Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 17, 1974 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 17, 1974
Page 5
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kaUirda.V, August 17, 1974 (SIDE GLANCES By GILL FOX U « ^f^y 0 ' ' ^ ® I97< by NEA. Int. I M Dig U S f'l "Hold it awhile, will you? My wife is nondecision-oriented!" OUT OUR WAY ByNEGCOCHRAN ~/AS SOOM AS HE FOUK1C3 OUT /I'M aOIUSTOUSETH'CARTO MIGHT, MOTHER, HE RUSHED \ OUT TO TH' GARAGE AWP / SlPHOWEP TH' GAS OUT OF V IT/ MAKE HIM PUT IT BACK.' V, K1O WAY,' 1 BOUGHT Z <3AL' LOMSTHI5 MORWIKJO.' TH' CAR (3ET5 12 MILES TO TH' GALLOM--AWSINCE I OML.V PROVE fc MILES, I TOOK OUT TH' OALLOW AWP A HALF THAT BELOWS5 TO ME.' B-i7\ OUR BOARDING HOUSE By MAJOR HOOPLE /v\Y KORP. BUSTER, YOU P UNPERSTA.ND TrlESCIENTIFIC METHOP.' TRUE K UTTUE-ER-KH KPVANCEP IN TrIEIR BUT TRV TrlKT PROBLEM ON YOUR COMPUTER, BOY5! LKUSH SINCE JUP6E RENCHY TICKET WHILE 6MNfi A SPEECH ON RESPECT FOR THE LAW.' peRH/KPS V/EP 0ETTE.I? LEAVE 50 Tri&V CAN RESUME THEIR B ,IH'.;«I»I« «« »<a ^ p " °? EEK&MEEK • ARE SC£A — r HOPfc (ARK.) STAH Pruits Answer (o Previous Puzzle PLASH GORDON ACROSS 1 Dried plum 6 Oblong yellowish fruit 11 Consuming, as fruit 13 Fruit farmer 14 Zoroastrian sacred books \5 Dress 16 Legal point 17 Huff up 19 Transgression 20 Frustrate 22 Food fish 25 Girl of song 26 Large fish 30 Tilted 31 Kind of spice 32 Genus of frogs 33 Range 34 Chaise (coll.) 35 Shooter marble 38 Try out 39 Alligator pear 42 Against 45 Abstract beings 46 Old Dutch measure 49 Reluctant 51 Posture, 53 Pardons 54 Singing voices 55 Upstarts 56 Trigonometric functions DOWN 1 Fleshy pome fruit 2 Rant 3 Shoshonean Indians 4 Yugoslav city 5 Pentrate 6 Communion plate CARNIVAL 7 River islet 8 Greek letter (pl.l 9 Air (comb, form; var.) 10 Bird 12 Strong winds 13 Badgcrlike mammal 18 Hawaiian pepper 20 Tropical fruit 21 "Love apple" 22 Covers with bitch 23 western state 24 One of Columbus' three 27 Peel, as an apple • PUT v ANP BEG DOWN/ ,£_;3o«j*?\._~ Tnciiiij fo*M£- r— -A ffl Page Five By DAN BARRY ,„ WIFE.VM.L BE WAITING/ 28 High cards 29 Warmth 35 Musical qualities 36 Deed 37 Bodice 40 Sleeveless garments 41 Palm fruits 42 Vehicles 43 Kiln 44 Glade (comb, form) 46 Presently 47 Measure of land 48 Disorder 50 Chest bone 52 Cuckoo blackbird ^ -v*= s^X v a)^-^' ^S» •*-•*»."* i THE BORN LOSER HOW A STAFF ByARTSANSOM By DICK TURNER ALLEY OOP ByDAVEGRAUE S H?4 by NEA. Inc.. T M Beg. U.S. Pal OH THOSE TWO GUYS SURE TOOK OFF IN A HURRY-' ^ ...THEY EVEN LEFT ) TMEIR (30LF STUFF BEHIND/ I,...HEY, WHAT'S TWIS ? HIvWvw.' MEBBE THAT ME WAS/ , THEY'RE BINOCULARS/ CAPTAIN EASY By CROOKS & LAWRENCE : I HOPE WE'RE \ WOT KIN &0 T L&TTIN6 A PRETty J WROW6--IF A PACE CLOUP OUR I can't decide between Dexter and Jimmy. Jimmy gets the car more often but Dexter has the best hair drier! YOU'RE BOTH PERFECT PEAR5 HELP ME COPE WITH THAT BOUNPEK MAMHATTAN) &ANK 5AY5 SHORTS Big-Hearted Birds Relative to body weight, hummingbirds may have the biggest hearts of all birds. A study of 68 varieties of birds in the United States and Panama turned up none with hearts larger in proportion to body size. Back Tattoo A popular tattoo among seamen of the Royal Navy for many years was a crucifixion scene'on the back, after one of Lord Nelson's sailors was spared a flogging because of such a tattoo. BLONDIE By CHIC YOUNG I DON'T KNOW-THAT'S AS FAR AS WE GOT WITH THE CODE IF ITRIMGS TWICE STOPS,THAT MEAMS IT'S VERA HUSkAMP DASWOODj DON'T ANSWER THAT/ WHAT ARE YOU SUPPOSED ByDICKCAVALLI WINTHROP By HOWIE SCHNEIDER IF YOU PONT; HE MAKES YOU SAY IT. ONE THING YO-lVe YOL1VB GOT SAY HE'S A REAL GUY. ABOUT CRt >NCH DESMOND... FRANK AND ERNEST By BOB TH AXES CAMPUS CLATTER By LARRY LEWIS IMPOtiTAMT FROM LISTEN Y WHV DOES TO THAT BIMO PlAV RACKET;HIS STEREO SO DARNED/ LOUO ? YOUNG PEOPLE DON'T/ WHAT HAVE ANV RESPECT VOU SAV, FOR THE RIGHTS OF X OEAR OTHERS J ' ~""-~" UR 8ALL (5AME IS SO LOUD, I CAN'T HEAR A THINSi BUGS BUNNY ByHEIMDAHL&STOFFEL PRISCIUA'SPOP ByALViRMEER AHEM/ j YAUOOKS GREAT FUDDSY/ PON'T YA GOT A Ll'L JO& T' DO BEFORE YA LEAVE/ I DONT THINK THE iMPEWIAL SACHEM OF THE "WOYAL ORDgR OF MUSKWATS" / SHOULD HAVE TO TAKE OUT THE THE IMDlAsiS WERE OUR F.RST ECOLOG-ISTS' a 17 THEY Kiev&f? CAUGHT FISH TMAN rtouR FATHER MUST PART IMPIAM

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