Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 12, 1912 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 12, 1912
Page 2
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER. SATURDAY EVENING. 0 CTOBER 12,1912. Special Sale ot Ladies^ Suits n - — -'X.- "~ Monday,| at {10.95. $1S.II« and {19.75 s nine and Cold Month. Octobor Is a pleasant word. It Boiinds jus) like tlio month to mo; And soft and bright—as if you lioard • The loaves drop Rently from Iho tree. The patterlngs of the chestnuts brown The Httle thuds when apples fall, i The txjuirrels scampering up -and down, i And now and then a bl«c-bird's (-allt Ortobcr always tolln us too Of skies as kind as mothers eyes. And far off hills of hazy blue. Where little whiffs of smoke ariso; Or stacks of corn In (iolds about. And pumpkins yellow .as the sun; And fences M-indinR in and out. Where paidea'rod and asters run. October always, makes us think Of crispy west winds that brlskly blow; • And frosty nlRhts with stars n-blink. And Jack o' lantern's Jolly jtlow; Of fln>alde8 coiy, where the flames KllcTter and flare like torches pay. And stories, fun and merry uainos That eiid the ulad Octob<-r day. - Martha XS WTT Hanks. Mr. H U. Phillips is n RUCSI of his sister, Mrs. A, (• Kaujih. « « « Word has bocn received that Ucv. snd Mrs. Carl .\aii, who have been spending the sunnner In Kngland are now on their way home. They; will remain Iir New York for some time and will arrive in lola about the last of the month. • * • Dr. J. S. Su'lcUffe has been called to Cottonwood Fails on, professional business. Mrs. Sutdiffe will accom- T'any him and visiwwith her parents for a few days. • * * Mrs. Holfa. who has been visitinR Mrs. A, Marr will return to her home in Sanlwrn, Iowa, early next week. • + * Miss Florence Ellis who is speitdinB the winter in the city and attendiuK' school went to her home in Hum^ldt this morninp to sp^nd Sunday iwlth hfcr parents. She was accompanied by Miss Martha Marker. «^ -:• •> •> / Miss Elizabeth Apt entertained the Friday c8,rd club yesterday afternoon THCY PROTECT THE HANDS! ' It used to be that you cnuldnX do the dlah-waah- ing. sCrnbblnR. etc., without mdkini; the hnnds red and rouKh. Now by wearing KMIBER (>L(»YE8 you can do any kind of housework and keep your handf soft pnd white, -ye have Ihem- .at uOc a pair— better ones at $1.0i) a pair. BURRELt'S ^ The Rezall 8tor» WEST .SIDE OF SQUARE. beautirull)r decorated Urilh tHismos and terns, and jhe hosessei, Mn. Hilscher, Mrs. Shiolds aUd Mrs. Burreii, were assisted lb serring oalnty refresh- mente by Miss Helene Potter and Miss Bertha .Swlgart. A Vlctroia {nrnisjied. mtlBic irhile the ladles s|)ent the.tlin^ with needlework.. * + * The high school girls' five hundred club which organised last week met last oTcniofi ^with Miss Helen Anderson on South'street. The members and g-.i< sis present w^re: Lillian Northrup, Lucene Spencer, Jessie Pry, Louise H^lmun, Helen Campbell, Ruth Scott, Anna Smith, Alice Snyder, of Ft. Scott, Ruth Potter. Glcnnls Bartels, Berniee Bartels. I^iuise Miller. The prize was won .by Miss lx >ulBe Heylmun. ! H£.VLTIIY. IVRINKLE-FREE ! SKIN E.ISY TO H:\VE fl. ^ * n. Atchison, .Mrs. .lolih Herring, of .MIssouliT, Moht, Mrs. George Henderson, Mrs. Ix)(nan. Mrs. Shapel, Miss Mnttle Herring,. Agnes Heniierson, Marie Wooten, Helen Henderson, Ag- neg Campbell and Mrs. J. Herlng. + • • These six reason for believing In equal sulTrage appear in Uiia week's Woman's National Weekly. The author, Mrs. I..nurit Gregg (Mtinon was lor many years a resident of Onrnett and is well known In this city: 1. .\ matter of simple Justice. L'. Their lack of^faual rights places the stamp of Inferiority upon women in the e.ves of their own children. X All of the problems of politics are likewise probleihs of the home. 4. "It's not good for man to b« alonn." r>. Equal suffrage will promote comradeship between men and women K. Woman suffrage is In accord with the spirit of the new democracy. • •> * About eighty-five of the city teachers were prcslent at the reception giv en for them at the T. M. C. A. building last night. On their arrival they were met by a committee of .voung ladies who gave each one a slip of paper bearing the names of twelve domestic animals, and each group of "animals" was sent to n different station in the building where they were entertained with various amusements which had been planned. At one station Mr. W S. Burdick conducted a singing school At another the game, "going to .Tei^u- salem," created a great deal of fun. Refreshments were served at another station. Alter each group had visited all the stations they were retjucsted to present a "stunt" that had lieen prefer the first meeting of the year. There j pared during"the first part of the even were five tables and the club prize I ji,p xhe group representing guinea was won by Miss Marlon l.«is Talbert j fowls played a trick on the audience and the guest prize by Miss Clara i, by imitating real birds and scattering ^-to all parts of the building. The wry Jolly .evening was closed with a general basnyard chorus In whic'h all took i>art. •> * 4. Mrs. .Tohn Herring.; of Missoula. Monti, is In the city visiting Mrs. J. Herring and family. • •> + Mr. and Mrs. K. C. McClaln liave returned from Kan .<Ms City where they havo been visiting for the past week. •;• •:• - New Wall Paper at Hiirrell's Prug Store + * • The combined business and .social meeting of the Presbyterian Working society which was held yesterday a« the parsonage was an unnuallfled, sue cess In every way. Between sixt.v-flve and seventy members attended | during the afternoon. The house , was Foust. + + • —Get your candy at Mundls Drug Store. * • • The Pistrici Conference of the Meth odUt church is to he held in Neosho Falls, this year, beginning next Thursday and continuing for three days. Rev. nnd Mrs. A. L Snnitison and Rev, B. M. Powell expect to go: + • •> The members of the Fraternal Mystic Circle met with Mrs. Price last evening and went In a body to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wooten on South Jefferson'street whfro they spent the time with music and games, afte'r which refreshments were seifved. The party was a surprlso to Mrs. Woolen. The guests were: Mr. and Mrs. Walters, Mr. and Mrs. J. Burns, Hr. and Mrs. McDowell. Mrs. Brown, Miss Pancoast. Mrs. Price, J. MlRlE. JbilDINEnE mnm MTEI We are showing this seasoQ. the new "Marie Airtoinelte'' pattern ol ttedi&g silver. I A new design in Al^-in Silver that will appeal to the «rtislic and discrinmia&ig buyer. Wehaveaftill ' tine and cordial^ m- vite in^ectioo. TEA SPOON Add to the Comfort ::and: Charm of Your Home ^ Nothng adds more to the attractiveness of the home than a well ap jointed table. It helps to make the home the place it ought to be. And j\ou would be surprised, perhaps, how it adds to the positive relish of the meal. We make it easy for you to supply your home—little by little, if you lihe—with a tasteful pattern of Silverware, in either sterling or silver plate. If Six hollow handle Knives and Forks, plated, only J. (Ffom The Woman Beautiful) A dull, drab, muddy coinplesion, or 1 blotchy, pimply or freckled skin, can by a qtilte' simpie. harmless and Inex|)eB6lvc- method, be changed to one of nbwer-llke radiance and purity. One ounce of common mercolizcd wax, sold by druggists generally, will remove the nindt unsightly doniplcxion IB from one to two weeks. By its rc- inarkabie absorptive power, the withered faded or diBcolored'layer of thin !llm-8kin which hides the healthier skin underneath. Is gradually flecked off in tiny, almost Invisible particles. This is done so gently there is no Inconvenience, and no trace Is left on the akin except that of enhanced beauty. The wax is smeared on like cold cream before retiring, and removed In Uie morning with warm water. If the skin be wrinkled or saggy, a face bath made by dissolving t oz powdered saxollte In M nlnt witch bawl win be ftiund most effective. Coni- btnlng both astringent nnd Ionic properties. tVIs tightens the skin and it braces up list silpiiorttng muscles. MHERTY. I Mrs: F. K. ;1(>hnson) Oct. 11.—.Mr. and Mrs Sti-phen Bryant of lola. visited Mr. anil .Mrs ("has. Harris Sunday. For pome reason the new jieatlng .system was not Installed In the school last week. Miss Ruby Christy, of (Geneva, caiin' to Fred Kr-mer's Saturday evening and visitcti <U>I friends here all week. .Misses I'n'-y Christy Lena and l>nna Kramer and Mr. Charier Schuster •spent Sunday In Yates Center. Mrs. Bassett. of lola] nnd . granddaughter. .Miss Carrie Dennison, spent Stmday with Mr. and Mrs. Tom Oca- nl.son. Mr. W. E. McKlnney, of Perry. Ohio was a guest of Mr. Barnbart from Friday until Sunday, lie went from here •o Sign Barnhart's for a visit. ;* Mrs. .loe Bess and baby visited her mother Mrs. Walker, south of Plqni). last week. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Bess spent Tue .M- tlay night in lola with the former's lather as the elder Mr. Bess left Wednesday morning for Washington to m.nke his home. Miss Emma Barnbart spent Sunday with Mrs. AI .McCarley. of Neosho Valley. . Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe He.«s and Mr. and .Mrs. Clarence Austin visited Fred Kramer's Snnday. Mr. and Mrs. Anstln and Mrs. Ros- roe Hess visited Mr. and Mrs. Goble from Sunday until Tuesday. Mr. ^urtnett finished making mo- 'asses T.iesday. .Mrs. Kd OslKirn Is nursing a felon nn her right hand at present. (irnndnmther Ijowe Is now able to sit [up some. I •Mrs. Bessie Picket*, of lola. and Mrs. John Johnson visited Mrs. I .lohnson Tuesday. Misses Rtiby Christy, .\elfa Butler, U-na and Lona Kramer and Mr. Chas. .Schuster, .Mr. and Mrs. Cnstatnr spent Wednesday evening at .Mr. Goble's. Mr. Ira Townsend's sale amounted 'o nearly $2,000. Everything sold-well. There was a very large crowd out as Mr. Townsend's are old settlers and are widely known. Wc hate to lose our old neighbors, but ho]>e our loss will be another's gain. Mr. and .Mrs. Townscnd and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Slack will leave for Scottville. Mich, next Thursday to visit Mr. and Mrs. Robert RIggs for awhile, and If the winter Is not too sorere they may stay all winter there. Stephen Townsend will live on the home place nnd moved in Friday, and Lee Veteto will mo^e on the farm where Stephen lived right away. Mr. Gray; sif lola will move on the farm vacated by Chas. Slack and we imdcr^and he will move Immediately. Bale and Flake bought 'J4 head of hogs of A. L. Townsend Wedncsdav for. $-100. A. L. Townsend. Victor and Helots Porter. .Nick Roush. and Charley Rush left Thursday for Kansas City to see the stock show. Mrs. Lou Roush bought' a range at the Townsend sale Wednesday. Mr. .Tohn Wheeler gets Ira Townsend's telephone and will install It In Ms house Friday and any one can get him hy calling for 992-34. as his ring will be three long rings and four short ones. Mother Harris Is expected home Saturday from Caney. Kan^s. where she has been visiting relatives; First Baptbt rharch. Sunday School at d :4.'> a .m. Jas Rowden. supt. Ijcsson. Mary 7 :1-13, Subject. "Clean and Unclean. Baracas. do all the good you can by all the means you can. In all the ways you can. to all the persons you ••an. In all tho places you can. as long as ever you can. fo bring another .voung man with you. Wanted—100 young men for the Baracas. We promise you for wages stimulation, scriptural In rerprelatlon and social fellowship. In luire at the Baptist church 9:4.">. How ard Richie, president. Sermon ^1 a .m. Theme: "Tarry Ing for Fitness. B. Y. P. r. 6:30. Subject. "You Can Do Better." II Peter 3:8-lS. Discuss cd by leaders. Opening topics by a short written or oral address of .'.0 to 200 words. First. "Room for Improve ment. the largest room 'n the world. Miss Edna Ball. Second. "Can We Do Better." .Miss l>ela ShaJwIck. .Miss Stephens. Third. ••What part has our will in doing \better." .Miss Mossic l^effler. Miss lA >ta Lleurance. Fourth "What part does knowli-dge have in our doing better." .Miss Pattic .Mather Miss Clara Williamson. .Mr. Herold .\usherman. Fifth. "What should be ;hn ba.«ls of our doing'better." .Miss KllR rtall. .Mr. Ver,n Dorseti. Raymond .Shepard. Sl .xth, "Ought we to do better ami why." .Mr(<. A. I>. Willlanison Estliel Mather. .Murro Hrownfleld Clyde Burnslde. Seventh. "Wlten one .-•tops doing better what hapiiens? Why? .Miss Nell Shepard. .Miss .Marie Hadgley and pa .^lor. Sermon at 7i30 p. in. Dr. Shadwick leads the luaycr service Wtvdnesday T:S<» p. ni l.)illiiriir. Sunday School at 2 p m Preaching by Evangelist Carlcton. <ir Oklahoma City, at II a. m . .t p.m. and T:;{'> p. m. The meetings will ••onllnue two weeks, beginning at 7::i<> each evening. The public welcome (; W SIIEPAIll). Pastor. Pr «'!<l»yl«Tlnn Churrh. FIRST CHCRCH—Revs S. S. Hil- .sclier, the pastor will preach morning and evening. This will be the beginning of a course on, the book of "The Revelation." The morjiing sermon will be on the "Revelation of Jesus Cltrist" and the evening sermon on, •The Wondertul Christ." The liook of ••The Revelations^^ is very poorly understood. Hear these sermons and see how if is one of the most practical and up-to-date liooks ever written. Don't fail to come to hear the first sermon In the morning the choir will sing. "No Shadow Yonder," taken from "The Holy City." and In the evening Shelley's beautiful arrangement of "When .Night. Invades the Sky." The Sabbath school meets at 9 :t.'» and in the Voung People's meeting at fi :30 the missionary story will be. •'The Pcniacobt at Hlle," and the pastor will talk on •'The Garden of Eden," for a short time LITTLE BlILDERS' CHAPEL.— Mrs. "E. N. Jones, Superintendent. Sabbath school at 2 p. m Young People's .Meeting at 6:30 p m Bassett Chai>el Sabbath school at 10 a. m. $7.50 M*. Pur, Watch iMVMton. «•! K I. A ft : HElMi A fH.lMP IMYS. Rail Players Will Get Some $i.WW Each From (aiimes. New York. Oct. 11.—^The national coromisslon 's figtires for attendance and receipts at today 's game were: Paid attendance. 36.502. Total receipts. $76,644. .National commlssloo's share, $7.- e64.40. Players" share. »41.387.76. Each club's share. fl3.795.92. Wth today's game the players cease to share In t[he world's series receipts. The four games played netted them tl47..'72.88. breaklDir the record estab llshcd by tho New York and Philadelphia clubs last year, when the players' share amounted to $127,910.61. •rtte winning players this year will receive |.SS.r.43.37 and tho losers $.';9.- o^s.9ti. ludivlilunlly. each of tho winners Is due to rec«lv« approxlmatalr f 4.000 and th« Umn »tfout ^im, First I'hnrrh of Ihriof .SrIentUf. Sunday school at 9:15 a m. Church servlce.s at 11 a. m. and }> m Subject. "Are Sins Disease and Death Real?" Testimonial meeting Wednesday at S p. m. Services are held in the church co;> ner of East and Sjcamore streets. The reailiitg room adjoining church Is opet; frjjm 2 to 4 p. m. each week day A cordial Invitation Is extended to the public to attend the services and visit the reading room. .*»erond Bnpllxf Church. Sunday school 10 li m. Preaching it a. m. and 8 p. m. B. Y. P. V. 6:30 p. m. Wp extend a cordial Invitation to all to come and wor.«hIp with us. The pastor and his wife will give the echoes from the state convention held at Kansas City, Kas.. this week Come and hear them. They will do you good. Learn of the great work of the 20,000 .Negro Baptists In Kansas of which we are part. We hope to have the choir at each service. J. W. GORDON, Pastor. First \. M. E. Chiirrh. Preaching at 11 a. m. by the pastor. Subject—"Wiping Tears Away • Class Meeting at 12 :30 |,. m. Sunday Schol at 3 p. m. Evening services Itcginning at 7:4"' with .song service. Preaching at 8:1'' •ly the pastor. Subject—'•.Not Ashamed.•' All are invited. Come and worship God with us ant* .sec the work on the new chtirch. C. A. WOODS. Pastor. Si. TiraothyN EpI<tropal Churrh. Sunday school 9:45 a. m. Evening service 8 p. m. REV. E. R. TODD. Priest In Charge. Reformed Church. Sunday school 9:45 a. m. Preaching at 11 a. m. and S p. m. Christian Endeavor 7 p. m. RPV. A. CASSELMAN. Supply Pastor. TrWIfy M. E. Chnrfh. rEayt lola) I.ast night's service was the closing week-nlghf service of the Fall Fes•Ival at Trinity. The lecture on "Mu- <lc In IJfe." by Rev. C. S. .Nusbaum -)f Parsons, wa.i well attended, the HUditorium being filled and many seats being occupied In the lecture room and balcony. Dr. Nusbaum delighted his hearers lioth with hi.<i address and with bis singing which wan ac<»m- panled by the «w«et strain* of the auto (mrp. UU addross wa« both Inaplrlns The Ugheat point of woman's itap* piness ia rea<;^ed only through motif •rhood, in.the dsMing of her child witUa ner arms, 'xet Ih^ m6ther-ii> be la often fearfntl of nature 's ordeal and abrinka ham the sniteriiic incident to its conatiminatlon. But for natnre'a Ilia i ^d discomforts natara provides remedies, and In Mother's Friehd is ta .be fonnd a medicine of great value to every expectant mother. It Is an emulsion for external application, composed of ingredlenU which act wltb beneficial and soothing effect on those portions of the system Involved. It is intended to prepare the system for the crisis^ and thus relievo, Jn great part, the suffering through which the mother usually passes. The regular use of Mother's Friend will repay an/ mother in the coinfort It affords before, and the helpful restoration to bcaltb and strength it brings about after baby comes. Mother's Friend Is for sale at drug stores. Write for our, free book for expectant mothers which contains much valuable information, and many suggestions of a helpful nature. HSAOFIELD SEGUUTOR CO., Alhsta. Cs. and pathetic and many tilled with tears as h- sang "The Sinner and the . S OUM- ' a.<si.-ited by i quartette of our own your^: folks, and ilrovc home to our hearts the fact that .tesus .«tlll loves tne waniierer. By special reciticst he sang that jweet song of consecration of which )ie \g the author. "Let lllia Have Ills Way Witli Thee.;" The lola Monster Quartette sang tlie ipenlng nnd dosing numbers which were received wllli iiinch aitprccia- tion. It was a fitting conclusion to an eminently successful week of deliglil- fully entertaining and decliledly ii).- Ilfllng and Instructive lectures ami entertalptnents. Tomorrow's ser\ icc.«: will be as follows: Sunday School Rally Day frr\irr> It 9:1.-. a. m. .Morning preaching service at II. .Innior tx-agne at :! p. ni. Epworth League at fi:30 p m. Evening Bv,ingell.s-tlc service 7:3". lA't everybody In East lola. both par •nts and children, rally to the staml- ird of the Sunday School tomorrow niorning. We are looking for an at- endance of :{IMI. They can be there, riiev should he there. Will von he one >fthem?. Our District Confereme convenes at Neosho Fall.-s Tuesday. Wednesday ind Thur.^day of next week. All mem 'jers of the conference should plan to ittend Our Fall revival services will ^f^in !i week from next Sunday. Oc- ober 2fif h-. A. W SA.MPSON. Pastor. r BYRONWBLLIAMS OopyitsM NIX W>it«ni Hairtpapcr mion They scampered across the intervening sward. He broke the lock that held the chatd of the jboat. Tbey climbed In. The current carried thein gently down stream In the midday sunlight. As the girl sat facing him the man could not resist breathing: "If you will permit the liberty, may I say that you are a very pretty Jailbird?" "Prisoners should never be facetious with their keepers," she replied, making a face at him in the sunMght. "Here, gol dam ye, where ye goin'? I'm iookin' fer you!" It was the voice of the game warden, bawling exci)edly from the bank. For answer, Bedlf^ht shaped bis bands like a horn and. In mock earnestness, called back: "I'm on my honeymoon! 'Everybody's doln" It now.'" U was dark when a farmer's, wagon I'^H "^'iT*'! "*°PPe^ » ^'ock from Squirrel Inn The mayor and Miss Arney strolled leisurely to the veranda of the hotel. "He's perfectly lovelyl" confided .Mabel to Jackie, blushing ro.iUy. "Hm!" responded Jiidgo Vining, with a queer little feeling under her corsage. "I'm glad to hear It. The! sheriff is waiting for him In tho office!" "Bess. yoiT're rin a'.vfiil coward.' anathematized tl;«. j-.i.lup. stenly, The man i;!i'l-r thi- h'-<] heard the cloget door I'.'K-V .iiul waited. There didn't seem ttr Jj^e nn .vtliinp else to do. Pri 'sently .\!iss Arney reappeared. With hy.atcr!' .11 Langlitrr the changing of t>I:iikhaiie(i M.ihel into a rdv- ishlng blonde jTocee.;*-!! rapidly. "Theref exi i :nni >ii Mi-s Vlnlng trinmphantl.v. "tlie F:..e;:ff will never know her in the tt -.)rlil. Come on.' Mayor Pedight htard the door close. RoIIin.i; ivom nnd<>r the bed, he locked the door and down to await d^'veiojjinents.. H:ilf an hour later somebody knocked at the door. The mayor tv.-ilted. "Walter!" whispered an excited The Salvation Army. I2I.S We.«t .Madison) Farewell meeting of Ensign and Mrs Harvey Saturday at s p m. Free ind Easy. Sunday 2 p m .jYoung F"1k.--. Sunday 3 p. ni..'Praise. Sunday R p m.. Farewell to lola. Be ure to welcome the new officers Friends are thanked. E.NSIGN .-VND -MR.*:. HARVEY, tifflcer.'! of thc'Dnly Salvation Army rnlfed Brethren Chnrrh. Sunday school 9:4.1 a. m. Morning sermon aiid comniiinion Ham. Subject, "The Living Word " Christian Endeavor Senior and Junior «:30 p. m. Evening Sermon 7:30 p. m Snhj 'Kl. True Comfort.•• Prayer M<'eting. Wednesday 7:3ti II. m. l.adles Aid Society Thursday 2 p. tii Everybody invited. I. B. PRATHER Pa.stor. 83 .56 RECIPE FREE FOR WEAK KIDNEYS KELIETKS URIXART AKD KIDHET TROUBLES, BACKACHE, STRAUf SWELLIKG, CTC Stops Fain ia the Bladder, Kldneya ^/ aid Back. Wouldn't It be nice within a week »r two to begin to say goodbye forever to the scalding, dribbling, strain- ng or too frequent passage of urine; he forehead and the back of the head iches; the stIlcRes and pains in tlte lack: the growing muscle weakness; :pots before the eyes; yellow skin; duggish bowels; swollen eyelids or inkles; leg cramps; unnatural short ireath; sleeplessness and the despon- >ncy? I have a receipe for these troubles bat you can depend upon, and If yon vant to make a qaick recoveiy, you lUght to write and get a copy of It vtany a doctor would charge yon $3 .50 •ust for writing this preecrli>tion. but ' have it and will be glad th send It a you entirely free. Just drop me s Ine like this: Dr. A. B. Robinson, •<932 Lock Building. Detroit, Micbi- ,aa, and I will send it by return mat: n a plain envelope. As yon will see vhen you get it. this recipe contains nly-pnre, harmless remedies, but it las great healing and pain conquer- Bg powers. H will quickly show its power once »ou use it. so I think yor had better lee what it is whtaout delay. I will «nd you a copy free—^you can use It ind cure yourself at home. * -Mrs. T. A. Town, 107 6tb St. Water- fown, S. D..t writes: "My four cblld- reii are subject to hard colds and I al- •vays use Foley's Honey and Tar Compound with splendid restilts. Some time ago 1 had a severe attack of la grippe and the doctor prescribed ey"s Honey and. Tar Compound anil U soon overcame the la grippe. T can tlwaya depend upon Foley's HoMi >v and Tar ('oiiipnnnd and nin sure of good results." For sale at BurroH's Druf Storo. CHAPTER VI. In the office, smoking one of Mine Host's best cigars, his dignity outraged, sat the sheriff, waiting. Major Bedight walked up 'he hotel stairs, obllvlouB to bis pending fate. Suddenly a door opened and a head appeared, a blonde head, a piquant head, a head to catch tho fancy of .in artist. "Shh!" said the owner of tho pretty profile. Bedight stopped, Iqoking around cau- voire, tlously. "Hurry!" commanded the girl, holding open the door of her room. His Honor, the Mayor, hesitated for a moment—and then, throwing conventionality to the winds, bolted through. The girl turned the key in the lock and faced him accusingly. "Well of all the blundering bounders! Do you know the sheriff has been hanging aroiind here all afternoon watting to arrest you?" The mayor looked brazenly at the girL "I expected as much," he said, ^are- leesly. "What have you been doing norr?" she demanded, giving him a severe r^argaret Farnsworth. back reprimand from two otherwise kindly hazel eyes. "Oh, chuck the attitude. Jiefs." growled the mayor, disgustedly. "That little imp' of a Mabel Arney Insisted on riding the black saddler. He ran away with her and In trying to catch tho minx. I collided with a baby carriage and spilled the baby's milk. That's all. The confounded natives are always ready to arrest a summer resorter, and be- lierlng the peace and the dignity of the village had been shattered, they threw us In jail. We broke out." sullenly. "Do you blame us! Before she could reply there was a knock on the door. The girl's face went whit*. "I—I'm afraid somebody saw you come In here I" she whispered. "Nonsense." he bt«atbed. "Here —111 slip nnder th« bed. Go to t 'ne door." In a twinkling the mayor was safely out of sight. The girl opened the door. "Oh, hello, Jackie,"' she cried, in a relieved voice. "Come in." "Bess, we're In a terrible pickle." sobbed. Miss Vining. "That horrid man took Mabel Arney to Lakevllle this morning and got her arrested. The sheriff insists she must be in tbe hotel and I've promised to bring the entire crowd out on the veranda for Inspection. Mabel Is frightened al-' most to death. Bess," dramatlcall.v, "we've got to dress her so the officer won't know her. Have you a switch of that flaxen hair of yours? I've got Mse Aiidrews' puffs. They 'll batch yonrs. Well cover Mabel's black thatch until she looks like an albino. Here she Is now," as the rustle of skirts proclaimed a new arrival. The mayor lay on bis back, facing tbe mattress. "Where's that white princess of yours?" demanded Jackie. "She wore-brown today. We'll have to take some tucks in It" going to the closet and helping. herself. "Here; Mabe, get Into this, and lively. "Oil, not here!" protested Bess Winters, snatching the dress from Miss Vinlng's bands. Tbe Judge looked at Bess blankly. "Why not?" "Be—because!" shrilled Bess. "I'm afraid. Slip Into your room, that's a'daafr and 111 bring the switch in at oaoe.'' "Oh. who's afraid?" gurgled Mabel, reaching for tbe gown. "Step into the closet." implored Miss Winters. "Somebody might WtM." Open 'the door. It Is I— Bess." ' "Come in." replied th© mayor, tVTOr ibg the key;•'We fonlc 'd him!" she cried, radiantly, "ile couldn't find his prisoner. .Mine Host told, him there were but ten young ladies— jiJid he.went away bewildered—biit he's coming tomorrow to watch for you.'" Tbe man shrugged his shoulders. "Bess, you scoot out and discoverj what Harriet Brooks—" consulting blsj list,—••would like to have me do tomorrow and whatever It is we start] at five In the morning."The girl hurried away. The mayor seated himself at a small desk and began to write. He was still at It when Bess returned. "She Kas discovered an Indian mound on Glen Island and she wantsj you to po with her and open It. have arranged to have her meet you at the bathing b«>ach at sun-up." The mayor scowled. He was not] fond of prave-digging. • "Thank .vou. Bess," be said finally. "And now if you don't mind. I want to writo a while." "Very well, Walter." She consented, taking up a magazine. For an hour neither spoke. Then the man laid down bis pen and, looking at the, sand: , "Bess. I want to know where Jackie Vlnlng keeps that. confounded sntl- suffragc bill of mine." . "I refuse to enlighten you," sniffed the girl dctertninedly. "Bfess. you've got to tell me. I must get out of this confounded bole. 'My opens on tho ifoflowlng Saturday and I must be there. I wouldn"t mind serving out ' my sentence but theso outraged . natives have butted In on the game and they'll have me In Jail inside of a week, as sure as Fate. You wouldn't want me to lose my election. Bess?"" looking at her with appealing eyes. "Walter, it is downright mean of yon to even think of introducing a bill stich as you havfe prepared. You deserve to Ipse—but I'm willing," con- aescendlDgly. "to do what I can for you. The bill—your bill—Is in the personal possession of Judge Vining. Sbe—in fact, she wears it Inside, her shirt' waist to avoid losing it,^' blushing.] "Xow I hope you are satisfied—and you may go. The sheriff has disappeared for the night. You can safely occiipy your apartment.'' "Y'ou'rc a pood sport," said the mayor. p.itTi.-5ir tbe girl tenderly on the chcf'iv—and pa.'ssed out.. (To rte Contititietl.) -".MIS Peter Iloian. ll.'.OI Buckeye Ud. ClevflaniJ. O . s.iys: ••yes, indeed I can reconiMii-nd Foley's Honey and Tar Compound. My little boy had a bad case of whooping cough some times he was blue In the face. I gsve him Foley's Honey and Tar Compoucd and It had a- remarkable effect and cured him in a short time." " Contains no harmful drug*. Burreil's Drug Store. ' . mu w aed )^kM«kt>Dni.SaNa,: 1' w5«^«i^.-Wfii'- JLN-^I'J'*

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