Covina Argus from Covina, California on February 22, 1908 · Page 2
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 2

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 22, 1908
Page 2
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CO VINA A City Among the Orange Groves THE COVINA VILLA TRACT I* absolutely the most beautiful suburban tract on the market today. Kvcry lot a bargain. ' THE COVLN'A VILLA TRACT Is in the heart of Covina. Fronts on the electric line. Only 35 minutes from Los Angeles. THE COVINA VILLA TRACT * Will IK: supplied with the purest mountain water, piped to every lot. Electric lights. Streets graded and oiled. Cement walks. THE COVINA VILLA TRACT » ' Combines every essential city convenience and coveteQ country comfort. High and Grammar Schools. THE COVINA VILLA TRACT Prices range from $200 to $600 and can be bought on small payments. THE COVINA VILLA TRACT Lots are the best investment on the"ma-rket today. They possess every elpment to insure proBtable returns. COVINA VILLA TRACT J. L. /WATTHEYA/S J. B. COULSTON CHAS. NICHOLI Lots S2OO and tip Kvery Modern Improvement THE SHREWMOU3E. Superstitions About a Harmless Little Animal. The Hlirow, or Hlirewiiioiino, as It IH commonly culled, IH found hi nearly all parts of the world, it is distinguished li.v an elongated, pointed nnr///.le, Hinall o.ves, plantigrade, six loed feet and glands that secrete a musky fluid. Altogether II closely resembles a mouse, lull It Is really not related lo IlieinonHe family. When at home II Is either under n pile of nilihlsh or In a hole which II lias burrowed In Ihe eai'ih. It Is noc tnrnal In Its habits, hut perfectly harm less. Vet at one time It \vas much dlN liked and perHeciited because U WIIN thought to he a dangerous. mischievous anlma). Aiming Ihe Italians Ihe notion was prevalent thai the lille of a shrew \VIIH extremely poisonous. The I'rench and tlie lOngllHh helleved that If a Hhrcw ran over mi animal's foot the animal felt grea' pain and eventually hecame paraly/.eil; hence If a horse, n cow or a goat became u little Htlff In HH Ihnlm (hi? foolish people at onei; declared It "shrew HirueU," and the. poor BhrowH had to suffer In eonsequeni e. Of course the "shrew struck" animal had to have something lo > lire II, so an ash tree waH selected and n deep hole WHH bored Into Its trunk. Then a •shrew WH.H captured, put alive Into tin; hole, the hole was Hecurely plugged, and the Innocent little aidinul wan left to die of starvation. The Ignorant lielleved t!.»at after »Ueh an act the ash tree had power to cure "shrew struck" animals, and whenever nil animal hccanic Inactive or a little numb In Us limbs Its owner Imrrled to the "shrew ash." cut u KWltch from It anil switched Ihe "tshrew struck" beast. The smarting caused by the switching naturally made the helpless animal move about as much MS It possibly could, ami In a tOiort time it Mas pronounced "cured." | i Equal to the Decision. | Some time ago n I'l'lrnd of mine gol : a curious present frmn a sea captain I It was a tin" specimen nf (he bird i which sailors call Hie "lau^hiii^. Jack ! ass," and he was a liMlc proud of li AK he M:IS carrying it home he met a brawny Irish na \ \ y, u ho slopped aii^ H.-KI il him : "i'hwat kind of a bnrrd Is thai. borrV" j "'I h^l's a l;iuu'him_' jackass." explain ' «-d in.v friend genially 'Ihe l:i liiiiau, thinking he was lull 1 ^ made f'nn of, u;:s cojtiai to (In 1 or casii.n and iv.-pondcd, v.ith a iMinl.le 111 Ihe <•;, e "It's ;.;>! scr-illl; il's lhe biirr.l (U Ill/Ill- 4 , SUIT " | ., -i,c|i >n \li - \\ rf- Atost people al'i'ii'l s>) I'l'i'ild "f )>ei>»,' llo:n-^l ;•.-, ,i- h,lined t;f I el II,-' p' " '!' N I'U lull. 1'lc^b. DIDN'T ASK. ENOUGH. get that money, \Yhen did von The Lawyer Should Have Probed His Witness a Little Deeper. A. uniall hut distinguished company of Kngllsh lawyers sat talking ov.-r old times. Among them was Mr. S., who told Ihe following story: "I was retained," he said, "by an ex- Holdier lo sue for the recovery of i!.'!.~i which he had lent to a friend. The Inle Mr. J. was counsel for the defendant. ,f. cross examined (he plaintiff In his usual forcible way. "'You lout him Ihe money V Mr. J. HKked. " '! did, sir.' "'It was your own moneyV " 'I I was, sir.' " 'When did you lend him the money Y " 'In July.' " 'Where did you sir'/' " 'I earned It, sir.' " 'You earned It, eh? earn IIV "'During the Iloer war, sir, 1 he wild In a very humble lone. "'You earned II during the Hoer war? I'ray what was your occupation during the \\arV Mr. .J. Impilred. "'Fighting, sir,' the man replied modestly. "'(Hi, fighting!' Mr. J what taken dou n. "I mulled triumphantly very angry. Well, we jury, and I, of course, had the last to nay. I sidled away to glory, j spoke of the war, of the lives which H cost us, of the awful battles which hflped to build uii the glory of our nation, of the self denial and bravery of our men, who left home and wife and children and father and mother and os crythliiK that was dear [o (hem and went forth to the llnht. I worked up the Jury and «ot a verdii t for the full amount. As wo were ijiiluint; the courtroom Mr. .1 said: "'S., your war speech gained yon the \erdict. If \ on hadn't discovered throiiuh my cross examination that the man had lou^hl in the Itocr war, you \\ oiiid h.i \ e been beaten.' " 'M.\ friend,' 1 replied. 'If you had only asUed (he inai. \\hich srid»' he I'oiiuht on you mi^ht be j;oinK home \\ilh a verdicl. .Niy client MT\ed tin der the lloei 1 lla^ ' " Keeping Open Everybody is welcome when we feel fjoocl; and we feel that way only when our digestive organs are working properly. Dr. Kings's New Ivife Pills regulate the action of the stomach, liver and bowls so perfectly one can't help feeling good when he uses pills. 2.Sc at Clapp's drug store. Feet of the Ancien"'Greeks. A walk through ilm British museum mid a close examination of the pedal extremities of undent art there show they are all bad about the feet. "The Disk Thrower," a celebrated .specimen, has particularly bud examples of In- dpient. bunion joints. If the foot of the Kaniose Apollo, lined as a model In most art schools, represents the foot of the average Greek corns and bun- Ions must have been common In that country.—British Shoemaker. said, Koine- Mr. J. was went to the The Earnest Word. "Yon never can tell," observed Uncle Allen Sparks, "what lasting resultH may be accomplished by an earnest word spoken at the right time. Many a man has hud the shape of his nose changed for life by calling another man a liar."-Chicago Tribune. Clever Retort. "Yes. I am going to marry Mr. Bullion." "Why. he is old enough to be your father!" "I know he Is. but unfortunately he iloesn't Koeni to care for mother."— Louisville Courier-Journal. Black Eye*. Miff kins-It Is said that aggressive, Impulsive people usually have hlack eyes. HIITkins-That's right. If they haven't jfot them at tlrtil they get them later.-- ICxchange Suitable. "What Mould be a suitable birthday present for my little boy'.'" inquired the fond mother. "Let me think." returned the star boarder, who occasionally liked to sleep late in the morning. Then, with the glad, confident smile of one who has solved a problem, he added, "How Mould a gag or a strait jacket do?"— Chicago Post. , , „ A ""r"v , VM . Y1:TI:RINARY SURGEON Kl\ :il \\ I:: 1 .: a « o'.or Mi s Mn\ thn has iMui-hl I vender if she PMIH,. [)|^. ^. J. DAMAGE Adon-i c.undnn \\Niful c> es I o ward tiie ceiiirai ! ! i ure of an :nlni : r!iii! clrci«) Honor i.railuatc, TiToirio Colic^e I don't kmus. She ii-r:«Ui5> druwi TKKATS ALL ANIMALS Wei!. - • • •*'•! >...!..-. A uncles S;.. IU-M to A lex- i ;i .,! ,i .:,i, i^ : , i\in> virlue .ii:d ye: it .tmlii.t SMble-,. Is \\ e i i '--..mi' \\licn carried bo.i ui.d di.e I.t »S A N t, 1'. 1.1'. S in mini- I ,e S:i \ji' . . , . i i'l i'e I'lioin II uie L ''-!, !\e>. 1 M.-ne M.Ml. jli'J I .i!'.^, '[is tr'.i pil.iiii .'[' i r t • I.i<i-M'i..ii i- a |ifoeo^s b\ ul.teh at u.,-,!^.,., ,,^-,.5 .., ll!u ;i> alien.U-d ".-. iKfSl \se Mlu a eat and lose u COM'.- churgi.-. nunleiale. C'hiucse l'iv\ ei'b. j * * * * * # # * -* * * * * * *• * * * it * * *• * * * Vour Checking Be count IN THE Covina National Bank AND YOUK SAVINGS ACCOUNT JN THE # * * #! #' * * * # # # * * * # # * * # # * * # * * * I'lK 1-XTOKS- .!. 11. Cool man Samuel Ke»ler J . L. Muttl.cM' i isiMr Milier J. \. Maurer i.. H. While United States * Savings Bank * a * * Will give you entire * satisfaction. Why not * open one now? * (I !•' 1 ; 1 C !•: K S •-• J. H. COTLSTuN. Pros. DK. J. D. KICK D, Vice-Pros. V. O. KN'liLISH, Cashier ,*#**#*##**##*#*** # * •*•* * -* •*• -* * * * «* EVERYTHING IN HARDWARE Fine Builders' Hardware of aJI kinds, Tools, Paints, Oils, Glass, Stoves, Heaters and Ranges* Gas and Gasoline Stoves, Tinware, Graniteware, Rubber Hose, Cutlery, Gloves, House- Furnishing Goods. Potter's Hardware DEPOSIT MONEY WITH /VGEINT BRING FRIENDS FROM THE EAST During March and April, Hecijnd Class tickets will be sold at very ........ . .__._,_. . _ other points at greairy reduced rates. If desired, tickets will be furnished at any point east or north of Salt Lake City, in-the I'nited States, Canada or Europe, if money for same be depusite'd with any agent of the Salt Lake Kotite. Pomona Office is Nearest to Covina For excellent s-Tvice, beautiful secnerv, through sleeping cars from Chicago. Si. Louis Si. Paul, Kansas City, i imaha, and Denver via Salt Lake City ami the Short Line tu Los Angeles your friends should travel VIA SALT LAKE ROUTE Subscribe for the Hrgus,

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