Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 12, 1912 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 12, 1912
Page 3
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"A HOOSIKK ROMAX K" In a braijiifiil cift lHK >k with il.-' lustrations l>y .loliti Wulcoit Adums :iinl t(<nv;ii>I l!li:iiiii"Jor ("hri-ity. \<-iy u! i i:n i iv.-. pjit out Tif <iiil> .''•<• if'i" lliis (111 ill :i limii.ii iilliioii. Wo Itl^fi ;;!i<:w t nil of (Jil.y's IHKIIC, »l -J... ..i;r I'li. _ *t.lHI SIT Our |{ilt> MliiiloH. IIMN' llCMlkS. C. W. Robe, or PUtsbitrg is'vlsltlnB friends In the .city. —Drs. HnIC & Hull. Tririihonrs ISO, Ml. teopaths. ! K. D. BainI, of North KnJKllsh. la.. 1 was a business visitor in tlif ciiy to- 'ji'y. i . i ! _I »r. 0. L. Co.\. ftcnll.i«. I W. 3. Biirdiik will to Moran to' nuirro«k' KIVC a talk <iti Kr.i(^fd K-3! buns in. thi> Sunday stJi<")l. I V. C. .N'ichol.snn has Rono to Tulsa, jok, and 'IVxas pointo AMI hiisinrss. Now Wall Tain-r at; Hiirrclls IJruR raRIOLA DAILY REGISTER, SATURDAY EVENING, 0 CTOBER 12,1912. ) " r^.^' ./tU.^i^ ^^ •- I • J> •/ . r - —— U It's NVgHt ^the «RAND 8 1^ n .^.1 fl% TCOl Evans Bros. ' ."«'<'l^<"":- ' n nearn.... ,a -...nut,.. . .... 1 1.. P Iionii' tins alti^rnoon. ho ha's rtturiif d SHOWS KBH Adults . lOc at 7:30, Iflilxhildren • 5c and 9 •^l :A Pew Choice SKarp iMlfli Scab at • 20c TONIGHT Two Reels Best Pictures and the Play "The Sins ol a Father" Mrs. D. C. Fhillipi. Mrs. Charlojr |J Beaver. Mrs. R. N. Xesbltt. Mrs. M. M. • Murray, Mrs. Tom Murray. Miss Amy Jencks. Miss Patti Metcalf, all of Colony were In the city today visiting friends. Mrs. J. M. Clayton went to Carlylc today for a visit with friends. Mrs. J. D, Matthews went to Garnett 1 thl saftc'moon for a visit with relatives. Mrs. E. Donaldson went to Colony this afternoon for a visit with fripnds. Mr. and Mrg, Thomas Gray wont to Welda this afternoon for a briof visit with relatives. Mrs. J. D. Smith, of Ottawa wh«> has b<'en here visiting relativts" and friends, returned home today. Charley Rishop went to Colony this af tei noon on business. J. A. Johnson went to DulTaio this ' S. M Sifors returned from a w«>ek "8 morning on bublness. visit in Oklahoma this aflornoun. W. E. Newcomb GOOD TI1IN(.S TO EAT! IN. Wash. Phone IGl Our prices are riuhi: • our dqlivci-ies inv riifhv: our j^Kiceries are ;-iiihi. Call on Us —.Maca/.lnes at .Miinilis Drug Store. J O. I'ro.iion. oi' Cliaiuili*. wlir> lias 1 )1 111 h"-rc on Imsiiuss r<'turn<'d iioni'- afivrnoon. — (^1 to J. H UiIt'>V. sinrei;.<or to 'i .lv Il.udw.iic Co. forliiv iK-nt values ;n c ^toM '.-i. ({•V. .Mvlii Judd. who has In fn vis- iiiiu; K»'V. and .Mrs. .\. J,. Sampson, ivTirn-tlio his work in I'rontcnac liiij .ilt.>riiooii. —Miindis the jilacc for Iirtigs. Mi>-. R. C. Sand'^rs of Cani'V, who li .i; bi 'fi li'Te visilinp iriend.s return• u !;om" this aftt-rnoon. -Now- War, Pav*r at lUirrells Drug' Si < TO E. C. Howartl loft this morning for Republic City. Ni-h.. on business. 11. G. Stout, of I'ittsburg. who has been h<'r«» visit inn frU-nds returned hoiiK- last night. II. K. Norman, of .Manhattan, was a business visitor li<ri- this morning. H. V. Sniitli. of rai'.i^ins a busi- n»'ss visitor h'Tc 'his morning. ^^r. and Mrs. Honr.v Rich, of Harrisonville. .Mo. who have iK ^n hore visiting .Mr. and Mrs. .1 C. Thomas, returned horn.' thir; mtiriiing. Mr.s; A. I). Dawson, of Tulsa, who has been here visiting trit'iuls returned home this aft'^rnoon. Kdw-ard Thompson, of Andrrsnn. Ind.. IS visiting r«'Iaiiv.-3 in lola .Mrs. M. K Hiaiii wfiit to «"lianutt' this .aii<-rnoon for a visit with d.iugJi'er. .Mrs. Roth. j W. S. Mumm has n-turned' from Km- where he attended thy "Old Home" ceU-bratioii. her I For County Treasurer .TOllN T. TVl.KR . Pros I'd.. R'l-T. <-->::>-cf - T:%" vor.v ! o-; iiualit.v ami the i -In addition to the many other •• i-r> !(-:v<si prii'^s in The hardware I si=ht.=; to b.» si '-n on one of tlie Star ;::i'' '". J" H Kiley 's. .<nccoM !or to Cole I-ied Couman.Va vxriirsii>ns. thi-re ila'.dw.'.r^ v\ill h(- a hull fight at Malanioras. Old — " .Mexiro i:ound trip covpring evrry S Uin.tVI. who has brrn horo visit-I it'>ni of .-Viipnse. only $4-". I'O. Sr.- .1 inc W.'sloy St.^wart and friends, re- i W. Marker. ."IS Kast .Madison St . Io!a :urr,od to h.'s homo in Ojfft'vvillc tliis i and ao wi!h u~ October l."th. :t!t.:>ruoon. | — — _ i Mr and Mrs St-hmid'. of Chirago. —Orcr.o.-tra 'or dance work I'Ct. 1'." Thompson, nf fhanin-', ilx-ii visilj^nu friends to lii.-i tioiw this .tfT .'jiioon. • Phone • weri in lola .v-stiTday and today, he •on his n-cular visit to tlif tr.ide for ! a b!: Chicago dryKOo<ls house, and wiio has J si.o to an insight inio t!ie manner r>-turned '• .if life of 1 I<T husliatid.—liush.iliil sine" 1 last June. STOVES Coal. (ia< and Himd llratersi I'oniliinalion t >>al aid ••as. Hot IHa ^i and .Vir ii:hlx KcoNOMV l;^^^^;s Born'- Coniliinaliiin and l^as Kan::e: - the lM-<t tiiade. TheLH.WisiiardH(Iw. — Craii'iati^" N^irsc; terms, rea>on- • I'i.>n<' ri'le o S. Mors*- returned home this af- i.iiioon fnint a'business visit in north • astern Kanisis. I.a.lief,- S*iiiis and Coats relined .ilt.rcil Itu'ien holes a specialty Mr- Hett.i Coiveis. .S"L' S Walnut St —I.owntv'ri fandy. Mundis has it. i'.\r\ .lackson. of i :arl 'oii, who has !>.•. i: her.- on liusiiii ss went to Ciia- iliis itfteruoon. Pur Sale at Ifiirrell's iVrug Store. F H KinE of Ciianiite. was , T bjsi- ne.-:i vi.-itor h-re tliis afternoon Itr. II. I- llendrlrks; Old < oiirl Hnn>i-. ( alN an>nered day or niirhl. .1 W Kell'.'-. eiiy mar>h.-»;l of Hum-; t'"Id'. "a.s ill til'- city today. I i; ll .'ll wa.~ i hu.=in'-s.; visitor in j KiMc.ii'l this afternoon. "ATa loA vriee. V,n new and iisecj t'lMS .iii'l C'>nl Stoves Kd Henninger i V .-,-s- .Madi.-;on. I —Farm and City I^ian.<. R. M Cunningham. Mrs Frank l{i<iill- and Mi>s .lose, piiine expect to leave .Monday evening tor Indiana, where they will spend several months visiting relaiiv«s and friends P W. Cochran, of Ft Scoit, Is In the city on business today. Carl Peterson and H .\pt are attending th<^ fair at Savonhurg today. Fred Apt rettirneil yesterday from a business trip to Joplln. Ciiy Webster of i^trawn, who has heen here visiting friends went to Col- on.v this afternoon. M .1 Hulaer. of Carlyle. was a husi t!' .-s v;.-iiior here this afternoon. K. W. Houlsnn of Tarlyle was in the 'Ity oil liir.-iness today. .t W Whee ),.r went to Carlyle this .ifternoon on business. Mrs r F Monk who lias been visiting relaHves In Pittsburg, r"turned ii'inie this afternoon. Karui Loan- I!a|is HrH ?;;-e re':;-, The Merriara Mortgage Co. li'peka. hail^. (Ijil I'.n •• . : •.-, . T i W.Ji '.• • : • • : I..;:..: V ,• . Bi:STI.(»\> IN \I.I.IN i ol M\ lOLA LAND CO. T Electric Wiring! I >ol.e 1 • r., • ! iiu t; Pri. . .•- .• I • Canfield &«Thonip6on/ with 'he I. ii \V,-:iard II Iw .1 Ijl Walii.?; .jf Coif, yville. who has Mrs .Toe Brook went to Colony this b. en^ere on business returned- homf • .-ifternoon for a visit with relative;: tins atiern^on. j — — ' Mrs r O Staler, of Rirhmond. who .1 H Pi'.vy .-uices .-or To c>li'' lias b-en here visiting fi;lends retiirii- M.irii^ar*' I "oil; ['any. iias the Floral • ed home this afternoon. * M -ovr. :';e be .-t fieater on the i — •ra.-k. t ' Ira T) Kelley and sons Floyd and — j Harold leave this evening for PaoJa ^!rs CI! I iiinsinore. of niaihe. \vbi> to spend Sunday with his dailghter 1, .s 1-. II h. r> vu-iting iriinda w. nt to | Margaret, who is attending school In Uiiii'Vi Tiiis morning. .'that city. l;.\''r II M-Clain. who lias beej. in i Chronlr I>y»p«>p <*lM. K .iii>...s <''.iy on. returned! - Tl.e followinu' iin-ollcited testl- U'U.- ! IS- !-..en;;.;;,! rerta?n!y be sufficient -:- , ;• > i;i \e rtoil co :iraae to persons A II Wi:;..imson w.'nt :o Ciierry-i rrd with r-;;ron;r dyspepsia- "I i !!•• il.;- .i:i'Tn<Kin for a bri«f v isit j-..iv •• li.en a chronii- dy.i.i>»>|.'ic f ..r •Aitli his f :rher. >-;trs an'! -f all the medicine I have — I Mk -n. <'l:aiiih.Tlaln's Tablets have i" A S''-.v.ii' ;or;ner!y of Y;ites t'«-n ' !'n^- n.e move -han anything •I r. who l.:<s f.> i n here on business, j • Ise" silvs W i; Mani-on. o .\ T .>*her Mrs. I .Aura Pennlman and son Roe Smiser went to Kansas City this afternoon. Mrs. Pennlman will remru home Monday and her son will make Ills home In Kansas City. * Mrs. E. C. Gobln. of Humliolilt, arrived here this afternoon for a visit with .Mrs. Tom Goes of Gas City. .Mr. and .Mrs. Ralph Harrison, of NtHJsbo Falls, who have hern here visiting friends returned home this afternoon. Miss Beulah Rlxler has gon>- to Elsmore for a visit wiih friends. / Miss Grace Ilixler will visit frV^iIs in Savonhurg and KIsmore Sunday. .f. C. Thom.-is went to Ft. Scott this morning on business. I.. I.. Place. .Mr. and .Mrs. H M. Fellows an'l -Mr. and Mrs. K C Clayton drove to l-aHarpeand Humboldt yesterday evening in the Fellows auto. Sam Wiltiurn of Wichita was a business visitor here yesterday. Misses Ina .MeKnielit and Rirh Hodgson, instrurfors in IIIP high school will spend Sunday with .Miss McKnIghfa parents in Parsons. A. I.. Moatright went to .Moran this morning on business. Mrs. .T. M. Mason, of Wichita, who lias been visitinir .Mrs. A .\ Swle;irt returned home this mornine Mrs .T H Purk'-r and daughters nf Humboldt were in the city betwe.-r trains this morning while enroute t,. Fori Scott for a visit with friends. Mrs. A R.iiir«sfield .nnd daiiiihtrrs of Yates Center were visitors lier> iiUs morning. O L. West, of Clay Center, who his been here on business returned to his home this afternoon. Alpha Cornell of this rniinty was operatwl on for the se<-ond time for appendicitis In Kansas City last Thnrs day. He is getting alone as vvell as could be exiH -cteU at this time. ChrNlian rhurrh. Mible School. 9a. in .Morning worship 11 o'clock. Vonnc People's .Meeting at t;!.".. Evening service beginninc 7 :!n. The pastor will preach l>oth niorii- ing ami evening Everybody welciniif to these .s.'rviees. One of the most profitable and most representative conventions ih" t'hris- fian Church ever held in Kansas ha.- been in ses.-ion at I.iirned this we.-k LOST KI.VKilS ARK FOr>D. Keid and .\rinj Oftirer Fell Into Kher and E^truped. Pliiiadelphia, Oct. 12.—.Marshall E Reid. the aviator, and Henry C. .Miis tin. a lieutenant comiiiamier of the navy, who left Cape .May Point ye.s- terday for Philadelphia in a hydro aeroplane, and for whose safery apprehension was felt, have b<;en pi<ke. up by a Philadelphia prdice boat. Tli- hydro-aeroplane' fell Into the .Maiirio River and was wrecked Reid and hit conipanit.n were unhurt. JOHNSON AKKKSTS KKOTHKR. Jack Sa»^ Charle} Ha« ll»in Spending HN -Money. •.\(ii! 'o i-|.:iiui'«- thi:. afternoon befor« rt.tiiriiiiii; Ins home in Portland. ! • •ri'gon. I 'ii.iR ST . !lo!C' n- •.' Sy a:i .'.ealer'' X Y Per sale T!.e .Ma.;i. r ,o |d 'iV .1 H .Mrs Lizzie Reanian brought suit in I the district court yesterday afternoon ; IM. i "as PNEUMONIA I ^left me Tvith 3 f.":.r:iTT i:l roii-j), .-lei very wiMK. Iliailspvl.s wLvu K-.i .id hanily brtathe or s; I\T 10 V- .0 minutes. >!y rtoctor . oird t,.-.T i.tip ma^ bat I was ci'Uii-ieii'Iv ^ -^-CTi bv DR. KING'S New Dlscoverv Mrs. J. K. Cox. Jolk-t. lil. • 60c AND f liOO AT ALL OROeCiSTS. -UiACSx.r to -pecial v.llve T.';e • !•".<•« ing ' I'ole Hd» Co . i for a divonse from her husband. Ed- attaciiment bv i ward Hiaman whom she acrusrs of in is overci'iue. | human treatment. The plaintiff nl- — I legeg that her husband la a man of F Stort. of Ft S'OM vv;i< <n .'he violent temiwr. abusive anjd cntrl r.'v loday noon betw.-en trains. . ii-j She seeks a decree of d!vorc<» and ro .ie to his huuic from Chanute t award of alimony In such an amount — / I as the coiirt may deeth proper. The .Mrs T T Cotr. r of Y'ates rent..r. ; Heamans resi<1»- af Hronson. The •v!„. has h. en her- visiting fri>nds : court has issued a temporary writ re- ro C!i inmc this afternoon. straining Beaman from d!5t>osing of bny of his projMTty or expending any has ' of his fun Is until the suit is adjudlcat- t T» P Kins, of Earlton. wh ';t>ecr. here visiting Mr. and .Mrs. W. E. j ed. 'Starks. returned home this afternoon I — — I AI Aid Sedatlir Cimirh Medirine«. If you •sant to contribute dlrecvly I to the occurrence of capillary bros- f-hitls and pneumonia use coii^h med- , Miss Marie Card went to Humboldt ; !h!s a:ttrn (X )n for a visit with relatives Ciii.a:;o Oct 11 —.lack .lohnson .aiiipton heavy weight pugilist. !.a<; ills brother. Charley, arrest, .<1 here to- I'ay' charging him with grand larceny forgery, ohtainini: money under fals- preiens''* and a !cw oth-r coum.' .m. '-laillied that V.;,- prosn iitlon was .il. ••v!d»-ne.> of • !iro;:..T !y love' T!;« jchanuuon swor- out t.'ie warrant .iiii'. .«ppcar<i! against Ch.irtey in the nii; nU'Ipltl cotirt Tlie-e were the .•harge^ .lack enumerate,! acainst hi- Iwoflier Purcaasing automobile tire from » local concern and charging t)ie llSii. to .lack Johnson Herkinc .Mtn>e!f In a i:org''o!) brown and red che, k suit and pavln^ for the same with a ohe< k to w'aic! he sicned the name "Jack Johnson ' Obtaining a supply ..f ele,trie hu!h- from an eleitrlca! comern and again signing the champion's name Writing a letter to n. F Mosely Jack's attorney, and requesting 'h. loan of $2^. for ".vour friend lack ' Johnson savs he did not get anv o: $2'.. i -Geo. T. C.-add'xk. K-ibie.' Ark., j says: "I •»;fs l.oi .:• r<-ii w;-!: Inmbago.'i for iseven yoars s.v t aii ] could no: j work. I tried .-ie'.era! kiiids of k'lu^'y ; medicine whie-j gave littie or f<> j relief. Two Uftt'les of Foley Kjd.iev ' Pills cured n.e and uovv I can do any j kind of work I iheerfully recoiimienu them to uiy friends.*' Burrell's Urug Store. icines -l.a' contain codine. morphine. Wm -Vhter and father. H..B .\ehter j heroin and other sedatives when ymi w.'nf to Humboldt this afternoon to ,'lave a <oiigh or cold. An expector- .si.< zii Sunday at home. • int like CiiamberUin's Cough Remedy . — !* 1'^"^*'* Th»t cleans out H> r. Wittenberg, the lively young- j The culture beds or breeding places st^r w-i^o has been studying merchan- 1 'or the germs of psoumonia and other disir.g a' the New Y-ork store leaves t serm diseases. That is why pneumo- •onigh' for St. Louis for a visit with • sia never results • from a cold when iiis mother and other relatives, after j riiamberlaih's Cougti Remedy is iise^l. practically a year 's absence. j I' has a world wide reputation for its — I cures It contains no morphine or — Dr. XcMilleD, Phonrg Si Md 232.{other sedative. 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III., had kidney and bladder: trouble, with terrible backa-he and ' pain across the hips. Just iiiKi?i ;:e' her condition. She further sa'.s: •"I ! was also very nervous, had headarhes ^ and dizKv spells, and was fast eetting: worse when I took Foley Kidney- Pills I and now all my troubles are curee. | Fole .v Kidney Pills have done so much for me 1 shall . always recommend them. " For cale at Rurrell's Drug . S'ore. Hisgest and Best Line of WKINGKKS. BOILERS. TIBS, WASHI.Mi MACHI-NCS . AM) BOARDS Start .llouduy with Good E(|aip- uient. Georze Olin. of Rich Hill, who has been here on business returned home this morning. anil iiiaik't w -ak ; :>. I "ml ti;.. iir ;i>- w ;:.!•• ' 'nil .f-'o I: d t:.- •• 'ste;. !y Moi;- ;.• Kar.s.iS ( •••in,.; liiaiier. •••rts 7 " \:<-.: - .. o ;• ^t• id.- h\j:\.-r " llti 'Ti r ^.iirt tf;;;s anil <>•:.••: K K. c. i:n. hanLcl | local Markets. iProtluce »|Uolati.iiis fiiriii I: -d daily ^ TV Coghill Coiiiiiiis.-.ion Coinpaii.v i , P.ITTEi: L'l. |..r i...„n.l ' KC,C,S 21e ).. i i!o/.'ii POll.TKV- Hens •.'<•: c...k^ b: -prinss ducks T'C; uecse ' lur-, Keys '•>' : giiitieas .>ai il. | HOPSE mi'KS I'.' e.i 1,, $2 v.. 1 IIEKF nil IKS- tor. itJrain ijeotations lurnish'i! daily by j •fmith |) ItMv.i CORN—T.c I" >• • 1" 1- KAKFli; ( Oi ;N A-„. ,. WHEAT - SI., to «-.< p OATS—("<• p.-r bMsli>-l. H.Vi-$': to $7 per t"U .Mrs. C. E. Pittsfield. of Wichita,; who has been here and In Humbotdr' J. O. Tjttle of Hutchinson; who has visiting friends, returned home this ' b'-en here on business returned home ( morning. ' this morning. ' I. ish.l liiishd. Saved bv His \Miv. —Sli<'s ,•) w I'M Kii'ws lU .si wliiir 1 .1 .!,. when i"'- tn:~eaturs if' is in .MPU'T. but Mrs \l I K'liir 'Irainir..-. Vt . !s of li-ai kin-! ' Siie iisist.-d .11 •:iv tisiim Pr. Kin;'- .\'. vv Ills.very, w rir.-s Mr F ' :'o- .i dt'-ad , 111 <oMch. w litti I was so w. al; my ri-fids ;iM tlio ;;i;lit 1 had..'nly a short' liif t.. li-.'. . :,n'l it conipl.t.'iy .-ured ' " .\ .(Uiik I'ure for co-igi.s and •old-, i's ;iei,..r safe and r-iialilo iiedicine i'.,r many tliroat an.l Iiing^ roubles-grip bronchitis. rrniip.n A'hooping cough, fjiiln.^y. tonsilitis •emorrhag-s .\ trial vvil! convltie.- -.-on .".'I cts and $1 <"i. < ;ua ran teed : >y ail druggists. | WANTEH-NCRSING TO DO; -Mi ! .\. Buckeye ' .Firs; Pul .li .-h.d in Th" lola P..-:; is- IT S'-pt -js. t:.l-( .NtdlCK. n.-i'ore .-X. Kt.a k •. a .tisii.e of the I'eace. in !"r Ih- City of Hiini- lol.It. .\!;.n (•••tiiy, Kansas o H. •Stewart. Plaif.iHl. vs. J w. Coodwin. !1"fendanT To J W iloodwiii. Mie ahove n.iiued defeuii.Tn': '\'.iu .M •• her .l .v p.ii;!. d that you lave h. . :i Mi -.l above -!al:-d .l.stji- ol tj.. p-ace. in the ibov •iiti*;.-il .:;s.'. by t'.e above tiati . d pla'iit.i! '..i.i.n a b .ilam-.- on a ;.riuui->< ry not.-; and 'lial s.iid .as.- is ..•f I. • trii.l •11 ', rth. diiy of Octo- 'M-r PMJ at .>. h>. k a su ; and that .:nh «s >>u ir ati.l aiisw.'r said •lui!, at said 'ii' • .. wlth^ti I'W •]< iiour 111 r.-.dt.r. j . I:.-!; ••m wi!! h- - l.T«'<! ill !•{ .It.! pl.iiiiliff .ii.d icamst y .vi in .sun. .'f f>ii Wilii iiter.<st .It the' of -even p,-r • .nt. "rOiu D.-. I • .I'-- :s I'll", and v.i.i .,re 'iirthei iiotiti.-d T.'MT tlic I..Mowing beoncif.i: to yi .ii. t,.-wit ,\n undivn'.-d •ilf i ::t.:.'-T in ..nd t.) fin. hay baler, in.- > ui-k r.'k.'. "iie sulky rak". one uovvir.q niaci-i'.- and yo ir iini;ivid»'d nterest in tl'.t fi:r:;.cs of said itiiple- iients duilnc the year l:'I2; have Pecn tarnish...! in tti.- of J .s;',aver. I resident of All.'n c.vni -y Kansas. in.I that said perr-.-rial proj.erty or so •!ucii thereof IS ti'av '>e n <Tessary TO satisfy ft'.- <laiii! of siid plaintiff an.l 'he costs of the suit, will be .sold and That you yoer h'irs and r.'pre.s,.nta- liv.-s will hP lorever barred from any ind all right, title and interest A K.NACKER. ; • Ju-!ice of the Peace. •I 11 STEWART, Plainlifl. i '.*i-2'!-. i"i-r-ij Polar Bear FLOUR Kin^ Jlade only by NEW ERA MILLING COMPANY .VKKA.'v.'SAS 'ITY. KANS R. C. McKINNEY Uh.desalcr Phone lOI.A KANS At the Allen County Fair POLAR BEAR FLOUR won the following premiums: Prize on White Bread by Miss Ella Chenault Second Prize on White Bread by Mrs. Lizzie King First Prize on Light Rolls by Mrs. L. H. Wishard Second Prize on Light Rolls by Mrs. Gus Krannich SOLD BY ALL GROCERS NOTICE! STOVE OIL or DISTILL.ATE .-\ full supply on hand at lOi) NVrth Jefferson Avenue. Humboldt Refining Co. TeU'phone 725. M. liungerford, Agent No Deliveries Made on l.c-^s Than Barrel Lots LOST— BLACK LEATHER FOLD ing pocketbook containing l7fM> la bills. 4 .Marr's bread tickets Finder please return to W E Myles. ic >9 S <mth SI Reward. FOR SALE— 2.-> HEAD waives. M. Lowe. Gas. WI.NTER Kor1nne> in Fare*. — Tiiere's often fiu.'h triit!# in the i iaying "h';- face is her fortune " bu'j ts never said w here piniple.s.. skin i •ruptions. blothes. or o'her blemishes' llsfigiire it.: Impure b!r>od is back of hem nil. an,I shows iLe ne,^l of Dr! King's New lit'.' Pills They promote health and lieauty Try ibeui 2.'. ct-nis at ail druggists R. C. McKINNEY 115 WEST STREET sells FEED WHOLESALE AND RETAIL Deliveries for noon must be in bjT 10 a. m. Deliveries ft>r evening must be in by 4 p. m.

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