Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 15, 1938 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 15, 1938
Page 4
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,'J, \ • " •<T * r *?y**r PAGE FOUK HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Decemb'er 15,198S •Effect of Patman Measure Is Cited Would Destroy Business, Not Regulate It, Says Kroger Head CINCINNATI, O.—Destructive effect oi the so-called Patman Bill on investments In chain store stock was pointed out recently in a letter to the 26,891 stockholders of The Kroger Grocery and Baking Company by Albert H. Merrill, Kroger president. "Although this bill is designed to destroy, not regulate the chain store industry, we found in a recent survey that only 9 per cent of Kroger, City Meat Market CHOICE K. C. MEATS, HOT TAMALES and OYSTERS. PROMPT FREE DELIVERS-. PHONE TUT stockholders knew of the bill and its threat to their investments. Twenty- two per cent knew vaguely of the bill, and 69 per cent had never heard of it," Morrlll wrote. "By a method of graduated taxes based on the number of stores multiplied by the number of. states in which we do business, this tax, if imposed, would levy on the Kroger company, in addition to all other taxes, the fantastic sum of 572,456,000 annually. This U more than double our annual payroll; it is 515,000,000 in excess of our gross assets which have been accumulated during 53 years, and it is 25 times the aggregate of dividends paid in 1937," he continued. Stressing the seriousness of the Patman Bill threat, Morill pointed out that, "such a tax would wipe out property of thousands of chain store investors, property they have accumulated over a period of years by labor and self-denial. In addition, it would throw 1,200,000 chain store employes and an estimated 4,500,000 dependents on the uncertainty of finding other means of support. Farmers, producers and the vast consuming public, all of whom are benefited by the chain store method of distribution would suffer," Morrill declared. I KNOWI-AND IT SAVES HOURS OF IRONING TIME... LITTUE COLD WATER ADD BOILING WATER WHILE STIRRING AND DONE! OoodHouMkccping rr ANY GROCER'S For A Real Holiday Treat! Fruit Cakes—Christmas Pasteries Blue Ribbon Bread Federal Funds for Electric Project Rural Power Lines for Several Southwest Arkansas Counties TEXARKANA—The Southwest Arkansas Electric Co-operative corporation of Texarkana, Ark., Wednesday was allotted 5267,000 for another rural electric power line project. This project will be for 228 miles and will serve 989 members in Polk, Sevier, Howard, Hempstend, Miller and Lafayette counties in Arkansas. In addition, there was a provision for a portion of this allotment to be used for an extension of the Miller county power into Bowie county, Texas. This line is 170 miles long, serving 300 customers, and radiates from Texarkana. Construction work on these projects will be started immediately. Jack Davis, co-ordinator for the corporation said. W. E. Williams of Garland is president. In addition, the local organization now is preparing to map out plans for two more lines and two additional extensions. One of the new lines planned is to go into western Hempstead county, Nevada county, Columbia county and the portion of Lafayette county that will not be touched by another line, Davis said. This will be 110 miles long. The other line, to be 125 miles long, will serve Ouachita county. • An extension from the line authorized Wednesday will be mapped embracing 50 miles in Pike and northern Hempstead counties. There will be an extension planned for six miles from Mandeville to Sanderson lane. These power lines cost approximately $1000 a mile, Davis said. England's Money (Continued from Page One) panied by heavy artillery bombardments. Arab Slain JERUSALEM, Palestine.—(/P)—Sheik Mah'm'oud El Ansari, curator of the Mosque of Omar, a life-long exponent of the exiled Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, was shot to , death Thursday while walking on a street in Jerusalem. His assassin escaped. A Fascist Order ROME, Italy.—{#)—Achille Starace, secretary-general of the Fascist party, Thursday ordered Fascists to resign from, an association composed of French and Italian .war veterans, as well as from the French parliamentary group. The order was linked with the current Italian clamor for territory and greater privileges in French possessions in Africa and the Mediterranean. Yankees Are Voted Outstanding Team TCU Grid Squad Given / Second Place on Associated Press Poll NEW YORK-(/P)-Thc New York Yankees, missing n perfect score by only nine points, Wednesday were selected as the outstanding s[wts team of the year by tin overwhelming margin. Tl\e American League baseball champions, who set a new record by beating the Chicago Cubs in four straight games for their third successive world scries victory, were named first by 61 of the 67 contributing sports editors, in the eighth annual Associated Press poll. On a basis of three points for first, two for second and one foV third, this gave the Bronx bombes 192 points out of a possible Rose BoWl entry, finished fourth with two first-place votes nnd 35 points. The tabulation: Total Team— First PoinU N. York Yankees Baseball ..Gl 192 TCU, football 2 Notre Dame, football 1 Duke, football 2 Navy, rowing 0 United Stales Davis Cup, tennis .-.- 0 Chicago Blackhawks, hockey 0 Harvard, rowing 0 Stanford, basketball 0 45 43 35 22 20% 6 5 4 V, 201. Texas Christian's unbeaten and untied football forces got two firstplace nominations and 45 points, for second place; Notre Dame, largely because many of the returns were in before its defeat by Southern California, got one No. 1 vote and 43 points, for third place, and Duke's unbeaten-untied- unscored on Blue Devils, the East's Municipal League Backs Tax on Gas Cities Need Additional Revenue, Speak;;: Points Out LITTLE ROCK. — (/P)— Members of the Arkansas Municipal League in annual convention here Thursday indicated that they would appeal to the legislature for an increase in state gasoline taxes to relieve what the speakers described as the "desperate financial plight" of the state's cities and towns. Mayor H. C. Stump, of Stuttgart, agreed that the cities needed additional revenue, and said he doubted Legal Notice IN THE MATTER OF THE NEW COUNTY COURT HOUSE AND .JAIL FOR HEMPSTEAD COUNTY, ARKANSAS ORDER FOR CONSTRUCTION 1729 AGAINST CONSTRUCTION 580 FOR BUILDING TAX 1681 AGAINST BUILDING TAX 628 The vote by precincts is as follows: ...and all through the house everyone was comfortabk FLOOR FURNACE eliminates fumes, odors, excessive moisture ... assures an abundance of clean, warm fresh air at the desired temperature. toitk an FURnnce A superior type of heating equipment, easily adaptable to any home, and guar- "nteed to give satisfaction. IT'S EASY TO HAVE A COMFORTABLE HOME... INEXPENSIVE, TOO Just telephone our office today. One of our experienced heating engineers will make a survey of your home or place of business, and assist you in the selection of the correct size Floor Furnace to take care of your heating requirements. Installation will be made at your convenience, using only the best of materials and workmanship. For complete winter comfort call at our office or telephone today. Now on this 18th clay of November, 1938, the same being a regular adjourned day of the regular October term of this court there comes on for hearing the report and certificate of Dale Jones, J. A. Davis and J. L. Eley, election commissioners for Hempstead County, Arkansas, with reference to the Hempstead County court house and jail which report and certificate are in words and figures as follows, to-wit: IN THE MATTER OF THE NEW COUNTY COURT HOUSE AND JAIL FOR HEMPSTEAD COUNTY, ARKANSAS REPORT OF ELECTION COMMISSIONERS Come Dale Jones, J. A. Davis and J. L. Eley duly qualified and acting election commissioners for Hempstead County, Arkansas and for their report to the court herein state: That pursuant to the order of this court made and entered on the v 8th day of October, 1938, the clerk of said court delivered to the said commissioners certified copy of said order, which said order directed the election commissioners to prepare the ballots for the general election, held in Hempstead County, Arkansas on November 8, 1938, in such form that the question of the construction of the combined county court house and county jail as one structure, and the question of voting a building tax therefor might be properly submitted to the voters at said election, and further ordered the said election commissioners to certify the returns of said election to this court. That they have complied with sale order and have prepared the ballots as provided therein, and have canvassed the returns to said election and certify the same 10 this court, ali as more particularly set out in their certificate which is filed herewith made a part hereof and marked Exhibit "A". Wherefore, premises considered, sale commissioners pray that their cer tificate be accepted and approved fot all other proper relief. J. A. Davis Dale Jones J. L. Eley Exhibit "A" CERTIFICATE STATE OF ARKANSAS : County of Hempstead. : We, the County Election Commis sioners for Hempstead County, Ar kansas, duly qualified and acting hereby certify that in pursuance of the order of the county court of Hempstead County, Arkansas, made and entered on the 8th day of October, 1938, we prepared the official ballot .for the general election to be held in said county on November 8, 1938 so that the question of'the construction of the court house and jail was properly submitted to the voters, and we do hereby certify that the ballot, insofar as the same concerned the Hempstead County court house and jail read as follows, towit: HEMPSTEAD COUNTY COURT HOUSE AND JAIL It is proposed to erect a courthouse and jail in one structure in accordance with plans, .specifications and estimate of costs approved by the County Court and now on file in the office of the county clerk of Hempstead County. (Vote on both questions) FOR CONSTRUSTION AGAINST CONSTRUCTION Precinct Stcphenson School House 11 Ward No. 1 Hope 389 Goodlctt 3 Ward No. 2 Hope 279 Belton 9 Springhill 64 Beard's Chapel 21 Saratoga 15 Ward No. 4 Hope 112 Washington Box No. 1 Blevins Columbus rVard No. 3 Hope Guernsey Washington Box No. 2 Shover Springs ... McNab U 2 5 39 7 13 3 3 5 3 ra 4 385 3 274 11 63 21 14 107 Defamatory Letter Brings Conviction Joseph Hahn-Korff, German Subject, Convicted by Federal Jury NEW ORLEANS.-(/P)-Josoph Hahn- Korff, German subject who described himself as secretary of a local league for restoration of Aryan supremacy in America, Thursday was convicted by a federal court jury of a charge of sending "scurrilous and defamatory matter" through the mails. Hahn-Korff was convicted on the first two of six counts of a federal indictment returned in connection with alleged threats sent on postcards to Tulane University faculty members and others, in which the Jewish racial question was raised. A Parsimonious. Father A Scotchman was leaving on a business trip, and he called back as he •WES leaving, 'Goodbye, all, and dlnna the proposal would find much support in the legislature. Legal Notice NOTICE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That the Board of Public Affairs of the City of Hope, Arkansas, will take bids for the hauling of gravel from pit near Blevins, Arkansas, to the City of Hope. The City will furnish or cause to be furnished driver and all gas and oil •used in such hauling. Bids will bu accepted until 2:00 P. M.. Monday. December 19, 1938. at the office of Mayor Albert Graves in City Hall, Hope, Arkansas, and will be opened at that time and let if .satisfactory bid is received. City reserves right to refuse all bids. Details furnished on request. ALBERT GRAVES LLOYD SPENCER ROY ANDERSON Board of Public Affairs No New Faces TORONTO.— The Toronto Maple Leafs were the only team In the National Professional Hockey League to start the 1938-39 senson without a change in personnel. fifififi833___-_. American Radiator Floor Furnaces Installed Easy Terms Harry W. Shiver PLUMBING-ELECTRICAL FAMILY GIFTS Dining Room Suites Radios Refrigerators Florence Ranges Rugs Tables Toys-Wagons Tricycles Hope Hardware COMPANY 22 58 17 169 57 1 27 5 Tulton 54 Rocky Mound 14 Patmos 48 McCaskill 25 Friendship 10 Sardis 20 Tokio 5 Union 14 Jaka Jones 2 Wallncebu'rg 3 Cross Roads 6 Box No. 5 Hope 189 Piney Grove 22 Deaneyville 13 De Ann 12 Bingen 17 Battlefield 8 Absentee : 8 93 22 20 56 26 15 0 169 12 57 85 3 10 27 0 5 29 8 0 12 9 20 7 28 6 10 4 29 41 13 3 0 24 6 49 12 44 23 8 20 5 14 2 2 4 188 24 13 12 16 6 7 39 12 15 4 4 5 5 92 22 25 1 12 86 6 12 31 0 7 29 11 0 12 10 21 9 30 8 11 6 30 41 14 3 See Our Gift Line SHEAFFER PENS YARDLEY TOILET SETS CARA NOME GIFT SETS BILLFOLDS-BIBLES LEATHER GOODS MONOGRAMMED STATIONERY GALES CANDY MEN'S TOILET SETS JOHN S. GIBSON DRUG CO. ARKANSAS i| MOTOR COACHES FOR LOW COST HOLIDAY TRAVEL Ride Our AMC Lines! Li;Is of folks will take some; sort <.f trip during these merry ' holidays—and those who ride .our ARKANSAS MOTOR COACHES will enjoy their' truivuliufc, most! No cares or worries. Most comfortable'too. Ami only 13 the cost of "driving your own car! Call your agent now for HOLIDAY KATES. FROM HOPE To- One Way Little Ruck .... Memphis .. ...... St. Louis .......... ........ 7.55 Chlcapo ....................... JI.55 New York ................. 19.60 Washington ............ .... 16.85 Round Trip ...52.25 $ 4.05 . 4.70 8.5C KI.WI 20.80 30.35 Phone 363 Far Schedule Information Bus DEPOT In Diamond Cafe Total votes 1729 580 1681 628 Witness ouc hands and seals as such commissioners on this 14th day of November,' 1938. J. A. Davis Dale Jones J. L. Elcy (L. S.) (L. S.) (L. S.) You can enjoy a properly heated home while you are paying for a Floor Furnace. A small down payment, and the balance in convenient monthly payments. No delay—no red tape. A*KMfSit LOUISIANA CM CO, FOR BUILDING TAX AGAINST BUILDING TAX And we further certify that on November 14, 1938 we.mel at the Cit> i Hall ul Hope, county seat within anc for Humpslead County, Arkansas, as requned by law to canvass the certificates and ballots received from the several precincts in sakl County ;iml to ascertain and declare the re- ult of the general election held ii cnir^tead County, Arkansas, on th 8lh diiy of November, 1938. and fion the ij'jll books, certificates and ballot duly delivered to us by the electioi commissioners as required by law \v find and declare the result of sal' election insofar as the same concern the Hcrnpstcad County court house uni juil to be as follows; And the court after examining said report and certificate, and hearing and considering the matter, and being well and sufficiently advised in the premises finds: That in pursuance to the order of this court made and entered on the 8th day of October, 1938, an election was duly and legally held in Hempstead County, Arkansas, and that at said election the vote with reference to the court house and jail was as shown in .said certificate, and that said certificate is in all things true and correct and should be in all things approved. That the ballots for said election were in such form that the question of the construction of the combined county court house and county jail as one structure and the question of voting a building tax therefor was properly submitted to the voters at aid election. It is therefore considered, ordered nd adjudged by the court that said | eport and certificate are in all things pproved and that the returns of said lection be, and the same are in all nings approved. « It is further considered, ordered and adjudged by the court that at tiie ;eneral election held in Hempstead County on November 8th the question >f the construction of a county court louse and jail in one structure, and he levying of a building tax therefore was properly submitted to the voters, nd that the result and vote of said election on said question was as fol- FOR CONSTRUCTION 1729 AGAINST CONSTRUCTION 580 FOR BUILDING TAX 1681 AGAINST BUILDING TAX G28 FRANK RIDER County Judge CERTIFICATE STATE OF ARKANSAS : County of Hempstead : I, Ray E. McDowell, Clerk of the County Court within and for Hempstead County, Arkansas, do hereby certify that the annexed and foregoing is a true, correct and compared copy of the order made and entered by said court on the 18th day of November, 1938, in the Matter of the New County Court House and Jail for Hempstead County, Arkansas, which order is now of record in the records of said court in "County Court Record 5," page 4C4. In Witness Whereof I hereunto set my hand and affix the seal of this court on this 15th day of December, 1938. (SEAL) RAY E. MCDOWELL Clerk of the County Court Grocery Prices GOOD FKt-SAT-MON DECEMBER lfi-17-19 Produce and Meal Prices Subject (o Chungc COMPOUND Pounds Pound Carton KROGER'S Spotlight COFFEE 1 Pound 1)1 1 M Bag 14^0 3 Pound 8 FLOUR Avondaie Barrel $3.55 48 Bag PURE CANE SUGAR 20 u» 95c FLOUR COUNTRY CLUB 48 .25 SUDAN SPICES 3 For 20C 10 Lb. Sack ORANGES 35c California 200's Oranges, doz. Nice Doz. 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