Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on December 21, 1968 · Page 4
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 4

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 21, 1968
Page 4
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4-A THE REGISTER-NEWS MT. VERNON. ILLINOIS SATURDAY, DECEMBER 21, 1968 MT. VERNON REGISTER-NEWS 118 North Ninth Street, Mt. Vernon, lllinoit 62864 | (DAILY EXCEPT SUNDAY) \ MT. VERNON NEWS ESTABLISHED 1870 MT. VtRNON REGISTER ESTABLISHED 1882 CONSOLIDATED SEPTEMBER 28, 1920 EDWIN RACKAWAY _ Editor WM. C. RACKAWAY „ _ Buninesi Manager ORIAN METCALF Newt Editor IOHN RACKAWAY *• .Sport* Editor SUY HENRY City Editor NADINE ALLISON Society Editor ROBERT K. THOMPSON „..Adverti«mg Manage' CHARLES DEITZ _ Plant Superintendent MEMBERS OF THE ASSOCIATED PRESS The Associated Press is exclusively sntitled to us* for tne publication of all news credited 10 it or not other­ wise credited in this paper and also the local news puolished therein. Second Class Postage paid at Mt. Vernon, Illinois SUBSCRIPTION RATES Subscriptions must be paid in aJvafice. By Mail, Jefferson County and adjoining counties, 1 year 1 9.00 i months $6.00; 3 months $3.50; 1 month 4 1.25 3y mail outside Jefferson and adjoining counties within 150 miles; 1 year $12.00; 6 months $8.00,- 3 months $5.50; per single month $ 2.50 Outside 150 miles, 1 year $15.00 6 months, $8.50; 3 months $6.00; 1 month $2.75. Delivered by carrier in city per week _ 40 The Race Is to the Swift A Thought For Today "Blessed is the man who does this, and the son of man who holds it fast, who keeps the sabbath, not profaning it, and keeps his hand from doing any evil.—Isaiah 56-2. As we keep or break ti^e Sabbath, we nobly save or meanly lose the last hope by which man rdises.—Abraham Lincoln. Letter To The Editor The Register-News Dear Friends: Mt. Vernon, Illinois The writer in all fairness to other shows of the Christmas spirit .believes he was the recipient of a heartfelt display of what it takes to make a Merry Christmas and is willing to share 't with those who love their fellow man. As an officer of the local Veterans of Foreign Wars Post No. 1376. the writer is in receipt of a letter from a local wonian who is anxious that others less fortunate than she have a brighter Christmas because of memories of an act by the V.F.W. some 29 years ago. To 1hat end, the lady mailed to these of Vernois Post No. 1376 Veterans of Foreign Wars a donation of cash for use by the -Post in their program of providing baskets of food for the needy. While incidents of this nature are not uncommon and a>e appreciated, this was un- •tsual in that the donation came irom a World War I widow who at the time of tho death of her husband, as she says 29 years ago, was assisted by the V.F.W. in the service of proof of claims necessary to secure Uie benefits to which she was entitled. That service was given by Post 1376 and the widow, in her letter accompanying the donation, stated she remembers that service and had saved from her personal funds the money vliich she enclosed with the let- ier 'so that others may have a better Christmas. The money was received and will be put to the use of the Post in the ue to which the widow requested. Post officers are happy for the memories and point out that the organization stands ready always to honor the dead by serving the living. Yours for a Merry Christmas, A County Veteran. Record Travel Expected; Flu Helps Cut Congestion Two Killings In E. St. Louis EAST ST. LOUIS, 111. (AP)— Two people wore killed and two .wounded in « tavern shooting , Thursday in East St, Louis, police said. The two young men killed in j the shooting were identified as Tommy Weston, 25, and Robert Daniels, 23, both of East St. Louis. Bobby Louis Johnson, 24, East St. Louis, was in serious condi- 1 lion at an East St. Louis Hospital with multiple gunshot wounds. Saderia Calvert, 21, described as a bystander, was treated for a flesh wound and released. ! Police said they didn 't know i ivbnt s"t off the shooting They said witnesses told them Dan; ids was in the tavern when i Weston, Johnson and a third man walked in. There was an , exchange of shots and the third man fled. The 64 - square - mile Easter Island lies 2.300 miles west of Chile. Editorial . .. G-(Whiz) Force Of The Wiggle New Flu And A Q THE ANNALS OF SCIENCE are replete with examples of the ' selfless dedication of individual researchers in the never-ending struggle to push back the frontiers of the unknown. Add now the name and claim of Salim Ibrahim, who, after 18 months of diligent investigation in an area that theretofore had been a virtual terra incognita to man, has produced a 51-page technical report dealing with "the mechanics of form-persuasive garments." "Form-persuasive" garments are a relatively new type of feminine body armor made with synthetic elastic fibers, intermediate between conventional high-support foundations and wispy stretch apparel. Ibrahim, an engineering associate in Du Pont's Textile Fibers v Dept., modestly acknowledges that his research represents, as far as is known, "the first definitive laboratory study made of the dynamic forces at work when a woman dons a foundation garment." As anyone might guess, those are some forces. And thafs Just the trouble—everyone has been guessing up to now. A foundation garment designer, says Ibrahim, has been like a baseball player who fires a mean curve ball but has little exact knowledge of the physical forces that create the phenomenon. An example of the exact knowledge he has now given us is a mathematical expression for determining the minimum level of the horizontal component of anisotropic (one-way) stretch needed in garments for a given hip size. Other functional aspects of form-persuasive garments were measured with the aid of three mechanical devices developed for the study—a pressure indicator, a contour meter and an accelerometer. The latter was used to investigate a phenomenon that observers in the field have always considered one of nature"? most amazing. Accelerometer probes were attached to subjects to measure seat vibration during standard fast-walking exercises, or in layman's terms, to measure the rate of "jiggle in the wiggle." Clad in garments that exerted little or no pressure, subjects developed seat accelerations of from 4.0 to 8.1 g while walking. (That latter figure equals or exceeds the "g" or gravity forces experienced by astronauts at blastoff or by airplane test pilots in high-speed pull-outs.) High-support garments reduced acceleration to a level of 1.2 to 2.5 g. Form-persuasive garments compared favorably at 1.5 to 3.2 g. Now that this is known, what worlds are left to conquer? Well, foundation manufacturers are enthusiastic about Ibrahim's discoveries and are encouraging him to extend the same kind of laboratory study to brassieres. Dedicated scientist that he is, he cannot refuse. ALTNATA, Ga. (APi Head ache and muscles sore? Fever? Sore throat? You're just one of thousands suffering from the current outbreak of influenza. It may be the new and fashionable Hong Kong variety or j By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS The nation's roads, rails and skies are getting more crowded every day as Christmas approaches and thousands of Americans head for home or vacation spots. There are indications, however, that the outbreak of Hong Kong flu may ease travel congestion. An Associated Press survey showed airlines, bus companies and railroads in most major cities expect record crowds during the Christmas season. In several areas, however, spokesmen for travel companies said the passenger load has been spread out somewhat because of early school and college closings due to tfu. "We're all getting a break with the flu epidemic," said Virgin McKibben, assistant regional manager of Greyhound Bus Co. in Washington. McKibben Y ou! sai d the flu is "scattering the j ]ag In most cities, the question is not whether there will be record holiday crowds, but simply how high the records will be. An Eastern Airlines spokesman in Philadelphia said the carrier expecled a 60 per cent increase this year in travel to Florida and Puerto Rico. United Airlines said it has added 14 extra sections on flights from Philadelphia, expecting 33 per cent more passengers than usual. Harry K. Malone, Jr., assistant manager of the Atlanta Airport, said he expected extreme congestion, but did not know whether the crowds would be worse than last year. Malone said much o f the crush was due to military personnel from nearby Fort Banning and other installations. The air traffic controller^ who staged a "follow-the-book" campaign and snarled travel just the old fashioned flu. won't be any more or less miserable with one type than with another. And if you're a normal, healthy adult you'll probably re- we ' re aL1 dreading is the Sunday cover without lasting ill effects. after New Year's when every- The National Communicable ^dy is going to be returning at Disease Center has provided in-! ^ same time," McKibben said. travel over an extended peri od." ! He expects the congestion to get worse, however. "The day summer--apparently do not ! something out of this world.' •& 1968 by NEA, tne. "Hey, man! It must be Christmastim BOB HOPE!" '4- hen comes NEWS BHIEK TAMPA, Engressia, Fla. the (AP) — Joe blind student clered to pay $25 to _ „ cause." Engressia said he made 11 ^ c '° " that much on calls by svhistlin; to dial the numbers wanted. To make the calls, Engressia formation to answer the many questions about the disease. They include: Q. How do I know I have the headache, sore throat, cough Hp? and soreness and aching in the A. The only sure way is a lab-; back and limbs. You may have oratory test, since a number of> some or all these symptoms. No viruses and bacteria can cause. known medicine will cure in- symptoms similar to influenza.,' fluenza, but-antibiotics are often Tests have shown that much of j used to combat complications, the current outbreak of respira- | Treatment includes rest in bed, tory illnesses is due to A2 or keep warm, drink plenty of Hong Kong flu. fluids and check with a doctor. Q. What's the difference? Q. Can I be vaccinated A. There are two major types against Hong Kong flu? of influenza A and B. What is A. A new vaccine has been de- officially known as A2 (Hong'. veloped specifically for Hong Kongi is a new strain of the A Kong flu, but it is recommended type virus. It was first identified j primarily for elderly persons in Hong Kong, so that's how it j and those with chronic illnesses. "— was named. Since it is a new 1 However, doctors generally do a worthy stra ' n> People are more suscep- not recommend mass inocula- plan to resume their slowdown. A spokesman for the Air Transport Association said in Chicago that airlines in • the Windy City expect no unforscen delays providing the weather is good. Dan Vucurevich. the tow, , , . T . . , , er chief at O'Hare International i ff^ulL^Vf'J^^M be ! Airport, saicl he would have an' "adequate" staff on hand lo i handle peak traffic, even though \ several controllers have' the flu. umsm Rt. 148 — 242-8738 Open 6—Starts 7 ENDS SUNDAY SEAN MARTIN ROBERT M3TCHUM MMMtHTFICTUtStmM! | HALWALUS :no»t TFCHNICOLOR A PARAMOUNT PICTURE 2nd Feature At 9:15 IBMLIfllUmE " CflRPETHAfiGERS TECHNICOLOR® PAIM VISION* APMAMOMT RE-REIUSE tions against influenza. Q. How can I avoid catching Q. What about after effects? thp flu? A. Although influenza can be A. It's not easy, since virus fatal, often because of complica who whistled his way through ^jst],^ y ie area co des and the particles are spread through the j tions, a bout with the disease is TIMELY QUOTE When tilings are not going too well, the volume and intensity of advice rises in proportion, and just at the moment (in) this country ... the advice is reaching almost plague proportions. —Britain's Prince Philip. Our young intellesctuals have apparently decided not to let the world end in a whimper. There is oomph among the youngsters. —Crane Brinton, retiring professor of history at Harvard. long distance telephone circuits to place free calls around the nation, will be allowed lo remain in school, it was announced Wednesday. Although the telephone company did not want to prosecute, the 19-year-old Engressia was numbers—all at 2,600 cycles in oerfect pitch. BARBS By PHIL PASTORET The fellow who has an ans\v< The best ming to take for a [ hangover headache is less of; what caused it. 1 Horses, Horses Antwtr lo frtrfow Pazxl* 56 Bartered 57 Natural fats ACROSS 1 American breed of light horse 7 Famous jockey 13 Fancy 14 Depe-t* 15 Misplays at the race track 16 Certify 17 Son of Gad (Bib.) 18 Swedish weight 20 Yugoslav city » Feline 21 Mariner's animal DOWN 1 Length of a horse race 2 Smells 3 Withstand 4 Aeriform fuel 5 Philippine sweetsop 6 Arboreal homes 1 Wolfhound 8 Soak flax temporarily suspended from the to eveiything very often doesn't University of South Florida. understand the question. Engressia, blind since birth, * * * appealed, citing his "betwec- How did the medical profession an 'A' and 'B' average." He was ever get along in die days before allowed back but placed on pro- it had viruses to blame for any bation until the end of the quar- condition which couldn't be diag- ter in March. Also, he was or- nosed? air when a victim coughs, j unlikely to cause lasting harm sneezes, laughs or even talks, to a normally healthy adult. These viruses are in fluids in , Q. What are my chances of the nose and mouth of persons j having flu? infeted with influenza. So the | A. An estimated 10-15 per cent best way to avoid getting the flu of die general population will is to stay out of crowds and stay probably have flu. In places away from anyone coughting or where people are crowded to- sneezing, gether, the rate will be higher. Q. What are symptoms and So you have a much better treatment? than even chance of not getting A. Symptoms are fever, chills it. direction 23 Thus 24 Cooking utensil 25 Far off 10 Oatlike grasses 11 Plant exudate 12 Hops'kilns (comb, form) 18 Goddess of 27 Boxes the 30 Roman bronze 32 Mrs. Johnson 33 King (Fr.) 34 Hawaiian foodstuff I 35 Canvas > shelters ' 37 Greek letter 3& Golfer's term. , 40 Unit of electricity 42 Abstract being 44 Old Dutch measure 46 Sunken fence 47 Beak (zool.) 49 Place for horses 82 Lodger 54 Continued story 55 Lariats 22 One who wears 24 Extol 26 Boy's name 28 Explosive sound 29 Sopping 31 Be seated 35 Italian condiment 36 Body of water 38 Inborn 39 Father (Latin) 41 Breed of heavy draft horse 43 Hindu guitar 44 Helper (ab.) 45 Retained by force 46 Chemical COffiXM 48 Miss My erson 50 Offer as at a hone auction 51 New Guinea port 53 Entangle DRY CLEANING SPECIALS STADIUM Ph. 3*4-5*63 STARTS SUNDAY 3 DAYS ONLY For Monday, Tuesday, Dec. 23 and 24 Only It Ladies' And Men's IG COATS SWEATERS - Quick Service At Regular Price Only AMERICAN LAUNDRY & DRY CLEANING 12T3 Broadway Phone 242-6315 Mr. Vernon, Illinois iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiHiimiiiiiiiiim "SOPHISTICATED,SPRIGHTLY, SATIRIC COMEDY!" —JUDITH OUST. TODAY SHOW-NBC ORSON WELLES* OLIVER REED CAROL WHITE • HARRY ANDREWS Stir 61 "POOR COW" in Never forget whatsisname" A Scimitar Films Production • A Refionat Fita Release TECHWCOloi PLUS SECOND BIG FEATURE TAKE A TRIP' WITH A MAN WHO TOOK LSD. BY MISTAKE! Starring the Academy Award Nominee for "BONNIE AND CLYDE" vllGBAW A. MICHAEL J. POLLARD * BRADFORD DILLMAN HOPE LANGE-PAT HINGLE SUSAN SAINT JAMESand HARRY GUARDINO A UNIVERSAL PICTURE hi TECHNICOLOR* NAME 1:30—5:15—9:00 JIGSAW 3:15-^7:05 ENDS TONIGHT 7HUNDERBALT * PANAVttWN TECHWCOLOA' 9:40 P.M. 7-30 P.M. IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIJIIIIIIIUIIIIIillllllllllilllllMIIIIIIIIIIIII ppHWMMMt STARTS SUNDAY HH iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii U. Double-Barrded Excitement! GUNNINGAKTY - f m llSKNEE& Four IKHfCULOH «l«OU !iri 'ii,llM [sjjijj 3:30 And 7:20 REMARKABLE! TER R.I. F Y I N G AND THRILLING!' JUDITH CRIST vvv I know they l|g^ me. But before fMf|%; rmmynroreWijre "Hit PARAMQUNT PICTURES PRESENTS TARfiEIS 5:35 And 9:25 ENDS TONIGHT THE GREATEST tfOffftOft SHOW OF ALL TUNE! 3:45, 6:40 and 9:40 5:05 and 8:05 SPECIAL SUNDAY ONLY 11:30 A.M. and 1:30 P.M. — All Seats 50c SANTA BRINGS CHRISTMAS FUN TO MARS! Blast off for Mars...with Santa and a pair of Earth Kids! Science-Fun-Fiction at its height! 50* AW HEAR: {r? "Hooray ^ MUtOWMOlS f J SEE: The Martians Kidnap Santa! Santa's tyorth Pole Workshop! The Fantastic Martian Toy Factory! Earth Kids Meeting with Martian Kids! ' Spaceship Journey from Earth to Mars! Santa turn MarsRobot into a Mechanical Toy! WrltlM* tlttoMt* MMMbr AW« PLUS 3 COLOR CARTOONS

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