Covina Argus from Covina, California on February 22, 1908 · Page 8
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 8

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 22, 1908
Page 8
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* * Social 1Hc\V5 Tho members of (lie f'nvina Country Club very r.lianniniHy entertained their lady frif-.rids at the, iHf! <iti ThuiM):i.v f' Invitations have been issued for a i dance to he given n<-.\l, Saturday evening, Ihe '2!)U>, iti the Womans Club House by tho V. H. IX Club. AH thin will he the last, dance given by thin flub before thf! Lenten season a large company !H expected to bo present. On Wednesday afternoon Mrs. (Jaj/o the, Ladies Aid and Mis Society of tho Haptist Church i to moot hfjr house guest, Mrs. A. II. Jiidor of Long Hoaeh. A (very pleas nut afternoon was spent anil dainty refreshments woro served. Mr. and MrH. C. K. (,'raw ford entertained a house party hint, Haturday and Hunday, consisting of Mr. and Mra (J. T. Curtis, Mr. and Mrs. Jlinklny, Mr. Faigono Oriswold and dauhgtor Zada, and Mr. and MrH. Jackson, all of Los Angeles. Tho hoys of M!HH Lucy Matthews' Runday-sohool class gave a reception to their friends in tho school room of tho HapUst church on Wednesday evening, thirty five being present. The room waH prettily decorated in tbo class colors, crimson and green. Hooial games woro indulged in and dainty refreshments woro enjoyed. Tho boys woro corriplirnontod by Kuestfl on tho Kroat success of this, their first social party, (l "d tho hope, was frooly oxpreHHod that thoro would bo many rnoro to follow. Prof, and Mrs. A. II. Collins entertained on Haturday night, with a dinner party,' tholr KUOH(H hoing Mr. and MrH. Fit/gcnild, I'r. and Mrs. .JojmingH anrl tho Misses MawoH, Hall, Mario Widnoy and LummiH. The rooms woro gracefully decorated with cut lloworn und a pleasant evening was spent, in music and cunverHa tiori. Mr. arid MrH. C. F. -Clapp enter- tainod on Haturday night with a eo/y dinner party, thoir gucnts being Mrs. H. P. Cook, Minn Cook, Messrs. Kmrnoris and George Cook, Miss Abbio Cook and M!HH Hastings. On Monday night dinner guests at tho mini} hospitable homo were* Mr. and MrH. Prattler and Dr. and Mrs. Clino. Ou Friday evening hint a Valentino Booial was given iiy tlio Kpworth Lca- RUO of the M. 10, Church at l.ho homo of Mr. and MrH. J. Moxloy. About, seventy young po<jplo woro [ireHnnt. Js'umorouH 'Valentino games woro pluyed, tiio mont amusing lieinc tho shooting of arrows at, hearts and brushing cobwebs oil tho moon, in tho latter tho pri/e WIIH won by Fiod AHohonbronnor. Refreshments were nerved consisting of cake, cocoa and wafers, Thrt young people voted this to bo uno of tho most Muooi'ssful and pleasant evenings I hoy had had. The Christian Kudoavor Hoc.lety of tho Presbyterian Church onter- tained tho junior and Mo.nior members of tho eongrogal ion at a valon- lino social in the social hall (if the olmroh last Frirlay evening. Tho arrangements wero in tho hands of Mrs. Walton, who kept thingn going till near midnight, with a lively program of music, gainen and re f roshments. Dumb charades illus i (rating various attributes of Cupid j caused much amusement, ami then! each person was hi iiidfolded ami, nslfod tn pin an arrow on a many -i striped heart, tortuncH being loldj according to the color struck. Ke I'roHhiiioiitH of fiill'oo iuid cooky hearts woro served, also two heart .shaped cakes containing ring, etc. On Friday evening hiHt tho High Kehool auditorium presented an un- UHiial scene of gaiety when tho Jun iorH entertained tlie Seniors. The alfair was a valentine party and do coratioiiH, uaiiies ami i ofrrshmentH wore all HiiggcHiivc of "all'airoH de I'olur. " '1'ho ilecural iuim incluiled Hi icnnierH of crimson crepe paper and ntrings fjol similar colnred hearts. The principal game was "1'n .pnsaln,'' Miss 1'hilho otilaining the pii/><, a valentine, fur Ihe must ''hearts" and Mi'iS Leech ihe lumliy, a - lem>>n, the iiinsl li-moiis. A varied lim-.ical j 1 !'' 'f_T-i m inelnded a violin solo from Mr. I'hillcu aiul coi-m.'i sidn by Mr. Fit/;:orald. The affair wa> M.led the .j' I lie ynint,' people ba\e en jo>ed i''i many a long dav. A New TrhiHiier. Iti-.) In I j ;i,|. , ,| year u hell lad ies tilV 1 hi III. ill;.' ol I lie! I lieu >J I lli}_' i i a t -•. Ill a n I i i • 11 • 111 I • 11 >. t , i I a I L' e 1:11 1 - ill ( -.1 ulllrl. 1", U ;t I I all I r.i l)\ ill. • r 'i In i a ! lucal | I • •( . i I' \ , Mi--. I... i i i.'l. I,a- -. .'in i I M,. -.11 ic. - .,; \i i ., I., i- .- c I i . .1 .--,; I. -ii -. a' : i : . |.,< i . I . . . ; 1. ,.c, ,; -I ; , : . : - I, HISTORY OF "TAPESTRY. fh« Art Wa« Known to the Ancient Greeks and Egyptian*. Flemish arifsis are l>ci!fvcr) to hnve beon the first to make tapestry for line ns a Covering for wails. 'I lie art lh-e!f is certainly iery ini' i''iil. many of the hangini;-^ uscil (n Kg,, pt and f/reece hciu:r i o;r-',iili.T<-d true t;ip"siry. Its Bill.-iMpient hl-lory Is obscure, (,u| |t evidently maintained a lingering ''.x- l.-'.!e||,-c in Hie ea.-t until the Saracens rf\'lved It and brought If to I'.'l -o|)i;. Tape-.try used hy (lie Sara 'ens only as 'drapery or curtains for I lr-: Vourl.s of their hou j es. Kftil>roi(!«'ry appears to have served for tlii-i p'-ir- po.-e iii norlliern Kurope until after Hi': twelfth ceiiiury, mid mneh nf tin work of tin-', perio.l was |i-;;|iy eivi- broidery, sm h a.-i the Incorroetiy nnnifd F'.ayeux ia|ie-try. It. v,-a« in ihe foiit- teentli eeiitury Ilia' ta|,e^tr;, heuan > \><- largely inailo ill Inlanders, '.vhei-elf . v\ p ofiving indiHtry lie'-ame very impoj- tflllt. At that time t \\elll.V .sev«:ll Hl.feels \(.<T>' oceiipieil by tiic \\eave"-! of (Jheiil. In l.;'-_' there were ."iO,00<') weavers In Lonvain and more «tlll at Ypres. \'ery few Maniples of fourteenth century tapestry remain, but those that h;u'o come down to the profoiil. day closely resemble contemporary w.'ilI painting. Muring the latter part, of the fifteenth century the golden age of tapestry existed, especially In Hriige-, and Arras. The Flemish tapestries of Unit linn; are models of textile art. The color Is rich, the decorative effect strong, tin.- drawing and composition graceful, and the whole arrangement shows ooinummato skill In endeavoring to meet Die exigencies of the loom and at the Ha me time the aesthetic riMjiilrements of wall decoration.- Argonaut. Baseball Today. j A game of baseball will be played \ | upon the home grounds this after; noon bftwr-eti Covina High School and Ontario Hihg School. The game iwill he a very exciting one and a > 'good crowd will be in attendance ' 'The home, team will also play the (Jo- ; •vina town team immediately follow- ' ing tin.' former game, which will start at, I :I(0 p. fn. sharp. j The Ootina High School also has a game scheduled with Kl Monte ! High School on Hatuiday, Feb. '20. , The Covina line tip this afternoon will be: Allison, catcher; Taylor,! : pitcher; Kistler, Hhortstop; Ooodel!, | I first base; Finch 'captain; second j I base; Hepner, third bane; Aduit, i ' center field; Chemburleti, left field;' \V;«:n. right Held. An admission fee of 25 ctuits will j 1 be charged for the expense of tho ; I visit ing team. j The Cov irr-i High School has engaged ('. K. Asher, a luaguo pitcher, as coach, who ia putting them through Home excellent practice. COOLNESS IN DANGER, Experiences of an English Military Official lr. India. When Lieutenant Henderson wan captured by tho natives of tin; (jfnlil f.'oasl hlnlei-laiul they got. Into a wordy discussion an to how they would kill him. The victim listened awhllo till lie was weary of It. "Oh, well," ho said, "I can't, bo bothered with your arguments-!! I'm very sleepy. Lot me know when you have made up your minds." And off to sloop he went. The unexpected performance saved Ills life. II.In calm Indifference persuaded Samory's men that they had to do with Home one of Immense importance. Unwilling lo take on thenirtolvoH the responsibility for his deatlv, they sent him unharmed to Samory's court, In the .flmlnl country. Once again Lieutenant Henderson saved himself by a like exhibition of courage. Ho found Samory on a throne, Kiirrouniled by '1,000 warriors, yet when motioned to do homage on Ills hands and knees he did nothing of the Hort. I In simply .sat on tho throne beside Samory, shaking that monarch warmly by tin; hand. Thanks to thin, and to nothing else, he was accepted an thi' representative; of a great sovereign Instead of a captive duomed to dentil, lie lalked to Samory of the queen, and Samory talked lo him. Thus a mission which might have ended, as so many African missions have ended, In a terrible silence and a suspicion of unspeakable hun'ors, did, in fact, end In a valuable basis of future relations between (Iroat P.riialn and a ftloljuui- niedan power.-- London Scraps. Tho Shape of the Sky. What is the apparent form of the vault of the .sk.vV There Is probably no one to whose e\ es II seems a true hemisphere, with Ihe/enlth appearing as distant as the horl/.on. At sea or In a Hat country the seeming greater distance of the horl/.on Is lies! shown. F'rol'essor J. M. I'eniter In discussing tills subject reaches the conclusion that the form nf the vault In vertical section Is that of the segment of a circle the arc of which subtends at the center an angle of the order of forty degrees. If the reader will draw such a segment In* may be surprised by the amount of Malleulng which l.i (bus ascribed lo llie sky. 1 From ilils optical Illusion many curious die, is arl-.o, sin-h as the seeming increased magnitude of the sun and moon when near Ihe liori/ou and the apparently oval forms of halos and coronas seen at low altitudes. A Financial Episode. A Milwaukee business man stepped up to the teller's window In uiie of (lie clly hanks during a linancial llnrrv, presented a check and USked for tl.e money It represented. "I cannot .ui\e yo,i the cash," said the teller, "but 1 pay you in clear lug house ccrlilicates." "I would much prefer the currency," answered the man. "The ccrllileati'S are just as good," said ihe teller. "\\ e'jj" returned the merchant. "If i- tin- case I -upi'iKe 1 can go h'Oie lo iii \ b.ib\ and give il some M:ii. lii-kd.N and --ay. 'Here, lilt'e one, lin- e aie jii.-i a> gn,nl as milk!'" Trimmings. The o'h.-r d,'.\ at a u»ll' club in Scot land n hiii.i-li'. iif the kirk was re proved b> .in i-ider In Ins cliurch tor u~iau muli !l"» n \\urds re-jiecl iiu: a bail -.iruiM- In- l.:id :«j.ide. and tin- mill ' \\ . -i . I i.i i;\ id. 1 » .•> nae sac mli h Fortnightly Club. Tho regular meotitiK of the Fortnightly Club will ho hold at tho .School building noxt Monday i beginning promptly at 8 o'clock. Subject for debate: "Ro- Holved, that tho United States whouM build and maintain a navy secoml only to that of (jreat Britain." Oeo. Asobenbronner will have the affirmative) and Prof. Carl Leebrick tbo rietfntive of tho question. A full attendance is urged. Notice Of Annual Meeting. Notice is hereby given that the annual meeting 1 of the Columbia Land and Water Company will be held at the office of the Company, Citrus avenue, Covina, at the hour of 2 p. m., Monday, March 9tn, 1'WS, for the purpose of electing 1 a board of directors of the Columbia Land and Water Company to serve for the en.sning year, and for the transaction of such other business as may oe brought before the meeting'. J. H. Matthews. Secretary. M. H. Korriblnm, president of tho Berlin Dye Works, with his family, spent Sunday hint as tho guests of Mr. and Mrs. S. Blum at thoir newly acquired orange grove oti Cypress avotiuo. They came out from Los Augelea, where they are spending the winter, iu their touring car. This wealthy capitalist is so impressed with the beauties of Covina aud the. will-rounding neighborhood that ho is contemplating purchasing a home here, Places your spare cash in thoCoviua Valley Savings liank, a safe investment, at 4 per cent. Shrimp salad, ices and every doli- cacy of the season nerved with Sunday dinner at the Voiidomo. Tulare land raises oranges, all kinds of fruits and vegetables to perfection. Como up with us on Friday and woo them. J. H. Matthews, Covina. Phono 5008. s The Jumping Off Place. "Consumption had me in its grasp; and I had almost reached the jumpiiuri oil' place when 1 wa.s advisee! to irv j Dr. King's Xew Discovery: a nil Ii want to say right now, it saved my life. Improvement 'oeg-nu with the first bottle, rind after taking- one dii/.-'ii bottles I was .1 well ami happy man again," say* (leorge Moore, of Grimesland, N.C'. As a remedy for coiuths and colds and healer of weak, ^ore lungs and for preventing: pneumonia New Discovery is supreme. 5Oi and Jl.lM) at C.'lapp's drug store. Trial bottle free. J. C. NALK, Prop. GENERAL MILL WORK All kinds of jobbing carpentering and cabinet work. Store and Office Fixtures, F, E WOLFARTH , , Jeweler , , Lar^e and complete stock of everything in the line. Repairing of all kinds. Fine watch work a specialty. Citrus Avenue Covin;i. Cal. (OY1NA IRANSffR HUTCHISON BROS., Props. All kinds of hauling 1 and Furniture Moving-. Specially prepared to move pianos PROMPT SKRVICK. PRICKS RIGHT. Oflke OR Citrus Ave. Coviiu, Cil. Home Phone 108 Mm, Sdddlery and Supplies for Horse and Stable The right goods at the right price. COVINA HARNESS & SADDLERY CO. Phone Home 1170 REO PRICES Runabout 3675.00 Touring Car 31400.00 H. D. Blanchard, Agent '4/W//A 809 South Hill Street Los Angeles, Cal. Strong-, original, practical, SUCCKSS- i-'ui,. "BUTTKRNKS?" its distinctive quality. Open- entire year--begin when ready. POSITIONS SF.CUKKD. Write us to-day. Jshnsan &, Migg BLACKSMITHS Blacksmithing sf all Kinds Shop on Citrus Ave James Corbett All kinds of general and heavy Blacks mi thing. We manufacture Kidgers, Orange K'acks ^.;id Box Presses Horseshoeing a Specialty home Phone 6^ Shop Badillo St, Csvina Celebrated Kentucky Jack "Seimson" at the Chapman Heights Ranch A. limited number of hurses and itock received for pasture. jg Howell & Howell ^ g BREAD | £.• Light, 5weet \\ ^3 a"d Wholesome ~., Vj FKKSH KVKKV DAY AT £Y *.''. ,*'? ?; Brown's and Crenshaw's j.<\ Cake and es tiunery NEW SUITS This cut fairly represents one of our new suits. Come in the latest shades, of brown and tans. Theee goods are held by exclusive clothing firms at 830 to 135. We are desirous of creating a demand for good clothing and will name a price of 121 on these for one week. Hats and shoes to match. New Oxfords. The new tan nut brown shades in pumps and oxfords, ladies', $3.50. Before you buy shoes anywhere call and look over our shoe stock. We carry over 12000 pairs of shoes. Makes that are known wherever good shoes are worn. Elk Skin Shoes. Men's ease— Elk Skin Shoes, for .boys and men. Tan, olive and black. Boys, 2 to 5, 12.50. Men's, |H.00 and up. Some are waterproof. Our stock for spring comprises every style of elk shoe made in every color. Special Bargains. Narrow widths Utz & Dunn's St. Cecilia oxfords, patent colt. Regular 83.50 price, reduced to $2.50. Brown 83.50 patent, oxford, all sizes, 82.50. Size 1 1 4 and 2 tan $3.50 oxfords, ladies', $2.00. Men's $4.CO tan oxfords $2.95. Men's $3.00 and $4.00 shoes, all sizes, 12.75. New Dress Goods. Choice of apy dress goods in the bouse at 15 cents per yard. None at any price withheld. Read carefully our offer: Witb any purchase of 3 yards of dress goods at regular price every 4.tb yard goes for 15 cents. Choice of all our 50 and 60c dress goods at 45c. Table damasks under priced. G5c for mercerized table linon worth more. 50c for mercerized table linon worth more. 20 per cent reduction upon prints, muslins and many staple goods, made possible by lower prices on cotton. New Laces. Extra values—see the largest and best assortment ever shown here. Mmising's finest wool union suits for men. Prices sharply reduced. Buy them and lay away for summer. BROADWELL'S COVINA PER • THOUSAND FEET GAS $1.5O Once a consumer of gas, always a gas enthusiast. Order now. Covina Valley Geis Company COVINA MEAT MARKET J. F. KENDALL, Prop. Orders taken and deliveries made dally. Orders in to\vn will receive prompt attention. %i Fresh and Tender Beef, Mutton, Pork, Etc. Home Phone 36 IK YOU WANT ANY PAINTING KALSOMINING OR PAPER HANGING done, see me before you let your job. oradent "*- Tooth^ Paste All \vurk guaranteed and prices reasonable. 1' M. C. H. Kistler is the ideal dentifrice. It arrests and prevents decay in leeth—imparts an agreeable fragrance to the breath—neutralizes all acids—destroys all germs—and keeps the mouth sweet and clean. Dentists strongly recommend Boradent Tooth Paste because it is made with a milk of magnesia base — the greatest antacid known to dentistry. Ask vour dentist. At >D Jroifuti 25 ctnti c.JCo BOMDENT f bjpTH PASTE ]

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