The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on April 14, 1892 · Page 3
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 3

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 14, 1892
Page 3
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HUTCHINSON DAILY NEWS, THURSDAY, APRIL 14, 1898. 3. F airbatj k's C lai rette S oar 1 Wat A duJASu- A W W N.K.FAIRBANK&CO. St. LOUIS. •1 HUTCHINSON, KANSAS. The only manufacturers of SIFTED TABLE AND DAIRY SALT West of New York. WESTERN, RIVERSIDE, DIAMOND, NEW YORK. DAIRY SALT. Wc guarantee our Dairy Salt equal to eitheri. the 'Ashton or Higgins iin ported suit in every respect. Give it a trial and you i will oeretainly agree with ns. R. S. V. P. TABLE SALT Ask your grocer for it. It will suit you, IfrrirnTfiiiiMiwiii millllHMIKII OMae TrxxlTrersal Remedy for IT CURES IN MAN: RHEUMATISM SCIATICA BITES ' CUTS LUMBAGO NEURALGIA STINGS BRUISES THE AILMENTS OF MAN m BEAST HAS STOOD THE . TEST OF IT CURES IN BEAST: FOOT ROT SCREW WORM 8CRATCHE8 SPAVIN HOLLOW HORN SHOULDER Hf WIND SAILS S HOULDER ROT USD SALLS _ . SWINNEY Mustang Liniment penetrates the muscles, membranes and tissues, thereby reaching the seat of disease, which is a property not found in any other liniment The Housewife, Farmer, Stock Raiser or Mechanic cannot afford to be without it. It should be kept in every household for emergencies.,* It will save many doctors' bills. For sale everywhere at 25c, 50c. and $i.ooabottli£ tIMCQUAmTtDWITHTIIEQEOGIUPllTOFTHiaOOUIITRYWIUOBTIUII MUCH VAUIWtE WfOIWATlOH FBOM A &1U0Y of THIS IMP OF T« The Direct Bout* to and from CHICAGO, ROCK ISLAND, PAVENPOBT, PES MOINES, OOOKCll. BLUFFS, OMAHA, LINCOLN, WATERTOWK, SIOCX FALLS, MINNEAPOLIS, BT. PAUL, ST. JOSIEPH. ATCHI80N, LBAVENWOHTH, KANSAS crry, TOPEKA, DBNVEH, COLOBADO SPKINQS. ami PUEBLO. Fmo Reclining Chair Cars to and from CHICAGO, CALDWELL, HUTCHINSON and DODGE CITY, and Polaco Slwplng Can between » fi CHICAGO, WICBITA nod HUTCHINSON. || SOLID VESTIBULE EXPRESS TRAINS of Through Coaches, Sleepers,' Free ltocllnlna Chair Care nnilTpluIrm Cara darty between CHICAGO, UHS MOINES, COUNCIL llWjFES, OMAHA and LINCOLN, and lietwven CHICAGO an d DENVER, COLORADO SP1UNGS and PJJEBL0 via Bt. Joseph, or Kama? Oils- and 'l'opeka. Rjcurslons dally, with Choice of ltoutc.' to and from Salt Lake, Portland, Loa Aneoloaand8an Francisco, lno Direct Line toand from Pike's Peak, Maiutna, Garden of tie Goda, too SanitarluniA, and Scenic Grandeurs of Colorado. Via The Albert Lea Route, Vast Express Trains dally between Chicago and N &piWSna sTlWl, W1U> TIIBOUOH Securing <5*lr Can FREE, to and from those points and Kan- iXrIty. Throiiiih Chair Oar and Sleeper bawem tslrV'spirll lake and Slonx Falls v a bock Island. The Favorite Line la Wotertovrn, slonx Falls, ths Bummer Resorts and Hooting and Fishing Grounds of '^mcS-i**^ dwtnd lnrbiuuatoa •ppiy to any Oaopoo Ticket OEaos, or address K. «T. JOHN,: JOHN .••A*TIAN, tWi|is *««*T, ata 'im*nav4ab onoAoo, IU. BEFORE The Gele&r&tsd : IFrens^ Oure. w ffS^* "APHROaiTIME "ass&" ' k - Is S OLD ON A POSIT we GUARANTEE to euro any form et nervons dta- eaae or any disorder of the generative organn of • elthor AOX/* •whether arlatng <# — _ from the oxcea- AFTER of StimnlantB, Tobacco or Opium, o through youthfal indiscretion, over indul Hence, Ac,, such as Less of Brattt Power, Wftkefttln,eBa.Boarlnff down Parna In tho onclr, Seminal WeakueBs, Hysteria. Nervous Pros- tratlon,Nocturnal EmlRslons.licucorrlicca.DU' xlneBB, weafc Memory, L OBS ot Power and Impotency, which if neglect eu often lcadtopro- .mature old ape and insanity. Prlcu $1.00 a box 8 boxes for 96.00. Sent by mail on reoeiptof price. A WRITTEN GUARANTEE Is gtvra for every $5.00 order reoeiTCd, to refund too money \t » Pertuftooot cure la not effected. Wo have thousands of testimonials from old and young of both sexes, who have been permanently cured by the mo of Aphrodltino. Cironlati tree. Mention paper. Address _ THE APHRO MEDICINE CO. 61 \7aaUngton St, CHICAGO, ILL. •For sale by A. & A. Drug Co. MANHOOD RESTORED. \ "SANATIVO," the Wonderful Hponieh Hrinetly, la Bold with ft Written Cuorantee to cure itll Neurons Dla- eawa, such no Weak Jluuiory. IMK of Brain Power, Ueadache, \V akat ulnens, Lout Manhood, Nervoumess, Lassitude, alt drains and loss of power of the Generative Organ* In „ „ either sex. caused by over-exertion, yonthnil indiscretions, or tho excessive aw at tobacco, opium, or etlinufauLs, which uhtuinlely lead to lutlnnlty, Consumption and JiuMiilty. Fat up In vonvettleut farm to carry In tho vent pocket, frlce |l a package, or 0 fur S3. With every (6 order we give a written guarantee to cure or refund trie mon *By. Sent, by niail to any addrees. Circular frts In piaiu envelope. Mention this paper. Add real, IWDR1D OHEMIOAL 60., Branch Office for V. a. A. •6S Datrborn Street, CHIUAGO, ILL* FOR SALK IN HUTCHINSON KA8 BY A. j, Bauinhsrdt, DruigUtf one door north of SaauFeHotsL CURRENT FASHIONS. TIES, VEST PROMTS, RUFFLES AND BOWS THAT HELP AMAZINGLY. OU TO Uarper Writes of Things Tlinl Dainty Fingers May Mnko—A Striped Cnalllo Gown Thtftt 1T1I1 lio a .Toy tn the Wearer. [.Special Correspondence.} N BW Y OBK, March 81.—Pretty Utile ties, vest fronte, raffles and bows aro no very useful as a means of adding ilrcssy effects to plain or passeo gowris tlint il is well for young and old ladies to know how to make them and what of, fnr there are few ladies who do not linvc bits of lace, ribbon or Bomo other delicate and flimsy material that vouW make or trim one of these dainty lit',!'; trifles. And they are very costly whim bought in tho stores and cost little i r made at home. A pretty fancy is a necklet for u young lady for wearing with a low m high necked bodice. It needs live- eighths of a yard of white ribbon one inch wide, on which are set alternate pale pink and white rosettes, or any FOE DAINTY FINGERS TO MAKB. other color may bo substituted. The belt at the top is made of ribbon of any preferred color set on a stiff foundation belt, with a large chou or "cabbage" bow in front. The pretty collar and cravat just below is of pink chiffon embroidered with rosebuds and edged with plat vaflace. The collar is of chiffon, embroidered more closoly with tho rosebuds and covered over a net foundation to keep it stiff. ' The vest blouse at the left is made of silk mull, white or in pale colors, shirred at the waist line and with a pointed yoke and fall of guipure lace. The collar is of several bias folds over a stiff foundation. This could also be made of soft 6ilk or crape. Tho shirt front on the right is made of pale blue China, silk, and trimmed with a fall and jabot of Alencon lace, and where it fastens at tho back there is a small bow of ribbon. This is very dressy and pretty, and disguises a too full figure and is as graceful for a slender one. Tho bonnets are the flimsiest and most filmy creations I have ever yet seen of tnllo laco and a few most delicate flowers, like white • or palo pink azaleas, or anemones, or wild roses, all of tho most oxquiaito perfection. Few ribbons arc seen on bonnets, unless perhaps one long loop standing forward in an uncompromising way. Small jeweled pins often are the only ornaments on lace bonnets. They are all vovy small, however, but costly like jewels. Among some of tho bonnets that are to see daylight at Easter I noticed one made of black Brussels not, puffed along the edges of a frame in boadod puffs, Tho was the same, and all tho rest of tho surface was takou up by pink hyacinths, with an upright spike of those lovdly flowers in front. There is a pretty summer gown of Btriped challie, which is already copied in striped ging ham, the stripeB being yellow, blue and red and all on a cream ground. The chief beauty of the gown is having different portions cut on the bias and the whole is trimmed with butterfly bows of alternate blue and red ribbon. The stripes are not very vivid in color, but the bows of ribbon are. This gown opens in an invisible seam under the bows at the waist and is prin STRIPED CHALLIE QOWN ™SS Shape in the back. Sleeves are large and long, but do not set up quite so high on tho shonldcrs, and 1 sbouid have remarked that the Princo of Wales' 'feathers and effects still prevail on hats and for the hair for evening wear, but on hats they aro set at the back or to one side, not directly in front, as they have been. Tho lovely organdio and painted lawn dresses will have parasols to match, all covered with soft little flyaway ruffles. Gowns for elderly ladies for home are now mado of rich dark reds and other warm colors instead ot the depressing black so long the fashionablo wear, and they aro becoming and pleasant to look at. The pretty cbnngeablo silks make up into very suitablo gowns also for the dear old grandmothers. O LIVE H ARPBK. HOW THEY RAISED THE MONEY. Tbo Manner In AViiich Otsego's Library Promoters "Got There." Otsego was never suspected of being among the most enterprising towns of Michigan, but its talented women have lately given it national fame. It has about 8,000 people, two big paper milla and a chair factory, aad according to one vexed citizen it also has "more rich men who do nothing for tho place than any other two thousand town in the na- a '" plaint with those who have more enterprise tbart money. Early last year forty Otsego ladies organized into tho Ladies' Library HUSO elation, raised money in nil the ways known to the sex. such as socials, fairs. "•am Till" OTSEGO LIBRARY. dances, roadings, etc., and built a very pretty structure at a cost of $3,000. They wero but forty dollars in debt, and two young ladies started out to raise the amount. 'When they called on Mr. N. W. Mills, whose wife is president of the association, he jocularly offered fivo cents each for kisses and was promptly taken up. Then Mr. Burdeen, owner of one of the paper millB, raised tho offei to filly cents, and thus contributed somewhat. The ladies declared that this would do for a joke, but a littlo of that sort of thing was <(uito enough. They resolved that each of tho forty Bhould raiso a dollar in some novel way, bnt not by kissing. The plan was carried ont and the reports 1 mado at tho meeting in the town hall iveated no end of fuu, The little city had a jubilee over it. Miss Maggie Smith bandaged the arm of a law student who had been badly cut and charged him a dollar. Her treatment was correct and tho surgery a success. Mrs. N. W. Milla took a step ladder and washed store windows at tho Chicago prico till she had earned a dollar. Mrs. P. W. Travis and Mrs. H. L. Miller ran ;i hand organ, the collections ranging from a penny up to ten cents. The local reporter adds that the organ was "of tho Annio Rooney vintage." Miss Hattie Mitchell earned a dollar splitting wood. Mrs. George Easton blacked boots. Ono sold doughnuts from house to house, another Bowed on buttons for boarders at the hotel, and last of all Miss Cregant sold a spring poem to the editor. So the money was raised, the fuu was all of a good sort and now donations of books to the library aro in order. A KING IN AMERICA. He Is from the GHhert Islands ami Has Wealth. His majesty Tonbramo, king of Buri- tari and Mankin, ia not mentioned in the "Almanach do Gotha," and Enroiio probably never heard of hint, but ho is over six feet high, weighB 280 pounds and looks every inch a Icing all tho same. His kiiii'dom (two islands of the Gilbert group) contains but 2,000 people or so, yet TONBRAMO. ho governs it well, has got rich on his income and is visiting tbo United States to learn all ho can about tho wonderful wliite people. lie is perhaps tho only modern monarch who makes a rovenno out of religion, for each subject who absents himself from church without good causo is fined four eocoanute. Other taxes are light, and paid in coeoaunts, which tiro sold to traders as soon as a cargo accumulates. Tho peoplo aro Christians, and far moro peacoful than Gilbert islanders generally. They aro supposed toluive resulted from a fusion of Chinese, Kanakas, Malays and what not, and the king looks very much like an ordinary mulatto. His name is an English adaptation of his native title, which his interpreter spells Kbmora. He has ono wife, and sho is regent in his absence. Wliilo in San Francisco ho was the guest of tho captain with whom he came, as were his nephew, Prince Antavar, and his interpreter, an old pilot known simply us Jack. The king speaks no EngliBK The Gilbert islands number sixteen, lying on both sides of tho equator, about 1,000 miles southwest of Honolulu. The peo­ plo aro semibarbarous, bnt King Ton­ bramo lives in a • nice frame house, is greatly impressed by the genius of the Americans who' trade at his ono wharf, and intends to visit tho principal cities of tho United States to get ideas for the advancement of his poople. Wanted a Sure Thing. Tho manager of a small theatrical company traveling in the nortliwest, having rocently some "open time" on his roato book, wrote to the proprietor of a hull in u little village in the State of'Wiwhington to arrange for a date. The following reply caused him to give up the idea of playing that particular town: Yours to hand. I won't play on abairs no moro. Your cumpauy wilf hav to Bond me ten Dollars tor one night anil supply thrtlr own kerrosian anti lampa. They will allso hav to build ttmir own stalge. beoaus the last cum. pany broko it down. Tbair ain't no money in plains on ohalra lu Uita town, and I wont a anuro thing. Got in a Second Vote. Bomo of tho Fionch-CanodianB who have mlopted the United States as their borne are proving remarkably apt political pupils, as was shown in Lowistou, Mo., where one fellow voted in Ward i! as Atttoino Boisverto and in Ward 3 as Antoino Greenwood. The simple translation of hissumame Berved the purpose of giving him an extra vote. Mo Consolation, "I have heard," said Gus De Smith ^ Mose Schaumburg, "that the fellow who stole your money and ran off with it has been killed in Colotado. He has ccr tainly gone to hades. You ought to lx glad." "I vould be much more glad ven I got my money pack," responded Mose. "H don't do mo good von dot rascal goes tc dot hot blace, ven I have to pay his traveling exphensM outen my own bockst." to CASTORIA for Infants and Children. 'rhsaliilakaawiaaAar^edteehaiTreaUiat {urn iml it as superior to any preacriotaaa iasnrntam*." M. A. Aaciram, at. D., Ul 8a. Uxiord 84, rfeoajrjtya, H. T. "The nae of 'Caatoria'ta a»aarf*nal aad Ms merit, so well known tbat It •Mm. a work of supererogation to endom. it,, fim are to a intelligent families who do aotkswp Caatoria witiiLeamy reach/' ' Curio. Miwrnr. t). D., New York City, tale Pastor Bainmlagri'l' Beformed Church. BovStoiaMoa ^a^aaTburiWioa, Kill. Wotna, (ina ataaa, aad traars Wltioi 'taWooas * For asveral jaara I hara *oor 1 Caatoria,' and aaall alwayi eontli do so as it baa I BT&T' rnwtta," EnwmP. Pi lb. Wtnttirop," 1 2Cto Tn damn Oawrarr, Tf Mnaaar Sraaar. HUTCHINSON STOCK YARDS CO., Are Doing a General Yard Business. Ample accommodation for cattle, hogs and sheep. This company's yawls have direct connection with all railroads running into Hutchinson—five roads. AS A STOCKER AND FEEDER MARKET these yards offer superior inducements. Best distributing point in the west. All parties wanting stackers and feeders should try this market. Information furnished upon Application. BEWJ. W. LAPP, General Managif, Hutchinson Transfer k Storage COMPANY. Bo all kinds of Transferring and Hauling. Especially prepared to move Iron bares and all kinds of machinery, being the only one in the city kmvW the necessary articles for the moving of heavv goods We Pay Freight on Local or Car Lots and transfer it from any depot to any part of tho city at reasonable rates. Years of experience in boxing and moving enables us to move Piano, and Household Goods without the least injury. If you want to move your office or household goods we can do it better for you than anyone elsd and save you money. f>'' Storage Department. ..'.'.: We have the largest brick store room in the city for storing goods. Partiea leaving the city can hare their goods packed by us, stored away and (kipped whenever desired. This is ono of our specialties. We guarantee our work to be first-class in every respect and use tee utmost care. A reasonable price h all we ask and a trial will convince you that we are tho best. STOVE DEPARTMENT. We will take down your stoves, move and take all the niokel parte off, oil them, wrap them in paper, oil your pipe,' wrap it in paper and store them for the season for the small sum of S'J.SO, tho season ending December 1, 1892. This way of taking care of stovesmukesthera absolutely rustproof, and makes a small job for the man who cleans it. We do not polish stoves, for that is out of our line of business, flopc you will give us a liberal patronage. Hutchinson Transfer and Storage Co.. E. R. LOCK, M anager, Office ancTBarn, Second Ave, East. Telephone No. 19. John Donnelly. Wholesale Liquor Dealer Handles WINE BEER & WHISKEY Kansas and Familv a Specialty. . Write for catalogue.

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