Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on September 16, 1889 · Page 3
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, September 16, 1889
Page 3
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THE ET G OA.7TRTTE: MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 10, Don't Look at Me but J. K. Chester j ust opened, Stocit of Evening Gazette. THM BnifiKa QAEBT™ can De taA st all the newntaude. Prloerwo CBHTS. OFFICIAL PAPER OF THE CITY. Tonight. Uniform Rank K. of R. F. A. Newell, Sec'y. Regular GOODS "Wliich is more complete than ever before. His assortment of Robe Patterns, Side Bands, Stripes and Plaids —The city council meets tonight. —Mr. C. A. Reed, of Chicago, Is In the city. —Mrs. Garth, of Dixon, spent Sunday here. —It is now legal to shoot prairie chickens. —Mrs. Mary-Wallace nas gone -tc Clinton on a visit. —Tom P. Bowman is here from Omaha for a short visit. —Mrs. J. J. Miller has gone to Chlca go for medical treatment. —Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Tracy, o Chicago, spent Sunday here. —Mies May Goodrich, of this city, i teaching a school near Nelson. -—Th9 receipts of. tub i^iecpuit ut' were 87,000 and the expenses 85,500. —More' strangers are seen on our streets now-a-days than for years. —Ed. McPherran left this morning for Michigan University at Ann Arbor. —Mr. B. P. .Edwards, of Paw Paw, visited his brother, P. N. Edwards, today. —Miss Murdoch, of Elmira, New York, is theguset of Miss Mabel McPherran. —Wm. M. Lightcap has been very sick at his home in the First .ward for two weeks —Mr. F. F. Shelton, of Chicago, spent yesterday in this city, the guest of Mr. M. A. Phillips and family. —Richard Keeney has been at Gettysburg, Pa., tor several days attending the reunion of his regiment. —Will T. Gait; son of Mr. John M. Gait, left this morning for the military school at Orchard Lake, Mich. —Mr. Becker Miller, of Jordan, has moved Into this city. He occupies the J, H. Chamberlln residence on 6th ave. ~ —Mrs. A. A. Terrell has removed back to Sterling, from Chicago, and ex- \RE ATMTIVE. Serges, Henriettas, Mohairs, Broadclothies, Flannels, &c., In all the New Shades at Lowest Prices! (•• Wool Dress Flannels only 21 cts. Best stock oi Black Dress Goods in Whiteside County. - He is?also showing many bargains in other departments o f mamoth stock. his CALL AND SEE. —Sol. Ebersole and Geo.Seldell left this morning for Chicago, to enter upon the fall term of. Hahneman Medical College. —Mrs. Will Cady and Mrs. Howard Shock, who have been visiting at Mr. Kelsey'8, have returned home to Oma- ka. —Mr. B. Brook, representing the Tammany Theatrical Society, of LaPorte, Ind., is visiting his friend, N. Fellheimer, of Goldsmith's. —Rev. Geo. B. Black, of Neoga, III, occupied the Presbyterian pulpit at both morning and evening service yesterday, and delivered two scholarly* discourses. —At the citizens meeting on Saturday evening a committee was appointed to investigate the manufactory which a gentleman from Iowa desires to remove here. —A walk through the outskirts of this city will show dozens of neat frame houses, all erocted within the past year or two. The oity is growing rapidly toward the north. —Mlas Mabel MoPherran has been unable, on account of a slight affection of the sight, to conduct her classes at Wallace school. Mr. Bloom, of Wis consin, is teaching in her place at present. —Erie Independent: We learn that Dr. O. J. Bowers, who practiced at one time in Erie, andjwas known here, who wasqulte lllf rom mental excitement last spring, is now well and hearty and has a line practice in Chicago. —The burial of Mrs. Anaon Thummel, at Pralrlevllle yesterday afternoon was one of the moat largely attended funerals ever held in this locality. Friends for miles around came to pay their last respects to one who) was held in universal esteota. There were upwards of two hundred carriages, aud about savju humked people hi ftt> ttmdaucs. The funer»! »«rvie«s were very affecting, and there waa scarcely a titj aye in tb« church. lie*. K. Hsowis aud Kov, Martin I'oat, of Sterling. CDlUtltttletl til la —A masquerade party was h«ld by a umber of young folks on the lawn of ,. 1). Wynn's residence on .Saturday The lawn waa brightly light- nnd the bays and girls had huge hunks of enjoyment. —The largest house of the season rested the lady minstrels at the Aca- etay of Music on Saturday night. It .ad been much better if the large rowds had attended some of the shows f merit than one of this class. The -ninstrels were about equal to the usual Amazorian show. —A man named Earalick, who was ipad brakemaa on freight train 31, was killed at Bison yesterday morning, about o o'clock. The train waa on Its way west. The man was cut la two, falling under the cars in some way. The railroad authorities are making an iffort to find out where his home Is, and f he has any relatives. —A meeting was held in the council room on Saturday evening to discuss plans for holding a celebration here atJout the time the street railway, city hall, etc., are completed. A resolution was passed voting upon the city council the duty of being the executive committee to have general charge of the matter. Some of the speakers desired to have a big celebration to advertise the town. Others, less enthusiastic, thought an entertainment at which a small admission fee be charged for the library benefit, would be the proper thing. A b'g blow out would cost about a thousand dollars, more or less, and would probably include a banquet to distinguished guests present, an industrial parade, illustrating the industries of the city, a pyrotechnic display, ringing of all the bells and whistles for a while, orations by prominent speakers, etc., etc. As it is not known when the street railway will be completed, aud as the weather bnreau will not contract to 'furnIshraTnlce warm-day for any particular date in November, it is difficult to lay definite plans for anything so far ahead. —Last Saturday about noon, two fisherman discovered the corpse of a man floating in the river near the Dixon bridge. The body was soon identified as that of Henry S. Palmer, an old settler of Dixon. He had been living for the paet year with his son In Ch'cs go; but on Monday last he came to Dixon for the purpose of attending the soldiers' reunion in Amboy. He belonged to the 22d 111. Infantry. From the Telegraph we learn that he was seen in the evening in Oak Park ceme- t9ry, weeping over his late wife's grave, and it Is supposed that in his fa tigue he must have fallen asleep and did not wake for several hours, as the next seen of him was at A. L. Fisher's shoe shop, on Golena street, where he knocked long after midnight, and was admitted. Mr. Fisher, who vas the laat to see him on that fatal night, says he made injury for Captain Reardon and when directed to his residence Mr. Palmer .otarted for North Dixon. There are two theories as to the cause of his death. One is that he was murdered and the other that be may have, in the dark of the night, turned to the right soon after crossing the bridga, and fallen into the river from the steep bank somewhere east of the meat market. It appears |that the bead and face are more severely bruised than -would result from falling down the bank into -the river; and, furthermore, it appears that his pockets were empty of all valuables^ not a cent of money being found. As he came here on a visit, it is very probable that be had money with him. Indeed, those who know him best, claim that he generally carried some money with him. It is not believdd by anyone who knew him to be a case of suicide. --Fn-d Mercer, employed in Johnson & Mercer's meat murket, reccivd a bad kick on the left arm from a horse on Saturday. —IVter Oclentlml, a retired farmer, now.livin^at Humphrey .'Neb., ia visiting friends here. He resided here a few yeara ago. —The canning factory is having a big rush witti tomatoes, and although a hirge force of womon is given employment, there is work for many more. —The dynamos and some other of the electrical machines for the street railway are here, and will soon be put. in place at the water work's station. —When the Ogle county papers have nothing else to talk about, they talk about a new court house. The buildings at Oregon are a disgrace. The Hoard of Supervisors at its next meeting will probably take so ue action in th'e matter. They may submit to a vote of the people, a proposition to bond the county for §80,000 to. .erect suitable buildings. —Dealers state that the price of coal is likely to advance by October 1st, as there is no money In the present rates. Freight rates are generally advanced about this time of the year and with the scarcity of vessels which will prevail as the time for the close of lake navigation approaches, coal consumers who delay putting in the winter's supply of fuel may find themselves compelled to pay stiff prices. —The Standard Theatre Co. will open at the Academy of Music tonight with the ever popular comedy of "Function." This company tnade many friends during their visit here last June and gave the best of satisfaction. Miss Blanche Slader, who stars with this company this season, is.known over the entire country as a very clever soubre te and has appeared in all the principal cities. She was here with Ambercrombie'a Uncle Tom's Cabin Co., about eight years ago, and is said by those who remember her. to have been by far the best ••Topsy" ever seen in this city. Mr. llamage states that his Company is much more expensive than last season, but he still keeps prices down to ten and twenty cent,s. Why do i-eopln buy furniture at tli Rock Frills furniture store? Answer: IJpcauso it pays them big to do so. Dill & (X 70-tf Notice. Having returned from my vacation, I am better prepared than ever to do all kinds of cleaning and dyeing at my old stand. .Respectfully, 78-tG A. MAHICS. Headquarters fur trur.Ka and valises; also bargains in boots anJ shoes Rt Chaa. Hoag'a, opposite Wallace House. 77 tfl 3 Grand Prizes 3, On Tuesday evening I will give away live dollars in cash; on Thursday evening ten dollars and on Saturday evening twenty dollars. JJeaides these cash prizes. I will also give a iirst-claf 8 performance ever;/ evening, worth three times the prices charged. Yours in good faith, DAVID J. RAMAOE. Beautiful stock of millinery goods at the Rock Palls millinery store. Call and see It. Dill & Co. 70-tf The fashion magazines for October are on sale at liickfprd's, Rock Falls. 82 12 to!! Read! The Wallace Opera House ad. on opposite page. Kl. Joflfph Fair and KxpoMlllon. Hept. 3 to Oct. S, 'NO. On Sept. 13th and r.oth the C. B. & Q. R. H. will sell excursion tickets for one lowest fare for the round trip; ttfekets limited going Kept. 10th and 30th, and returning, ten days from date of sale. . ' Union Hose Co., No. 1, meets for drill Tuesday evening at 7:30. n EVERY DEPARTMENT E. W. Bloasom has taken the agency of the "I. C." brand Spectacles and Eye glasses. These spectacles are different from ordinary glasses, in that tho lenses are ground from a French Tinted Crystal that shuts out the chemical and heat rays of light, making them very Boothing to the eyes. Bo sure and try them, see that that trade mark "i. c." is on every lens. 70-ditw Damon and Pythias 15y Frank Lindon Co., Thursday, Sept. 10th. Son nf Monte Cristo, Frl day, Sept. 20. Interstate Exposition. Clilraso, Ilia. On September 12th, 14th, 21st and 2Gt)», and October Sd, ,1th, 12th, 17th and 19th the C. B. & Q. R R. will sell excursion tickets to Chicago at one and one-third fare for round trip, plua twenty-live cents for admission ticket, limited, going, to date of sale; return inpr, to and including the .following Monday. Will give a free concert at 7:30 every evening this week. See "Faction" tonight. Auctioneer. The Dutch and English auctioneer still alive and ready to attend to city and country sales on short notice. Can leuve orders at A. 11. Ilendrick's Drug Store or at my residence on 13th avenue north of 4th st. Charges reasonable. Give me a call. 78 37tt D. H. MiiVEiw, Auct. Call at E. W. Hlosaom's and get an :ye tester free of charge. 70-d&w KOTICKH. LAUY'S BOOK" for October is replete with .valuable maltcr for the ladies. . This favorite magazine contests the palm of superiority with all other fashion journals. ' t lt is full to brim with timely, interesting reading matter for the fireside, kitchen aud boudoir. Handsome and accurate fashion and work-plutes are given with each issue, together with a beautiful frontispiece illustration. It is the cheapest, because it ia the best fashion journal published; Pfice. 8200 ptr year, Philadelphia, Pa. KOOH. t Social. Next Friday, the 20th, at Cong'l Church. Comic programme No charge for admission. Supper, from 0 to 8. Good music. 81 to d Fowls. Fino (Ironsp.t) poultry on "i?alo_ at_ell times at our cold storage warehouse on 1st avenue. Prices very reasonable. 89-tO F. F. REIGER & Co. See Co. the new ad of N. Carpenter & Damon and Pythias. Sale of seats opens Tuesday at 12 m., at U. L. Werntz'. Chlcngo ExpoHition. The Chicago & North-Western Railway will, on stated dates, sell tickets to Chicago and return on account of the Exposition, which opens September 4th, aad closes Qeto^er 19th, at rate of one fare for the round trip, with 25 cents added for admission ticket. For tickets and full information apply to Agents Chicago & North-western Rail- Wj»yJ3onipsny. _„• 37-13 "^PEOPLE'S COLUMN ™~ ISTWe will Insert three lines In thlB col-f(J unm one time (or 10 cents, or tor 40 cents a week. Kach additional line will be B cents a single Insertion, or 15 cunts a week. —The Dixon Telegraph on Saturday gave the following interesting gossip about the Hennepin canal surveys: Major Benyourd.of the engineer's department of the United States regular array, after making his survey for the. Hennepin canal suggested In his report to the Secretary of War that it was beat that the head of the feeder which is to tap Kock river here at Dixon, should conduct the water through a conduit to the navagable portion of the feeder. That is; he proposed to run the Water under ground beneath Water street> from the dam, in some sort of an immense pipe, to a basin that is to be the head of navigation" on the canal feeder at a point west and near the Illinois Central railroad, in West Dixon. The Major, as the writer learned from • a conversation with him, appeared to be very much in favor of this plan. We are pleased to note that Engineer G. A. M. Llljencrantz, who has now charge of the survey, is decidedly in favor of making an open water channel from the dam, which he proposes to make by building a wall in the river a proper distance from the shore, to run parallel with the bank and far enough from it to make a good and sufficient channel from the dam to the canal basin. This is certainly a much more substantial and business like mode of building a canal through our city. Engineer Lil- jencrantz was yesterday with his men occupied in taking soundings along the south shore of the river and extending his examination some seventy or eighty feet Into the channel. He will also maks a survey by boring into the bed of tha river at different places along the share, following ihe in«a«d<srlng of the bank from the dam to West DUon, lu order to learn the situation of the tock, Iw tieVj>U» from ti*w amrfsc*. astids a heavy wals (or Uie river slJw of -i-The B. and L, society meets this evening. . -*-Frunk Cochran, of Aurorn, was in town this week. -4-Isaac I. Bush is in Nebraska looking up business matters. -t-Wm. S. Worman and wife, of Chicago, are visiting friends here. -t-Koss Smith is building a new house in Luken's addition, on the street railway route. -*-Mrs. Abbott and Mrs.Smith, of Colorado, are visiting their uncle, Mr. AI- mon Wheeler. -i-A boy was born to Mr. and Mrs. John McNeil, of Montmorency, on Sunday morning.r -t-John Shaw has gone to Peoria to prepare an exhibit for the State fair, for his company. -t-Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Bills,of Geneseo, are visiting at Mr. R.L. Atliins. Mrs. Bills was formerly Miss Kill Taylor. •*-F. M. Buzzard, clerk at Bickford'g, visited his family at LaSalle over Sunday. We understand he expects to remove here soon. •+-Thero were quite a number of Ster ling people at ihe new M. E. church last Sunday evening. The Sunday school quartette did splendid singing. •+-MISS Edna Chapman, who has been visiting her former school teacher, Mr. S. A. Maxwell, and his family, returned Saturday to Chicago, where she is a stenographer for the ba'.kiug firm of S. A.Keene&Co. "-H At a meeting of the W. F. M. S, held Friday" afternoon the following officers were elected for the ensuing year: Mrs. O. A. Oliver, president; Mrs. A. Fox, 1st Vice pres.; Mrs.M.L. Coe, 2nd vice pres.; Mrs H. Petrie, rec. sec.; Mrs. J. M. Merritt, cor. sec.; Mrs. J. Lyle, treasurer, -t-The street railway workmen are setting up the remainder of the poles on the route already projected. It is likely that a line will be run east on Dixon avenue for a considerable distance. Kock Falls will likely have a building boom next year along the two miles of the street railway. -t-A disgraceful scene occurred at the dwelling of Wm, Holt, over a stora on Main street Sunday afternoon. Holt and another low bum named George Gassenachmldt procured a keg of beer and carried It to Holt's home to drink It. Halt's wife objected to having a carouse in her house, and he brutally beat her luto subjection. Holt should be severely dealt with by the officers. For sale or rent, at E. \V. Blossom's No. ir, East Third Street, N.O ono knows just how or where ll came from or why it came, but a enowy and swci't breathed intruder has come into llic city to dispute- with the lordly sunflower his loni; ami undisputed title of Bquattcr sovereignly to all vhe vacant lots and blocks in Council Blurts, Iowa. And the meek liltlu Uossornson the summits of the sweet clover plants are looking upon, the swift and certain destruction of the pioneer sunflower. Over one- third of the-hottouis, where a year ago nothing but the- gigantic resinous weed turned its black and yellow faco to the sun, and where it grew in such luxury that even the noxious cockle burr waa choked out of existence, the fragrant sweet clover has appeared and holds un disputed dominion over every other green thing. Over hundreds of vacant lots in tho new additions the tiresome yellow has given place to the dark, rich foliage and fragrant perpetually blooming sweet clover. Local botanists who have examined the new plant with a good deal of in tefestrand~carG~Bay that it la 'positively "sr now species, produced by some unknown and accidental cross, and that its vigor and spreading proclivities are the most wonderful features of its nature. The old fashioned sweet clover was a frail aud ghostly plant, that loved the friendly shade of the groves and tho longest moonlight summer nights, a characteristic .which made it a proper love emblem, but this now and thrifty product of Council Bluffs spurns the protection of the trees and goes out boldly in the fields and incuts and conquers tho sun loving sunflower in his chosen grounds As a foliage plant it is perhaps one of the most remarkable in existence for its luxuriance. In many respects it resembles tho alalfa clover, but it ia stronger, thriftier, and of much more rapid growth than that remarkable plant that furnishes three crops of hay a year iii western territories. It grows to the height of four or fiye feet, with a dense leafy'foliage and a perfect brush of sweet scented blossoms. The leaf is small and juicy, of a rich dark green, very much resembling the red clover. It is so now and its habits so little understood that it is not known what its value may bo as n forage plant for stock. In its present rank character stock will not eat it, but, tamed by repeated clipping aud cultivation, it may become ono of the most valuable plants to tho stockmen and farmers. . But whether it lias any value or not In the development of beef and horseflesh, WAIMTKD. Only 10 cents for j lines under this Heading. _ i —All kluds re-upliolsUrinii. Key Bros.. Sterling. 111. 82-10* W ANTED—A com potent b'acksmlth to take chiirno of an established business, lu- quire this week of Ueo. W. Cliambcrlln. 78-u fr'OK HALE. Only 10 cents for J lines under this Heading. laitiK MAJ.K—uooil, Bound b:iy hone, 6 years -C old in spring; one single Si. r.ouls lop buc- cv.neurlyiiow; uomlsluidDharness: [-"••—•••* K.K. Hel| •--'—••- elper, 1'oultry Ilousu. 82-tl) F OR BALE—S1,V> pueaton buggy for Jl»; new. A good four-year-old family horse lor »12&. Address 1'. O. Box U7. Bl-12 Nebraska Ktuisaa land, stock of goods. Iluslness places for sale and cxchanne. Frank W. Walzer, Academy of Music, ltoonr-1 70 tf F OK SALK—Good Iowa, r TnoU 8A1.K—A -C donees lu 4lh ward. bargain In' three flue real- Imiulre of 1.1. liush. - Bl-tr JfOU BKNT. Only 10 cents for j lines under this Heading. I 1OK HENT—Dwelling house, suitable for one or two families, five blocki from V. O., with 5 acres of ground. Apply 508 First Ave. 81-tf VOIt BALK OK THABI5. Only Jo cents for j lines unde.r this Heading. T71OH HALE OK TllAI>E-An Improved farm JD of M) acres, near Uay ward. Iowa. Will lake laud here In payment. W. M. Dillon. 77 ttr FINANCIAL^ ' ; Only 10 cents for 3 lines under'this Heading. P lNANCIAL-Moueytoloan-»!,SOU at 8 per cent.,on farm security. 1. I. Bush. Kock Falls. •- 3241 till* lllluota Htato Fair, t'rori*, til., Mtfpt. 5J3-SS7. From c&pteinbei iSitnl to'/Hb, Inclusive, th« C. ». A IJ. 11- il, will sell round trip tk-kets from Sterling to i'twru for t-t.ffl), MofcvU to lit) liui.U»ii (or guiug it is of inestimable worth to the people of Council Bluffs as a swift destroyer and fragrant substitute for tho ubiquitous sunflower, that has furnished provocation for so many sad reflections upon the city, notwithstanding enthusiastic aas- thotcB 'have sought to popularize the meek yellow crowned weed by painting It on panels and wearing it on their bosoms. It is a lovely and lovable plant, so sociable that it will como right up to younloora and crowd its white head into your windows, and so determined upon having tho company of. its fellows that it makes a covenant with tho soil that where ouo plant growa this your thousands must grow tu-xu A year ago there was ptirhaps not enough of tlio jilunt in the uiitiro city to cover luilf an serf; now th«r« aro liumlivds ^f itorrs tSt-uwly cov- iTx"i with it. The oil or ftviu th\i aorta of wlnU; lUnv-.^fl (ilia l)i«! air, afi-.'. after & tuiv!.eiUit!liJ-.-f siliiwv.' thii |A-i'Uii:U' Wit! TRADE MARK O. and O.TEA Tho Choicest Tea Ever Offered. ABSOLUTELY PURE. A MOST DKI.1CIOCS BEVERAGE. TIIY IT. Tw Till coin us tzj cti»r. pure RUil Iivj II-MM nit ft«Uiiu-ntM"U» of maltor. II-.- ]>.<l.imi» am bvcmciU-a »t>d worrtn'isl lull wrli-M. II ll lu G&iical tu u*f» tU»H tba lowor griul**, Crlsjjtal & Ccddftatal Tea Co., Head t>tiU-*, 33 iLirliny AJIp, AVw 11. w FULL LINE OF \_

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