Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 15, 1938 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 15, 1938
Page 3
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y, December 16.103§ HOfrE STAR. HOPE. ARKANSAS The glory of Lebanon shall bo aivei tivUn _H " . ^ Holly Time There i.s a word not to be bound in .slienves Of meuniiift stocked within the dictionary: "A tree or shrub with glossy spinous leaves, Its fruit u .scarlet berry." Lot no man list -it. enrclossly with woods Preferred for dninty cnbinpt. Inlaying, Trust not the decorator, nor his goods, KOI- .siirli it blunt betraying. In lanes of Spring let one green tree be hid Unseen us nesting song birds. Oh, be! THURS-FRI. 4 MARX Also "Captain and the Kids" Wary Of naming It unseasonably, amid The hawthorrte, pesieh'rind cherry. It has its place With snow- bright -star, / i With candlelight,'With tlrtlm and sold 5rry. I '—a too 1 and dolly, With mistletoe— and When, and where they are, mention Hdlly. • — Selected. i - i»-rt» — « — L- Tlie world's oldest Christmas trees snnd In Lebanon, an abrupt 6000 feet above the Mediterranean, on a shelf- ike plateau, the- impressive little ' colony of '400 trees stand next 6t -kin' to the giants of Biblicdl'.hlstory. Same ' . of the trees'hnve a girlh 6C 40 feet and u brunch circumference of 'two orthree 'hundred feet. Today In 'Lebanon, " , "friends of the forest" are organized to plant trees on the .ancient mountains, , school children «tlende forest iplant- Ings, and .perhaps this is « lardy ful- ' fillment of the dream of'Isaiah: "The desert shiill : blossom -as the rose . . . THURSDAY 'GIRLS ON PROBATION and "LADY OBJECTS" FRI. and SAT. — 'SUDDEN BILL DORN' and 'GUN RANGER' Spurt Coats for All Around Daytime Wear. LADIES Specialty Starring RICHARD .CHESTER MORRIS JOAN FONTAINE/ j/i HARRY CAKyTr*•., SHORTS "Latin Rylhm" 'Many Unhappy Returns" S TOftr KEENE-ln A "THE NEW FRONTIER" _, CHARLES STARRETT—in _ i "WEST OF CHEYENNE' SUNDAY 'In -Person—On the Stage "The Sunshine iBoys" On the Screen-iDon Amc«hc Robert !Yomifr. Slmoiie 'Simon Jn—"3 Q SET T!E" Announcing the Sei-vices-of Miss Elizabeth Hendrix and Wishing You a MERRY CHRISTMAS ? S BEAUTY SHOP Phone 287 F.VIA JANES EATIIEL ROBERTSON HAZEL ABRAM KATIE IttcDANlEL ELIZABETH IIENDRIX •Mrs. L. E. Slngtettm has returned her home at 114 East Second street after un extended visit with he daughter, Mi*. R. M. Blnkely and Dr Blakely in Little Rock. -O- Mrs. James L. Jamison has returnee from a few days stay In Texarkana. The December meeting of the Johr Cam chapter, D. A. -R., was held will a most tit tractive luncheon on Wcclnex day at Hotel Barlow. The large rounc table in the private dining room wa laid in handsome damask, beautiful ly appointed in silver and centorec with a large mound of Nandini, will training foliage, flanked by crimsoi candles in green holders resting on ; sprig of holly, each cover was market with a sprig of holly. The recent, Mrs. Chas. Locke led in 'the salute to the flag and in the open m gritual, with Mrs. Chas. Hayne acting sis chaplain. The hostesse were Mrs. J. M. 'Houston, Mrs. R. E Cain and Mrs. Lee Holt. The regular routine of business dispatched, and an article from tlu December Issue of Woman's Homi Companion, entitled, "National R c dedication Day" was read by Mrs. J J. Battle. Donations for Eiiis Islam were received 'by the local chairman Mrs. R. E. Cain. Mrs. F. R. Johnsor Was appointed fraternal chairman. An Executive board meeting was announced for the morning of January 5, at 10 a. m. The registrar, Mrs. Wilbur Jones reported that Mrs. W. G. McDonald was to become the chapter's newest member. Mrs. Jone.s also read the president's message. Mrs. R. L. Searcy of Lewisvillo vas m charge of the program, having a.s her topic, "How Can We Help to Stop the March of Crime." America if known as the country of rackets swindling, lotteries, fake stock issues and gambling are just a few of the many crimes that infest this land of ours. In 1921-1934 GOOO machine guns were sold in the United States, largely to criminals or their confederates. Attorney General Cummings urges registration and finger printing of all owners of firearms; the U. S. Bar Association and Labor organizations are supporting him in this fight. In ro- visting this March, laws, restrictions mcl penalties are futile and feeble. The id-earn can only be checked at the fountain head. The rising tide of crime is an admonition and a warning -o parenthood; that tears and heart Jreak and social ruin awaits when childhood's rising powers are not di- •ected to higher things. The injunction of Jesus: "Suffer the little ones to come unto me" has a depth of meaning which His followers have nol yet sounded. The indictment against our presenl scheme of education is that it arms the youth with tremendous power but fails to i press on him the ady in which this power'is to be used for his own and society's welfare." Were among the outstanding theme's of Mrs. Searcy's .splendid article on this subject, "The March of Crime." The closing ritual led by Mrs. Locke closed the meeting. Mr. and Mrs. G. H. McKee have as guests, Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Ferryman .of Ardmore, Okla. SERIAL STORY SKI'S. THE LIMIT 'BYABELAfDE-HUMPHWeS <NEA ilnyi SnU^ findn nnn -n "ttrnetlvK fetlovt-j -cnHi- It Itin HkllllK rthlrtKitnifn n bit nnlmmeA Tdlicn (the ...i i. . * ""*'ne-" him (o Min ItGr'Unre. _^S 'Corey had predicted, 'Dan "Reynolds came off with most of the honors, and won most of the points for his college, the final day of the meet. Sally thought she had never scan a more magnificent, or impressive sight than the thousands of enthusiastic spectators, surrounding the course with its backdrop of high hills, sheer cliffs, dark pines and bright sunshine, most beautiful and i I Just you and yours truly. I've -rdered a mt.tm-, g0 j ng tn - tdkp you for a sleigh ride. And I've also ordered a big full moon. -Mow does that sound, my sweet?" "It sounds almost loo romantic, 1 Sally returned demurely. But She meant it. She was not at all sure that she wanted to take a moonlight sleigh ride alone with Corey 'He might get ideas in his handsome head, ideas that would be too romantic for Sally to cope with. For she knew that Corey had lost his heart to her during this gay week-end. * * * funny part, however, was that Sally had hoped to add race, set through its intricate patterns of bright Hags, that required all the agility and skill of Which the runners were capable. None of them, Sally saw, with a thrill of pride, could come up to-Dan A mighty cheer rose from all thai enormous crowd as his swift raceful figure took the run, -executing high-speed Christianas, spray-throwing telemarks -and the fast tempo-turn with astonishing and breath-taking perfection. None of the other of the Big Six, for there were representatives from Harvard, Princeton, Cornell, Yale, and Brown had any runner to match Reynolds. No other man came off with as many points as he, for Dan excelled, not only in slalom, but in jumping and down- trail. "He ought to be in the Olympics," Sally said to Corey. "He could go professional. I',ve never seen anything like him, Corey. And I've seen some of the best." # * H* 'THIS was after the meet, back in. the fraternity house where a dinner-dance was in progress in honor of the visiting .girls. -For tomorrow the house parties would be over, the co-eds would pack j.heir fluffy danco frocks and silver slippers, ski togs and clumsy boots; the men would settle down to cram for mid-term exams. "Look here," Corey said, his syes narrowing, "I'm getting a bit fed up, hearing you sing Reyn- plds' praises day and night, night imd day. Don't forget you're still my girl—tonight, anyway!" Ho scowled so fiercely at an- ttthcr brother who gave evidence Df intentions of cutting in that the rest of tho stag line took note and frnew they had better let Corey aave a clear field this evening. s. She had hoped this ..__ „ would accomplish just that victorious conquest. For it was a conquest to land^Corey. He never had fallen, seriously, for any girl. Like Sally, he was too popular too much in demand. Why wasn't she thrilled now, knowing that on ; this sleigh -ride, Corey, without doubt, would -ask her to be his girl, not just for'to- night, but for always? What had happened to Sally to make her change her mind? Surely it had nothing to do with a boy named Dan Reynolds, a boy who, by his own admission, did not belong in Sally's glamorous world, who did not like a girl of her sort, or have any time for anything beside his beloved skiing. Now while Sally danced In her silver slippers and wide-skirted chiflon dress, With Corey's orchids nestling over her heart, Dan would be washing dishes in a stuffy hot kitchen. When Corey tucked Sally under the big buffalo robe in the cutter behind a dancing, spirited team, Dan would be obeying the strict schedule that kept him in such magnificent .physical condi- hlm n ° "Because it's so beautiful," Sal- Iv sdid. "Because this is the last night. Because everything Mas to come to an end." 'Because her heart said, tomorrow will be the last morning I shall get up to meet the dawn. And -Dan. Corey .gave the horses their heads, allowing the reins to lie in one hand. He threw his free arm over the back of the seat, around Sally's shoulder. His blue eyes looked -down into hers. "But it doesn't have to end," he said. "Not for you and-me, Sally. Not ever." This was'the moment-df Sally's biggest conquest. Her moment of triumph. But why didn't her heart beat 'faster? Why did -she wish this 'moment was not so close at hand? "You know what I mean, Sally." 'Corey's voice was-exceedingly earnest for him, for'Corey always spoke -gaily without seriousness. "You're going to 'be my girl—for • always. I'm crazy about.you, Sally. You're the first -girl I ever really fell for like this. The swell- '• est girl—the prettiest, the sweet- • est—I ever met." * * * TJE took it 'for granted that any i -girl would be thrilled Ho -hear him say'that. That no girl-could ' refuse to ^accept to be his. : He did not notice that Sally drew away a little, was silent too ' long. He bent even closer, -his arm tightening around her shoUl- ; ders, his lips seeking hers. : But Sally, after a kiss too brief, too fleeting, turned away her.head. It had not been too romantic. It had held no romance at 'all. That triumphant moment. It'had proved to Sally that she could not be Corey's girl, no matter how sure he was, how right an'd-fltting it might 'be. It had proved something to Sally * * "' PAGETtilbfe'''- The 'Read the following 'books 'from the: shelves of the ftope 'Public 'Library: "Yesterday's Days Promise," by Mary B. Wilson. "Rhinestones,' by Margaret Widde- mer. "Youre Only Young Once," by Mar- garet Widdemer. ;t us make your Gifts more ftt-j 'tractive With our special"wrtto-f 7 plug Service. |Ladies Specialty Shop 1 GIFTS UNDER SO - LADY LILLIAN MANICURE SETS ........ LENTHERIC TALCUM herighened jglad, sorry and ashamed. 'For Sal ly. for the, first time in her _ That reminds me," he held sally a little closer, gave her an iiioxpecteci whirl that nearly lifted ler silver slippers .from'the floor; •we ve .a special" date 'later "orr f~** A T T -tr , , - i •*' nit inai, uum in ner O .77\ wondered > a-bit wistfully, I glamoious, blithe existence, -had u in, his dreams,-perhaps, Dan | stopped to look deeply into "her might not think—just once—of i own heart, to'wonder and ques- her. For he had shown signs of|tion what lay hidden'there thawing out, just a little, of lik-j "Oh, Corey I'm sorrv ' mg her, just the-least bit, during 1 *" ' °• y< those early morning lessons. 'He had promised to give her a last lesson tomorrow before she went away—perhaps never to see him again! "Why the big sigh?" Corey asked, bending closer. They sat close together in the old-fashioned cutter, under the big robe. The sleigh bells jingled pleasantly in the crisp night air, the horse trod lightly on the hard-packed snow. There was a moon, as Corey had promised. A big round silver one shimmering over this silvery, eerie, magical world. said. And her voice was earnest, too, not light and gay. "Terribly sorry. Truly I am. But I can't- be your girl—ever." Because I am someone else's, her heart said. Someone who does not want me, who does not' know that I am, who would not have 'me for his girl, if he did. Had the tables turned? Was Sally's heart to ; be broken? Sally, who had broken so many hearts before this, who 'had never. cared, or taken'anything'earnestly before, with this mixture-o'f singing/gladness and frighteneoVdespatt. (To Be Continued) Mrs. J. T. Blackwell of Linden, Tex will arrive Thursday afternoon for a visit with her daughter, Mrs. G. A. Hobbs and Mr. Hobbs and see her httle granddaughter, Charlotte Ann dance in the Charity concert Thursday evening with the Ogburn group at the city auditorium. Mrs. J. K. Sale, Mrs. Ida Foster and Mrs. W. L. Hines of Prescott were Wednesday visitors in Texarkana. Hope chapter, 328 O. E. S. will hold ! ts ,, re m ular meelin e from the Masonic nail Thursday evening at 7:30. Election of officers will be followed by a social hour featured by . a Christmas tree. Among the out of town relatives and friends attending the funeral services held for Mrs. A. L. Johnson in this city Big Four 48 Cherry Bell 24 Ib. .69c Pure 10 Ib ;47c Cane 25 Ib Bag..$1.23 ltyj£ 0 8 Lb " Carton 83c SHORTENING 48 Lb Can $4.98 Sanitary Bureau's (Continued from Page One) ulatcd with anti-yellow fever vaccine developed by the researchers of the Rockefeller Foundation. Dr. Ernst describes the technique which gives sanitary officers control without crippling travel and commerce. "We issue certificates of origin for all passengers which reveal whether any nave been in yellow fever districts within the incubation period. Those who have are passed promptly with the rest, but if their destination in (he United States in within the potential yellow fever belt there, local health officers are notified, and they keep in touch with the 'suspects" until the period of incubation is safely passed. Examples of Work RAISINS 2 Lb Cello 4 Lb Cello. POTATOES-10 Ib 21c O N 1 O N *_. i ^ COCOANUT—CRANBERRIES-^DRIED FRUITS APPLES—15cdoz.20cdo 2 29c doz. 38c doz. and I H £ R R I £ S-can I 4c | FRUIT CAKE SPECIA1 s AVERY ^~"^^^~~~~^^~ SUGAR CURE 19c .30c lOc 100 Lb Sack 85c 50 Lb Sack SOc We Stock Anti-HogCholera Serum * ml F J°T ks J el 'i g Eggs *° Hatchery Must Be Ready for Blood Testtmg Between December 28 to January 1 Feed Purina Cot- 1 ton Belt Cowl Chow with your I Cotton Seed Meal I to Balance It. There is no intrusion by (he bit- rear's officers into the internal af- faris of any country. They are assigned only in response to requests by member countries for their services. For instance, one man is now helping t o frame a sanitary code fore Venoxuela, a job that has already been clone in Chile, Brazil is getting help on a water supply problem. Expert combatants of plague are working in Peru, Ecuador and Brazil. Tlie results: As short a time as 15 years ago, Peru was having as many as GOOO deaths a year from plague. That has been eut to 35 last year. This war is a War on rats, for bubonic plague is what health officers call a rat-fleo-man disease. Special packets of poison have been devised to kill off the rats which carry the fleas which carry the disease. Not the least of the services of these men is to (rain local personnel in public health work. The bureau is asking congress this year to provide 20 scholarships in North American universities for young men of South American Sunshine Boys at New The management of the New theater announce the personal appearance of the "Sunshine Boys" for two performances, matinee and night. This popular group of entertainers on radio and stage, and recording arlists, appeared at the New September 16 to capacity crowds. Bob Shclton, manager of Ihe "Sunshine Boys," recently completed contracts for the additional recording of their musical and singing acts with the Decca recording company. Fresh from triumphs in the stale of Texas they Will appear here at the New theater Sunday with their various instruments and comical artists in response to many requests. The picture program Sunday-Monday features. Don Ameche, Robert Young, and Simone Simon in "Josette," a 20th Century-Fox picture of recent release. Additional shorts will be Mickey ouse in "Donald's Ostrich," and the Mouse latest news events. Two-iii-One-CombinaUoii Fare A Scot was engaged in an argument as to whether the fare was five or ten cents. Finally the disgusted conductor picked up the Scotsman's suit- ease and tossed it off the train, just as they passed over a bridge. It landed in the river with a splash, "Mon," screamed Sandy, "Isn't it enough to try to overcharge me, but now you try to drown my little boy " The soybean has been a principle crop in the Orient for probably fifty centuries, but it is only just coming into its own in this country. countries. Properly - trained public health (More MOfc ami . Better Flavored Milk. One' Extra Squirt ot fljjJk «,f laePaUWillPaytheDif-l fereiicc in Cost. BABY CHICKS FOR SALE Feeders Supply Co, THE STORE WITH THE Cwfe&R gOARD SIGN The Hope Star Sjwet nurses who can speak Spanish are almost impossible to find in the United Stales for service in the Soulh American field, opening a wide path of opportunity. The bureau, which is supported by all member countries on a basis of annual dues proportionate to population, publishes a bulletin which circulates among 9000 public health officials and physicians in member countries. Though not officially connected with the Rockefeller or Carnegie Foundations. or the Pan-American Union Uio bureau co-operates with all three (r. om tlle first Methodist church on Wednesday afternoon were Mr and Mrs. Lon. L. Campbell and Miss Dorothy Campbell of Ashevillo, N. C Mrs Harold Schaiil of Knoxvillc, Term Dr' Lewis Barton of Muskogee, Okie Mr' M in problems affecting the public health of the western world. And because the work of these men goes direct to the people, beyond politics, pressing steadily forward for 20 years despite tile ups and downs of governments and cabinets, these Anier- icun doctors who sit along the fringes of the buzzing knots of diplomats merely to renew old friendships and contacts and not to frame treaties or reso utions, are better ambassadors o good-will than many a be-ribboned and be-medaled diplomat. LOOK NEW for the HOLIDAYS! A new you . . charming . . captivating . . different . .that's what a Sibyl's -permanent will accomplish for you! Holiday Coiffures A beautiful, lasting permanent given by our expert operators. In the newest models. Now— And Up LvwcaL JllUUeiS, 1 S2.00 Beauty Shop Balcony Cox Drug Co. Phone 86 Master Shoe Rebuilders 123 So. Walnut St. Anything in shoe repairing, New Straps, New Elastic, Toe Linins ' No job to great or too small. Ware of Bonham, Tex., Mrs. Thos Mc-Kue, far Mrs. Mary Montgomery, Mrs. Ihos. McRae Jr., Mrs. Duncan'McRae, Mrs. Gulhne and Mrs. Sam Logan of Prescott, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Gengel nf T 'H^n 3 ' , M °" and W ' S ' Campbell of Little Rock. ' FHA 5% Loans New and existing property. R«al Estate Mort. Loan Service Pink Taylor, Agent; 309 First National Bank Building. Plume «86. Try Us For Your Meat Curing and Smoking. We Do It Eight/ Home Ice Company 916 East Third Street Hope, Ark. COMPACTS, new style and colors DIPPER BILL FOLD All Leather LENTHERIC SHAVING LOTION.... 25c 50c 25c 49c 50c CUTEXSET Attractive 'Box . *. .. Whitman's Fairhill CANDY-i/2 Lb. . ... Gem Chrome RAZOR In Bakelite Case BRUSH, COMB and MIRROR SET .. HOP CHING GAME 50c 50c 29e 49c 49c O o CUTS UNDER $ 1 BRUSH, COMB and MIRROR SET 98c GILLETTE RAZOR in ig Q _ Case with Blades ; O«f C AIRMAID HOSE Sheer 2 Thread in C 4 .00 Xmas Box. Pair TWEED COLOGNE fc •< 00 The Ideal Gift $ I _ BOUDOIR LAMPS Complete Selection'... Gilbert Alartn,' Clock Modernistic- Design .._ 9teerhide Zipper Bill Fold with design . ... •Royal- Gt. Mixed Nuts in metal Xmas box, Ib 98c 98e 98c GIFTS UNDER $ 3 ROLLER SKATES All Steel $1 .29 Zipper Traveling Bag. Waterproof Whiltman's Sampler 1 Lb. Xmas box _... $1 .e O .50 Barker Pottery Ovenware Casserole . Ingersoll Swagger WRIST WATCH . . . BOX CAMERA By Ansco, 116 size . . $2 GIFTS UNDER $5 MEN'S FITTED ZIPPER CASES Ansco Clipper, a real Candid Camera S3 $4 .93 DOROTHY PERKINS Week-End Leather case; Everything fitted .98 SODA KING SIPHON BOTTLE $4 .95 John P. CoX Drug Co. 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