Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 15, 1938 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 15, 1938
Page 2
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PAG8 HOPE STAR, HOPS, ARKANSAS Hope ® Star Star of Hope, 1899; Prtss, 1927. Coiisblidflted January 18, 1939 0 Justice, Deliver Thy Herald From False Report! Published every week-day afternoon by Star Publishing Co., Inc. C. E. Palmer & Alex. tt. Washburn, at The Star building, 212-214 South " Walnut street, Hope, Ark. C. E. PALMER, President ALEX H. WASHBURN, Editor and Publisher (AP) —Means Associated Press. (NBA)—Means Newspaper Eneterprise Ass'n. Subscription Rate (Always Payable in Advance): By city carrier, per week 15c; per month 65c; one year S6.50. By mail, in Hempstead, Nevada, Howard, Miller and LaFayette counties, 53.30 per year: elsewhere S6.50. Member of The Associated Press: The Associated Press is exclusively entitled to the use for fspubllcation of all news dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited in this paper and also the local news published herein. Chnrjcs on Tributes. Et«.: Charge will be made for all tributes, cards of thanks, resolutions, or memorials, concerning the departed. Commercial newspapers hold to this policy in the news columns to protect their readers from n deluge of space-taking memorials. The Star disclaims responsibility or the safe-keeping or r»turn of any unsolicited manuscripts. Hollywood Sends Regards to Adolf and Benito It is usless for America to try to let the people of Germany and Italy know hqw the actions of their government are regarded on this side of the Atlantic, because those people aren't allowed to get any news that the men on top don't want them to get. Nor would it make very much difference if that news did eet to them, because they don't have anything to say about governmental policies anyway. So all the American goverment can do is make its protests to the head men in Berlin and Rome and hope that some day a change will be made. And in this job a good deal of efficient help is being provided by Hollywood— of all-places. Hollywood does it deftly, quietly, end where it hurts. A little more than a year ago Vittorio Mussolini, son of IIDuce, went to Hollywood with some gran dplans. Ho was going to make u thorough study of American film methods, so :is to improve Italian film production on his return. He was going to negotiate with an American film magnate to'produce films df Italian grand opera. He was going to do divers big things and mdkc a profound impression on the whole movie colony. But the whole business quickly turned out to be a flop. The movie colony presented the presence of II Duce's son and 'was pretty blunt in letting him know baout it. After a series of snubs, climaxed by appearance in a trade paper of full-page ad attacking him. Vittorio shook the dust of California from his shoes nnd departed for the homeland, unwept. '•; Ttow another drama of the same sort has been enacted, this tirrte •with Leni Riefenstahl in the leading role. This German actrass seems to be a talented and pleasing young woman, but she came here—unfortunately—tracle-msrked as 'Hitler's girl friend. So Hollywood warmed up to her no more than it did to Vittorio. Most of the studios-refused to let her in. A night club refused to sell reservations to her. The chill -was put on in a big way, and her visit turned out to be quite as unhappy an affair as did Mussolini's. All of this is considerably less than important ,except for one thing. It happens to be about as direct and effective a way as can be imagined to let the two-great dictators know just how their policies are regarded in America. - " «There is an ironic justice in having the message delivered by Hollywood. For those dictators are actors—first, last and all the time. More than any other men alive - they ought to be sensitive to the reactions of the world's capital of drama. World-opinion beats in vain upon the closed gates of Rome and Berlin. / T£ ff° Up ° an get a messa SC inside the'walls-it ought to be Hollywood. And Hollywood—be it remembered in its favor!—is in there trying. •Thursday. December 16,1038 <£. M. R«Sf. V. '8. Pat. 'Off. By OR. BIOBBIS FISHBKIN Editor, Journal of the American ftletllcal Association, and of Hype in, (he Health Caution in Handling Rabbits Will Prevent Tularemia. Now is the'time when hunters pick up tularmeia while dressing rabbits the 7neat of cattle, sheep and 'hogs in for-eating purposes. Cases nre beginning to appear In most of the mkhvest- ern states. In practically every case it is .found that the patient was exposed to infection .while dressing a rabbit with his bure hands. The germ that causes tulnrcmia occurs primarily in rabbits nnd ground squirrels that are sick with this disease . Deer flies and wood ticks which have fed on the blood of in- v «" fected rabbits sometimes bite human beings and spread the Infection in this manner. Obviously the best method of prelection against tularmia is to avoid the bites of deer- flies and wood ticks and to cover the hands with glove so that any injury to (he skin will not prove to be a place in which the tularemia germ nuiy enter the body. It has been suggested that hunters might very well avoid tularmia by eating only those rabbits which are capable of running when pursued. It is usually a sick rabbit that has the disease—the kind of rabbit that can be knocked over with a -stick. When tularemia appears on the body there is usually nn ulcer at the point where the germs entered through the skin. Thus ulcer nporas a few days lifter the rabbits have been dressed. Hhe patient then develops aching of the muscles and joints, weakness, chills and fever—the condition lasting for several weeks. Some cases of tularemia have been reported in which the infection entered through the eye'because'the person Who was dressing the rabbits stopped to-'rub his eye with the bare hand during the dressing process. The rubber glove is one of the most useful pieces of apparatus over invented for the prevention of disease. TWany diseases occur by the process which is known as the had-to-mouth infection. If the hands are kept th- rougly washed and if they are protected witth rubber gloves at any time when they may come in contact with infections material, much unnecessary diseases can be avoided. Repeatedly I have emphasized the al meat which may possibly be in- iested with parasties. This applies particularly to wild game which does not undergo the kind of scientific inspection that is regularly given tu the commercial slaughter houses. A Book a Day By Bruc« Catton Banners Unturlcil For Our Battle few weeks ago Hemtrik Wllem Loon hoard a New York crowd boo Mayor LaOuardin and cheer the mime of a foreign dictator. It made him mfld. and when he found that New York as n-whole wasn't especially disturbed-by it he'got madder than ever. So he sat down and wrote n book currently published under 'the title of 'Oiir Battle" (Simon &• Schuster: ?11. the book is Mr. van Loon's nnswef to Hitler's "My Battle," and a vehement,'indignant book it is. Hitlersim, says Mr. van Loon represents « menace that civilized people can no longer ignore; n force which cannot indefinitely go on existing in tho same world with n free democratic society. Sooner or Inter democracy nnd Hitlcrism must come to death grips. Yet tho other great democracies, he continues, have already come to grips— < and lost. England and France wore beaten at Berehetestgarden. They had their chance to stop Hitler and Sam. As Mr. van Loon sees It, there is no escaping the challenge, nl the very nature of things, he says, Hitler must seek to dominnte the democracies. Unless America is olive to the danger and ready in n military sense, she will meet ilinster. Thus Mr. vnn Loon; and he accompanies this exhortation with nn extrem- ly acute mid penetrating analysis of Hitler's character and n resume of his rise to fame. His book is outspoken and impnsskmod, nnrtyou will find It stimulating reading. Huckncll Averages .5(12 failed. Hhore remains only Uncle secutive triumphs. LEWISBUHG, Pa.—Bucknoll teams compiled an average of .502 during 1938 . . . won 42. lost 33, nnd tied two. The finest record was posted by the tennis .squad, which turned In 13 con- The way Hope Star Want Ada get results will please you. What's more, you'll get'them more cheaply than any other way. And that will please you some more! You can't beat 'em— Whether you want to Buy, Trade, 'Rent, Sell. • Soul Your Clii3xifip.il Ad />;/ Mall or Brhni to Hopi> OUR BOARDING HOUSE .. - with... MAJOR HOOPLE OUT OUR WAY By J. R. WILLIAMS Wanted WARNING—For the protection of our cattle on the Munn farm, five and one-half miles southeast of Emmet, this is a warning that no hunting will be,allowed on this property. T. A. Glantpn, Jr. 14-3tp FORREN3 FOR RENT —6 room furnished House, 406 So. Spruce. .Phone 38F11, Mrs. J. E. Schooley. 6t8 ch FOR 'RENT—Two room unfurnished apartment, also one room furnished with cooking equipment. In Dr. Weaver home, near high school. 15-3tp ~7~~~ Lost ' ~~ ;X,OST—Set of 6 keys on ring.' Re- •ward-oi-Sl. Return to Hope Star. „ ... 15-3tp For Sale FOR SALE—Boys full sized Latonia bicycle with light and large basket. Mrs. <Ralph Routon. • "The More You Tell the Quicker You Sell" •' • You Can Talk to Only One Man • Want Ads Talk to Thousands SELL-RENT BUY OR SWAP All Want Ads cash in advance Not taken over the Phone One time-2c word minimum 30c Three times-3Vic word, minimum 50c Six t,mes-6c word, minimum',90c One month-18c word, minimum Rates are for continuous insertions only. SAY, MA3OR, THERE'S Aa?BOPE.M IN OUR SHIPPING DEPARTMENT, DOING UP BUNDLES DUR!M<5 TH' CHRISTMAS RUSH / THEY WANTED TO KNOW IF YOU WERE A STEADY WORKER AMD ~L TOLD THEM THAT YOLJ HAD WORN OUT TEN CHAIRS IN THIRTY YEARS HOLDING DOWM YOUR PRESEMT JOB f TH' WAV S'OU OXW WRAP YOURSELF- AROUMD POUR CHOPS WITHOUT TYlMG YOJR STOMACH ISJ A KWOT COM-' -VIMCES /ME TH/XT TOU'D HAVE A Bldi FUTURE IN THIS BUkJDL.e-WRAPP'lWG JOS/ BAH WITH YOUR x — B/XLDERDASH/ WERE IT IMPERATIVE THAT I COME. OUT OF RETIREMENT AMD RE-EMTER, THE. BUSIMESS WORLD, IT WOULD MOT 8ETO.SEEK SEASOWAL EMR.OYMEMT ^-kAFp; k'AFp': AT PRESeWT 1 AM iki A FERVOR'OVER THE POSSIBILITIES OP AM IMVEMTIONJ THAT t WILL. IMTRODUCE TO AKJ ^ ASTONISHED WORLD f , •—' L/E'LL STICK TO US OLD \\ OOB OF PERMANENT c^t;l <?\i COP'R EA SERVICE, INC. BORN THIRTY BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Happy Landing 6OOO, 7r-~ By EUGAK MARTIN TUT ALLEY OOP Less Talk and More Action By ROY CRANE FOR SALE—1 Jersey Milch cow and 1 Jersey & Guernsey -Milch cow, both giving milk now. Can be seen at 504 N. Elm street. 14-4tp FOR SALE—Two lots, one block from pavement, real bergain. j. L. 12-3tp Powell, East Second Street. 12-3tp FOOTBALL COACH HORIZONTAL 1,6 A former outstanding ; football coach. "10 Jewel. -11; Collection of facts. '- 12 Agreeable odor. ,.13 To put on a short allowance. 16 Noise. n Toward. 18 Golf device. 19 Go on (music). 20 To tolerate. 21 Extremity. 23 Doctor. 24 Mistake. 25 Test. 27 Networks. 28 Blaze. 29 Pulpit block. 32 To berate. 34'Neuter pronoun. 26 Smooth. 37 Cautious 38 Street Answer to Previous Puzzle 39 Turf. 41 His teams were popular with crowds. 43 Supped. 44 Great lake. 46 False gods. 47 On the bed. 48 Spiritualist meeting. 50 Measure. 52 His college, Darne. 53 Thing. 54 He is still as a super coach. VERTICAL 2 Water wheel. 3 On. 4 Cap. 5 Works out in detail. 6 List of officers. 7 Automobile. 8 To make a sweater. 9 Titled. 12 To print .publicity. 14 Cone-shaped. 15 He —- a versatile system of football play. 20 Gridiron. 22 To waste time. 24 Greek letter. 26 Youth. 30 Grotesque. 31 Elocutionist. 32 Guzzles. 33 Reason. 35 Human trunk 38 Cubic meter. 40 To eat sparingly. 42 To avail. 43 To foment. 45 Organ of hearing. 47 Title of respect. 49 Northeast. 51 Grain. FOR SALE — Holiday Specials Shampoo Set and Dry 35c; Oil Shampoo and Set Dry 65c; Manicure 35c; Eye Brow, Lash Dye and Arch 50c; Cocktail Facial 50. Stuart's Beauty Salon, Phone 752. J an 7 Pd. .FOR SALE—Fat Turkeys for Christmas. Inspection of flock invited. Place orders now. Lee H. Garland, Phone 9 - F -3. 7-12tpd 120 acre improved on highway, light line, near town. $6.65 per aero. 15 years to pay. C. B. Tyler. 13-3tp FOR SALE—Steiuway Grand, slightly used, Big Saving, Home size, almost perfect condition. Beasley's, Texarkana. 13-to-24 GOOD HOMK, VTHAT LITTLE OOP- WRaTCHA\ OU' HAIOD- TRVIM' T'DO? J SHAKE? AW, V'DAM& NEAR. BUSTED A\V HAMO.' YEP! I SURE AM; I'M SORR.V IT WASM'T VER. DAD-GUAAMED SKULL.' WHY, YOU LITTLE PUP, I GOTTA MOTIOU TO TEAR. VOU TO HAVIM' TH WOTIOM IS ALL IT'S GOWWA AMOUK1T TO.'.' ^/1H' LIKES ^~< HO! A WISE GUY, OF VOU WOMT ) EH.' WHAT DO UUTHIM J WMES VOU TO ME.' yTso SURE OF THAT? . T. M. RED. U. S. PAT. C . _„ . COPR. 1938 BY NE* SERVICE, INC.* BECAUSE. VOU'RB TALKIM' TOO AVJCHj FOR SALE—80 acres improved, on highway, three miles out. Ton dollars acre. C. B. Tyler. ]2-3tp Notice NOTICE—Specials. Guaranteed Oil Permanents 51.50 and up; Shampoo, Set and Dry 50c; Lash and Brow Dye 40c. White Way Beauty Shop, 119 Front Street. IM-Dec-30c Service* Offered SPECIALS —Permanents $1.50 up. Shampoo set, Manicure 85c; Shampoo set, Eyebrow-lash dye $1.00. Vanity Beauty Shop. Phone 39, 117 Front Street. • 21-26-c WASH TUBES SURELY, MAC, ( TRIVIAL, HEY? YOU CALL THE 'DONT CAUL ME .VOU- VOU OLD BOX VOU VABLB KILLING OF AW INWOCEWT MAW ARE WO* GOING TO ALLOW A TRIVIAL INCIDENT TO MAC OUR BEAUTIFUL TKMAV,?! r" /•*„,«, CABIOCA A NOBODY. AFFA\E6 E, AAV FEIEND? McKee Risks His Own Neck IP! By V. T. HAMLIN SRIMSO, 'AVE CACE '0\M VOU ADDEESS ADOLFO Dt IA COCARACHA! YOU COtO-BLOODED, TWO-> BV-FOUR, T!M-HOi?N TVJ2AMT.'; ) WO WOWDER THERESA , m ILL WOT STAY HEBE AUOTHEB HWUUTE ! HOORAY FOR THE T -] REBELS! I FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Worn to a Frazzle By MEKK1LL BLOSSER Today's Answers to CRANIUM CRACKiRS Questions on Page One 1. FaL-e. China is known as the Flowery Kingdom. 2. True. Cheapside is one of the busiest streets in London. 3. True. Tornados do sometimes draw .straws through heavy boards. 4. False. There is no authentic- record of any snake ever flying. 5. True. Corn does grow at night. A Majvelous Discover)' A cameraman, working for the educational department of a film company, met an old farrnur in town and said: "I've just been taking some moving pictures of life out on your farm." "Did you catch any of iny men in motion?" usked the old farmer curiously. "Sure I did." The farmer shook his head reflective ly, then commented: 'f.cience is a wonderful thing." The orang-utan, chimpanzee and gorilla are the three animals most closely resembling man. I'M WORM CLEAR DOWN To A NUBBIN, MOM J 1'WE WALKED so FAR TODAY I KNOW EVERY SNOWFLAKE BY ITS FIRST NAME' MYRA NORTH, SPECIAL NURSE ONCE / SHE'S GOT OF SOME KIND"! NEVER. SBB HER AT HOME / 1VE MADE FOUR. ROUND- TRIPS Tt> HER. HOUSE, BUT SHE'S ALWAYS OUT.' Plain English WHY DONT YOU PHONE HER? MOM, I'VE GONE OVER To KINGSTON so MANY TIMES IT EVEN TIRES ME "to THINK OF LETTIN6 MY VOICE MAKE THE TRIP/ By Ray Thompson and Charles Coll THiS WAS A CARS STEOKE OF LUCK-RUMMIkJG ACROSS BlkJGO A£>AIU UKETHIS.' VE5,HEMUST BE UVIWG CLOSE BV , MC.VIPEEoJ W-WHV, 1MAT'5 HE'S eOlkia IWTO U 7HE"t»OVeS THAT CORtslEB. BOP PEACE" BUILOIMG AHEAOJg .SOCIETY THIS IS IMTERESTIU&- l WOJDEE. IF THEY'RE HOI-D\MG OPEW AAEETIUGTO- ~] K1IGKT ER- PAEDOM ME... I'M LOOKWG FOR. A FRtEMD OF MIME--HEAH-.- f <— H6 AIN'T HERB, BUDDY- SCRAM f

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