. j : shadows. The differing acounts | ^cely now. In 1953, former Premier Mo-: ! aren't clear about it. 1 VIRGO (Aug 22 to Sept 22); n'mimed Mossadegh of Iran was : : But He wasn't much over 30 show helpful ° ou tsiders you va- 1 convicted by a military court of lue their assistance. Good day i having attempted to lead a re- for that special shopping. Show i volt against the Sha. that you have excellent taste.I Five years ago — Premier; LIBRA (Sept. 23 to Oct 22) i Charles de Gaulle was elected ALIEN CAN DRAW SOCIAL SECURITY Q. Can a person who has lived most of his life in, the United States, but is not a citizen, draw Social Security benefits? A. Citizenship is not a requirement for drawing Social Security benefits. An alien who works in tills country long enough to be insured under Social Security is eligible to receive benefits when hr reaches j retirement age f65 for men, 62 ; j for women) or is disabled. The j i maximum number of years any- j ' one needs to work under So- j j cial Security to be fully insured i ' is 10, provided full credit .is'' given for all 10 years. However, a problem might a-' rise if an alien left 1he country. There are special rules that apply for paying Social Security benefits to non- citizens outside the United States. —Illinois State Bar Association i Hollywood. Frank Sinata was | tne best man, and Peter Lawford an usher. "There was no family life to s(u>ak of," Miss Britt told Judge ..aurence J. Rittenband in Santa Monica Superior Court. She said cT, with Davis back on a rigorous work schedule, problems developed between them. Davis said once: "Even though May joins me on the load during longer engagements, we are not together nearly enough." An I sir ' Of Refreshment STATE FARM Insurance Companies HomeOffices: Bfoomington, Illinois Stale Farm Is all you need to know about insurance. The manag thank you f forward to Clos 2 REOF MET, md employees wish to essful season. We look you again next year. )c, 21st For Vacation \N. 6, 1969 1RISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR. 30 . when he died. Or was He? "Before Abraham was, I am," he once said. Odd, how time, the pressure of the 242-1421 2600 Broadway BILL THACKREY STATE FARM I Aut «Rwbt {e Iraunnci bopnt I ttfiei: IJMniRglai,' Umt Bill and Betty McCulley and Staff 514 Main Mt. Vernon, III. calendar, gets obscured in the J Be vejy fa handling ; t0 a geve.vyoar term as the first president of the Fifth French Republic. Five years ago — President jOld£assage be ^ ^; teial matters today since oth. I team i morrow . . ." He said. "Let the day's own trouble be sufficient for the day." He had lots of it,, in the human vein. He questioned, learned, "advanced in wisdom." He knew temptation, anger and dismay. He thirsted, hungered, grew weary and wept. He DO YOU WANT THE REAL TRUTH FROM CITY HALL? The City Manager gave the City Council an estimated corporate cost for services to the Summersvilie Area of $15,607.00, a drastic reduction from estimates previously furnished by the City Manager. We have compared previous estimate, item for item, with latest estimate and have spent considerable time trying to arrive at an accurate figure. Our investigation leads us to believe that the first year cost to city residents would be $43,210.00. We intended to discuss these figures with the City Manager but he did not attend the last two regular meetings, and we were advised from his office that the informal meeting Nov. 25 of the council had been cancelled. We have on hand, the Managers 1967 estimate for garbage collection showing cost of $3,000.00 for the entire area, however, the latest petition covers more than half the original area and the estimate for garbage collection has shrunk to $797.00. Fiction? You be the judge. Previously it had been pointed out that the Water Users of Mt. Vernon now have a second lien against their Water System. This is for more than $300.000,00 and is a result of running the sewer trunk line through the Summersvilie area to the proposed "Industrial Park". If we continue to put second mortgages against our water system then it will be practically impossible to ever furnish water to our users at a reduced rate. What the Mayor is asking the Water Users of Mt. Vernon to do is to subsidize a sewer system for the area. We were elected to represent the taxpayers of Mt. Vernon and not to serve as a dummy for a ventroquilist Mayor. He apparently has others who are ready and willing to serve him in that capacity. The Mayor has asked us to vote for annexation which could only cost the present taxpayers and water users many additional dollars per year. What constructive programs have they proposed to help the present sections of our City? Example: In the area of Bell Street. Reverend Jackson has repeatedly led delegations to the council, but he has always been given the same story "NOT ENOUGH MONEY". Annexation of the Summersvilie area would only lessen the amount of money available to solve the problems of these areas that are already part of the City and are entitled to all City Services. In July 1967 the City Attorney sent a memorandum to the City Manager outlining a plan based on the municipal code that would allow sewer service to be extended to the Summersvilie area without annexation to the City saving them many a tax dollar. The Mayor now says it is against City Policy. We believe' that the Mayor should explain to the taxpayers and residents of our city why some people have both water and sewer services but are not in the present City Limits and have not made petition for annexation. Other Mayor Martin "policies" will be discussed at a later date. We feel it is our duty to take a stand on behalf of the taxpayers and Water Users of the City of Mt. Vernon. We were elected to serve on the City Council as their representative. We believe the hour is late but that the time is here when elected representatives should start representing the people that elected them. This is what we intend to do. Even though the News Media indicates that everyone is in favor of subsidizing a sewer system for the area we ask that you determine this by one simple test. Most of the Water Users of Mt. Vernon have already helped pay for twu sewer systems, and disposal plants. Go to any of them and ask them if they are now ready to assume the added responsibility of helping to pay for a new system for the Summersvilie area. We believe you will find the true answer. KENNETH MARTIN WOODIE BURNETTE (Pd. Adv.) ers have the power of the planets with them. However, youi tind you can add much to pre- 1 Johnson ordered the formation j R sent holdings. i of a committee to help him cope i g SCORPIO (Oct. 23 to Nov. 21) ; with the impact of possible j j£ You can accomplish a great i arms reductions and shifts in' R deal today, provided you are i defense spending, not ruthless with others, espe- One year ago — at Cape ; ciaJly allies. Follow good social; Town. South Africa, the first '. intuition that helps you get a- : heart transplant patient, Louis • iong just fine with others. ' I VVashkansky, died 18 days after SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 to : the operation. Dec. 21) Find the right method I now to clear up the vexing prob- i lem and you turn tilings to your 1 advantage . Don't annoy others i and lose their backing. Help' that person who looks to you ' for assistance. CAPRIPCORN (Dec. 22 to Jan. • 20) If you confide in that clever • pal, you can easily rid yourself • of that vexing problem. Stop hying to pull all those angles. AQUARIUS' (Jan. 21 to Feb. fiftYTAe the dependable automatics AUTHORIZED SALES — SERVICE — PARTS — fEflTHERSTUn ! 8 8 8 * Vista appliances t s s LAST MINUTE GIFTS BEAUTIFULLY GIFT WRAPPED FREE I I II 8 Sunbeam Vista Mixraaster hand mixer • Heavy-duty motor • FREE! Kitchen matching color panels • Thumb-tip speed control VHMP 13 94 i 1 1 ^^^^K^^J^^.:^:^ ' 8 '8 Wishing You Peace At This Season Of The Year From The PRINCE OF PEACE, JESUS CHRIST! Special Invitation: To Attend SUNDAY: 11:00. a.m. • Automatic beater ejector i'^^^^i t 55}7j--'«S:3Bg53Bg5Sfi»»S-'-: 'S&SSKSASSV'S Sunbeam Vista radiant controlled toaster • No levers to push, bread lowers automatically . . . silently rises when toasted to the desired degree VHM1 $13.94 VT40 $24.94 I I Sunbeam Vista electric slicing knife Sunbeam Vista Mixmaster hand mixer • New sculptured shape • Thumb-tip speed control • Finely balanced design • Automatic beater ejector Sunbeam Vista 12-cup stainless steel automatic percolator • Handsomely styled in stainless steel • Strength selector dial • Automatic signal light VAP75 z: r-i-... Sunbeam Vista $23.94 ;jSS5X>?*-- 3BSS5ISS38 VSD8 * The Children's Christmas Progiam. * Treals For All In Attendance. ' 7:00 p.m. Closing night of our Christmas Revival. Rev. Edward Lucas from Louisville, Ky. will be preaching. There will also be good special singing. •M 8 I vr '.Knoo • Safety latch • Convenient on/off trigger switch • Removable cord • Easy to use with its sure-grip balanced handle 8 8 9 $12.94 VHD22 $17.94 IX MONDAY: 6:00 p.m. Caroling for Christ . WEDNEDAY: 7:30 p.m. "Chrismas Night Service' . Special Speaker: Rev. J. H. McElhaney from Gainsville, Florida. at the CALVARY APOSTOLIC CHURCH 25th and Jones Mt, Vernon, Illinois E. J. McClintock,' Pastor Lady Sunbeam Vista controlled heat hair dryer • Fashionable—slim silhouette styling • Quick curl attachment with 3 sizes of curlers • Handy nail dryer, stowaway hose Sunbeam Vista Multi-cooker double-coated Teflon * fry pan (buffet style) VPP1601 • High dome cover • Removable heat control Sunbeam Vista Multi-cooker (buf rot style) frypan with handle heat control. Model VFP100, same at VFP150, without Teflon. $22.94 $17.94 I I I I i 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 1 steam or dry iron • No starch build-up • 28 vent soleplate • Up-front fabric control . Stainless steal tank Sunbeam Vista Mixmaster mixer • Thumb-tip pushbutton beater ejector * Removable cord, provides easier handling and storage VHW *41 94 SSS 3SI 3STi Bfl Sunbeam Vista can opener knife and scissors sharpener * Easily opens standard size cans * Flip top magnet holds on to lid * Removable hardened steel cutting wheel VCS1 19 94 n*a*a±«s-mzt& LAY-AWAY NOW FOR CHRISTMAS 2 STORES-2 LARGE SHOWROOMS Television Service 9 Applianc Service IJJ:U! Nielli r> Radio Service • TV Tower Installation * On Our Name Brands 11T2 Broadway Ph. 244-0322 * 244-0323 Mt. Vernon, III. |

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