Covina Argus from Covina, California on February 22, 1908 · Page 6
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 6

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 22, 1908
Page 6
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The Covina Argus COVINA, CALIFORNIA. Rntered at the Postoffice Covina, Cal., as second-class matter. Published evnry Saturday hy the Covina Arj;u» Publishing (Company, Inc. Bl'HSCKIPTIONH: One Year in advance Six Months Three Months e Copies f. 1.5,0 .73 .50 AnVKRTISKMKNTS: T)isp)ay advertisement at reasonable rates. Prices on application. Changes made as per con tract. Liners .-'c per line each insertion. Leff.'il notices £1.00 per iiirh first insertion, .".0 cents e;ich subsefjiu.nt insert ion. COVINA. Fell. 22, 1'Xin. Christian Church Revival. Thn Brooks brothnrH will remain nt the Covina Christian (Jhureh for thf; fifth w(!f:k, whifih oiirrie.H tho rc.- %'ivnl jiHHt tho fhnt Hnndiiy in Mnrcli. Kfiv. W. (i. Oonloy, acting for tho church hoard, wired the Hpokaw; churcbot) Wednesday morning, for th(-ir coriw-rit to holr] thf? listH an extra wt-ek. Ht-.v. C. I 1 '. HteveriH of Hpokanc replied early Thurwlfty mor/miK, granting t.he rc- qm-.Ht. This action (•.niilltnifiit t.)if; revival ovor two rnoro HnndayH. Thf-rf; have been more than Hixty additions to tho f/'ovina ('hriH- tian Church HJIIOO tho JJrooks hrotd- f-i'H cariio. The whole, community in nrouHCfl hy the Htirrirm wrmonH of KvanwdiHt W. 'f.'. JJrookH, and the doctrinal pointn concerning which the churched differ are lining dis- ciiHHcd bv f.viirynric!, even NprcHflirig tri the Ho.hool children, The "question ho.x" lias been iiHed I' and a great many good questions JIHVO been ankcd. The evangelist haH been very inHtructive in hin answers, iui.1 hiiH treated all wifpiir'H'N with f!oiirt«H.y. Tho "Patriotic, .Service" on hint (Sunday afternoon waH a great HIIC- COHH. Tlio OddfollowH woro out in their hmulsomo regalia and occupied alrnoHt tho on tiro oontntl aection of HdfilH. Tho Masons woro compelled to attend a funeral at tho Hame hour und were not able to lie present. The Woodmen and also the A.O.U.W. woro represented in tho audience. The lecture by Rev. Brooks on "Tho New Citizen" wa« full of brightness and optimism nnd WHS of real service to tho community in inspiring ttiecitixenablp to bo wine, iuduntriuuH, patriotic, happy, arid lust, but gnmt- eHt, "tho now citizen must ra'ogni/o Almighty (iod." Delegations ii ro in attendance ahnoHt every niKht from tho city and surrounding towns. Mr. WatorH brought thrtto auto loads from Pomona on Monday night and they wero ushered into tho front HcatH. Tho best service of the revival up to tho present WIIH Thursday night. Although it rained, tlio house was well filled and there wen; ten grown men and women went forward, male ing a total of Hixty-two additioiiH wiic.o tho meeting began. On Thursday night Minn CiowaiiM of Kedlunds .sang "(Jnanmvorod Vet," and by request, "The Koc.rot of Jlin Next ftunday aftornoon will be tlio special Horvico for ladies. Only the iiNhorN and men of tho ch«riiH will be given room before throe o'clock. Kvory lady in Covina is askod to bo preHcni. , Kev. \V. T. Hrooks will loetiiro on "Woman's Place and Power" and by request Km 1 . Arthur K. lirookH will sing. "Shall I Meet My .Sainted Mother':"' Tho men are invited, but will he asked to give all the seats necessary to accommodate the Indieti. This servicn will be Kin at. .'i o'elock. There wore over 'J(K) presont at the Hible school hint Sunday ami thin coming Sunday is expected to witness o crowds at all HiM'vices. Monday Afternoon Club. A large cnwd was present to lumr the excellent address by Misn \\'hil eomli nt (ileiulora on her travels in Holland. Her description <>f the manners ami t'UHtoms of the country \vas vivid and elutrmiti^ and curried one in hnaginat ion Ig tho land <j{ Uie tubott. A pitlno duet by the Mihsi-s Kale kin ami Ahehriiinfiiiu'r and \in'ul duet by -Mines. Munis ami Stevens were ])leatiing iiddili"ii-i tn thr pro Kcfreshments f«p||'i»fd, ri'iiMM inn of e..!fee and "i;lnck" In. 'ad I iik.-d i'V a 1'ulch \suinaii ill Ueillaiiilv. .\(M .M. Hi. lay 1'iof. W. T. Mr.illi "t tin- Stale N.ii iiial Si'limd . .' !.<•., An^'eb-s v\ i 1 1 aildi.".', tin 1 Ilieclii.^ i>n ' 'The Sch. "I and S..rirty. " 1'r.t. Saiitli f-a-^ .i|..iU.-n Irtuir in a ('»\ina aiiilit-iirc and u 1 1 1 nu ilciii!>l a^a in nn-i t \\illi an ml Im-iiiiM i.' iir.ptiun. Beaumont Sales Report. The week just closed has been one of tho most Kratif.vinx since the H('au mont saU'H opened. While broken by violent rain Htorrns and rendered uncomfortable by cold find threatening weather, (.he salft.s reached a total of: $4U00. Thin bring* up the entire sales Hince September llth, to 8171.200, a record never before reached by any similar project in a similar space of t.lrnu. HnildiriK has been actively retuuned. Many houses under way have been completed and with the advent of ek'Hr weather tlio past few days a number of nfifw home* and ranch houses have been started. Tree planting in going ffirwarrl in a mt)St satisfactory rrmnner. AH indicating the drawing power of Ji'-fiiiruonf, Thomas Arnold of Sisters, ()n-w.i\, has been won from his old home and '.vill equip a chicken mid vegetable raiieb on 0.20 acres at Jieau-- mont. George A. Lee, LOB Angelen renident agent for Duffv'.s cider and bottle goods, who in familiar with evory foot of Southern California, has selected 10 ncren at Beaumont. He declares it the best proposition on tho market. C. I), Heauchamp will build and install n chicken ranch on 4 acres south of f,he town. K. I). O'Kano ban transferred his allegiance from the San Joaquin valley to Heanmont and will build at once on '2.05 acres south of the graded school. Krede.rick Ii. Rader, IJ. S., of the I/'. S. I'jXperimenliil station, liarn- fiart, AbiHka, a graduate of the Kan sas Klatrf Agircull.iira! college, de j dares that. Hetuimont has no superior in fruit soil. Ho backs his jud^ mont with a purchase of Ej i/cres. Hrethren Church: Hunday-scbool 10a.m. Preaching 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. Christian Workers' mooting <!:l, r ;. JOvoryono w«jloorno to attend. At tho Methodist Church tomorrow morning tho sermon will bo preached by James A. White, father of the paator. At the evening service, Mrs. Sherman, a missionary from Corea, will deliver an address. All the other services as usual. Services in the Church of the Holy Trinity: SoxugoHinm Sunday: Communion 7:30 a. in. Sunday School 0:>ir> Morning Prayer, 11 a.m. ; aubjoct, "Tho Lay Priesthood and What it Means." Evensong, 7 :.'1(J p.m.; subject, "The Holy Catholic Church." Offertory quar- tot, "Incline Thine Kar. " Prosbytorian services: Sunday- school 0:-IT) a. in. Preaching 11 a.m. and 7:1(0 p.m. by pastor. Morning subject, "The ,IiiHt and Unjust Stewards"; evening, "(iod I lutes Sin but LOVCH the Siiiner. " Y. P.S.C. 10. (i:;!0. Prayer mooting 7 :UO Thursday evening. All strangers nnd friends most cordially invited to any of these services. Paul (J. Stevens, pastor. IRW1NDALE. cM und HcHHic, a^cd 1't and (i, ilaiiuhtci'H of Mr. timl MrH. .loo Martino/., of Siwitiwh Town, uro (lunui<roiiHl.v HI with typhoid I'ovor. Lilllo hoj)i>H arc entertained tor tlio nuiovory of tin 1 «»l<l«r Mr. ami Mrs. H. Mil lor en tort dint«l a jinrty of fnmulH on Wodimwlay from llu'ir old homo, MiloH C'ity, Montana, including Mr. mid MrH, (ilcitHon and HOII, Mrs. T. I' -, (Uillcn and thrcr ilaiiK'htci'H, Mr. and Mrs. <'lnytoii and Mr. i«nd Mrs. Wt'stfall. 'Tim day \\IIH N|iiMit in riding thi'on^'li the vulli'Y and uni'in^ other phioi'H llu'y viwiti'il the Foothill jiaokitiK hoiiHti wlicrt' they vvcro tr<mlt'd very hoHpitalily liy tho mamiKomnnt. MiniiiT WIIH partakon of at A/UHH and supper at the Miller hume. All united in declaring tliis locality the best they have seen yet in Cal ito luiu. Mrs. Ii (j. i.iinn i-titortaincd on Ki iday in her pretty new home »n < 'enter .street, her «netit.s lu'inv; Mmes. Wutidinu ami \\ lieeler <if Kos . \liije les and Mmr-s. l)evendo)f aim H. Miller. business (i f vOJ'Sl <fet <J6 f '•g'-ft t <?-5 f! ^ - v*o6~ It is said: The Bathroom as an Investment. Havc you ever considered that the money spent on a modern bathroom is a investment ? No doubt you have given the matter more or leas thought and have arrived at a conclusion. We would like to express our views on the, subject, and r:n that account cordially invite you to call on us if interested. We handle the celebrated "nfautdoffcf' Ware, the best material made. Let us quote you prices. .SIDES, Plumber 2?*!JS "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach." and a delicfoffsf Cup of Coffee is the opening wedge. We make a specialty of FINE COFFEES On account of an unusually large sale, our coffees are always fresh as we buy direct from the roasters. If you are not using our coffees, give them a trial, Brown & Bohri GROCERS POMONA STEAM LAUNDRY If you want the BEST WORK at the MOST REASONABLE PRICES give us a trial. TWENTY YEARS' experience has taught us the CHEAPEST and BEST way to do your laundry. With first-class equipment our work and our methods are sanitary and up-to-date. Leave Your Bundles at Rich's or phone him and the wagxm will call anywhere in Covina or vicinity. LORBEER BROS. SOMETHING NEW! Are you interested in Saving Fuel and Labor In your home? If so, come and see demonstration of a DETACHABLE RETORT OIL BURNER -at- FABRICK'S HARDWARE STORE V ilia Huii mae v. ('. I.'., the p.iplllltr agent ^ t'.i the I'aeille Kleelrii 1 Hi this |..,inl, : -^ is well sat istled with the uru\\lh made ^j? '. £T|^ III tin ir lin-al I'leiglil l.i|sine.-s ,-im'e "^ I he -i i \ iee \-. as inaiiL'iu.iti <l at this ^p |.int. ll is ^i ..\\ ing .steailily eveiv r^j| >lii\ .iinl \i>lii<la\ It iiiimitil an a 1 -'^ *^f ilili ii..; e ir 1.1 dan lie the t n-iirht. • .-i» The s, ] \ |e i a | | i a I •- (• i 1 e em ilu n( I V ^ sal l-taet i I , (.. i!,l ln-llles.s ll.ell . .1 ( ~-jT the i-itv. ' '/' Glendora Furniture Store ATTENTION PLEASE! If you are planning to furnish your home it will pay you to investigate our stock. We have everything in the household line of furniture from the cheapest up to the best. Phone to us about window shades and get prices on quality; it will pay you to do so. We put the goods in your house and hang your shades at no additional cost. We can save you money for several reasons. We pay no rent and buy direct from factories and save the middleman's profit. See us before buying. Special attention given to Undertaking and Embalming . SEIMEARS PROPRIETOR Phone 166 e ^ c

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