Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on September 17, 1889 · Page 1
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 17, 1889
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Prjy^i&lJ ^i^^^sSft' f-. " T '« DYSPEPSIA. 7Stlmt misery esjvrlMiesil when we suddenly L become nw.ire that we possess ft nmtiolical firrnneenipnt called n stmnnch. ThR stomach Is the rrwrvolr from which every fibre and tissue irtist he nourished, and any ircmblo wltli It Is soon (elt throunhout the whole system. Among dyspeptics no two will have, the, same symptoms. Dyspeptics of action mcntn! power mm a bilious temperament are subject to HIcU llondnrhe; those, fleshy and phlegmatic Imvc t'onmliiaHon, while the thin and nervous are abandoned to El°O"y fore- bodinen. Komo dyspeptics are wonderfully ftTKCtful; others liavo great Irritability of tctn Whatever form Dyspepsia may bike, one tlilnp " certain, The underlying causa is in the LI VSR, and one thine more Is equally oertaln, no one will remain a dyspeptic who will " wllt A. A* VOLUME 8. STERLING, ILLINOIS, TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 17-1889. NUMBER 183. DILLON Coal, Lumber and am Can and pays the hiyhezi market ries fcr HOME RULE SPLIT. Balfour's Strategy Seems To Be Very Effective. A. DIVISION IN PABNELL'S RANK?, GATHERINJ OF ODD FELLOWS. Acidity ot th Ktotnach, Expel foul liases. Allay Irrltatlan, ja at the same tlmr Start the Liver to working, when all other troubles Soon disappear. "My wife was a conflrmed (lyapcptlp. Borne thrcs years ago by the novice of Dr. Btelner, ol Augusta, she was Induced to try Simmons Liver KeRUltttor. I feel grateful for the relief It hus given her, atid may all who rend this and are afflicted In any wns. whether chronic or. otherwise, use Simmons Liver Regulator and I feel confident health will be restored to all who will be advised."-WM. M. KBRSH, Fort Valley, Cia. See that you get the Genuine, with red Z on front of Wrapper, PREPARED ONLY BY J. H. ZKIMBf * CO. Philadelphia, Pa. ';WHYl YOtfK IIVE3 IS OUT OF ORDER T«w -am have BTCR HEAPAOHB8. PAtNS E?TBCB fSDE-mrBPEPSlA, POOB, AFPE- TTTE, feol llnUcse and unable to get through your daily; work or social erjojments. &tta Trill b« ainurdon to yon. enre you, drlvo the POISON ont of ' your BTetom, and make yon Btrouff and well. IheT «o«t only »8 cents a box and may Bare Can be Had at any Drag Store. WBcwsre of CoCOTEBncns mule In Bt LoalB."** IVORY POLISH PERPUMEB THE BREATH. ASK FOR IT. FLEMING BROS,, - Pittsburgh, Pa. -SPECIALTIES.— The Finest, Moet Durable, and holds iU shape the beat of any whip in the market. The Easiest Dumped, lEaslest Eun- ningand Latest Improved Sweeper made, Fancy Patent^ per sa~ck,"|l.6u." Two-Backs »2.60 Half-Patent. " b !•«. " " i" 0 gome of the oldest residents 'of this city claim Uua to be the Lest flour they ever used In the Stale of Illinois.! Oreatn of I*citent, , Daisy and. Minn. JR oiler in stoc IE. PrtMpeot of Three Factions Oro.-rlng Out ol tile Roman Cntllfilla Utilvemltjr Rolinme—Diiyltt Ix-liiN the Irrpminclltt- lilwi, TVhllo rnriioll Will Tnlce Wlmt Ho Can Get— IJnd Fonllnit Betweon the London Striker* ami tlio "HInekl<»£a." LONDON, Rcpt 17.—Tho Liboral newspapers in gonernl aro continuing to treat Chief Secretary Balfnur'a suggestion of n Roman Catholic nn'vorsity in tha most cautious manner. If Bulfour hnd laid subtle plans to disrupt tho Honu Rulers ho could not have chosen n more I'fC.'t-tivo method. Tho bill Is likoly to divide the Homo, Rulers into throe hopelessly antagonistic parlies. Tho Irish members who follow Pnrnell will make terms prn- tically with tho government that hns persecuted and imprisoned thorn, nnd will vote with their quondam enemies for the bill. Tho Three Divisions. Parnell's ready acceptance of the suggestion betokens this, if it does not show actual collusion with the government Besides, when ono remembers Parnell's nttitudo in reference to the Irish appropriation bills passod last session, when the Irish lender admitted that ho would accept any money for Ireland that thn imperial parliament would give, and not thank England for it, either, it cannot be doubled how he will receive the now proposition. Tho Irish members who will not follow Parnell's load nnd who are already denouncing tho project will form a lecond division, nnd tho Glndstonean Home Rulers, who are dls justed with tho acceptance by the Irish of anything at Balfour's hands, and who will in consequence forsake everything Irish, will form the third party. Dnvltt'H Position. Gladstone as yet gives no opinion In the matter, but, on tho other hand. Michael Davitt, who hns a large following in Ireland, leaven no doubt as to his position. His stinging letter utters a ponnrful protest nnd rer who •wanldmnko terms with tho hulvil Hal- four, and shows the need of nn Irish parliament. Ho maintains that tbo question of a Roman Catholic university is essentially ono for a homo rule parliament, and bitterly denounces what he intimates is a "deal." The subject furnishes a fruitful source of controversy during the recess, nnd however gingerly tho newspapers touch upon it they Hnd it necessary to fay something. The matter Is bound to bo thoroughly aired bo- fore tho next session biglns, and the line* which each separata clique will pursue aro b .•coming more definite daily. BOUNCING THE "BLACKLEGS.". Men Who Took the lomlon Strikers' Place* Not Entirely flappy. LpNDON, Sept. 17.—Much ill-feeling existed yc s'-erdny between tha returnod dock laborers nnd the men who took tho places ot the strikers, and the former refused to work with them. Several encounters occurred between them. Many of the dock laborers protested that the loaders of the strike had no right to agree to tho proposal that the strikers should work hand in hand with the "blacklegs." They Will Be Frozen Out. The officials of. the dock companies made a complaint to the lord mayor against the action of the returnod strikers, and tho lord mayor promised to do bis utmost to keep the men to their agreement Meanwhile the situation was regarded so serious that an urgent meeting of the committee of the dock companies, tho conciliation committee and the leaders of the strike was convened at the Mansion house, Ii is expected that the matter will bo settled In the usual way, viz.: Tho "blacklegs" will be gradually dropped now that they aro of no use to the dock companies. The late strikers will help tho consummation by threats and assaults that will make the lives of the "blacklegs" a burden to thorn, «o they will bo glad to got away. A Change In Fulillc Opinion. The fortunate termination of the strike continues to bo a leading thome for comment in the press, and the lesson drawn from recent events seems to bo, in tho great majority of cases, that a vast change has been wrought in public opinion during the past few years In regard to tho proper relations Coliimbm, O., Crnwilrcl with tlm Fn«- Irrnlly—Ofllclcil U-iporKu COU'Mnus. O., Wept. 17.—The hull ot the house of representatives presents a brilliant scene with ils il" or all c.ilors of tho rainbow, prepared for America's great event in CMil F.-llowship Pendant from tho largo chandelier nt thu canter of tho tilling aro huge Imrs of red, whito anil .blue, which stretch to tha f ur corners of thf> hnll, fastening to the rnilinga of t!m galleries. On every wall are huge flnps, disks, stars and emblems of tho order, nl! in tho national colors. Tho galleries whk-h sprm tho north ami south sides of tin) hall ara scenes of splendor. Against tho walls and forming tho back- of these parts of tho nil lito;-ium are decorations of most nrllstic d-sign, while peivlnnt from tho gallery railings are drooping folds of red, whito nnd bluo bunting bedecked with flags of every stale in the Union. Additions have b,'o:i built to tho speaker's rostrum, nnd above it is placet! a bugn red, white nnd blue star, on which stand out in bold relief from 11 dark background tho letters "I. O. O F." in gold foil. Sunday anil yesterday no less than 8,000 of tho order arrived, rind last night the trains were coming in on every road loaded down' with Old K-llows. Tho city is ono vast sea of decorations and the scene in beauty resembles the G. A K. grand encampment of n year acco. Moetliig of tho Sovereign Grand Lntlgfl. The Sovereign grand loj:;e of I. O. O. F. mot yesterday «ith nil tho grand officer* present. In the morning the grand body was received at thn board of trnde rooms, where tho welcome ndiTrtoseB wero delivered by Governor Foraker anil Mayor Bruck, to which re.qponsos were made by Grand Mauler J. L. MeKinney, of tho Ohio gnuvl lodge, nnd by Grand Sire Underwood. Tho Sovereign grand lodge then went into session, and tho grand siro mode his report This shows that the annual increaso of membership is Inrg.-r -l>y several thousand than that reported for n similar period during thelast fifteen years. A Lni*ffe Increase of Moinbcrslilp. Tho report from tho artjutant'general's files, up to September 1, "shows that there are 47 patriarchs militant departments, 54(1 component cantons, 8 baud Clintons, UV.'Ki canton meinbei-s, nnd the value of military outfit and other assets of cnntor.s is $7*2.- NAGLE JUSTIFIED. Judge Sawyer Releases Slayer of Terry. the THE STATE TAKES AN APPEAL, And the Stiprome Court of tho United Btnton Will Fim Upon thn Question — A Dmilnlon In Whlah Nntlnnnl Snver t :l c »ly In Put Forward with Eni|>lmil»—The StnteSillmrdlimte.tlia Nation rnrnmount —Tho Marnlial's Action Itevlewoil. SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 17.—Judga Sawyer, in tho United Stntos o.rcuit court yesterday rendered a decision in tho habeas corpus case of Deputy Marshal Nngle, nnd ordarod that Nnglo be discharged from custody. A bill of exceptions filed by counsel for the stnto was allowed by the court, nnd, pending nil appeal to the United States supromo court, Nftgle was ordered released on hi-i own re- cog'iiKJUico, with bonds fixed at $.",,000. Extracts from tho l>eclslon. In tho course of his decision tho juJgo imid: After mature cons deration we liu'vo reached the conclusion that the. hmiilcldu In ejueiitloii was committed by tho petitioner w'.illu nctliiK in the discharge of n duty imposed upon him by tho rnnstitiitiun and laws of llm Unliuil Htatu-i.'within the meaning of the provision:)' of section "Xi. revised statutes. It only remains t*» inquire, secondly, was tho homicide ncccrtsar-', or was it reasonably apparent to the mind of the petitioner at thu time, nnd under the circumstances then existing, that tho killing was necessary in iTcluv to the full and complete rtlsuharfjo of em:h duty? Thu answer to thia prup- osition is really included In the answer tn the Innt, hut we desire to ma'io some ol.serva- tions bearing especially upcmlt. A marshal Is a pence ofllecr so fur as ki-t-plng the iieaco In any matter wherein tho sovereignty of the United Btates is (roncerneil and he has all thu powers of a sheriff a* to such matters. The 'constitution provides for a supreme court., and gives to the president tho power and duty of RcelliE l hat the laws lire faithful.)' executed. Only a United Stales marshal or his deputy could have performed the duty of proti-rtiiiK JudKO Field, tliB use of stale police belna Ini- practicable, ns the powers-of ji sheritr would have ended at tho borders of his county. NiiKlP WB» tl>« Arliili-i-. Nnslo was tin tho scene of action, facing tin; 1 C >v 'T t4 Good Stock of Tin Tomato! Cans, Very Cheap. Also a few dozen of] mm GUS& FRUIT m AI JELL 1DMBLEBS LEFT AT Iv.Iv. JOHNSON'S. A CHANGE. t SUCCESSORS TO O. A. Oliver. BOOKS, STATIONERY andiWall Paper. of so"cloty,to the individual Some timo ago the doctrine of lalssez foire had full swing, in the sense of lotting all institutions concerning property alone, no matter how much suffering might bo caused by their operation! At the snmu time society was forced to bear the burden of at Toast partial alleviation of this suffering through tbo poor laws. Cardinal Manning'* Prominence. Curiously enough, as pointed out by a leading journal yesterday, Cardinal Manning was one of the flrst to point out the absurdity of this attitude, nnd to suggest that it might bo a bolter policy for society to shift some of this burden upon classes of property which had specially benefited by certain changes made In the social and industrial system a century o r two ago. The idea has grown in tho popular mind,- and the recent strike finally gave the candinal an opportunity of proposing an entering wedge toward its realization. France Feels Uneasy About It. PARIS, Sept. 17.—Respecting tho proposed sollvereln lu America The Siecla says: "The United States has taken the initiative in the matter of this international customs union on the supposition that its commercial supremacy in tho markets of Control and mer- l.lianal America will be thereby assured. Our -government, doubtless, has sent the necessary instructions to its agents in Amor- lea, and will make earnest representations to Minister Reid to prevent the success of these project?, which would entail an annual loss to tho trudo o! Franco of 100,000,000 francs." English Home Ilulcrs In Ireland. LOND.'IN, 17.—The English home rule deputation are having a triumphant program turuu^h Irolaud. Their members addressed crowns aggregating 25,000 people Sunday at Mall-nv. Sale o< Yntrllng Horse*. NEW YoitK. Sept. 17.—The sale of yearlings sired by the eulebrateti bi>rso Spendthrift iooi£ place yts'erilay at the American horse They were an exceptionally flue I if. The wbol i lut, twenty in »li, brought or an uvcratf) price of tsl'iftO each. Mavtlovvor A chestnut cult by PoW- brought Thn ropo'rt of Gram! Secretary...Kiss for tho United Stall's gives tho fi.lluwing facts of interest: Number of grand lodges", 54; grand encampment*, <t!>; subordinate lodges, S,5.'!4, nn Increase of 120:1 ovor 1SS7; subordinate encampments, 2,001; liirriw«>, 4:!; R<- bekuh degree lodges, 1,70:!; increase, 2(15; lodge initiations, 511,112; increas.), 2.781; en- campmont initiations, 11,515; increuso, 5SI1; lodgo members, S8:i,W)3; increase, 27,8I!0; encampment mombars, 108,0712; increase, 5,KiO; Rebeknh di-jrco lodgo members, 90,4311; incrdnse. 10.871. Money Paid Out for Keller. During tho year tho lodges paid out for relief of members, $2,253,020.50; increase ovor 1K87, fl33,. r il!3.!»l; relief extended by encampments, $'£2(1,444.21; lncn>iisn $0,809.45; by Robeknh lodges, J21,hlf) 70; Increase, $4,141.35. Total paid out for relief, $3,831,820.23, tin Increaso of $147,514.21. Every states has delegate! and there are representative's from Switzerland, England, Canada, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, Princo , Edwards Island, Manitoba and Denmark. The air was musical lost night with serenades to distinguished members of tho order. BOB YOUNGER IS DEAD. He Kiplroi of Consumption In the Minnesota State Prison. STILLWATER, Minn., Sopt 17.—Bob Younger, tbo Missouri outlaw, died of consumption at 10:20 last evening, nt tuj ago of 84 years, nfter an imprisonment of thirteen years. Death -nt lost cnmo suddenly, though it was hardly expecled under two or three weeks. Ho began to feol the end approach at K o'clock nnd told Jim nnd Cole, his brothers, also serving life sentences, to remain as he had but two or three hours tc live. He sank gradually, kept his mental faculties up to the last breath and bode his brothers nnd sister "good by*" His remains will probably be taken to his nntivo county of Jackson, Missouri, -for interment—-All tho Youngors claimed that Bob never participated in 'any lawless act or excursion except the Nortbfleld affair. The Charleston n Bivcocl* Also. SAN FRANCISCO, Sept, 17.—Commodore Benham, Cnpt, Watson, Engineer Knouts arid Naval Constructor Paster have pro- pared their report on the recent trial trip of tbo cruiser Charleston. Tho report is unanimous and very enthusiastic. The ship is credited with the maximum horse-power ol 7,093 and average horsepower of 0,810 for four hours'run. The maximum speed attained was 18 75 knols and average of 18.4 knots. Before the trial In two hours' run in the bay shp made 11% knots. "NAPOLEON'S" CROOKED WORK. A Confidential Clnrk Give* Awrey Some ol the Operations of ire*. NEW YOP.JC, Sept. 17.—Tho development/) at tho trial of Ivns nnd Ptayner j-ostorilny wero thi most important nin-lo s-> far. Tho*-; who mailo them was thu cololiraled U'otxlrurf, frum whom Tho E^'iin? Sun obtained (presumably) tho material for its sensational charges nuted in thi-s* dispatches yesterday. E. W. WoodrulT WHS cunfldun- tial Decretory for Ives, and nft>rwanl was appointed secretary uf tho U, H. and I), railway wlu-n Ives got control of it. Ho said that in February, ISsi), ho hoard Ives tell Stayner that it wuuld bo a very nico thing to get control of tho C., H. and I)., and t-bnn wont on to tell how the "nice thing" wns accomplished. As soon us tho deal was j successful Ives began it-suing fraudulent sharrs of stock, anil several thousand of these shares wero issued by Jituo U(i. In order to covor up this rascality Ivcstol I Wood- riilt to take tho stock ledger and burn it, and ho did so. Thought 10 WUH a Sifo Denl. Woodruff testified that Ivcs hail told him that as the company itsolf controlled n majority of tha stock tho ofllcers of tho company bad everything in their own hands, and that no trouble could como to them through tbo over-Usui) of the stock. Subsequently Ives bail banded to witness 2,;iuO "now" shares for the purpose of cancelling old stock; 2,000 shnros of this lot of new stock wero not recorded, because there was not hufilciant old stock for cancellation. Ivos had erasj'1 tho signature of Mr. Zimmerman from some of tho certificates in order to di'cnivo Mr. Burns, who was tho registrar of tho American Exchange National Bank, while tho st/'clc was registered according to custom. Ivt'3 Dad said to witness, "Wo must not let Burns got on to this or we'll got up a tree." How Thny Hoodwinked HnrnA. About Aug. 25 Mr. liurns called at Ives' ofllco and asked to see tho old certificates, for which new ones had been issued and registered. Witness and Ivec managed to temporarily renssur -Ml'. Burns, (in/t that night Ives and Woodruff snt up lalo and prepared what thoy aftin-ward showed Burns as the old xcrtifl.-ati'S. This work was completed at 11 o'clock at niche. As fast as tho bogus certitlcali'S WPI-J fiinshi-d tboy wore hurried ovor to-Mr.'Burns, who wps waiting f'r them. This si-ham J seem nl to quiet thu suspicions of HID bank i Hicials, which K >n-.l. n- iii:H-M-in; in Nova Scotia, »\VH-;. Brn.,kly N. Y., New York In the Lend. CHICAGO, Sept. 17.—The narrow margin by which the Boston base ball club led tho New Yorkers was wiped out yesterday, and New York is nt tin head of the class. League scores: At Washington—Washington 4, Now York 12; at Boston—Boston 2, Philadelphia 3; at Chicago—Chicago 3, Indianapolis 4, No game nt Cleveland— rain, No Association games schedulod. Western league: At Omuha—Omaha 11, Denver 2; at Minneapolis—Minneapolis 4, Milwaukee 18. A Deuiooriitlo Denorter. ANNAPOLIS, Md., Sept 17.—Considerable consternation was caused at tho executive mansion yesterday by the receipt of tha resignation of William C. Somerville, of Calvert county, as a member of the state senate, and tho announcement that he would Join the ranks of the Republican party. Mr, Somerville has always been a straightout nnd ardent Democrat. He was elected in 1887 to tho state senate for four years. Refused U llrltish Syndlonte'l Did. NEW YORK, Sept. 17.—It was officially announced yesterday tbaftuo stockholders of the Thomas Iron company have refused to accept the bid of 145,500,000 made for their property by an English syndicate. The stockholder* claim that their property is worth fully tl,uOO,000 more than tho amount offered. inf? by pi-i'Mon-I cxiierii'iiM « II!B pin M'-M pow- craanil hi-* ili'Hpi-rato chai-ai-li-r, anil liy tft'n- cral reputation hln llfe-loiiK habit of nirryini; nrinn In ri'iidinesi to use Ih'.ni, and his ani;ry. murderous tin-cats, and seeing; hi* loukx and' hit) Htciilthy as-ault from behind, anil rememborliiK th-) sacral trust commltti 1 i lo his charge, NiiKlu was tlm pu-tylo iU-- tennlno when thu supreme moment lor action had come, ami If ho honestly ai-ti'd wlih r. nsioimblo judgment and dlxcrvtlon. the law JtlHlltlcs hlm-even if hn "erred. Hut who will have the courage to stand up in thu presence of tho facts developed by the testimony in thu cane and sivy ho tired tho smallest fraction of a second too soon? In our judgment he iu-tu'l. umlor the tr.vlntf conditions HimmmlinK him. In Rood fnitli and with consummate uournjfo-. Judgment, and discretion. Tho homicide was. In our opinion, Hourly Justi liable In law, anil In tho forum of sound, practical common sense, cominendabla. When the jmlgo received the notice of appeal ho said that the testimony was so overwhelmingly in favor of tho prisoner that ho did not think any magistrate before whom tho appoal would como would convict Naglo. Not n State* Rights View. Justice Field was present when tho decision was rendered. A largo number of people had boon attracted to tho court room by tho announcement that the case was to be decided. The decision is a long one, and included n careful review of the events leading up to the shooting. On tho subjoct of jurisdiction it says: "There is no conflict, of. an authority. The state in such cusos is subordinate, and tho national government is paramont." WENT THROUGH THE BRIDGE. A Freight Train on tho Kvunnvlllo and . .Terre Hunte Wrecked.. EVANSVILLK, Ind., Sept 17.—Word reached here.lost night at tho offices of tho Mackoy system to tho effect that a .serious wreck occurred late last evening on tho Evansville and Terro Haute railroad, near Patoka. The south-bound freight train No. Kl, heavily loaded,—was precipitated -into Patoka river, the bridge ovor that stream giving way under tho weight of the train. The engine and four cars passed safely over, but the remainder of the train plunged through the yawning gap in the track. The cars piled one upon tho other, many being crushed into a shapeless mass. No lives have been reported lost, although several trainmen are known to'have gone down in the wreck. A wrecking train was sent out from this city. Collision on the Panhandle. PITTSBURO, Sopt 17.—A mlspjaced switch caused a collision on tho Panhandle railway last evening nt- Collier's Station, by which Eugene Dalghue, a newsboy, and Harry Oliver, of Union, N. Y., were killed and thirteen others Injured. Most of tbo injuries are not serious, the worst being broken legs and bad scalds, and all will recover. A Collision KlUs Three Hen. .. ATLANTA, Go., Sept 17.—About four miles from here at midnight last night tho Central north-bound passenger train collided with a freight train, demolishing the engine and killing throe men—engineer, fireman and brakeman. .., . ... _ The biilane,! of tho session wai taken np'1 tlio examination nnd idontiflcaiioii of books boui-lng upon Hie c is-. MURDEROUS JAIL BIRDS. Return of » Hoixllcr, , CHICAGO, Kept 17.—John Hannlgan, one of Cook county's ex-commissioners, who dU- ^ appoayed about tho tim» of thu boo>!lo trials, juri-uridersd hiinsi-lf In Judgu Hiirton's court, this city, yiwierdiy. HJ gnvo bonds in $1,000 to nnswat. to tho lultctmonfc now ttaoding agalu«t tilin. 'l : *aLa* F<-v«r io Coturudw. LINCOLN, Nob., &*|)t 17,—Weld and Logan i-v.unii<-4, Ci>kn-mli), h.w» boati quarinitlu*! a^uinat by pj-ivlniiwliun idauwJ by Gysus-ijuf T&ar«r, 'iVi*» i'vv.ii eiiifc* »u that KiviiHtf, juvs-rdnig it> Stlraws rsiwived Indiana Vlnanoed. INDIANAPOLIS, Sept. 17.—The second $700,000 loan ordered by the legislature has been placed by tho state officers with Lake Uros. & Co., of New York, who offered a premium of $i75 on tho -91,000.'- Including tho loan mado for refunding tho school funds, the state has now borrowed $5,675,000 und pays an enormous amount annually in interest. Tho rate on the different loans is 5, B^ nnd 3 per cent respectively. The incomo of' tho state now falls more than 8500,000 short annually of paying runnlrig expenses. A Terribly Afflicted Family. BOONB, la., Bopt. 17.—A family named Zeiathal, consisting of parents and ton children, loft Boono early this month for Milwaukee. They went in o wagon, being ten days on the road. News was received from them yesterday that diphtheria broke cue lu the family on thoir arrival, and that nix of the children died in throe days, only two recoverlug. A Dppiily Rhnriir Priiliiihly Futility Shut 1>V Pi-liMHier* Under Uciitli Pmiulty. FOMKKSKT, I'll., Sept 17.— U'hilo tin) wtiti.-liiuan of llii'_couiily_jn_il was bringing a pail of wat<>r in .to the prisoners at noon ye^- ti-r.luy, "Shorty" Gano, convicte 1 of burglary, covered him with'n revohvr, orderin : lum to throw up hh bands, which he- di<l. D.'puty Sheriff McMillan came to tbo watch- ma'i'.-i assistance, when D:ivo Niceli'V, sentenced to hang for tin) murder of Knrmur Umberger, suiu'd thu deputy by tho wrists and Joo Nicoiey, a brother cf Davo und sentenced for tho snmo crimi', shot tbo deputy onco lii'lmv tho In-art and u second time in tho eid.', tho deputy falling sonseles-i Lynch Iluft 1IU Itopa Knndj'. The Niceloys then escape!, nnd IIid to the woixlq outsido tho city. A posso was organized and stnrlo 1 in pursuit of tbo two murderers, nnd captured them last night. They were brought back and again lodged in jail. Deputy Sheriff McMillan's condition is BCI-- ious, and ho may die at any moment, in which caso the Niceleys will undoubtedly bo lynched, tbo ropes already having been pro cured. AN EXTRAORDINARY MURDER. Two Women Asnanlt a Man anil Slutchcr Him with Knlvea. ZANESVILI.E, O., Sept. 17.—A Tinies-Rec ord 8|«cinl from Malta, O., says: Frank Amors, n farmer living near Ringgold, wa-i murdered Friday afternoon wliilo working in n field. A man driving by hoard a cry 01 murder, nnd hastening to the spot saw twi neighbor women named Hampton running away as fast as possible. It is not known which committed the crime, or both; bu Amers' bead was terribly backed with i knife nnd lie died almost instantly. Som timo ngo the two families quarrelled ove sorao poultry, which was settled by a justic of-the peace against tho Hamptons, sine which timo tho women have boon carryinj. sharpened butcher-knives nnd swearing ven geauce. The Dally Negro Lynching. BALTIMORE, Sopt 17.—The Sun's specia from Roanoko, Vn., says: On Saturdn evening a negro named .Garner was lynche at BtuolMd for trying to entice a white git to a lonely place for tho purpcse of outraf ing her. Ho was-captured nnd confesses Ho wns then taken- from the ofllcers and hanged. Tho negroes in tha Flat Top coal region aro greatly incensod and threaten to invado Bluetleld for revenge. Tuo whites are prepared and n warm reception will ba given the no^roes. ' Couldn't Squeezo "Old Hutch." CHICAGO, Sopu 17. —B. P. Hutchinson, "Old Hutch" of tho board of trade, was as- Gaultod by footpads early Monday mornin; and bis money demanded. Tho robbers "hold him up" and searched him thoroughly, and finally left with a sorrowful expression on their faces'and tbo knowledge that the great wheat corneror keeps his money in the bank. They didn't get a cent, but got away beforo tbo officers arrive.l at the alarm given 1 y Mr. Hutchinson. y Mil-it! t. hns bi'Mil ilrtvcn imam) liy (-Itl--,-s -Hc^rs. Tin) lum by tins fli-n nt Ixiuiivdh Sn-idny ni^lit i:i now put at more than $1.2.'i-),O.M. | Ii is i (Tlrially rnnflrm-d that the inilcpond- i cni-c of Rul^ariu will shortly bo proclaimed. Tbf G''"i'£i« legislature has pa*sod a bill unnniniou-ly, prohibiting tho sal-j of cigarettes to minors. Tlio public school? of Paxton, Ills., closed Monilay morning on account of tho prevalence of diphtheria. It, Is now Btntfd that 2< r >.000 families in Monism-pro are likely to suffer from the famiii 1 ) prevailing ther<3. Mr. and Mrs. Georga Clousor, of Montl- c-llo, Ills., celebrated Monday the C.'th anni- ?rsary of their wedding. Tbo Twenty-fifth annual convention of the cigarmnkers union is in session at Now York, with -JOJ delegates on hand. It is stated that Margaret Tilaino, daughter of Hon. J. G. Elaine, Is engaged to bo married to \Vnltor Danirosch, of New York. H. Richard Hughes, a ualoonist of Bprinz- field, Ohio, was married Sopt. 13 to Miss Ella R, Fisher, after a courtship of eleven years. Congressmen Mansur, Springer, Baker, P,-rkins, Pelcrs nnd Allen * -re entertalnoj atGuthrie, Oklahoma, Monday with a banquet, ball and grand reception. John MrCimnull. a suako charmer exhibiting bis skill in Now York, has beon nino times by rattlesnakes and recovor-'d each timo by the froo uso of whisky and by sucking tho wound. The grand jury at Miys Landing, N. Y., has indicted Mrs. Hamilton for her assault on Nurso Donnelly which occurred somo weokg ngo, and in which tho nurso was so terribly slashed with a dagger. Cbos. M. Rico, general passenger agent ot tho Baginaw.Tuscolaand Huron railway, was dismissed from his position Monday at East Sngiuaw, M'ch., for embezzling $S,000 of the railway's .money. He confessed the crime, hut refused to explain. Hn snld: : "J, took it and that's all there is to it" The attorneys for the state In the Billings trial nt Waterloo, la., created a sensation Monday by announcing that portions of the evidence taken by the coroner's jury is missing. These portions include Billings' confession of having prepared false affidavits with which to frighten Kingsloy. I.nwlcr 8p«Kli« for the Miners. CHICAGO, Sep." 17.— Cu:i^rc;:.nm!'n -T. spoke on the mining troubles in this stato last night, nt the Twelfth street Turner hall, to nn nudlonco of about 3,000 people. The congressman enlarged on the suffering of tbj ooplo in tho Spring Valley and other strike •gions of this stale. Ho said tho children ere naked nnil starving, and many of them ml their mothers ill through privation. Th luWei-srbb said, numbered $10,000 men an ),0!X) women nnd children, and that th«r vere 5,000 starving in Spring Vallpy now lo dosed by urging tho workingmen to sto work every where on May 1, 1S1K), and no triko a lick until eight hours a day was th tile. Absolutely Pure Tuts powder never mrles. A marvel of purty tivngtfa and whol«somene(is. More economical 3an the ordinary klndn. and can not be noW I" ompetition with the multitude of low test, short »el.<iu, a.oinn 01 phosphate powncrs. Nold OMivri earn. I^IYAJ^ HAKIHO POWDWI 0..406 Wall rtt...M-w iord.^il , JanSld-wly OFFERED <ornn incurable CIIBO of tn the Ik-aJ by the proprietors of DR. SAGE'S CATAHRH EEmcui. Sympioiusi of ..Catnrrh. — HetKincbe, ilistriictlon of none, discliurtn.-a falling into hront •oinntlmr-s profuse, watery, and acrid, at others, thick, Icimcious, iftuuous, punilent, bloody nnd putrid ; eyes wi-ak, ringing in ears, dciitiK-sa. dlfllciilty of clearing throat, expectoration of olfenslv.-' mutter; hn-ath oftcnslvc: smell nnd Uislo. impaired, and pencral debility. Only a tow of I hesu symptoms likely t<i be prc-s- ent nt once. Vhoiisands of cneea rtsult, in con- eumptlon, nnd end In the jrnjvf. IJy Its mild, sixitlilmr. nml hciilinorpropcrtica, Dr Siijrc's Hcmcdy i-nn-s the vrnrat canon. BOe. The Original UnenualcdnsnI.tvcrPlll. Smnllest,choap- cat, cnslefit to take. Olio Pcllot n Ooso. Cure Sick Headache,ItIlioiiHKEe«dncl>o t DIzzliiewi, CoiiHtipatlou, IiicllKotlou. Illlloua Attacks, and all derangements of the stomach nnd iMiwvls. 23 ct». by druorlatg. FIFTH s an anti .. You thould read Tn« CHICAGO DAILY Naws b^caiue li'a a. family newsfafer, This is norwhf'M cvrrybody rcnfl iuo uMpvk pvu~ **~*~to .^tc^yz^irv" family »hould have some thin* of value for all. The tpeciiu Interests of women are not overlooked m TUB DAILY NHWS, And then you don't waut to bring questionable reading matter into your family. You don't want to put indecent or Immoral reading into the hands of your . children. You will never make a mistake on this score If you — take home- TMK DAILY Ninsrs^ Tho newspapers are the great educators of thi* nation. The strength of the nation lies In the purity of its firesides. circulation is 220,000 a day— over a million a week— and it coat* by moll 25 a .month, four monthi «».oo a — on* ****** 5 cu. We are now prepared to do First-Class U;l.olsteri&g in all the latest styles. Give us a call, ooe and all, and if yon have any to do we will alW to it Reynolds Bros., WKMT K\n 8TOKF, HTKBLINtt, Tlio Stlllettu Jtad I'lutol. IBUI-KMINO, Mich., Sopt 17.— An Italian mimed An^olo L^i/ario btubl^l Poter Cuni- panl in tin) K'ft aitio nt (ha Fniukliu iniiio, located nt Hancock, yustonlay morning, and lu tha ui'.J»a which followa-l ri!coivud_a. bullet In tho j:iw. I^uirio wiis an-..-»tad. Cum- [wsui will JU UiMii'io U (Uuigorously Cnlloni HIB Allfigi-il Forsjor. MiSNK"APotiS ) "Mtiin.",~"83iJiitrl7.' — Jr" Frank Collom was urrnigiKxl ycstordiiy morning to nnswer to the charge oj forgery. Ttioro weru six separate indictments, all of which 'nr« for forgery, Collom wns given until Wednesday to enter bis plun. Ju'dge Hoker reduced his bail to $i3,OOJ. The triul will take place this weok, and promises to bo the moat sensational ever held hero. AU Sin rutting o:> War Taint. CHICAGO, Sept. 17. —Bishop Powlor, of the Methodist church, who has been making uu extended tour of Chinu, told tho cli-rgymuu of his cbuu-h at their tneotin^ In thU citj yesterday tlmt Chinu ii preparing for war, unti will bu in ten yo:»r» lo succoss- (ully fight any imlioii In tho. woi-ld. Ilunoreil I or till Nlliurlitii \VrlthiR». N. Y., St-[it 17.— Ojorgi ni^tit fU-rU',1 nn honorttry .Uii NatUmtti nlii.-uuv, tin^ in thii in iu;i -i- '.o ox- .iiMi ft iiii wntnij* upon Arr«4to<) fur tHfUft , <Av\>', 17. -• K*.l nbvr uf i^ullaiU'-u!, w«» iHK'w yiwu-ril*y OH ilia « a.rr«iti}J At Au- Kviinun, "m last nmnitier ut the i'o couvi-nlioii »i^lli pn-ai iu npi'M-i. 1 i We are handling and selling more flour than ever. Look at these brands, from $2.40 to $3.10 per hundred; MAGNOLIA, ~ ^~~~ T" 7 GOLDEN CROWN, PEERLESS, BLUE RIBBON, CAPITAL. CREAM PATENT KANSAS' WINTER, SUN, • DAISY. All guaranteed to prove up aa represented or return. We meaa to eave the people of this viciuity money, and will do it. REMEMBER THE MIKADO MARKET. Vi , 8 i Caltlm-uiii. . l7.-~rVi-2 I'lki-s, I n.i;. i'ou-irv. ; «J "f t - i--., We are selling nothing but JVo. I Moats- Prices Low wt the LOWAH&, Jf&

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