Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on July 2, 1903 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 2, 1903
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• r imaiSTBRKrt the Huwa tbeDarttHappeM -4—^— ^ : , THOSE,WHO DONT. PINblTOUT tHB OAVf AFTER 9Lt mm. WBOLEKDfflBER IOLA,KANSAg, JULY 2, X903—THURSDAY. SIX PAGES PRICE FIVE CENTS SEMIOFFICIALLY ANNOUNCED THAT HE WILL BE GERMAN AMBASSADOR. THIS DISPOSES ;0F II STORY THAT AMBASSADOR WAS PERSONA NON GRATA AT BERLIN. His EnemieSi Tried to Give Berlin Impression That He Was Truckling to President Roosevelt. Associated Press ^Ispatcli. Berlin, July 2.—It is somi-omcSally announced today (hat Baron Spec Von Sternl)crg has been ilefinitoly appointed ambassador ot Germany at Washington. 1 , The appoinlinent of Baron Spec Von StornI)erg hs the Gorman ambassador at Washington effectnally disposes of tlio rtimor, wliich gained currency some (inu! ago, (hat the Kaiser was displeased with ihc Baron's course at the American capital, and that he would not bo permanently Ktafiontul at Washington. According to (he story, wliich is siipi)OKCd to havl; been strijrted by a discharged attache of the Washington legation. Baron Von Sternberg's course at Washington has been distasiifnl to the G-^r- nian i)eopIe. It was alleged Hint lii.s attitude waf: r)ne pf truckling to the President of the IJnited Stales, nink- iug Ofrniany appear ridiculous in the eyes of the worlil. It was slated that- his action in goin .ij to the station to bid the pre.'-.iilent goo<lbyc when he was starting on hi.s Western trip wa.^ especially a case in point, and it was alleged that in many other particulars his course wa.= ; di.^approved al Berlin. Baron Von Sljornberg .wa.s; originally placed temporarily in chai'ge of affairs at Washington when the former German ambas.sador. Baron Von IIol- lebcn, was recalled. He foVmoriy was consiil at an obscure post. Ilis appointment as ambassador indieatp., that his cour,se at Washingtpn._Jias been entirely satisfactory to his government. ifiB WEATHER ABsociated Dispatch. ^ Chicajgo, July 2.—Missouri—Partly cloudy tonight and Friday with.local thundor.'itorms and .squalls; continued warm; brisk southerly winds.—^ParilJ cloudy tonight and Friday with possibly local thunderstorms in east portion; southerly winds. ANOTHER STREET CAR STRIKE Danger "That There Will Be Repetition of jFormer Trouble at St. Loiris. IS car BARRINGTON'S IDEA. He Says He Thinks '< McCann- Dead and He is Being Persecuted. Isn't A.s.socLite(] Pr^-sfe DL-jpatch. sr. Louis, Jilly 2.—"Lord" SeynioTir Barrington, sujlen and irritable from constant auestPoning. declared to half a dozen newspaper men todaj: "I maintain [that McCann is alive. This whole thing is a fake rin he par'. of Mrs. McCaim. Her husliard is in a .scrape and is hiding. Ho will turn up and I will iwalk out ()f ja^l. You will see. Time riglits all things." Barringtcjn refuse.'; to tell \yhy the man ho is charj;<'il wiDi niurd< ring, if .alive, .shoulil remain away fr)m his wife and relatives when In? cotild caiise th<>lr grief to turn to j<>y by li;s reapjiearance. The local polic and county authorities place no credencf in Barrini;! \ T'S statement (hat McCann Is alive. BABY FELL FIVE STORIES. Playing With Her Doll and Made I Misstep—Child Was Not V ' Hurt. Asfioclated Press Pispatch. New York. July 2.—Eiizai)ctli Yun. gold. 4 yeans old. has achieved fame in Delancy street. While play ng ^on the roof of a five-story tcnomi^t her doll fell over the edge. The child made a wild plunge ifor the plaything'and lost lier Ijalanqo. Two stories below a network of ciotheslines began. She struck them and was tossed dowiiwarl, back an<l forth, toward the stone pavement. A woman was pas.-;ing. and the child landed onUier he.-id, breaking the force of her fall. She vas ctTrried home and the doctors couhl find only a few In half an hour Lizzie was back at play. Associated Press Dl.^p.'itch. St. Louis, July |2.—St. Louis threatened with another slre<;t strike. The union afliliatcd with tlie American Federation of Labor ha§ made demands on the Transit company for a reduction of working hours anil increased pay. This demand, made officially by the ofllcers of the tinion, declares that if the company fails to meet the conditions therein contained, which stipulates that the union will abide by the decision of arbitrators, the motormen and conductors will to work at S o'clock, July 4. The company is given umil July .'5 at- 4 o'clock in the afternoon to make rejily. Superintendent Grant, of the Transit company, says the company will not grant :the demands; that the union does not represent more than 10 per cent of Transit's omploj'es. and that the threatened strike cannot effect the operaihui of .street cars. Officers of \\\h union say it comprlse.-i !>0 i )er cent! of the Transit company employes and that all of ibis niimlier will cen.'^e Work, completely lying ui» the system. Transit company ofliciais soon after the first strike iiuluced many, of nf. new emplpy(;s to organize a iaiion. This organiz.i- endeavored to pit |iatiimal organizaiiims to ikers belonged and which is now making the demamls for concessions and recognition. .John Mitchell, heal of the Miners' federation, is here today. Ht> will address the street railway men i.'inighi in the interest of the union and-its demands. , benelit assotj lion they against the which the str GUTHRIE TELEPHONE STRIKE. Merchants Who Won't Remove -tnstnr • ments of Arkansas Valley Subjected to a Boycott. A.<!.'!oofnff^f1 Pr .-^Ks Disp.nffh. Guthrie. July 2.—The Gutrie tele- I)hone strike has assumed an acute stage. At a meeting of all trades unions of the* city committees were appointed to conduct the strike and se cure the removal of the Arkansas Valley telephones from all stores. Tlie boycott is declared against several store keepers who refused to remove the phones. A fund wa." raised today for all striking hello girls by each un ion man sub.scribing one dollar. The service-is in progress today with ama-;] teur opera lx)rs. me D SONED? BROTHER OF SENATOR IS UNCON^ 8CI0US AT LATTER'S HOME i IN DETROIT. ADTo cmis EM S S POSTnmiSTER HT HmiBIIL STOPPED OPERATIONS OF GREEN GOODS MEN IN MISSOURI. Suspected That They May Have Pois oned Him Out of Revenge— Doctors Puzzled. Associated Press Dlspaici. Detroit.; July 2.—Charles Alger, pbstm.ister of Hannibal, Mo.. lies at the residence of his brother, Senator Alger, in this city, in a semi-conscious condition and his phy.sicians are unable to determine whether he is suffering, from the effects of the excessive heat or from a drug administored by revengeful enemi<'s. It is said liiaf Alger had b(!en instrumental in suppressing the work of the so-called green goods men who liave operated in Mis.eioiiri of late and it Is feared his condition is the result of .Iriigs lliey may have r.ecretly ' administered to him. Alger came in contact with a repre5}:uiaiive of the green gooils nieii at Clevel.-ind. - At a hoiel in that city it h; .said he was robbed Of his poekel- book and a. con-iiit rable sum of money. Later while paying his bill at tlie casJib.-r's desk he was taken ill and when he reached Detroit was i)ar- lially unconscious. * FSMmiGOIfSEfUENCEIOllS WHAT RUSSIA THINGS OF PETIT ION OF B'NAI E'RITH. RACE FOR THE JAMES GORDON BENNETT. CUP MARRED BY ACCIDENTS. I ONE DISiSTiiis GOlLISIDIi JENARTZ WHO FINISHED SECOND, HAD HIS COLLAR BONE BROKEN. Race at. Bally Shannon, Ireland, Was Over Course of 363 Miles —All Cars Averaged 66 Miles an Hour. Associated Prcs?s Dispatch. Bally Shannon, Ireland. July 2.—The fourth annual automobile race for th< international cup offered by James Gordon Bennett, was started this morning. S. F. Edge, the holder of the cup, was the flirt siarVr. The other contestants are U. Deknyff. F. Winlon, Baron DeCarters, C. Jaratz, M. rarmati. P. Owen. Fo.xhall Keene, J. W. Stocks, (Vabriel, L. P. Moers and Genatzy.' The ^ total di.s- tance of the course is :!tis miles and 7ti"» yards. Stf)cks soon broko a WJUM-I on his car and retired. Owen damaged his car but crmiinued in llu> ra^e. Koxliall Keene. who b'd for the first lap. linnlly retired, an axle break- in. Jarrott's chauffeur was badly hurl in turning a corner, the car turning ov'v and crushing him and Jarrf)!l susiained a dislo.?aLed shoulder. Edge al: o met with an accident to his machine. Wc Will Present it and Shpw^ Our Sympathy for Persecuted Jev/s If Wc V/ant to. PETE ENGLISH MONARCH WISHES HIM A PROSPEROUS REIGN. It is Stated in London, However. That King's Telegram Does Not Define Britian's Attitude. Brief Bits of Newrs. Six hundred caulkers, shipwrights and joiners at Camden, N. J.; have struck for a reduction Jn .working hours and increase in wages.; The trustees of Hush Medical College have secured subscriptions for $1,000,000, thus assuring thei gift i>f $0,000,000 from John 1). Riwkefller, •which; was made ui)on Uiis con^ftion. Telephone communications with Kansas City. Kansas, wa^ resumed yestcrilay, for the first time since the "flood.I . I Cynthia Johnson, an aged widow living near Kinnis^n, I, T.. was attacked byian unknown man with a club and" beaten almost to death last night. The niiotivc for the crime is not known. ' - A fireworks, party will be a feature of the Fourth of fluly at Sagamore Hill; President RxMJsevelt's home. ••X iPresident Roosevelt will deliver an ;.x)ralionoD.the Fourtb|Of [July. Pic will J^peak at the 250th anniversary joirn.4}f Huntington, It. lof the L Assnclatod Press Dispatch. London. July 2.—It is ofllcially stated in Lopdon that Erlward's telegram to King jPeter d<ies not stale Great Britain's Jaftitudc towards Servia and it isf ad <red that dii)lonialic relations between the two counriies will not be immediately resumed. Belgrade.. July 2.—The king of Eng land has replied in courteous terms ic King Peter's notification of his accession to the throne, wishing him a pro.s- peroiis reign. He also expressed the opinion tliat King Peter v.oiild be able to re-establish the gof)d name and le- nown of the peo))le of Servia compr)- miscd by the recent tragic event. TEN DEAD IN CYCLONE. WashingU)!!, July 2.—The state de pariment last night authorized the fol lowing statement: "At the state dei>artment .it was stated' by a high ofiicial. in the absence <jf Secretary Hay. that the delay n forwardin.g the petition of the American citizens of the Jewish faith as to the ill treatment of their co-religionists in Ru.ssia was Solely due to the delay in furnisliing the address to the state departnient liy the petit i<m.ers. 'The stale department would, of eourse, pay no heed to .iny statement purporting to emanate from the Uus sian government unle.-is .'iuch staliv ment was nuide onicially in some form or oiher to our own governnieni. '•The slate tieiianint'bi lias Ix.-eu es pecially caivful to act lu'.ly in accord ance wiUi all retjuiremeuls of «)iruial luopri'-ly. but. within the limits thus laid liowu^ it will nio.-Jt certainly iwii he.sitate to give (;xpr»!ssi<ui to llu; deep .sympalliy ffli. not (Uily I'y 'li<^ adiniii- islralion, Inii by all the American jieo- pie for tin* unforluiialf Jews who have In en (he victims in ibe rec/K .••p/>al- ling mar.sacres an<l ou'r.lges." A Disastrous Tornado in the Vicinity of Heron Lake. Minn.—Property Loss $100,000. Jleron Lake, Minn., July 2.—Ten people lost their lives in a tornado which ika.ssed over this section of the state Tuesday night. Mrs. Joseph Fritcher, lier baby daughter and father-in-law, living two miles from here, were killed. Jo.seph Mathias was killed eighty rods from his house by flying timlier. His barn was destroyed. Six miles of Windom the hotiso of Daniel Gallagher was strucJt iby lightning during the stor mand burned. Gallagher and h|s two (laughters, Ella and Nettie, were killed. Other members of the Gallagher family were injured. T .WO people are rei>orted kille<l Ion the 'Habbarnian farm, southwest 'of Heron Lake. Many head of stock were killed. The property losses will reach $100,000. ' •.— 1 Associated Press Dispatch. Havana, July 2.—A treaty covering naval and coaling s^tlon bases and a treaty placing | life Isle of Pines wholly under Cuban sovereignty .were signed today. . - . ; Oyster Bay, Jidy 2.—Aeti<in by the ITnitid States government in fra.-<nniit ling the i)etiiion of citizens of this country of the Jewi-di .lud of other re ligious faiths, will not be afrecte(i by the inspireil pronouncement of the Uu.ssian government given to the pni) lie yesterday. It cviilently is tbe intention of the adniinistraiifui to forward the petition to the Uussian gov ernment as ;;oon as it is in readiness. This was rendered certain by a state ment m.ide Inst night by anibority. which .says that'the action of the administration in reference to the outrages on the Ru.ssian Jews would b'^ wholly tinaffected by any newspaper publication purporting to emanate from the Ru.ssian government or l)v any crunmunication not properly forwarded to th.e state dei)artment. President lUmsevelt declined to dis cuss ft)r publicati<m the statesnont authorized by the Russian government. He said that any presentation of the IHtsition of this government properly ought to c-rnie from the state department. MRS. C. A. DANA DEAD, Widow of Former Editor of New, York Sun Succumbed to Shock Received in a Fall. Ap.'wiat*''! Press Dispatch. New Yoric, July 2.—Mrs. Charles A Danna, widow of the well ,known i-ili- tor, is dead at her home here from injuries and ^ shock received s<'vernl days ago in falling down stairs. Mrs. Dana was I'J years old, MRS. JORDAN DEAD. The Playwright and Former Actress Succum&s to Illness in New V York. XsjinelalPd Press Dispatch. New York, July Carina Pordan, a playwright of soijie note and formerly ah •actress, is dead. LondoiJ,, July 2.—A special from Bally Sliailnon lali-today says the cars of Genatzy and Gabriel collided and several persons were injured. -Al! cars averagci! al)out sixty-six mile.s an hour. -larroM's collar lione was brol.'en atid lie was badly bruised. Hi.'' chauft'eur was ;-crioiis!y iin.inn-d and the car smashed to piece.^. DeknyiT tiiii.shod first at r.::;4 p. m.. Jenaiz finished second at T>:?,jV p; m. London. Juiy 2.—A special trom on says that while Dck- HE MB BY TELEfiHIIPil \s=ociato<l Pro.s.s Dispatch* Kansas City, July 2.—Cattlc-T^Re- ceipfs, ."5,000, steady. Native steefs. 54@5.l.");, cows and heifers, $2<fi;4.4.i: ^tocker.s and feeders, $2.50@4.4t^; bulls, $2!5:.'].60; calves, $2.oO(fiC.' • Hogs—0,000. stronger. Heavy, |.r,.ao fi'&,.~0; packers, ^y.COi^'.^.fi.T; medium, io.(ioTtr,.-(); light. ?:..C0'7r.x7.'.: ybrk- ei-s; $.5.70(g^.x7.">; pigs, $.->.20<i 5..jO. Sheeii—1.000, steady. Muttons, $3.;J0@5.1.=5; lambs. $4.15@G.7.5. Wheat—July. i]7: Sept., fi.5-%ff.-'}i: casjj No. 2 hard, 70(57 71: No. 3, C'JV^l No. 4,C5; No. 2, red, 72^7:}; No. 09 •370. • Corn—J\ily. 44Vs; Sept., 44%: cash. .N'o. 2. mixed. 47V2: No. 2, white,-IS® 19; No. n. 47%«4S. Oats—No. 2, white, '-VJ; No. 2, mix;. ed, ;;;"). Rye—No. 2, 50. Hay—Choice timothy- $12; prairie,' ^7.50;r,-,ii. Butter—Creamery. llfUW; dairy, IC. E.ggs—Fresh, llli. Receipts of wheat, 21 cars. RUMOR OF SOME TIES IN MAKING GLOVE CONTRA s NEV/ YORK CONGRESSMAN MEMBER OF FIRM VrHICH FURNISHED GLOVES. Secretary Root Has q Inquii'y Be Made In jeet—Littauer's rected That an o Whole Sub- jStatement. Chica.go. July 2.—Cailb,'—H.OOO. Native steers, $4 .2r >'f(,r..r ,(i; stoekers and feeders. $2 .7."i(5j 4.7.".; cows and heifei.s, Jl.-'.OTiM.Tr,. Hog.s— 18 ,000. Top, $5.1);1; bulk, $.').NU '?(."..i)0. ' Butter—Creamery, lti'<t20; dairy, I'l (f2»is. Eggs—12Vj <n-14. Wheal—July. 7;".'^: old, 7.".-:'i: Sept.. old. "."•v'^: Dec., 71%: "Id. : May, 7 .Sv',. Corn—luly. 4 :i',^; Sept.. 49J<;; Dec. 4.S-V.: May.. 4syj. fjais—July : Seiit., ?,:iy4'!t>%; n(>c.. :'.u >i May. ".r.-y,. Pork—July, .$l.-..(;'i: Sepl.. $1 :'..!»0. Lard—July, ?.S.17V-:: S<'pt'.. $.S .40fr,; .?S .12V1>': Oct., $ S.27V-J : Dec, $,. ' ^.•"prKiiatia Presg Di.spat Washfngton. July Root today had a confdrence with Gen Bally .Siianr «. fininl Mvort liniiilniil fiiwt lnj wr ininuiCK on time, the allowance by Jeiitz, who finished about throe minutes !)ehind him. Gabriel finished ihinl at (;:20 p. m. A.ssoclatofi Press Dispatch. , St. .Louis; July 2.—Cat lie—!,.'.0(i. Beef Kleirs. $4.10ff 5.10: siockers ati'I feiNlers. .S2 .r )0rr; 4.2.'.; cows and heifQis, ?2.2.-.'r; 4..",0.—!..'flO. Pigs, li.ght. ?.-..7fl'Ti" •>.!»•): iiackers. $.".70'fZ ."..SO; butcher.«, be.~t heavy, ^r.."-'.??^/5.90. WlK .'ai—No. 2, cash elevator, 7.^; Sepi:.. 7;:-y,: No. 2. hard, 78^80. Corn—No. 2, cash, 48; Sept., 48-73'?? 48%. , Oals— Ko. 2. cash, ?A: Sept., Pork—^ 1 G.l 0. La nl—Nnchanged.. eral Humphrey, rpiarte and Colonel I'atten. of the elolhing supplicjs regarding a contract E. R. Lyon, who it is a his of gi<»ves which Repri.'S(uilalivo I] V(Mk is 11 meiulier. Tlije secretary has direciid .that an iiuiul the wbob; subject wit eeriainiitj; whiilier anW ofilcer made eonlr .'ic'.", in violalioii and fiu- siieli other info be oliiaiiied. •AKsoofated Press Dlsp-at Glover.nille. N. Y., i.irres.smaii. Litiaucr, c<ui! <lhe criticism - of him with ihe" glove contracj governiuoni. and Edmoi ^vliifh I he firm of Lit c<mip!ii^e<r fiC himself an Eu.gene, wa:; ii'.directly i "W.h*n wc succeeded t IRREGULARI- TS. CRITICIZED h. 2.—Secretary master, ho has charge for the army,; rr gloves with scrtcil obtaine-l Ifrom a firm of iitaeur of New r f be maile into 1 a view to as- )f the, slattitos in a I ion as may July 2.—Con- menling ttpon in connection between thq d R. Lyon, Jn |ieiir brothers, 1 his brother, vnlvoiif "..ays: the busine-^s. of my father tv.,eniy yeats a.go we con- • Lead—?4.02'/i:; spelter, $5.50. CONSOLIDATION COMMENCED. Passenuger Offices of Rock Island and Frisco Are Being Merged at Memphis. Associated Preps Dispatch. Kansas City, July 2.—The cnnsoii- dalion of the oinces of ilie R-ick l.s- land and Frisco railroads, as a result of fh<' merger nf these two line.-;, has be.giin in tlie c(Uisolidaiion of the pa.-;- seiigrr oHict';!* of tlie IVN'O roads al .Menipliis. !i is .said that furilier cmi- suliiiaiiou will be carrieil mil siiortly al other souilieasierii and soiiiliwe;;;- ern cities. MORE JOINT INJUNCTIONS. Probable That the Movement Against Them in Kansas City, Kansas, Will Become General. FAST TRACK AT SHEEPSHEAD. Suburban Race, Worth $13,500 to Winner, to Be Run This Afternoon— Goldsmith the Favorite. Associated Dispatch. New \"ork, July 2.—Tliepo is good weather and a fast track for the running of the Suburban renewal this af- leriKion at Siieejishead bay. The race is worth $i:;,r.O() to -Ibe v.-inner. Gobl- sniilh is the favoriie in the early I.'cl- liiig at 2 to 1 against, with Irish Lad second choice. 0nued to .rer-cive from I innhiifac'iire such .gau had becnniailo by fath un'iii Lyoti's defaleatioi ruptcy. Our firm bad \^iopr confracls. .goods to Lyon. We en contract whatever with yon orders to flets,' which- r, and did .?o ami bank- o iiitcrest in We si^iply .sold our ored into ao him prior to' t*rf receifk of the yaritus contracts' by him. ;]Wc have been well aware riiat liio IJnited States ;Tmy authorities knew; that we were manufacthr- eVs of those gauntlets which wo sold l6 Lyon to I'O delivered t(i the rpiartty"- njastnr's (lei)ariment. I h ivc'nevei" insisted that Lj-on shouldi ot be permit-' ted to }n\ discharged as a bankrupt arid have C'oiirted all pos.s ble publicity concernin.g out transactipns," MANITOU HOUSE BURNED. Finest Hotel at Colorado SummeJ Re sort Destroyed by Fire With a Loss of $100,000. A3.'<nclaled Prr-.-^s Dispatch. -f Kansas City, July 2.—W. Wood today filed iiijunciiou |iroe<-i>dLiii;.s in the c(Uuiuon jileas coiin oi' Kans:.;; City. Kansa.s. a,gainst the kiici • r.-; of aiitnher joint, and slated lit;:; ollurj suits would be filed lain-. A.-^ a re. suit of Wood's moveiiici;'. • ilie leiu- peraiic organizati(uis are iiilcing i:p bi.s light and it probaidy will be mar'- general. A.isoelated Pross Dispatch. .Maiiilou. July 2.—The Maut'oii House, one n{ tlu; finest hotels in this suiiiiiier ri'sort. was destroyed by fire Ihi.s morning. Tin; loss is estimated ai JI'iO.OOO.^ A KATY CHANGE. J. W. Maxwell, of Dallas, General Su- pcrinlcncnt. Has Been Made Assistant General Manaocr. JUDGE GRANT A CANDIDATE. Practically Ccijtain That Missouri Supreme Court Justice V\/iil Run Foi- Governor. As.<iocIated Pre.s.<» Dispatch. Kansas City. July 2.—.Stale ollicial.s at Jefi»>rson City say that it is al.s > biteiv certain t:hat Judge Ganti of the Slate supreme daie for .goveri noiincement o( made in a few ilays. ' court will he a caiuli- or and that foriual an his candidacy will l.e Asr--iv-!:jlo'l Press Di.";patch. St. l.oiii.=. July 2.—J. W. .Maxwell, of Daliii;;. Texas, .^'eiieral sup.erint'.m- clont. has bi>en appointed assistant gem ral mana.ger.of the .Missouri, Kan-j .' Ttxa.; railroad with headcpiar- tLr.-: at Si. Louis. THREE DEATHS FROM HEAT. THE HIINiilYOMIN PISIISIER FIRE AND SMOKE PRESENT FUR. THE R .EXPLORATIQN OF MINE. It is Feared That Many, ilF Not all, of -the Bodies Will Be CDnsumed :• By the Flames. A.ssfvlatf^d I'ri'ss pi.ipntch. .{l .iiHia, XVyo.. July 2.-|of the i:i<iii:eiiJoii >bed'1 ..V the mile exfdosion on Tuesd .ay. Ibf^ bodies <if only five have been lecoven d and all hope lhat an.v of tlie' lu hers ar(! aliw; has been abiinrtonedj Fire ami smc ke are pre Verilin.g exldoralious of workings aiul iirjt:.all of tJu^ win be c(insi 0 BOIlO lodies now med. TB the Jowcr t s feared taat many, if n the mine DECISION ;OFJ STOCKHO .DERS OF NEW: OKLAHOMA MIL- ROAD. Corfipany Was Recently Chartered With $1-,000,000 Capital to Run From. Ft. Smith Into Kjansas.: Assix;!sl«-il Press I?l.<;iv<tc-h. nlackweri O.T.. July 2.-J holije.-s of the Fort Smith. WeHington & Xorrhwe.«t ral The stock- Blackwell, way com- M.iny Succumb to Heat in New York Today—Several Prostrations Reported. NO COMPETITION THIS TIME. Railroads Do Not Appear to Be AiV xiouB for G. A. R. Business to San Francisco. AAsool .ated Pre .is Dispatch- Topeka, July 2.—P'or the first lime in the hiistory of the G. A. R. of Kansas the railroads arc making no 'com- piii'iiin to the national encampment which this year is to be held at San Francisco in August. Depart men r Connnander Smith will nanu,- the of ficial route within a few days. - CIVIL ENGINEER DEAD. Cccrge Shattuck iMorrispn, Member Is thmian Canal Commission, Passes Away In; New York. Associated Press IDispatch. New York, July 2.— George Shattuck Morrison, ag^d Ci;years..a membfy cf the isthmian ca^at commission and one of Ihte forem<)sC civil .engintVs In America, died In this city last nIghL .l!hs aul .T A.-^soclatrrl Disp.'ifch. New York. July 2.—Three d- from the heat and four prostra v.iere reported up to 2 o'clock. Pipe Line to Humboldt Field rChanijIe Sun: The Prairie; 0^1^ Gaa Co. iare laying their oil pipes today into the Hiimlujldt field which will onnecr iwith every (jil'i)roducer in the field. The company only contemplate 1 builiiiin.g the line aiituit two weeks ago win: go over n they oidcre-.l a surveyor to the ground and mark out the most jirficlical route that would beue-- fit the n! lost producers: so with this in view |th|.' pipe lino, i.^ being built. Tbe Siaudar and wit I certainly means business 1 the large 50.000 barrel tank they .hajVe constructed they surel.v mean' to accommodate all the qil of fered them. Tho pipe line will'extend' from Humboldt I to the Standard's tanks north of town, the laying of which is making the heart of every oiKjraloi] glad. "Tlia Standard is near- ilya -bad ^j, to handle-Qvcry speck of oil tume<) in to tliem," said a prominent oil.mai ^t |^tbls morning. pan.vreeenjly chartered %yitjh one mil lioa.' dollar.? capital, to rurl Siuiih. Ark., into Kansas, have elect ed A. Gri\tf. of Wellington, prcsii^cnt; Geo: R. Willect. of; Blacklwell, .vice president: 1). S. Rose, of Blackwcil, seerl-iaiy. and Geo. H. Hunt - T , of tVel- lingion. treasurer. It was Iccidejl to build a road connecting with the M. K. \&T. at Cleveland. Oka., thence north west thnmgh Blackw^l to Hutchinson, Kfinsais. The Society of the Cincinnati at New York,;-which has had for some time, a standing'; offer of a g dd me<lal for the coai:]>().scr producing ; cceptaltic niusjc for; "-.\merica" which for years has ^)een sting <o tlie same : ir as the national anfhem of Great Bi itain, iT .i.^s awarded the prize to Prof Arthur Johijstone oi that city. THURIVtELL CAN'T ACCEPT, from FL to 3e Appointed by President to be Mem.. b^'r New'York Board of A, iprals-l • ers, B'ut Will Not Qua ify. Associated Vrosa \ Dispatch. ^ N <)w York. Juiy 2.—W. R "hnrmell. whorwas seicct(*d by Presiaet t Ro<is ;p- velt^in-May^as ii member of tlie board of general Appraisers-at this- port/liaa decided .not^ to|lfqu|alIfyif owin^, to ^i^i-. '-4-

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